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Upcoming Caffeine Challenges!

This might actually be something like a schedule! For those of you who know what Caffeine Challenges are, here are the times!

Friday the 10th at 10 am CT

Saturday the 11th at 12 pm CT

Sunday the 12th at 10 am CT

…and maybe one or two more depending on how the day goes!

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Now, for those who are new, let me tell you what a Caffeine Challenge is! Caffeine challenges are basically writing warm ups! I pick a prompt (anything from a first line to dialogue to a picture to a song and more!)  and we all write on it for one hour. At the end of the hour, we all post what we have with the tag Caffeine Challenge

Everyone’s story/poem/writing gets put onto this google doc (X) with their name and tumblr attached! You can also go there to see me writing my caffeine challenge live!

(Though speaking of which, I have to log in the last challenge! I’ll have it done before tomorrow morning!)

And don’t worry if you can’t make any of the challenges! If you want, you can participate later in the day and send me a message (I rarely check my notifications!) so I can add it to the google doc :)

If you have any questions, let me know!

hey!! so i used to be @february22 but tumblr temporarily deactivated my blog and i?? felt this was a good time to just start over?? so yeah it’d be super helpful if you could maybe promo me by reblogging this to let others know!! i’m a lit blog and i tend to post (or will post) about aftg, soc, pjo, etc. thanks!!

A long ass reply post!

So uhm… not that I was planning it on making it so long but I didn’t had much time to reply in the first place, however, I am on summer break now so things will be somewhat easier, even though i’m still living a busy life! Maybe too busy for a teenager/adult like me

If I forgot anyone or didn’t reply on something you left and it was awesome, let me know! Tumblr’s activity thing keeps doing this infinite scrolling thing for me, so it’s really hard to find the comments as well.

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BurntPasta Commissions Info~

Hey Everyone! My hours have been pretty abysmal lately, and thus, for the first time in a long while, I am barely able to afford my bills..
-So! I’m opening up commissions! I am going to start with 5 slots and open them again as I finish them!

PLEASE READ ENTIRE POST BEFORE MESSAGING ME~ Send an Ask or a Message and I will get back to you ASAP!

4. -open-
5. -open-

$3 - 2-6 Frame Animation with Clean Lines and no background~ This can include my usual fat lines or thin lines~

$6 - 2-6 Frame Animation will full color and your choice of a blank background or a static background~

$10 - 2-6 Frame Animation with Full color, Dynamic Background (animated in any way) Plus some added effects like words or sparkles! xD

$5 - 7-15 Frame Animation with no color or background, Just the line animation~

$10 - 7-15 Frames of animation with full color, small effects like eye shines, shirt wrinkles, ect.. Static background or no background choices available!

$12 - 7-15 Frames of Animation, Full Color, Added effects like eye shines, sparkles, wobbly outlines, ect. Limited Animation Background available! (Colors, spinning stars, words, ect)

$15 - 7-15 Frames of Animation, Unlimited Effects like eye glows, smirks, scan lines, ect. Dynamic animated backgrounds like windy trees, scrolling backgrounds, FLAMES, color warping backgrounds, ect.

20$ - 15-25 Frames.. EVERYTHING INCLUDED. Dynamic backgrounds, clean cut animation, ect. These take the most time to do and they are made with the most amount of love and hard work! :3

20$ - 15-25 Frames.. EVERYTHING INCLUDED. Dynamic backgrounds, clean cut animation, ect. These take the most time to do and they are made with the most amount of love and hard work! :3

20$ - 15-25 Frames.. EVERYTHING INCLUDED. Dynamic backgrounds, clean cut animation, ect. These take the most time to do and they are made with the most amount of love and hard work! :3


-I am

more than willing

to animate outside of my normal Pokemon/Undertale/Nintendo comfort zone

-I prefer to work in a


manner, going so far as to maybe a ‘


′ for now. Someday I might change this, but I would like to keep my blog 100% SFW. <3


Any Commissions will be posted on my blog

with my tumblr tag in the corner, and your tumblr tag in the description of the commission!

If you wish to have your tumblr name displayed in the animation, please ask!

^^ If you


wish to have it posted on my blog, please let me know as well!

-My charging scheme is essentially 1$ a frame if there is no background to animate, and $1.50+ for added effects and dynamic animated backgrounds. Depending on how detailed you want me to get, I can change prices accordingly.



-Tumblr Blog Headers!

-Signatures on Forums!

-Reaction Gifs!

-Conversation Starters

-Silly Inside Jokes!

-Character Bios!

… And more! 

And again.. Thank you so much for all the awesome support! You guys make it possible to keep my love for animation burning so passionately… And I cannot thank you guys enough. Thank you, thank you, thank yooou!

This post is likely unnecessary and inconsequential but I just wanted to give a brief statement. I don’t know how many people who used to follow me still follow me or who I used to follow is doing now . For all intents and purposes I disappeared from Tumblr for about 3-4 years… I’m back now though! But I don’t know what has changed or anything really. But if I used to know you please feel free to message me to catch up or anything . I’m probably going to be back to posting about Lewis and Clark soon too! Do people still use the THP tag ? I don’t know . Let me know what I’ve missed ! Going to be mostly posting about Lewis and Clark, maybe some art, mostly dumb history jokes that only I think are funny… yeah! Sounds good!

Killua hates baths, but Gon doesn’t know this. The Hunter Exam left little time for personal hygiene, and at Heaven’s Arena Killua had always snuck back to his own room to take care of himself. Of course, it’s bound to be different here on Whale Island.

so story time: for the past couple of weeks i’ve been complaining about the lack of good bath fic for hxh and it wasn’t till a couple days ago that i remembered, hey, i write stuff, i could write one myself, y’know, sky’s the limit and all. fittingly, i wrote the vast majority of this on my phone, in the bath, so i apologize for mistakes and possibile general shittiness because i’m too lazy to proofread. a shout out to tumblr formatting for being fuckin incorrigible and impossible to comprehend. also this ficlet is dedicated to ghostlydeer for teasing me about liking bath fics. this ones for u <33

tw: mentions of past abuse, scar talk, some general angst stuff

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So let me clear up some stuff

I’m working on a webcomic here on tumblr called “little miss help me” and it’s in development until next week maybe, so I’m gonna be working on that, if you guys would like to follow it now here is the tag, but there isn’t posted, and the progress on the event and asks will be slower than ever before so– here’s the tag! @littlemisshelpme-webcomic (most likely didn’t work–)

Ok let's talk.

So like there’s a post circulating around Tumblr by queenfoisback, and it’s gotten me very upset. Now you can take this as shade, I honestly don’t care. You can even tag her and all of her friends, whatever. This isn’t me attacking anyone, rather it’s me speaking up. I encourage everyone to reblog this to get all these muslim tumblr blogs to see this, and maybe gain a new perspective.

I am a muslim. I was born a muslim, just like my dad and his dad and his dad and so on. My grandma’s side had people going to Hajj when no one really could go to Hajj at the time. I come from Bosnia. A place where you can hear the Athan at every single Salah. Where you can’t pass a village without atleast one Mosque unless it has been occupied by Serb/Croats. We are racially white people. I know I have already talked about this I’m not going to talk about it again, anyways basically we are white. But we’re muslims. And so we go through islamophobia just like a poc. Being poc doesnt mean you suddenly get islamophobia and we dont. Being poc does NOT mean you get to exclude all those white muslims who might already go through a hard time if they’re for example reverts. Of course, we still have white privledge. I am not going to get into white privledge and stuff because it has nothing to do with this. Please. I BEG YOU, stop saying “white people” when describing non muslim americans. Stop it. You are excluding so many people in our Ummah. It’s wrong on so many levels. I beg you, we should unite ourselves.

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anon from last night: yes i definitely would read that and im betting a lot of other people would. like i absolutely adore how luhan looks like ~pretty~ but combats that by the personality he has and proof would be so much fun to read/view ok

aight i hope you enjoy this… also let me tag tumblr user dawnlus here bc this is my revenge since i can’t send gifs in asks, i hope you enjoy this snezhi :-) i can be a great friend too :-) see :-)

warning: long post full of luhan’s manliness, maybe yall start believing me now when i agree with luhan, he is manly ok!!! not only his appearance but also his personality and eksjnfdskjng ok under the cut

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