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Signs as Suga’s Parts in BTS Songs

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But Maggie had told her that they should be friends, and there’s a reason for that, too – Alex needs to find her feet, wade out into the water, and maybe in a few months’ time when everything isn’t so shiny (she’s really come to hate that word) and new, they can revisit what could have been if Maggie hadn’t shut her down that day.

That move is up to Maggie, though, because Alex can’t stand to have her heart destroyed all over again.

For now, friends is enough, even though it’s torture. It’s torture being around Maggie, so close and yet feeling so far – they don’t touch, not really, Maggie careful to keep her distance and Alex willing to let her because she thinks if she feels Maggie’s hands on her skin she might fall apart. It hurts when she catches the way other women look at her whenever they’re together, and Maggie, bless her, doesn’t flirt back with them even when there’s a spark of interest in her eyes that tells Alex that she really, really wants to.

Trash Texts About JB

A new series inspired by things my 100% trash, JB-stanning friend has texted me. 

“Best part of the Home Run dance practice is def when JB is on the left side by the mirror and you get to see two of him.” 

“Why did I eat this spicy ramen again. You know what, I did it for JB. One less spicy thing for him to eat in this world.” 

“I only need jb’s cold indifference and a hat to live. Also my skincare stuff.”

“How dare you send me JB pics while I’m at this wedding and vulnerable.”

“Remember guys, I pretend to have other biases but I would leave them all dead in a ditch if it meant I could get spat on by jb.”

“My baby JB wants to go up the CN tower so I’m going to camp out there now. Bye.”

“It’s okay, in an alternate universe JB and I are eating fried chicken wings and harboring a mild distaste for children.”

“Lbr in the if you do era, if you didn’t swerve for JB you need your eyes checked.”

“Time to photoshop myself into JB’s arms to celebrate.”

Me: “Day 2 of JB’s injury. How you doing”

Her: “Thinking of self-flagellation so I know the pain JB is in.”

In summary:

Me: “You have to bias Jackson at one point in your ahgase career”

Her: “You misspelled JB”


have you ever wondered what itd look like if dipper and mabel were homestucks and forced stan to go to a con with them because i did