maybe you should take them clothes off


Requested by @captaindanindlovu​. I hope you like it!

Summary: Jared Padalecki x reader. Gen gives Jared and the reader permission to do what they’d like.

Warning: Smut, dry humping

Word Count: 2500

A/N: I’m still new to this RPF thing, so I hope y’all enjoy this! XOXO

Sex scenes aren’t the most comfortable scenes to shoot.

Sex scenes are even more uncomfortable when you’re shooting in front of the guy’s wife, who just happens to be visiting and has been given permission to be on the closed set.

Sex scenes are even more uncomfortable when you’re trying to get over the attraction you’ve developed to said married guy.

And sex scenes are incredibly uncomfortable when the married guy who you’re simulating sex with gets an erection. In front of the visiting wife.

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Imagine sharing a bed with Dean and changing while you think he’s sleeping but he’s really just watching you.

“Dean?” you whispered, looking at the hunter “Dean are you awake?” you asked again in a low voice. You didn’t want to wake him up, that’s why you wouldn’t shake him, but at the same time you needed to make sure he was fast asleep.

Why? Easy, you wouldn’t make a fool of yourself. It was enough to spend an entire night sharing a bed with the man you’d had feelings for so long let alone him catching you staring at him like some creep. You would defend you were only gazing but even that could not be justified considering you were only best friends. And what was even was worse was that Sam had not wanted to join you in this hunt, so that meant it was only you and Dean in one room and more specifically one bed.

You sighed, shaking your head. If you kept looking at him any longer you were bound to get caught sooner or later. It wasn’t as if you could help it anyway. Every feature of this man screamed beauty and with the way the light shone over his face, creating the needed shadows and highlights, it made your heart beat a little faster. But then again he always did. It was the mere fact that he’d call your name in his sleep that could make you melt right then and there, you didn’t need to keep looking at him any longer. Besides, knowing the man the way you did – having gotten to see every side of him from the most beautiful to the darkest ones – you had gotten to creat a kind of bond that could not be described. All of this only adding up to your love for him.

You let a small sigh and slowly and carefully untangled yourself from him. Or at least tried to, because damn he was a persistent one. You couldn’t help a fond smile at that, nor at the small whine he let when you pulled yourself away from him. He was truly adorable but as much as you wanted to stay snuggled with him, his legs tangled with yours and his arms wrapped around you securely you knew you had to get up. You wanted to surprise him with some breakfast since you had been able to finish the hunt just the previous night and it had really worn him out.

You moved to the side of the room after one last glance at the sleeping hunter and turned so that you could start getting ready for the day. You took off Dean’s shirt that he had so kindly lended you and soon followed his boxers. You’d want to keep them on for just a little longer, maybe you had began to enjoy the feeling of them on your skin a little more than you should but once more: who could blame you? It was Dean Winchester’s clothes, full with his scent and entire feeling of Winchester all over them.

You sighed, shaking your head as you folded the clothes back in place. You were so tempted for a moment to just take them but you knew you shouldn’t. You weren’t in the mood to explain him all the whys later. There were plenty for sure. You searched through your duffel bag trying to find the right clothes to wear for the day until you realized you were really uncomfortable with the bra you were wearing at the moment. You reached behind your back to unclasp it and took it off before starting to search for a good one.

And this was the exact reason why you needed him to be asleep.

You were only standing in your black panties as you were searching for a bra until you found two bralettes. You paused for a moment, biting your lip in thought. You flexed your muscles as you looked at the two of them, trying to decide which one you should wear. You weren’t really fast in making decisions in the first place.

“Which one?” you mumbled to yourself, biting your lip as you moved your hair our of the way. Gosh they too were a mess.

“How about none?” a low voice said behind you and you froze in your place. You wanted to turn but on one hand it wouldn’t be the most wise choice considering you were practically naked and on the other you knew exactly who it was. The only person that was in the room with you and you only thought he was asleep.

“D-Dean?” you whispered, eyes wide and face already burning hot.

“Yes sweetheart?” he asked in such an innocent and calm voice that it almost surprised you. You didn’t miss how it was more rough though.

“Aren’t you- aren’t you asleep?” you whispered but a gasp left your lips when you a hand on your back. His fingers were trailing up your spine, making shivers and goosebumps form. You were only met with silence as Dean didn’t respond to you. You wanted to turn and look at him, at least his expression but your face was bright red as it was so you weren’t really in the best of situations.

“You’re so fucking beautiful…” he whispered as you felt his palm explore your back, from lower up to your shoulder blades and then over your shoulders and down your arms, making you shiver under the skin contact.

“The way the light falls on you…” he added in a low and husky voice and you bit your lip when his other hand was placedon your thigh and he slowly dragged it up to your hip, giving a small squeeze, and up to your stomach. Slowly but painfully going higher, raising a hot trailer on its path. It made you feel as if your entire body was on fire.

“Gosh it only reminds me of all the little things I love in this body- That I love in you.” you felt his breath now a the back of your neck and you took in a sharp breath when you felt his full lips there. You closed your eyes and bit your lip to keep the moan from leaving.

“D” you whispered “How long have you- have you been standing there awake?”

“Long enough” he said softly, his lips brushing over your skin as he spoke “Long enough to realize how much of an idiot I am for letting you go, for letting this go.”

You shut your eyes, shaking your head “I’m nothing special. I’m not what- what you are used to seeing.”

“Sweetheart, I don’t care what I am used to seeing.” he suddenly pressed his body flushed to yours, eliciting a gasp “I only care what I want to be seeing for the rest of my life.”

Your eyes snapped open as you held your breath. You swallowed when his hand that had stopped started moving upwards again- and you didn’t have the strength to stop him not as it moved up to your bare chest.

“And that is?” you whispered.

He suddenly stopped and although you expected him to be more fierce he gently took hold of your shoulders and made you turn. You couldn’t protest, even if you wanted to. Your face was burning and you didn’t dare look at him. He placed two fingers under your chin, making you look up at him. You were pleasantly surprised to realize his eyes were only glued to yours because he obviously wanted to. The adoration that was written all over his face took your breath away.

“You” he breathed out “Your body yes. But also- Your eyes. Your smile. The love you have for me and I never thought I’d deserve. That is what I want to see for the rest of my life.” his response shocked you.


“Because it is this- because it is you that I want to wake up next to every morning.”

Enemies Will Do Anything 

Request: Hey there! Can you do a one shot where the reader and bucky are best friends, but Bucky likes her and one day they are training together and he just starts teasing and things just get steamy? Thank’s!

Summary: Bucky teases you while you’re training together in the gym.

Warnings: Smuuuuuuuuuutttttttt

A/N: You guys are so sweet, you compliment my writing and you send me requests and it makes me so happy and so confident in my writing ability. Thank you guys so much for being such great people :D

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Simple Ways To Honor Hestia

I haven’t always erred on the side of historical accuracy (I started out as a Wiccan, which essentially means that I relied a LOT on UPG experiences and less on historical accuracy), so I can’t guarantee the following are all historically correct or that you feel it’s appropriate to your own practice with Hestia.  But I thought that writing up a post about how I have honored do honor Hestia, whether historically accurate or not, might help others!  

Tea.  Best in the morning, as part of a healthy morning ritual, fire up your stove/electric tea kettle and make a cup of tea, both for you and Hestia.  If you don’t want to give a full cup of tea to her, you can always pour a little into her own cup first.  I just share whatever tea I happen to like, and I try to discard it daily with a prayer.  

Food.  I have cats, so I really don’t do this (because I don’t want my cats eating unhealthy amounts of table food), but you could set aside the first bite or portion of a meal as an offering to Hestia.  Alternatively, you could always set aside a portion, go to your altar/shrine, state that it’s an offering for her, and then refrigerate it until you’re ready to eat it.  This, I do pretty often - I even have a container that’s used solely for Hestia offerings.  I know some people feel you shouldn’t eat offerings reserved for the gods, but I don’t have the money to dedicate food in such a way; so I usually eat this as part of my breakfast, or whenever I do a daily devotional to/for her.  

Candles & Flames.  This is probably the easiest, most simple way to honor Hestia.  I find that she likes all sorts of fire - and even fire representations!  So feel free to use an electric nightlight instead of a candle, or an electric candle, or even a lamp.  Traditionally, her fire was never let out, but I just don’t feel safe (or confident) in letting fires burn - because I have cats, and if you’ve ever had a cat, you know that they like to investigate things and knock them over - and we’re on a budget, so I prefer not to leave things on 24/7.  I prefer to light a candle (if I’m at the altar saying prayers) or rely on an electric candle (if I know I need to walk away, but want her symbolic hearthfire to burn for a specified time).  

Kitchen Altar.  If it were up to me, my house would be FULL of altars just about everywhere.  One space I really love to devote to Hestia is a space in the kitchen, preferably near the stove.  I have an electric stove (it came with our apartment), so it’s not quite the same as having an open flame, but I do like to set aside a candle just for her in that space.  If a candle isn’t your thing, or you’re trying to keep things from getting too cluttered, you could always leave her an offering bowl or dish there, or anything that you feel symbolizes Hestia.  

Veiling.  Many followers of Hestia advocate veiling, and I would really suggest giving it a try!  If you’re feeling a little self-conscious about veiling, you can always just put it on as an act of devotion right before prayer, and take it off right after.  If veiling puts you off completely (it’s not for everyone), you can try using a specific clip, ribbon or scrunchie that you use to pull your hair out of your face for devotional purposes.  

Prayer Beads.  You can do this with just about any deity, but consider making your own prayer beads or purchasing a set in honor of Hestia.  As part of your daily/weekly/monthly/yearly devotions, you can meditate on this goddess, chant, or recite prayers with every bead.  It’s a great way to really feel connected to a deity, and a great memorization technique when you’re working with a new prayer.  

Fireplace.  The hearth is the traditional center of the home, and the traditional symbol of Hestia.  If you have a fireplace, fire it up!  It doesn’t have to be a daily occurrence, but it would be nice to occasionally remind Hestia how much you love her through fireplace maintenance a roaring fire.  If you rather do this outside in a fire pit, go ahead!  If your fireplace is purely decorative (or you’re otherwise not allowed to use the fireplace), try putting a candle in there and lighting it instead.  If you don’t have a fireplace, you can always pull up a crackling fireplace video on roku, or stream a video of such from youtube on your computer, laptop, tablet, TV, or phone.  It makes for a meditation session!  

Hospitality.  As the goddess of hearth and home, Hestia is a goddess who would have gone out of her way to make everyone feel warm and welcomed in her abode.  You should do the same!  The next time you have visitors, offer to take their coats, grab them a drink, and make them feel welcomed, comfortable and loved.  

Generosity.  I feel that Hestia is a generous, charitable sort who would give you the clothes off her back if you were in need.  Practice generosity; think of ways that you can help out your relatives, friends, neighbors and community.  Do you have a yearly block party or monthly potluck for your neighbors?  Why not try to start one up?  Is there someone that could really use some extra help - maybe a babysitter in the evening, a tutor for a child, a little extra help cleaning their home, or just a shoulder to lean on?  Maybe there’s a new neighbor you haven’t met yet - why not bring a batch of cookies as a gift and introduce yourself?  

Food Drives.   Lots of stores have food drive promotions (and sometimes for clothes and school supplies).  The next time you notice one of these going on, donate.  Maybe go through your house and purge what you don’t want/need and donate it.   Donating time to a food shelter or a homeless shelter are also excellent ways to honor Hestia!  

Meals.  In the old days, people would use the hearth for cooking.  Now, we have lots of contraptions that aid in cooking - blenders, stoves, grills, microwaves, etc.  Instead of ordering take out or microwaving a frozen dinner, try cooking your meal.  Dedicate the time spent preparing and cooking to Hestia - make it a devotional act!  

Prayers.  You don’t need to have a shrine or altar to pray to Hestia, and nor do you need candles, statues or a physical representation.  All you need is you and your intent.  Using things like Homeric or Orphic Hymns are perfectly fine, but so is just speaking from the heart.  

Cleaning.  Turn boring, monotonous, daily chores into an act of devotion.  Meditate on Hestia while you clean, or chant, speak prayers, or simply keep her in mind while you do your rounds.  Some like to combine the veiling technique above - put your hair up or veil while cleaning as a devotional dedication.  Don’t focus on perfection; it’s better to develop a daily cleaning routine where a little is done at a time but very frequently rather than an occasional cleaning day spent obsessively scrubbing floors and organizing.  

Family Reunions.  Have you gotten together with your family recently?  Organize a family get-together!  This can be in the form of a family game night, a movie night with you and your closest friends/relatives/significant other, or a big party for all of your relatives.  So many of us only speak to our relatives around the holidays, but Hestia emphasizes the importance of building strong family ties and keeping those bonds strong.  If getting together with family is impossible (due to transportation issues, living out of state, etc), pick up your phone and give them a ring!  

Healthy Boundaries.  If you’re like me and you struggle with having healthy boundaries between yourself and your family, you can always go to Hestia for help in this area.  You should never feel pressured to always say yes to everything people ask of you - especially if you feel unappreciated or are being taken advantage of or abused.  Hestia can help!  

Meal Planning.  A great way to make sure you spend some time with Hestia everyday of the week is through meal planning.  One day each week, every other week, or once per month (depending on how often you go grocery shopping), sit down and plan out in advance the meals you plan to cook.  You should aim for at least one home cooked meal a day, preferably breakfast, lunch and dinner (and factor in a few snacks).  The very act of meal planning can be a devotion to Hestia, and it helps you budget, make a grocery list, and keep things organized.  Plus home cooked meals are delicious!  

Budgeting.  A big part of running a househeold is dealing with budgeting issues.  You can devote the time spent on balancing checkbooks, paying bills, and going over savings and expendable income to Hestia.  

Household Notebook.  Remember the suggestion of meal planning, budgeting and cleaning?  You can utilize all this - and more - through a household notebook.  All you need is a binder and some paper - and if you have a printer with a hole punch, you can even find beautiful decorative templates to help you out!  A household notebook is basically where you keep everything you need to help run your house.  I have a section for recipes and meal planning, a section for local take out places (with menus, if possible) and their address and numbers, a section for emergency medical information (there’s even a section with receipts for every time our cats have been to the vet).  I keep lists of things that need to be done on a daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis, and seasonal basis (which I change up as needed).  I even have a section on how to remove different kinds of stains from different surfaces, and how to clean specific things (like electronic equipment, appliances, cleaning supplies, etc).  I even keep track of the recipes I use for homemade cleaning recipes (like homemade dishwasher tabs, or glass cleaner for my eyeglasses, simple disinfectant, etc).  If you have trouble remembering birthdays, anniversaries, and annual celebrations, put it in here!  You can even go one step further and add sections to your household notebook for daily to-do lists, a prayer section for Hestia, and if you’re more along the lines of a pagan vs Hellenic reconstructionalist, you can even include things like spiritual cleaning, altar dedications, statue consecration, etc.  I’m not saying go full blown BoS with this binder, but keeping things that you use on a daily basis as part of your everyday life all in one spot is just practical and convenient.  

Seasonal Cleaning.  Everyone knows about spring cleaning, but I wholeheartedly feel that we should do a version of spring cleaning at the change of every season.  This can be a devotional act to Hestia!  

Cooking Class.  Hestia is all about hearth and home, and what better way to show your love and appreciation to yourself and to your family and friends than by learning how to cook (better)?  Any time you cook can be a dedicated act to Hestia.  

Musical Playlist.  Try putting together a list of songs that really reflect how you feel about Hestia, or put you in a Hestia-like mood.  

Domestic Bliss.  Even the time you spend bonding with your significant other and working out your issues can be considered devotional time.  Keep your home happy and filled with love by being open, communicative, and supportive of your partner.  

Relaxing Night In.  There’s nothing wrong with occasionally spending a night at home with a relaxing atmosphere, take a bubble bath, read a good book, watch a favorite movie, binge watch a neglected series on Netflix, or doing a hobby that you love.  Give yourself permission to take it easy and practice self-care!  

Dinner Parties.  Much like a family reunion, a good way to express appreciation to your friends and family is to have a dinner party.  It doesn’t have to be formal, and you don’t have to be a slave in the kitchen - what matters is that you open your heart and home to those you love.  

Prayer Book.  If you work closely with Hestia, consider starting a little prayer  book for her.  There are tons of ways to do this - you can use a diary, a binder, a pronged folder, or even try some simple bookbinding.  I’ve had great success with cutting computer paper in half, punching holes along one side, and binding it together with ribbon.  If you work with other deities, you can make a prayer book for each individual deity, or one large one for all of them.  Keep it on or near your altar/shrine for easy access!  

Cookbooks & Recipe Collections.  Another excellent devotional to Hestia!  Track the recipes you try with a cookbook or a recipe collection.  This can even be digital through sites like All Recipes or tracked through apps like Google Drive (which can be synced between your phone and computer).  

Home Remedies.  I don’t know about you, but I grew up in a household where my mother always had an aloe plant for burns and irritated skin, salt and water for gargling when I had a sore throat, orange juice and garlic when I felt under-the-weather, and fresh mint leaves for an upset stomach.  If you have holistic or natural remedy leanings, consider devoting the time spent to researching and creating homemade remedies as sacred to Hestia.  

Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting, Weaving & Embroidery.  Cottage industries involving thread has always seemed so very Hestia to me.  Learning how to properly darn a sock, sew on a button, or repair ripped seams are things that are SO valuable that extending that over to something like sewing, knitting, crocheting, weaving or embroidery only seems natural.  It’s okay if you discover you don’t like it - what matters is that you gave it a try!  

Crafts.  We’re in an trend where having crafts in the home is very much in!  Take advantage of this by looking up different crafts that you can do for your own home to save money, make it look nicer, and give it the aesthetic that fits your - and your family’s - personality.  Time spent creating these things can definitely be dedicated to Hestia.  

Interior Decorating.  Just like with crafts, interior decorating can be an exhausting process, but one that is very important.  Most of us want a warm, comforting home, and in order to have that, we need to do what we can to look - and feel - that way.  For some of us, this means investing in a fireplace and mood lighting, while others feel a puffy, comfortable couch is the way to go with a nice flat screen tv.  Others are more bohemian and rustic in their decor, while some like shabby chic touches and refurbished antiques.  Even if you’re a minimalist by nature, using the right combination of colors and accents can really give a homey, comforting feeling.  Take the time to discover your own personal style and figure out ways to translate it into your home.  Anything you do to make your home a loving, comforting environment can be a dedication to Hestia!  

Date Night

“I’m not rescheduling again John.” You say angrily, heading upstairs to take off your shoes. You had gotten ready for a date; one of your nicer dresses, your dancing shoes, everything, just to be stood up. Again.

“Y/N, come on. It’s only 11:30, we could still go out. The kids are still at Polly’s aren’t they?” He says, trailing behind you as you get into your pajamas.

“Yeah, they are, maybe you should go stay with them for the night.” You say angrily, throwing clothes at him.

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(Mini fanfic illustrated and funny…I hope!)

Good morning , fannibals and welcome to a new installment of the “Never apologize for coming to me, Will” week. Today the thing goes like:
- “What a pleasant surprise, Will! Please, come in” - Hannibal Lecter says.
Will Graham isn’t sure, but he thinks he could be hallucinating again… but to be sure he goes…
- “Butt… I mean BUT… Are you naked under that apron, Dr. Lecter?”- Will asks as politely as he could manage.
- “Yes, I am” - Dr. Lecter answers - “And if you turn around me, you’ll have a good view of my gorgeous ass”.
Will blushes.
- “Maybe I should come back later. Maybe I should have called first…”- Will says while his cheeks goes from pink to dark red in seconds.
- “Nonsense! I was just making dinner. I hope you stay for dinner. Being naked while I cook is not only relaxing but the only way to be sure my super expensive suits doesn’t stain. Come in and take off your clothes, Will. Even if they are ugly and cheap you won’t them stained while you help me fixing our dinner!” - Dr. Lecter says enthusiastically - “Never apologize for coming to me, Will. What did you want to talk me about?.
- “Uh…I don’t remember, Dr. Lecter”.
- “I see: you are loosing time again. Let’s try to remember while I unzip your pants, dear Will”.
❤️🔪😂 Don’t be shy and drop a comment if you liked!

Traducción al español.
Buenos días y bienvenidos a un nuevo capítulo de la semana de “Nunca te disculpes por acudir a mí, Will”. Hoy la cosa va así:
- “Qué agradable sorpresa, Will! Por favor, entra” - dijo el doctor Hannibal Lecter.
Will no está seguro pero piensa que puede estar alucinando de nuevo, así que para asegurarse decide preguntar.
- “Está desnudo debajo de ese delantal, Dr. Lecter?” - pregunta Will lo más educadamente que puede.
- “Sí, lo estoy” - contesta el Dr. Lecter - “y si das la vuelta a mi alrededor, tendrás una buena vista de mi glorioso trasero”
Will se sonrojó.
- “Tal vez debería volver más tarde… quizá debí haber telefoneado primero…” - dijo Will mientras sus mejillas iban de rosa a rojo intenso en segundos.
- “Tonterías! Simplemente estaba preparando la cena. Espero que te quedes a cenar. Estar desnudo mientras cocino no sólo es relajante, sino la única manera de no manchar mis súper carísimos trajes. Venga Will, quítate la ropa! Aunque sea horrible y barata no querrás que se manche mientras me ayudas a preparar la cena! - dijo el Dr. Lecter con entusiasmo - “Nunca te disculpes por acudir a mí, Will!. Dime, de qué querías hablarme?”
- “Ehhhh… no lo recuerdo, Dr. Lecter”
- “Ya veo, estás teniendo lapsus de tiempo otra vez. Venga, intentaremos recordar mientras te desabrocho los pantalones!

killerfangirl3  asked:

"If you drag me to another ball I will smite you " any ship

The Ball.

TW: nsfw comments

(sory its long, but I needed to add the ending)

“If you drag me to another ball I will smite you ” Logan snapped.

“Come on, please? You know how much I love them!” Roman plread.
“You know how much I hate them! I don’t like them. They’re full of people and they’re noisy!”

“I swear, you’re hanging out with Anxiety way too much.”  Roman sighed putting his hands to his head. Logan flinched, upset that Roman still didn’t notice how he was always sensitive to noise and crowds.

“I’m not feeling this way because-” Logan stopped himself. He needed to keep his emotions in check, Roman was clearly upset, and he needed to calm down. “Look, I’m not saying don’t go to the ball, I’m saying don’t drag me to it. Besides, I just want what you would call a “me” day.” Logan explained.

Roman sighed and put his arms around Logan and kissed his forehead.

“I’m sorry, I guess I forgot you need your alone time. You spend a lot of time with the others, that I forget you don’t have time to yourself.” Roman chuckled. “It’s funny, I always thought you secretly liked going to the ball with me.” Roman said.

“I hate Balls,” Logan sighed before looking up to face Roman, “but I do love my date to these balls.”

“Aww, how sappy.“ Roman teased.

“Looks like you’re rubbing off on me Charming!” Logan teased. Roman rolled his eyes.

“Go on, have fun on your “me” time.” Roman said smiling, walking away. Logan suddenly remembered something;

“Prince!” Roman turned around, “Ask Morality if he wants to go!”  Logan called out. Romans eyes went wide! He hadn’t spent that much time with Morality since he started dating Logan!

“Great idea! Thanks Logan!” Roman said before going on a quest to find morality.

Roman came across Morality who was playing a video game which involved running a goat into everything.

“I thought we threw that away.” Roman frowned.

“Yeah but I took it out! I was having fun being b-a-a-ad at it!” Morality gave him a cheezy grin.

“Whatever,” Roman rolled his eyes, “I was going to ask if you wanted to go to the ball with me tonight, Logan dosen’t want to go and he thought I should ask you.” Roman said, Morality lit up!

“Really?” Morality asked.

“Yeah why not? You like having fun! Plus, we haven’t spent time with each other for a long time!”

“Is there something I have to wear in specific?” Morality asked.

“Just a formal outfit.” Roman said.

“Yes! I get to make use of my new dress!” Morality cheered, standing up, “it should only take thirty minutes!”

Roman looked at him confused but shrugged, he knew it wouldn’t take thirty minutes to dress, but he shrugged it off, Morality had weird talents so maybe dressing quickly was one of them.

Prince went to his room and got his cocktail tux out, taking each piece off, and preparing to put everything where it was suppost to go.

“Hey you ready?” Logan asked after about thirty minutes.

“I’ve only put on three layers of clothes on Logan.” Roman rolled his eyes, it wasn’t true, but it sure felt like it!

“You could stay with me and take them off.” Logan teased. Roman blushed.

“Shut up and help me put this on.” Roman said.

“Why don’t I do it the other way-”

“Oh Logan, why did I let Anxiety teach you that?” Roman groaned.

“Hey, if I recall, you liked it the next day.” Logan pointed out.

“I know, but I really need to wear this, I promised Gus I would be there tonight, besides Balls may not be fun for you but they’re fun for me!”
Logan was about to answer but Morality interrupted:

“Okay I think I got it on, I just need someone to zip this up.” Morality said, Roman and Logan turned and Roman gasped in surprise.

Morality was wearing a flowing greyish-blue dress that went to the floor. The sleeves didn’t cover his shoulders, but it covered his upper arms and went as far as his elbows.

“What, is it too long? It’s the first time wearing a dress so I’m not sure if this is how its suppose to work, but it feels great and freeing! well except for the back, and the fact its about to fall off.” Morality gave a little dance that allowed the dress to flow side to side as he rambled.

“It looks gorgeous.” Logan assured him going up to him and helping him zip up the rest.

“Thanks Logan! Doesn’t it look ziptastic?!” Morality asked. Logan didn’t understand the pun, and tried to correct Morality while Roman was too stunned on the fact that he was wearing a dress.

“You-h-how-” Roman stammered. This was certainly unexpected, Morality looked great, but this was a surprise to him. He didn’t even know his friend liked dresses!

“What?” Morality asked frowning.

“It’s-” Roman realized he was staring at his confused best friend so he cleared his throat and regained his composure.

“It looks great Morality! I’m sorry I didn’t expect you to be wearing a dress!”

“Oh yeah! Logan told me to get it when he noticed me staring so I just got it! Oh, do you need help with that? It can be such a pain!” Morality started ranting about why he thought dresses were better than tuxes as he proceeded to help Roman with his tux.

Roman was flustered, but nodded along, listening to his friend as he tried to stay still, adding an occasional “huh really?”

Logan just smiled at how cute his boyfriend and best friend looked.

(Anxiety was too tired to care and hated anything that wasn’t sweatpants, his jacket and his headphones. He was asleep when the others went to check on him and Moralitu left another note for Anxiety to read if he woke up early again.)

wash and wane
  • dazai/atsushi ficlet
  • some light domestic fluff, a warm bath, rated T

The door clicks close with Atsushi’s laugh.

He steps into Dazai’s apartment with a quiet apology. The older man waves him off, the cuffs of his own coat flinging droplets into the doorway. From behind them, the noise of rain patters on, only a bit muffled. Atsushi sniffs, wraps his arms around himself and rubs at the soaked fabric of his sleeves.

“Come here, Atsushi-kun,” Dazai says, already dropping his soggy coat on the back of a chair. “You’ll catch a cold like that.”

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Legitimate Business - Part 2

Juice started to keep a tally. After his first encounter with (Y/N), Juice had jammed the bedroom window, hoping she’d not be able to fix it herself and had to call. She hadn’t been able to, and the next day he came out after working with Teller-Morrow to fix it.

Along with the jammed the window, he’d loosened the shower head, even “accidentally” busted through some wall plaster that he’d noticed was weak during a particularly rough but fun bout of love-making.
There was also actual repair work that (Y/N) had called him in for. The apartment was older and hadn’t been well kept. The doors were coming away from their hinges, needing new ones. Paint was chipped, skirting boards needing to be nailed back down, cupboard doors coming off.
Juice’s boss and the club didn’t seem to care, as long as he was getting paid for the work, Juice could go back as many times as he was called.
It had gotten to a point where (Y/N) was calling Juice directly to come and fix the things that were broken, and he would call in after work with the club or the garage.

”You know you’re a whore, right?” Jax asked one night, as the boys sat around the bar.
”What?” Juice exclaimed, swigging from his beer.
”She’s paying you for sex. You’re a straight up hoe.” Jax smirked, everyone laughing.
”She’s paying the company for the work that I do. The sex is free. It’s a bonus.” Juice argued, smiling all the while.
”Better than what I’m getting. I’m at the retirement home this week, and I tell you, little old ladies are just as frisky as any 20 year old.” Kozik sighed.
”I’m running outta shit to break so I can come back and fix it.” Juice said, shaking his head.
”Just ask her out, man! She’s obviously in to you.” Jax said.
”What if she’s just in to the sex, I was just there at the right time and place?”
”Does she kick you out of the house right after?” Opie asked, going behind the bar for more drinks.
”Nah, we usually hang out, talk. Sometimes if it’s after work, we order food and watch TV.”
”So, what you’re saying is, you’re dating.”
”Well… Not officially. I mean we haven’t been out, and we haven’t even talked about it.” Juice said, not sure how to broach the subject with (Y/N). He didn’t want to freak her out if she was just wanting a friends with benefits thing.
”You’re overthinking it. Just ask her.” Kozik advised.
Juice nodded, and distracted himself with Kozik’s story about one particularly lewd grandma.


Juice was back at (Y/N)’s on Saturday afternoon. The headboard, which Juice had regrettably made sure was secure, had come away from the wall in one of the corners. Juice ran through the list of repairs that he’d had to do by his own hand, and knew that he hadn’t tampered with the board, nor did it get broken in any of the romps they’d had.
Looking at the screw, there was damage around the head, like something that wasn’t meant to be used as a screwdriver had been taken to it.
Juice happened to look down, and saw on the bedside table a butterknife, the tip looking a little worse for wear. He wondered if this was the work of (Y/N).
As he drilled, he heard music blasting from down in the kitchen. It wasn’t uncommon, (Y/N) tended to like music on. When he was done, he heard an odd banging noise, not part of the song that was playing.
Walking in to the kitchen, he saw (Y/N) yanking at a cupboard door, pulling down on it, weakening the hinge.
Juice leant on the counter, amused look on his face. She hadn’t noticed him come in.
“Come on, break, damn it!” (Y/N) muttered, giving one final yank. It wouldn’t budge.
“I fixed that one last time I was here.”
“Shit, no wonder I couldn’t get it. I thought it was the one in the other corner…” (Y/N) turned and gasped, seeing Juice watching her. She had completely outted herself to him without realising.
“You’ve been breaking stuff? To get me to come back?”
(Y/N) could barely look him in the eye. She fumbled through her words, before confessing.
“Yeah, well, I… like you. That’s why I asked you to stay for dinner the other night. I didn’t wanna freak you out in case this was just a sex thing for you, so, I started breaking stuff, figuring I’d get the guts to ask you at some point while you were here.”
Juice chuckled, moving around the bench to stand in front of her. He put his hands on her waist, picking her up and sitting her on the counter. Spreading her legs, he stood between them, holding her face in his hands.
“Since we’re confessing, I loosened your shower head and jammed your window.” He brought his lips down to hers, kissing her quickly before she moved her head back.
“Wait, you’ve been breaking stuff to come back?”
Juice nodded, kissing her again, longer this time.
“I unscrewed the headboard.”
“I found the knife.” Juice grinned, kissing her again. “I broke the wall on purpose, the other night.”
“The sliding door to the balcony may have had some help coming off it’s tracks.”
Their kisses became more intense before (Y/N) put a hand to his chest, pushing Juice back a little.
“Just so we’re clear, what are we doing? This is great, don’t get me wrong, but we’re gonna run out of things to break, short of bringing in a full construction crew.”
Juice smiled, brushing some hair back from her face.
“I wanna take you out. Hang out, here, my place, wherever. I want you to meet my friends, come to our parties. Hold your hand, kiss you. I’d like to keep having sex too, but ya know, the other stuff as well.”
“So, a relationship.”
“Yeah, but it’s not as romantic when you say it like that. Is that what you want?”
(Y/N) placed a hand on the back of his neck, pulling him back in again.
Juice kissed her deeply, wrapping his arms around her. He picked her up again, walking over to her dining room table and pulling out a chair.
“No, wait! I undid some of the screws on that one. Was gonna get you to fix it for me. Use the other one.”
“Are you sure? You forgot which cupboard door you’d broken.” Juice mocked, grin on his face.
(Y/N) playfully smacked him on the shoulder.
“You make a good point, though. Maybe just use the couch.”
They moved to the living room, Juice easing down on to the couch. They kissed and groped for a while, taking their time removing their clothes.
“There’s a party tonight. Come with me?”
(Y/N) stopped. “Oh, um, sure. Is there a dress code?”
Juice sensed she was a bit worried, maybe even upset that their first date wouldn’t be just the two of them.
“Just something cute. We’ll go to dinner before. Or we can just blow the party off completely and just do dinner. Whatever you want.”
(Y/N) smiled. “No, I wanna go to the party. Should we go get dinner now?”
Juice looked at the clock on the wall.
“S’only five, we got time.”


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3lue || Joshua Element AU

Originally posted by lonexsamurai

Title: 3lue || For @justkpopjokes, I finally finished what I meant to write for your contest TT

Member: Joshua x Reader 

Genere: Momentary fluff. Adventure. Angst. Then some fluff again. 

Words: 5,797

A/N Maybe part 2???? (unedited - I’ll proofread more tomorrow, y’all have waited long enough. Im sorry for the typos TT) Tell me if you want part 2!

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Bad Things

Originally posted by geekyimagines

I could smell the blood through the clothes Jerome was wearing. His face was immersed in red liquid. Inside my head, I kept cursing myself for leaving him to reach that state. His laughs were filling all the streets while we ran, behind us a couple of strong guys, not wanting to let us go without further injuries.

-Jerome, could you stop laughing and just run.

-It’s your fault you don’t see the fun in that, (Y/N).

-I do not.

His laughter had to get louder. He was totally drunk, also my fault. The steps were getting closer and I began to look around, trying to find a place we could hide. In the hallway’s end I saw it: an old red door, disguised by the brick wall. It took seconds to hit me that Jerome was getting slow, his laughs making him tired. I still had one slingshot in my gun, so I aimed the faster guy between his eyes and shot.
He stepped back and fell in front of the other guys, something that, in Jerome’s eyes, was truly funny.

-J, move, here.

I took his hands and ran to the red door, opening it quickly. The guys stopped running for us and turned back, growling. Inside the red door had a really dark room, full of Jerome’s laughter.

-That was quite a show, (Y/N), good aim…

I searched for the lights and, when found, I faced a small space, some donation clothes inside big grocery bags. Jerome sat on the floor, both hands holding his head, the laughter fading.

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  • Johnny : *Reads a fan mail who asks them what kind of clothes she should wear for a college picnic where a senior she likes will come too*
  • Johnny : *Talks about taking clothes*
  • Jaehyun : *Thinks he is talking about stripping? maybe what ever it is,its rated.*
  • Johnny : *Clarifies Jaehyun that he is talking about PJs. because if the girl would stay the night.*
  • Johnny : Personally I think you should wear a hat. Because Hat makes a man's heat flutter. its beautiful too.
  • Jaehyun : hmm
  • Johnny : If you wear a hat it will give off a mysterious feeling.
  • Jaehyun : Mysterious hat? Kkkkk
  • Johnny : *Cracks up too*
  • Jaehyun : *Laughing* Its a fashion on point. We recommend you. The Mysterious hat.
  • Johnny : no no not that hat though.. Kkkk
  • Johnny : A hat that will give you a mysterious feeling.
  • Jaehyun : What kind of hat is that? Cap hat?
  • Johnny : The one that covers your face? Kkkk
  • Jaehyun and Johnny : KKkkkk
  • Jaehyun : A cap that covers your face?
  • Jaehyun : Are you going to commit a crime? Kkkkk
  • Johnny : *Laughing like a walrus with asthma*
  • Jaehyun : When meeting your senior?
  • Both : *Wheezing*
  • Jaehyun : For me, wear a cooling cardigan
  • johnny : *Wheezing like a walrus with asthma*
  • Jaehyun : John D is crying
  • Johnny : *Wheezing intensifies*
  • Jaehyun : I hope you will have a good picnic.
  • Johnny : *Wheezing again*
  • Conclusion : NCT Night night? More like NCT Wheeze Night?
#170 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “Something about funny little videos from backstage hanging out and having a laugh with Van and the boys, maybe just filmed on someone’s phone, or creating funny vines whilst drunk? And then I was thinking that they find their way onto this hellhole trash heap of a website, and the protagonist (sorry I don’t know what else to say lol) seeing the fans’ reactions to the videos.”

Note: I know that the videos I reference in this fic happen at very different times, but I’m gonna screw with reality’s timeline a bit. Thank you to the following people for sending me their favourite Catfish videos: @dustordiamonds @unravelled-w0rds @kookygranger @rosyrenaissance @donthurtyour and a couple of Anons.

Glancing at Bob, who was stretched out on the hotel bed next to you, you smirked at him, then both continued watched the ‘fight’ unfold. Van was trying to feed Larry, who was adamant that he wasn’t hungry.

“I don’t know why he does this. I’ll go to him in the kitchen 'Have a Jaffa cake,’ he’ll go 'You know I fucking hate Jaffa cakes.’ And I’ll see him eat a Jaffa cake!” Van said, his voice a confusing mix of amused and annoyed.

“But not twenty minutes ago-” Larry went to reply, but Van wasn’t having it. They talked over the top of each other.

“You wanna start a fight? I don’t wanna start a fight. I’m dead peaceful!” Van said.

“I’m not hungry,” Larry said, clearly frustrated at Van’s inability to understand that. “I’m not hungry,” he repeated. A few beats of silence. “I'm… not… hungry…” he said, using his hands for emphasis.

They looked at each other, holding back smirks. You stopped recording.

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Imagine Request - Jealousy

Can u please do one where Justin and you got in a huge fight or something first and then you take a shower and he joins u hehe

You paced around the room, your chest heaving up and down as Justin sat down on the bed with his head in his hands.

“I don’t know what you want me to do, Justin.” You stood and looked at him. “You’re just so aggressive and jealous!” You threw your arms up in the air and sighed.

“Don’t you think I have the right to be?! You’re my girlfriend and all these boys drooling over you and practically touching you up doesn’t sit with me!” He growled at you as he hunched over.

“Yes, you can be jealous. Fuck, be as jealous as you want, I don’t care. Just don’t go beating the shit out of someone for putting their hand on my waist!” You spat at him, your anger getting the best of you.

“It was basically your ass, [Y/N]. Only I should be allowed to touch you there.” He hissed as he brought his head up and looked at you.

“You need to calm down and get your shit together, Justin. Do you know how embarrassing it is to have everyone stare at us while I drag you away before you murder the guy?” You squinted at him as you shamed him.

“I don’t give a shit, he shouldn’t have touched you. I’m a little annoyed you fucking let him.” He glared at you, trying to switch the blame.

“Don’t you dare try and pin this on me, this is your fault. I can’t take much more of this petty bullshit, if you can’t stand to see me around boys, then maybe we should just take a break or something.” You trailed off, the words leaving your mouth before you processed them. Sighing, you readjusted your shirt. “I’m gonna go take a shower.”

Storming into the bathroom, you shut the door and stripped out of your clothes before turning the shower on and stepping in, letting the warm water relax you and let you forget about your situation with Justin.

Meanwhile, Justin’s heart pounded in his chest. He didn’t want to take a break, of course he didn’t, but the mere thought of another guy touching you made his blood boil.

You ran your hand through your hair, letting the shampoo rinse through it. The steam of the shower hit your body constantly and made your muscles unknot. You scrubbed your body as your mind drifted.

You didn’t want to take a break, you wanted to work it out, but could you? With his insane jealousy and stupid arguments, it seemed impossible at the moment.

Hearing movement outside of the shower, you looked out and saw Justin undressed and ready to open the door. You sighed and pushed it open.

“Hey.” He rasped as he stepped inside, closing the door behind him.

“Hi.” You turned and continued washing the shampoo out of your hair.

“I’m sorry.” He spoke as his arms instantly wrapped around your waist and pulled you into him. “I’m so so sorry, please don’t leave me.” He sounded wounded and hurt, but you couldn’t give in that easy.

“You should be. And I’m not going to leave you, but if you keep acting out like that, I might do eventually.” You turned to look at his face that was masked with worry.

“I just love you so much and I want you all to myself, I see all the boys that go after you and it makes me see that you could easily chose one of those and leave me.” He mumbled as he looked down and sighed.

“Justin, you need to see that I only want you. You don’t have to worry, you make me so happy and you’re all I need. I love you.” You pressed your lips onto his, putting all of your passion and feelings into that one kiss. “Just please try not to punch any more guys.”

“I’ll try my best, baby.” He chuckled and pulled you into him.

Arrow, Olicity AU: Falling for an Angel #6 (rating +16)

What happens if an angel falls from the sky? Oliver Queen is a respected club owner in his hometown - Starling City. His life abruptly changes when one night he finds a beautiful girl claiming to have fallen from heaven. With her wings tucked into a jacket he helps her navigate her now human life while trying not to fall in love. Nothing can go wrong even if she drinks all of his coffee and cries in the shower, right?

Hello :) I am officially the worst writer, I know, I’m so sorry for not updating for so long. BUT I think this chapter is a great apology for all of you. Thank you for the great response to this fanfic!!!! I love your comments and sweet messages <3 Thank you @loveyoubeyondhope for being such a patient beta :) @pleasantfanandstudent thank you for this wonderful edit.
Enjoy! :D



Oliver was laying in bed, the sun high in the sky, and couldn’t help but peek through the curtains. He has been awake for some time now, but really didn’t want to get up yet. Now that his life turned upside down and he was living with Felicity he cherished every moment of privacy. Suddenly he heard the door opening to the living room, then Felicity’s bare feet hitting the floor and he sighed. Even if he liked his awkward, blond friend, he was used to being alone and she didn’t stop talking for one damn minute.

“Oliver!” Felicity opened the door and ran into the room.

“Knock, Felicity!”

“Oh, right, knock…” she said and knocked on the already opened door. “Get up, get up!” She sang and jumped on to the bed.

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EXO Reaction To Walking In On Their GF Changing

*GIFs Not Mine*

Reaction Masterlist

Anonymous said:

exo reaction to accidentally walking in on you while you were changing? thank you :)

I made this two different reactions, one where he’s your friend and is therefore surprised and one where he’s your boyfriend and therefore more turned on…

Xiumin: *when your friends*

Oh did anyone else see that? No? Oh good, now just one more peek…

*when you’re dating*

Xiumin: this is just a thought baby, but why don’t we continue this?

Luhan: *when you’re friends*

Luhan: Oh HAI!!! Don’t mind me! I’m just leaving!  Cute bra by the way! Bye!

*when you’re dating*

Luhan: *the return of pervhan* oh hey there jagiya, just ignore me. I’m not here. I am just a fly on the wall that’s really enjoying the view…

Kris: *when you’re friends*

Kris: Oh that’s the kind of bra she wears? Oh that’s a sexier kind than I thought she wore!

*when you’re dating*

Kris: Do you think she’s noticed me yet or can I keep enjoying this? Oh she’ll probably kill me for watching her like a creep…..Hehehehe….But you did well Yifan.

Suho: *When you’re friends*

Suho: whoa there I was not expecting her to look like that without her clothes on…

*when you’re dating*

Suho: Hey there baby, I’m just going to lock this door like you should and you don’t really have to keep putting on clothes…

Lay: *when you’re friends*

Lay: Oh she’s changing! I should go now! Oh but she looked good…No Lay, leaving you are leaving.

*when you’re dating*

Suho: Oh don’t mind me, I can wait until you finish Jagiya

Baekhyun: *when you’re friends*

Baehyun: oh this is an unexpected turn of events…

*when you’re dating*

Baekhyun: Time to start taking it off Jagiya, I locked the door.

Chen: *when you’re friends*

Chen: Oh you’re changing! I did not mean to do this! I’m leaving! I’m not looking, I’m leaving!!

*when you’re dating*5

Chen: Maybe it’s just the sudden heat in this room but maybe we should consider taking clothes off rather than putting them on..

Chanyeol: *when you’re friends*

Chanyeol: Oh Sorry!!! I’m leaving! Gone! Gone!

*when you’re dating*

Chanyeol: Hey, how about I join you in here?

DO: *when you’re friends*

DO: You were changing in here? Why didn’t you lock the door???

*when you’re dating*

DO: Oh is that what’s happening in here? Care if I join in?

Tao: *when you’re friends*

Tao: Oh that’s where you were…I thought you’d left…

You: Get out!! Pervert!

Tao: Oh right, now I’m going….Bye!

*when you’re dating*

Tao: so is there anything I can help with or should I just stay here and enjoy the show?

Originally posted by lil-duckling

Kai: *when you’re friends*

Kai: Oh you were changing in here! I’m so sorry! Ahhh…. Right I’m leaving!

*when you’re dating*

Kai: You can come over here and I’ll help you with taking those off ;)

Sehun: *when you’re friends*

Sehun: Oh shit! You’re changing in here! *totally unprepared for that and everything in his hands falls to the ground*

*when you’re dating*

Sehun: It might just be my opinion, but you should be taking that off not putting it on…

Once again my dirty mind comes out and I am left questioning if I am a pervert…

Companions react to sole wearing their (the Companions’) clothes, imitating them while they think they’re asleep.

Here’s the first ‘It’s my birthday I’m back! ’ post! :D 

X6 doesn’t really sleep at all. He doesn’t need to, after all. He merely dozes off a little to soothe Sole, considering vigilance when Sole is in such a vulnerable state of the essence. Nevertheless Sole didn’t know this small fact yet. He was too curious to figure out what they were gonna do to stop them as he heard Sole getout of the bed and put on clothes. Relatively surprised he only opened his eyes when he heard them go “ You should try to protect your son’s legacy. Why would I talk to these ignorant people when I can shoot them! And I think you’re the best warrior out there.” 
“ Excuse me, what?” And there Sole had finally managed to do it; surprise the synth who knows all. He raised his eyebrows at their outfit, correction, his
“ What … part do I have to explain?” 
“ I never called you the best warrior. I just said you’re tougher than anyone I’ve ever met.” 
“ Well you also never said you love me. With you everything is kinda implied.” He sighed, got up and pulled Sole to them, kissing them. Sole smiled. “ By the way, I think I ought to put on your clothes more often, cause eh, you look better without anyway.”


Sole put on Codsworth’s bowler hat. The only thing he could still properly wear as far as his old ‘clothing’ went, now he was a synth. “ All of this sure beats housework! Have you heard this one Sir/Mum? The past, the present, and the future walked into a bar. It was tense. Isn’t that hilarious! I’m the most adorable, righteous thing you’ve ever met.” Sole jumped when they heard “You know me too well, darling.” behind them. Sole expected a confused or even annoyed look but got dissapointment instead.
“ Hey, why are you looking sad?”
“ You called me a ‘thing’, Mum/Sir. I presumed you did not think of me as such.” 
Sole rushed to the bed, dropping the hat in the meanwhile. “Oh honey, I didn’t mean it like that. You’re amazing and you’re way more than a thing. It was just a matter of speech.” He looked a little more hopeful but still seemed to doubt their words.
“ I wouldn’t be walking what’s left of this earth, trust you with my life, wouldn’t be sharing this bed with you every night if I thought of you as a ‘thing’.” A small smile spread across his face. 

“ So, there’s three ways of manipulating people; caps, ego and what they believe in. What I believe in? Oh well, I’m a magical unicorn! One time, I got a face change and was a girl for a few months. “
“ Auch, that was a weak rendition of my amazing wit.“ Sole smiled.
“ You’re just jealous cause I look better in all of this than you.” Sole lowered the sunglasses and winked. He got up laughing. “ Really? In that case I’ll just put on yours huh? See how good of a ‘you’ I can be! “ 
Sole looked at him slit-eyed. “ Don’t you dare.”
“ Oops. ” He slipped on their clothes and started speaking in their tone of voice. “ Hi! I’m the big saviour of the Commonwealth. Lemme just take this and that. That’s stealing you say? Well… I wanna be good, life’s just not letting me.”
Sole smiled and looked him straight in the eyes. “ Hi. I’m Deacon, at least that’s what everyone thinks my name is. I’m a sarcastic smartass with a heart of gold. You see…” Sole took the glasses off.  “I wanna be bad but I am just not letting me. In a world full of bulshit… I’m a diamond in the rough.” Deacon looked down, evading eye contact. Sole walked to him and put their arms around his waist. “ Close enough?” 
“ Never close enough. Nobody can figure me out… “
“ But I am getting dangerously close.”
“ No comment.”

Sole had always been kinda intruiged by the outfit Hancock donned, the one that gave him his name. The hat turned out a bit too big for them but they went with it. “ Welcome to my town! The home of chaos and mayhem. So it’s basically just like me. Of the people, for the people! “
“ Hey! What’s wrong with a little chaos?” Hancock had his hands behind his head as he watched Sole’s reaction. They turned around quickly, had the hat fall down a little. Sole decided to just take it off.
“ I didn’t know that…”
“ Looks good on you. Then again, what doesn’t?” The ghoul grinned, reminding Sole of that terminal in the Memory Den. ‘If you think Hancock is dangerous and handsome now you should’ve seen him before he turned ghoul.’ Even now his strong jaw and irresistable grin was getting to them. Hancock got up and yanked Sole back into the bed. “ Last night you weren’t complaining about choas.” The hot kisses on their neck shut Hancock up entirely. 
“ Maybe I should just take this off..”
“ Hmmm… maybe.”


Sole slipped out of bed carefully, knowing that MacCready would wake up easily. Courtesy of being with the gunners for too long… always sleeping with one eye open. They managed and took away his clothes, putting them on. The pants proved so bad of a fit that they decided to just leave them be.
“  I’d do anything for a pile of caps. I’m a gun for hire and ruthless but oh, is that a kid… in need of my help? Well in that case… I’ll just help out this once. Maybe. No, no I’m not tearing up, I got this branch in my eye. You see, it’s a hard world out there and… I am totally a bad guy, yeah, uhu. Except when I’m not. Don’t listen to them that’s not ‘always’.  ” As Sole turned around they found MacCready with a smug grin and one eyebrow raised. Sole looked at him, jaw dropped and it only took a fraction of a second before they both bursted out laughing at the sheer absurdity of the situation.
“ You’re doing wonders for my ego right now..”
“ I’m sorry, it just seemed like fun to do that.”
“ Uh-hu. So that’s how you really think of me huh? Need me to toughen up?”
“ No… if you did you’re not welcome in my bed anymore even. “
“ Ah… speaking of which I don’t mind you walking around in my clothes but eh, there are better looks for someone with a body like yours.” 
“ Really? Like what?” Sole knew where this was going. 
“ Well…” MacCready started to kiss them and lean them back on the bed. That was enough of a cue for Sole.


Sole always had felt like putting on that trenchcoat and finally saw their chance. They slipped out of the bed and put it on carefully. They presumed Nick was on some sort of power saving mode or whatever as long as they were asleep so why not give this a go? Sole slipped on the trenchcoat and put on the hat, feeling just right. “ Nick Valentine, tin can detective man with a plan. Hey kid, where are you off to? There’s always another case to close! If I get lucky I might even close one this month! “
Sole tried to hold back some laughter. He was always so perfect they had to take a jab at him one way or another.
Valentine cleared his throat as Sole’s eyes widened. Shit.
‘I don’t get lucky, I make my own luck.” Sole flung the hat towards the chair as fast as possible and tried to get his focus to anything but the coat clinging to their body. It seemed stuck, like they completely blanked on how to take off a piece of clothing.
“ You do realise ‘getting lucky’ actually means…”
Nick got out of the bed and smiled at Sole. “Why did you think I chose to word it that way?”

Sole knew Preston to be a pretty deep sleeper once he managed to actually drift off… so deep that they didn’t know how he managed to survive out there so easily. Sole didn’t even really put in any effort to be quiet, figured that stealth simply wasn’t necessary. They kept an eye on him, still tangled up in the sheets. Putting on his clothes and hat was amusing enough, but it had nothing on finally impersonating them.  
“  Ah, babe, there you are. A settlement needs help,. Let me mark it on your map. Nooo, we don’t have time for half-naked make-out sessions: settlements. Oh, I can’t join right now. Nope. Shit to do. People to see.” Sole winked and threw the hat to the bed… ah shit… that was meant to hit the floor and not him.”
“ Well you were already being rude I guess throwing stuff on me is just an extra.” 
Sole just grimaced. “Okay, how much of that did you hear?” Preston propped his hands behind his head and sat up, putting the hat on his head. Sole figured he probably had no idea what they’d mean when they would say he looked a bit like a stripper being shirtless with that kinda cowboy hat so opted not to even bring it up. Especially considering the fact he did not look that amused.
 “ Oh, I heard enough.” Preston looked as serious as they’d ever seen him. Please don’t say I fucked this up over something this stupid.  “ Hey babe, you know it’s not nice to gossip right?”
Sole cleared their throat “It’s only gossip if you talk to someone else about someone actually. Which I wouldn’t.”  
He got out of the bed, looking them straight in the eye as he walked up to them. He put his hat back on their head before starting to smile and saying ‘Nailed it, come here.” and hugging them. 
“ Sorry for being so busy with the Minutemen babe. I didn’t know it bothered you so much.” 
“ No, I get it. I am part of the Minutemen too, an essential part even… but dude when I wanna stay at sanctuary and be with you leave the settlements to our recruits for once?”

Okay, Danse is pretty much military… he’d jump up and be ready to defend both of them in a second if he heard as much as a pin drop. So Sole figured that if they wanted to get into that power armour unnoticed they’d better really, really wear him out the night before. They grinned at Danse, sleeping with his mouth slightly open, and resisted the temptation to just let their hand go through his hair. Sole got up on tiptoes and managed to reach the power armour and get into it. They surpressed the urge to curse as the clanking could potentially wake Danse up after all. Sole held their breath, as if that would make any difference, while Danse turned around with his eyes still closed. Or so they thought… Sole whispered as they tried to impersonate him, just in case.
” I started as nothing and ended as nothing. Truly. I’m not some sort of forever young and hot supersoldier. Or literally the most adorable person in the world when in love. I don’t even know love. “ Danse first didn’t respond, didn’t want to. Not understanding the sarcasm he just felt hurt. Until he felt Sole get back into the bed, laying as closely to him as possible with their hand around his waist as good as was possible considering Danse’s physique. “Except you are. And you do. You’re more human than most people I’ve met in my life. I love you.”
Danse just smiled, feeling some sort of strangely human inner glow, and figured it would not be the best choice to let Sole know he heard that, the first time, like that. 

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Sole honestly didn’t give a damn about Maxson noticing anything. He had to loosen up anyway. They pried themselves from under his arm, sat up for a second to inspect if he really was asleep and then walked up to his pants. As Sole put each item of clothing they managed to find on, they tossed their own clothing pieces on a pile so at least getting dressed again wouldn’t take an hour. In the meanwhile, Sole had time to reflect one thing; how does he act when he’s the high and mighty elder? Not this man in their bed with humanity and weaknesses but the persona, the leader who instills fear in his enemies and sometimes even his allies. “ I am the mighty Elder Maxson, abominations tremble before me and my brethren invoke my name to rally them into battle. Hey! I heard that! Stop talking about me fucking my Sentinel! We did not do it in the canteen! Such thing is below us. Carry on with your work! That is an order.” 
Sole jumped up as they suddenly felt a pair of arms tightly wrapped around them, and the one and only man talking straight into their ear ‘I’m the one who gives the orders, remember?”

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What is UT, UF and US sans and papyrus' opinions on thigh highs?


++ Sans ++

Hey, you can wear whatever you want. If you like wearing thigh highs, go ahead and wear them, but if you don’t, it doesn’t phase him. He’d end up taking it off of you anyway, but they’re pretty cute. If you’re gonna wear some, wear the stripped ones.

++ Papyrus ++

Pappy thinks they look really sexy on you. He enjoys the plain color with the bows on the top, and he knows you own certain pieces of clothing that would go quite well with it. Like Classic, he doesn’t really care if you wear them or not because he’ll end up taking it off of you anyway.


++ Sans ++

Oh, please wear them. Red loves the thin material and the way they hug your legs, especially when you wear the fishnet or black ones. He really has a thing for lingerie and cute little things like that, so when you wear them it really turns him on, and he’ll probably leave them on you unless you get uncomfortable in them. Maybe you should wear heels too.

++ Papyrus ++

Fell enjoys the much more intricate and lacy thigh highs. He enjoys elegance and he likes seeing you in lace or something fancy, so when you wear silver with white and gold pattern swirling around your legs, lace flowering up at the top, it makes it hard for Fell to look away. He’ll probably take them off of you before either of you get too into things because he doesn’t want to take the chance of ruining them.


++ Sans ++

Blue appreciates things like that, but he prefers seeing your regular skin, or something that’s very loose and comfortable on you. You look good in them- of course you do, but don’t make yourself feel uncomfortable just for his own pleasure. If you like wearing them you can wear them, but it’s not a big deal if you don’t. You’re extremely attractive either way.

++ Papyrus ++

Like Sans, Honey can take them or leave them. He really likes the polka dot ones on you, but even if you guys are going out somewhere and you wear fancy leggings or nylons with something over it, he likes it too. Just wear what you want. He’ll take all of it off of you later on no matter what you decide to put on for him, unless you wear a certain type of lingerie.

(Translation) Honnou no Kajitsu vol. 3

本能の果実 Ver.3.0 幼馴染み双子と三角関係編 (R18! Proceed only if you’re above 18!)

CV. Fukushima Jun

Get this CD from Amazon

T/N: 3P FUKUJUNSSSS….. AAAAAAAAAA but there are some parts that are really strange (roleplaying involving the words papa & mama) so if you don’t like that stuff, stay away. I admit that I don’t like that part and I had a hard time typing/listening to that part, but that was one scene of roleplay and that’s it, so I just gotta survive and push through.

Other than that…. it’s probably an 7.5/10?? Smut-wise pretty hot though. I wish they had one more scene as their original self UNFF I LOVE THEIR ORIGINAL SELF SO MUCH

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Pressure | Wonwoo

 || a wonwoo fluff where youre clumsy and the members are mean to you because you’re always falling and clumsy and wonwoo has to play along because those are his friends but in reality he likes you and one day he walks up to you when the members are laughing and he helps you up. or where youre clumsy but he doesnt know you so he can’t really approach you like that

Word Count: 1407 this is stupidly long kill me

Genre: Angst Fluff

Warnings: Bullying, taunting, mocking, name calling, falling.

“There s/he goes,” Seungkwan laughed as they watched you trip over your feet for what seemed like the seventh time this hour. “How is one person, just one person so clumsy?” He laughed snottily, sneering as you walked past him.

“Alright, we gotta go or we’re gonna be late for class,” Wonwoo spoke up, smacking Minghao as a gesture to follow him as he proceeded to class. The rest of his friends waved him off as Minghao followed closely behind.

Upon entering the class, Wonwoo saw you trip while walking up the steps, sighing to himself, he carried on and took his seat behind you. He watched as Minghao glared at you, muttering something in Chinese, he carried on to his seat next to Wonwoo and set his books on the table.

“Hey, are you okay?” Wonwoo asked as he walked up to you. Bending down, he helped gather your belongings and handed them back to you.

“Thank you,” you replied. Taking the books from Wonwoo’s hands, you tucked them back into your bag and dusted off your clothing, inspecting yourself for any bleeding or scrapes.

“You’re bleeding!” Wonwoo yelped, pointing at your leg. “Maybe you should go to the nurses office and get a banned, maybe disinfect it.” He suggested. “I can take you there if you don’t know where it is.” He gave you a lovely smile, throwing you off your tracks for a quick second for you had never seen something so simple, yet so mesmerizing.

“Um, sure.” You replied, obviously short of vocabulary. Wonwoo nodded his head and motioning for you to follow him and so you did.

“Wonwoo!” Minghao shouted grabbing the older boy’s attention quickly. “You’ve been staring into space for ten minutes, class was let out already.” Wonwoo’s mouth formed an O shape and he nodded his head, gathering his belongings, he followed Minghao out of the room.

“Watch where you’re going!” Wonwoo heard someone shout.

Running towards the commotion, he saw the scene he predicted and ran to Jun, holding the tempered man back. “Jun, come on bud. You don’t need to do this, s/he’s not worth it. I mean look at her/him.” Wonwoo motioned, lowering his head to see you gathering your books, scurrying to get away from the large crowd that had formed.

He watched as you scurried off, and turned back to Jun. The older boy ripped free of Wonwoo’s harsh grip and glared at the crowd. “Don’t you assbricks have anywhere else to be?” He shouted, causing them to disperse quickly.

“Get in my way again and you’re dead meat,” Jun threatened before walking off. Minghao gave a knowing look to Wonwoo before running to catch up to Jun.

“Come on man really?” Mingyu groaned, “out of all people, you got in Jun’s way?” Wonwoo nodded his head sloppily before resting it on the table. “Why did you even go to protect her/him?” He then asked, sparking the boy’s curiosity. And as he didn’t reply, Mingyu took it in his own hands to form speculations.

“Aw man don’t tell me you like (Y/n)?” He asked, a large amount of disbelief spilling from his tone.

“No, it- it’s not like that.” He stuttered. “I- I just find it rude how you guys laugh at her/him for tripping over her/his own feet. As if you guys haven’t tripped a day in your life.” He explained.

Mingyu scoffed, “yeah I’ve tripped over my own feet before, when I was like seven. Look, I’m just saying, you’d think a girl/boy her/his age would know how to balance their weight.”

“If you tell the boys about this you’re dead Kim Mingyu,” he threatened, practically jumping out of his seat. The younger boy held up both of his hands in a truce and Wonwoo sat back down and sighed. “I’m being serious this time Mingyu, don’t be a gossip.”

“I won’t, I won’t, but if something were to happen…”

“No, don’t touch her/him.” Wonwoo sighed.

“Okay but what if-”

“No Mingyu, no. And that’s final. In fact, don’t even go near (Y/n).” The younger boy nodded his head and sunk into the couch.

Wonwoo and Seungcheol sat in the courtyard, waiting for the rest of their friends to arrive so they could walk to their clubhouse together. Sliding up from behind them, Mingyu pushed the two apart and sat between them. Elbowing Wonwoo, Mingyu nodded his head in your direction and scoffed.

“The wind is practically blowing her/him down the stairs,” he whispered. “Wonder what would happen if someone were to purposely pushed (Y/n)…” he taunted jokingly.

“You said you weren’t going to do anything!” Wonwoo shouted in defense, grabbing the younger boy by the collar, he held him close to his face. “Mingyu I swear if (Y/n) gets hurt I’m going to murder you.”

“Chill bro, I’m not gonna do anything, after all, I said that I wasn’t going to do anything.” Wonwoo let go of Mingyu’s collar and looked around, hoping to not see his friends around you. “If s/he falls down those stairs s/he’s done,” Mingyu laughed, walking away from Wonwoo who stood there and watched you descend the steep steps of the Language Arts building.

“Go to her/him, or stay here?” He asked himself, “does it really matter if they see me help her/him anyway?” Debating with himself a little longer, he realized that he was wasting time.

Making his decision quickly, he sped walked to you, staying aware of his surroundings incase you were to fall. “And there he goes,” Mingyu laughed, confusing Seungcheol who was sitting there silently until Wonwoo ran off.

He glared as they passed him and headed your direction, praying nothing would happen. His prayers were neglected as he heard the familiar sound of your yelps, turning around quickly, he caught you in his arms. Seeing the shocked faces of his ‘friends’ he scoffed.

You yelped as he caught you in his arms, wondering why you hadn’t fallen to your death yet. Standing up quickly, you brushed yourself off and looked Wonwoo in the eye, embarrassed and completely red. You ran away quickly, hoping you wouldn’t trip over your own feet, or run into someone.

“What the hell Wonwoo!” Chan yelled as he walked over, grabbing the older boy by the collar. “We almost had it, but your dumbknut ass had to come and mess everything up!”

“Ya know what guys, I don’t even think you had a reason to ever do that to (Y/n). Y'all are the dumbknuts, pick on someone your own size for once.” Wonwoo replied, before running off to see where you went.

Upon finding you in the school garden, he watched from afar as you sat on a bench, doing your work as if the whole commotion earlier hadn’t happened. Wonwoo sighed in relief as he watched you sit there, you weren’t crying, or hurt and that was enough for him.

“Hey nerd,” Mingyu approached jokingly, smiling to Wonwoo deviously.

“Oh no, you wouldn’t.” Wonwoo replied, knowing well what the devious boy was about to do.

“Oh, but yes I would.” He laughed, holding his hands up in front of the older boy, he pushed him from behind the tall plants and ducked to hide.

Wonwoo laughed nervously as he was no longer protected by the bush. You looked up and stared at him awkwardly, wondering what he was doing in the garden. Wonwoo turned his head to glare at Mingyu, the younger boy tried to hold in his laughter as he’d never seen his best friend look that embarrassed in years. “Go along,” he mouthed, shooing him towards you.

“Um… I- I just wanted to check if you were okay, because earlier was kinda problematic and I apologize for what my selfish friends tried to do,” he apologized. Looking up embarrassed, he saw your red face and smiled.

“I don’t think I’ve introduced myself properly…” he started over. Sitting down across from you, he looked you straight in the eye and smiled. You visibly turned red and he chuckled to himself. “Hi, I’m Jeon Wonwoo, but you can just call me Wonwoo, I’m a Junior in college, and if you approve, I’d really like to get to know you (Y/n).”