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Ok maybe I should just like fukkin take a day off work this week and like take some time to myself or whatever cuz I don’t wanna hurt all y'all by dying on you and maybe that would help I dunno

Monster (M)

Rough Sex ~ Mature ®

Lay ~ Zhang Yixing

Exo SMUT **I advise you to plan your funeral before reading**


“Maybe we should switch up tonight” you sighed, taking your shoes off and placing them in the corner.

“What do you mean princess?” Yixing asked, curious.

“I mean. Maybe you can be a bit rougher than usual. You know? Just a thought” you replied.

You looked over to him after you didn’t get a reply. He was harboring something deep inside when he began roughly pulling his tie off.

“Are you sure?” he asked, confirming if this is what you really wanted to do.


He rolled up his sleeves staring straight through you. You looked back at him, his eyes were dark and a sinister smirk appeared then faded away.

“Come here now.”

Something about the way he looked at you, made you regret asking him to switch up. Like a switch flipped inside his head, but it turned you on.

“I’m a bit impatient and I’m not that gentle” he hissed, pulling you down on the bed.

You didn’t think you would be able to do it, but you did. Almost regretting the decision you made, but to was to late to turn back now. Your boyfriend, Yixing was always so careful with you, gentle even. Sex was so romantic and passionate but you always wondered if he had a dark side to him.

If he could get aggressive. Well, your question was answered when you found yourself squirming under his touch. Tears stained on your cheeks as your thighs shook from pleasure.

“This is what you wanted right?” Lay taunted from below you.

His hand pressing down your waist to keep you from moving and his fingers rubbed your clit. But you were to indulged in pleasure to speak. It felt as if all the words to leave your lips disappeared, nothing but moans leaving out. His fingers sliding in and out of you as your leg rested on his shoulder. 

“L-Lay” you choked as your fingers dig into his arms.

“Do I have to pin you down or will you be a good girl” Lay asked, his tone so different than what you were use to.

“I’ll be good” you whimpered.

You gulped, feeling that familiar feeling overtaking you as you moaned out. Your orgasm washing over you as you laid there panting and wiping sweat off your forehead. Yixing, unbuckled his belt tossing it on the floor and stepping out his pants.

“Did you think this was over Y/N” Lay taunted as his hands ripped off the rest of his clothing, “I’ll play with you however I want.”

His tongue flicking over your heated skin, creating marks starting from your neck to your hip bone. He then pushed your thighs open again, his tongue resting on your sensitive clit.

A whimper escaping your lips, as he pinned your hands together to your stomach.

“How does it feel baby? How does it feel when i’m overturning, breaking you down, swallowing you? Huh” he whispered into your ear sending shivers down your spine.

His tongue sucked harshly at your clit, and his other finger, gliding through your velvety walls. Moans spilling off your tongue like a prayer. You never thought that he would be this rough. It was a unfamiliar feeling and you loved it.

“How many times have you came tonight?” Yixing asked, feeling that peek of high crashing through your body. Your thighs were shaking vigorously and your hands shook as you came. Your juices spilling not only on his tongue but his fingers.

“Four” you cried out.

He hummed, flipping you over on your stomach. Your thighs to sore to move so he positioned you as he wanted you. Your ass in the air and his hands slapping at your cheeks. His hands grabbed a fistful of your hair as he pulled your head back.

His lips brushing over your ear as you felt his hard on pressing against your butt.

“Be careful what you wish for princess” he smirked, before pushing into you.

A loud gasp filled the room, as you adjusted to his length.

“…I’ll Ruin you.”

He began slowly but deeply filling you up, your throat dry as cracked moans left your lips. Even with nothing to hold onto, his thrust were enough to send you over the edge. Pulling your hair tighter, adding on to the pleasure made your thighs give out. 

Your lower body going limp as his thrust sped up, making your breast bounce up and down. Your hands squeezed the life out the sheets and screams, moans and cries were all you could process.

“Lay. I-I can’t” you begged, trying to get from his grip which tightened around your waist as he continued pampering you with strokes.

“But isn’t this what you wanted? You can’t handle it now can you?” he taunted into your ear as his hands squeezed at your waist tighter.

“I-I…. Oh fuck” you screamed.

“I’m gonna mess you up so fucking bad” you heard his praise from behind you.

You were sure in the morning, you would have the meanest headache along with bruises. And your legs? You could forget about them. His hands grabbed yours, pinning them on the small of your back, as he continued to thrust roughly inside of you.

Lay brought his finger under you to rub at your clit. Squirming under him, you were officially done for it tonight. You weren’t sure if you could scream any louder tonight. You could feel your walls clenching together earning a low moan from Yixing.

“Come for me a fifth time” Yixing ordered as his thrust became sloppier and quicker.

Your toes curled together as you awaited for your release. Finally the feeling overtook your body and you shook, falling forward. But Yixing's grip was still firm on you as he chased his own orgasm.

“Oh Fuck” he groaned, as his warm seed filled you up.

He pulled out of you and you collapsed on the bed. Your body to tired and worn out to even move or reposition yourself. Your forehead lingered of sweat and dried tears stained your cheeks. You panted as you looked up at your boyfriend, who still had that evil smile.

“Was that rough enough for you?”

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You should make baseball caps with the guy from Sleep embroidered on the front and then Flatsound across the back. I'd never take it off

yeah maybe! i have this dumb rule with flatsound merch where i never want to release something that i wouldn’t wear myself, though. i feel like if i became one of those bands who are like, NEW MERCH…DAD HATS AND FLIP FLOPS AND TIE DIE SHIRTS AND PONCHOS then i’d just be milking a teenage warped tour-esque trend that i’m not even apart of myself. not to say that any of those things are bad, they just don’t represent me at all so printing merch that i don’t even like would feel disingenuous and greedy.

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I wonder if you have considered quitting your job for awhile, and reapplying for a position once you've managed to get everything a little more settled. I have no idea if household finances permit, but there was a time in my life, where I was fortunate enough to be able to take 6 months off just to focus on my mental health, and I've never regretted it. Sometimes you have to give yourself the time and space to heal.

I have done, yeah, I just. as rubbish as this job is I’m sort of… afraid, of being unemployed again. I, um. I didn’t like not working, before. it left me a lot of time to sit around thinking… unhealthy things.

sherlock makes enough money. and alvaro has brought this up before and said I should maybe consider that it’s a bit of a lucky, rare thing that I don’t have to work and that I didn’t have to be, if it was too much…

I’m just not used to not working. I hate it. makes me feel useless. but then again so does barely being able to handle a part-time job as a gp. I used to be…

I’m a good doctor. I was a damn good doctor and a good soldier and I still, still after all this time, don’t know how to deal with losing that.

I don’t know what to do, really. but I can’t be falling asleep and trying to see patients, not every day. it’s not right.


Dick was resolute when he was upset. He could have sat in that room the whole night if need be. It wasn’t that he disliked the attention or the possessiveness but there was a time and a place and Billy didn’t seem to understand that. At a club or out in public, sure. He could shove and punch all he wanted but at one of his shows?

It was like he was insecure. Dick didn’t mind the attention. He was used to being fawned over and maybe the touching went too far but he never took it heart. He was with Billy. He liked Billy. They had fun together. He wasn’t going o run off with some creep making passes at him him.

Looking up, he frowned, shifting on the bed at the apology. Just like that, the anger let and he sort of deflated.

“I guess…M'sorry too.  I know you meant well and I should take your feelings into consideration when fans get too close.”

Notes: Dad (Chapter 5) Ichabbie Fanfic AU

Enjoy. :)

           Morning, Mr. 205. Have a good day today, okay? Do what’s best for you. :) If it doesn’t work out between your parents, at least you tried.

           -Abbie Mills, 204

           She didn’t bother knocking, so she stuck it between his door before she headed off to work. It was eight something in the morning. People needed their rest.  

           Maybe she should take her own advice. Her parents have tried to rebuild their relationship with her. And she has already taken the first step by reconnecting with Jenny. It didn’t make any sense to go backward. What the hell then? she thought. Now, it’s just a matter of where to start. She wasn’t sure which one of her parents pissed her off the most. They both did incredible damage.  Sighing, she decided not to think about it until her lunch break.


           When Crane opened his door, a slip of paper fell to the floor. Of course, he smiled and picked it up. This was their routine, one he enjoyed more than he should. He liked her encouragement. It gave him this little extra push to confront his mother and father. Even if they disregarded everything he said, he’d still be who he was; he’d be okay.

           His time was limited, as he had to make his way to work. He’d be sure to write back later on tonight.


           “How you doing, kid?” Corbin said.

           Abbie stirred her chili, smiled. “Good. Just wanted to talk.”

           “Jen Jen told me you two saw each other.”

           “We did. I’ve missed her.”

           “I’m proud of you, kid.”

           She nodded. “Thanks.”

           “What’s the problem?”

           “Jenny and I are getting back to where we were, but things with my parents…”

           “Do you want to speak to them?”

           “I don’t know.”

           “You do know.”

           “I don’t, Corbin.”

           “A, don’t sit in that anger.”

           “It’s ‘A’ now?”

           “Abbie,” he said.

           She did want to settle things with them. That lightness she felt after meeting Jenny was something she wanted again. It was good for her.

           “I hear you, okay? Just tell me who’s next.”

           “Only you know that.”

           “You’re supposed to be helping me.”

           She never liked it when she didn’t get straight answers from him, yet she understood them all. He was telling her without telling her.

           “I am helping you. You’ll be fine.”

           She didn’t think she’d be, but Corbin always had a way of making her believe him. She smiled a little. Speaking to her dad would be a bit easier than speaking to mama. She harbored so much resentment against her that she’s wasn’t prepared to see her yet.

           “Thanks, Corbin.”

           “Make it right, kid.”

           She nodded. “Later.”

           After they hung up, Abbie dialed her dad’s number before she lost her nerve. What if she was too late and he didn’t want to see her?

           “Hello?” he said. “Abbie?”

           His voice hit her, and she didn’t hold her tears back. She loved his voice, his full baritone. He sung them a lullaby to chase away their fears about the boogie man when they were younger. The song was about a butterfly searching for a home, for love. That’s what his voice sounded like in her ear. She wiped her face.


           “How are you?”

           “I’m okay. You?”

           “Good.” He paused. “I’m surprised you called.”


           She didn’t know how to feel.

           “I’ve missed you, Abigail. I’m so, so sorry for—”

           “Can we meet?”

           She didn’t think this conversation should happen over the phone.

           “Where and when?”

           “Around six today. At the park.”

           “I’ll see you then.”

           “Yeah.” Abbie ended the call, inhaled and exhaled.                                                                      


           Crane reorganized a stack of books while he thought about Abbie’s note. He texted his parents and told them he’d meet them for dinner this evening to have a conversation with them. They had to know once and for all they couldn’t dictate his life. It was his life. He hoped they’d really listen. All they heard were themselves. Funnily enough, even after their recent horrid lunch, the little boy in him still desired their approval. He thought he’d always want that from them.  But if his last lunch date with them taught him anything at all, it’s that they wouldn’t give it to him. He wasn’t like them: all business-like and money talk. However, as Abbie reminded him, at least he tried. He’d make one more attempt.


           Abbie was here again, in the same park, in the exact same spot under the gazebo, two minutes early. Maybe this is where she’d reunite with all her family, make better experiences with them.

           She played with her hands as she waited out the time. Would she scream at him or hear him out? How does she even start this conversation? She never answered her own questions because her time ran out. There he was, walking toward her in a black jacket and dark blue jeans. He pocketed his hands, stared at his heavy boots, the ones he gardened in before he left home. Abbie liked to help in the garden. It was their thing.

           As he got closer, he gave her a small smile she didn’t return. She stared elsewhere. Her hands continued to fumble, even when he sat down beside her.

           “Hi, Abigail.”


           “Thanks for meeting me.”


           “Listen, Abbie, I can’t even begin to say—”

           She looked at him. “Why did you do it?”

           There was no reason for him to have abandoned them like he did. He and mama had their problems. They fought in the late hours. She doesn’t know much about what went on though. All she knew was her dad never came back. No calls, no visits. Nothing could fill that cavity after he left.

           “My leaving had nothing to do with you or your sister. It had everything to do with me and your mother. She’d been cheating on me with someone from work. I left when I found out.” He paused. “In doing that, I hurt you girls. I can never take that back.”

           The day after the park, Abbie and Jenny drew pictures in their room when they heard their dad’s boots stomp down the hall. They stood in their doorway, saw him walk pass with a suitcase. They followed him down the stairs. Their questions couldn’t help but meet his ears; he turned to them, got on his knees, hugged them, and kissed both of their foreheads.

           “Will you come back?” Abbie said.

           “No, sweetie.”

           “This is your home. Where will you go?” Jenny said.

           “New York. A friend I know lives there. She has three dogs and likes to travel to California.”

           “Can we come?” Abbie said.

           He kissed her forehead again. “You have to stay here. I love you girls. Take care of each other. Promise?” He held out his pinky for them. They linked theirs with his.

           “Promise,” they said.

           He kissed their cheeks and walked out the door. They stood there, clinging to the other’s pinkies, hoping he’d come back.

           A week later, mama moved in her punk ass boyfriend. Abbie didn’t know that she cheated on him. Mama told them that dad didn’t want to be with her anymore, like it was him who made that choice when she forced him to make it from the start. She didn’t think she could dislike mama any more than she did now. Her skin turned warm; she swallowed.

           “Why didn’t you come to visit or call?”

           “I didn’t know what your mother had said to you all about what happened, about me. I had a feeling it wasn’t the truth. If I had remained in contact, I didn’t know who you’d believe. It wouldn’t have done any good if I put you two in a situation to where you had to choose between your parents. I thought it’d be best if you stayed with her.”

           “It wasn’t what was best. We needed you. Jenny and I sat in the living room before school the next few days, waiting.” Her tears came. “You didn’t show up for us.”

           Looking to be near tears himself, he put his hand over hers. Then he pulled her to him. She didn’t fight his embrace.

           “I’m so sorry I failed you girls.”

           As she felt herself letting go of her anger and loneliness, her dad sung the lullaby to her. The lightness overtook her again. It filled the cavity.


           “How is New York?” Abbie said, wiping her face and putting some space between them. “You told us you knew someone there.”

           “New York is nice. You should come visit. Her name is Lindsey. She’s a nice woman, but we’re just friends. I knew her from work and stayed at her place until I found my own.”

           “You two never had a thing?”

           It would’ve bothered her if they did, especially if they had children. He’d belong to that family, sing them lullabies and create gardens.

           “She wanted one; we tried for a while, but I couldn’t be with anyone else after your mother.”

           There were a lot of things Abbie didn’t know. She had more questions, ones only mama could answer. She’d need plenty of strength and peace to face her. She tore their family apart. How could Jenny forgive her for that?

           “I see.”

           “It was finally good to see you.”

           “You, too, dad.” She saw tears in his eyes again.

           He kissed her forehead. “I miss hearing that.”

           “I miss saying it.”

           She truly felt lightweight, like bubbles or Styrofoam.

           “If you want, we can spend more time together. I’m seeing your sister tomorrow before she leaves. You can join us.”

           “I saw her yesterday. I’ll be sure to call her though. I have other stuff to take care of, so you two have fun.”

           He nodded. “I understand. Next time. Take care of each other, okay?”

           “We will.”

           Sighing, he stood up. “I guess I better be going. I have work tomorrow. Where are you working?”

           She stood as well. “The FBI.”

           “I missed that much, huh?”

           “Yeah, but I would like to catch up.”

           He kissed her forehead again. She really did miss her dad and hoped they could recreate their bond.

           “Promise?” He held out his pinky for her.

           She smiled, wrapped hers around his. “Promise.”

Fan Fiction Update

This is Mod Jakob again, and I have more fanfic news.

I’m currently writing an angsty Sakura story which takes place in an alternate version of Conquest. It’s called Forsaken, click here to give it a look. I’ve written the whole thing, it’s just a matter of uploading now. And Mod Takumi helped with parts of it.

In other news, Gray Whirlpool is still a thing (my full-length Fates parody). It’s officially split off into Birthright and Conquest, as two separate fics at once.

Admittedly Forsaken has eaten into my drabble time, but I should be able to do more drabbling now.

Maybe check the fics out if the mood strikes you?

I wish glave would just take off his mask. ‘-’
I was gonna make perkisas joke & say stupid things
like ”you’re so ugly, put your mask back on” …ahhaha.. //bricked


Im sorry.

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1. okay so i kinda have a crush on this girl im friends w/ & tonight I had a dinner party, but like she kept playing with my hair & calling me cute & after dinner she bought me ice cream, then i had to drop off my friend & couldn't do anything..-😝

i think you should just take the plunge and tell her how you feel or if not maybe try and kiss her and see how she responds. Honestly its better to try and fail and not try at all.

-Admin M

anonymous asked:

Did you really just get asked that? You seem like a really nice person, like yeah you don't take shit from people but if anyone expects any different then they're brain dead. I hope you're okay and that dipshits back the fuck off soon. Idiots! Maybe they should shove a ceremonial broom up their ass!

Yeah, I’m okay. I’m just tired of these anons. Like of course I’m not going to act like everyone wants, I’m not a doll. I’m obviously a person and most anons are just being basic Sugar Honey Iced Teas.

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It could just be a coincidence but it is interesting that Kelley suddenly starts wearing that bracelet and than Hope magically has a similar one to gift away. It could be down to either one of them. Kelley would definitely make bracelets, but don't forget Hope is an uber dork too and everyone says one of her defining traits is her loyalty and love for her friends. Maybe someone should just ask Kelley about the bracelet lol.

Like in the back of my mind I figured it was something Sky Blue related because I mean, frat daddies, frat house, bro-ship bracelets; could be a thing. But for Hope to suddenly have one in her possession I’m like “Uh…”

The Shelf Builder blog has built up a lot of shelves. I suppose it has always been up to those with those heavy laden shelves to find the answers or to continue carrying the burden of the weight. I have been getting bored with the same old, same old for awhile now. The interactions with my Tumbler friends and anons  keep it interesting. So, I don’t know maybe it is time to take all of those anons advise and “get a life” (sarcasm). I should do more fishing and get the fuck off of the computer.  

(just a heads up if you see less posts from my blog. You know what’s up)  

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Maybe you should draw Kamui groping Flannel's bulge. ;p with that fighter class outfit, she can easily do that to him, haha. Or! They can some hot sex while still wearing their armor. Up to you, sweetie.

I was actually thinking about drawing that!!! Flannel flexing to impress his wife then have Kamui grab his package~ of course wolfy wouldn’t mind, he will be wagging his tail as he’s loving the attention his wife is giving him (>y<)

Well…Flannel and Kamui can fuck while still wearing their armor. (I find that hot!) Just take or snap off their battle panties and there! Some rough sexing going on “ψ(`∇´)ψ

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Okay, thanks for clearing that up, but it just throw people off when you tag it all as "it me", but also nice try on trying to call me problematic or whatever by saying "insulting minors" as if I'm not? I'm a minor too, so... Don't see what you're trying to say there psh.

buddy next time you wanna try to call me out on something maybe you should consider actually trying to educate me in a polite way instead of calling me a “typical fucking tumblr sjw” and swearing at me every other word, literally no one is going to take you seriously and ya know, when you’re on anon too how am i supposed to know you’re a minor haha

either way that was a shitty way to try and “call me out” no matter if I was a minor or not so maybe don’t do that next time

and yes I do tag a lot of pictures of my synpaths as “it me” just because while i do retain a separate identity from my synpaths, tagging those pictures as “it me” gives me a tag to gather all of my synpaths in, particularly pictures that I feel i relate to them the most in

also fun fact: some people who are new to the kin community or just who havent been around the Discourse might not know that it’s not okay to identify as kin with someone outside of your race 

so literally think before you speak, stop yelling at people on Anon, and if you’re really upset or offended by something that someone did why don’t you grow up and try to talk to them politely and educate them instead of swearing at them and trying to make them feel like a shitty person. 

I really love my husband.

So he’s super into Pokemon, has been since he was a kid, needless to say he really enjoys Pokemon Go! Anyways, we’re in downtown Warrensburg and I’m excited to catch a few Pokemon while we’re here but he’s like, “I’m out of pokeballs.”
Campus is filled with pokestops. So I told him, “tell me where to drive and we’ll get you some.” It’s a little too hot for my blood to join him, so I dropped him off on campus and he’s like. “I love you, you’re awesome.”
I just like doing things that makes him happy, because he would do the exact same thing for me.
He was even going to take my phone with him so he could get me more balls and maybe s few Pokemon while he was there, but I decided that he should focus on him and I kind of need my phone to know when he’s done.
Good day today.

you can look all over.

but you’ll never find … 

You started that fire. You hurt those people. You caused that grief.

So why don’t you feel the way you should … ?

You know there’s a way you should feel about this, but you can’t quite grasp the thing, can’t hold it in your palm and comprehend it, immerse yourself in it. There’s just … nothing there.

You feel more dead inside than you ever have, and that should terrify you, maybe, but again … Nothing. Laughing to yourself, almost bitter like a pill, you sit up and you pluck a cigarette from the pack off the nightstand. It burns and bites your lungs on the way down.

But, no … You take that back by the time you get down to the bust of the cigarette; there is something there. It feels like coals in your gut started burning a little brighter, smoldering into a tiny fire you feel the need to cradle, protect …

You finish the smoke and pull out another.

Sticking it between your lips, you don’t bother with the lighter.

“So sad … Todoroki Shouto.”

And so you fade.

The surprise over the sudden memory makes fire erupt from the tip of your finger, and you feel a sharp twist, a sort of click in your mind that makes you realize things are never going to be the same again.

The fire goes out immediately, and you pause.

It doesn’t shock you as much as it should … It makes sense. Feels good. Feels strong, proper, real …

You use it to light your next smoke, and you lay back, and you laugh.

Is it just me or are anthropology fieldwork norms kind of ableist?

The idea that you have to jump at every possible opportunity to observe/interview even if you’re tired, that you just have to “get used to being tired” because “fieldwork is more than a full time job,” that if you’re not close to exhausting yourself you’re not doing it right, the idea that when you’re in the field you can/should put off taking care of your bodily needs (sleep, eating, etc.) in the name of seizing every opportunity because you can just sleep later and on and on… (oh wait, this is kind of sounding like academia in general…or maybe that is my cynicism in overdrive).

Why am i doing this again?


Life in the Capital would be a hell of a lot easier if Will, Olivia, and Jack could just go five minutes without fucking something up.

CHAPTER XVI (OR, took you long enough)

Secretary Collins wandered off without even waiting for an answer, and Olivia breathed a sigh of relief as soon as he was out of earshot. “He can’t actually be serious, can he?” she muttered, taking another drink. “A job? Who offers a job to someone just because they’re blonde…”

“Yeah, I bet he’s the only secretary who does that kind of screening,” Jack drawled. “Doesn’t sound like a bad gig, though, maybe you should take it.”

Olivia scoffed. “You’re joking, right?”

“No,” Jack said. “What’s there to joke about? You’d probably be pretty good.”

That was an actual, legitimate compliment, so of course Olivia wasn’t going to take it seriously. “Of course I’d be good, who cares?” she said, rolling her eyes. “I can’t just abandon Nash like that, he needs me–“

“I’m sure he’d get along just fine without you.”

“It’s still a dick move and it’s not going to happen. I actually like the job I have now.”

Jack didn’t doubt that, but he shrugged anyway. “Yeah, but you don’t really want to be Nash’s assistant forever, do you?”

Olivia didn’t answer him right away. She took a small sip of whiskey, then drained the rest of the glass. “I’m twenty-one, Malarkey,” she said, coughing into the back of her hand. “I don’t know what the hell I want.”

That, for whatever reason, actually made him smile. He glanced down at the empty martini glass then back up at Olivia, studying the shape of her mouth and the way she brushed her hair aside. Her eyes, too, and how they flashed whenever she was mad at him.

It was really fucking obvious now, wasn’t it? Why the hell hadn’t he figured this out sooner?

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anonymous asked:

I have a bit of an issue. For the past four months, I've essentially dropped flute because of my depression. I've regressed so much that it really just disheartens me and my braces don't make it any better. I'm finding it incredibly difficult to work up the motivation to pick up where I left off. It's also emotionally painful when I play.

I honestly don’t know what to tell you, but if it hurts you emotionally to play, then maybe you should take a break. Do you have a teacher? Do you have a band director to talk to to help you figure this out? I don’t know you and I can’t really give you personal life advice that I would feel 100% confident in.