maybe your friends think i'm just a stranger

I wish it was easier to approach strangers and make friends in public, I see girls out and about all the time that look like neat people and I just want to walk up and be like “hey, what do you think about astrology/do you enjoy crafts/what are your wine preferences” but there’s just like. No way to do that without seeming creepy? Maybe I’m just shy

anonymous asked:

What's the line between sweet stranger and perverted creep? I've wanted to pay girls compliments before but I'm afraid approaching them will make them uncomfortable or scared :/ I think maybe only attractive guys can get away with it

 How about this, only compliment a girl the same way you’d compliment a guy friend. Say things like “Hey I like your shirt” instead of “Hey that shirt makes your chest look great.”. The guy who flirted with me today just said “Hey Girl, Lovin’ those earrings” while I was walking to class and It was very sweet. I said thank you, he said youre very welcome, he smiled at me to coutinue, but  saw I was busy so he said bye and moved on. Literally just be a polite nice person and don’t jump people. that’s it. There’s no magic girl code.