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I can't stop thinking about Helen and Gabe teasing Philip for wearing Lukas' sweater. Like the colourful one that we see in the last episode when they kiss in front of Helen and Gabe. Please write something cute abt this plz. Like maybe Lukas gave it to him to wear to help him sleep at night agh I miss these boys, fill this hole in my heart please

sorry this took so long!!! working on it now!!!

and honestly same i miss my boys so much

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hooow about headcanons relating to cuddles with all the jeffs? :00

Headcannon week was over but I couldn’t get to this in time so imma do it anyways. 

-Huge cuddler 
-Cuddling helps him sleep
10/10 would cuddle again

-Death by cuddling 
-Afraid of some people so maybe cuddles aren’t best idea
-Cuddles also help him sleep 
8/10 maybe cuddle again? 

-Afriad of most people
-OK with cuddling
-Sometimes he’ll slap you with his wings in his sleep,, 
7 ½ /10 maybe cuddle again? 

-Giant pillow
-Big softie 
-Good cuddler 
-Protective cuddler 
9/10 would cuddle again

Munster / Hollow 

immportant question

for the counterpart pairs - which fairy tales fit them?

so for fruitship, i was thinking little mermaid and for yutoruris, maybe like sleeping beauty or rapunzel or something but help for apple and predator

l o l when your friends reminds you that one of the main reasons why you chose to attend this school was because it had a CODING CLASS for you to take as an elective  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Shit APH Australia Does #45

Set his world meetings in the weirdest named and most inconvenient places whenever it’s his turn to host them

I don’t feel real. I feel like…like I’m stuck inside of me. But I’m not me. I’m someone completely different stuck inside of my body and my body is just a shell. My eyes are fake and I’m looking through my fake eyes from the inside with my real eyes. I can’t feel anything nothing is real I can’t see anything but blurs, is that really what time it is? I could have sworn it was earlier last time I checked, I thought I checked it 5 minutes ago? Where is the time going? Where am I going? I don’t remember writing that or saying that or thinking that where am I? Who am I? Is this a dream? I cannot feel a thing, I feel dizzy
I’m always so dizzy, maybe I should go to sleep. Sleep doesn’t help, what’s the difference between sleep and reality? What if reality is a dream? I’m so scared someone wake me up, I need to feel something, anything, I’m too fucking numb I’m scared who am I I’m not here I’m not here I’m fading into the walls the walls are bleeding around me and absorbing me I’m dissolving into the air I’m not really here
Mom? Did you say something? Sorry I haven’t done my homework. I don’t know where the time has gone.
—  Depersonalization
Lost And Found Part 1

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Pairing: no pairing, just family connection: Dean x sis!reader, Sam x sis!reader, Dean x sis!Katie, Sam x sis!Katie

Characters: (y/n) Katie (reader’s sis) No sam or dean yet!

Warnings: none that I can think of 

K: Here’s part one to the supposed mini drabble series I’m gonna be doing. I’m still not sure what’s gonna happen but here’s part one of what I’ve written so far. Enjoy!

Headache. A throbbing headache. Waking up with a headaches wasn’t a good sign. Maybe just sleeping it off might help.

Wait a minute, something doesn’t feel right. Why aren’t you on your bed?  Your eyes shot open super quick. You weren’t in your bed that you had gone into a few hours ago. Nor where you in your bedroom that you shared with your older sister.

You were on the rough.. ground…in the middle of nowhere. And it was dark, meaning it was nighttime. 

What the hell? How did you get here? 

The last thing you remember was going to bed. Nothing else.

“Ugh” You heard a groan near by you.

As you looked to the right side of you, there laid your older sister Katie. Apparently she didn’t feel the rough ground underneath her cause she was still sleeping.

“Katie! Hey wake up!” You attempted to wake her.


“Katie, you gotta wake up”


Great. Gotta do it the painful way then. 

“Katie!!” You nudged her really hard.

“WHAT (y/n)?!!” That did it, at least you woke her up, made her mad but awake. 

“I think we…we were kidnapped”

“What do you mean kidnapped? Wh-”

It took Katie a second to look around her and notice that they weren’t back at the house in their room. Like they should be.

“Wh-Wh happened to us? Where are we?“ 

“I don’t know. We just woke up on this road, the last thing I remember was going to sleep, what about you?”

“That’s the last thing I remember too (y/n)”

You both looked around, there was nothing but fields on your left and right. The two of you were in the middle of a road, left by whoever brought and dumped the both of you here.

“Ok. We have to figure out how to get back home.” Katie spoke up.

“How? There nothing but miles of road and it’s nighttime” You said. 

“Well what do you suggest just stay here all night? Absolutely not. Come on maybe we’ll find a town or something.” Katie went into her protective older sis mode. She always did that if she ever felt that you were in danger or if someone had done something mean to you. That was one thing you loved about her, she was the best oldest sister you could ever have. And you couldn’t argue with the fact she wanted to get you somewhere safe considering the situation the both of you were currently in.

Katie went to stand up but suddenly felt super dizzy. “Wh-whoa.”

“Whoa! Hey Katie are you alright?” You grabbed at her before she could hit the ground. Causing you to tumble down with her

“I feel dizzy…and ti-tired..all of a sudden” Your sister tried to say.

You suddenly got hit with dizziness too, and put a hand on your forehead to ease the pain.

“Crap, what is with the headaches” Katie said.

That was the last thing you heard her say.  From a distance a roar of a car could be heard and it sounded like it was coming towards you both.

But the headaches were getting really extreme to a point where you and Katie were about to lose consciousness.

The last thing you two saw were the lights of a car coming towards you before blacking out into nothing but darkness.

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WOD 3/27

So since I had a chiropractor appointment today and needed to let my body rest I didn’t go my normal workout so I went on a walk instead.

It was pretty cold still but sometimes the sun would pop out and it would be really nice. I’m hoping it’s a sign of good things to come.

I also went to my annual lady appointment today and the doctor recommended a cortisol manager to maybe help me sleep. It’s the only thing I haven’t tried yet and I’m sure I have a fuck ton of cortisol in my system so I’m going to give it a shot. I had to order it online so I won’t see it for a few days but I’ll keep everyone updated on how it goes.

I also had a bad day yesterday food wise since I wasn’t in the greatest mood. I almost hate myself for it but I think it’s something I needed to do as weird as that sounds. Today I have made much healthier choices so that’s good. Can’t really beat myself up too much just because I had a bad day. Just have to keep moving forward.


Okay, am I the only one who found this part bittersweet. Touka didn’t make any of her latte art even though Kaneki clearly said…

She probably feels like he doesn’t deserve it for leaving her all those years. And it makes me sad.

well, I’m off to help my sister put my mom in a psych/dementia ward tomorrow. It’s for the best, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Hubs is out-of-town but he’s been great via long distance. I got one of those emergency first class flexible tickets, so at least the flights won’t be that bad. Funny, but it was cheaper to rent an SUV than a tiny economy car. And, yeah, I thinking about everything else than my mom’s condition. 

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Didn't Aaron help Adam prevent Vic from finding out about Vanessa? Everyone is a piece of shit in that village lol :)

Robert is the bigger piece of shit. The biggest piece of shit. He’s the king of the heaping pile of trash that is this village :)

I dunno what’s going on, but all of my muse for both Belle and Beau just went poof. Seriously. Poof! Gone. I have no idea what caused it, but I can’t think of a damn thing to write. And I’ve got 20 threads in my drafts. What. The. Hell. Ugh…I’m sorry, guys. And I was really happy about the threads I was going to work on today, too…