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Guys. Gillian f*cking Anderson RT'd two people from this fandom this week...

She’s a blessing to her fans. I can’t with her some days.

(And I’m BEYOND thrilled for the two ladies I call friends who will never recover. 😂😂 Flail away ladies. Sometimes it’s the little things.) I hope she knows how much it delights her fandom.
so i have DID

or at least, im pretty sure i do
were going to check with a new doctor soon to find out
if i get diagnosed with it, my dad is considering pulling me out of school and stopping me from going out alone or with friends and even keeping me away from my little sister
all for “my own safety and that of others”
he keeps saying i might have some evil alter hidden somewhere and they might hurt someone or get me into trouble
while i do want to get diagnosed to validate my suspicions, i really dont want to be isolated by own dad
i know i dont have the worst of situations but i dont know what to do and im really scared and any advice would be highly appreciated
thank you

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Okay, maybe I'm wrong, so feel free to correct me, but that Damon's side-eye in the scene with Caroline - that's "awkward" in Ian's mimics, isn't it? I feel like this is one of the ways he often portrays Damon reacting to a somewhat awkward/uncomfortable situation. It's just my hunch, but if it's correct... gee, I sure wonder why the comparison of SC to DE was awkward for Damon... perhaps because he's moved on and is in love with Bonnie instead?

Yes that’s what everyone is saying. It was scripted for Damon to react this way. It’s another clue for Bamon. 

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So, anytime there's been a red target on someone (TBB end, TGG pool scene, etc.) in the show, could we assume it may be AGRA working for Moriarty? Maybe what went wrong with the last AGRA mission is that Mary went rouge after Moriarty's death and decided to go after Sherlock through John (something Moriarty anticipated before the TRF). Maybe Mary is the East Wind who's finishing Moriarty's mission to burn the heart out of Sherlock.

I think we can all agree that we would have liked it very much if Mary was revealed to big the big baddie, a proper villain, not a redeemed (I mean whatever fuck was that) assassin turned housewife. As you suggested, if this was the case, s4 would not have been a disaster. I still lowkey want this to happen.

But really what a wasted opportunity.

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Don't you think she is in LA? Her recent tweets were unusual late for her being in UK.

I don’t know, her book is coming out soon and she has a trip in NY scheduled already, so I thought she would stay in London until March 11th or 12th. But maybe I’m wrong…

totally not bird related but

that dude i was seeing in the video (the one rose loves) i actually broke up with him because like… im still trying to pretend im not gay and like it was convenient and i was lonely and like… ive almost brainwashed myself into being straight not because of family or whatever it was just ME doing it because the thought of me being different gave me severe anxiety so like i just never acknowledged it until the ripe old age of 20

but in happier news, this girl i totally fucked up things with in december… i messaged her again, and we went out twice and kissed and made out and like did the sex and i was at the private screening of a movie she was in today

and she looked so breathtaking on camera and in person like i had butterflies

but shes terrible at texting back???? and me being the anxious dumb OCD ridden person my mind flies a mile a minute trying to figure out maybe what i did wrong in the process and like she assured me it was nothing and she was anxious today because of her school project due tomorrow and didn’t wanna hang out after the screening and like i always blame myself that she is ignoring my texts because im a piece of shit but like obvs everyone deals with their own mental illness differently and her and i’s anxiety is different and we cope different

i need reassurance and need to be around people and she needs quiet and alone time

so im trying not to blame myself but im nearly in tears because i REALLY like her and i KNOW this is all in my head and i need to give her space but im a needy FUCKTARD

like someone slap some sense into me please

its so good she’s not glued to her phone obvs and doesn’t feel the need to text everyone excessively like i do so i need to relax and realize its not me

but idk maybe i need assurance from you guys to calm me down idk idk idk send help

@ruwithmeguys replied to your post: Arrow 3.5 Summer Remix?

I see the prison spec possibly happening or some variation but for some reason I don’t see it happening at the end of season. I see something happening that Felicity has to pay for by episode 20 (and 16, 17, 18) but since they’re sort of wrapping up five years of progression this season to have a soft reboot in S6, I don’t feel they’ll have her in jail for five months. They like her too much to do that to her and the woman has been suffering in silence long enough. Maybe I’m wrong but as of now, that’s how I feel.

Regardless of right or wrong (and I don’t think that has to be defining factor in any spec for any show). It’s pure fun to spec about a show we love Anything is possible, especially in this genre of a show. As strange as it may sound at least a lot of people are excited by the idea of Felicity temporarily going to prison. It lends itself to an even more exciting story line in this season which is a bit of a psychological thriller at times due to Prometheus and his mind games.

Felicity has suffered a lot internally, and Oliver knows he can’t pardon her. So I see it more as a season finale element because (and here’s the bias part) it will bleed into discovering more about who Felicity is as an individual in season 6. Yes, I think she and Oliver will lay the groundwork for a reunion before that point. But just as they do, shit hits the fan. (Here’s where my bias and hope as a writer comes into the conversation.)

I think ultimately the result of this will not only be a hot, sexy reunion. But it’s something that will eventually change Felicity, and hopefully, this prompts both her and Oliver to both be inspirations in the light of day.

Edit: tagging Tracy in all the spec. @scu11y22

trump is literally showing dictator-like behavior and people’s heads are still in their asses?????????? he wants to ban to be over 100,000,000 PEOPLE????? he wants to censor the scientists??????????? he wants to call the feds on black communities????????? he wants to strip people of their healthcare and reproductive rights?????????? he’s hiring literal ass white supremacists to work with him???????? Is there……. something…….. y'all aren’t seeing correctly??????¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

sometimes you need to accept that yes i may have been a little bit manipulative. yes i worded something in a specific way that would make my friend/fp/SO feel a bit guilty. yes i could have handled that situation in a much better way. yes i am wrong.