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cute weather/seasonal AUs for your OTP

when it rains 

  • who wears the designer raincoat/umbrella set and who is wearing oversized polkadot rainboots and a huge yellow duck raincoat 
  • going for a walk in the rain and splashing in puddles 
  • making a “SPLASH US!!” sign and standing on the side of the road waiting for cars to drive by 
  • person A is Very Enthusiastic about thunderstorms and person B is Very Afraid so A makes up elaborate fake explanations abt where the thunder comes from to make B laugh and forget they were scared 
  • We Were Going To Go On A Picnic But It Rained So We’re Picknicking Inside Anyway 
  • which one seduces the other into standing under a tree before shaking the branch and soaking them 
  • gOING SWIMMING IN THE RAIN and making out maybe 


  • which one gets Super Excited for fall and gets pumpkin everything while the other one shakes their head and can’t wait until mint everything 
  • who rakes the leaves; who jumps into the pile 
  • one carves the pumpkin, the other one stares horrified and whispers, ‘YOU DIDN’T TELL ME YOU WERE GONNA KILL IT’
  • which one buys ugly baggy sweaters and which one actually wears them 
  • one person wears fingerless gloves the other wears fluffy mittens 
  • who buys mulled cider, who buys hard cider 
  • who wears the really intense halloween costume, who wears a sheet with holes in it 
  • which person asks to do a seance in the graveyard halloween night, which one slaps them and says ‘have you ever SEEN a horror movie??”


  • BUILDING SNOWFAMILIES including their pets, house, dog, car,,,, 
  • Who builds the snowman, who eats the carrot nose bc they weren’t paying attention (”OH THATS what the carrot was for, my bad”) 
  • “Maybe Jack Frost isn’t nipping at your nose, but I can do that instead ;)” “Oh my god shut up”
  • who-can-find-the-tackiest-decorations contest that gets super intense and oh god did we really need a second tree and the plastic santa and the rainbow menorah and all of these garlands jesus christ 
  • who makes hot chocolate from scratch, who mixes it with a candy cane and calls it a day 
  • watching cartoon holiday movies together in a blanket cocoon and singing along to the songs bc lets be real everyone does it
  • snowball fights that end up forming barricades complete with les mis references and backup snowballs until person A is covered in snow and person B has to dig them out 
  • oh no we stayed out too long and need to warm up better share the shower/hot chocolate to conserve resources 
  • Who dumps snow down their partner’s neck and runs away laughing 
  • person A burying person B in snow and then kissing their forehead and walking away (”YOU MOTHERFUCKER YOU CANT LEAVE ME HERE” “I love you too I’ll be back!” “EXCUSE ME”) 
  • who wears the oversized scarf and hat, who wears a t shirt and skinny jeans no matter how cold it is (”DUDE ITS FUCKING -15″ “that’s WARM where I come from”) 
It’s About Time

Request:  Hi,is it ok if you can do a jay x reader imagine? Where the reader is the daughter of rapunzel (but she took after Flynn rider mostly) and she’s as flirty as jay which makes him flustered and after awhile he finally confesses to her that he likes her? (Sorry if this sounds funny I didnt know how to word it differently) P.S. YOUR WRITING IS ON POINT 👌👌🤘👌👌

Warnings: Fluff

Words: 1,240

A/N: So I kind of made this to where it was after D2 so that is why I made Dude talk. Dude is an amazing character and I love him to bits. #dealwithit and I loved writing this so much it was cute to make! Thank you so much for requesting and I’m so happy you enjoy my writing! ♥♥♥ I hope that you enjoy this! I really like it but I’m not sure if it’s what you had in mind.

Upon arriving in Auradon, Jay became very well known amongst the ladies for his flirty advances upon all different girls, although never once did he become serious with anyone. This was bittersweet for most of the girls in Auradon Prep: while Jay technically was on the market, it was unlikely he would begin a serious relationship with any girl. 

However, there was one girl in Auradon that could possibly tame the young ex-villain. [Y/N] Fitzherbert. She was the one girl who gave Jay a run for his money. 

Jay first met [Y/N] at lunch one day, the two of them bumped into each other while going to get their food, and from that moment Jay had been infatuated with the beautiful [H/C] girl, and he did everything in his power to get her to notice him. And notice him she did, for she too was highly flirtatious and she had found herself wondering about the long haired son of Jafar. 

However, this meant that she couldn’t make it easy for him. No no, [Y/N] Fitzherbert liked to play hard to get. And she played that game well. 

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The Proposal (USA, 2009)

Predictions: We had both already seen this movie and knew that it was acceptable. We remembered that Alaska was extremely beautiful, that there was a very cute dog, and that Ryan Reynolds was at some point naked. We also remembered that Funny or Die video of Betty White and Sandra Bullock taunting him on set.

Plot: Sandra Bullock is a Canadian Miranda Priestley at a publishing company, and Ryan Reynolds is her American assistant, whom she terrorizes with every breath. One day, however, the news arrives that Sandra Bullock’s visa application has been denied, and she is about to be deported. Naturally, she decides that, instead of being deported, she will just marry Ryan Reynolds. He is understandably like, WTF???? NO, but she convinces him that his professional wagon is hitched to hers, so he’d better.

They go to see the immigration people, and Ryan Reynolds discovers that there could, of course, be terrible criminal consequences if they go through with this fraud. He wants to back out, but then he and Sandra Bullock come to an agreement wherein she will promote him, etc. Also, to persuade their immigration interviewer that their relationship is genuine, Sandra Bullock blurts out that they are going to visit his family in Beautiful Alaska. Um. So they go.

In Beautiful Alaska, Sandra Bullock discovers that Ryan Reynolds is super rich and also that his family is super sweet. Lots of shenanigans ensue, and she begins to have a change of heart. They also begin to get to know each other as people, which leads to ~complicated feelings. It probably also doesn’t hurt that they accidentally see each other naked. (They are both in extremely good shape, for two people who supposedly spend their days sitting in an office drinking lattes and reading books.) Ryan Reynolds has a difficult relationship with his dad, and, for some reason, as a way of making up for his dad’s unsupportiveness, his family is like, you guys should get married tomorrow, in the barn!!!! …Oh. Okay. That seems – not at all contrived.

Meanwhile, their excessively determined immigration official contacts Ryan Reynolds’s dad, and he and Dad try to persuade Ryan Reynolds to give Sandra Bullock up. But he refuses. The barn wedding goes forth. But what’s this???? Sandra Bullock can’t go through with it???? Her heart of ice has thawed and she cannot drag Ryan Reynolds and his family into her life of crime after all???? She confesses the truth to the entire barn-congregation, and gets on a plane to leave.

Naturally, as soon as she’s out the door, Ryan Reynolds realizes that he actually does love her, possibly, now! and chases her to the airport. But (surprisingly, for a romcom) he doesn’t make it in time, and her plane takes off without his getting to declare his love on the tarmac. Instead, he winds up chasing her down in the office, where she’s packing to move to Canada, and, in front of all his bewildered coworkers, asks her to marry him for real, so that she will not be deported and they can, like, maybe go on a date sometime. The end.

Best Scene: Well, we don’t love this movie, but we do love this trope. So pretty much any time they’re getting caught in their house of lies, we enjoy. We also deeply enjoy this adorable fluffy dog, the real star of this film. In terms of specific scenes… Maybe some of the scenes in the beginning where they are negotiating their blossoming “romance” (lolz), that one scene in the bedroom where they actually talk and enjoy each other for the first time, and poooossibly the last thirty seconds of their love confession (most of that part is unbearable).

Worst Scene: Oh god. Obviously the scene where Sandra Bullock, biking through the forest, stumbles upon Betty White doing a Native dance and chant. The second half of this scene, in which Sandra Bullock starts singing and dancing to “Get Low,” is actually pretty funny, but the whole premise is just…not okay. NOT OKAY, GUYS. Although we later find out that Betty White supposedly has a tiny bit of Native heritage, it is still…not okay. It is terrible.

Best Line: The humor in this movie is mostly concentrated in a) the premise and b) certain scenes, and some of it (racist stuff, the idea that old people can’t be salty) really isn’t our fave, but Ryan Reynolds does have a couple of early zingers that we enjoyed. Like, “Pine nuts, and the full spectrum of human emotion.” (When Sandra Bullock asks him if he knows what she’s allergic to.) And, “I can pretend to be the doting fiancé; that’s easy. But for you, that’s going to require that you stop snacking on children while they dream.” (Self-explanatory.)

Worst Line: “We know you’re incredibly busy with a room full of gardeners and delivery boys.” – Sandra Bullock, being super racist at the immigration office. While we know that this is likely intended as an example of how she starts the movie as an awful person, so we don’t feel like the movie endorses this comment, it’s still not an example we would have chosen, because racism is not the kind of terribleness that a weekend in Beautiful Alaska can cure.

Highlights of the Watching Experience: THE DOG. THIS IS THE CUTEST FUCKING DOG. THEY GOT HIM FROM THE POUND???? WHO WOULD ABANDON THIS DOG???????? Also, why are the three women Sandra Bullock spends most of her Beautiful Alaskan time with Ryan Reynolds’s mom, grandmother, and EX-GIRLFRIEND???? Why was Malin Akerman his ex-girlfriend???? Wouldn’t it have been just as easy and less weird for her to be his sister, since she’s pretty much always somebody’s sister???? And finally, the fact that Beautiful Alaska was in fact Beautiful Rockport, Massachusetts.

How Many POC in the Film: A surprising number, although not great roles. Sandra Bullock’s crappy second-in-command, and many other employees at the publishing company, where we spent very little time. Both workers and immigrants at the immigration office. In Beautiful Alaska, some friends of Ryan Reynolds’s parents, and the local stripper/cater waiter/general store manager/wedding officiant, Oscar Nuñez, whose whole role was…questionable. :|

Alternate Scenes: Okay, so. This movie had a lot of Bad Stuff we did not remember from our previous viewing/s. The Native references and that terrible scene, general weird racism (especially around the idea of immigrants and immigration), and like…a lot of unnecessary sexism???? All of these things served no plot purpose and were really disconcerting. So our ideal alternate version of this movie would REMOVE all of those things and be a much shorter, more pleasant watch.

Was the Poster Better or Worse than the Film: Worse, despite all the things we did not like about the movie. The poster really looks like Sandra Bullock is forcing Ryan Reynolds into a BDSM relationship, and Ryan Reynolds is not a consenting adult. At least, in the movie, while so many unfortunate things happened around them, the actual relationship and balance of power between Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, and the degree to which they both entered into this situation willingly, was fine. (NOT FINE IN REAL LIFE, GUYS, MIND. THIS WOULD NOT BE FINE IF IT HAPPENED TO YOU. DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME, KIDS, ONLY IN ROMCOMS.)

Score: 5.5 out of 10 deportation-dodging smooches. It’s so unfortunate, guys. This movie could have scored a lot higher, given the fantastic trope, except there were so many offensive things.

Ranking: 34, out of the 86 movies we’ve seen so far. Awwww, come on, The Proposal. So much wasted potential! It’s like you were the class valedictorian but decided to major in media studies and now work in a coffeeshop in Williamsburg. Your mother and I are both angry and disappointed. 

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Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O, Lay, Luhan and Sehun react to realising they want to become a father

This escalated quickly! This is super cute though, thanks anon

Note: Y/P/N = Your puppy’s name

Baekhyun: “Why don’t you ask mummy if you can have a brother or sister, of the human kind,”

Y/N: “Oh my god, what?” *laughs*

Baekhyun: “He asked nicely,”

Chanyeol: “Kisses for daddy,”

Y/N: “He’s not your son, aha,”

Chanyeol: “I’m practicing,”

Y/N: “For what?”

Chanyeol: “When we have a baby,”

D.O: “I feel like we’re a proper family now we’ve got Y/P/N. It’s made me realise that I want to spend the rest of my life with you and have children with you. I love you Y/N,”

Lay: “Is it normal to want to be a dad after getting a puppy?”

Y/N: “You are a dad, just to a ball of fluff instead of an actual baby,”

Lay: “I’m being serious. I think I want to be a dad,”

Luhan: “Are babies like puppies? Are they as cuddly? At least they can learn to talk to tell you when they want things,”

Y/N: “Are you trying to tell me something Lu?”

Luhan: “Erm, maybe,”

Sehun: “What would you say if..we extended our little family?”

Y/N: “You want another dog already?”

Sehun: “No, I about we have a baby?”

anonymous asked:

My hermit crab died recently and I am very upset! I got it from a pet store a bit over a year ago and I think it may have been sick cause it's behavior was consistently out of the ordinary based on my research. In have a marimo now instead, but it's still sorta annoying that pet stores can get away with that crap since they aren't cats or dogs

i’m sorry to hear that your crab passed <3 maybe @fantasticbeastsandhowtokeepthem can help you figure out what was wrong (if you’re interested in trying to figure it out)? yeah…pet stores get away with quite a lot of improper husbandry :/ but hopefully the more we educate people about proper care, the more pet store conditions will improve~ marimos are awesome little cutie pies tho, so i hope you’re enjoying your new pet!

The Perils of Prehistoric Marriage

Part 1, ao3
Part 2, ao3

I really thought I could do this in two parts but it’s going to be three parts. But it will be done by next week! Enjoy part two! It’s got Bellamy being a gossip, Clarke getting mushy, and an entire amnesia plot!  

Clarke finally got to see a patient. All her own. She read over the chart, she knew it was just a routine pediatric visit, but she was prepared and excited. She decided to have patients call her Dr. G and the nine year old seemed relieved when she introduced herself.

“Mom, you said the appointment was with Dr. Griffin.” The kid had no grasp of an inside voice. “She’s mean.”

“Dorothy!” her mom quietly scolded, her cheeks blushing.

“What? I’m just telling the truth,” Dorothy said, crossing her arms while Clarke tried to keep a straight face.

“Dr. Griffin is my mom.” Clarke lowered her voice to a stage whisper and Dorothy’s eyes got wide. “But don’t worry, I’m not a huge fan of her’s either.”

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It Only Takes One Time (Part 42)

there is a total of 2 parts left to fully capture closure to this story so please don’t harass my ask box asking me how much is leFT BECAUSE THERE IS 2 PARTS

Part 41

Warnings: prob swearing

“Are you ready to go?” Dan asked, closing up the last zip on his suitcase. Our trip to Paris had come to the end and now it was time to go home and face the music with whatever was left to come.

“Yeah, Liam just ate so let me burp him and we can get going.” I had Liam in my arms, dressed in the cutest pair of blue footie pyjamas with little clouds and a nice matching hat. He was the cutest baby in the entire world, but he seemed to constantly be growing bigger and bigger. There wasn’t a problem as everyone kept gifting me new clothes for him along with Dan and I purchasing whatever we saw, but it was a lot for me. He wasn’t even one, yet it felt like my baby was closer and closer to leaving me.

“Alright. Take your time. We have two hours until check out.” Dan sat next to me at the edge of the bed, where I was patting away at Liam’s back. He grinned, looking down at us and kissed my temple.

“What’s got you so happy? We have to go back to England and all of our problems today.”

“Well, I’m not really concerned about Marie. I’ll take care of it so don’t worry, okay? Other than that, most people have technically been rooting for us. I know my family will be happy.” Dan nodded slightly.

“So will mine. I think the girls will be too, eventually.” I gulped back, slowing the pats on Liam’s back for a slight second before returning back to the pattern.

“Then what’s got you feeling so down?” He frowned slightly. “Things are beginning to fall in place.”

“It’s one thing. Pretty minor but… No. It’s not minor at all. It’s colossal and I’m a horrible person.”

“Phil.” Dan chewed on his lip and sighed. “Whatever happens will be okay, you know that right?”

“No. You two are best friends and I completely screwed around. I did have feelings for him, you know? I loved every moment I spent with him but I know that it wasn’t meant to be anything more than a fling. However, I still feel horrible. I don’t want us being together to damage your relationship with him.”

“Y/N,” Dan wrapped an arm around me and shook his head. “I promise you that whatever happens will work out in the end. Phil is the best person I know, and trust me. He will be hurt, as any human with feelings would be, but he will learn to let go and find happiness and love with somebody who changes his life just as you did with mine.” Dan cupped my chin and planted a chaste kiss firmly on my lips. After pulling away he simply ran his thumb across my bottom lip and kissed my nose. “You have no idea how good you actually are.”

 “Shut up,” I blushed, turning back to Liam who had just burped. “I’ll feel better once I talk to him.”

“Fair enough.” He held his hands up in defence.

“Also, I want you to know that even though I am so into you it hurts-I’m still getting my own place. I know we have a baby already and we’ve lived in the same place for months, but I want to take this relationship slow. In case it doesn’t work out, I don’t want to feel terrible and be under the same roof. It’ll be for a little while so I won’t sign anything to serious. And I’ll look for something close to you so it’s easy to exchange Liam.” Dan looked like he wanted to say so many things, but his shoulders relaxed and he took a deep breath.

“I understand and I do think it would be good for us.” he scratched the back of his neck.

“Here, take your son. I’ve gotta brush my teeth before we go. I almost forgot.” I handed him Liam and scooted along to the bathroom.

It was nice that we were finally able to be like this. Not completely functional, but we were comfortably in place. I was expecting more altercations in the future, but I prayed that they wouldn’t be as severe as the ones we suffered through in the past.

I brushed my teeth and quickly washed off my face.

“Would you ever want to have another kid? Not now, obviously, but in the future? I get that you just got over a pregnancy scare but I mean when we’re more settle down and stuff.” Dan managed to ramble out, bouncing Liam in his arms.

“Me? Another kid?” I chuckled. “That shit hurt. A lot. And I got so fat… Insanely fat.” I rested my hand over my stomach and cocked up a brow as I analyzed the idea over and over in my head, looking for a conclusion.

“I believe that it hurt but the fat thing was technically the baby, not you.”

“Then yeah, maybe I would want another one. Not now though, not before I get my degree. Perhaps a dog instead?” I put my hand on my hip, closing up my own suitcase and pulling up the handle to roll it around. Dan beamed, showing his dimples.

“I like dogs. Maybe we can adopt one when the day comes for our little family to live together.” He walked up and returned the bay to me. “You take this and I’ll take our stuff.”

“Yeah, yeah. Let’s get going.”

So that concluded our Paris trip. It was filled with a heartwarming get together that brought Dan and I in unison and now we were beginning to unfold and bring happiness into our relationship and hopefully have Liam inherit some of that joy.

Paris had brought us time with excellent cuisine and music, as well as a beautiful setting of culture. I couldn’t have thought of a better way to fully start exploring what life would be like now being with Dan in the way I had craved in the past few months.

But now it was time to deal with all the baggage we left behind.

363. Hinting at the future
  • Louis: Sitting on the couch together, watching some late night show. Louis's eyes are getting heavy from early morning rehearsals and your just about asleep yourself; school and work tiring you out. You slowly stand up and stretch your arms up, a soft yawn leaving your lips. You start to make your way around the room ,picking up your shoes and jacket, trying not to be too loud for Louis. "What are you doing?" He asks sleepily as you lace up your sneakers. "I've got to get home" You reply."Oh" He frowns leaning his head back onto the couch. You place a kiss on his head and walk towards the door, "When you move in with me we can fall asleep on the couch together" He points out as his eyes close. You grin thinking of the future. "Maybe we can"
  • Liam: You were helping Liam pick out a new dog so Loki wasn't so lonely when Liam had to go to the studio. You two decided to stop at the local animal shelter first because you being an animal lover, rather rescue a dog instead of buying one. You looked through the cages with Liam, all the cats and dogs looking at you with eyes of anticipations. It was hard not to buy all of them. "Y/N what about this one?" Liam asked, a small puggle sticking it's nose through the cage interested in Liam's finger. "Aw! He's so cute" You gush walking over to it. "So should we get him?" He asked again. "It's up to you Liam. It's your dog." You remind him. "Yeah but one day he'll be yours too" He responds, not even realizing the promise that flew from his lips.
  • Niall: He's moved once again into a bigger house in London and you promised that you'd help him unpack. The two of you were dragging boxes through the halls to the rooms that they were labeled in. By night fall the two of you were able to unpack his kitchen and most of his bathroom things. Both of you were sprawled out on the couch, one of the only furniture items he has as of now, utterly tired and worn out. "Ni?" you whispered. "Mmm?" "Why did you move? You house was just fine for you" You asked. Niall shifted a little from his lying position to look at you. "Well I figured that we'll need some more space in the future. You know for babies and stuff" He replied, hiding his blushing face from you. "For us?" You questioned. "Yeah... for us."
  • Harry: The two of you watched as your cousin said her "I Do's" To the man she's going to spend the rest of her life with. She practically has already. Her new husband and her have been together since they were fifteen and as strange as it was, it was fantastic that they were still strong and together. Your cousin's wedding was stunning; silver and purple were the colors and her dress was beautiful. The whole ceremony was beautiful and you were so happy for the two of them as they walked back down the aisle as husband and wife. "I can't wait to see you in a pretty white dress like that" He said softly as the two of you exited the church. You turned back to look at him and he winked. "Just promise me your dress won't be full of ruffles" He added, making you giggle.
  • Zayn: Your brother's wife just had a baby boy and you had to be the first to visit your nephew. So Zayn watched as you rocked newborn baby, Jacob, in your arms with a look of awe while the new parents had a small nap. "He's so little Z! Look at his nose. And those hands. Everything is so small" You marveled over your nephews little features. Jacob started to fuss in his sleep and you frowned. "Shh... it's okay Auntie Y/N is here. Shh" You whispered to Jake as you rocked him a little harder. Jacob stopped fussing and fell back asleep. "You're going to be an amazing mum" He told you as leaned back in your chair. "Thanks, Z" You grinned. "I can't wait for this to be for us one day" He murmured nonchalantly but you couldn't help but agree.
  • This is sucky! Wah. I need to get back on my A game. sorry! ~AlliXx
ghost o2 [jungkook&you]

Summary: Are you dead? No, of course not. You see no light. Are you a wandering ghost who needs a proper send away? You’re unsure, for you still feel a piece of your heart beating. But what you do know is that, the young man Jeon Jungkook can see you, and you’re both going to find out if you’re dead or alive.

part one

a/n: after a song cover and fail cookings, i am able to update this before my christmas dinner hangout haha enjoy @loudandweird

Originally posted by shichki

Before stepping out of campus, Jungkook pokes his head out from behind the school’s door and checks his right and left side.

“Yah, hurry up already! I wanna get out and rest,” shouts a tired Yoongi, who immediately pushes Jungkook out of the way.

Within seconds, Jungkook hides behind his hyungs and tries to act as if everything is all cool.

“Are you sure you’re good?” Jimin questions the youngling, whose face is slight pale.

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I like fashion, I dress well- so I’m treated like I have a slight mental disability/am a sexual object. Usually both at the same time. 

But if I were to dress in over-sized, unflattering clothing, people would think I need to take better care of myself, that I was frumpy. 

What does it take to be treated like a complex human as a woman in 2015!

I like clothes and heels. I’ve run a marathon and skied marathon equivalents. 

I babysat for 12 years and was a camp counselor. I don’t want kids.

I like Taylor Swift. I’m a classically trained cellist.

I love Starbucks lattes. I was a barista at a high end coffee shop and know the difference between a flat white and a doppio.

I don’t like picking up dog poop. In college I was a custodian in my dormitory. 

2015 people. Woman can wear pants, but they should be able to wear skirts too if they prefer without being called a girly girl like that term is offensive. 

What if women banded together instead of tearing each other down? We could be so powerful, break down so many stereotypes. Playing dumb isn’t attractive, it’s offensive to your female peers. If women start acting like the complex individuals that we are, and challenging stereotypes and sexist comments, even in jest; maybe, just maybe we’ll start getting the treatment we deserve. 

Fuck you, buddy, and the horse you commandeered and rode in on.

“It’s like a two-tiered system,” he noted. “If a superhero knocks over a building and there are 5,000 people in the building that we can presume are now dead, does it matter? Because they’re not people we know. But if one dog we like gets run over by a car, it’s the worst thing we’ve we’ve ever seen. I totally understand where that visceral reaction comes from. I have that same reaction. There’s also something shitty about that. So instead of saying, ‘How could you do this to somebody you know and care about?’ maybe when it’s happening to somebody we don’t know so well, maybe then it should hit us all a bit harder.”  DB Weiss (x)

There is so much about this article to dissect and rip apart, but this frosts my ass more than anything else. The very last thing I need is DB Weiss lecturing me about morality, especially in light of the long list of truly horrible choices they’ve made this season. So … what? Is Game of Thrones supposed to be teaching us all a lesson now? Maybe I’d buy it if they’d chosen to adapt the series in a way that explored the issues actually addressed by GRRM in ASOIAF. But no, we get Sansa raped by Ramsey Bolton, Sand Snake boobies, a completely incomprehensible Dorne plot, Olly Chekhov, 20 men managing to decimate (unseen) a camp made up of thousands of soldiers, and a man who’d survived a siege that included being starved out turning into someone so ambitious (rather than dutiful) that he’d sacrifice his daughter in order to plant his ass on the Iron Throne.

Fuck you, Dan. And fuck you too, David. Come talk to me about morality once you’ve pulled your over-inflated heads out of your asses.

Edited to add: One other thing. If D&D really wanted to drive home the point about taking the time to consider and care about something horrible happening to someone we don’t know, why didn’t they adapt the whole Winterfell/Theon story the way it was told in the books and bring in Jeyne Poole, huh? Why didn’t they do that? 

anonymous asked:

This woman has come in twice now looking for pepper spray to use on her dog. Apparently, her dog attacks other dogs and when she's walking him, she wants pepper spray so she can spray it on him if he gets ahold of another dog. That's not an item we sell. Maybe fucking spend your money on a good behaviorist instead?