Am I the only one who cringes when atheism and science are used interchangeably?

Especially when ‘logic & reasoning’ come into the discussion. Science and atheism are two different things, even if they may have some parallels. I’m sure all science enthusiasts aren't all atheists, and I’m sure atheists don't all support science 100%. 

I understand the correlation, and will be the first person to support 'logic & reasoning’, but come on now. 

Why do we measure days in hours and minutes?  Is it because the sun rose and set? That’s not even true, the sun didn’t move an inch for us; we did all the work.  I think we should stop measuring our days with clocks and calendars, and start using our hearts.  We shouldn’t age a day until we’ve told at least one person we love them and truly meant it.  And sure, we’d all be different ages, but that’s okay because our lives would actually mean something. 

John Winchester with a pager

John Winchester with a pager that goes off every. time. he’s in. a fight.

John Winchester panicking and rushing to finish the fight so he can get to a phone and call the boys.

John Winchester being relieved when he finds out Sam paged him because Dean wouldn’t let him change the channel or some other stupid thing little boys fight about.

John Winchester with a pager, setting up a time for Dean to beep him so when he’s scoping a place out dressed as a fed, he can subtly ask to use their phone to buy more time there and get deeper in the house/business.

John Winchester with a pager who writes the number down on ten different pieces of paper and leaves them in different spots in the motel room because of that time he called them after not hearing from them all day and Dean was crying because he couldn’t remember the number and wanted to tell his dad about the good grade he’d gotten on his test in school.

John Winchester with a pager that he keeps as close to him as his gun when he’s not with his boys.

The Doctor's Conundrum: An Essay on the Appearance of Whovian Terms Prior to the Show's Creation

        Recently Tumblr brought it to my attention that some words and phrases from Doctor Who, things like Tardis and Time Lord were showing up long before they should have, so I decided to check it out and play around with it. It could be complete nonsense, but its a lot of coincidences and its a little bit creepy to see some of it popping up so long before it should have. 

       So this thing is called Ngram Viewer  from google, and it is a compilation of thousands upon thousands of books that have been scanned into a database and you can search a word or a phrase and it will show you a graph of when its been used across time. It only plots points if there have been at least 40 usages in all of the books that have been scanned, and then plots them based on a percentage of how often it appears to how many books were published that year. In more recent years when more books are able to be published what looks much smaller than earlier years might not be quite as small as it seems. The least skewed way to look at it is with it at a smoothness level of 0 which makes it a little harder to read, but gives a more accurate picture.

      If you make it case sensitive and make the graph from 1500 to 1963 when Doctor Who first came about, we have the following: If you search tardis you get this graph, which shows a spike around 1675, which then flat lines until 1700 where there are mentions throughout the century and they appear to decrease in the 1800’s, but publishing is more common after that point. Tardis starts appearing around 1725 and continues to appear here and there for the remainder of the next couple of centuries. TARDIS as the all capitalized acronym form appears in the early 1850’s and in 1950.

      Now, that is only from books written in English. You can play around with it and in all of the languages they have that use the same alphabet as english (spanish, italian, french, german; as well as russian if you run tardis through google translate to get the correct alphabet) whether you use Tardis or tardis, you see it popping up at the earliest around 1625 but more consistently in the 17 and 1800’s. You can also choose to differentiate between American and British English tardis and Tardis both pop up, more commonly in Britain. The use of TARDIS shows up once in Britain(1850) and once in America (1950).

         Another differentiation you can make is works of English fiction excluding anything that is non-fiction any variation of tardis almost never shows up with only a couple spikes in the 1800’s.

       Now these occurrences are all portrayed very relatively, and also very very rare, with the numbers being a minuscule fraction of a percent of what was published in any given year (.000027% of British English published in 1684) of course there have to be at least 40 mentions that year for it to be plotted at all so it could have popped up here and there and not be graphed. There also should be allowances made for tardis meaning slow in latin, so it could have popped up for such reasons.

        Now here’s another weird little bit, you can look up more than one word or phrase and see how they relate to each other. Starting around the 1800’s in-particular, the phrase blue box, and tardis always seem to show up around the same time relatively often in english works. Oddly enough tardis seems to show up quite a bit more than blue box (especially before 1900), but the same trend of the two showing up together or around the same period holds when translated into italian, spanish, german, and french from the 1700’s through the 1950’s. Its particularly visible in the from 1930 to 1950 in italian where riquadro azzurro (the only translation of blue box that got any matches at all) only occurs when tardis spikes up, though it always remains with a lower percentage than tardis. A similar trend shows up between flying box and tardis in english, though I don’t have a firm enough grasp of verbs in the other languages to check it.

      Time Lord also tends to show up with variation of tardis in several different languages, but can be found on its own as well. Time Lord shows up a good bit in the 1700’s, time lord showing up as early as 1563. Its translations into other languages also appear as early as 1700 and continue to show up here and there around the same time as tardis. ‘time lord’ does show up in English Fiction, but when capitalized to be a proper noun Time Lord it only shows up in fiction a couple of times starting in 1750 going to 1950.

        Now its true that a lot of these could be explained away, a funny saying here, a bit of latin there, some indistinct and long forgotten organization that used the acronym TARDIS for their name. Blue boxes may have been in fashion in Europe while people were using the latin word for slow a lot more often. None of these are able to give a 100% guarantee that the doctor will magically appear on your doorstep, but a person can hope.

        Here’s one last funny little thing, a flat line doesn’t necessarily mean absolute zero. As long as it’s mentioned somewhere, at some point of time, it will give you a graph. If it isn’t mentioned ever you get a little yellow box telling you there’s not a match. It can be a complete flat line, but that doesn’t mean its not there, it just means the percentage is so small that it couldn’t be plotted.

       1500-1960: Gallifrey(flat line), sonic screwdriver(flat line), chameleon circuit(flat line), Dalek(spikes no larger than .00000045% starting 1822), Cybermen(flat line), the weeping angels (spikes up to .0000012% starting around 1875 though this could have religious connotation), Time War(spikes up to .0000121% with a large cluster between 1747 and 1751, appearing a few times in the 1800’s, and increasing in frequency in the 1900’s), The Tardis(flat line), The TARDIS(flat line: I particularly like the juxtaposition of tardis and the which only works with TARDIS or Tardis not tardis, giving it a feeling of some sort of object or place)

        Now it still isn’t necessarily solid proof of anything, and the likelihood of him existing is probably as big as the percentage of daleks found in the Ngram, but its fun to think about.  

I’m thinking that there was a herd and the group had to leave Beth’s body and Aaron was following them at the time and he saw that she was alive and he brought her back to Alexandria so when the group went back to where they left her body it wasn’t there (which goes back to the whole “you lost something back in Atlanta” conversation).

It might sound crazy but I keep thinking that Daryl is going to be in Aaron house and they’ll talk and Daryl start to trust Aaron but then Daryl will leave and you’ll see Aaron go into a separate room or a basement or something and Beth will be there (going with the bloody blonde survivor spoiler) alive but tied up for whatever reason and then we’ll know that Aaron and Alexandria are not what they seem.

hey new followers

I feel you should know that I spent the last couple hours dramatically lip-synching to meatloaf’s “I’d do anything for love” because it will give you a fairly accurate picture of who you’ve decided to give your loyalty to

she is a shit dancer she mostly mouths lyrics into a hairbrush you have been warned

The Zebra crossing post and the traffic light theory

Sooo, I have a theory about the meaning of the last photo in b&w that Harold has posted on instagram.

Harry has posted a pictures of a zebra crossing, commenting with “chains around my feet”: Harry is blocked by something, or someone, that prevents him from doing what he wants, or perhaps, to BE what he wants.

Do you remember the “theory of the traffic light”? 

Our dear Harreh had commented one of this posts with “it’s all yellow” and another one with “yellow”. Well, yellow, speaking about traffic lights, indicates a situation between being able to go ahead and having to stop. So, Harry wanted to go “ahead” but had to “stop” for a while.

But now, publishing this photo, the mean is that the traffic light has turned green and that he can finally “get ahead, cross the road and break the chains around his feet, and be FREE. (if you understand what i mean)

Maybe I’m crazy, but this is my opinion…don’t hate me, all the love xxxx