maybe we got the wrong idea about their relationship

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Any tips on what to say/do with friends who Hoe/slut shame? Eg I told my bestie I found these amazing blogs filled with Hoe tips and her response was "Of course you'd like them"....I tried to explain it wasn't a sex blog but more a 'sister tips' type thing but not sure she understood. Any advice?

I mean, a lot of girls will look down on this type of blog bc the misogyny women have internalized our whole lives will tell us that having sex is wrong, teaching eachother and bonding over our exploits as sexual beings is wrong, honestly that even loving ourselves is wrong. Possibly, you can still use these types of hoe tips and apply them to your daily lives/conversations. Spread positive ideas, but don’t necessarily tell them where you got them. If she’s going to be judgemental about the name, she doesn’t need to know. Maybe in time you can help her to see how loving and uplifting your fellow “hoes” and creating a positive community where we can talk openly about these things is beneficial. But I think the first thing would just to be what I said above, spread these messages about healthy sexual relationships, self care, etc without attaching the name to it. Combating internalized misogyny is a process, and pushing her into it probably won’t help. Taking it slow is probably the best idea. Subtly mentioning that it isn’t okay to say or act like someone loses their value based on their sexual activity when she tries to shame others, etc will probably be a good way to go about it. I hope this helps!! xx

quick corrections/clarification post

I woke up to quite a few messages today (not a complaint at all, believe me), and there were a few common themes:

  1. Asami’s “unpopped” collar in S2 is indeed a different jacket. But perhaps that choice in and of itself is notable. It also makes her look businesslike and classy.
  2. Jinora was 11 when she got her tats, not 12. I was wrong, so she was maybe younger than Aang (he already had his tats when they told him who he was so we don’t have much of a way to guage). The point is she is one impressive lady.
  3. Asami’s pants (good god more on her pants) are also similar to WWI Officer pants and often worn by 1920s/30s pilots. So that’d make sense for the hairbender.
  4. I do not actually think Suyin and Kuvira had a relationship. Like I said, it was just one idea I thought about and would “fit,” but I view it as implausible. But at the same time it’s also unsavory in the best way, and at least maybe explains why some people ship them.
  5. I love Suyin. I think that people can act irrationally and have flaws but still be amazing an compelling people. Some thought I was too harsh *shrug*

Okay, that is all. Wait, no it’s not:

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