maybe you will always be just a little out of reach

“I don’ know, I mean, like, Y/N’s been my friend for so long, but lately it jus’ feels like.. We’re a little more than friends? She’s always cuddlin’ into my chest when we watch movies, and she always greets me with hello kisses, and she always knows my order at any restaurant or café- I dunno, maybe I’m just bein’ stupid? I’m probably the only one who sees it.” Harry murmured, letting out a small groan of frustration before reaching up to run a hand through his curls. He wasn’t particularly sure how the subject of you came up, but now that that was the subject on the table, he had to take the chance to get some things off his chest. 

“I see it, fer sure.” Niall chirped, leaning back against the couch with furrowed brows as he continued to punch at the buttons on the video game controller, his eyes glued on the screen. “Trust me, you’d have t’ be a fuckin’ idiot not to- Oi, Louis, I said defend me from t’e back, not t’e front!- Not to see it.”

“I think you should go for it. Say something before someone else swoops her off her feet.” Liam reached over to pinch Harry’s shoulder before gesturing towards the stairs. “Just go upstairs and say you like her. Nothing to it.” 

“What if she doesn’t feel the same way? That’d be awkward and nothin’ would be the same. It’s not like I can just barge into her room and go, ‘Hey Y/N, I really like you and I would love to take you out sometim-’” 

“Hey, what are we talking about?” All four of the boys jumped in surprise when they heard your voice, Niall and Louis glancing at each other before beginning to tap at their controllers faster, wanting to avoid the conversation that was surely going to pop up sometime soon. Harry’s eyes widened before he cleared his throat, his cheeks growing red. 

“Y/N! I thought you were takin’ a nap.” Harry turned, watching as you plopped down next to him. 

“Sure, but that was two hours ago, and I can’t sleep forever.” You teased, looking at the screen to see what Niall and Louis were playing. 

“Did you want some water, or something?” Liam offered, quickly scrambling off to the kitchen when you nodded. There was a moment of silence (in which Harry was beating himself up in his head) before you spoke up. 

“Oh, I just remembered I have to clear up my schedule for Friday night.” You clicked your tongue, getting up off the couch before heading towards the stairs. 

“What’s happenin’ Friday night?” Harry asked curiously, tilting his head in wonder. 

“Our date, silly!” You hummed, padding up the stairs and not even bothering to say anything else. You knew everyone was in shock, because the furious clicking of the controllers had ceased, the sound of a cup clanking loudly against the countertop echoed from the kitchen, and Harry had choked on his own spit. 

“At least now ya know she likes you back.” 


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Tomco fic idea- Maybe sometimes Marco wakes up in the morning to find Tom just snuggled next to him.

Awww! This was so cute! A really nice and adorable idea for a little drabble! I hope you like it! Sorry it’s so short, it’s one of those little drabble things. Just a snipet. Enjoy!

These mornings were the best. Marco’s eyes fluttered opened and he saw the little bits of light coming in through the curtains. He smiled when he felt the familiar comfort of the moment. Days like this were always nice, when outside was freezing cold, but his bed was nice and warm. And he had no real reason to get up, so he could lounge as long as he wanted. Marco rolled over and saw something that made this nice moment even better.

Tom was curled up in a little ball at the foot of his bed like a kitten. But he had his arms out reaching up towards Marco, like he wanted to snuggle him, but didn’t want to wake him. Marco sat up and gently shook the demon to get him to open his eyes. “Tommy, come on.” Marco urged. Tom opened his eyes and Marco motioned for him to come closer. Tom didn’t waste any time. He crawled right up next to Marco and under the covers. Marco giggled and kissed his demon’s head. “Sweetie, it’s cold, don’t stay down at the foot of my bed.” Marco told him. “Come up here with me.” He smiled.

“Sorry Mar-Mar.” Tom yawned and the two cuddled closer. Marco smiled and nuzzled Tom’s hair, holding him around the waist.

“This is the third time you’ve come by recently.” Marco said with a teasing tone. Tom smiled and moved closer still. He pulled the blanket around the two of them.

“I know.” Tom smiled. “Sometimes I wake up at night and get lonely.” Tom responded. At hearing this, although it was just a little thing, Marco hugged Tom tightly. Even though it wasn’t such a pathetic thing to say, the thought of his demon feeling anything less than totally content and loved made Marco nauseous.

“Aww! My poor Tommy.” Marco gushed. Tom blushed and pushed Marco away gently and playfully.

“Stop it, it’s not a big deal. Sometimes I just like to see you.” Tom responded. Marco grinned and covered Tom’s face in little kisses. He moved Tom closer to him and grasped his shirt. Tom smiled and wrapped his arms around Marco.

“I know you do, and I really do love that I’m the first one you come to.” Marco admitted. “You know that even if you just feel a little bit lonely, or a little bit sad, you can always come to me?” Marco asked him. Tom smiled and nodded, playing with the string on Marco’s hoodie. He wore that red thing all the time, even to bed when it was cold enough. And Tom loved it. He would steal it and wrap it around himself, it made him happy, like Marco was hugging him. And sometimes when Marco would go away for a while, he would leave it with Tom. And Tom would hold onto it every night.

“I know, I can always come to you.” Tom whispered. “And I always will.” He added. Marco grinned and brushed Tom’s pink hair from his face. He looked so cute all smushed against the pillow, with two of his eyes closed and the other looking at him sleepily.

“You can get some sleep, love-bug.” Marco told him. Tom yawned and closed his eyes, smiling when Marco situated himself more comfortably in his arms. Marco closed his eyes and made sure the two of them were cuddled close and happy, warm despite the cold air in the room. Marco felt Tom’s grip on him tighten and he smiled.

These morning were the best.

It’s okay to feel alone sometimes even if there are a lot of people around you. It’s okay to wonder why you still fee lonely even if you’re surrounded with people who always smile and laugh. Sometimes, you feel like you don’t exist even if there are people who tried to reach out their hand just to save you. It’s okay to wonder why you’re in a dark place even if the sun is just right there. It’s okay to feel empty even if there are people who fills you with so much love. But always remember that, you’re not alone. Maybe, sometimes you feel like you don’t belong to anywhere but don’t ever forget that we are always here for you. I hope that this will help you feel a littles less lonely. You are not alone, you matter and you are importante. I am here and you can always count on me.
—  To anyone who needs this

Dragons who, when they sneeze, let out a gout of fire ( or water, or smoke, or lightning. Or nothing! Depending on if they have a breath… Weapon… Thing.)

Dragons who roll around in the grass (or rocks, etc) to get at that ANNOYING itch that they just BARELY can’t reach.

Dragons who chirp, or whistle out in faux birdsongs, especially at the crack of dawn. (But it sounds all weird maybe. I dunno.)

Dragons who meet up regularly and talk about that AMAZING thing that they found, or how they discovered a new little hidey hole.

Dragons who meticulously preen their feathers (if they have them) practically daily. Because it’s always nice to look good.

Dragons who wear scarves and glasses. Because why not? It looks cute on them.


You’re all amazing guys. Keep being awesome.

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ommmmg I'm still a lurker I'm just too shy lol

Ain’t nothin wrong with lurking! I lurked online for the majority of my life. Then one day I decided it was redicuous how much time I spent thinking about headcanons and reading fic and just my daily consumption of fandom in general. I got to the point where I felt like I HAD to do something with it. So that’s when I started experimenting with Photoshop and talking with some of my favorite authors.

Little piece of advice, if you're​ like me and itching to reach out to someone, creators always like to hear what you like about your stuff. Specific unique details too. Gush about the character development in a fic you loved. The themes that you noticed throughout. Or about the textures you love in their art.

And if you ARE looking for a friend maybe search around for the underappreciated art and fic out their that you love. It’s great to go up to that one artist who changed your life who’s got 20k followers and gets 20 personal messages a day, but odds are your praises will just be a drop in the bucket (not that they won’t appriate it), but there are SO many talented people who are desperate and lonely too and could use a little encouragement and a friend. I definitely felt lonely and isolated back when I had less than 100 followers. If anyone said anything to me I’d be swooning for hours xD

seungri x reader (request)

POV: Reader
Pairing: Seungri (Big Bang) x Reader
Rating: R ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Comments: Here’s a little something something for all you perverts following me. Yeah, I know you’re there. I was really just staring at my request list like “what do I wanna write” but then Seungri smut stood out to be so yolo here ya go. If it doesn’t satisfy you, you can always ask for more. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Summary: ” I was wondering if I could request a smutty smutty Seungri jealousy sex scenario? Maybe he gets jealous of another guy paying attention to you and reminds you of what you have ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)” - Anon

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Caring For The King. Crowley x Reader

Originally posted by supernatural-tacos

Warnings: None… maybe like one swear word.


You knew you shouldn’t do what you were about to do but it just felt right. You carried the bowl of water and small bag of items down the hall, trying you best to be quite as not to alert the Winchesters, knowing they would probably kick you out for what you were about to do.

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A small hand reaches out to tug at the length of the Commander’s great coat. The pulling is gentle and almost shy at first, but becomes more insistent the longer it goes ignored.

There is a young Fabulan child standing at Ravus’ feet, head tilted back to stare almost unnervingly up at the tall, silver haired male. He is silent and almost judging in expression, lips pulled into a neutral or possibly unhappy line- It was difficult to parse.

He lets go of the white tail coat and fiddles with the hem of his oversized shirt in that careless way children do, tiny fingers curling into the silken fabric. He glances away seemingly at nothing, perhaps just because a child’s attentions are easily swayed.

“… You’re pretty, dai lo.”

Well… This was unexpected. A small child that dared to approach him? His eyes narrowed at the Fabulan boy, as he tugged on the hem of the white uniform. Such a small child… Ragged in appearance, but with a gaze so innocent. It was a different change, he thought. With others among the ranks full of corruption and deceit, he had almost forgotten that there was such thing as innocence in the world.

Especially when the child said something as innocent as ‘You’re pretty.’ Ravus blinked a few times, taken aback by the sudden statement before he cleared his throat and glanced aside. Well… That was an unexpected comment. And referring to him as dai lo… Whatever that meant. Had this child no idea who he was? Many usually didn’t take his ‘beauty’ into a first account when meeting him after all. Just who was this child anyways?

He glanced down at the child again, watching them shift nervously with the bottom of his short before the commander let out a sigh and turned to face him. “Pretty is hardly a word I would use… But thank you, little one.” He paused for a moment, giving a sidewards glance before his hand shot out and gently lowered itself on top of the child’s head. Two brief pats were given in a rigid manner before he resumed his straightened posture, playing off the fact that he did such a gesture by clearing his throat once more. “Now then… Where was I…?”

Ah, yes… Trying to recall what that goddamn thing was again…

Sakamaki; Christmas cards. Requested by Anon.

Sorry I don’t do Carla and Shin so I’ll just do the Saka bros.

Finally it was completed.
Growing up you had been taught that a card from the heart was worth more then anything that could be store bought.
So that’s what you wanted to show them that card that you would always look forward to.
A little piece of your childhood since they never got to have one.

Lightly poking his side till he finally opened his eyes.
“What’s is it troublesome woman?” He groaned with one eye open.
Hiding behind your hair you held the card out in front of you.
Taking it from your hand, his eyes widen as he slightly smiled. And he reached out for you pulling you down next to him.
“Maybe your not so bad after all.”

“Honestly can’t this wait?” He sighed taking off his glasses and staring down at you.
You just looked at your feet as he held the card in his hands. While softly telling him? “I was taught that handmade things are a lot more special since thought and time goes into them. And a lot of heart.”
“A most interesting idea.” He mused as he looked at it then ran his hands through your hair. “Make me another one next year.”

“Oi what’s this?” He questioned as he found the card in his iron maiden.
“It’s sometime I made for you.” You said as you smiled widely.
“Heh. Yours truly approves. It’s cute.” He smiled as he looked at the card while blushing. Before going to place it on his dresser.


“Always keep reaching for who you’re supposed to be next, because whoever you are out there in the future is bound to be stronger and maybe if we’re all lucky, a little bit cooler too, I don’t know maybe we’ll just all become losers but keep moving forward, keep reaching out for the person that you are cause it’s out there and you’re gonna keep getting better.”

Was it all a dream, or did my sky boy truly have the heavens inside his chest? Was it a miracle? Maybe, or maybe miracles are simply truths we cannot comprehend. But I think you were a miracle, in your own little way. My child of light, my comet-catcher, my star-shaper, my alchemist of agony and awe. You were beyond me, just out of my reach: a horizon, a black hole. For what happens when you stare at the abyss and the abyss stares back, but instead of staring down, you’re looking up? What happens when the abyss is more than just that: what happens when oblivion is not an idea, but a person? I think I know what happens now, but I won’t tell. How could I? Some things may always be too much for words like ours. Just let them be.

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Yknow, I've never actually saw unrequited love in akafuri before, have you? I love the idea of Akashi being the lovesick one and Furihata being oblivious (tho I don't like the other way around, go figure) especially from Akashi's point of view (maybe that's why I love Loser so much, god all the pining from Akashi's view) so like I don't think you're taking requests but could you maybe write a little about Akashi's one sided love for Furihata? You don't have to, just know that Loser is amazing!

“Oh, did I tell you? I asked out Kotone-chan.”

Akashi nearly spit out his drink at the suddenly change in topic, his heart sinking in his chest. Furihata was smiling brightly across the table, and though his friend’s sunny exterior usually made his heart hammer against his ribcage, that look could only mean one thing in this situation.

“I-Is that so?” Akashi asked, clearing his throat and preparing himself for the worst.

“Yeah. She said no, though,” Furihata said, laughing. “I’m never gonna get a girlfriend, I swear!”

“I… I see,” Akashi replied, relief rushing through his body. “You, ah… Do not appear to be very upset about it.”

“She laughed at me when I did it,” Furihata explained, his mouth twisting into a sour frown. “Turns out she wasn’t as nice as I thought she was. Better I found out this way though.” He sighed. “Why is it so hard to find someone that likes me as much as I like them?”

Akashi bit his cheek to keep himself from spilling out all the reasons he was so incredibly fond of the brunet.

“I mean… You’d think someone with similar interests that treats me decently wouldn’t be asking for so much, right?” Furihata lamented.

Akashi nodded in agreement, mentally tallying all their common interests. Not to mention the fact that they already did nice things for each other all the time without any prompting needed. It would be nigh impossible to treat Furihata any better than he did now.

Why couldn’t he see that they would be perfect together?!

“At this point, I’d probably even try dating a guy if the right one came along.” Furihata admitted shyly, rubbing the back of his neck. A faint blush spread across his face. “H-Hey, Akashi?”

His heart leapt into his throat. “Yes?”

“Y-You, um… You wouldn’t happen to know anybody you could set me up on a date with, would you?”

Akashi wanted to scream.

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Hi there :) So, that is probably a little bit weird, but I am new to tumblr and people are always saying how the spn fandom is a big family, but I have now idea how to join ^^' And I am a SPN fan for a really long time, it's just that I am a little bit confused when it comes to social media. Plus i am not a native english speaker, so my english isn't even the best. Maybe you can help me out? That would be really great!

First of all, if you’ve successfully reached this blog: congrats, you have found fandom!

We do not know from where you are writing us, but wherever you happen to be from, we’re pretty sure there are at least a couple of fellow SPN fans.

To make SPNFamily Friends online, we recommend checking out confessions you agree with for people with views you like. If you can, try to also go to a convention in whatever area you are from, as they’re a great way to meet fans in person. They have “Rogue Events” across the pond in the UK as well as other conventions.

If you go to Facebook they have different groups for different fans as well. They event have pre-convention groups so you can start chatting with people going to a particular con before you get there, plus fanfiction and RP groups, fan pages, etc. You can look up tweets on listed with the #supernatural tag on Twitter, and you can track, and you can find people right here on tumblr using the same tag.

As you can see there are many different ways to meet people, if all depends how you want to go about it. It’s really simple as saying “hello!” to someone, even if you do it as awkwardly as the rest of us. ;) And at the very least, you can always reach out to us Admins for friendship.

Now go forth and be social!

I wish I understood a little better the workings of men’s minds.

I get so bogged down over little things.

I wonder if I’m just being silly

or if there is some significance to my worries.

I feel like I am always the one to initiate anything between us

and that makes me feel

like you’re not really interested

like you would rather be talking to someone else

like feelings are not returned

like you are just humoring me

when I’m about to lose faith

you know just what to say

and that almost makes me feel worse

like you’re just saying it to keep me reeled in

and I don’t want to think like that

I don’t want it to be true

I am just such a worrier

and I can’t stop my mind from going to these places

just give me a reason not to


are these just silly things girls worry about?

I over analyze everything, I know

I have already over-analyzed my habits of analysis

but is this just something that men tend to overlook?

are there times when men look through old texts and think

“I have started every conversation, maybe I should see if she reaches out first this time”

or is that just a symptom of my lack of confidence?

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Rajah’s eyes gently blinked open, waking up to the sheer whiteness of her room and wondering if this was what it was like to wake up in a snowy wonderland. It sounded more fun than where she currently was, even though she had never seen the stuff before, simply heard of it. Her eyes readjusted to her surroundings, and she attempted to clear the foggy cloud that shrouded her brain. Painkillers were heavenly, but had a few side affects that just made her feel useless and always sleepy. It wasn’t until she woke a little more that she finally noticed the presence of someone else in the room. She wasn’t exactly expecting visitors and so tilted her head in their direction. One hand reached out for the button that called for a nurse, not yet touching it but holding it for safe measure.

“I think maybe you have the wrong room.” Rajah spoke gently, blinking a few times as she inspected the other lethargically.

Under a cut because this is sort of grumpy and overly pedantic and I’m sorry.

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