maybe tinkerbell

guys there’s this movie where like some insects or some elves or something or maybe fairies? maybe it’s tinkerbell? I don’t remember but they paint the dew on the grass every morning before the humans wake up and I absolutely need to know the name of that movie

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I have a personal headcannon where Lord Milori was born from Elsa's first laughter and Queen Clarion was born from Anna's first laughter. I especially like it because of how the timeline would work out. Elsa and Anna lived in early 1800s (give or take) and the Tinkerbell movies are based in mid 1900s (again, give or take). Queen Clarion and Lord Milori would've been born and lived their adventure already by the time Tink came around and had hers.

That’s actually a really cool theory! I guess it could work several different ways, and maybe tie in with Tinkerbell and Periwinkle.

Fathers and Sons

Inspired by a conversation I had with @sybbelle ages ago during the hiatus…

After Henry calls him “Dad” for the first time, Killian struggles with his guilt over potentially replacing Neal in Henry’s life. Thankfully, he has Emma there to help him see the light. (And his worth.)


It happened on a Sunday night, a totally innocuous evening that didn’t deserve the honor of such a momentous occasion. The three of them – Killian, Emma, and Henry – had just finished a film, something about an adventuring archaeologist with a penchant for finding magical artifacts that Henry swore Killian just needed to see, and Emma was doing her best to usher her son off to bed. It was a school night, after all, and the boy had a history test the next morning.

“Like it’s going to be hard,” he said, eyes rolling.

Still Henry, nearly fifteen, acquiesced to his mother’s request without too much complaint. Before he exited the room, he gave Emma a light peck on the cheek, and muttered a quick, “Night, Mom, love you,” just as he did every night he slept in their home. It was something that Emma cherished and Killian admired, the lad’s willingness to still regularly show affection to his mother. It was something Killian knew that Emma looked forward to every night, the sign of love between mother and child.

What came next, however, was quite the surprise.

“G’night, Dad.”

The boy had said the words so flippantly, as if the enormity of the statement was completely lost on him. He seemed happy, though, a soft smile playing on his lips as he left the room to bound up the stairs to his quarters. Killian sat there, immobile, still trying to absorb those two simple words that shook his entire being. Emma leaned over to kiss his shoulder, and he could feel her smile through the fabric of his shirt. She, too, acted pleased by Henry’s parting words.

“Well, would you look at that,” she whispered against him, unable to hide the delight in her voice. “Hero, husband, now ‘Dad.’ You’re racking up quite the number of titles there, Captain.”

She sounded so satisfied by the revelation that Henry was comfortable enough with him to call him ‘Dad,’ that her son recognized him as a true father-like figure, one worthy enough of the title. True, they both had heard Henry refer to Killian as his step-dad in passing, but the latest title was a completely different score. It meant that Henry truly viewed Killian as a near-irreplaceable figure in his life, someone of great importance.

Killian wasn’t ready.

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ok so


i found just ONE fellow SWEN mentioning this and

i know the 2nd sneak peek is awesome

like… married level of awesome

but this



i mean, let’s rollback to glorious 405 breaking glass; we went from “i don’t tell you everything! we’re not partners!” to Regina opening up and BREAKING DOWN in front of Emma. Emma. EMMA WHO WAS HER WORST NIGHTMARE COME TRUE (someone who would break the curse and take Henry from her) SUDDENLY BECOMES HER CONFIDANTE. Her go-to girl.


(ok, so, no, not suddenly, it’s four seasons in the making, but i digress)

And you know what? Regina has never had a true friend (except maybe for tinkerbelle, debatable), someone who cares just because, without ulterior motives nor nefarious schemes, just because… it’s her. It’s them. They are a we now and that’s a bond that’s hard to break. Hell, even Emma bringing back Marian didn’t break them! She was in the doghouse for a while (and pining over Regina like the adorable lost puppy our precious savior is when her defenses are down), but then, literally, she only had to ask for them to make up. (And smile. And dimples. And confess what we’ve always known, from the i’m an idiot beginning to the very that’s a start (of-something-new.gif) end.

And you know what else? All those haters bringing the no-homo and gal pals and overall naysayingness… are actually right about something: our girls are becoming best friends, and we should thrive on it.

Because nothing is sweeter than falling for your best friend.

Small wish for S5

I really, really want Tinkerbell to come back for five, ten seconds, see Regina and Robin, and have her private little “I told you so” moment.

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Fifty shades of Reul Ghorm

Few words about the Blue Fairy.

I really love that we all (most of us at least) think that the Blue Fairy isn’t as saint as she wants to be. Well, because she’s not. She’s more shady and grey than Christian.

Anyway I have feelings that we will hear about her more. Why? (Beside that she’s shady number one, that is)

I found it interesting that they showed only her face when Hook was looking at clues:

You know, other faries are forgotten, there is planty of them but we see the Blue Fairy. The only fairy which name we know (because Tinkerbell probably is crying somewhere because Regina once again lost her soulmare and Nova… no one heard about her).

But let’s focus on our dear Shady Lady.

In my opinion it’s important that they showed her name (Reul Ghorm. Why they didn’t write „Mother Superior” or „The Blue Fairy”? There are only fairy tale characters in Storybrooke and everyone knows her by those names) and her age. Why? Because in season 1 episode 19 („Return”) when Rumple was killing his maid, Baelfire were talking with Morraine about his father and how to stop him from being the Dark One without killing him:

Morraine: Baelfire.
Baelfire: Careful, Morraine. You don’t want to be seen with me. I’m dangerous.
Morraine: They’re just scared of your papa. But I’m not. You won’t let him hurt me. I don’t think he’s so bad anyway. I saw him on the battlefield, when he stopped the fighting. It was like a miracle.
Baelfire: Now he’s getting worse every day. But he said he’ll change back if I find a way. I just don’t know where to look.
Morraine: Reul Ghorm.
Baelfire: What?
: I heard about it when I was in the trenches. The other soldiers talked about it. Reul Ghorm is an ancient being that rules the night, the original power.
: Bigger than papa or worse than papa?
Morraine: Bigger than anything.

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Proof That Zelena Led Regina to Robin Hood?

So ever since last week’s ooc OQ kiss,I’ve been thinking a lot about Robin Hood and how the pixie dust led Tinkerbell and Regina to Robin Hood in 3x03. And I thought what if Zelena interfered with the pixie dust and led them to Robin Hood on purpose? We know from 3x16 that Zelena was spying on Regina, so maybe when she saw Tinkerbell try to give Regina happiness,she interfered to keep that from happening.Plus, we know Robin Hood has a connection to Zelena because in 3x03 we see a flying monkey in the background. See this post:

Now,I rewatched the tavern scene in 3x03 and I think I might have found proof of Zelena interfering. When Regina goes to open the door, the sign of the tavern is of a green face looking at Regina!

Here’s a closer look:

Could this represent Zelena and mean that Zelena was watching her and led her to Robin Hood? Maybe I’m just grasping at straws, but I believe nothing in this show is coincidental. Why show a green face when Regina is about to go meet Robin Hood? I don’t know if Robin Hood is working for Zelena, or if he’s just another one of her pawns, but I don’t believe he is Regina’s destined true love. She was led to him for a reason, and I think it involves Zelena.

Kind Hearts and Cat Flaps - Chapter 5

Kind Hearts and Cat Flaps 5/7???

So, once againapologies for the delay…and the fact this isn’t the last chapter of the main story.  But, um…nope.  There are no excuses, really.  I’ll just stand over here with the cone of shame!

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Emma Swan wasn’t really a cat person, but she’d come to appreciate the tiny stray she’d given a home to.  That didn’t mean she needed another one hanging around, especially not a noisy, geriatric, thief with no appreciation of personal space.  And she definitely wasn’t sure about the cat’s owner, Killian Jones, or his intentions.  But just because everyone leaves in the end, does it really mean you can’t be happy in the here and now?

Modern AU.

Rating: M

Chapter 1 here

Chapter 2 here

Chapter 3 here

Chapter 4 here

Also on FFnet here

And now on AO3 here!

Emma spent a miserable night stuck with her own company. Well, mostly her own company. Mr Smee was good enough to stick around for a large part of it, mostly due to his conviction that Emma was somehow holding out on him and there would be dinner at some point, and possibly his strange fetish for using Emma’s feet as a pillow.

Tinkerbell was less enthused with the air of melancholy that had invaded the cottage. She stuck her nose into the kitchen in time to witness Emma’s tears and managed to muster a look of horror that Emma wasn’t sure cats should even be capable of. Tinkerbell wasn’t spotted again until bedtime and even then, she was careful to arrange herself on the pillow so that her back was to Emma and she didn’t have to deal with Emma’s pesky emotions.

You could totally tell whose cat she was.

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Your Heart Never Forgets (Edited) Chapter One

A look at what may have happened had Regina gone into the tavern that night, a curse will still be cast but who by and what will be the consequences?

“Okay,” she breathed, face schooled to show no emotion, a talent worked upon since she was just a young girl in need of respite from her mother’s punishments, a mask to keep hidden the very fear she felt whenever Cora was nearby but her eyes, her eyes shone with something more than simple fear and apprehension for inside lay a hope she’d believed to have been crushed with that of her true love’s heart (“your first love Regina,” Tinkerbelle had been trying to instil upon her, “a love you will remember forever but not the only that you will experience in your lifetime.”). She can feel it now though, flaring within her, flaming bright even as her mind screamed at her for being so very foolish. She’d always been too naïve for her own good, she just prayed that tonight wouldn’t prove that all the more.

She inhaled deeply, her exhale somewhat shuddered as she turned to look back through the window and it couldn’t be helped, her nervousness, with the prospect of what she was about to do, everything she was about to risk (her life for possible happiness and freedom), her eyes falling upon his figure once more, his silhouette somewhat misted by the frosted glass of the tavern as he remained with his back to them and looks didn’t matter, never had in Regina’s eyes but how she wished he would turn, would give her a glimpse of what she was getting herself into here.

“Okay,” another shuddered exhale, “I can do this.” She spoke lowly, more to herself than to the fairy beside her though she knew the blonde was hanging on her every word and as to what excited her so about all of this, Regina was completely unsure but the very fact that she was there, she was encouraging Regina on with no agenda of her own, no gain for herself, it had the reluctant Queen somewhat touched.

Her gut was churning with nerves, her heart fluttering within her chest in a way she hadn’t felt since her early years, since days of saddles and stables and wonderfully blue eyes that told of adventure and of pure love, of first love. She yearned for that feeling again, the thought of her poor Daniel still aching inside of her but she’d had to learn to let him go or at least begin to. She was nowhere near over his death and in honesty, she wasn’t sure she ever would be but she had known him, knew him so very well and could almost hear him telling her to be happy no matter what the cost. It was with that thought, the desire to feel alive again, that she turned back to Tinkerbelle, a somewhat hopeful smile brightening her features as she breathed “I can be happy.”

“I know you can,” she gave back, the complete certainty in her eyes as comforting to Regina as it was disconcerting…how could she be so sure when Regina’s insides were practically turning inside out in her fear? “Go,” was her last spoken word before she turned and began moving swiftly away, remaining in her human form for a while longer.

The brunette turned as her new friend disappeared, her hands falling to hold her weight up against the window frame, bracing herself for what was to come, steeling herself for the possibility that maybe Tinkerbelle was wrong, maybe she was fated to her miserable existence trapped within the castle walls, she hoped with all of her broken heart that she was wrong.

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