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Hi! You gave some awsome advice on tarot cards. Do you have anything on pendulums, Im getting one and havent a clue how to use it...

As with the tarot tips, I will do my best! (I’m glad you enjoyed the tarot one!) 

*disclaimer: this is based on how I use my pendulum (IDK why but I feel this is necessary) 

What is a pendulum?

Honestly, literally anything. At least, anything that’s dangling on a string  or chain and is slightly heavy on one end so it will swing. I’ve seen people use needle and thread. I personally have used my apple charger (though it was tough as shit cos its so stiff), and my car keys (also hard to use because they were so bulky. do not recommend). So yeah, anything. I started off with necklaces. You’ll see a lot of witches who have fancy gems on chains (I’m guilty of such) but they aren’t necessary. 

What can you use a pendulum for?

The easiest way to use a pendulum is for yes/ no questions, or when you have two options and need to decide between the two. However, you can create a pendulum board like the one below. I’ve also just sat there and held the pendulum and said “Hey, swing when I get to the right letter” and started spelling, though that’s long and tedious. Pendulums can also be used to help you find objects. One of my favorite ‘games’ with my deities is to try and sense their energy and guess where they are before having my pendulum swing to where they are in the room. You can use a similar method to find lost objects. 

How to hold a pendulum

to use a pendulum, hold it in your hand with the heavy side pointing down. It’s best to anchor your elbow and keep your hand as steady as possible. From there it’ll swing when its ready to respond. 

Programing a Pendulum

Each pendulum varies in how it gives responses. The first thing you want to do is ‘program’ it. For me, this looks like holding my pendulum as described above and asking it to show me yes. It’ll then swing, either back and forth or side to side. Then ask it to stop, and once it’s still, have it show you no. Again, this is typically either front/back or side to side. “maybe” or “I don’t know” is either a diagonal swing or a circle. Of course, if you’re using a pendulum board like above, the movements will be different. It’s a good idea to ‘program’ your pendulum and remember what each movement means. What’s ‘yes’ for me is actually ‘no’ for my friend and her pendulum. 

What to communicate with?

Same thing you would talk to using other divination methods. I use my pendulum to talk to my Deities when I need a quick answer, my spirit guide, my spirit companion, my thoughtforms. I’ve also used it to talk to my tarot cards, my crystals, etc. Like if I’m unsure if I should read a card in reverse, or if my cards are uncomfortable with a particular question, I’ll use my pendulum to find out. It’s faster than asking the cards. You can talk to any spirit, or tap into your higher unconscious (I’ve used a pendulum to decide what to eat for dinner before). I’ve used pendulums to figure out the names of spirits hanging around my favorite shop before. Generally, you can communicate with anything that gives off energy. Just be careful. Pendulums are like any other form of divination, you’re communicating with a spirit that might not be giving you an honest answer. 

How does it work?

this is probably important. As with spirit boards, the pendulum is channeling your energy to move. That, or the energy of the spirit. It depends on how strong the spirit is, or what you’re communicating with. If you want, you can light a candle to use as an energy source. (or some other methods of providing energy that exist. I prefer candles) 

Other Tips and Such

As I said earlier, pendulums can be anything really. You don’t need a fancy one with a crystal for the weighted end. I’m a huge fan of just pulling off my necklace in the middle of the store and getting a quick and dirty answer. However, if you want a crystal one, there are several on etsy, and many metaphysical shops have them. Take your time though, research stones, find one that goes with your energy and personality. Take time to find a pendulum you bond with. I wasn’t able to make anything move until I bonded with my amethyst pendulum. This won’t be the case for everyone.

Pendulums benefit from charging/ cleansing just like tarot cards or other forms of divination. Just make sure you’re doing so in a way that’s safe for the materials. Don’t cleanse with water if the chain could rust, or the crystal is water soluble. Don’t pass it through smoke if its on a ribbon or yarn, as it might catch fire. Make sure you take care of your friend! 

Ummmm…I think that’s all. I’ll probably remember a ton of stuff as soon as I hit publish.. 

If anyone wants to add anything please do! I try to be thorough but I’m only human. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 

Flour Power

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Request: You could write about Newt trying to do an “accio flowers” spell for you but something goes terribly wrong (like he gets flour instead of flowers idk) 

A/N: I’M BACK. This is my attempt at fluff, which doesn’t really happen ‘till the end, I tried I’m sorry!  Also- I’d like to thank @the-socially-awkward-extrovert once more this wonderful prompt! I hope I did it somewhat justice! xx

You were quite young when you found out you were different from everyone else.

Your mother was terrified that the neighbors would somehow find out and make a spectacle of you, while your father refused to admit that his own child was as strange and bizarre are you.

All they wanted to do was be normal, thank you very much, and of course, you were the one that had to ruin it.

You remember your parents not being home one day, grudgingly trusting you to stay at home by yourself, when you heard a knock at your front door. You couldn’t have been more than eleven years old, so of course you opened the door without hesitation; and was met with a tall woman with dark brown eyes, a pointy green hat, and what looked like a matching bathrobe.

She smiled warmly at you and said, “Hello, there. Are your parents home?”

You blinked a few times before shaking your head slowly, “No,” you uttered, “they’ll be back later.”

The tall lady hummed to herself in response for a few moments before she said, “would you mind if I wait here?”

“I don’t know you.” you retorted immediately, “I’m not supposed to talk to strangers.”

However, just before you could close the front door, the tall lady kneeled down with a soft, but sad smile on her face. “Don’t be afraid,” she said calmly, “I’m not dangerous. My name is Olivia Fawn, I’m the assistant headmaster for a school full of special people just like you.”

Instantly, those words seemed to send a shock to you as you looked down, “My mom says I’m not special,” you replied, “she say’s I’m normal, and that there’s nothing wrong with being normal.”

“Hardly,” replied Miss Fawn as she lifted a delicate hand up to your face, only to open it in front of you to reveal a bright yellow sunflower. “You and I both know (y/n) that you’re so special, and I want to help you.”

It was at that moment in time that you wished you had let Miss Fawn into your home, but not for the purpose that she was there- but to hide her, because right before you could touch the flower in her hand, you heard a piercing voice cry out, “(y/n)! What in the world do you think you’re doing?”

In the instant that it took your mother and father to reach the front door, you raced to your room and slammed the door shut, panting slightly. Positive you were going to receive a mouthful once Miss Fawn was gone, you slid on the floor and placed your head in between your knees and shut your eyes tightly, not sure of what to do next.

But when you opened your eyes again, you were shocked to see the same bright, yellow, sunflower.

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Markiplier Theory: The Final Showdown

I think all these ego pop-ups / cameos (idk) are going to lead up to something big, and here’s my theory on it. (Buckle the fuckle up my dudes this is a pretty girthy theory that I hope you enjoy!)

We all know that the alter-egos (I’m calling them ‘ipliers’ to make it easier) are trying to take over mark’s channel hence the whole dark thing saying “How does this help us take back control? We’re the heart and soul of this channel after all.” These fuckos kNoW how much power they truly have over us I mean c’mon they would have probably picked up on it by now (and by they I mean google could have found it easy seeing as we were all and still are freaking the fuck out) and now they’re trying to steal the channel from Mark.

I’m stating this next sentence very loosely so just kinda ignore it if it makes no sense but: Maybe, they’re gonna pull and Anti and by ‘pull an Anti’ I mean they’re probably gonna find anyway they can to eliminate Mark and take over his channel, so probably killing him.

Ok the Anti thing doesn’t really make a lot of sense but let’s continue: We do know that they are trying to take control or to be ‘let in’ to be able to wield the power that Mark and his fans (us) hold could lead to chaos and they want as much of it as they can get.

Here’s how I see it: something bigger than just ‘Ooo evil yet hot characters coming back to be all evil and stuff, haha murder’ I’m thinking like a civil war type show-down. (Bear with me it may be completely ridiculous) i’ll leave that there for now cause I have other things to say.

Let’s examine the teams (if this is what I’m theorising)

Team Dark:

Let’s face it this is Dark’s team 100% will not share he is like a toddler with candy. Mark said it himself in a live stream that “ He’s a social manipulator. He is literally, 100% manipulative. He leads you into this false sense of security, and he wants you to trust him because he wants to take advantage of you.” He will legitimately do anything for you (“I can give you anything”) or, in this case, will literally do anything to make sure that the people on his side, STAY on his side and he’s willing to put up with it all to make sure he WINS.

Wilford: Well this should be pretty obvious: Will wanted famed way to make his mark (pun not intended) on the world, forget about all the murder and such (bUBBLES). He is an important ‘iplier’ and is obviously not new to the whole killing thing. Plus he is one of the oldest characters on the channel, revealing even dark himself, and if not contained he could become a deadly enemy. Which is why Dark wants him: (I’m sorry new darkstache shippers) to use him. c’mon do you really think that whole ‘Will’ thing was real? Pfft nO throughout the whole Dark encounter we see he’s barely keeping his calm. As Mark would say, he’s ‘cracking’ and is barely managing to keep up with Wilford’s shit because all he wants to do is take Mark’s channel and to him this is a complete wast of time. I’m also thinking that Dark is saving most of the gory details for when he’s closer to reaching his goal because Wilford seems more fixated on the tv show more so than the initial plan.

Google: Well I’m guessing Dark managed to convince him that the plan was to take over Mark’s channel and ‘destroy man-kind’ which just so HAPPENS to be his secondary objective which guessing by the “this deviated from our primary objective” Dark either messed with his programming or google just went full evil robot all on his own. (you do you boy, I’m proud) Also, who wouldn’t want a powerful murderous robot with a brain that’s literALLY GOOGLE ITSELF. I’ve made my case I think.

The Host: (personally one of my faves and I hope to see more of my son soon) well I’m not 100% sure what drives the Author/host (if you haven’t seen Mark legit confirmed they were the same person) but I’m guessing it has something to do with control (as in the fans) as in manipulations (his experiments) to see how far he could go to actually drive a person insane. Or he wants to write more books, who knows. But by the constant if almost forced narration is anything to come by he is very important and is either psychic (from other theories I’ve read, sorry can’t remember who but it was good) or can alter/shape reality by just talking which makes him very powerful.

Dr. Iplier: I have two possible Dark manipulation tactics Dark may have used. 1) He never really wanted to be a doctor but maybe parents forced him to (very loose theory here) but his true heart was in show business so like I’m thinking the opposite of Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S like the over dramatisation of the “I’m sorry. You’re dying” plus the inexperienced eye movement thing (which may have just been Mark fucking around. Probably the case tbh) or he just really wanted to act but never really knew how and was inexperienced so Dark promised him an acting job and judging by the “it wasn’t actually that bad, featured my ideas quite well” he probably doesn’t care / isn’t aware of the initial “end game” but is content where he is right now.

Ed Eddington: (really fucking last name that I can’t remember how to spell adoptalotakids???) he did mention it himself and I quote, “I know this is of topic, but I still need to sell my son.” He’s definitely aware of whats to come (well probably as much as Dark told him, which probably isn’t a lot tbh) but he ws promised he would A: sell his son and B: get a thirty second spot which is probably the only reason why he’s onboard.

Bim Trimmer: (I’m skipping silver sheppard and you’ll soon find out why) well Bim is probably only after one thing: fame and he’ll probably do as much if not anything he can to reach it and that makes him an easy target for Dark. He isn’t too happy about not being able to host that game show but I still think he’ll stay on board (for now anyways)

Silver shepherd: who could forget him? Well every evil super villain team needs a mole. Yes, I said mole and who better to be that mole then Mark himself. Let’s go back to that Cyndago sketch shall we? I think the silver Shepard is one of the only ‘ipliers’ that is ever referenced as mark himself. I know this is kind of a long stretch but Wilford himself confims it by saying this “it’s for everybody, not you” gestures to the Silver Sheppard as if to say “I know it’s you Mark, come on” which in return receives a double finger defence (signature move idk just wanted to put that there) and I’m pretty sure the rest of team (or a couple) know it as well but they’re keeping it from Dark for some reason. A back-up plan or escape route if it all goes to shit.

Septiplier: well maybe just Mark’s way of killing it forever or Dark promise to kill it or something. Sorry guys, Septiplier is dEAD once and for all

We’ve talked about the who now let’s cover the why, let’s examine this quote shall we? “So Completely unironically, Darkiplier is a completely separate entity from who I am. But, he admires what I’ve accomplished” there is no denying that Dark does in fact admire Mark’s work and al that he’s accomplished but not in the way that most people think. Dark isn’t some mega fanboy of Mark. No, he’s an evil version of Mark so the reason why he admires Mark and stuff is not because of all the good he’s done, it’s cause the channel itself could be seen as a power source, And Dark wants it. Badly. Seeing as he’s reappeared at least three times this year even. Going so low as to try and manipulate US for his cause because I’m guessing he’s been planning this for a long time and I’m sure he and the other ‘ipliers’ will make a reappearance real soon. As for why he’s trying to take Mark’s channel, I’m not sure. So for now, I leave you with this, Buh-Bye!

Shance Fluff Week: Prompt #6

(Going with Magic today. Based off an old rp I did with @trollsofthezodiac , my dear friend. I’m trying to keep these daily pieces short, so this is more…pre-relationship than actualized shance, but…idk, maybe I’ll do more another time?)

There were a few milestones in a young witch’s life that were considered very, very important. There was the day their powers first manifested, and the day they were first assigned their mentor–in Lance’s case, that was Allura. But the biggest day would have to be the day they mastered their final spell, and became a full-fledged witch. And full-fledged witches got a Familiar.

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Need a beta ?

I’ve got some authors who asked me if know people who are willing to beta-ing for fics … so I decided to make a shout-out post  and I get a lot of answers(yay!).

Here’s a list of people who are okay to beta, either for helping with ideas/plot/story, or with the grammar/spelling part, or both.

Also, friendly reminder that these people might decline to beta your fic for their own reasons (no time at this moment, not comfortable with the plot of your fic, can’t read your OTP, etc …) and THAT’S OKAY ;)

And it seems obvious, but this is for the 1D Fandom ;)

@larryismycoffee: “ I love to read. Proofreading is one of my favorite things…I have an English degree.  “                          

@im-bex​ : “I would be happy to beta and check grammar and spelling. Native English speaker from US but living in Canada for fact checking.”                          

@plaidcardigan​      :     “ I can’t brit-pick unfortunately (if the fic happens to be set in Aus then I’m your girl though), but I’m more then happy to help with ideas, grammar, spelling, sentence structure. I am a very thorough editor, though. Fair warning. 😊  “

@alivingfire​ : “I can do beta work! But I’m sort of vicious with the editing if you wanna warn people of that lol   “            

@tempolarriefix     : “ I’d definitely be interested in being put down as a beta, and English is my native language. I’m better with spelling/grammar, but definitely down to brainstorm ideas as well. “

@buildalegofort​      :  “I can beta and Brit-pick. I am a teacher and have lived in Cheshire all my life so can also offer help with any Cheshire based knowledge or geography questions.”          

@louandhazaf​: “ i like to beta! spelling/grammar/structure/ideas … English native speaker but American, so not a good option for britpicking!”

@stephanegg : “English native speaker from Australia, I would LOVE to be a beta !”

@dreamingg-outtloudd​      :   “ I wouldn’t mind doing some beta work and also Brit-picking :) I’m from London  “    

@haz-tommo: “English isn’t my native language but I’ve got a degree in it (Teaching English as a Second Language) from a uni in Plymouth, UK. Well… this feels like a job interview. 😃 Maybe for short fics?  “          

@heegdtop2min  : “ I would be happy to Beta. I’m a native English speaker and a teacher. Right now, I teach a course in grammar and mechanics ;) “         

@grey-butterfly23​      : “Hello, I would be happy to proofread and check spelling/ grammar.”      

@rainbowninja : “ I’m happy to help with anything – proofreading, plot ideas, whatever. English is my first language.”

@munchkinmom77: “I can do spelling and grammar. I’m American, so a native English speaker, but not a Brit picker.  “

@crickiestlarrychild  “English is not my native language, french and Portuguese are but I can still check for minor grammatical errors that authors sometimes don’t see. And of course I can help with French or Portuguese bits. :)”  

@written-with-no-end: “Native English speaker, can do Brit picking, good at spelling and grammar, specialises in angst”

@alarrylarrie : “ English native speaker, American so no britpicking,  I can help with story, flow, plot development, etc. etc. “

@neurtsy : “ I’ve done beta-ing/proofreading for a few people before, fics/essays/short stories.. I’m a Canadian, English is my native language, and I’m always up to have people bounce ideas and plot/character stuff off of me.”  

@becomeawendybird   :  “ I read very quickly, so I’m good for long projects in a pinch. English is my native language as well! “

@millionairelouis : “ I’m happy to beta and britpick for people! I have extensive knowledge of London and the county of Cheshire which idk could be helpful? I’m ok with being used only for brainstorming or grammar/spelling or both. :) “

@rose-mary-louis : “ native English speaker from the US, so I can’t Brit-pick, but I’m familiar with American sports, which seem to pop up more and more in fics today. I’m comfortable with not only grammar, sentence structure, and mechanics, but also plot development and bouncing off around. “

@astronomicallypure : “ English is my native language and I’m actually majoring in english and education. I’m comfortable with grammar/spelling primarily, but I’m willing to help with whatever writer’s block or other help an author might need “

@jlf23tumble : “Enghlish native speaker, I currently beta for a couple of people in the Larry fandom, and I’m happy to do more. “

@blue-louis : “ English native speaker.  I’m more of the checking English/spelling/grammar kind of checker but I’m always happy to try and help brain storm as well :) “

@neveragainsimon : “I’m happy to beta for people, I read quite quickly and I’m a native english speaker from Manchester so I’m good for britpicking, I know most of the north of England quite well which could help. I’m not great with story ideas but I’m happy to check structure/grammar. :)  “       

@hrrytomlinson : “ Native English speaker, from the US so i can’t brit pick unfortunately. But I have experience editing all types of writing and I love investing myself into what I’m reading and could help on all fronts with grammar but also with plot and ideas!”

@yves–saint–louis : “I have an English degree and LOVE proofreading. I wouldn’t be good at Brit picking since I’m from the States, but I’m good at checking grammar. I would also love to brain storm idea! “

@louisysl : “ I’m not a native English speaker but have been studying and actively both speaking and writing English for nine years, and am extremely perfectionist when it comes to writing. I’m a very thorough beta and would love to help with grammar, spelling, structure, ideas, and proofreading. Unfortunately I was born in and currently live in Finland so I’m not the right girl for britpicking. “ 

@nautilarrie : “ I’m a native English speaker from Canada with a Bachelor of Arts in ancient history/english literature & I work as a copywriter so I am enthusiastic AF about grammar. Very willing to help with anything from spelling to brainstorming!  “    

@distortedrain : “ Im a native English speaker from Canada so I could do both British and American English bc I’m used to both :)”

@thepriestthinksitsthedevil : i am a native english speaker with strong spelling and grammar skills, and most of a degree in english. i also love bouncing ideas with people and helping with plot :)

@ponymom-stuff : I currently beta for a few writers.  I was raised in Wales and I currently live in the US.  I am an English major and I serve as a copy editor for the student newspaper. I haven’t lived in the UK for a while, but I still use mum

@lovebanner : I’m from the United States and my native language is English. One of my strong suits is grammar and stuff similar to it. I can read anything except major character death & cheating! x

 @zedi-omegaI am willing to beta, and don’t mind more triggering subjects. Native US English speaker, can help with grammar, spelling, and can even help with kinky things ;)

@fightingforlarry : I’m happy to help with grammar, spelling, punctuation, plot holes, characterization, general encouragement. Best contacted via tumblr !

@giraffex : I’m a native English speaker from the US and I can help with grammar, punctuation, and I’m willing to help rework anything if the author wanted as well.            

@Is2k14 : good to go with all things spelling, grammar, plot progression, character development, rephrasing things that don’t sound right, and any brainstorming or other help someone may want. I used to be an editor and I do some writing, too. I’m American (on ET and English is my native language) so unfortunately I can’t help with britpicking but I’m comfortable with pretty much anything, smut included, with just a few exceptions.

This list gonna be updated if I get some new names to add in it ! so let me know if you’re willing to beta ! Send me a message or an ask with some infos (English native speaker or not, britpicking or not, okay for spelling/grammar and/or help with the story …)

(last update on July 18th 2017)

@orlah I am always up for Adam headcanons! I took a while because my sister wanted to watch Steven Universe for like four hours.

  • Some friends he makes in college: a beautiful pansexual trans girl who studies witchcraft and lives in an apartment full of crystals and potions with her smol lesbian cat-loving girlfriend. Both of them are mysterious and have a secret love of shit-talking their annoying male classmates. Adam meets both of them in a biology lecture his third year when he mutters something under his breath about one of the douchebag TAs and they both overhear and crack up. They’re taking the class to learn about natural healing; he’s taking the class for his environmental engineering major. They become friends pretty quick when one of them whips up an energy-boosting spell for him. He talks to them about when he was connected to Cabeswater and how he learned tarot and all that, and gets them in touch with the Fox Way ladies.
  • IDK if “age regression” is the right term but I’ve seen it sometimes… but Adam occasionally deals with it, whatever it’s called. He never had a real childhood, it was always full of fear, so he clings tight to remnants of childhood that he never got to experience. Opal helps a lot with that- she makes him feel less guilty for getting lost in watching Saturday morning cartoons or helping her build Lego castles. At school he makes friends who are psych majors who tell him it’s totally normal and OK and point him to stim toys and therapeutic methods to deal with it.
  • This could be me projecting onto Adam (what else is new sis), but he suspected he was bisexual from a pretty young age, maybe nine or ten years old. He got crushes on male teachers a lot and he would find both girls and guys pretty and daydream about kissing and marrying guys a lot, as well as girls. He knew he wasn’t supposed to, but he just chalked it up to Another Thing He’s Doing Wrong that should be a secret especially from his parents. When he gets older, he realizes, mostly through research, that bisexuality is a thing and going to Aglionby and meeting Gansey and Ronan pretty much makes him acknowledge it to himself. (there’s one day in particular when Gansey rolls up some button-down shirt sleeves to examine a stone inscription during some Glendower voyage and then pulls out his Welsh translation book and does a perfect translation that causes Adam to go home in a slight panic.) But once again he decides to just ignore it because he has homework to do and he’s busy.
  • When he gets together with Ronan, they have time to talk about it and Ronan talks about how he realized he was gay and things like that. Adam wants to not make it a big deal because he still thinks he’s not supposed to talk about it. But he gets angry when one time Declan awkwardly skirts around the subject introducing him and Ronan to someone and starts in on a rant, in front of Declan and the random stranger they’re being introduced to, about how their sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of and they shouldn’t have to hide it and keep it a secret. That stranger’s name… was Maggie Stiefvater…
  • I’m pretty sure I’ve put this in some headcanon post or other before, but Adam is really good at chess. He learned how to play it during some extracurricular at Aglionby for college apps, but he really loves it because it’s a game of strategy. He and Matthew play it during every holiday and it always goes the same way: he lets Matthew win the first game, Matthew insists that Adam doesn’t let him win, and then Adam wins the next ten games before Matthew says that he’s tired and that he’s sure he’ll win a chess game against Adam some day.
  • Adam loves sugary things and sweet things and candy and desserts. His straight teeth not rotting is a literal miracle because he lives off of terrible sugary food. In the books, he mostly eats it because it’s cheap, but I think he really does have a sweet tooth tbh. He likes Hershey’s Kisses and Entennmann’s pastries and he may have traded Opal a handful of quality sticks and twigs from the backyard in exchange for some of her Halloween candy
  • Adam and Henry love debating pointless shit. This comes mainly from the fact that in high school, I knew two guys who were very similar to Adam and Henry, and literally every goddamn day they had intense debates about weird-ass questions that were irrelevant to anything. Adam would consider it just a way to exercise his abilities with logic, and Henry would consider it his final, dramatic defense of The Truth and the fact that Nicki Minaj really is a true icon no matter what Adam says
  • Blue keeps a travel blog (or vlog channel or something) and Adam always makes time to keep up with it. He finds it really cool and exciting and tells all his friends and coworkers about how his best friend is in Venezuela now and she just saw the tallest waterfall in the world! Isn’t that exciting! Here’s a picture. “You can shut up about your boring trip to London now, Bethany,” is one highlight of one of the times he tells his friends about Blue’s adventures.
  • this is basically like inscribed in the doors of heaven as undeniable truth but I’m just gonna include Adam Parrish’s Hair Thing here at the end. He is so fucking into people playing with his hair. When he’s feeling sick, Ronan always curls up next to him and strokes his hair and scratches pleasantly at his scalp until Adam falls asleep. On some nice mornings, when Ronan wakes up spooning Adam, he kisses Adam’s hair and he knows damn well that this is heavenly to Adam. (he also likes when Ronan pulls his hair sometimes) When he gets back for breaks from school and Ronan’s hands get into his hair for the first time in a while, he always lets out a contented sigh and feels like he’s home.

Anyway, I hope those were good! I love my son….

Writing Effective Starters: An Essay.

Ever been stuck on how to get two characters to meet? Ever wonder why your starter is liked and forgotten? Ever seen someone else’s interesting starters and thought, man, I wish I could do that?

Here, we’ll teach you how to write a starter in four easy steps.

STEP #1: Engage the Other Character

The first thing you want to do when you want to write a starter is think about the characters in a social environment. Where are they? What are they doing? And most importantly, how is the other person’s character going to get pulled in?

You have to consider the actual contact between characters.Here’s an example of what not to do. My character walked into yours on the sidewalk. If you give me that on my roleplay blog, I will not answer it. No exceptions.

Why? Think about the last time someone bumped into you–in the hallway, in the mall, wherever you were. Did you stop and say ‘hello, my name is [y/n] and I think we should do [activity] and be friends?’ NO. The person probably mumbled a 'sorry,’ you probably mumbled ’s'okay,’ and you both went off to do whatever.

That is an ineffective starter because, plain and simple, you didn’t pull the character in. You can go ahead and spend as many paragraphs as your heart desires describing the business of the city, what your character’s wearing, the weather, the atmosphere, whatever, but listen up: if you do not actively engage the other character, your starter is ineffective.

So what do you do? There are tons of options. Have your character speak directly to the other character. Have your character do something where someone else is able to jump in. The other writer is trying to put their character with yours, and they’ll work with you on this, just don’t leave everything up to them.

Going back to our example, instead of having someone walk into another character, have them stand in line and compliment the other person’s [insert literally anything here]. They can just make a comment about how long the line is taking. Now the character is engaged.

And other note, I’ve seen starters where one character is talking to a third-party archetype and the expectation is that my character will swoops in like a hawk and steal your character away from whoever they’re talking to. This is–don’t. Don’t ever. No. Bad. Shame on you.

Here’s a quick check-list to make sure your starter will work:

  • is my character directly contacting the other character?
  • is my character doing something that the other character can appropriately respond to?
  • have I made it possible for someone to reply to my starter?

STEP #2. Check Your Writing.

This is a good tip for roleplaying in general, obviously, but it’s even more important for starters, especially if it’s an open, or the first time you’re making a starter for someone. I’ve seen a lot of starters from quality blogs that don’t even make sense because the writing is so inflated. Whether you’re trying to look good, do more than your ability, or think you need to try extra-hard, don’t. Just keep your starters natural. Don’t use words you don’t know. Don’t use compound sentences if you’re not familiar with the sentence structure. Don’t use crack grammar styles because you think it might be right. Stick to what you know, read over it before you hit post, and stay in control of your writing. It’s better to have a beautiful one-line starter than a long para that confuses other writers.

Re-read your starter before you post it and ask yourself these questions:

  • is my grammar correct?
  • are my words spelled correctly?
  • are there any typos?
  • are the actions clear?
  • does I have any vague sections?
  • will others be able to understand what I wrote?

STEP #3. Have an idea for your thread before you make your starter.

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a really generic starter with a writer I want to work with, replying, and then not being able to find a suitable plot and floundering into nothingness. There should be a “something happens” section in a thread. In creative writing, this is called “The Trouble.” The sooner you get your character into trouble, the better.

In a nutshell, you should have an idea for your starter planned beforehand. I’ll use an example from my roleplay blog. One of my characters is a librarian. So if my threads are lacking and I want to use her, I might go and make a starter that’s something like,

Eliza sat behind at her desk, trying to focus on a book instead of [insert stressor here]. When someone walked in, she smiled, even though she wished they weren’t there. “Hi, can I help you?” She hoped they said yes, since she currently had a bottle of alcohol hidden on almost every shelf and it’d be really awkward if someone were to find them.

This isn’t the best starter, but it comes with a plot. In fact, it comes with multiple plots. When someone answers this, their character can a) notice my character is really harried and start asking after her, b) think she’s being a jerk and give her attitude, c) answer her question with a 'yes’ and continue to observe how frazzled the librarian is until something happens, or d) answer with 'no,’ find a hidden bottle of alcohol, and watch the plot turn into a kaleidoscope of options that the writer can choose from.

Now, let’s say you want to write a one-line starter. This is a more nuanced thing. It’s easy to write “Hey, want to hang out?,” stick a .gif and a #open+rp under it, and wait for replies. I do it all the time. This starter is fine: the grammar/spelling is correct, it engages the other character, it’s good, right?

The problem comes in with the next few exchanges. When someone replies with “sure,” an a .gif, and you’ve kinda just typed up your starter without thinking about it cuz your threads are dead, whatever whatever, you run the risk of either sitting there like 'uhhh’ or having a dud thread that leads to your character and the other character standing in an undefined white room like 'what do you wanna do’ 'idk what do you wanna do’ until someone just drops it.

So don’t do that.

And some of you will say that you’re just letting the other person use their ideas. To this I say, no. No, no, NO, no no. You can’t just post your generic open hoping that someone else will have an idea. If the other person had an idea, they’d make their own starter.

This ties in with the example I used earlier: don’t have your character walk into someone else’s and expect the other writer to just pull some plot out of their derriere that smells like rainbows and perfection. It doesn’t work that way. You come up with something. You’re the one making the starter. That little thing that says 'source’ next your blog name means it was you. Own it.

If you want to post a one-line starter that says 'hey, wanna hang out?,’ you should have an idea of what your character’s going to do. Whether that’s going to smoke a blunt, getting coffee, or taking a free class in underwater basket-weaving at the local oyster club is up to you.

Ask yourself these questions to avoid these pitfalls:

  • where is this thread going?
  • does my character have a clear idea of what’s going on?
  • is there a plot here?
  • am I trying to dump the plot work onto whomever replies?

STEP #4: Have an accessible setting.

If you want to get replies to your open, don’t give someone a setting that their character wouldn’t be in. I cannot count how many times I’ve seen really, really good starters that I can’t reply to because of the setting. It’s nice to make a post like 'omg why are you in my house,’ but, shocker, most people don’t just walk into other people’s houses’. Another big one I see all the time is when writers say something like 'no one’s around.’ If no one’s there, no one’s there.

Now obviously, accessible starters are on a case-by-case basis. Maybe a stranger wouldn’t be in someone’s house, but their significant other would be. Setting is something to play with and enjoy, but you should still keep it in mind. Don’t force other writers to finagle around with their characters to put them in some bizarre place just so they can answer your starter. Put your character somewhere other people will be–instead of in the middle of a forest where no one is, put them just outside of a campsite. Instead of writing 'no one’s around,’ talk about how your character assumed no one was going to be there. Don’t stick your character in random places just for the hell of it and pray to the roleplay gods that someone will bend over backwards to make it work.

By the same token, I see a lot of starters without an established setting. Don’t do that, either. It’s OK not to have everything hammered down in the original starter, but have some idea of where your character is. Your character doesn’t exist in a little white room. Put them somewhere, and put them somewhere that makes sense.

If you need to test your starter’s setting, ask yourself these questions:

  • would other characters be here?
  • have I cut off other characters?
  • do I have an actual setting?
  • if no, do I have an implied setting?

So there are your four steps. Engage the other character, have proper grammar/spelling, have a plot idea in mind, and take care of the setting.

Final Remarks. 

Make it easy for other writers to answer your starter. Don’t stump them or expect them to pick up all the work. It’s great if you write a half-page starter with beautiful extended metaphors and 5 Shakespeare references, but it’s all a waste if your character’s on the moon, the reader’s lost in your hyperbole, you didn’t use quotes, and your character’s busy talking to the Queen of England.

Before you click post, ask yourself these questions:

  • does this make sense?
  • if someone sent this to me, could I answer this?
  • if someone sent this to me, would I want to answer this?
  • does this look promising?
  • am I praying to the roleplay gods that someone replies to this instead of doing some basic footwork to get replies?

And that’s all from me, folks!

My follower forever

Alright, as previously announced, my follower forever!

Ok I´ll be honest for the longest time I had no idea how these work. I´m still no 100%. But I always thought you tag the people you follow. I that´s not the case, sorry about that.

I´ve already explained in this post what I feel towards all of you. I´d recommend reading that first, if you´re interested in my trashy teenager self. So instead of rehashing all of that, let me just quote my favorite moment in fictional history, which sums up my feelings very well:

Thank you, for being with me. Thank you, for teaching me how to life. Thank you…for wrapping this scarf…around me.  

(ok this was a bit too corny wasn´t it? :P)

Anyhow, mutuals are bolded. There is a chance I messed up here, tumblr wouldn’t properly show me who is a mutual so maybe there are few mistakes. I´m sorry about that, none of those were intended).

I´ve arranged it in Alphabetical order. Enjoy!


@a-heartablaze - something incoherent? more like something awesome!

@ackerscarf - although the real Natiwati may not be around at the moment, she will never be forgotten.

@alphaofdarkness - oh my gosh your art aaaahhhhhh its beautiful

@ao3feed-eremika - gotta stay updated right? Its kinda funny because I always a have an ao3 tab and ff net tab open but oh well.

@armin-gesumin - your crack is the best crack. no doubt.


@bertannie - thank you for fulfilling all my beruani needs on a daily basis

@blufics - your writing…just…aaaahhhhhh!!

@bluinary -  same thing since, well, you know, same person etc. you rock!


@clevergirlraven - I can´t believe I didn´t start following you sooner. What a huge mistake.


@datsteeve - this is one of the two hoomans who knows me irl. IDK why I´m telling you this. I dunno. Go spam him or something.

@daydream24-7 - ok I am sooooo sorry if I kinda weirded you out the other day with that post but…your blog…your art…it´s…astonishingly beautiful.

@didanwhisperer​ - thank you for being the greatest Bertl fan on this website. I need you haha.

@drinkyourfuckingmilk - youarefuckingawesome.

@drunkeremikatexts - your kind of RP blog is what the fandom really needs.


@eremika - yeah I think we´ll all marry Mikasa Ackerman hahaha.

@eremikadefensesquad - Thank you for defending our ship with the very core of yourself, thank you for being able to put up with all that nonsensical hate. You deserve none of that and I have an incredible amount of respect for you.


- fics, fics, and even more fics! fics everywhere!

@eremikaiscanon - you´re goddamn right

@eremikashipper4life - I love your writing, I love your blog!

@eremikaweeks - so hyped for the next one! :D

@eren-and-mikasa-jaeger - your url alone is aesthetically pleasing you have no idea.

@erenmiikas - forever and ever-exactly!

@erensjaegerbombs - you are just awesome and a gift for the fandom.

@erenslips - another brave warrior in war against the haters haha. plus your friendship with ladywongs is goals

@erernika - all of the eremika!


@fady-jaeger - according to tumblr, you were my first follower. IT ALL STARTED HERE!!! But seriously you´re great and Sawano is life!

@fuckyeaherenxmikasa - fuck yeah damn right!

@fuku-shuu - in my entire life I have never seen anyone as dedicated to a fandom as you are. Seriously, you are my fav snk news source and your live translations are my most anticipated thing every month. You are absolutely amazing!


@ghostmartyr - your meta is just fabulous


@iamthewallrose - same here, love your meta and theories

@ieralia - EREMIKA 6EVER!!!!! :D


@jaegerchips - originally I followed you because eremika but your star wars content is just as awesome! may the 4th be with you!


@kodanshacomics - official news everyone!

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@ladywongs - you made me ship touken without me ever having read or watched a substantial amount of TG. PROPS!! (plus yeah all eremika, duh)

@leapingtitan - meta! theories! analysis! EVERYTHING!

@leviskinnyjeans - just as fukushuu, you´re an amazing news source! Thank you for all your dedication! And I love the way you love Reiner!


@lyssala - you were the first eremika writer I followed and whose fics I patiently awaited everyday haha. Seriously though, your writing played a big part in my early days in the fandom and you still never fail to deliver ahah



- I never thought I´d make a friend online whom I would speak with as much as I do with you haha. You´re too sweet, I love the way you ship eremika, your writing, your admiration for Sawano (YA FEEL ME RIGHT xD) and everything else and I look forward  to our chats everyday (damn you timezones, why must you be this way), they really are the highlight of my day :D. Ok Im gonna stop before it gets too awkward or embarrassing ahaha *runs away*

@mikasajaeger - your name is my dream

@momtaku - Another person I adore chatting with ahah. But seriously your meta and analysis (and crack) is goals, and I am indefinitely grateful for all the help you provided building up a blog and building up a following. I am a proud member of the TIB and will do my best as your newly adopted son haha. Thanks mom. Love you :D!

@motorcyclles - your comics are a heavenly gift from the Shingeki goddesses themselves, no doubt!

P -

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@someboredloser - Im just SomeBoredFan.

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@suits-neechan - all the reibert. all the art. everything!


@thanks-for-the-scarf - thanks-for-your-awesome-blog-and-the-lesson-about-duck-dicks-lmfao.

@the-moblit-sketchbook - The most precious RP blog of them all…..and fuck you for making me ship mobuhan now that he might no longer be around!

@the104thsquad you guys taught me how to spell Tatakae and that’s one of the greatest gifts and one could have given me.


@uncklerman - how would´ve thought that Kenny out of all people ends up with an RP blog. Who would have thought it´d turn out as incredible as it did hahaha.

@utterlypointless-snk-headcannons - it isn´t pointless if its utterly hilarious hehe.


@waytooemily I think I followed you before already but tumblr messed up? idk. I love your chapter reactions and your thoughts and translations!


@yummiecurrie - long live the queens indeed (YMIR WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU).

@yusenki - another incredibly dedicated person! thanks for the news! thanks for the translations! thanks for the eruri!

Aaaaaand that´s it! I think it goes without saying, but I highly recommend every single one of these blogs to all of my followers. Seriously you guys are absolutely incredible! Keep up all your amazing work :DDDDD



Summary: Shiro had actually enjoyed having his his right arm because that bore the one goddamn thing that connected him to the rest of the people on Earth. And now it’s gone, and so is his own humanity.  Soulmate!AU

notes: i missed posting this on day 1 of shallura week bc i had so much shit to do, but enjoy this short thing! it’s very pre-shallura and also hella hance, ft. trans girl/she pronouns for pidge…i might continue this in the future but idk


Shiro’s been through a lot of utter shit since his expedition crew got captured–he’s been imprisoned, he’s been studied, he’s been forced to fight–but this is beyond anything he thought the Galra capable of. He’s not sure why he assigned such strict morals to a villainous species that already made it oh so clear that they didn’t fucking care, but he did and now he’s paying for his naivety.

The torture is new. He suspects it’s because he’s started forfeiting battles–he won’t kill for anyone, not even to save his own skin and especially not for Zarkon, so they took his fucking arm away. Hammurabi’s code and all that; an eye for an eye, an arm for human weakness.

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Jealousy has no end - Liam Dunbar

Description: Based off 5x06, you get jealous when you see the unusual interactions between Liam and Hayden, making you lose control of your witch powers.
Ship: Reader x Liam
Fandom: Teen wolf


It was training time for the young and new people in your coven, and today you had to learn tracking spells. you were only 3 people in class; you, the twins Caleb and Cassie, both were one year older than you. yet the 3 of you went to devenford prep.

it was how you met Liam actually, before he got expelled, he found you and cassie trying to cheat on a test using your magic. back then, you used a memory spell to make him forget. but when he got his werewolf powers, the memory resurfaced.

and then the there was the deadpool, so with time, you ended up dating
(A/N: might write the full story, if requested bcs idk)

“So who are we tracking first” Cassie asked setting 3 maps of beacon hills down on the floor

“Brett left his jersey with me today after practice” Caleb says “I can track him down”

“I’ll track Liam since he forgot his phone with me today” you say pulling the phone out of your pocket

Cassie looks around the dim lighten room “Oh” she jumps up and takes a book that was on a table next to her “I borrowed this from Mason the other day”

“Well now we can move on to stalking our friends” Caleb joked earning chuckles from you and Cassie

The three of you start to chant words, you feel the energy flow throw your fingers, then a blue spark hit your map, your eyes shoot open to see that the same had happened to them.

“Mason’s at Hills’ homemade ice cream” Cassie says
Caleb raises an eyebrow “I knew something is going on between them” he grins “Brett’s there too”
“I wonder who Liam’s with in Sinema then” you say but the answer was already in your head, Hayden.
“His pack maybe” Cassie tries to answer.
“They’re having a book club” you tell your friends who look confused “It’s something about memories or whatever”

“you do realize you can break whatever’s blocking their memory” Caleb says 
“Yes, but Liam doesn’t want me in this” you explain


You sat next to Mason and Brett as they talked about something that you weren’t paying much attention to, instead your attention was on Liam and Hayden’s interaction

He had obviously told you about 6th grade, but you knew there was another kind of tension building up between the two of them.

but now instead of reading the dread doctors, as Scott had asked you to, you were watching Hayden and Liam as they continued to score a goal after another

the eye contact they shared made something in you boil “Y/N” Mason exclaimed making you jump, you look at the paper in your hand that was on fire.

your eyes widen and you quickly put off the fire you had unintentionally caused. “are you okay?” Brett asked 

“Yeah yeah” you shrug off opening the page you left on to continue reading

“What’s up with those two” Brett asked mason and so Mason started to explain their 6th grade story.

You look up from the book to see the lacrosse goalie on the floor, Liam must’ve hit him hard.

yet they continued their little contest making you even more jealous, which deep in your mind you knew was kinda stupid off you since it’s probably nothing.

but another part of your mind said otherwise, it was then you heard a scream from the other side of the field 

“Y/N what’s wrong with you today?” Brett asked raising his voice, you noticed that Liam was looking at you too

“What did I do?” you ask
“Blue mist covered half of the field” Mason explained “and I’m pretty sure Blue is your signature coven color, so unless there’s another witch around here from your coven, you have to explain yourself”

he was right, each coven had its own colour to mark their work, and yours was blue.

“I’m gonna go, I need rest” you say putting your things in your bag.

as you walked away you heard someone yelling for an inhaler.


that night, you sat alone in the training room, learning spell about finding killers, if you got that down, you can find the dread doctors’ whereabouts using things that were left in Donavon’s jail

in truth, you just wanted to distract yourself from thinking of Liam, he hasn’t really answered your phonecalls and you two haven’t talked in a while

Then your phone rang, you look at it hoping to see Liam’s name, only it was Scott

“Hey Scott” you answered your phone
“uhm Y/N” he says “I need a favor”
“What’s wrong?” you ask

You weren’t apart of the pack since you were in your own witch coven, but you had no problem helping Scott and his pack whenever they needed help

“Can you track dead bodies?” he asks, which at this point didn’t surprise you.
“no, I find people using their aurora that leaves a magical track on their things” you explain “and since they’re dead, the aurora’s gone”

“Oh” he says in disappointment 
“Is there anything else I can do?” you ask hoping you can be somehow helpful to the Alpha
“Not at the moment” he replies. “see you tomorrow”

but before he closed the line you needed to ask about Liam

“Scott can I ask you something?” you say
“Sure” he answers
“Do you know where Liam is?”
“he mentioned something about going to Sinema for Hayden” he says “Is something up between you two?”

“possible” you say “We’ll talk later scott”

“ok bye” he ends the conversation 


you walked through the doors of Sinema with Caleb behind you, when you told him where you were going he refused to let you go alone while you’re angry.

so that’s how you ended up looking for Liam between the bodies of people.

and when you saw him, he was alone with Hayden “Ok what the hell” you yelled at them your hands lighting with blue sparks

Caleb held your wrists in an attempt to hold you back, instead you started chanting words that you didn’t know their meaning nor have never heard before.

“It’s not what it looks like” Liam said trying to calm you down but you kept chanting, unable to stop yourself, you felt something taking over. Soon your feet were off the ground and your eyes were glowing blue.

Hayden collapsed to the floor “I’ll help her” Caleb said “you try stopping Y/N” he told Liam

You couldn’t control yourself, you tried stopping yourself but you kept chanting. It was as if something was controlling you
“Y/N” Liam yelling lunging at you only to make you fall on the floor beneath him.

Your head hit the floor making your eyes come back to their natural color

“What happened” you ask as your eyesight went back to normal, Liam was on top of you with glowing golden eyes. “What did I do?” You say moving away from him, afraid you’ll hurt him.

You saw Caleb holding an unmoving Hayden as he tried bringing her back to consciousness “I’m sorry” you whisper “It wasn’t me doing it, I would never hurt her”

“It’s not you” Caleb confirms “I read about something like this before” he says as Hayden slowly opens her eyes.

“It’s when you feel a feeling for the first time, your magic is surprised by it in your system and therefore follows its lead” Caleb explains “what were you feeling?”

your head goes down “Jealous” you admit “like I’m losing something I love" your eyes look at like “someone actually”

“You thought I liked her?” Liam raises an eyebrow at you “Y/N I love you and nobody will change that anytime soon”

Hayden slowly started moving, and when she opened her eyes, she yelling on the top of her lungs “What did you do?” She asks looking between me and Liam

I’ll block her memory, you two can finish talking so I can head home" Caleb says knocking Hayden out, again and taking her away.

Liam laughed at something Caleb mumbled while leaving, werewolf powers you mentally sigh.

“Now where were we?” Liam says coming closer to you

“I was apologizing about being a jealous girlfriend” you say trying to break the tension

“Not that” he rolls his eyes “I mean the ‘I love you’ part”

You fail to hold back a smile at his cute idiocy “I love you, Dunbar”

He gently puts his hands on your waist and his lips move to yours

“I love you too” he mumbles between the kiss

You and I – Chapter 3

A/N: I love you all so much omg. Thank you for the positive feedback and suggestions! btw last time I wrote ‘suggestions would be could’ well, anyway, i was sleepy. I meant Suggestions would be cool, lol. Enjoy this chapter and yeah.. idk I guess I’ll write another one now bc I have 3 more hours of travelling haha.

Sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes. I didn’t read this  check lol. 

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OMG! people! I just saw the St. O’s episode, Oh.My.God! What.The.F#ck!

Seriously people, this was bigger than Blood Moon Ball! That was the episode of the big starco moment and this one right here, was the big theory headcannons! Let me just say that all your theories are awesome and make sense, BUT WE’RE NOT CONFIRMED ON WHAT REALLY IS GOING ON!!! I would also like to say that I love how this episode was a half hour long (like how I prefer my shows to be) and that the show is getting deeper and serious. SO HERE ARE MY THOUGHTS!

*St. Olga’s School for Wayward Princesses-So in this episode, we finally get a good look at that “prison-like” school of St. O’s and how Star and Pony Head see it as a torture/dungeon like place like how they always brought it up to be (my thoughts on that later) Anyways, it’s Pony Heads birthday and Star was talking to her through her magic mirror and about to send her some firework shooting cupcakes. However, Pony Head was acting all weird and saying she shouldn’t have them and that there are no deliveries in St. O’s. Star freaks out at the mention of that and hides under rug chest and suddenly, Pony Head is dragged away by the guards for expressing her individuality as her third strike and Star freaks out some more.

Marco sees her upset and tries to cheer her up, but then backs out at the mention that it’s about Pony Head (okay so people are saying that Marco was being an a** for not giving a sh#t about the mention of Pony Head and yeah so that was an a**hole thing for him to do, but let’s keep in mind, Pony Head and Marco aren’t actually close and Pony Head is possessive towards Star. For crying out loud she tired to kill him and although they seemed to have gotten along the last time we saw, they still need to develop more) Star freaks out over mentioning St. O’s again and hides under the rug somewhere else (okay seriously wtf is that under the rug!? It’s her boots, but they’re moving? Who’s under there!? What is under there!? Are her boots alive!? IDK!?) and says they should bust her out and Marco is all in for that badass action so they leave armed with a bobby pin (Marco) and the wand (Star, duh).

They arrive and see a carriage bringing in more wayward, out-of-control, wild and crazy princesses. Marco says they should blend in and disguise themselves so Star transforms via Sailor Moon style (Eeee, childhood nostalgia) into a rebel pirate princess and Marco into a girly princess! Lol! You guys sure loved that didn’t cha? Funny, he only complained once about it and never again? They follow the others in with the scary guards and the igor looking guy and are introduced to a commercial depicting the school on how they turn misbehaving princesses into prim and proper stereotyped princesses (okay, so they’re a little reckless, but they also mention eliminating the individuality too………..what?) we then meet the Headmistress of the St. O’s, Miss Heinous. The cold, ruthless and stern women hell bent on turning princesses into “normal princesses” when she sees Stars heart cheeks, she makes a crack mark on it knowing shes from Mewni (the cheek thing is one of the theories here and I’ll get to that later) after she informs everyone on how there’s no escape with dimensional scissors inside the school and how they’re security is a light tower, Marco and Star sneak off to find Pony Head.

Marco doesn’t see anything wrong with the school and thinks its fancy and elegant (okay, so it maybe it is nicely Victorian with the medieval fantasy design and its morbid look, but it’s still depicted as Hellish and it’s constantly night there!) we then see a singing teacher (a.k.a. Jodi Benson who was both Ariel and Thumbelina) teaching the elephant princess from Sleep Spells (Princess Smooshy) how to sing to animals (okay, so it’s cute that princesses can sing and be friends with animals, but it’s not mandatory!) Star is the only one who sees the horrors of the school and our eyes are opening up to that as well (more on that later).

They finally find Pony Head and see that she’s completely different form what we’ve last seen of her. Her hair is braided, she’s too smiley, she has huge eyes like she’s on drugs or something and more importantly, she’s prim and proper! Star tries to to snap her out of it only for Pony Head to stay etiquette. Despite her wishes and calling out for the guard that was chasing them, Star and Marco run off and come to a room filled with the arrived wayward princesses learning how to sip tea: Keep your pinkies at 90 degrees, more tea please. Marco now sees that Star was right and that St. O’s is a school of horrors (okay, people my eyes are now open to the truth. St. O’s School for Wayward Princesses is a brainwashing facility used to turn out-of-control princesses into mindless stereotyped princesses without they’re consent! I always thought Star, Pony Head and maybe other out-of-control princesses were just overreacting to the school and that it’s not really that bad, I mean when you think of it, it was supposed to sound like a Juvenile Reform School to better yourself with proper class meetings and therapy, but in this case IT’S A LIE! ALL A LIE! THEY’RE BRAINWASHING PRINCESSES WITHOUT THEY’RE CONSENT!) THE SCHOOL IS EVIL!

While they’re hiding, Marco creates a distraction to get the guard away and starts a princess rebellion: IT’S NOT CRIMINAL TO BE INDIVIDUAL! and the princesses follow suit and Star, Marco and Pony Head get away (that was awesome there). Miss Heinous hears about the uprising and demands to find the “princess” responsible for causing it, so she puts the school on lockdown. The gang run into a large round moon where the ceiling is glass wall depicted with demons and a mysterious face and a light shining through with the one eye and the floor being a sun/moon/star symbol too and Star and Marco have no idea what it means (I think we all have ideas on what it all means the sun (Marco, he was originally named Sol according to Daron which means sun), the moon (Blood Moon) and the star (what else, Star) as this is one of the theories and I think I have one of my known too!) as they try to escape through the laundry shoot, Marco gets caught!

Star and Pony Head land in the laundry room and Star finds out from Pony Head that they’re putting Marco through a brainwashing process (Clockwork Orange style) on how to be a proper princess (the bobby pin was no help there, but it was smart to keep it in your stomach as an escape tactic) as Miss Heinous watches. Back with Star, she was doomed. Her best friend is brainwashed, her other friend is going through the same thing and she doesn’t know what to do. What’s worse? She sees a poster that reads, Embrace a Princess mentally, Wash away your Individuality. Star does not like that one bit and goes through a mental breakdown and cries. She thinks who she is wrong and that needs to be corrected making her look pathetic! Poor thing (I remember looking at a post saying how Star feels about that and really hit it hard for her as this is the first time we see her cry for something serious and not something petty or trivial. Here’s something I noticed, her mother wanted to send her here, her mother wanted to send her here, HERE MOTHER WANTED TO SEND HER HERE! HER. MOTHER. WANTED. TO. SEND. HER. HERE!!! QUEEN BUTTERFLY WANTED TO SEND TO SEND HER OWN DAUGHTER TO A SCHOOL WHERE THEY BRAINWASH HER! DOES SHE KNOW WHAT THEY DO THERE!? AND IF SHE DOES, WTF QUEEN BUTTERFLY!? WTF!?) Seeing Star cry heart-brokenly like that finally made Pony Head snap out of it, destroy the poster that now reads: Embrace your Individuality and return to her normal (and playfully out-of-control) self! Star is overjoyed and they go save Marco (Pony Head considers him a friend (an Earth friend to Star) but still a friend none the less even though she still calls him Earth Turd. Remember people, Marco and Pony Head need more development from each other).

Star and Pony Head burst into the brainwashing room and Star turns the machine into a huge butterfly that attacks Miss Heinous and her grows clubs on her cheeks? (wait? wtf? she has clubs on her cheeks!? This is yet another theory everyone’s talking about as now we got a clue on who Miss Heinous really is. Star (hearts), Queen Butterfly (diamonds) and Miss Heinous (clubs) like the deck of cards! But then, who has the spades? Is Miss Heinous Star’s aunt? What does it mean? IDK?) Miss Heinous freaks out over her cheek marks appearing and starts to brainwash herself! (that’s some freaky sh*t right there people). As the gang escape, they see the other princesses still chanting Marcos words and he leads them to bust out and go for a princess attack! Badass! They all attack the guards and Star destroys the tower that was supposed to be the security! Boom, Baby! When Star, Marco and Pony Head try to leave, Pony Head says she’ll stay to watch over the princesses and thanks Star and Marco for helping her be herself again and Star and Marco escape.

In the end, Miss Heinous was done brainwashing herself (*coo-coo*) and her club marks disappear (who are you woman?) she then finds Marcos bobby pin and does some experiments on it discovering that it’s from the Earth Dimension and becomes determined to find “her” and finish ‘em off! Done Done Done! 

OMG! What an episode! We got sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many theories and secrets that are yet to be solved and we going into Gravity Falls territory! I think I have a theory of my own and I’ll post it soon. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go and reblog all your theories so I can remind myself and everyone in the svtfoe fandom what the good f*ck is going on!