maybe you can break my heart next summer


I found something broken
and I believe it belongs to you.
Our shadows holding onto
each other, our fingers never
knowing where to touch,
that shallow grin upon your face;
you always knew.


I found something beautiful,
but it doesn’t belong to them.
Our smooth rhythm lusting
for the air of summer showers,
the way your piano keys
dangle over every love song,
I’m sorry, maybe it is for you.
Something broken and beautiful.


I found us,
but you lost us.
The roses may wither,
my heart may break,
and our pens may write;
but you’re right
about them being right.

Sometimes a simple hey
can also be a hidden goodbye.
So the next time we run into
each other and I say hey
instead of farewell,
you’ll know I meant well.


Hey, I hate our goodbyes. //

To my anon, I know what
it feels like for their family
to hate you. For who you are,
what you do and why you
you are. It’s okay to not be okay.