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Album Art set 3: Hey Sacramento (x) - Home of the Blues - Comfy Cozy Christmas


top ten otps (in no order): Nick/Jess

You should be with someone who’s crazy about you.

I now have a history of adding and deleting my OkCupid account because whenever I’m on there it always matches me with some with lesbian who is hanging off the side of a mountain in her profile picture. I have no idea what I put on my profile that makes OKC think these are the women I’m interested in dating. And honestly I tried throwing caution to the wind and saying “Hey, if the computer says we’re compatible then it must know what’s best, right?” Because honestly, while I’m open to diversity in the women that I date, I have found that usually out of 50 quick matches on OKC I might get 3 black lesbians. I met up with a hang gliding white lesbian once to see if there could actually be some sort of connection. Maybe she secretly has an affinity for ’60s soul on Stax Records or we could connect over L Word re-treads. It just didn’t work at all. The only thing we connected with was a love for Thai food and cognac which can work in certain situations. But there was no spark. And that is ok.

Hell, at least I tried.

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18. "This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in." Destiel

From this. Warning: Talking about homophobia, but we get a happy ending yay!

"I can’t take them anymore Dean." Castiel cried against Dean’s chest at two in the morning on a Tuesday night. "The things they say to me, the way they look at me… Dean I can’t live with them anymore!" Cas’ grip on the front of Dean’s shirt tightened even more.

"Oh baby… I’m so sorry for everything. Maybe… What if I tried to talk to them? If they actually met the guy their son is dating maybe they could accept it?" Dean said carefully and Cas lifted his head up immediately.

"No! No Dean, absolutely not! My dad won’t hurt me, but he might hurt you. He blames you for ruining me, he thinks it’s your fault I’m gay and so does my mom. They hate you." Cas said.

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Andy did nothing wrong. He stopped the show and confronted the guy who was drunkenly harassing not only the band but everyone in the crowd. People were actually getting physically hurt. Security once again does nothing so yes he did something about it. Conflict ensues and it was over. I've seen bands defend their fans in the crowd and get praised but he does it and people call him an egotistical asshole? Austin Carlile, Parker Cannon, Hayley Williams, all examples. At least he respects his fans

Perfectly said! I personally think that Andy could have tried to contain any physical acts of anger, but then again, maybe this fucker was his breaking point from all of the haters in the past. I was actually quite shocked and even amazed at Andy’s actions towards him, such as throwing him the microphone and letting him speak. That’s something new that none of us have seen. I applaud Andy for sticking up for what he believes in and all that he’s worked for.

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Hi im the person who asked about wren crossing melissa I think what u said is interesting it never actually occurred to me that wren could have planned to try & get with spencer it does have me thinking though if Toby is melissa partner was it planed that toby get with spencer or did melissa only aproach toby after toby started going out with her

;) Honestly, I will go down with my Melissa is A (or at least incredibly evil) theory hehe. And just to add to it: he also tries to get in with Hanna. So when that failed, maybe that’s when he went to Radley, to see if he could gain Mona’s trust. ;) 

That’s a good question though - I think it could have been either. I don’t see them as a romantic partnership so I think if I had to bet on it, I’d say it’s the latter, where Melissa approached Toby after Wren failed miserably. 

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I mean, i swear i was at the point trying to believe actually there is nothing between them even though it's passed being ridiculous and obnoxious cause i mean, you know, maybe i could be wrong, they could be in separate relationships even though it doesn't seem so or not believable. I fucking tried not to read too much or be too obnoxious. But. Fucking BUT!! seriously IF they are not dating, no boyfriends, then it's not us, but it's them who make everything look suspicious and misunderstood.

4/5 years hiding…

So like sometimes I wanna be pudgy and cuddly but then sometimes I wanna be lean and muscular and like basically anything between those options and it’s so difficult like changing your body type isn’t as easy as changing your hair or something and I just???


This challenge doesn’t actually require you do anything to improve the input. True to the infinite monkey theorem, it just tries to make words out of random letters without worrying about frequency of words or letters; it made me think of the filler text generator a lot, since I put work into that one to make the nonsense words resemble real text, while this one is real words in nonsense text. You could maybe combine them into a reasonable fake-text generator but it would be quite slow without proper pruning and bounding on the monkey-theorum word generator. 

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If you have time, could you maybe map out a diagram of Wirt and Greg's house please?

This is a quick, rough floor plan for the Palmer-Whelan house. I’ve tried to make versions of their house in The Sims 2, but it’s been a while since I’ve looked at them, and I know the main one I played was too small (I put them on a lot that was too small when I tried to build their house. I may try again sometime soon though). Greg and Wirt’s rooms should be a little bigger than they look on here, but like I said, this was quick and just to give you all an idea of the layout of the house. This was sort of based off my childhood home, though that house only had three bedrooms and this one technically has four, but the fourth is being used as an office. Still, the layout is pretty similar.

Greg’s room has different carpet from when they renovated his nursery. His was the only room they were able to get done before he was born, so Wirt, Amy, and Jon are stuck with the dated, orangey-red carpet that we see in Wirt’s room in the series. Because Greg was a surprise (as in they didn’t know if he’d be a boy or a girl, though I suppose he was a surprise in the other sense, too) Wirt picked a mint theme for his nursery in an attempt to be gender neutral. The living and dining rooms used to have the same red carpet, but once they had enough money, they put in hardwood floors in that main living space. Amy has dreams of renovating the kitchen, she and Wirt will sometimes watch HGTV together and brainstorm all sorts of ideas with what they could do, but for now it’s all old, cracked tile with white appliances that are slowly dying. The stairs to the attic are in the hallway, with most of the attic space being above the master bedroom.

There are some things I may change, like maybe swap the kitchen and the dining room locations and then push the garage forward, but for the most part this is what their house looks like. It’s not huge, but it’s a good size for their family and doesn’t break a music teacher and a diner owner’s budget.



"-you’ll what, shoot me? Bullshit.

A wry smile contorted her lips; the laugh she spat at him screamed derision. She took one more defiant, deliberate step, her gaze never wavering from the scientist. “So who’s the lucky buyer, Uwe? August or Hyperion?”

   A spasm struck the hand holding the gun and his spine stiffened yet more as she took that additional step towards him, but—oh, that trigger remained untouched. Just as she knew it would. Just as she knew where the control would lie if this situation remained civil. He could see it, the events rolled out like a slideshow before his eyes: if he allowed it, Sasha would gain the advantage. She was already doing so. 

Uwe shifted, the wire still sitting cold against his chest. He didn’t want to hurt her. But they were listening. They would know if he tried anything. They would kill them both on the spot.

Do not assume that I am doing this in order to harm you, Sasha.” he said, a touch of annoyance colouring his tone despite his nerves coiling  tightly, like a depressed spring before the launch. “I— I am not— Just— Please. Y-you.. have to wait.  You do not understand, you must!

Merman! Percy Au

There are two versions of this au, I started this one first, and just didn’t really feel the idea anymore when I actually wrote it, so I abandoned it after 700 words. I still wanted to post it though, maybe you’ll like it more than I do. (And I know nuclearblast-fangirl has been waiting for this, so she surely will enjoy it coming in two versions ;) )

This takes place in a world where Jason’s mother tried to save her daughter by offering Jason to the god of the sea. She then thought she could save him too.

Words: 700
Rating: General Audiences

Somehow Jason had always imagined drowning to feel different. He had read about it - that you’d try and hold your breath until you felt like you were bursting, until pain was ripping you apart and that the water would burn all the way down. Part of him thought that he should be panicking, should fight to get back to the surface, but he just let himself sink, deeper and deeper, until his back hit the ocean floor.
This wasn’t normal, not how it should be, Jason thought, but it felt very real to him. Maybe he was just dreaming. Jason closed his eyes and opened his mouth to take a deep breath.

“You can never, never go there, do you understand?” His mother was furious, her head read and her eyes sparkling dangerously. Jason was afraid of her and part of him thought that this was wrong, no one should have to fear their mother. He nodded still, and she seemed to deflate a little. “The ocean is dangerous. It will kill you if you ever set a foot into it. Don’t you ever dare do that to me.”

Her worry hadn’t seemed genuine then, and it never did after, but from that day on, Jason was deadly afraid of the water. He never learned why his mother was so keen on keeping him away from it, but her horror and her wrath had burned into his mind. There was something dark in the water, and Jason wasn’t going to risk finding out whether there was more to it than his mother’s paranoia.

This plan had worked out well until Jason was forced to take a ferry. There was no other way to get to his destination, even though Jason would have preferred flying no matter what cost, he ended up having to use the ship instead. The sea was calm when they left, but as soon as the harbour was out of sight, the weather changed. A storm was brewing that hadn’t been there before and the ship was rocking on the waves. The captain told them to stay calm, but to Jason, she herself sounded plenty panicked. They did not even last for half an hour. The ferry was not built for weather like this and when they started getting people into life-boats, a wave hit Jason and ripped him over the railing into the ocean.
For a second, Jason imagined to have seen the strange trident shaped birthmark on his arm glowing blue, but it was gone too soon for him to be sure.

He started sinking like a stone and realised that his mother had been right after all. The first time he set a foot into the ocean, or well, above it, was the day that it would kill him.

Jason could breathe. Now, there might have been an explanation for why Jason wasn’t feeling any pain, some sort of chemical reaction in his brain, but there sure as hell was none for why he could breathe.
It was scarier than the whole sinking to the ocean floor experience and Jason surely would have started to panic if a movement hadn’t caught his eye.
Something or someone was swimming toward him and when Jason caught sight of a lean back that didn’t end in legs but in a blue-scaled fish tail, he decided that he had probably lost his marbles just like his mother had.
The thing, Jason refused to think of it as a mermaid just yet, swam directly toward him and Jason felt like he should probably attempt to flee. He had no chance though, before he actually got to make an attempt, long fingers reached for him and touched against his forehead.
“The ocean always settles its debts.”
Then, the world started to fade.

I let my feet guide me, They took me to an old memory.


It would be so easy for him to start over, it should be.. 

He tried to start over after his ‘death’ but something wasn’t right, something felt off, something was missing from his new life and all he could remember was a name.

~Tetch, Jervis Tetch~

Why was this person so important that it was the only remnant from his old life he’d remembered? He needed to find out.

He waited for night to fall before he headed out, letting his feet guide him as if they knew where to go, it didn’t take him long before they stopped. 

He stood there, outside of a building, in front of a door.

He felt something in his chest as he raised his arm to knock, whoever this person was he could feel that they were once important to him.


He waited patiently for the door to open and, once it did he looked, at the man who stood in front of him, he was sure he must look much different than he used to by the way this person looked at him. The eyes, they sparked a smile on his face, long withheld from him.

~A lack of words came from his mouth as he stood, there.

                                         ~Tetch, Jervis Tetch~

Although the memory of his past was gone, it seemed, no matter what, he wouldn’t be able to forget the name or that, somehow. In some way, this person… This man, he was, important to him.

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A *good* therapist could potentially have access to a thing you didn’t think of or something you could not access on your own. Do you know if there are maybe mental health therapists that specialize working with physically sick people?

I have had doctors actually try to send me to some but when I look them up I find they are all POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING crap. :/

Unfortunately with mental health especially, specializing in something doesn’t mean being good at treating it. Maybe if I looked for someone who deals with TERMINAL illness instead of CHRONIC illness it would help because everyone I’ve tried to see so far is trying to teach me coping techniques that I already figured out and stopped being effective years ago.