maybe selfie sunday should be a thing

My dear friends, here is my submission for the February Sunday Selfie :)

I was maybe a wee bit ambitious in this one, as I was attempting to do three different things at the same time:

(1) Trying to be a bird in a bush [note to self: I think maybe I am quite good at this!]

(2) Trying to look like one of Jürgen’s beautiful feather photos [note to self: I feel that maybe I need to practise this one a wee bit more…]

(3) Trying to improve my camouflage skills [note to self: either I will have to work very much harder on this, or maybe I should only practise when it snows…]

Oh yes, I also got distracted, trying to see whether there might be a frog in the peat bog below, so maybe I didn’t practise the other things quite as well as I might have done…

Have a lovely Sunday xoxo

Thank you for your fluffy-submission! We love it!

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