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MANIPULATION: Do you know who you can truly trust?

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Okay! I’m a scientist so there are two possibilities;
1) Ethan and Tyler are single together
2) Ethan is not single (and hopefully dating Tyler because who else actually shares clothes if not couples!?)

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Lemon boy 🍋 esplain your fave botw headcanons

This game is so much fresher in my mind but that just means my thoughts are still jumbled but here goes (don’t hate me).

- Zelda obviously realized she loved Link when he saved her from the Yiga, but she realized she had feelings for him before then. Talking to Urbosa on top of Vah Naboris made her start thinking about those feelings more, and the Yiga attack just sealed the deal (oh dear lord did I accidentally make a seal pun b/c of the desert I am so sorry I’m v tired rn)

- Zelda has an amazing singing voice. Link was standing guard outside her room one night and heard the sound of her singing from inside. He couldn’t believe how at peace she sounded since all he knew of her was the Princess with a short fuse and a severe sense of inadequacy. He never thought of her in the same way after that night, and began to wonder what she was really like underneath all her fear.

- Zelda really likes the way Link smells because it’s so different from the scents she grew up with stuck in the castle; he smells earthy and adventurous, which she can’t explain but loves anyway.

- Similarly, Link adores the way Zelda smells because it’s so different from what he grew up smelling in town and in the barracks. She smells like flowers and vanilla and the first time they were close to each other he had to resist the urge to pull her into a close embrace.

- Link ate that freaking frog right there. He loved her even that early on in their relationship and he had never seen her as happy as she was when she found that frog. So he ate it for her, despite his extreme desire not to. It gave him a stomach ache for a few days because raw frog, but it made her happy so he was happy.

- After Zelda asked Link “Do you really remember me?” he ran over to her and did that thing where he picks her up and spins her around before pulling her into a strong hug. Zelda was absolutely overwhelmed and all she could do was smile and laugh as she flew around him and then nuzzled into his hug because her hero was back and she loved him and he loved her.

I can probably think of a lot more but there’s a few that I hope aren’t too bad. These were actually easier than the OoT Zelink ones, but I think that’s just a matter of how long it’s been since I’ve been immersed in OoT Zelink content. BotW rules my life right now and I’ve spent an unhealthy amount of time playing and thinking about that game.

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I was wondering, I'm writing a little story about Neko!Joshler and would love to have you doing a little drawing-thingy on the both of them cuddling? Maybe Josh is like, combing through Tyler's hair?

not quite  cuddling, but

Unexpected Hero ~ Montgomery De La Cruz Imagine~

Summary: You’re a good girl who had just moved. Being the new girl in Liberty High is hard. When you meet Montgomery De La Cruz, you reject him. When you get harassed by Bryce Walker, Montgomery comes in to save you.

Author’s Note: Montgomery De La Cruz is cute af but Jeff Atkins will always be my number one bae. Also, Hannah and Jeff are alive in this because they deserve better. 

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You were new to Liberty High and you were nervous. You were known as the good girl back in your old school. The girl who was quiet. The girl who was in yearbook because she didn’t like to be in front of the camera.

You walked past a group of jocks who whistled at you. You looked down, not making any eye contact. You walked over to your new and first ever locker. Back where you went to school, they didn’t have lockers. You struggled to open it however since it was all knew to you. 

“Need help?” You hear. You look up to see a tall, very cute looking boy standing next to you. 

“Yes, please,” You say. He helps you open it and you smile up at him.

“Thanks,” You said. 

“I haven’t seen you here before. You new,” He asks.


“I’m Montgomery De La Cruz. But you can call me whatever you like,” He says. 

“I’m Y/N. Y/N L/N,” You introduce yourself. 

“Y/N? Beautiful name,” He tells you. 

“Thanks,” You thank him.

“Would you like to hang out at Monet’s with me after school? It’s this coffee place nearby,” He asks you.

“I’m afraid I have to decline that offer,” You tell him.

“What? Why?” He asks. 

“I saw you with your group of friends and they’re staring at us right now. Also, you have a letterman jacket so I know you’re a stereotypical jock who’s just trying to get into my pants,” You tell him before closing your locker and walking off. 

“Monty just got rejected,” Bryce said walking over to the boy who stood where she had just rejected him.

“Fuck off Bryce,” Montgomery said. 

“If she’s not interested in you, you think she’ll be interested with me?” Bryce asks.

“Stay away from her,” Montgomery tells him.

“Got a crush on someone, Monty?” Justin teased. 

“Screw you guys,” Montgomery says. 

As the days rolled by, you had joined the yearbook and have become friends with the other photographer, Tyler Down. You both were talking about some spreads until Montgomery came to view.

“Hey, Y/N. Is this guy bothering you?” Montgomery asks. 

“No. He’s just showing me around,” You tell him.

“Okay. Just find me if something happens,” He tells you before walking past you. 

“That’s the first time I’ve ever seen Montgomery not as an asshole,” Tyler tells you.

“Maybe he’s change,” You suggest. 

“Maybe he likes you,” Tyler points out. 

At the end of the day, you started to walk out of school until you hear someone behind you. You look over to see Bryce Walker. 

“Hey, Y/N. Right?” He asks you.

“Um, yeah?” You said a little uncomfortable. You started to walk back where you could just ask your new friend, Jeff Atkins, for a ride home. He had offered after you told him that you had to leave as soon as possible since you didn’t have a ride home. 

“I’m Bryce Walker. You know, Montgomery likes you,” He tells you.

“He does?” You ask him as you tried to get away from him.

“Yeah. Now, I know we don’t know each other for that long but I just have to see what little Monty is so interested,” Bryce said before pulling you close by your skirt. You slap his face hard before taking a few steps away from him.

“Stay away from me,” You demand. 

“Feisty. The good kind,” Bryce said before pulling you towards him. His lips were placed on your neck while his arms held onto you tightly.

“Let go of me! Montgomery!” You yell. 

“Let go of her!” You hear. 

“Hey, Monty,” Bryce said letting you go a bit. You quickly turned to Montgomery before wrapping your arms around his waist. He wrapped his around you as he glared at Bryce. 

“I told you to stay the hell away from her,” Montgomery said to Bryce. He lets go of you before throwing a punch to Bryce. 

“Monty, no,” You said before pulling him back. Montgomery looks at you for a quick moment before looking back at Bryce. 

“Come on,” Montgomery said before leading you away. 

“Thank you so much,” You tell him.

“No problem.”

“I owe you one,” You tell him.

“Go on a date with me and we’ll call it even,” Montgomery said before giving you a shy smile. 

“Deal,” You said before staying close to him. 

Since Jack will be in LA for a week, I need to let this out of my mind but I’d like to think that Mark invited Jack to his house and maybe do a collab. I mean they did bit never in the same room and that’s actually kind of exciting to see.

And I would also like to think that maybe Mark, Jack, Ethan and Tyler collabs like a Don’t Laugh Challenge or a another Markiplier Makes with Jack.

This also came to my mind that Ethan invites Jack to his apartment and just do collabs in the same room wjxmaksmw

like c'mon, I cant be the only one who thinks this is an awesome idea while Jack is in LA.

Wow the shift was so beyond real at this point. I mean look how far Posey is sitting away from the rest of the guys he calls friends. He looks as if he just doesn’t care about Tyler and Dylan and their closeness or is just jealous 100%. Plus he’s acting as if he’s so into the interview when it’s obvious that he’s not. He just looks so out of it.

Tyler and Dylan on the other hand are in their own little world looking at that corny ass Wolfie award. But they look happy. And they seem close. Like look how close Dylan is to Hoechlin as opposed to Tyler.

Posey seems to be like distancing himself. Or maybe Hobrien are distancing themselves from him lol. And to me that also shows a lot more of what’s going on behind the scenes as well. Posey has become such an inconsiderate insufferable jerk that Dylan and Hoechlin have distanced themselves from him. Like you can just tell by the posture and how they’re all acting in this particular episode.

It’s just something that I’ve been thinking about. I don’t know if anybody else sees what I see or not. But it just seems like you can tell that things have definitely changed in this moment as well. Granted things have changed way before this, but it’s just 10 times more noticeable in this particular moment. Anyone else have any thoughts on the Hobrien wolf watches?


The Hobrien bubble is always strong.

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You're dating josh and become bffs w Jenna on tour and you guys do everything together to the point it's like 'where is y/n' 'Just ask jenna' and it makes the boys SO happy cause when they were younger they only dreamed of having their lovers be as close as you as Jenna idk if you've done this request before but if so sorry! (Hope this was specific enough for you !) thx

AN: I’m so sorry that it took me so long to do your request! I hope you enjoy it and that it’s the way you imagined it. If not, I’m sorry (personally, I’m not so happy with it, but I didn’t want to let you wait any longer) Thank you again for your request! xx


Long Lost Twin’s

Words: 832

Warnings: None


It was your first time being on tour with your boyfriend Josh and his band “Twenty One Pilots”. Even if it took you a few days to get used to being on the road constantly, it was great. Everyone was really nice and like a family to each other. 

To Josh’s and Tyler’s delight, you and Jenna got along very well. The two of you haven’t really met each other in person before because you aren’t from Columbus. So it was only natural that you were kind of anxious about meeting her the first time. She’s the wife of the best friend of your boyfriend. What happens if she doesn’t like you and you don’t get along? Especially when you’re on tour together, supporting your partners. 

But none of that was the case. Right in the first few minutes the two of you spoke, it instantly clicked. You already had the nickname of the long lost twins from the crew. You were really happy that you’ve met Jenna and that she toured as well, otherwise it would have been really boring for you. Even if the reason you joined them, was that you wanted to spend time with your boyfriend, you were actually more with Jenna. When we boys sound checked, made interviews, met fans or throughout the whole concert, Jenna and you were like conjoined at the hip. 

Some people might find this extremely annoying at one point, doing everything together but it wasn’t the case for you two. And Tyler and Josh liked it as well. Well, maybe to some extent.

“Hey Mark, have you seen (Y/N)?” Josh asked his friend.

“No, man, sorry. But ask Jenna, she will know that for sure.”

Josh chuckled, knowing that Mark was probably right. After walking around the backstage area for a little bit, he finally found the blonde girl, sitting on one of the couches. And surprisingly, (Y/N) was there as well, her legs tangling over Jenna’s lap. The both of them were scrolling through social media, showing each other pictures or posts which made them laugh. They didn’t even notice Josh standing there in the doorframe. 


Nothing. None of them looked up to him, either they didn’t hear him or they didn’t want to. 

“AHEM!” Josh cleared his throat again. And again. Nothing. The two girls were like in their own little world, oblivious to all the things happening around them.
Slowly growing more frustrated, he thought about what to do.

“Great..”, he mumbled to himself. “TYLER!” 

It didn’t take long until the boy jogged up to his bandmate, asking what he wants. Josh said nothing, just motioning with his head at the two girls who were still happily scrolling through their social media. Tyler nodded slowly, understanding what the ‚problem‘ was. He motioned for Josh to get his phone out, which he did. They opened the Snapchat App and started recording their two girlfriends. 

“Guys, look at that! They exchanged us for each other. I mean, it’s great that they get along, really. But they don’t even notice us.”Tyler chuckled lightly at Josh’s pouting face. 

„I feel like the side-chick of (Y/N), while Jenna is the main-one” Josh mumbled.

Right before the video ended, Jenna chimed in. “Guys? You do know that we hear you, right? Even if I would be really honored if I was (Y/N)’s main chick, I’m happily married to Tyler, sorry to destroy your imagination, Josh.” The blonde chuckled. 

“Oh really? We’re married? I wasn’t sure if my wife was actually on tour with me, as she is always with Josh’s girlfriend.” Tyler laughed as he fired back at Jenna. You knew that the boys and Jenna all joked around. The guys were so happy that Jenna and you got so well along. 

Just as Josh wanted to say something, you decided to say something as well. „C’mon guys, you’re always together, too! Don’t act like we’re completely ignoring you.“ 

„But Babe, that’s exactly what you just did 5 minutes earlier!“ Josh said.
Rolling your eyes, you couldn’t help but laugh slightly. „I did notice you standing there, I just wanted to see you grow more and more frustrated, sorry Love.“ 

You moved on the couch, allowing the boys to sit down as well. Even though it was a bit cramped with the two couples on the couches, you enjoyed being able to cuddle Josh’s side. 

„Please, tell me again why I am together with you.“ 

You kissed Josh’s cheek and whispered into his ear. „Because you love me!“ Just as he wanted to say something himself, Jenna chimed in again. 

„Josh! Are you serious about that video?!“ The boys broke out into a fit laughter, leaving you completely confused. What video? But Jenna was there to your rescue. As soon as you saw Josh’s new Snapchat upload, you hit him on his arm. „You’re such a dork!“

„But you love me!“ Josh grinned at you, knowing that he was right. Which was completely true.

drabble: public thrills

so i was going over some stuff in my head last night and this idea just sort of came up so i figured i’d type up a kinda longer drabble/shorter story for you guys. maybe like a precursor to something more with this one. even though this is josh/reader/tyler it’s not part of hourglass. i just thought i’d give yall something fun.

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You stand looking at the whips and handcuffs that lined the wall of the oversized sex shop, not impressed by anything you saw. You had lost Tyler and Josh somewhere by the vibrators, as they mentioned they were looking for something to get you for your birthday; you laughed it off, assuming they were just being their normal, teasing selves. But as you examine a pair of fuzzy pink handcuffs, you feel an arm snake around your waist, pulling you flush against a body with a very apparent erection.

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Who Knew?

Request:  Anon- So I have been absolutely head over heels for like a year now for this guy who I’ve been friends with for a while and he’s never thought of me that way and I literally have to like, be a ~pal~ and give him dating advice and such and I just feel really down about it can I just get a fluffy tyler imagine that’s like… maybe where the reader doesn’t think he likes them but he actually does…? Thank

@alphaash99  Hiii. I love your blog so much. I was wondering if you could do one of Tyler confessing he likes the reader accidentally on a live stream with the reader sitting right next to him. I love everything you do ❤💙💚 thank you!!

Work Count: 3975

A/N: Sorry that it took so long for these!

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I felt a tug at my stomach when Amy called my name. They were in the middle their monthly livestream which just so happened to be my very first livestream. I had been on a couple of Mark’s videos but only small parts. Even so, this was being seen by thousands of people. Live. Just the thought made me want to blow chunks. I arrived at the house a few minutes ago and saw that they had already started so I went into the kitchen to ‘get a drink.’ In reality I was just putting off going on camera for as long as possible.

 “Y/N, hurry up! We’re about to answer questions and a lot of people have question for you!”

Another wave of nausea passed over me, this one even more violent because that last voice came from Tyler. Tyler Nathaniel Scheid, AKA the guy I have been crushing on for over three months. When I first met him I thought he was absolutely beautiful, but that was just externally. Since then, however, I’ve realized that his beauty reached his interior as well. 



After one last long breath, I made my way towards the main room where the whole gang was crowded around the camera. I saw a space on the couch in between Ethan and Tyler, but as soon as Tyler looked back at me with that stupid smile on his face, my nerves got the best of me and I pulled up another chair to sit behind the couch. His smile faltered for a second but he soon recovered and looked back to his phone to find some questions to answer. 

“Ooh, here’s one for Y/N,” Oh god Mark, please, no, “are you a cat person or a dog person?”

“Oh.” That wasn’t nearly as horrible as I was expecting. “Dog person, obviously.” Just as I said that, Chica came over to me and jumps into my lap, making me laugh and rub my hands through her fur.

 “Obviously.” They all laughed and continued with the questions. As we went through several of them, I realized that this wasn’t going to be nearly as terrifying as I expected it would.

“Tyler, here’s one directed specifically to you.”Ethan wiggled his eyebrows at Tyler.  At the moment it was just them and me. Amy and Kathryn went out to get us some food and Mark was somewhere else in the house, looking for something for the stream. We had been answering questions for about a half an hour but I’ve been pretty quiet, mainly because I was falling asleep, so it was basically just Ethan and Tyler answering questions right now. 

“Okay, what is it, and why are you being weird?”

“It’s just part of my personality, don’t judge me.” Tyler rolled his eyes. “Hey Tyler, do you have a crush?” He started to wiggle his eyebrows again as Tyler blushed. This question got my attention and I slowly lifted my head off of the back of the couch to see the interaction. Tyler scoffed and waved his hand in dismissal.

“Pft, no of course not.” The mixture of hesitance in his voice and the blood that was rushing to his cheeks made it pretty obvious that he was lying. 

“You totally do! You’re such a liar!”

“Nuh uh!”

“Yuh huh, you like Y/N, just admit it!”

It got insanely quiet, and I was afraid they could hear the not so small gasp that escaped my lips. They must not have, though, because Tyler slightly nodded his head and Ethan’s smile got wide. My eyes widened and my mouth dropped open as I stared at the back of Tyler’s head. They were about to answer another question when Tyler looked at the chat and saw that everyone was freaking out about his confession, especially because it was right in front of me. 


“What?” Ethan looked at the chat and then flung his head back to me. “SHIT.”

“Y/N, holy shit, I completely forgot you were still here, I thought you went with Amy and Kathryn to get the food, holy shit I can’t believe I just did that.” His words were jumbled and I had trouble keeping up but once I got over the initial shock, I shook my head and started smiling. 

“Tyler shut up. I like you too, don’t worry.” It was the easiest, smoothest, and luckiest I had ever been while confessing my feelings to someone, and I couldn’t be more thankful for Tyler’s misfortune. 


“Yeah, I didn’t think you felt the same way though.” While we were having our conversation, Ethan was looking back and forth between us with a huge smile on his face. Tyler looked at his and punched his arm.

“Shut up Ethan.”

“That was so freaking cute, ohmygod and it happened live!”

Realization hit me that I just confessed my feelings to my crush on  the livestream and nausea hit me once more.

“Oh god I just did that on the livestream.”

“What did you do on the livestream?”





I shoved my face in my hands as Tyler chased Ethan around the room while Mark screamed in distress in the doorway. Who knew that the livestream would be so eventful?  

Mini comic

i couldn´t watch all the stream just the beginning so i drew what could have happened if Mark and Ethan try “evily” to put Tyler 40 shirts hehehe

also @markired maybe u like this :) (btwgonnadrawmoredarkvsantisoon)

favorite fanfic scenes in no particular order
stay in place (sing a chorus)

“The rain,” Tyler says.
Josh nods, slowly.
“It’s like…” Tyler pauses, searching for the word.
“Crisper,” Josh says.
“Exactly,” Tyler says, nodding.
“Almost like…” Josh frowns, “red? Maybe?”
“Mostly,” Tyler says. “With a hint of orange.”
“Orange, right.” Josh points at Tyler. “That’s right. I keep forgetting that one.”
“A lot of things are orange, though,” Tyler says, frowning.
“Not where I’m from,” Josh says darkly. “Everything’s just blue-black there.”
Tyler winces. “I can’t even imagine that.”
“Don’t,” Josh says firmly. He shakes his head. “Don’t even try.”