maybe it's all fake?

You know, at first, I thought that Mina’s constant blabbing about a “doctor” was a reference to a Sailor Moon villain bearing the same name. Considering Mina’s design and overall aesthetic, this could make sense as she downright seems like a parody of such “anime magical girls” characters.

But then… it hit me.
Mina didn’t age, as if someone messed up with her genes or something.
Mina is crazy and obsessed with hunting down “monsters” and conquering.
Mina has access to weird powers that no other Mewman seems to have.
Mina, again, often talks about this “doctor” and its “oders”.
Mina, after all, may be even someone’s puppet.

Now though, did we ever see someone or something in the show that may look like some kind of weird doctor AND a puppeteer at the same time? YES.

And it was right at the beginning of every episode until Season 3 changed the intro. But wait, there’s more! In a “blink or you miss it” moment, they apparently added in this short sequence (in Season 2) a very familiar silhouette looming in the dark as Star and Marco leave this weird-looking dimension. 

Zoom in, enhance and you’ll instantly recognize Mina’s signature hairstyle and helmet. This that the doctor she’s talking about actually exists and it’s a possibly malevolent force pulling strings in the background. 

This is not even the first time that the SVTFOE crew hid something in plain sight as a hint to what’s to come. Interestingly, they did it again with Mina in the early Season 3 epsiode “Book Be Gone”. In this establishing shot, you can clearly see Mina hiding in the monster temple, subtly foreshadowing her bigger role in the mid-season finale “Monster Bash”.

Does this mean that we’re gonna face a space robot dentist soon?
Welp, we just have to wait.

pokemaniacgemini  asked:

There's something that's always bugged me. When you see Sans' checkpoint in Hotland, it's still got snow on the roof- another npc even points it out. But...HOW? Does Sans literally just teleport his entire checkpoint out of Snowdin forest? But even then, why doesn't the snow melt? SANS WTH? Care to venture any theories?

(undertale spoilers)

This is likely just a running gag. While the idea that he teleports his sentry station does seem appealing, the others know he has multiple stations.

Furthermore, his sentry stations are always present in their designated areas, even when Sans isn’t around.

*NCT Life in Osaka*

Taeyong, on a rollercoaster, about to reach the highest point before an insanely steep drop: i hope the dreamies are doing okay by themselves

Yuta, about to lose his shit: hoW CAN YOU BE THINKING OF THAT RIGHT NO- AHHH

i wanted to design the nb agents uniforms so heres a quick doodle..

3 and 4 are pretty much the same, they just have the long leggings option (bc thats common between both boy and girl inklings heh). 8 is just the two agent 8 outfits squished together, with shorts under the skirt but 1 leg is real long

(heres a lil extra)

A few thoughts after today's shit show:

First, this is just a friendly reminder that you do not owe these boys anything! We all spend our free time here because we love them, but we all need to remember that our mental health comes first. If the latest round of interviews (Dick Wattpad) has upset you, please take a step back and do something else with your time! Read a book (or fanfic), paint, play an instrument, bake some cupcakes, take a bubble bath, whatever you need to do to unwind. Liam and Zayn will still be here regardless of your personal involvement, and I guarantee that they would want you to take care of yourself.

Second: Don’t be afraid to think for yourself; your instincts are usually right. If something about a situation seems wrong, it probably is! I know it’s difficult to listen to lies coming from our boys in print and in person, and it may be really easy to take them at face value. However, as with everything surrounding this band, nothing is as it seems. A comment in an interview cannot erase the YEARS of history these boys have, just like reminiscing about a relationship and a child cannot erase the ridiculously shady circumstances behind them. We know these boys have been forced to push lies in the past, and we have no evidence that things have changed for ANY of them (all of OT5 is still trapped, regardless of what they say about being “free”). Use your head and call them on their BS. Also, if you do acknowledge that Liam’s comments about Zayn seem odd, maybe you should check into the legitimacy of the rest of the interview. (Dick Wattpad always pushes official narratives, so maybe you can pick out his priorities from that interview).

Third: I’ve been saying this for this whole radio tour, but it’s worth repeating. Liam Payne is an excellent liar. He is fully training to deal with the press and he has had years of experience to perfect pushing the official narrative. Liam saved 1D from embarrassment time and time again in interviews. So, why are people surprised that he is so good at convincing people of a narrative that is favorable to Simon and company? He smiles a lot and moves his hands and talks really fast, and tries to end on an emotional note to distract people into cooing or laughing with him. It’s all about misdirection. Has anyone stopped to wonder why Liam, who is on a radio tour to promote his upcoming album, has spent almost no time actually talking about his music? Maybe it’s because the entire point of his current stuntlationship is to promote a certain washed up girlbander with a nasty past who has convenient ties to good ol Simon, and who is probably going to be working on some music of her own in the near future. What better way to break into uncharted territory (the United States) than to ride on the coat tails of an attractive young singer who is destined for great things.

In conclusion, take care of yourself. Think for yourself. Take everything with a grain of salt. Don’t let current disappointments distract you from the truth.

Oh and buy Strip That Down! Liam isn’t responsible for his nasty narrative; we all know he loves Zayn more than anyone.

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this is is the only tweet that matters

Me explaining Antisepticeye to my mom
  • Me: So it all started when Mark, the other youtuber I like, made Darkiplier
  • Mom: is it a cartoon?
  • Me: No it's him dressed up in a suit and he has eyeliner and cool video effects, anyway Sean-
  • Mom: who's Sean?!
  • Me: *sigh* Jack is Sean
  • Mom: Is Sean like Darkiplier
  • Me: No mom Sean is his real name, it's not important! Anyway Anti was Jacks Alter ego and he has these cool glitches and he has a slash on his throat
  • Mom: why?
  • Me: idk mom maybe because he KILLED JACK
  • Mom: But it's all fake
  • Me: .....
  • Mom: Why isn't his channel name Seansepticeye
  • Me: why do you hurt me like this?

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I saw people on my dash yesterday talking about (okay more like complaining) that the tweets from the boys were fake. Maybe it's just me, but I don't care if they all were fake/ not really from the boys. I'm just loving that all their accounts tweeted at all after all that time! It's huge that they all did and I'm hoping for good things for all very very soon.

I blocked someone that said that in my inbox, I do NOT have time for that kind of bullshit!!

If it was a PR move, then the PR move is to show a strong OT4 and that Harry & Louis are friends (if people can go nuts over Louis saying something nice about Pillowtalk and make that the end of the Zouis estrangement, I think we can comfortably say at least the same about Larry now).

But did anyone think Niall and Liam’s HBD tweets were fake, until Louis tweeted? They were all subdued, but all 3 tweets were after literal years of no Twitter interaction between them and Harry, so genuine or strategic, it was absolutely 100% deliberate in the very best way :)

And band-positive, deliberate, strategic moves like that wouldn’t be happening without the band’s consent. So anyone trying to find a negative to this can just fuck right off!

Can you even imagine-

“The day of your wedding, I’d planned to get rip-roaring drunk with Cassian, who had no idea why, but…But then I felt you again. I felt your panic, your despair, and heard you beg someone-anyone- to save you. I lost it. I winnowed into the wedding, and barely remembered who I was supposed to be, the part I was supposed to play. …” (527) 

It’s three months after Amrantha, and Rhys still isn’t himself- but it seems like he’s trying and he says to Cassian that they should go out and just get blind drunk. And Rhys drinks, but hardly ever with the point of blacking out, and Cassian knowing that his brother is still working through the inky darkness of Under the Mountain- tries not to eye him, to see if a mask is slipping before throwing on a grin more for Rhys than himself and agrees, and starts talking about all the trouble they will no doubt get into the next day. And Rhys has a ghost of a smile at all the right times and maybe even chuckles- but its fake and it hurts Cassian’s heart to hear it. 

Rhys throws back whatever drink he’d been nursing and stands to leave for the night- he hasn’t been staying in the town house and Cassian doesn’t know why. None of them too, and it troubles them all- but they leave it alone for the time.  Cassian makes a point to tell him to meet here for breakfast and then they can go out- no way you’re day drinking with no food, don’t be an idiot- and Rhys nods and vanishes. 

Cassian is already worried about Rhys before they even see him again the next morning. And when he walks in- he looks like he always does, immaculate and pulled together, but Cassian isn’t an idiot- he sees the shadows both in his brothers eyes and under them and takes immediate offense to the half grin Rhys puts on and he has rum with breakfast- not his first of the day- and Cassian moves to pull away from the table but glass crashing against the floor makes him whip around and Rhys is somehow trembling and entirely still at the same time and looking off at something that Cassian knows isn’t on the wall. 

It’s seconds of that and Rhys is standing and throws himself into the winnow and he’s gone. 

Cassian is just standing there wanting to go after him but having no idea where he could have gone- so he leaves the town house and puts Mor in the House of Wind and hisses that he won’t just let Rhys drown in this for much longer- he doesn’t care what needs to be done, all he knows is that he’s willing to do it. 

It’s not three hours before Mor is back at the town house and Cassian just stares at her and moves to fly himself up to the house- but Mor catches his arm on the way by and she just says 

“No, don’t. The female he made a bargain with Under the Mountain, he’s called it in. He’s the best I’ve seen him since he got home- just let him be. They’ll be fine, she might kill him before the week is out- but it’s nothing he can’t handle.” 

It’s the half grin she says it with that hits Cassian- he’s grateful and he doesn’t even know this females name but he likes her already. 

I need Your help

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