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You're not worthless, Lea. You've done something us animation fans love. Your art is just the most adorable thing I've ever seen. And I'm pretty sure that wherever Zigzag is (probably in Baghdad or hell), when he meets you, he's probably gonna snuggle you. Kaya😊

Aww, Kaya, you don’t know how much this message made me smile (and seriously brought a tear to my eye haha). 

Thank you so much, I guess I was just feeling down yesterday because of something that happened, but I am much better now. I’m glad I can at least try to make people smile with my silly art that I make. 

And I hope ZigZag isn’t in hell hahahha! I just like to think that he faked his death so he didn’t have to deal with everyone after the Battle with the One Eyes. Maybe he ran away and started a new life (I know that’s a bit of stretch but a girl can dream lol. AND MAYBE THAT’S WHEN THE PLOT OF OUR SEQUEL HAPPENS! :DD )


Centralia, PA now and then, 7.30.15

Dear Molly, One summer your dad decided to visit some weird places. He took you and your sister to Centralia, PA and the Palace of Gold in West Virginia. The Palace of Gold was bizarre but Centralia bit into you and has not let go. You have had a thing for mine fires ever since. You learned not long ago (maybe 2009?) that there is a mine fire in New Straightsville, OH. So you moved to a place with a local mine fire, one of the first, in fact. So now what? You have to make some art about these mine fire - two of them connection your childhood and your adulthood, a ribbon of highway in between. But you don’t know where to start. Maybe it is (those) highways stretching between PA and Ohio, between hometown and fiery mine. Some stitches, some maps.