I genuinely don’t see people talking about Hannah Hart enough. She’s one of the most tolerant and creative and genuinely funny creators I’ve ever had the pleasure of coming across and idk I just wish people paid more attention to her.

Am I the only one who cringes when atheism and science are used interchangeably?

Especially when ‘logic & reasoning’ come into the discussion. Science and atheism are two different things, even if they may have some parallels. I’m sure all science enthusiasts aren't all atheists, and I’m sure atheists don't all support science 100%. 

I understand the correlation, and will be the first person to support 'logic & reasoning’, but come on now. 

What if human nature’s natural state was misery and sadness and over time people developed ways and thought processes to distract them from that misery. 

What if it’s happiness that is temporary, not sadness. 

What if psychiatrists and psychologists aren’t there to bring you back, but to help keep you distracted with happy things. You don’t ever get better, simply learn to not live in the state originated. 

What if there’s so much depression and mental illness now because those ways once made to distract us are wearing out and no longer affecting us the way they used to. 

I’m thinking that there was a herd and the group had to leave Beth’s body and Aaron was following them at the time and he saw that she was alive and he brought her back to Alexandria so when the group went back to where they left her body it wasn’t there (which goes back to the whole “you lost something back in Atlanta” conversation).

It might sound crazy but I keep thinking that Daryl is going to be in Aaron house and they’ll talk and Daryl start to trust Aaron but then Daryl will leave and you’ll see Aaron go into a separate room or a basement or something and Beth will be there (going with the bloody blonde survivor spoiler) alive but tied up for whatever reason and then we’ll know that Aaron and Alexandria are not what they seem.

hey new followers

I feel you should know that I spent the last couple hours dramatically lip-synching to meatloaf’s “I’d do anything for love” because it will give you a fairly accurate picture of who you’ve decided to give your loyalty to

she is a shit dancer she mostly mouths lyrics into a hairbrush you have been warned

The Zebra crossing post and the traffic light theory

Sooo, I have a theory about the meaning of the last photo in b&w that Harold has posted on instagram.

Harry has posted a pictures of a zebra crossing, commenting with “chains around my feet”: Harry is blocked by something, or someone, that prevents him from doing what he wants, or perhaps, to BE what he wants.

Do you remember the “theory of the traffic light”? 

Our dear Harreh had commented one of this posts with “it’s all yellow” and another one with “yellow”. Well, yellow, speaking about traffic lights, indicates a situation between being able to go ahead and having to stop. So, Harry wanted to go “ahead” but had to “stop” for a while.

But now, publishing this photo, the mean is that the traffic light has turned green and that he can finally “get ahead, cross the road and break the chains around his feet, and be FREE. (if you understand what i mean)

Maybe I’m crazy, but this is my opinion…don’t hate me, all the love xxxx

Thanks Shamy fandom

I’m happy to be part of a fandom where I can share my happiness right now. It’s like OMG I can’t tell anyone about that moment, I can’t share the excitement for something like Shamy being together again… Some people just don’t care about it or it’s spoiler alert and they are seeing season 8 (and I think they will not care that much) … muggles … Anyway, they will think I’m crazy (and my mother hadn’t me tested… ups! )

So for that, thanks Shamy fandom for being here. All hail the Shamy fandom! All  hail the big bang theory!