maybe tyler will like this

I was tagged by allegoricalrose to list my ten favorite characters, and I can’t resist character memes now, can I? So, thank you :D and:  

  1. Morgana Pendragon
  2. Mary Crawley
  3. Fitzwilliam Darcy
  4. Edith Crawley
  5. Sybil Crawley
  6. Arthur Pendragon
  7. Guinevere 
  8. Bel Rowley
  9. Rose Tyler
  10. James Hathaway

Maybe? I feel like I’m leaving people out? but this list always changes? I feel like these should always be 3 or 20 characters. 

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NEW VIDEO!! Carly Rae Jepsen got me bullied by a bunch of children. I was so sad…. not really. REBLOG in order to win a free rubber duck only if you give me your credit card number. 

is there any like…symbolism behind joshs eyeshadow?
he wears it a lot and maybe it’s like tylers thing with the black paint? idk

domignoenfuego asked:

how about a "your cat keeps coming into my house and expecting me to feed it" au, where josh has a cat but he's just moved next door to tyler and the cat gets confused so tyler ends up carrying the cat back round to josh's house everyday and eventually josh just says do you want to come in to have a drink and maybe to marry me

!! and like after Tyler sees how cute Josh is he starts feeding them cat so it’ll keep coming back to tylers house so he has a good excuse to bother Josh ((not that josh minds i mean,, hes just trying to work up the nerve to ask tyler in, which he eventually does))

i think that blurryface is a fantastic album and i haven’t been able to stop listening to it, but one thing that i noticed was that the lyrics didn’t really grab me by the throat in the same way as migraine or guns for hands did y'know, i don’t feel quite as strong of a connection with them but maybe i just need the lyrics to grow on me a little bit more idk

so i just queued up a bunch of posts about wrestling because this is a tyler breeze appreciation blog now lol. i’ve gotten a lot of followers recently for some reason..? and just wanted to say that my blog is a place where i post a bunch of weird stuff because organizing stuff that i like helps soothe my mental issues, but if there’s anything that you don’t want to see/like, don’t feel bad about messaging me to tag it for your blacklists.

I got tagged by ill-civil-your-war Hey there! Thanks! ^^

One Song:

New Avengers - The Avengers Age Of Ultron OST by Danny Elfman and Brian Tyler (maybe i didn’t like the movie so much but the music is excellent)

Two Movies:

Iron Man 3

Beauty and the Beast

Three TV Shows:

Once Upon A Time

Agent Carter

El Ministerio Del Tiempo

Four People:

Robert Downey Jr

Gwyneth Paltrow

Tony Stark

Pepper Potts


Five Foods:


Roasted Chicken

Cesar Salad

Stuffed pepper with rice

Stuffed eggplant with meat

Six People:






Sometimes I wonder what if maybe like tyler oakley or connor franta ended there channel right now. what would you do? I would cry. It scares me to even think about, the people who have saved me, to quit doing the thing that has saved me. Their youtube videos. I feel like im going to get so attached to this specific youtuber, for instance tyler oakley, and I’m going to be let down. I’m not physically or mentally prepared for the day tyler oakley or Troye sivan or connor franta to quit youtube. I’m not strong enough to let them go yet. I know a lot of people can relate to this because I’ve seen it. I’ve seen people struggle through depression and they’ve overcame from youtube videos. I don’t know how any of them do it. I wonder if i would be underground right now if it wasn’t for those youtubers. I wonder if i would still be a nervous, shy girl who couldn’t even look at herself in the mirror. I’m still healing. Yes, I have scars inside and out. The ones that people could see are gone, but the ones inside, the real ones, aren’t. Maybe one day hopefully before youtubers quit youtube all of my scars will be healed. So I’m going to ask you again. What would you do if your favorite youtuber quit youtube at this moment?

anonymous asked:

mw for character seven + ten?

Let’s see… For character seven I could see someone cute and innocent like maybe Andrew Garfield, Ashton Irwin, or Tyler Posey. Then for character ten maybe someone like Jai Brooks, Justin Beiber, or Louis Tomlinson? Honestly, whoever you want to play will work for those characters !!

KNOWLEDGExTEN: How to Redefine a Symbol

I’m going to say something that not many people (if any) will admit. And if they do admit it, I applaud them. I want my son to be like Tyler the Creator. Maybe not as profane, but definitely creative and innovative, with a heaping helping of risk-taking. Now onto the knowledge 

-DC “VLNS” Moore, Contributor & Villain, TENxTEN MGMT

The first time I saw a Black person rocked a rebel flag (or Confederate flag if you’re proper and conservative), it was Lil’ Jon on the cover of “Put Your Hood Up.” Granted he had them burning, but it was powerful to me to see a man of color take an oppressive symbol (personally, it doesn’t bother me, but too many Southern Blacks don’t mess with it) and take power away from it.

The next set of stars to do it didn’t really have that same, powerful effect. 

Ludacris decided to wear a rebel flag jumpsuit for the VIBE Awards performance of “Georgia.” This was a cheesy-ass idea. It just looked ridiculous (I’m sorry, Luda) to see him run up around in that damn thing. He looked like a dancing rebel flag and not many people got it.

Then, of course, Kanye took it and turned it into high fashion. Now, look. We here at Diez Por Diez (aka TENxTEN for all my gringo migos) love Kanye, and, for the most part, the risks he takes to look good. But putting rebel flags on your merchandise and on your clothing is a move is expected out of Yelawolf.

Now, what’s the point of this? They all tried to take this oppressive symbol of racism and rebellion from the Union (my Alabama friends may kill me for saying that, but it’s part of the history), and tried to take power away from it. It’s a very difficult feat to accomplish. 

Then again, it was a difficult and long time coming to take power out of the N-word, but somehow we did it(?).

Enter Tyler the Creator– the only person I know that can get away with calling “Spike Lee a goddamn nxgger”.

Recently, he dropped a shirt design that took a Neo Nazi White Power insignia and completely flipped it. Instead of trade mark white and black, he made the sign rainbow colored, similar to symbols related to LGBT groups. He also replaced the wording from “White Pride World Wide” to “Golf Pride World Wide” in a promo picture, Tyler and…some Asian dude were holding hands while wearing the shirts.

Through his Golf Media app, he offers his method to madness on the symbol flip:

“What if a black guy wore this logo on a shirt? Would he be promoting self hate? Would he be taking the power out of a shape? What if a gay guy wore this on a shirt? Would he [be] promoting Homophobia? Then BAM! I had it.”


Tyler the Creator shows how we put so much power in words and symbols. While he’s known for being shocking and provocative with his language and imagery, much like his idol Eminem, he’s more focused in desensitizing his listeners to the “sting” of what he says and does. Does it work all the time? Well, I still don’t have my White friends use the N-word around me, but if he’s able to have Lucas scream out “Nxgga Bird Gang” on his song “Trashwang,” hell, more power to him. And obviously Frank [Ocean] and Syd the Kyd are very aware of his use of homophobic slurs (British cigarettes and water systems), yet they still pal around him as proud members of the LGBT community.

Bottom line, Tyler is an artist. In my opinion, some of the best artists combine the social issues with aesthetics, and in this generation, there’s nobody that can do it with no regrets quite like Tyler.

Now, as we wait on his collaborative album with Earl…

Well well, Now that Calums here poor Bennett will just be reminded of what once was. Especially with the fact Calum is now dating one of Benn’s bestfriends. Ouch. Talk about breaking bro code. Tyler Carter seems like he maybe has a thing for Michael but everyone knows nothing will happen since Michael is dating Cassadee. Speaking of which, what an odd pairing. Everyone else seems so boring at the moment.

xo, L

omg I just thought of Moses taking Travis and Tyler to Disney world and Tyler’s like… maybe 5 or 7 and like
he doesn’t wanna go on some of the rides cause he got scared by one so Moses lets him go on the kinda Like. really lil kid ones like the airplanes and stuff as many times as he wants tbh (unless they’re spinning to often)

Idk how Travis would feel but tbh he’d probably get spoiled as well