maybe this isn't the right time to post this

waiting for an episode for Chloe and Ice Bear to be chilling together, a bully resurfaces, and Chloe tells Ice about the experience, and he goes full on beast and down right gives the bully a heart attack except it’s the wrong person and he’s all, “lol whoops wrong person”

Yep, maybe I should just leave right now, huh? I think it’s time for me to sleep, I’m thinking up bad ideas, haha.

     i’m so sick of this!i’m so sick of feeling doubtful/scared that you don’t like or appreciate my portrayal or whatever…LISTEN. if you are going to follow me, give me time to look at your blog and decide if i’m going to follow back – or who knows maybe i’m already following you?? and instead of just up and vanishing, how about talking to me? i would never have the relationships i do with people if i didn’t buck the fuck up and talk to them. LITERALLY. and you wonder why i feel so at ease or happy with them it’s because even my dorkiness didn’t hinder what we could have had and/or do have. – so if you are going to follow my blog? then follow my blog, don’t follow me then decide 2 seconds later to unfollow and then follow 2 days later again.