maybe tyler will like this

i think a lot of y'all need to chill bc most of us theo fans just think he’s enigmatic and interesting and worth delving into && that does not imply that we agree with what he does / has been doing

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dude imagine if josh was sitting at tyler's piano one day and he starts playing the only song he knows bc it's like super easy and then tyler walks in bc he heard him playing and he joins in and they do a piano duet and !!!!!! josh keeps slipping up and hitting the wrong keys and he's blushing and everything bc tyler is laughing at how adorable he is. at the end of the song josh is like "maybe i should stick to drumming" and tyler's like "no you make love pianos even more." AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!


josh really feels better after what tyler said and he asks him to teach him some more and and tyler is so encouraging and supportive of josh the whole way and he doesn’t feel as frustrated or embarrassed as he thought he would be

n by the end of the week josh can play through the first segment of fur elise without stumbling and tyler is so proud!!! he begs josh to play onstage and much to his joy he says yes!!

josh gets so nervous before playing because tyler wanted him to play it before they actually start the show and he hugs tyler tight before going to the piano and tyler whispers ‘good luck’ to him and he starts to play. it’s dark onstage and everyone thinks it’s tyler playing but then the spotlight comes on and it’s joSH PLaYIng tHE PiAnO and everyone goes nuts

by the end of the song josh is grinning so hard and not nervous at all and he looks over at tyler and he’s clapping so hard he can hear him above the rest of the crowd and tyler’s sunglasses are on and josh can’t tell but he’s actually crying a little bit because he’s so so happy for his best friend in the whole wide world

u kno wat fuck this imma make this a fic

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do you like, not know or do you just not care that tyler segu*n and jamie b*nn are massive homophobes? because you post kinda a lot of both of them...

I’m aware of the shitty stuff tyler has done in the past. I mean, personally, I think he was being a Typical Young White Straight guy about it all. is it shitty? absolutely. and no one has to forgive him for it or overlook it. but ya know….I’ve said terrible and awful stuff in the past (it sometimes pops up on my timehop from my facebook from 9 years ago and I want to punch myself in the face). but like…if everyone had access to stupid and ignorant things I said/did when I was 18-20, I’d be dragged for it forever too. I don’t forget about it, and I low-key worry about him Fucking Up again, but also it’s been literal years since the bulk of his problematic receipts behavior has happened.

I’m not aware of homophobic stuff jamie has done? I know the “joke” he made about the sedins, which was real shitty.

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mmm josh who loooves eating tyler out!! he's always doing it ty has already given up on wearing pants during the weekends he just puts on an oversized tee or sweater and walks around like that cos sometimes josh will just kneel behind him and lift up the sweater and just go at it while ty is cooking or ironing and he doesn't even bat an eyelash he's so used to j spontaneously wanting to rim him he'll just go on with whatevs he's doing and tangle a hand on his hair and moan from time to time

my weave? its gone! this ask is so good that my scalp is smooth!!

but please, Yess yall dont understand how much i love th idea of josh just eating tyler out whenever he feels like it…like maybe ty is reading a book while hes laying on his tummy and hes wearing his ovrsized sweater nd its riding up a lil bit showin his bum (i love his bum) and hes just reading and in the zone when he feels josh’s hands grab at his shirt and bum and he knows josh is in the mood and so he tries to focus on his book but its hard to when josh is eating him out real nice n slow aaaaaaa

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yo can i ask for some septibang in the google irl au maybe like dan, arin and tyler are just starting to get used to being teammates and sean decides to talk to dan and make him feel better (the bot is feelin uncomfy jus a bit when it comes to how loud the dinner table is and stuff)

sure why not! sorry if this isn’t necessarily how your bots act, i just kind of started writing

It had been odd getting used to being team mates with who used to be the enemy, Dan decided as he sat outside. He had asked to be excused, and didn’t really offer a reason. It seemed with this group he didn’t need one, he was just told to not go too far. 

So he hadn’t.

He tilted his head upwards. The wind ruffled his hair, and he took a deep breath, closing his eyes as he did so. He could still hear the chatter coming from inside, although it was muffled. The loudest one out of the bunch, Sean, was the most noticeable.

He noticed, as time went on, that the noise was starting to die down.  He heard someone approach the door, and he quickly turned around to see Sean opening the door. “Hello,” Dan greeted, before turning back around.

Sean sat down next to him without a word. “Are you okay?”


“I don’t mean physically,” Sean corrected.

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Yes! Because everyone knows that college student do weird things so nobody would suspect anything. Or like, maybe later the manager come and ask Josh to get out of the cart because it's for "babies" and josh would be sad but then Jenna would hold his hand and Tyler would let him go search for things and Josh would be happy af

Oh man yes for sure like I think they’d be at like Target or a bigger store so maybe Tyler would let Josh go through the toy aisles and the video game aisles too and Josh would just be really happy about the whole thing even if he didn’t get to stay in the cart

The Great Satan, the Blue Eyed Devil.

Sometimes I have to be “That Dick” and play Devil’s Advocate. In the last few years they told white people “calm down” when purists and racists alike were outraged at the idea of rebooting Spider-Man with a black Peter Parker. Men were told to “relax” when they wanted to reboot Ghostbusters with female leads. White people and men alike were told the same when they put a woman AND a black man in the traditional white male lead roles in the new Star Wars. Now, I get it, the timing is bad but who did you want them to cast as 2001 Michael Jackson? I’m too dark to play 2001 Mike. The late night comedians were on the right track last night, they should have cast a white woman in the role. Like Steven Tyler. Maybe Stacy Dash? Slightly related, people are jumping all over Hollywood about it but it’s a British TV movie. Hollywood had really nothing to do with it. Calm down. For the record none if really bothers me and I look forward to a time when we don’t even worry about diversity because we’re all very different and the same at the same time but I would rather they continue Spider Man rather than re-boot it in which an aging Peter Parker mentors a new Spider Man who could very well be of any race. So go ahead and commence with the off topic hate thread below…

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If you could have a pocket sized clone, of a celebrity of your choice. Who would it be?

Probably Shia Labeouf because I sometimes need someone to be like “JUST DO IT!”

Or maybe Tyler Joseph because it’d be nice to listen to him play ukelele all day.

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In regards to your tweets id barely count that as copying lyrics, yeah they're similar but idk

i kno !!! i just dont like tyler joseph, also im in a weird aggressive/angry mood and cyberbullying him is the best way to direct my anger at someone without it being harmful to someone irl i know its shitty dont yell at me im fuckin awful i know i don’t think he’s gonna be too upset abt it and i doubt he’ll see it lmao

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Would you think about drawing Tyler Joseph again? Or maybe Josh Dun?? I really like how you drew Tyler the last time btw :)

yES YES i definitely would, and i am planning on doing a josh fan art too

thanks a lot anon

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I didn't live stream TVD, but I watched it. It looked like Damon maybe killed Tyler and set Elena on fire for real. In the FFs Matt is working with the huntress and Caroline mentioned something about her family (twins, Alaric). Too much baby stuff, way more than TO (which was actually built around the baby) which is really weird.

It looked that way, but he did not. 

Okay but can we talk about “friend please” by top? Just imagine tyler having a friend (or needing a friend) and theyre having a bad week or year, maybe theyre thinking about suicide. But tyler comes and is like “no dude im going to help you” and the only thing i can think of is tyler kneeling next to someone crying with their hands over their eyes and he just kind of embraces them. Or if its about tyler needing someone, what he might have needed (or maybe he had a friend who helped him?). Heck, it could even be about someone tyler secretly admired and wanted to help.

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/You can totally be a fan for looks, lets not define what constitutes as a fan. -Q/ honestly though, what's the point?

What’s the point of men being fans of models? I doubt they know anything about them besides their looks, but that doesn’t stop them for being fans. Maybe that anon likes Tyler’s personality. They also came back and expressed that they liked his earlier work but not his later work. I just don’t think there is a finite definition of what a fan is.