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Just scored a date with a guy named Peter Todd, and maybe I'm crazy but he looks a lot like that Wayne kid that died awhile back. We all know where we live tho so it MIGHT /be/ crazy but #onlyingotham would someone get a date with a real ghost #amiright? #HesReallyHotToo #HotGhostsFTW #GhostDate2017

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Okayyyy so maybe I'm crazy but I remeber there being a part I'm TFA where ren walks in on Harry...ahem...taking care of himself😉 And I was wondering if it was a Drabble or if I (somehow?) missed a chapter or something?

OKAY HOLY FUCK THIS MESSAGE HIT ME HARD!!!!!! Because I had completely forgotten about that but YES IT EXISTS! So I just spent a bit of time trying to find it, and there are actually a shit load of dialogue requests that I’ve never linked before. I’M AN IDIOT!!!

BUT DON’T WORRY, I FOUND THEM!!!!!!! Happy reading!

Am I the only one who cringes when atheism and science are used interchangeably?

Especially when ‘logic & reasoning’ come into the discussion. Science and atheism are two different things, even if they may have some parallels. I’m sure all science enthusiasts aren't all atheists, and I’m sure atheists don't all support science 100%. 

I understand the correlation, and will be the first person to support 'logic & reasoning’, but come on now. 

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1st I luv u & I sent this to another yoonmin Tumblr too but, I noticed something about the way the rest of BTS responds to yoonmin moments. 1. They go quiet, and just watch. Like there is the occasional grin or chuckle but, it's mostly straight silent staring 2. It could be, just like the tango moment, they are legit solely focused on each other. I always wonder why the rest of our boys respond so quietly to them. Maybe I'm crazy af, but it seems different to the rest of the boys interacting.

yes !!!!!!!

everything seems to slow down when yoongi n jimin interact, the way they look, their body language, and sometimes even the whole vibe of the room. and i think when the other members see them do something together, its so soft to them because they know all the feelings going on between them and understand how special n soft they are for each other. and they love it

OK guys this maybe means nothing (or maybe hopefully yes) but in all of their S6 scenes Sansa never calls Jon ‘brother’ he is just Jon and why??? Like yes she says ‘you are (a Stark) to me’ but she could’ve said 'You’re my brother’ and it could have implied the same thing and effectivly shut out any romantic undertones.

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About Dark, maybe I'm crazy or whatever, but this has been bugging me for hours. If you look at Mark's hair, it's obvious that this video was filmed before he got his new haicut. Which means he shot it ELEVEN DAYS AGO, OR MORE. So why release it now ?? Because it's Easter ?? It doesn't make sense. Also it was the only video today and it was only 6 minutes... Which makes me think that he is about to unleash some cool shit on us these next few days. Sorry if i don't make any sense lmao D~

Sorry for just answering this, I got a ton of asks yesterday and I didn’t want to flood your dashes aahh

Nono, this made total sense. And that’s really weird now that you point it out. Why did he wait so long? I mean I know he pre-records but this is just ridonkulous

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how much you wanna bet that felicity will kill susan same way oliver killed billy, or in a similar situation? it makes sense to me but maybe i'm crazy... writers: that's too dark, we can't go there writers: dark synchronicity

I … don’t think that will happen?  I mean, I was thinking more that Susan would get introduced to Felicity’s weapon of choice when it comes to women Oliver shouldn’t have slept with: the van.