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This is meant to be for the band Au, dont be fooled, Tord used to be in their band but left the band to make a gig in the big city, but failed, although he found Paul and Patryk and also has a band with them.

i drew the typo kids because they might appear again, mostly tim because brother, maybe ( if its okay ) belongs to @trashpandaballs​ Tim to @princeofmints​ and Ded to @gooey-draws-shit

You guys I think I found the best kid to play Damian:

His name is Ayman Amin, he’s a Singer/Actor that made his start on the Arabic version of “The Voice: Kids” this year (so he’s still not that famous), he speak fluent english, he’s the same age as Damian, the same hight and most importantly he’s the same ETHNICITY as Damian, what more can you ask for?

random child: I need a place to live because my family’s dead
batman: [being physically restrained by the batkids while oracle calls her dad]

“You can fly?”

The “no superheroes” origins AU where it turns out Tim’s best friend does, in fact, have super powers. Awesome

(Two teenaged boys pull a bunch of really, really stupid stunts to find out what Conner can and can’t do: the series.)

“Is Bruce in here?” Tim figured he might be— Bruce spent a lot of time in the children’s wing of Wayne Enterprises. There were a dozen or so kids in daycare most weekdays, and Bruce liked to hang out.

Tim liked to hang out too. They had nice snacks, and he’d known most of the kids since they were toddlers. And sometimes naps were mandatory.

“Conference call,” Damian told him. (For someone who claimed to hate naps, snackfood, kids, and humanity in general, Damian also spent a lot of time in the children’s wing.) “I don’t know where.” 

He went back to what he was doing, which was arranging a set of pewter soldiers into a complex model of a battlefield, presumably for the benefit of the preschooler sitting next to him. 

“What’s this?”

“The Battle of Issus, 333 BC.”

“Right, obviously.” Tim decided he was curious, so he settled down on the mats to watch.  Damian finished his model; he pulled a marker from the art table and used it as a pointer. 

“Okay. This is the Macedonian army, outnumbered but in the better tactical position, south of the Pinarus River. Their leader is Alexander the Great. And this—” He pointed to his enemy line. “—is the Achaemenid Empire. They’re about to lose.”

Damian tapped his marker on the Macedonian right. “This is the companion calvary, Alexander’s elite force, and they—” he cut off when he noticed his pupil digging in the toy bin, clearly distracted. The kid came up with a battered Transformer, which he set behind Damian’s lines. 

“Elliot. Alexander did not have robots.”

“But,” said Tim, rummaging through the box himself, “did he have wizards?” He pulled a bearded magician out of the tub and held it up for Damian to see. 

“You know he didn’t.”

Tim passed the wizard to Elliot. “But what if he did?”


“How would that go?”


“Abracadabra, Alexander!” Elliot yelled, gleefully smashing through Damian’s entire left flank.

“Damn it, Drake.” Damian sighed in frustration— not quite the rise Tim was hoping for, but still something. He dropped Elliot’s discarded robot back into the box.

“I don’t know what you were expecting,” Tim told him. “Elliot’s four. He’s too young for— what is this— military history?”

“He was doing fine before you showed up.” Damian started to re-erect his soldiers, but he gave it up after Elliot came in for a second pass. “Which is typical, isn’t it?”

“Good one.”

“Thank you.” Damian crossed his arms. “Fine. I’ll bite. When is he supposed to learn this kind of thing?”

“High school? Maybe never.”

“That can’t be right.”

“Have I ever lied to you?”

“Frequently.” Damian rolled his eyes. “I’m getting a second opinion.”

“I’ll wait.”

Damian checked the room for potential allies. “Thomas?” he called over his shoulder, “You learned military strategy as a kid, right?”

Duke looked up from the book he was reading to a pair of kindergardeners. “Just you, man.”

“Told you.” Tim fished a bag of plastic ninja from the toy box and arranged them pointedly into a row. “How are you still surprised by this kind of thing?”

Damian glared at him. “Okay, first of all? I’m not a— hold on a second. Elliot!”

Elliot froze with a large, plastic dinosaur held aloft over the battlefield. He drew it sheepishly back to his chest. “Sorry.”

“Not in the calvary wing,” Damian told him. “You’ll scare the horses.”

“Here?” Elliot pointed to the front of the phalanx.



“Aim for his center.” Damian turned back to Tim. “Anyway. Why are you still talking to me? I thought we had an agreement about unnecessary contact.”

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Democrats escalates pressure on GOP to conduct investigation on Trump-Russia collusion.

So crawl on my belly ‘til the sun goes down
I’ll never wear your broken crown
I can take the road and I can fuck it all away 
But in this twilight, our choices seal our fate

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EB: umm…yes?

TG: you werent

EB:  i was! …kind of!

EB: you were saying how that guy was not going to make it to the end of the movie..or something.

TG: …

TG: close

TG: i also said that he could probably pull off a mullet

EB: psshh, i doubt it.

TG: i mean

TG: nic cage did it

TG: to your standards at least

A poly relationship (Tim Drake and Jason Todd Headcanon)

Requested: Yes
Request: headcanons of being in a poly relationship with Jason and Tim (maybe some NSFW too)

  • You and Jason are so concerned for Tims health it’s not even funny
  • Jason often tries tiring him out on patrol 
  • so when they get home ya’ll could cuddle and sleep
  • Rarely works, but at least he tries
  • A sign on the bedroom door saying “No investigation permitted in this room”
  • Jason put it up after you and him started feeling weird about all the pictures and string on the wall
  • Tim makes some kickass coffee
  • Jason cooking breakfast in bed for the both of you
  • “Investigation nights”
  • Aka nights ya’ll help Tim investigate
  • They both train you in self defence
  • Every time there’s an actual reason to defend yourself they show up and beat the person senseless
  • Why tf did you teach it then
  • They won’t let you join their vigilante business
  • Keep an eye on you coz they know that you try
  • All out prank wars all of the time
  • They won’t prank you because they know you’re straight up evil
  • Once filled Jason’s coca cola bottle with pepsi
  • He hasn’t looked at you the same again 
  • You changed Tim’s shampoo into shaving cream
  • Jason was rolling on the floor laughing 


  • Tim is pretty much always submissive
  • Jason usually has control in the bedroom
  • But won’t complain if you want to take control
  • Soooo much teasing all the time
  • Tim’s actually a pretty good tease 
  • Group make out/ Fondle each other sessions on the couch
  • Using sex as a way to tire Tim out and get him to sleep
  • Tim and Jay making out and touching each other Is the hottest thing you’ve ever seen
  • Sex only happens if everyone’s involved
  • Or at least aware and invited
  • The boys fucking you on every surface
  • Jason loves the kitchen counter
  • While Tim’s favorite is the writing table
  • Everyone always giving it their all
  • The smell of sex everywhere
  • Too good to be true


With love,


“Why would you do that?“ Dick demands, his voice raw. "Why, Tim?”

Because Tim is fourteen years old and can do stupid things sometimes. Because there are fights he can’t win, and people he won’t fight.

taken from hauntedlittledoll’s The Green Knight [x]

- tim shepard standing at your door with blood smeared across his face, smiling a bitter red-toothed grin because he got what he wanted.

- tim shepard cracking his bloodied and bruised knuckles, rolling his shoulders because he heard another challenge.

- tim shepard only really coming alive when he’s trying to beat the living daylights out of someone.

- tim shepard only knowing suffering, being beaten down, spat on, mocked as a hood, then throwing it all back in everyone’s face.

- tim shepard finding an order to his chaos, a respectability to his criminality.

- tim shepard causing suffering, causing havoc to quiet his own doubts and fears.

- tim shepard setting fire to everything he loves, because that is the only thing he knows how to do.

- tim shepard and his life of violence.

- tim shepard and his unrelenting ambition.