maybe you can spot where I did that


what?!” Confused, the Time Lord bounced to his feet & & towards
the female whom marched through the TARDIS doors. Somehow, absurd
but y’know, stranger things had happened. “Who are YOU & & how
the hell did you get into the TARDIS? You can’t
get through these doors without a ke-.. OH. Spotting the key
in her hand, he was just as confused - maybe even
a little bit more. Before she could answer his question,
the Time Lord crossed his arms over his chest. Sorry,
but who are YOU? He repeated, this time he
kept his mouth shut & & let her answer.

For the record this pic was taken after I changed following the race. 🌞 Lol. Still waiting for the official pics to come out from the #SpartanSuper I did on Saturday at #soldierhollow. Soooo excited! While this was my first #Spartan it won’t be my last. I’ve been around the block with lifting, running, and CrossFit. I took what I knew from experience and researched the hell out of what to expect from this #OCR #race. I gathered #bestpractices from #elites and other #competitors blogs. Then I tested it. Yesterday I wrote a comprehensive blog entry where you can find everything you need in one spot. I believe in sharing. 👍This is what worked for me. Maybe it will work for you. Whatever you do, have fun. I can’t wait to sign up again!
💪 and read “25 Things You NEED for the Spartan and Other TIPS to Prepare”.💪
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