You know, with all the Enid (my child) discourse that’s been brewing in the OK KO tags, I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned Friendship is Magic. Like, I’ve been praying for the nudist/exhibitionist colony that is Equestria to be cancelled for years. Seven seasons in, not one of those ponies are fully clothed for more than a few seconds. HOW can I still tune in to that?


Spoiler alert: This is gonna get very twisted and kind of like a conspiracy theory (although I just made it all up cause I’m bored and desperate), but bear with me for a second.

I just can’t stop thinking about all the unreleased songs that never made it to an album and we’ll never be able to listen to. It could be dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands… sad isn’t it?

Now. Imagine if Taylor decided to award us, her fans, for standing up for her and sticking by her through all these years by releasing all these unreleased songs (that she knows we would love to listen to). Sounds improbable, I know, but stick with me.

However, there’s a reason (or several) why Taylor never released those songs: maybe she didn’t think they were good enough to put out, so she doesn’t wanna release them publicly. Furthermore, the media has treated her so badly all these years that she doesn’t want to give them something else to talk about.

So, what if she decided to give us the songs, secretly and privately? Crazy, right?

Imagine she decided to contact a few of her most loyal fans (the same way she contacted fans back when the Secret Sessions where held) and send them a couple of songs (maybe in a CD by mail or maybe even upload them to Google Drive or Dropbox and give them the link) to each of them and give them a job: to spread the songs between her fans, so everyone can have them.

But we want this to stay inside the fandom only, right? So what if she came up with a password (could be a question about her, like “what year was Taylor born?”), but something not too obvious, something only fans would know and that it wouldn’t be easy to find on the internet. This would be like a worldwide online Secret Session!!

I realise the possibilities of this happening are none (gotta keep it real) but hOW COOL WOULD IT BE IF THIS HAPPENED?!!! Not gonna lie, I’ve dreamed about listening to the unreleased songs for years (I got my hands on a lot of the old ones, from when she was very young, but I need to listen to the songs that didn’t make it to Speak Now, or Red or 1989, and maybe even Reputation).

I am wishfully hoping that if Taylor sees this she’ll be like “oh that’s a great idea, let’s do it!” And my life will be complete.

So, please, reblog if you, like me, would love to listen to all the unreleased songs and think this idea would be wonderful.

Love, Marina.

(Love you too, obviously @taylorswift 💜)

lying in bed in a dark room, listening to Rachmaninov’s 2nd symphony, and thinking about Wednesday when I’ll be with Anton at Hampstead for his 50th Todestag …except he isn’t really dead, because “tot ist, wer vergessen ist” … and he hasn’t even physically left us, because every atom that made him up is still on this earth… and he definitely hasn’t spiritually left us. and it’s this kind of classical music with lots of emotional violin and strings that bring out the most intense feelings for Anton … and none of this probably makes any sense so I’ll just continue to lie here with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face and thoughts of Anton in my stupid brain , and wonder again how i became so bloody lucky to have Anton in my life and how much he has given me —-

Thanks Shamy fandom

I’m happy to be part of a fandom where I can share my happiness right now. It’s like OMG I can’t tell anyone about that moment, I can’t share the excitement for something like Shamy being together again… Some people just don’t care about it or it’s spoiler alert and they are seeing season 8 (and I think they will not care that much) … muggles … Anyway, they will think I’m crazy (and my mother hadn’t me tested… ups! )

So for that, thanks Shamy fandom for being here. All hail the Shamy fandom! All  hail the big bang theory!

Am I the only one who cringes when atheism and science are used interchangeably?

Especially when ‘logic & reasoning’ come into the discussion. Science and atheism are two different things, even if they may have some parallels. I’m sure all science enthusiasts aren't all atheists, and I’m sure atheists don't all support science 100%. 

I understand the correlation, and will be the first person to support 'logic & reasoning’, but come on now. 

Something about his job made him wonder about his own God-given sense. Normal people don’t climb over broken cars at accidents and run into burning buildings. They don’t pick up sawed off body parts at construction sites, rinse them off, put them in a bag of ice and speed off to the hospital where hopefully they could be reattached. Regular, everyday people don’t dodge rotor blades while pushing a patient inside a helicopter. All in all, normal people don’t do this kind of thing, and you have to be just a little bit crazy to want to.
—  Twenty-five at the lip