maybe today is a good day after all

Friday May 12th,

Lunch when you’re to lazy to make anything else. Today I found myself super busy and I baked a lemon cake for Mother’s Day and had a lot of cleaning/washing up to do. By 5pm I was drained and ready for bed! I had a good talk to my dog after breakfast, which probably seems weird as she can’t understand me, but as we (my family) put her to sleep on Monday I felt like I wanted to thank her for all her love and happy memories, even though she had no idea what I was saying. Maybe this will help me say goodbye. I am so tired right now (probably emotion based) and excited for sleep, but first I want to journal and draw and obviously I need something for dessert before I settle down. Oh, and I have the kitchen to clean for the hundredth time today, yay.

Shit that might happen if BTS attends the BBMAs

- Jin steps out of the car like a king and “the car door guy” becomes viral again but this time it’s literally everywhere

- Everyone on Twitter is sayin “who the fck is this” but then they see V wearing Gucci from head to toe giving no fucks. 

- BTS pulls off the worst thing they can do in America, which is pose randomly during the red carpet n the paparazzi r like ”???“ 

- There’s a red carpet interview and J-Hope pulls off some random ass shit, making this their last visit to the country 

- The ceremony starts, Jungkook realizes he’s super close to Justin Bieber sunbaenim and freaks out n the camera caught it live.

- Y'know when Tae or the other members are like dancing to the songs n having funny reactions during awards shows in Korea?? They do that there and everyone finds it amusing cause no one does that in America 

[fast forward to their award presentation or what ever u call it]

 - They call the on the nominees and Jungkook screams wildly once they say Justin Bieber sunbaenim

- The presenter then says BTS won, all of them r shook. 

- The nominees of the category are pissed that they were beaten by a group who doesn’t even promote in America. 

- Stan twt gets pissed n jealous then starts calling BTS trash but no one cares 

- Yoongi does something he regrets after 5 secs which is shouting "ARMYYYYY” to the mic just like the @ the GDA 

- The other celebs stare at them in disgust

- Namjoon gives a heartwarming speech n out of no where Jungkook starts crying and says its bcs he’s happy but in reality he rlly wanted Justin to win 


 - The presenter says Justin Bieber won, making Jungkook stand up with a Justin Bieber banner and scream like the fanboy he is 

- The rest of the members give no fucks cause J-Hope n Rap Mon are talking to Beyoncé and Rihanna, V’s getting compliments for his fashion and Jimin is taking secret pics of Suga while he’s asleep 


- They have a surprise performance which is BST and all is amazed and losing their shit by both the song n choreo

- The cameras get the reactions of celebs and they’re all shookt

- During the chorus, Jimin “accidentally” revealed his abs and all the male idols watching are reevaluating their lives 

- Turns out it’s a mashup n they start performing Dope and the cameras get the reactions of the celebs again n the celebs look like they regret starting their music career

- Everyone screams once they do the hip thrusts 

- During one of Jungkook’s lines, he replaces it with “Justin Bieber sunbaenim WHATS GOOD?!" 

- Y'all thought that was it? NOPE! Turns out it’s also a mashup with Not Today (or Fire or maybe even Spring Day idk all their songs r on point) and at this point everyone is deceased 

- The performance ends and everyone gives them a standing ovation n they’re also crying


 After the ceremony, all the celebrities that attended start following BTS on Twitter n some even tweeted to them then they got so popular that they reached 7m followers on Twitter then the Spring Day and Not Today MV reached 100m views, Kanye West n The Chainsmokers are best buds with Rap Mon, Justin collabs with Jungkook and BTS guest stars on Ellen.

Choosing Betty, Part 2 (Jughead x Reader)

Part 1

Imagine: After your boyfriend, James, ditches your poetry reading, you are heartbroken. Not more heartbroken than when Jughead Jones chose Betty Cooper over you, though. You prepare for your performance and notice a familiar face in the crowd.

You texted James a halfhearted excuse about not feeling well before driving home. After a lot of frustrated screaming into your pillow, and glaring at a picture of you and Jughead you kept on your desk, you began to prepare for your poetry reading that night. You shimmied out of your too-tight cheer uniform, glad to be free of the itchy polyester. You wiped off your gaudy makeup and undid your uncomfortable hairdo.

You re-did your makeup to how you normally preferred to wear it, and got dressed in some of your normal clothing. When filing through your closet, you found an old flannel Jughead had lent you one day when a teacher had gotten on your ass about the dress code. For some reason, you took it off the hanger and put it on over your ensemble. Just because I hate him doesn’t mean I can’t exploit his decent fashion sense, you reasoned. Plus, it smelled like him and it made you feel angry which was a good emotion to feel when reading poetry.

Finally, you rifled through your notebook to do a quick run-through of your poem. You’d originally opted to read a poem about new love and romance, expecting James to be in the audience. With the safety of knowing you’d be reading to completely unfamiliar ears, you decided to go with something a bit more provocative.

“To the boy who doesn’t love me back,” you read in a sarcastic voice to the crowd of young adults sipping cocktails in the audience. “I hope your girlfriend doesn’t mind that I’m wearing your shirt right now,” you ad-libbed, waggling your eyebrows suggestively. Some people in the audience gasped and laughed.

You began to perform a poem you had sloppily composed the night Jughead had admitted his feelings for Betty to you. It started off very angry. Full of crude analogies about all the ways you’d like to see him suffer. The creativity of the prose made audience members chuckle and cheer for you.

Then, it got emotional. You reflected on the inner pain you felt, relating it to metaphors demonstrating loneliness and rejection in a way only a metaphor could. You could have heard a pin drop in the silence of the bar.

Finally, it ended how you felt right now–confusion. You still cared about Jughead and wanted him to be happy, but some part of you wanted him to be heartbroken and run back to you, and another part of you didn’t want anything to do with him at all. You left the poem on a question. The audience snapped enthusiastically at your cleverness. You smiled and bowed. Maybe today was a good day, after all.

The house lights went up to help guide the next performer–a cellist toting a heavy instrument case–to the stage.

That was when you saw the faces among the crowd; all cool, hipster-like twenty-somethings, smiling at you in admiration for your performance.

And in the back of the room, leaning against the doorway, a dark-haired teenage boy with a crown-shaped beanie.

Your stomach dropped.

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The Bookshop That Has (Almost) Everything

fun fact this is loosely based on a real bookshop I once found somewhere in greenwich idk exactly where it is but if ever find urself around the area look out for it its v cute and v tiny

summary: Phil works at a bookshop. Dan buys a book one day, and, in a ploy to see Phil, keeps returning with more and more obscure requests so Phil has to spend more time searching. After Dan leaves with ‘cactus maintenance: a memoir’, Phil starts to suspect something’s up.

words: 7.3k


“Look,” Phil sighs when he catches sight of the book Dan’s clutching today. “I know there’s a very good chance you keep cacti and you just wanna maintain them and it’s probably wrong of me to assume otherwise, but-…can I ask you something?”

Dan gulps, putting the book titled “Cactus Maintenance: A Memoir” down on the counter.

“Do you actually need half of the books you come in here for?” he asks softly. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, there’s a good chance you might actually ride motorcycles, study bricklaying, want to know more about frogspawn or- you know, wanna look after your cacti, but…” he shrugs. “I don’t know. It’s just- um, you’re the first person I’ve met that, you know, buys one book every single day. When do you get time to read them all?”



Graveland’s Books is the kind of place you’d only come across if you were either very bored, very desperate, or very lost.

It hides on the tail end of an alleyway just behind the village market, and the gnarled wooden beams, the glass oil lanterns lining either side of the aged brickwork and the rusty bronze bell hanging above the door would fool anyone into thinking they’d just stepped out of 2016 and into the 18th century. If it wasn’t for the mobile phone shop sitting directly opposite, of course.

It’s not big in size, with a staff room and an office the size of a postage stamp upstairs and just about enough room to fit two free standing bookshelves in the middle of the shop, but books spill into every single crack. Stacks and stacks of fiction and history and travel and biographies narrow the aisles between the shelves, and it’s all too easy to trip over a random pile of books in the middle of the floor when you’re not concentrating properly.

But, for a job running along the sidelines of university, Phil enjoys it. He’d certainly rather spend his time flicking through a story about a cursed mushroom than stack supermarket shelves and deal with obnoxious co-workers, anyway.

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Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 10/?)

AAAAAND here it is long lost part 10!

I know it’s been ages and I know it’s not as good as I promised it to be and grammar probably is awful and smut part is terrible but hey at least it’s long lol

PART 1     PART 2    PART 3     PART 4    PART 5     PART 6     PART 7       PART 8    PART 9

“Can you do it for me?”, me and all of my friends were sitting at the cafeteria when I basically threw my Spanish book in front of Montgomery.

“What is it?”

“My Spanish homework and it’s fucking stupid”, I said taking a bite of my lunch.

“Give me that”, he sighed and took my pen.

What I’ve been struggling with for last fifteen minutes for Monty what easy peasy and took him like five.

“Thank you”, I smiled.

“You’re welcome”, he smiled back.

“Ookaaaay”, Justin said. “What is going on between you two?”, he asked pointing at me and Montgomery.

“What?”, he chuckled.

“Your weird smile for each other, mumbles under the breaths that only you two understand, looks you to give each other… What is it about?”

“Okay…”, I took a deep breath. I was prepared for it for a very long time. “We’re fuck buddies”, I said looking Justin straight in the eyes.

Jessica snorted, Monty started coughing, everyone else were looking at me and Justin.

“You and Montgomery? About him I’d believe that. But you? School’s sweetheart? Yeah, right”, Justin chuckled and nodded his head.

“If you don’t want to get stupid answers, don’t ask stupid questions. There is nothing between me and Monty other than those fucking chemistry projects”, I said and looked down at my book to read whatever Montgomery wrote.


“Okay, I have an idea”, he said when we were leaving chemistry. “I’ve been thinking about that for whole class.”

“Instead of taking notes”, I interrupted. “What’s the idea?”

“Idea how to get rid of suspicious Justin.”

I looked at him waiting for him to continue.

“One of us has to go on a date with someone”, he said clearly proud of himself. “It can be me, I can do it.”

“Well, I’m pretty sure I can go on a date too.”

“And I’m pretty sure it takes a while before someone grow balls to ask you out”.

“Excuse me?”, I stopped in place. “I can be nice or friendly or whatever… And I can go on a date”, I said and walked past him.

The opportunity of a date showed up sooner than I thought. Next day I was walking down the hall, looking at my phone and, of course, I walked into someone. Causing our books to fall on the ground.

“Shit, I’m sorry”, I said and looked up to see who I actually bumped into. “Hi, Marcus”, I smiled at him and I reached down to grab my books.

“Hi, Y/N”, he helped me picking up my things. “So, umm, how is it going?”

“Good, thanks”, I smiled when he handed me my books. “And how are you?”

“You know”, he sighed. “Trying to keep up with this C average or above bullshit.”

“Right”, I nodded my head. “Speaking of that, I have Math, so I have to go. See you around”, I waved at him and went towards class.

“Hey, listen”, he ran up to me. “So, umm… Would you like to go to Monet’s or Rosie’s sometime? Or Cresmont I don’t know?”

I stood there a little shocked.

“Were you talking to Monty?”, I asked. Now Marcus was shocked and confused. “Look, sorry, he just told me this week on chemistry I was undateable, whatever”, I shrugged off.

“Wow, he’s stupid”, he laughed a little.

“But yeah, I would like to go to Monet’s. Or Rosie’s. Or Cresmont.”

“Sooo… Let’s say Rosie’s tomorrow at 7?”

“Perfect”, I smiled.

“Good, see ya”.

I went to the Math thinking about this whole situation. It was kinda weird but dates were unusual for me in general ans suddenly after months and months of nothing Marcus asked me out right after I tried to convince Monty (and me) that I can actually get asked for a date.

Whatever, I’m not marrying him, I’m going for a free shake, I thought to myself.

“So you’re going out with Marcus?”, next day I jumped when I heard Monty talking to me because he showed up from nowhere.

“Jeez, you scared me. He already told all the jocks?”, I asked looking for a book in my locker.

“No, his friend did. So you are going out with him?”

“What are you, jealous?”, I shut locker’s door.

“You wish. I mean… Marcus?”

“Well, he’s kinda dumb and thinks world spins around him, but…” I shrugged. “I don’t even have to listen to him if it turn out he’s dumber than I think.”

“Wow, you set your standards high”, he said with sarcasm in his voice.

“Look who’s talking”, I literally looked at him. “You think girls don’t talk? Really Monty, freshman that just got in to cheerleaders team? Could you even try any less?”

“Big boobs”, he said shortly.

“Wow, you set your standards high”, I mimic his voice.

“Whatever”, Monty rolled his eyes. “Where are you and Marcus going?”

“Oh, you want me to tell you so you can show up there with your Ms big boobs? No way”, I shook my head.

“You’re afraid I’m gonna have better time?”

“You’re ridiculous. Good talk, Monty”, I patted his chest and walked into class.


I came to Rosie’s fashionable five minutes late. Marcus however was more fashionable than me - he arrived twenty five minutes late.

“Wow, you’re a classy date”, I said crossing my arms when he sat in front of me.

“I’m so sorry something stopped me”, he said. “But I’m so glad you didn’t just leave”, he gave me a little smile. “So chocolate-walnut shake? It’s the best, I swear.”

“I’m allergic to nuts. Strawberry will be okay.”

Marcus ordered our shakes, I took a deep breath. Just be nice, I told myself. Maybe he really got stopped by something important, you still can have a nice talk. Maybe it could still be nice if bunch of the jocks didn’t come in before we even got our drinks. Bryce, Troy, Zach and few others.

“Really, Dempsey?”, I mouthed at Zach. “Seriously? They came to keep an eye on your date?”, I asked Marcus.

“I swear I didn’t know they are coming. But I mean, it’s Rosie’s, everyone sits here all the time.”

“Yeah, you probably right, sorry”, I sighed.

The conversation with Marcus was off, felt pushed most of the times. Every few minutes there was either awkward silence or me having logorrhea in order to avoid that silence. He tried to do some little, subtle moves but I was so done that I successfully ignored them.
After two long hours I decided it’s time to go home. I told Marcus I had bus, he didn’t offer to walk me home and I was actually relieved, because I really didn’t know what else I could talk about. He walked off with his army od assholes I sat on the bus stop. Suddenly red Mustang stopped by.

“Hi, Tony”, I smiled when he opened window.

“Why are you here at this time alone?”, he asked.

“Ugh.. You know…”, I shrugged.

“Date went bad?”

“Something like that”, I nodded.

“Come in, I’ll drive you home”, Tony leaned and open passenger’s door for me.

“It’s okay, I don’t wanna be a problem, I have bus in like… Twenty minutes.”

“In twenty minutes you’ll be home, come in”, he insisted.

“Okay”, I agreed and got inside.

“So Marcus wasn’t the perfect date?”, Tony asked while driving.

“How do you…”

“It’s Liberty, please”, he rolled his eyes.

“Right”, I nodded. “Good thing I wasn’t really into it in the first place, so whatever”.

“Why did you go then?”

I thought about seriously for a second and decided to be honest not only with Tony but also with myself.

“I guess… I wanted to piss someone off… Or something”, I shrugged.

That was the truth. I wanted to make Monty jealous. It was stupid and naive because feelings were needed to cause jealousy and Montgomery had no feelings towards me.

“Wouldn’t it be easier to just talk to that person instead of that?”

“Nooo”, I shook my head. “Not with… Not with him.”

“Communication is the key, you’ll remember my words”, Tony said and stopped his car in front of my house.

“Thank you”, I smiled. “For the drive and wisdom of the day even though I’m probably not gonna use it.”

“I’m aware of that”, he nodded.

“Bye, Tony”, I said and left his car.

He waited until I got inside and drove away.
I talked to my parents, went to my room to leave my bag and took pyjamas and went to the bathroom. I came back from the shower and saw one new message and missed call from Zach.

Zach: U got home safe?

Y/N: Wow, now you care

Zach: ??? I separated from guys, went to my car and drove to the bus stop but you weren’t there

Y/N: well, Tony Padilla was faster and drove me home

Y/N: and after today you’re definitely my fav out of all my friends.

Me and Zach were never super close as friends but until today if I thought about it I’d say me and him were closer than him and Marcus.

Next day I met Monty at the parking, we arrived at the same time.

“How was your date?”, he asked.

“Very good. Marcus is actually super nice and funny”, I lied. “How was yours?”

“Good, we were at Cresmont”, he said looking down at the ground. “So are you going out with him again?”

“Maybe… Probably yes”, I will definitely go to hell for all those lies but seeing Monty’s jaw clenching was definitely worth it.

We separated when we walked inside. Montgomery went to talk to jocks, I went to my locker.

“Hi”, Marcus stood next to me, it took a lot of inner strength to not roll my eyes at him. But Monty’s was watching us, so I had to look as happy as I could.

“Hi”, I smiled.

“So, I know it’s probably too fast, cause we’ve been out just yesterday but today there is a party after game…”

“I don’t party on a week days”, I interrupted.

“I know”, he touched my arm. “But still I want to ask if maybe you’d like to go there… like with me. I’ll drive you home and everything.”

Every cell of my body wanted to tell “no”, but I quickly looked at Monty and saw his whole body clenched.

“I guess one party won’t kill me”, I said with a fake smile.

“Great. It starts right after game so I’ll just wait for you in my car after the game.”

“Okay, see ya”, I grabbed my things and went for PE.

I was walking behind the bleachers when I heard someone running towards me. I turned around and saw Monty.

“You really are going to party with Marcus?”, he asked angrily.

“Well, you clearly overheard everything, why are you asking?”

“This guy is an asshole!”

“So are you”, I crossed my arms at my chest. “And why do you even care? Why do you care, Montgomery?!”, I looked at him with my eyes wide open waiting for him to say something. Anything.

“ Because…”, he started looking everywhere but not at me. “Because you deserved better than him!”

“Right”, I slowly nodded my head looking down and bit my lower lip. “And I think that you’re afraid you’re gonna lose your regular banging”, I said and moved a little toward him.

He was looking me straight in the eyes, then grabbed my waist, pulled me closer and aggressively kissed my lips. He dominated this kiss like if he wanted to show who’s in charge. I moved away from him.

“I’m not you property”, I said and walked to PE.

I quickly changed and started warming up when Sheri stood next to me.

“I think you got something to tell me about”, he said, clearly pissed.

“Oh, yeah, I was at Rosie’s with Marcus, don’t ask”, I shook my head.

“I’m not talking about that”, she quickly looked around to check if someone can hear us. “I saw you and Monty behind the bleachers”, she said quietly.

I frozed for a moment. I opened my mouth, but nothing came out, I just didn’t know what to say. Sheri was my friend for so long and I was lying to her for months.

“PE is starting but then we’re skipping Peer Communication and going for a talk”, she said and all I could do was nodding my head.


“So?”, she asked when we sat behind the bleachers. “He kissed you, I saw it”

“Yes, I’m not gonna deny it. Okay, Sheri”, I took a deep breath. “You can’t tell anyone about that. Anyone. I mean it.”

“Okay, okay. I swear. I won’t even tell Jess.”

“Especially Jess! She would run straight to Justin and then everyone would know…”

“Okay, just start talking”, Sheri rushed me.

“Okay… I’ll just go straight to the point”, once again I took a deep breath. “Me and Monty have this kinda friends with benefits thing”, I said quickly.

She looked at me for a moment.

“You… Monty… what?”

“Please, don’t make me say that out loud again”, I rolled my eyes.

“I won’t… I’m just… Processing…”, she mumbled. “How did it started?”

“Kind of at that pool party at Bryce’s, kind of at Jessica’s party… I mean, he started at hot tub, I teased him, then he teased me, then we hooked up and then we hooked up again and just”, I shrugged.

“I shocked. I mean I’d never thought you’d ever be into hooking up. Especially with Monty”, she looked at me with eyes wide open. “I thought you almost hate him.”

“I don’t hate him. I just didn’t want people to connect me with him.”

“Past tense?”, she asked with a smirk.

“Not the point, Sheri”, I sighed.

We spent whole period hidden behind bleachers, I told her everything, maybe beside the fact that I probably started having some feelings towards him, but I wasn’t ready to admit that to myself not to mention admitting to someone else.

I spend the rest of the day avoiding Montgomery, Marcus and Zach who suddenly felt like he needed to talk to me, but he caught me warming up before opening basketball game.

“Y/N, listen”, he started.

“You have a game in ten minutes, warm up”, I said.

“About yesterday…”

“You are his friend, you went to check how thing were going, fine”, I shrugged.

“You’re my friend too.”

“Then you’re closer with him than with me, it’s fine”, I said and did double handspring to got away from him and also because I knew Montgomery was watching and he was a sucker for this.


Me and Marcus got to the party, he brought me a beer, paid a lot of attention to me, at least for first 45 minutes. After that time he was mostly focused on putting his hand somewhere on me - my shoulder, my back, my knee even though everytime I was gently moving his hand away.
I spotted Montgomery with his hands and jaw clenched while Zach was whispering something to him and then stopped him from going somewhere.
As party for going Marcus and I were sitting on the couch and he was becoming more and more annoying.

“Marcus, can you stop?”, I asked when I smacked his hand of my knee again.

“Come on, why don’t we have some fun?”, he said, his hand went on my thigh and his head got closer to my neck.

“Marcus, stop”, I said through my clenched teeth, I didn’t really want to make a scene.

Suddenly Montgomery showed up in front of us. He pushed Marcus, took my hand and pulled me up from the couch.

“What the hell, man?”

“Sorry Marcus, you’re not winning your bet”, he said and left the room making me go with him as he was still holding my hand.

“Bet? What bet?”, I asked.

“He had a bet that he’ll have sex with you”, Monty said with rage in his voice. “I should’ve come back there and beat the shit out of him.”

“No, you shouldn’t. Did you know about that? The bet?”

“Jeez, of course I didn’t. I got to know at the party. Get in the car”, he opened door for me.

“Don’t talk to me like that”, I said.

“Please, just get in the fucking car”, he said looking me angrily into eyes.

I got inside and slammed the door.

“I’m grateful you took me away from him but  don’t you ever dare to talk to me like this”, I repeated when he got into the car and start driving.

“He was having his hands all over you and your biggest problem is the way I talk to you right now?!”

“You don’t own me, Montgomery”, I said looking him in the face but he was looking straight on the road, avoiding meeting my eyes. “Where are we going?”, I sighed. No response. “Monty, you’re scaring me”, I said quietly. Still no response. “Fine”, I chuckled and crossed my arms on my chest.

Few minutes later he stopped car in the area of old warehouses.

“What are we doing here?”, I asked.

“Marcus was the one who was trying to fuck you and I feel like you’re mad at me.”

“I am mad at you for treating me like I’m yours. I’m not”, I said not looking at him.

He put his fingers on my chin and turned my face towards him.

“I know you’re not. But I won’t let anyone treat you like a mattress”, he said with his face close to me.

“Right, I’m too busy being your mattress”, I said looking at his lips.

His lips crashed mine. Our tongues were fighting. I was so mad at him, but he affected me in way I didn’t know before and I just didn’t want him to stop. His hand started rubbing me through my jeans, a little moan escaped my mouth.

“I’m still mad at you”, I mumbled under my breath when his lip moved down my neck leaving wet kisses.

“Backseat”, he ordered.

I crawled to the back, took of my shirt before Monty got on top of me. I tangled me fingers into his hair when he kissed crook of my neck and unzipped my jeans.

“Fucking skinny jeans”, he mumbled when moved away from me trying to slide them down my legs.

I reached his belt and started undoing it when without a word of warning he slided two fingers into me.

“Oh fuck”, I moaned.

„You may be mad but you’re wetter than ever”, he said pumping in and out.

“Monty…”, I whispered palming him through his boxers, “I want you to fuck me.”

“As you wish”, he said and leaned to give me a deep kiss.

Second later I felt him thrusting in and out fast and hard. Montgomery pinned my hips down before I even lift them.

“Babe”, he growled in the crook of my neck.

His hand found mine and our fingers tangled together,

“You feel so good”, he groaned thrusting in me faster and faster.

“Fuck, Monty…”, I digged my nails in his shoulder.

“I know, baby, come on”, his hand went down and he started rubbing my clit with his thumb.

“Oh, God, don’t stop…”, I moaned under my heavy breath and then I lost it.

“Fuck”, he howled.

Car was full of our breathless moans, Monty rode out our high and rest his forehead on mine, I played with his hair for a moment.

“I should go home”, I said quietly.

“Can you drive or should I give you a ride home?”, he asked giving me my long lost shirt.

“I can drive, that one beer I drunk got sweated out well”, I patted his shoulder. “My car is at school so if you could… Shit”, I sighed as I was crawling back to the passenger’s seat.


“My bag is at Bryce’s.”

“So we’re going to Bryce and the to the school”, he said and give me kiss on a temple.

What the actual fuck, I thought.

I couldn’t even be mad at him for playing with my feelings because he didn’t know they were any. I was mad at myself and I hated the way this kiss felt. And I hated the way my heart skipped a bit when he rubbed my knee during drive.

That moment it was clear to me that I was falling for him, even though it was the most stupid thing any girl could do – fall for Montgomery de la Cruz and if there was anything I knew I could do about this it was one thing – stop whatever was going on between us.

Move-In Day

You looked around your new apartment and nodded to yourself in approval. Everything looked pretty good for a small, college apartment. It was clean for now and it was tastefully decorated. Sitting down on your comfortable, dark blue couch, you looked out your balcony window and bounced your legs a bit, not really being able to sit still. Today was a pretty big day after all and even though you and your parents had just spent a few exhausting hours moving into your apartment, you were still pumped and ready to explore the new town you lived in. It was a good sized town that was maybe only thirty minutes away from New York City and the university was beautiful with plenty of trees and green grass. Plus it was an old university too that had a lot of history behind it. 

It was a nice day outside so you decided to grab your bike and bike around the neighborhood you lived in. It was a small, cute neighborhood that was only a few blocks away from campus and the majority of the houses were rented out by the university’s upperclassmen…man and mutant alike. You were lucky to get a cute one bedroom apartment in a small apartment complex on the corner. Walking outside you smiled and grabbed your bike, already feeling the cool fall breeze hit your face as you started to peddle down the road. 

After riding down the street for a few minutes and passing a few houses that were getting ready for some house parties, you stopped in front of a house after you saw some flashes of green moving around inside and outside the house. You froze. 


They were mutants.

Well duh, this university does allow humans and mutants alike to study and live together so it wasn’t much of a shock to you…but you’ve just never seen any like them before. They were tall, green, muscular…turtles, and they all had different colored bandanas on. You froze when one of them caught you staring. It was the one with an orange bandana on. 

“Oh, hey there!” he said with a smile and waved happily at you. You stuttered and looked around before pointing to yourself, mouthing a ‘Me?‘ at him. He chuckled and nodded his head. “Yeah, you! What’s up, dudette? Like what ya see?” he asked teasingly, holding his arms up a bit as he waggled his eyebrow ridges.

“I..oh geez, I’m sorry. I swear I wasn’t staring I’ve just-”

“Never seen mutants up close?” Another one walked out of the garage holding an empty box. He was taller and bigger than the orange clad one and he wore a red bandana. You watched him break up the box and throw it in the garbage. He wiped his hands on his pants and crossed his arms and looked at you with a smirk, knowing he was right. 

“Well, yeah..” you said a little shyly and rubbed the back of your neck. 

“Guys, what’s the hold…” Another large turtle appeared from the garage then looked at you and trailed off a little, obviously surprised to see his brothers talking to such a cute looking girl. “..up…uh, hello.” he said and gave you an awkward but sweet smile and wave, which you gladly returned. Then another appeared from the garage. Man, how many of them were there?? This one sported a blue bandana and looked to be the oldest and was pretty charming. He looked at you and gave you a small smile then looked at his brothers a bit quizzically. 

You decided to go closer since it seemed like they were pretty friendly and held out a hand, offering it simply to the first one who would take it for a handshake. “I’m, (Y/n). I just moved into an apartment down the street,” you said and pointed down the street with your other hand. Immediately the oldest took your hand and shook it and introduced himself and his three younger brothers. 

The oldest was Leonardo, the one in the blue bandana. He had graduated this past spring with an undergrad in history and decided to stay with his brothers at the university to start on his masters so he could become a history professor. He was also a fan of the martial arts and was the president of the university’s martial arts club when he was still an undergrad. But since he graduated he had taken the job as a martial arts instructor at a dojo downtown. He taught beginners all the way up to black belts and even beyond that. 

The second oldest was Raphael, the huge turtle in red. He was a physical therapy major and his goal was to help people recover from severe injuries, strokes, heart attacks..anything, really. He especially enjoyed helping young children, encouraging them to keep pushing through and to stay strong. It was sweet, actually. Outside of that he was the quarterback on the football team, which was really no surprise to you at all. I mean, the guy was basically the equivalent to a brick wall.

Donatello, the one in purple, was an honors student with a major in biochemistry. Phew, impressive, huh? The guy was insanely smart…and tall! Turns out that on top of all of those academic scholarships, he had also gotten a hefty basketball scholarship because of his height and his strength and stamina. So the guy had brains and he was good at sports…never thought you would see the day.

The youngest, of course, was Michelangelo, the cutie in orange. He was an art major who specialized in painting and realistic portraits. You should have guessed since he was unpacking a box full of paint and art supplies out of their green van when he caught you staring. Mikey wasn’t apart of any sports teams or clubs like his brothers. Being more of the artistic type, he had a weekly thing at the local elementary school teaching kids about art and when he wasn’t there, you could find him in one of the studios working on an assignment or a project…or asleep in a hammock somewhere around campus.

You blushed a little, getting to know a little about each one. They were all brothers and while they all looked somewhat similar they were all pretty different personality-wise. You explained to them that you were a junior but this was your first year at the university since you spent your first two years at home attending the community college. It was cheaper to do that and just get the basic classes out of the way before attending an actual university. 

“It’s great to meet you guys,” you smiled at them then looked at how much they still had to do. “Well, it looks like you guys are busy so I’ll just leave you to it. I don’t want to be in the way. Besides, I’m sure we’ll catch each other around campus. Plus, I live literally right down the street.” you said, a small giggle in your voice. The brothers nodded in understanding, even though they really wanted you to stay and just procrastinate on unpacking.

“Man, I still have to unpack the rest of my art supplies and my tv and video games…” Mikey groaned and looked at all the full boxes. 

“Yeah, it’ll take us a while to get set up here. But like you said, you are right down the street.” he said and gave you a quick wink, making you blush a bit. 

You waved goodbye to your new friends and rode your bike, wanting to explore more of your new town. Little did you know that this was the beginning of a very interesting friendship…and an even more interesting relationship with one very lucky turtle.


Triple H/OC. For Anon: Thick Cock Daddy! Hunter has a big interest in Reader, but she takes it as him wanting her to be one of his NXT Kids. She doesn’t want to be one his NXT kids. She firmly rejects the position and any words that come from his lips. Then one late night she’s struggling with her pacing in the ring, so he seizes the moments and gets her into the (multiple) positions he’s been wanting her in with lots of (dirty) words. She decides she wants to call him Daddy after all, in a much different way.

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Morning, Princess

Summary: You recently watched Moana with the fam, what happens when you can’t get the song unstuck from your head and the boys catch you singing it?

Bruce x Reader… + some batboys and Alfred

Author’s Note: I thought of this, but i also requested this same thing from someone else… so, oh well. whoops. (Also, sidenote, I’m sorry if some of the dialogue doesn’t really sound like the boys. I’m new to writing about them and/or Bruce, so if it doesn’t exactly fit, then… yeah. i’m sorry. if you want to give me pointers i’d gladly accept)

Originally posted by charmwillconquer

One of your favorite pass-times was showering. Sure it was a necessity, but it was also a way to relax and well, be able to either contemplate your latest questions and situations, or practice your singing skills. 

You don’t often get the chance to shower alone, considering you and Bruce prefer to bask in each others presences, however, when you do get the time to be alone- whether by request or by chance- you relished it.

You start by washing your face and realize that you’re humming the same tune over and over. You don’t really even know the words as you’d just watched the movie a few days ago, but you can’t get the song out of your head!

Before you know it you’re singing the song and trying to search your mind for the lyrics you’ve forgotten… You don’t remember the last time you’ve sung but you love it, and you’re reminded of how good you think your singing skills are.

Bruce’s POV

Luckily it’s the weekend, which means that waking up early isn’t a priority, and jobs don’t really take any thought. I roll over, searching for Y/N’s presence on the bed, but she’s not there.

I furrow my brows, wishing she’d stayed and could’ve woken up with me, being able to actually have time to cuddle this morning… I can hear the shower running, meaning Y/N’s probably already up and getting on with her day. I think about joining her, but considering I already showered last night having come back from a pretty intense patrol, I figure I’ll just go see what the boys are up to instead.

Minutes pass before I get the strength to get up out of bed and put on some clothes. I start to walk through the door before I hear singing coming from the bathroom.


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Mints? (Evan Hansen x Reader)


WC: 1,174

There was only so much Advil could do for a person. Advil can help with headaches, backaches, cramps, stomach aches and pains from having a cold. The one thing it cannot do is cure anxiety. That’s a thing Heidi didn’t understand. When Evan was in junior high and he’d tell his mom that his stomach hurt, she would give him two Advils and a big glass of water. It never gave him any relief and it took him a while to realize that. When he did, he decided to stop telling Heidi when he felt sick because it never helped him. Now he just sat and tried to ignore it.

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Congrats on reaching 500 followers! And 66 for Solangelo please. Thanks.

Thank you!!

‘It’s not like I go looking for trouble. It just sort of finds me.’

‘Well, could you maybe be more careful?’, Will snaps at Nico, while dabbing some disinfectant on the wound on his arm. Nico hisses when the liquid makes contact with it. ‘Sorry’, Will mutters, not sounding that sorry. 

‘Why do you even care? It’s not like I’m dead.’ Nico’s sitting on one of the beds in the infirmary, his arm outstretched so Will can heal the cut. He truly doesn’t understand why Will is angry with him. It’s not like he was actively trying to run into a monster, he just needed some time away from camp to think. 

Sometimes the amount of people around him still gets a little too much for him. On days he didn’t get any sleep because memories of Tartarus keep appearing behind his eyelids. Or on days when he simply misses his sister and doesn’t want to talk to anyone he knows. He could stay in his cabin on those days, but eventually there’s always one of his friends that will come knocking on his door, or the walls just won’t be a good enough distraction from the mess in his head. Today had been one of those days, he needed some air and some quiet. So he decided to shadow travel out of camp, into New York.

Now that he’s sitting here in the infirmary with Will angry at him, he realizes that maybe wasn’t the best thing to do. Especially without anyone with him. It had been good for a while, just walking around in the midst of all these people that didn’t know him, all these people that would leave him alone. But then, a monster caught his scent and came after him. And that’s how he got the deep gash in his forearm and the scratch on his cheek. 

‘Why do I care? Gee, I don’t know, Nico. I guess that’s just what friends do, but maybe that’s just me. Next time you’re almost killed by a monster I won’t worry if that’s what you want.’, Will snaps at him. He’s a little taken aback. Though Will often has a sarcastic response to his own, he’s usually not this aggressive. 

‘I didn’t almost die, Solace. I killed that monster in barely five minutes. And what I meant is, why do you care so much? We’re demigods, people get attacked by monsters every day and they come out of it way worse than I do.’

Will lets out a frustrated sigh. ‘Still doesn’t mean you have to get yourself into stupid shit all the time. But’, he throws away the piece of paper he used to clean Nico’s wound and rakes a hand through his hair. ‘forget it. You’re right. I’m overreacting.’

Will starts using his magic on the wound, but Nico notices the way his eyes seem distant and a little sad. He hates seeing Will sad or anything but happy, really. His joyful eyes don’t deserve anything but happiness.

He waits until Will’s done doing his magic and then asks: ‘Solace? Will, are you okay?’

‘Yeah, I’m fine. Forget it.’ He smiles, but Nico knows him well enough to see how forced it is. 

‘No, seriously. What’s wrong? Are you still mad because I left camp without protection, ‘cause – ‘

Will’s voice interrupts him. ‘You really don’t see it, do you?’ He’s almost shouting and Nico is relieved there’s no one else in the infirmary. 

‘See what?’

‘That I love you.’, he’s really shouting now.


‘Yes, Nico, I’m in love with you. And it hurts me to see you like this, okay? And I know you probably don’t feel the same, I just –’ 

And then Nico’s lips are shutting him up, the most effective way he could think of to make Will see he felt the same while also making him stop talking. 

Will’s frozen in shock for a second, before kissing Nico back intensely. Nico’s faintly aware that he has no idea what he’s doing, that it’s probably a bad kiss because he has no experience and he doesn’t if Will does, but he can’t bring himself to care. Not when Will’s lips are on his, not when this is finally happening and his words are still echoing in his mind. 

Yes, Nico, I’m in love with you.

One of them pulls back after a while. They’re both breathing heavily, gazing into each others eyes. Nico knows he’s blushing and Will’s cheeks are a faint tint of pink too.

I may be in love with you too.’, he mumbles, looking down at his shoes. Will’s laughs is the best thing he’s heard in a while.  

Send me prompts and I’ll write you a short drabble

Still crying while typing this haha.

My little tribute for Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans.
Thank you for all the tears, and the feels man.

I’ve been putting this drawing off for a while now, since I had to work on other artworks and commissions.
(I drew this back when episode 37 was aired I think, hence the Barbatos Lupus version.) = ))))

I deliberately willed myself to work on it today, on the day of the final episode of season 2.

It feels good to finally finish this.

Mikazuki x Barbatos Lupus <3
(Maybe I’ll draw Lupus Rex / Wolf King next time when I get the time. The wolf is my favorite animal, after all.) ;)

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Inocent neko!dan with bells on bows roundhis tale and neck is a gift for phil from his mum as shes worried he's alone and just fluff perhaps smut

Roommate- Part 1

Phil sighed. This was the third time his phone had gone off this morning. Whoever it was must’ve needed something important. He put down his work and picked up the phone, trying not to let his irritation get to him.



It was his mother. Why would she be calling him so early on a Friday? She knows he has work this early…

“Sorry to be calling you this early, I know you have work. I was just wondering what time you’d be coming home from work today?”

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Jeff Atkins Request

Hello lovely! You were extremely kind to take on my request, and I was wondering if I can request another. I couldn’t help but notice you did one of Clay Jensen, so I was wondering if you can do one of Jeff Atkins. Where the reader is nowhere near being popular, and she has an absolute huge crush on Jeff. Both have a class together, that being History. The reader is really shy, especially around Jeff since they sit next to each other, and Jeff takes a liking towards her and starts to ask for help on the assignments, and ask her out. I’m always open to what you have in mind. I know it’ll turn out great. Thank you! 🌟💛🌹

You sat in your desk for 4th period History and rummaged through your bag for a pen and your notebook. “Hey,” you heard one of your classmates say but ignored it since you rarely talked to anyone in this class. “Hey, Y/N,” you snapped to attention and looked up to lock eyes with Jeff Atkins.

“Me,” you asked from disbelief.

“Yeah,” he laughed, “you are Y/N, aren’t you.”

“Right,” you blushed at your own awkwardness.

“Do you have a pen I can borrow? I think I left all my pens in my locker.”

“Ugh yeah,” you dug back into your bag and pulled out a pen. “Here you go.”

“Thank you.” You tried not to blush at his cute smile and luckily the class started so you didn’t have to worry about humiliating yourself. You listened as the class started on their World War I and II unit.

“Does anybody know what event started World War 1,” Mrs. Jamison asked and your fellow students put down their heads to avoid being called on. You raised your hand timidly. “Y/N.”

“The assassination of Franz Ferdinand.”

“Right,” she said impressed. “And what was the first country to declare war?” You kept your hand down this time and looked down at the notes you had written the night before. “Y/N, want to take a shot on this?”

“Austria declared war on Serbia.”

“Right again.” You sat back in your seat and doodle in your notebook as Mrs. Jamison walked through the first World War. The bell rang and you all gathered your stuff and jumped up to leave this class for the next.

You were walking down the hallway when you heard your name being called out. “Y/N, hey, wait up,” you turned and saw Jeff walking towards you. “Here’s your pen.”

“Keep it,” you told him. “You need it more than I do.”

“Alright,” he grinned. “Thanks. I’ll see you tomorrow?” You nodded and went to your math class. The cutest guy in school had talked to you two times in one day. What was happening?


Jeff smiled at you the next day when he got to class, and every day after that. He’d try and get you to small talk with him before and after class and was surpirsed that ou were finally coming more comfortable around him. Today, as Mrs. Jamison went through the day’s notes Jeff noticed the way you’d answer questions under your breath to yourself, although you didn’t seem to notice.

“These are due tomorrow,” Mrs. Jamison passed out worksheets just before the class bell rang. “And remember our test of both World Wars is Thursday.”

“Y/N,” you stopped packing your bag and looked up at Jeff.


“I can’t keep all these dates and events straight and you’re really smart. Is there anyway you think you could tutor me for the test Thursday?”

“Um, sure. When are you free?”

“You have 6th period lunch right?” You nodded. “Could we meet in the library today and work on this worksheet and maybe after practice tonight we could meet up?”

“Sure. Where do you want to meet after practice?”

“You can come to my house if you want.” He scribbled his address and number on a piece of paper and handed it to you. “6 o’clock good?”

“I’ll be there.” The rest of the day all you could think about was how Jake Atkins had just invited you to his house.


Your stomach was fluttering when you walked up to the house and knocked on the door. His mom answered the door with a smile that looked liked his. “Hi. You must be Y/N. I’m Jeff’s Mom.” You nodded with a smile. “Jeff’s told me all about you. Come on in,” she welcomed you and walked you into the kitchen where Jeff stood behind the stove.

“Y/N, hey, just in time! I just finished dinner. You like chicken alfredo?”

“Um, yeah.” He handed you a plate and kept walking. “I have all my stuff set up in the dining room.” You followed him and took a seat at the table.

You took a bite of the chicken alfredo and you’re eyes went wide from how good it was. “Did you make this?”

“Yep. You like it?”

“I’m really impressed.”

“Why,” he laughed.

“Because you’re a star athlete, you’re one of the most popular guys in school, and now you’re a chef. What can’t you do?”

“Any type of school work apparently,” you giggled and kept eating before you pulled out your history stuff.

About 2 hours later you closed your book and looked at Jeff. “Did that worksheet help?”

“A little but I think I learned more from you just now than I have the whole time Mrs. Jamison has been teaching us.”

“Well we only got through World War I. Do you want to meet again during lunch tomorrow and study World War II?”

“Would you mind?”

“Not at all,” you gathered your things and Jeff walked you to the door.

“Thanks for all your help today, Y/N.” He reached forward and opened the door for you. “Have a good night.” You tried not to blush until after the door had been closed behind you.


You worked with him the next day at lunch and found yourself studying with him in his backyard after his practice again. “That’s right,” you cheered. “See you’ve got this for the test tomorrow.”

“I couldn’t have done this without you. I mean in.”

“I’m sure you could have managed.”

“I couldn’t have. I would have failed and I wouldn’t have been able to play. How can I repay you?”

“Jeff, you don’t have to repay me.”

“I don’t have to but I want to. Let me take you out Friday night.”

“Take me out,” you gave a short laugh?

“Yes. Out, like on a date. We could go to the movies or go out to the cafe. What do you say?”

“Are you forreal,” you couldn’t believe it.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?”

“You’re one of the most popular kids in school, Jeff. I’m the awkward and smart kid that people only talk to when they need help with homework.”

“Is that what you think I did?”

“I never really thought about it.”

“Then how about you let me take you out and I can show you I don’t just want to talk to you about homework.”

You thought it over for a second then nodded. “Ok. On one condition.”

You could tell he was surprised. “Ok, and what’s the condition?”

“You get above a 85 on this test tomorrow like I know you can and I will do out with you Friday night.”

He extended a hand out to you. “Deal,” you two shook on it


You went to class that next day and sat beside Jeff. “You ready,” you asked before Mrs. Jamison started handing out the tests.

“I studied all night after you left.”

“You’ll do great,” you got a test and went to work. Jeff was just about done with his as the bell rang. You hopped out and left the classroom, giving him one last look before you walked through the door.

You got to school Friday and went to your locker to grab the books for our first couple classes. “Y/N! Y/N,”Jeff came running towards you in the hall. “I got my test.”

“You got your test already?”

“I went and saw Mrs. Jamison as soon as I got in.”

“Well how’d you do?” He handed you his test with a bright red 89% marked at the top. “An 89! That’s great! Congrats, Jeff.”

“You know what that means,” he smiled. “You have plans with me tonight at 7. Tests me your address and I’ll pick you up.”

You blushed and closed your locker, “I’ll see you at 7 then.”

the daryl and jesus moment we didn’t see, but totally obviously happened

Paul stood outside, massaging his wrist, looking down at his fingers working the skin. They had heard everything Dwight had to say, and Paul offered to stick around the front of the house, since he was too amped up to go home. It had been a long, tiring day. 

“Hey.” Daryl grunted, surprising him. Paul looked up, watching Daryl come over and move past him, sitting on the steps that led down to where the dungeon was. He held a knife in his hand, and began to run his fingers over the blade, staring at the door. 

Paul sighed and took it upon himself to figure Daryl saying ‘hey’ meant, ‘come sit down next to me’.  He knew he was probably taking it wrong, because when did Daryl ever really want his company, but Paul was lonely tonight, and tired, and he always thrived off human contact. 

“May I?” he asked anyway, pointing to the spot next to Daryl. 

Daryl shrugged, his eyes locked on the door. Paul sat next to him and continued pushing his index and thumb into his skin, massaging his wrist.Daryl looked at him for a brief moment with a frown, before turning his gaze back to the door. 

“You hurt?”  Daryl asked. 

Paul lowered his wrist. “No, no, I’m fine. I’m being dramatic.” he said offhandedly, smiling gently. Daryl snorted, which made Paul grin. 

“Was when I ran past you right?” Daryl asked, looking over at him. Paul didn’t respond, and the lack of conversation made Daryl bite the inside of his lip. He did that a lot, Paul had noticed. It was a little endearing, especially since it was normally because Daryl was debating whether or not he should say something. “Sorry.” he mumbled. 

Paul stopped massaging his wrist and shrugged, letting a small smile take his face. It was hard for him to stay away from Daryl, it was hard for him to look at Daryl and not smile. So Paul was in the habit of hiding those smiles, mostly because he was uncertain as to how Daryl would cope with having someone like Paul smile that way around him. 

“Don’t worry.” Paul told him. “So,” he waved his hand to the door. “What are you going to do about him.”

Daryl didn’t miss a beat. “Kill him.”

“Yeah?” Paul asked. “I don’t think you will.”

Daryl stopped moving the knife between his hands. “What makes you say that?”

“You’re too good of a person.”

As suspected, Daryl did not react well to a compliment. He made a sound with his mouth that Paul couldn’t understand–almost one of disbelief, and moved a little further away from Paul. Paul tried very hard not to feel hurt. “You don’t know shit about me.” he growled. 

“You keep saying that, and every time you do, it means less and less.”

“What the fuck does that mean?”

“It means we’re in this together, and I’ve learnt enough about you to know that yeah, you’ll go in there and probably beat the shit out of Dwight, but you won’t kill him.”

Daryl was quiet for a few moments, looking down at the knife in his hands. “What makes you so sure?” he asked. “Don’t give me that good person bullshit again.”

“Rick wouldn’t want you to.” Paul also knew Daryl well enough to know that using Rick as explanation was a low blow. There was an unrequited love there, Paul saw that the moment he had met them. Daryl softened under the weight of Rick’s gaze–just as Rick was the only one able to hold him back when he made for Dwight. Paul hoped, selfishly, that Daryl’s feelings for Rick were gone.

Daryl didn’t respond to that, but his body seemed to relax, and Paul did not miss the way Daryl retook the centimeter of space that he had left between himself and Paul. Paul hid that smile too–again, he hoped for something else, that maybe one day, after this war, he wouldn’t have to hide his smiles from Daryl. Maybe  Daryl would want to see his smile. 

“You didn’t like what we did today.” Daryl told him. “Goin’ in there, takin’ their shit.”

Paul swallowed. “We had to.”

“We had to,”  Daryl agreed. “You didn’t like it.”

Paul sighed sadly. “No. I didn’t.”

Daryl nodded. “You’re a good person too.” he mumbled, getting up. Paul wondered if he should have said something more, if he should call Daryl back, but all he could do was watch Daryl descend from the steps and go into that cell holding room. 

Paul closed his eyes and put his hand back to his wrist. “Daryl Dixon.” the words were strange in his mouth, but he whispered them like a small prayer. He stayed sitting there until Daryl would come back out of the room, with no blood on his hands, and take his seat next to Paul. 

How Could You Love Me

The next chapter of the Everyone Needs Some Love series that I hijacked from @justwritingscibbles

Originally posted by treblegirl

You looked around the room, trying to understand what was happening. Four men and one floating head with a pink moustache were in the room with you, all with the same face, and you were wearing nothing but a towel under your blanket.
Honestly, the situation looked like the beginning of one those movies children weren’t allowed to watch.

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Draco x Reader Smut- Tear Me Apart (part 3)

Part One  /  Part Two  / Part Four

Writer’s Note: I’m so sorry about the super long delay with part three, but college is taking over my life and I can barely find any time to write!
- Word Count: 2,357 words.
- Warning: sex scene, swearing, teasing. 

(y/n)= your name   ///  (y/h)= your house

                        .          .          .          .          .          .          .

After Draco’s outroar last night, you got out of your bed with sleepless eyes. You couldn’t sleep a single second after what he had said to you- “ next time, tell me that you’re a whore…” How could he be this horrible to you? All you wanted to do was to comfort him after his unusual outburst of emotion in front of the door to your common room. Your prediction is that he didn’t feel like a Malfoy by expressing his emotion to you. 

The usual Malfoy act- don’t show any emotion or feelings except for distaste.

After putting on a fresh pair of clothes and sorting yourself out you proceed to stomp to the Great Hall to get some breakfast. Today you have planned to do a lot of homework and studying to try to get last night out of your mind. What happened last night is unbelievable; the night changed so quickly from one mood to another.Today is a fresh day, a chance to be productive and possibly hangout with Hermione in the library. You have noticed that, lately, Hermione has been going to the library a lot more than usual, and she goes to the library every single day during normal school days. This Christmas holiday she goes to the library for the whole day, only leaving to get some food and to use the bathroom. Harry and Ron visit Hermione at the library sometimes but they’re not too big on doing all-nighters there every single night. It would be a great advantage for you to actually make friends with Hermione as she will be able to motivate you and help you out if needed. 

While making your way to the Great Hall for breakfast, you noticed that all the (y/h) students were looking at you. The word probably got around that Draco was inside the common room last night. Someone must have walked passed the door and started the gossip. Great. Now that practically everyone that stayed at Hogwarts knows that you had an argument with Draco last night, you won’t be able to avoid questions. Hopefully, you will be able to avoid Draco at all costs.

At last, you have made it to the Great Hall where you saw Draco sitting at the Slytherin table,eating pancakes with syrup and a cup of coffee. You rushed to the (y/h) instantly so as to make sure Draco doesn’t notice you. You kept your head low and your eating pace at a steady speed. You managed to eat 2 waffles, a piece of a brownie, and you drank a cupful of pumpkin juice. Still keeping your head low, you marched out of the Hall as quickly as possible. You could feel the whole of the Hall looking at you- the walls, the students, the Christmas decorations were watching your every move. As soon as you made it out of the door you abruptly turned towards the library, where you have previously planned to spend the whole day. You need to practice herbology a lot as this was your weakest class out of all. You had a long day ahead of you and you didn’t need Draco at this moment. You really need to focus. 

                          .          .          .          .          .          .          .
                                                 (2 hours later)

The workload was becoming extremely overwhelming- herbology homework, potions homework, transfiguration homework, and so much more…. You decided to focus mostly on past exam questions and creating posters with the knowledge bit of each class. Why is this so time consuming? You wondered about how Hermione manages to do this every single day! She must have some special Muggle tricks that help her finish all these tasks. She always managed to be so prepared for every class. You dearly hoped to see Hermione coming into the library soon because you really needed some expert help without having to go to Snape. Hermione just knows the answer to every single question, to every single class. She has a lot of practice with Harry and Ron since they always ask her for help with work. 

Anyway, after another three hours you began to feel fatigued from all the work.  You didn’t see anyone so far today; you didn’t see your best friend, Hermione, Neville or Draco. At least once a day you saw all of these people. Maybe this was all for the better; getting some time for self-growth is good. Taking care of your own education is always a good idea, especially when you’re falling behind in practically every class. Draco was completely out of your mind for the past five hours. Just as soon as you were packing up all of your books to go to the Great Hall for dinner, you saw the Golden Trio pacing past the library in a hurry. Strange. They usually paced to the library. Maybe they’re just hungry and hope to make it to the Great Hall for dinner before everyone else.

Steadily, you made your way towards the Hall ignoring the fact that you just saw the popular Gryffindor trio running for their lives. As always, Draco was already in his usual Slytherin seat, eating very little comparing to his usual feast. Maybe, just maybe, he felt guilty for saying what he said the previous night. You made your way towards the (y/h) table, making sure you weren’t in direct sight of Draco. You were doing so well today. Draco crept up into your life without any warning, trying to make himself important in your life. He got the wrong person. 

“Hey, (y/n)! Could you help me with the potions homework?” one of your potions class mates called out to you as soon as you reached your seat at the table. Being the kind person that you are, you couldn’t just ignore the person. He was literally right there waiting for you to come over. Obediently, you walked over to George Ryan, the most popular guy in your year. He came second after Harry of course, but he was more popular than Draco. This was your chance to make Draco jealous since he’s being taking in every single one of your steps. Its not like you even cared what Draco thought or felt. He’s the one that hurt you. 

“Hey George! What do you need help with?” you startled him with one of your overly-practiced Hollywood smiles just in case Draco was actually watching you. George looked straight into your eyes and smiled right back at you. You really did hope that Draco was watching you because the thing you were about to do was risky and definitely not an action that you would do on a normal day. All of a sudden, you bent over on the table, pretending to take a better look at the question George was pointing to in the textbook. Draco was on the table behind you, facing your purposefully pushed out bum. You were wearing a red plaid skirt, alongside a white blouse and black thigh high socks: a typical school girl outfit. After smiling, giggling, and bending even further, you heard a grunt from behind you paired with the sound of crashing cutlery on the wooden table. Attempting to ignore the abrupt noise, you continued to explain to George what you have learned literally 15 minutes ago. A further 10 minutes passed by of explaining in detail the uses of snake fangs. You said goodbye to George and made your way back to the seat where your bag was sitting on. At last, you had some break time to eat and gain energy for another 4 hours in the library. 


                             .          .          .          .          .          .          . 

                                                (4 hours later)

Finally, you have finished your study session for the day. It felt good to actually take some time out of your holiday and focus on class work. After such a long day you deserved a long warm bath in the prefects’ bathroom. You weren’t a prefect but half of the school wasn’t even at Hogwarts which automatically gave you the right to use the school’s luxuries. You made your way down the stone corridors towards the luxurious prefects’ bathroom. You couldn’t wait to take a dip in the water and just relax all of your muscles. Just as you walked into the bathroom you realised what a huge mistake you have made- the one and only Draco Malfoy was taking a bubble bath by himself. Swiftly, you turned around, reaching out for the handle to the door instantaneously however, as you were doing so, Malfoy’s voice bounced off every wall. Goddamn it. 

“You’re not a prefect. You shouldn’t be here.” his voice was stern but had a slight hint of sarcasm in it. 

“I was hoping on taking a peaceful bath, Malfoy, but now I obviously can’t or I might catch something from you.” Draco looked you up and down, snickered, and proceeded to splash you with the bubbly water. What a prick. His hand movement had so much force in it that it managed to completely and utterly drench your whole outfit. Your now-wet blouse exposed your lacy white bra. Damn it. Draco smirked at you, well, your bra and continued to splash you until you had no other option than to take off all of your clothes and wait until they dried up. You forgot to take your wand with you when you were preparing to go and study this morning. What a mistake. You couldn’t even dry your clothes instantly without a wand. You were helpless. 

And with Draco. 

“You know, you might as well take that bath while you’re here.” Malfoy continued his humorous remarks right up until you walked over to the edge of the bath. 

“Go on then, take it off. Don’t be shy, I’ve already seen you naked once.” at this he winked at you and flashed you with one of his undeniably beautiful smiles which emphasize his jaw line even more than usual. His smirk. That goddamn smirk. Its hypnotizing. To be honest, you wouldn’t mind experiencing the event that happened two nights ago. You missed Draco’s body and his voice in your ear… how could someone like Draco Malfoy have you hooked? 

You proceeded to take off your clothes, one by one, slowly. To your surprise, Draco began breathing deeply with every inch you shifted your clothes. When you were down to your panties and bra, he licked his lower lip seductively, clearly desiring the feeling of your lips on his. 

Panties down. 

Bra off. 

Completely naked. Exposed. Open book. That’s what you were at this very moment. As soon as Draco saw your bare body he grinned so widely that he had to cover his smile with his vein-covered hand. His arms were toned clearly indicating the many hours he put into working out. It really wouldn’t be so bad if you let yourself go for just one more time, would it? Draco fucking Malfoy was under your spell; he clearly wanted you as much as you wanted him. Suggestively, you stepped into the bubble bath where Draco could barely contain himself. You enjoyed the effect you had on him. Just as you sat down next to Draco, he took hold of your face, pulling you towards him. His lips moved in a chaotic rhythm. He was hungry for your lips and your body. You followed his routine: two slow passionate kisses, four quick and desperate kisses, followed by a collision of tongues. This type of closeness was very enjoyable for the both of you, however you both wanted more than just a steamy makeout in the prefects’ bathroom. Instantly, Draco pulled you by your waist and onto his lap. 

“I fucking hate you.” Draco breathed out as you began to suck on his soft spot right under his ear. What you were doing right now was surely going to leave a visible mark on Draco. You got the feeling that he didn’t want it to be there as he attempted to push you away so as to stop you from making the love bite even more vibrant. Too bad. This brand-new dominance over Draco made you feel a lot more daring and confident. In consequence, you decided to place yourself in direct access for Draco so you could ride him and dominate him even more. Surprised, Draco got the hint and pushed his hips up to ease you into the sensation of having him inside of you. He felt so good. He filled you up completely and hit your g-spot with every single dip you took. Your moans echoed across the room, sound waves crashing onto the historical walls. This was ultimate bliss. Feeling Draco inside of you and touching you felt so heavenly; you could spend your entire holiday like this. This was the best gift you could ever receive in your entire lifetime. It wasn’t even Christmas Day yet. 

You raised yourself and dipped again at a faster pace now. You and Draco were both out of breath by now, both of you definitely coming close to your climaxes. After some more moaning, riding and biting, your vocals spread across the room as Draco filled you with complete ecstasy and warmth. Your forehead rested against the nook of Draco’s neck as you rode out both of your climax to a calm. Both your breathes were broken and hasty, in need of more oxygen. Soon enough, Draco pulled out of you and laid his head against your wet body.

“I still fucking hate you (y/n).” 

Draco placed you on the seat next to him and stood up to get out and towel himself dry. You turned to look at him and see what he was going to do next. He noticed you looking, winked at you, gathered his clothes and strode towards the big wooden door. 

“See you next time, beautiful.” he whispered as he was walking out of the door. Just before he left, he peaked his head through the space in the door and sent you kiss in a mocking manner. 

The door closed. The footsteps faded. 

Draco Malfoy was your guilty pleasure. 

Schneeplestein’s Day Off

Schneeplestein sighed, relaxing at home, he finally got a day off from work, or more like they had to force him to take a day off. They at least let him keep his doctor’s outfit, without it he felt like nothing, but he did need some time off, he was overworking himself according to the staff. “Zhose bastards… Zhey do not–” Before he could ramble to himself, his phone had rang, picking it up he saw it was his good friend: Chase Brody. He smiled a little, answering the call rather happily “Ah! guten tag Chase! Are you doing vwell today?” Chase’s voice sounded over the phone “Yeah man! Doing better, got to spend some time when the kids today too!” This made Schneeplestein smile brightly, before responding “Vhy, zat is wunderbar Chase!” He enthused, listening to the other man speak and ramble on about what him and the kids did for the day, there was just something about the other, something about Chase that always brought a smile to his face. Maybe it was the other’s positivity and enthusiastic nature about everything, after all it seemed highly contagious, and a good type of contagious at that. After awhile Chase had asked Schneeple if he would like to come over and chill for awhile, Schneeplestein thought about it for a few moments before agreeing happily, he had nothing better to do and he honestly wanted to spend more time with Chase. “Sweet bro! I’ll be over to pick ya up soon enough!” And with that, they said goodbye, and hung up the phone.
———————————————————————————————————–Chase had took Schneeple back to his place finally, Schneeplestein looked around, not really remembering Chase’s house fully, he never had time to even really visit Chase anymore, since he was so busy with the whole, trying to save people’s lives sorta thing. “Vwow, ze place hasn’t changed, at zleast, I don’t sink so.” Chase smiled and laughed a bit, he was about to say something but was cut off when his kids entered the room. “Daddy!” They ran over, hugging Chase’s legs, looking over curiously at the doctor. “Daddy who’s that?” Chase chuckled and ruffled the kids hair “Well, dunno if ya remember, but its the doctor who saved daddy once!” The kids smiled and immediately ran over to hug Schneeplestein, thanking him for what he had done, Chase smiled gently “Do you remember they’re–” Schneeplestein chuckled and cut Chase off, knowing what he was about to ask “Vhy, of course I do! Vittle Samira and Greyson! It vould be a shame if I forgot ze childrenz namez, but, Itz nice to see ze kids ah’ happy and healthy” His smile was cheery and pleasant. ((I honestly dont remember Chase’s kids names– if they even have like any out there on tumblr, or any canon names? So Samira and Greyson it is)) Chase laughed and nodded “Ding ding ding, you are correct” The kids giggled with glee and continued to hug Schneeple for a few moments before running off to play a game of tag with each other. Chase called after them “Be careful kiddos!” They called back saying they would be, then Chase turned to Schneeple and hugged him “I missed ya bro, you’ve been really busy lately, its nice we get an opportunity to spend some time together!” Schneeple hugged him back “Vwell, I suppose… it vwouldn’t hurt to haz ze day off fo’ once.” He chuckled a little, he still didn’t like the idea of having the day off but he could make an exception, since he could get to spend time with Chase. The man quickly pulled the doctor into his office, showing him the box of teabags and smiling “Wanna do some trickshots with me doc?” Schneeplestein smiled a little “Chase, you know I’m not very good at ze trickshvotting.” Chase laughed a little and picked up a teabag “Here, how about this, I show you how to do a trickshot, then you can give me some doctor tips or something like that, sound good?” Schneeplestein’s eyes lit up “Ooh! Yes, I vould love to give you some tipz!” He sounded excited “Alvight, Alvight, you can teach me how to do ze trickshvotting” ((I’m sorry– I can’t do even a bad German impression xD)) Chase lifted the teabag up and pointed at the hole “See, what'cha gonna wanna do is get the teabag to land in the hole like this” Chase threw the teabag which missed the hole at first, he sweated a bit and turned towards Schneeplestein “…Okay, bad example. Lemme try again” He picked up another teabag and threw it, managing to get it in the hole, he smiled brightly and fist pumped “YES!” He then proceeded to dab suddenly. “Okay bro, now you try!” He handed Schneeplestein the teabag and stood back, waiting for the doctor to make the shot. Schneeple looked over towards the hole and eyed it carefully, concentrating the best he could, he finally took the shot, managing to get it in the hole first try, he gasped suddenly, being shocked, he thought it would take him forever. Chase smiled and laughed loudly, tossing off his hat and dashing around the room, then of course, dabbing again, he looked at the doctor, motioning for him to try it. “C'mon and dab!” Schneeplestein laughed and sighed, slowly trying but managing to fuck up the dab somehow. Chase giggled at the doctor, simply clapping “Close enough doc, close enough, alright, let me teach you a thing or two” Chase began to explain how to dab, and basically how to be a bro. “And this has been how to be a bro 101 with Chase Brody” He laughed a little bit, looking at Schneeple “Did'ja get all that?” Schneeplestein blinked and nodded “Yes, yes I did.” No, no he didn’t, he just BARELY understood it, but he thought he processed enough. Chase smiled and sat down, looking at the doctor “Alright, now tell me some doctor tips of yours!” He seemed a bit eager actually, he wanted to learn a few things, he honestly prayed the doctor didn’t go too overboard. Schneeplestein chuckled “Alvight, let me see… Hmm… Vhat to start off vwith? AH! I know just ze zing!~” Schneeplestein slowly began explaining one of the worst possible things he could begin with and that was surgery, he explained in very graphic details occasionally about where to make the incision and how to do it properly until Chase stopped him, looking very sick now “Okay, okay, that’s good, I think I get it” Schneeplestein simply laughed and nodded “Yes, zis type of job iz not fo’ ze faint of heart I’m afraid, in fact you haz to have a strong mind and stomach when doing an operation” Chase nodded “I can see why..” He smiled a little, now trying to change the subject so he didn’t throw up right then and there “Wanna go watch some movies with me doc? I have all kinds, even a few horror ones but… those don’t get watched too often, don’t want the kids having nightmares after all” He laughed, taking his hat off to run a hand through his hair. Schneeplestein nodded “I vouldn’t mind watching some horror, I mean if you can stomach it that is” He teased, making Chase grin “Oh, I can handle it bro.” Schneeple chuckled “Ve shall see~” Chase nodded “Your on bro, I can most certainly handle it”
———————————————————————————————————–Schneeple and Chase were huddled up on the couch now, watching the movie they had both decided on: Dark Hollows ((I was just making that up– if that’s an actual movie I will laugh) Once it got to the scariest parts, Chase was huddled closer to Schneeple suddenly, this made the doctor look down at the other who instantly flushed and pulled away “S-Sorry doc….” He mumbled, hugging a pillow from the couch, hiding his face in it. Schneeplestein chuckled a little and scootched over, wrapping his arms around the other “I told you, zat you vould not be able to handle zis, c'mere, zis iz just a simple vittle horror movie, zhese ah’ just actors.” He reassured in a hushed whisper, taking Chase’s hat off to pat the man’s head, then gently pushing it over his eyes, laughing playfully. Chase smiled and chuckled, pulling his head back up and huddling a bit closer to the doctor, he felt safer with him around, a whole lot safer, and he was just happy to be around the man who had saved him once. Schneeplestein smiled, holding the boy close, he always felt like Chase was one of his own essentially, he would always comfort him, protect him, whatever the other needed, he always thought of Chase as his little boy and this made him happy… Maybe taking the day off wasn’t such a bad idea after all… ((he’ll do it more often too now also meeeh I mean– I guess this story’s ok?? I dunno– I’m just not confident with my writing but I REALLY wanted to do something cute with Chase and Schneeplestein– so like, here’s a thing @chase-brody-protection-squad and @schneeplestein-protection-squad here y’all go, a fluffy thing between Chase and Schneeps just like I said~! Hope y’all like it ))

Little Miss Bullock

Edward x reader

Request: the reader is Harvey’s daughter and Ed has a huge crush on her. You can take it anywhere you want. I just like the idea!

i walk in the GCPD with coffee and make my way up to my brothers desk. “Hey boys. who wants a pick me up?” I ask showing them the tray of coffee. “This is why i love you.” My father says picking up the coffee and taking a sip. “So whats on the agenda for today?” I ask sitting on my fathers desk. 

“Who’s the last coffee for?” My father asks with furrowed brows. “Me.” “You’re gonna drink two coffees?” I shrug and sip my cup. “My job is tiring too you know.” “Can’t be that tiring.” Jim says laughing. “She does work with Nygma.” Dad says in a low voice. I look at my my father and scowl. “He’s very nice.” “Maybe to nice.” Dad says crossing his arms. “Oh boy here we go with the over protective act. How many time do I gotta tell ya Harvey? Nygma is more intreated in his riddles then your daughter.” Jim says rolling his eyes. “Plus I’m 22! Legal to drink and most definitely old enough to take care of myself.” I say supporting Jims claim.

My father rolls his eyes and waves me off making me laugh. I walk into the lab to see Ed working away in something in his note book. I smile to myself seeing how cute he looks.

I place my things on the table and walk up behind him. “Whatcha doing Eddie?” I ask spying over his shoulder trying to get a glimpse of his note book, but to my disposal he slams it shut and turns around holding the book behind his back. “Ms. Bullock! You’re early. You usually arrive here at 8:33 and today you’re here right at 8:00.” I smile at his nerves. He’s so adorable when he’s all jumpy and nervous.

“Yes Ed I’m early. I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep. So I just decided to pick up some coffee. One cream right?” I ask holding up his coffee. Ed smiles and grasps it out of my hands. “Right…so! I was just calculation the time of death for Ms. Valeska, and it seems to be-” “3:00 yesterday afternoon. Hi (y/n).” Lee walks in with a smile cutting Ed off.

“Hello Lee. Do you know what weapon yet?” I ask walking up to the un covered body and looking at it. “We’re not sure yet but-” “a hatchet. I’ve seen these types of gashes before. Who ever did this obviously was having fun with angles. One from a side swing, and more from over the head.” I say looking up at them. “Of course! A hatchet! How could we not know that?” Ed says opening his note book and writing. “I’ll let commissioner know.” Lee smiles at me and walks out.

as Ed quickly flips pages a few note cards and folded peaces fall out. Him not nothing them fall I reach down to get them. As I pick it up I see my name on most of them.

-get (y/n) to be friends with me

-get her to answer my riddles correctly

-attempt to flirt with her

-ask her out

all of them have checks except for the last one. Edward was planning to ask me out? Edward? My coworker? The sweetest thing o. This earth was planning on asking me to be his?

I smile and look up only to see an empty spot where Ed once stood. I frown a bit there. Maybe I was thinking to long.

The day goes on and I don’t see Edward at all. Not after this morning. Not even at lunch, and I packed for both of us today. I walk up to my father desk to see him flipping his hat in boredom. “Wanna split a chicken Philly? I packed more then enough for me.” He looks up at me and smiles. “Why not. You were always a good cook.” I laugh and sit on my dads desk eating.

“Um so have you seen Ed today?” He placed his sandwich down and wipes his mouth. “He’s sick. Said something about his stomach flipping and feeling like puking. He went on a rant explaining it till we got tired of it and sent him home. Why?” I shrug my shoulders biting into my food. “Just wondering I guess.”

Later that night as I’m locking up my office I hear foot steps, a door opening, slamming, and then talking.

I step out of my room and walk down the hall to the boys restroom to listen in. “You can’t do this! You know you can’t! Let me take control. She’ll love me.” “No she won’t like you!” “You sure? Ladies love confidence. Especially someone like her. So strong, so adorable, so smart, so beautiful, sexy. The things we could do.” I furrow my eye brows in confusion.

That sounds like Edward, but he’s talking to himself? I back away from the door knowing it was wrong to spy on him.

I step back into my office and continue to gather my things. A few minutes later the door opens and Ed walks in without his glasses and a smile.

“What are you doing here this late?” I smile at him. “Cleaning up the files you left out all over my desk before you dashed off today.” He walks closer with his hands in his pockets. “I got a little sick.” “I heard Ed. Some type of stomach virus.” He snakes his head walk closer. “No baby. You make me sick. You’re perfect completion makes my knees weak. I can barely focus when I’m near you baby.” I look up at him shocked. “Are you okay? You never-” “talk like this? Well maybe I’ve gotten a new boost of confidence.” He places his hands on my cheeks.

“Tell me if I should stop, but if you don’t say anything I’ll continue, and know you feel the same.” Ed brings his lips closer to mine and slowly but surly they connect. I place my arms around his neck and kiss him back.

He pulls away with a smirk. He laughs and pecks my lips once more. He smiles at me and blinks slowly. He suddenly looks at me and jumps back almost confused. “Ms. Bullock! I-I’m so sorry. That was completely inappropriate of me I should have never-” “Ed. For once. Shut up.” I close the space between us and smash our lips together.

He seems almost clueless this time but eases into it placing his hands in my hips and gripping them.

We pull away smiling at each other. “Oh by the way here.” I pull out the note card that fell from his book earlier this morning. “Oh. Yes. Thank you Ms. Bullock.” “Ed you know you can call me (y/n) right?” He nods his head and reaches for his glasses in his pocket.

He smiles at me once again and grabs my hands. “Would you like to have dinner at my apartment tomorrow? I’ll cook.” I lean up and press my lips to his in a quick kiss. “Of course I would Edward.” I kiss his cheek and walk out with a smile on my face.

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cruel world - z.h

“did what i had to do, cause you’re so past me now” 


WORD COUNT ; 1063 words

WARNINGS ; swearing

kind of ? based on cruel world by lana del rey from her ultraviolence album

you and zach were only fourteen nearly fifteen when your relationship started. a few months before you were just the new girl in school who was confused on why so many girls swooned over him, you were unaware of his social media status. even when he asked you out on a date you were unaware, it was only until the middle of your first date you asked for his instagram and saw how many followers he had compared to your just over four hundred. 

the more longer your relationship with zach went for, the more stages you guys pushed through. sometimes you even went with tour with him for a day or two, everything was good. the two of you were just two kids in love and no one could break that, despite everyone around them knowing about them. his fans didn’t know about them, everyone who knew zach through social media, all his fans that met him during the social media tours he did had no idea of his girlfriend. she was his little secret for over a year and she went with it, she liked the thrill of it and really at that point she would of done anything to be with him.

and maybe that’s what made innocent y/n become the person she is today, the reckless but driven girl standing three years later. because no one gave her the time of day before zach, to say he was her first love is an understatement. she shared her body and her mind with him, he was her first everything. there isn’t anyone in this world that knows y/n better than zach. but like usual, all good things must come to an end. because just before zach turned sixteen, around april just after your own birthday you had come to a realisation, he was finally becoming something big and you were slowly falling behind. it was difficult catching up with him, difficult for the both of you to maintain the relationship you guys built. 

so y/n came to the conclusion, she had to break up with zach. she could tell it was tiring him out and all she wants is for him to focus on this, focus on the band because this was all he dreamt and worked hard for. he loved you and you loved him and maybe nothing was going to change that even years later but she had to do what she had to do, for him and for her. she could still remember the day she broke up with him like it was yesterday. it was the morning, four hours before she had to fly back home to texas. she was staying at their la house and the days coming to this day even he could tell something was wrong, he was laying in bed, she was packing her suitcase, sitting on the floor, her back facing towards him. 

“do you want to tell me what’s going on now?” he asks, scared to know what her answer was going to be because as in denial as he is even he knew what was coming. 

“you already know zach, you know me more than anyone” she replied back, sounding tired, sounding… distant like she wasn’t even in the same room. 

“don’t do this” he begs, suddenly standing from the bed and sitting next to her on the floor. “please don’t do this, i love you, i love you so much.” he stares at her, wanting her to turn her head and look at him, but tears started to form in her eyes, her hands started to shake as she tried to collect her tears. “y/n please” 

“i don’t want to do this” she snaps as she turns her head towards him, “i fucking love you idiot, this is why i’m doing this. i’m doing this because i love you okay?! so don’t make me say the words, don’t make me fucking say it.” her voice was bitter, angry even which made him get angry. this was starting into a fight, a fight she didn’t sign up for. 

“because breaking up with me is showing you love me?! since when?! since fucking when was that because please tell me. if you loved me, you wouldn’t be doing this y/n!” he snapped back, standing up and pacing around the room as she zipped her suitcase and stood up, standing the suitcase up as well ready for the both of them to leave. 

“if you loved me, i wouldn’t be feeling like a dirty secret that’s swept under the rug and only taken out when you need. it was fun at the beginning zach, but over a year is too long.” you replied, your voice wasn’t raised. it was calm, more because of the fact you didn’t want a fight to happen. you didn’t want things to end that way. 

“do you want me to tell them? about us? about you? i will, if that’s what it takes” he was getting desperate because over a year was eternity for him, as young as he was it truly felt that y/n was the one.

“no, no that’s not what i want and you’re not going to do it either way. you have one thing to focus on right now zach, and it’s not me, it’s this. i watched you work hard for this, this is your dream and i’m not going to stand in between that.” you finally explained, feeling the salt taste of tears going to your lips, your vision of him was blurred because god the guy you truly wanted for the rest of your life, you were letting him go. 

all of a sudden you felt a pair of wet lips against yours, his arm wrapped around your waist to pull you closer, his other hand on the side of your neck. desperation, passion, want and love was placed in this last kiss, you didn’t know how long it was but it felt that it went away too quick. “and what if you’re the girl of my dreams?” he softly asks, “then we’ll meet again… i guess.” you answer. 

and again, you don’t know how long you two stood there for, desperately holding onto each other like no tomorrow because there was no tomorrow, there wasn’t even going to be a next month. at the end you ended up leaving that house with the biggest hole in your heart, the hole that zachary dean herron used to fill. 

A/N ; aH THANKS FOR READING MY FIRST IMAGINE ON HERE, IM SO SORRY IF ITS MESSY OR IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. but if you wanna see the part two of cruel world and get to see the “reckless but driven girl” that you become and that zach finally sees then request !! or maybe if i have enough motivation i’ll do it myself lmao but, i hope you liked it!