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Keith about to go into his first rut since they got on this whole Voltron adventure… He’s always went through trm by himself so he’s afraid of what he’ll do to Lance or shiro, so he locks himself in his room to avoid them (without telling them either) and well Hunk isn’t going to let Keith go through it alone now they’re all together so…. ��

Hmmmm. I actually think this could work well with my sex pollen/rut idea? Where Keith realizes They Have a Problem and tries to remove himself from the situation in fear of what he might do. Maybe he’s never been a fan of ruts to begin with, unsure of how he’ll be around a partner but now he’s here, all fucked up because of some wonky plant (that, lbr, Lance probably found and waved in their faces or something) hurtling towards a rut and tries to run away. 

*adds to notes* *thumbs up* 

Honestly, the whole “Snape was totally a meninist” or the “Snape’s whole backstory was that he was ‘friendzoned’” posts are REALLY starting to bother me.

I don’t love Snape. I think the way he treated Neville was absolutely inexcusable. I think he did a lot of horrible things. 


  • Snape was in love with Lily Evans, but he never told her that
  • He never made a move on her
  • He never asked her out
  • He never tried to kiss her
  • He wasn’t “friendzoned.” Lily never knew how he felt.
  • He didn’t give Harry those memories so that Harry would feel sympathetic towards him. 
  • He gave Harry those memories so that Harry could 1) Understand why Dumbledore trusted Snape and 2) So that Harry would understand he needed to die in order to defeat Voldemort. 
  • Lily Evans was the only person (except for maybe Dumbledore) who ever actually cared about him
  • It’s strongly implied that Snape was abused or, at the very least, neglected, as a very young child.

I’m not defending all of his actions. But I do wish people would understand his motivation, and I really wish people would stop making posts like “Harry! Name your child after me! I was friendzoned by your mother!”

That’s not what happened. Snape was friends with Lily as a child. He fell in love with her. He didn’t tell her. He didn’t try to get her to date him. He loved her. He became a bad friend. He betrayed her. He regretted it. He tried to save her life. He failed. He tried to protect her child. He wanted to protect Harry for Lily’s sake. He wanted to at least partially make up for the way he treated Lily. That was his motivation, not “he was friendzoned.”

He isn’t a good person. He isn’t a bad person. He’s a person. A human being. That’s why Harry named his child Albus Severus– because the world is not divided into good people and Death Eaters. That’s something Harry didn’t learn for a long time. That’s what Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape taught him. Harry wanted his children to understand something he himself struggled with-: good and evil are not always easy to see. Bravery does not always equal kindness. Unkindness does not always equal cruelty. Look at J.K’s characters, like Draco, Dumbledore, Snape, Sirius, and Ron, and you will see that is a major theme. PEOPLE ARE NOT HEROES OR VILLAINS. PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE. THEY HAVE BOTH GOOD AND BAD QUALITIES. THAT IS ONE OF THE MAJOR POINTS OF THE ENTIRE SERIES. 

You don’t have to like or respect Snape as a person, but please understand him as a character.


Can a heart made of True Love be frozen? 1280x1024

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Is Ruby Blind? A Steven Universe Theory

Everyone seems to be taking this theory the wrong way.

“NO! SHE’S NOT BLIND! If she was she wouldn’t have seen Steven or Lapis!”

Has anyone considered this: Maybe she’s not completely blind?

I mean:

  • She didn’t seem to realize right away that Steven was actually out of his cell. However, you could dismiss this with the excuse that she was too distraught to notice.
  • The famous scene: When Steven tries to introduce himself, she shouts “I can’t see!” & listens for Sapphire’s singing before making a choice on where to go. Yes, I can see why people would think that was related to future vision, but I find that it fits better to relate it to impaired vision.
  • When Sapphire stops singing, she immediately gives up on trying to find her until she hears her start up again. 

Why would she stop if she had perfect 20/20 vision? You can still look for someone with clear vision. There’s no other reason for her to stop looking. She even tries to prompt the singing again by shouting out to her. If her vision was 20/20, she probably would want to keep quiet so she isn’t caught out of her cell until reformed, no matter how desperate. Yes, they were distraught, but Garnet is all about stealth, so presumably the gems who make up her would be about stealth to some extent, too.

  • She didn’t realize right away that Lapis wasn’t Sapphire, which leads me to believe she can see vague shapes. I can see how, with very impaired vision, Lapis could appear like Sapphire. 

I’d like to expand on that.

Here’s Lapis with 20/20 vision:

Now here’s Lapis with my idea of Ruby’s impaired vision:

Consider the following:

  1. With impaired vision, it’s hard to tell that that’s not Sapphire
  2. Sapphire reformed as well, so she has a new outfit that Ruby may not be able to predict.
  • Her reaction to seeing Sapphire

Do you notice how she hesitates & waits for the other one to react? She’s not entirely sure if she’s seeing Sapphire. She thinks that she sees someone who could possibly be her, but she seems to kind of wait for confirmation? Like as if it’s really her, she would let her know in some way (as she did). 

As far as we know, Ruby can most definitely see at least shapes. There really isn’t evidence (as far as I know) behind whether or not she can see colors. 

Please stop fighting this theory, guys. I see a lot of people who are against this theory being really angry about it, which really sucks. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a disabled gem fused with Garnet? Don’t treat Ruby’s blindness like as if it’s a really bad, disgraceful thing. Who knows–if it is true, I’m sure Crewniverse could do a lot with it.


ASTRO as cinnamon rolls [x]

When you compliment the signs
  • Aries:tell me more...
  • Taurus:hahah what no
  • Gemini:yeah
  • Cancer:*blushes super hard* I don't know.. Tihi
  • Leo:thank you you're so nice I love you we should hang out more often maybe we could go on this concert together like that would be so much fun
  • Virgo:Um no Hahah you're kidding, right?
  • Libra:awwwwwwwwww you too!
  • Scorpio:(doesn't say anything just smiles sheepishly) hehe
  • Sagittarius:I know I know (tries to play it off but is actually really happy)
  • Capricorn:*looks down on the floor* (they make a weird noise and then laughs it's so cute)
  • Aquarius:mmhhahmm *turns and start to walk away but then comes back again* thank you
  • Pisces:ahh that's nice of you Hahah aw ;)

aries: chill mom and dad. it could be worse. at least i’m not pregnant. or am i? … ugh. it’s a joke you’re supposed to laugh.
taurus: well maybe if the teacher knew how to teach…
gemini: f for fuckin awesome lol. 
cancer: but i actually tried this semester!?
leo: did anyone else get a “f”? i don’t want to be the only one.
virgo: is this a typo?
libra: ew this isn’t okay but whatever i’m over it. 
scorpio: yay all those nights i didn’t study finally payed off.
sagittarius: it’s because that teacher HATES me.
capricorn: cool now i’m going to be in a bad mood for the rest of the week.
aquarius: wow wish i cared! 
pisces: i’ll just pretend it’s an “a”. 

Gods of Egypt could have actually been cool if they had cast Egyptian-looking actors. 

But they didn’t because we don’t have any Hollywood tried Egyptian actors…


oh wait…

hmmm I’m beginning to notice something….

That’s right, we do! Why do I not know most of these guys? oh rigghhhtttt BECAUSE ALL THE ROLES THEY SHOULD PLAY ARE PLAYED BY WHITE DUDES. 

And even if you don’t want to cast Egyptian actors you could cast African actors SINCE EGYPT IS IN AFRICA. Or other Mid Eastern or East Asian actors. I don’t know, maybe if you want to tell a diverse story you can cast a diverse cast. No one is saying don’t cast Gerard Butler in anything, just cast him in other roles. Like all other roles in Hollywood which are always given to white males. But the one opportunity you have to tell a diverse story and cast actors who never get the Hollywood limelight you just ignore them? 

Wow Hollywood. Well played. 

10x03 "Soul Survivor"

The one, where the softness in both their eyes, Cas’ smile and Dean’s sadness, relief and confusion kills me.

But really though, this was such an important and beautiful moment and completely unrelated from any Deancas overtones you could spot as well. Actually, I think it goes far deeper than that. It’s Dean opening up. He might have hidden those pictures when Cas entered the room, but the fact that he can thank Cas for stepping in when he did, shows how present he was at that moment when he tried to kill Sam as a demon, how much he was reflecting at that point already and how maybe in tha moment he wished for someone to step in, because he was out of control and unable to stop himself on his own.

Dean has told Cas multiple times over the course of the show, that he needs him - sometimes just like that, in purgatory for example, sometimes with other words, sometimes with looks and with gestures. We have even been told that he misses him on top, but to me it seems this is the first time Cas really understands the depth of what Dean is trying to say with just a few words:

“I’m glad you’re here, man.”

And even though Cas didn’t reply, I guess it goes without saying that at least in my opinion in his head he said:

“Me too.”

I don’t want to like you. I don’t want to have feelings for you. But I can’t help but think of the way you smile at me. The way you hold me when we are alone. I can’t help but think of the sweet little things you do, you think I don’t notice but I do. I know you try to guard your heart and I do too, but I can’t help but wonder what would happen if we both let our walls down. If we actually tried instead of just hooking up. Maybe I am crazy to think that there could be something more. I tell myself I don’t feel anything for you, but I know that is just a lie. I just keep lying to myself daily so that I won’t get hurt again.

could this be earth, could this be light?

Did Furuta come out of nowhere?

So I decided to write this since there’s has been a lot of talk in regards to Furuta’s character and whether or not he’s unfairly involved with everything without proper explanation. In other words many have wonder if Furuta literally popped up randomly in one chapter and has been this major character without any explanation what so ever. So I decided to answer that question for you.

For starters. Let’s make a little roster containing all of his confirmed connections.

  • CCG
  • Washuu Clan
  • V
  • Sunlit garden
  • Clowns
  • Aogiri
  • Kanou
  • Ghoul Resturant

Okay now we can get started. Under the cut because it’s going to get pretty long

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it was like you tried to convince me that i was the problem. 
as though i was the sick one. 
as though i needed to change myself.
you made me feel as though i was always the problem.
you tried changing me.
my best qualities you made me hate.
you made me change. 
you never made me feel as though i was good enough. 
i felt like less of a human being every single night i’d go to bed wishing i could be a better me or maybe a me you’d actually like.
who was i kidding i was loosing myself in what you wanted me to be.
you manipulated me for your own self and i think ill spend another year trying to put back the pieces of me you broke and the parts of me you made me believe were bad.
you tried to make me so small because my confidence was so loud.
you tried to break me, belittle me because you felt that way about yourself. 
i tried to give you the world but even that you took for granted.
you knew me on a whole other level, a level no one else ever got to know.
i’m scared that no one else will ever get to know the me that you knew, because you belittled my mind and every time i tried to speak your hands would cover my mouth and every time i wanted to hug you i felt as though you were embarrassed of my touch but behind closed doors, it was all okay.
i think i was your drug, you used me to cure your depression, your stresses, your sadness, your loneliness, everything.
why couldn't you have smoked up a little bit more or got chocked on some pills instead of dragging me into your bad habits.
why did you have to manipulate my mind and take over my entire fucking soul.
i think i turn to writing because i lost my voice to speak because every time you’d close your ears to my problems or make me feel guilty for ever needing someone to talk to
or maybe it was after all the times i felt trapped, trapped with you.
you put it in my head that i could only ever be happy with you, so i kept taking you back.
i guess the worst kinds of relationship are the mentally abusive ones because i have no bruises on my body to show people so they understand a bit better and i have no one that can replay all the nights i’d fall asleep crying wondering what i did wrong or wondering why me again fucking again and again. 
i just have to remember how every time something went wrong, how it would be “my fault” and how i wish you would have saw that i was great to you and how fucking more i would have done for you.
i hope every night when you fall asleep it eats you alive and i hope one day you wake up and finally blame yourself for one thing, how losing me, how losing us; was all your fault.
—  for once please take the blame

So,everyone’s seen this picture at this point:

And I thought I could mention that maybe Nathan was trying to warn them?

We know Nathan was close friends with Vic, the next victim, and it’s likely he’s being manipulated to some extent by Jefferson. I’ve seen a few posts going around suggesting Nathan helping Max against Jefferson because he didn’t want to drug Vic and such. 

And we also know that when Nathan shoots Chloe he feels bad and didn’t mean to shoot her, rather he acted out because of his lack of stability and anger.

If Nathan would try and help Max, and by extent Chloe, we could safely assume based from his character he wouldn’t ever flat out say it or maybe even do something that’s directly showing his help. Nathan acts out and his behavior is affected strongly by his mental illness(es?) and himself disconnecting from reality.

So, all in all, I think he might’ve actually tried to warn them of Jefferson waiting for them?

  • so we all know laurent has been a “bookish kid” and likes to read? so i was thinking abt how he probably really likes poetry too
  • imagine if damen found out that laurent liked poetry? AND ACTUALLY DECIDED TO WRITE HIM POEMS?
  • so at first damen is really self conscious about his poems because he thinks they suck
  • so he just randomly leaves the poem somewhere laurent can “accidentally find it”
  • maybe leaves it to a bouquet of flowers he brought for laurent :) (so sappy i can´t)
  • and laurent does find it, and the poem is SO GOOD? 
  • laurent tries his hardest to find out which of the renowned poets could have written it
  • spends the entire day at the library in search of the author
  • and he just can´t find anyone
  • so when later in the evening he finally meets up with damen - who was probably doing his duties as a king the whole day or sth -
  • he tells damen about it
  • how somebody left that piece of paper there on the table
  • and he can´t figure out WHO would even put a poem there? the guards? he didn´t know the guards were so interested in literature
  • and he tells damen all about how he searched for the author the ENTIRE DAY
  • and then he goes like “but wait, i can show you?” and laurent kNOWs that damen doesn´t actually care for poetry - at least that´s what he always thought - so he doesn´t really expect damen to know who has written it
  • and laurent is surpised by damens weird reaction
  • because all of a sudden he blushes all over his face, like laurent has never seen him blush before
  • and damen only manages a whispered “i wrote it for you” 
  • laurent keeps staring at him with mouth agape for so long, damen almost starts to worry
  • but then laurent grabs his face and kisses him enthusiastically, but it´s not even a romantic kiss, it´s just that laurent is still so amazed by the quality of the poem?
  • laurent spends the rest of the evening/night gushing about how great it is, and how he should have guessed that damen would make a good poet
  • “but your giant animal appearance somewhat distracts from your poetic side”
  • so that´s how damianos of akielos suddenly becomes a poet
  • and needless to say, all of his poems are for laurent 

Story time:
Me: hi
Misha: hey *adorable puppy smile* how are you?
Me: *stutters for a good thirty seconds* good, uh, yeah, good. Um, could we maybe do a jumping pose? (God I’m so awkward)
Misha: *continues to smile and MAKES FREAKING EYE CONTACT then puts his hand on my shoulder (I think he could tell how nervous I was)* ok, sure, on the count of three? *somehow smiles even cuter*
Me: *actually dying and practically unable to speak because Misha freaking Collins is still touching my shoulder* yeah, ok
Misha: *grins* one, two, three
*we both jump*
Me: *still stuttering and shaking* thank you so much
Misha: of course *adorable puppy smile*
Me: *tries to give my best puppy smile back then runs over to my dad*

So I’m basically the most awkward person alive but oh well, Misha was still awesome!!!

Oh yeah, and my samulet apparently wanted to jump too😂

You greeted the man with a cursory nod, balancing your grocery bags in one hand and getting your key into your front door with the other. Maybe one of your neighbor’s dates, though they’d never made much small talk with you crossed paths.

“Excuse me,” he tried again. You looked to him with your door half open. “You wouldn’t happen to know when your neighbor’s getting home…?”

“Uh. No, sorry. We kind of keep to ourselves,” you said. He nodded, pursing his lips. 

“Huh. Well, maybe you could help me.”

“If you’re selling something, I’m not interested,” you began, but he held his hands up, placating. 

“Not selling anything. I’m actually FBI,” he said, reaching into his jacket pocket and pulling his badge from it, giving you a quick look. He stowed it again, throwing you a grin that felt friendlier–flirtier–than a fed. You glanced at the car he’d come in, at his jacket and jeans, and you narrowed your eyes at him.

“Is she in trouble?” you asked, eyeing your neighbor’s house. 

“No, no trouble,” he said. “I just have a few questions for her.”

“I don’t know how much I could help,” you said, hesitating on your porch. “And I’m kind of in a rush.”

“That’s no problem,” he said, still giving you an easy smile. It was the strangest thing; his gaze was making you wish you’d done something with your hair before you’d gone out, or at least put on a proper outfit, and you didn’t know why you cared. 

“Sorry I couldn’t help you,” you said, forcing one foot forward across the threshold of your place.

“Don’t apologize,” he said with a shrug, and waited until you met his eye before continuing. “I’ll try again tomorrow.” 


Imagine Coming Home To Find Dean At Your Neighbor’s Door To Ask About a Case

Gif imagines

Compilation list of Malec related interviews + tweets + non-theory facts posts

So a week or so ago a lovely anon requested if we could put together a compilation of everything that has been said in interviews/tweets/etc with the cast and crew regarding Malec. I believe this request was made due to the fact that the fandom was freaking out (and still are), so hopefully this post will tide many of you over and maybe calm a few ruffled feathers.

Please take note that everything under the cut could be considered spoilers if you have literally no knowledge of what’s going on in episode 12.

I’ve tried my best to compile everything that has been said by the cast and crew, but I make no promises. You guys can always reblog and add more interviews or send me an ask with anything you may have found, and I will add it to this list. I am also compiling non-theory factual posts (these posts have actual evidence). If you have a post or know of a post that uses real evidence to make a point, please feel free to reblog this post with the link or you can send in an ask and I will add it.

We’re just a few days from the Malec episode (it’s literally titled this; I will never get over this), so please remember. We’re all friends! We all love Malec! And whatever happens, Malec is forever! <3

iPhone/Android app users: There is a cut down below. If you want to avoid spoilers, please stop now. If you don’t see a cut down below, then you will have to come onto Tumblr via a computer.

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