anonymous asked:

thoughts on gear 4? or better yet, a comic?

Comic? Perhaps. ;D I need to finish the one I’ve already got in the works first. Then we’ll see. As for general thoughts? uMMMmmmmm….to be perfectly honest, I thought it was kind of….weird. Maybe it’ll just take some getting used to, but it just felt odd to me. It seemed like a bit of a stretch on Luffy’s powers (PUN….sOmeWhat intended), and while I guess it is kind of the next logical step for his abilities….idk. It might still be too early in the game for me to fully judge it since we only saw a few moves, but I wasn’t entirely sold. It just didn’t really seem to fit in with the way Luffy fights. I’ll give it a bit before I make a final judgment, however. But, considering how natural the transition to Gears Second and Third was (or at least I thought), this Gear just seemed strange to me. xD