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i’m just drawing things out of boredom at this point?? still love these boys tho

ContactSH and ContactJHW

I have no idea how it came to me so suddenly, and why it took me so long, but remember all that talk about how the show was merging with the real world? How the show was literally breaking the fourth wall? The newspaper announcement about baby Watson, Moriarty hacking Amazon, Sherlock on the BBC Twitter - and then us thinking that Moriarty would hack Trump’s inauguration and Piccadilly Circus?

Well, what about the Sherlock and John Twitter accounts? There’s literally so much there. Those two accounts are way too active for a few (maybe one) bored people passing the time and doing it for shits and giggles. Not to mention the meta people have already done suspecting that the accounts are being run by the BBC or someone affiliated with it. I mean, I know I’m delusional and probably grasping at straws here but literally though, why is it that next to nobody is talking about this? Humour me, please. @the-7-percent-solution @worriesconstantly @teaandqueerbaiting @jenna221b @tjlcisthenewsexy how to tag?????

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killjoy writing prompts: a drowsy, calm morning with Jet; Kobra snapping at someone in anger; the Girl asking Ghoul increasingly deep questions; Party getting lost on a walk

 Okay, so this is gonna be a long one, sorry about that:

   The Girl knew something was up, something was weird. The air was a little to cold, it was soothing yet unnerving at the same time. Whenever something strange was going on, the Girl would figure it out, always. 

    She decided to start her search for The Thing That Was Weird with Jet Star. She hopped down from the booth she had been perched on, and made her way to the kitchen. As she was about to step inside and interrogate Jet Star on his knowledge of The Thing, she stopped abruptly before the closed door hiding Kobra and Party. 

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→ Queen Catherine + Episode 2.11, Getaway

The Lucky Ones

Characters: JungkookxHoseok
4636 words
Rich Boys AU
So after one lovely anon brought this pairing up in the context of Caged, @whirlinginsoftwind​ and I spent way too much time talking about JungHope, so we decided to give them their own AU. This is the result.

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The hot, stuffy air in the room caused beads of sweat to form on Jungkook’s forehead and made him want to loosen his tie. On both his sides, his parents were animatedly chatting with people at the table; people like them – rich, superficial, and clad in costly fabrics to conceal their insignificance. Jungkook scoffed. The notion that expensive clothes raised their worth as humans had baffled him at first, but by now it just showed him whom to stay away from at social events.

The more expensive the outfit, the more mundane the person.

Jungkook took a sip of the champagne in front of him and let his eyes and mind wander. The dinner was hosted by a middle-aged lady who spearheaded some kind of charity – probably for albino bunnies to get eye surgery, or something similarly ridiculous. It was fascinating what boredom could make you waste your time on.

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April VI (Sehun x OC x Kai)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

You woke up the next morning safe in Sehun’s arms. He held onto you as he gently brushed your hair with his fingers. No one said a word. You pulled yourself closer in his embrace and felt the warmth of his body transfer to yours. Sehun planted a kiss on your forehead and smiled.

“We have a big day today,” he said.

“What are we doing today?” you mumbled.

“It’s a surprise love. Dress in something comfortable…we’re going to do quite some walking.”

“I’m so sleepy… can we just lay here a little longer?”

“Why don’t I go make us some breakfast while you catch up on some sleep? I’ll wake you in a few.”

“No don’t go,” you said in a cute sleepy kind of way.

Sehun chucked. He truly felt like the luckiest man alive to have someone like you.

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