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I bet you’re sitting here, thinking, thinking about him?  thinking about how he walks, talks, ruffles his hair, how his eyes are glossy and glisten nicely,  how he smiles,  or even how he hides his smile and emotions. You’re thinking of how he makes you smile,  how he makes you feel on top of the world,  he brings out the best in you. He makes you smile a true smile,  you don’t have to fake it;  it’s real.  You want to be the reason for his smile. Maybe you are, he just won’t show it. He gave you butterflies when you saw him, but after a while they stopped- but sometimes they take you by surprise.  He can take your breath away in seconds,  melt your heart with just the sound of his voice, and make you weak at your knees by standing by you. When he laughs you laugh, when he smiles you smile, his happiness something you enjoy seeing. You want to feel his hands in yours, you want to feel the sweet shivers down your back as he hugs you from behind. You want to feel something that feels so out of reach/far away, but you keep trying to reach for it.  Why? Because it is something you wish for,  I bet you wish for all of this, more than anything.  He’s your wish on a falling star,  he’s your wish keeping you happy.  He’s the one who doesn’t know any of this;  but you desperately want to tell him, but you can’t.  You wish you could grab him and tell him, or just straight out ask him his feelings. But, You’re too scared,  you are scared he doesn’t feel or want the same thing, and this - this is what frightens you the most. 

Am I the only one who cringes when atheism and science are used interchangeably?

Especially when ‘logic & reasoning’ come into the discussion. Science and atheism are two different things, even if they may have some parallels. I’m sure all science enthusiasts aren't all atheists, and I’m sure atheists don't all support science 100%. 

I understand the correlation, and will be the first person to support 'logic & reasoning’, but come on now. 

‘All You Had To Do Was Stay’ doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

With lyrics like “Then why’d you have to go and lock me out when I let you in,“ I can’t help from getting the chills every time I listen to it. That line in particular explains that brokenness you have inside, when you open your heart to someone and rather than them just breaking it and misusing your love, they take control over your heart and lock you out of it. You’ve lost yourself without even realizing it, because you were too focused on how you lost them.

The song perfectly describes that ‘haunted’ feeling you are left with after a relationship has ended so abruptly and suddenly they just want to come back as if nothing has happened.

She spends most of the song reminding them of their choices, and how they affected her. I personally believe that she’s not necessarily only speaking to them, but also to herself. She is reassuring herself that they were the ones who made the decision to leave, and although she was left completely broken by it she sees that she deserves better. They were in the wrong and they could have prevented all of this from happening BUT THEY MADE THEIR CHOICES. When at the end of the day all they had to do way stay.

So, if Kaneki is the king of fakes, wouldn’t that mean that he’s not the one-eyed king, and is instead a “false king,” meant to distract us from the real king’s ascension?

devil may care, heaven will weep.

summary: Marinette throws Ladybug away to protect her friends, her partner, and her home. Adrien watches the rest of the aftermath unfold through uncertain eyes. 
a/n: This idea has been playing on my mind all day, and I decided to write it up. It’s been a little while since I’ve done a non-prompted piece, and this one will certainly be longer than my usual fics. Also, this is my first attempt at a semi-action scene. Any criticism will be welcome! I hope you enjoy this piece, and I hope I got the tone right.
warnings: mentions of injuries, blood, and self-harm (though not due to depression).
[PART 2]

“Ladybug!” Adrien ran around the rubble, frantically turning his head and trying to spot his partner amidst the aftermath of the chaos. 

The entire plaza had been turned on it’s head. Stones had been unearthed, glass made the ground glint with the red of the sun, and the whole area had been evacuated. It was like searching for phantoms in a ghost town. 

He didn’t care what person had been infected with the Akuma this time. All that was business said and done. 


The entire thing was a blur. Ladybug had been pinned against the wall. His arm throbbed white-hot pain. They were close to blinkering out, and she had…

Adrien shook his head. “Can’t think about that now. Can’t… Ladybug!” Trying to keep his mind focused, his feet pounded against the ground, and he ignored the shooting pains coming from his left arm. 

Everything was grey. Dusty. Nothing was there aside from ruined rubble and torn flags. 

Adrien’s lungs screamed at him to stop running, and his body forced him to take a few moments to try and catch his breath. He bent over, hands on his knees, trying to steady the labouring wheezes from his throat. 

It was when he went to take another step, that the colour caught his eye.


Underneath a broken piece of debris, he saw it. A tiny, bloodied hand, curled out and unmoving. 

His stomach lurched as he took a closer look.

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Why do we measure days in hours and minutes?  Is it because the sun rose and set? That’s not even true, the sun didn’t move an inch for us; we did all the work.  I think we should stop measuring our days with clocks and calendars, and start using our hearts.  We shouldn’t age a day until we’ve told at least one person we love them and truly meant it.  And sure, we’d all be different ages, but that’s okay because our lives would actually mean something. 

John Winchester with a pager

John Winchester with a pager that goes off every. time. he’s in. a fight.

John Winchester panicking and rushing to finish the fight so he can get to a phone and call the boys.

John Winchester being relieved when he finds out Sam paged him because Dean wouldn’t let him change the channel or some other stupid thing little boys fight about.

John Winchester with a pager, setting up a time for Dean to beep him so when he’s scoping a place out dressed as a fed, he can subtly ask to use their phone to buy more time there and get deeper in the house/business.

John Winchester with a pager who writes the number down on ten different pieces of paper and leaves them in different spots in the motel room because of that time he called them after not hearing from them all day and Dean was crying because he couldn’t remember the number and wanted to tell his dad about the good grade he’d gotten on his test in school.

John Winchester with a pager that he keeps as close to him as his gun when he’s not with his boys.