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Signs as Suga’s Parts in BTS Songs

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Calling all Chelsea fans! Hey guys, so final weeks of summer is coming up for most people and a lovely anon (tell us who you are so we can give you credit :)) suggested we have a Chelsea appreciation week. So this blog and chelskiblues have teamed up to give you a guide of what to post on each day. You don’t have to be a photoshop whizz to take part, you don’t even have to know how to edit as this idea is all about showing our club a bit of love. You can collate some photos, or make some amazing gif graphic, whatever you fancy. So if you have some free time, we’d love to see all your art work. All edits tagged with #cfcaw15 will be reblogged to chelseafcdaily.

Day 1 - pretty self explanatory. Day 2 - From the 97/98 season, to the other double winning seasons, to the champions league winning season, which is your favourite? Day 3 - With historic moments in every competition we take part in, which competition has the most memorable moments for you? Day 4 - A whole bunch of legends, who’s your favourite former player? Day 5 - Favourite friendship? Interesting to see if there are favourites other than lamperry and juanando which dominated tumblr at one point. Day 6 - Standout moments in competitions, those moments that are stuck in your mind forever, a gif of a goal or edits of photos of the celebrations would be awesome. Day 7 - Typographers! From blue is the colour to carefree, what’s your favourite song or chant?

We know how busy you all are, so we don’t care if yours is a day late or early or whatever as that’s just a guide. Don’t feel like you have to do all the days either, one or two is fine! The idea from this anon was for you all to maybe make a new friend over the same favourite thing, or to discover new blogs to follow. This week has been chosen because it’s internationals week and that’s when the tag gets a bit dead. We’d love for you all to take part in a bit of fun, and please reblog to spread the word.. Happy #cfcaw15
The Fosters S3B Finale Drabble:
  • Stef: We'll fight this.
  • Callie: We can't.
  • Stef: What do you mean love, of course, we can.
  • Callie: No, we can't.
  • Lena: There has to be something we can do.
  • Callie: There isn't, and maybe this is what was meant to be.
  • Stef: What do you mean?
  • Callie: Maybe I was never supposed to get adopted, maybe I'm supposed to be with Robert.
  • Lena: You are a part of this family Callie, you belong with us.
  • Stef: We're going to fight this-
  • Callie: We can't.
  • Stef: Why do you keep saying that Cal?
  • Callie: Because there is something you two should know.
  • Stena: *look at her*
  • Callie: Right before the adoption Brandon and I-
  • Stena: *look at each other*
  • Callie: We uhm, we had sex.
  • Stef: I don't understand Callie, why would you guys let that happen knowing you were going to be adopted.
  • Callie: Because I thought that I wasn't.
  • Lena: So you had sex with Brandon.
  • Callie: Yes.
  • Stef: *looks away in disbelief*
  • Lena: That certainly complicates things but-
  • Stef: It doesn't change anything.
  • Callie: Of course it does! It changes everything!
  • Lena: Callie, we understand that you and Brandon are close.
  • Callie: We love each other.
  • Stena: *shocked*
  • Callie: I love him, I would have never slept with him if I didn't. And I don't regret it.

have you ever wondered what itd look like if dipper and mabel were homestucks and forced stan to go to a con with them because i did