maybe this is still a wip idk


…”The music was a blade, knifing through the dark. The melody sang and the Corsai arced back as one, as if repelled by the single, massive beam. They hissed like steam and broke apart, and fell away beneath the music…”

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i'm sorry but authors who can't finish their stories shouldn't start one at all. wth? you start, people will love it, they'll wait, and then you freaking abandon or just... idk, hide somewhere and delete the damn fic. pisses me off. don't start when you know you can't finish.

It’s frustrating, but I 1000% get it. Now there are some that are serial abandoners and maybe they need to have a talk with Jesus. But even I have a WIP that ice been struggling to finish for years. I still appreciate the content we get, so many plot bunnies can be had from wipe, I wish more would get into the practice of picking them up when they’re truly abandoned. That might be a fun writing project, hmm…


[wip teaser]

btw thanks to those who voiced out their opinions on the Candela pose! Option B was the most popular one && also people messaged/said that they felt that B looked more confident and ‘Valor-like’ so I went with it *_* Plus, it matched Blanche’s + Spark’s too ♥ I still liked A tho – maybe I’ll keep the pose for another artwork *o*

TF2 Ships~ (WIP)

ScoutxScout-> Scoutcest
ScoutxPyro-> Flash Fire
ScoutxSolly-> Batting Helmet
ScoutxDemo-> Hop scotch
ScoutxHeavy-> Heavy Hitters
ScoutxEngie-> Texas Two Step
ScoutxSniper-> Speeding Bullet
ScoutxMedic-> Quick Fix/Blunt Trauma
ScoutxSpy-> Daddy Issues/Cloak & Batter
ScoutxPauling-> Caught Looking
SoldierxSoldier-> Sollycest
SoldierxPyro-> 4th of July
SoldierxDemo-> Boots n Booms
SoldierxHeavy-> Cold War 
SoldierxEngie-> Helmet Party
SoldierxMedic -> Fruit Scones
SoldierxSniper-> Knife Party Huntsman (???)  
SoldierxSpy-> Freedom Fries
SoldierxMerasmus-> Magic Missiles

SoldierxZhanna: East meets West

PyroxPyro-> Pyrocest
PyroxEngie-> Texas Toast
PyroxHeavy-> Bear Grill
PyroxDemo-> Molotov
PyroxSniper-> Why does it burn when I pee?/Hot Shots
PyroxMedic-> Roasted Dove
PyroxSpy-> French Fries
DemoxDemo-> Democest
DemoxHeavy-> ???
DemoxEngie-> Short Fuse
DemoxMedic-> JaegerBombs
DemoxSniper-> Piss Drunk
DemoxSpy-> Bomb voyage
HeavyxHeavy-> Heavycest
HeavyxEngie-> Heavyneer
HeavyxSniper-> Vegemite sandvich
HeavyxMedic-> Red Oktoberfest
HeavyxSpy-> Spoovy
EngiexEngie-> Engiecest
EngiexSniper-> Trucks n vans
EngiexMedic-> Science Party
EngiexSpy-> Napoleon Complex
SniperxSniper-> Snipercest
SniperxMedic-> Bush Medicine/Van Ambulance/Urine Sample
SniperxSpy-> Bloody Suit
MedicxMedic-> Medicest
MedicxSpy-> Gentle Surgery
SpyxSpy-> Spycest

I tried to put order of the ships that are in this fandom and ended up like this. Even when I don’t reblog everything this will be useful anyway, for me and for my followers.

It was really funny to do, and thanks Sugar Tits for your help <3


yes hello, i’m still alive. here’s another little WIP update for my 4000 followers gift. I’m starting to have a bit of an idea for the theme for this set. I actually have two ideas, so maybe there will be two parts? idk. alright, too vague in my head still, so back to the drawing board ahah. i’ll just leave these pictures here and work on the next object!

[WIP] weak for sweets - part 2

Sweets shop AU: Pastry chef Miyuki and chocolatier Chris run a small shop together. Eijun, just moved to Tokyo, is their most enthusiastic and most frequent customer. | Part 1 |

Part 2: Kuramochi deals with the new Noisy Neighbor.

3461 words, people!! Kuramochi, when did you take over my heart. Scribbles for tattoos because I am lazy.

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hey guys, so i was going through my old wips.. and found this from like. four years ago now. (woops.) #artistproblems 
i don’t think i’d ever sent you even a wip of it?? idk. i’d always intended to show you the finished product… but. lets just say i ran into some issues (*shakes fist at past me for doing stuff on the wrong layers*). i always meant to do more than just flat colours. (maybe i still will.) 

anyway. real mean wear tights is still my favourite homestuck fic. even now. so. here’s some hemoheir. with hemogoblins painstakingly drawn butt. 

*dumps it into your laps and runs back into the shadows*

WOW. This is fantastic! I am so glad you found this and decided to share, because it is just great. I love everything about this, from the body language to the expressions. You really did a marvelous job endowing them with some really strong personalities. You can absolutely feel the allure Hemogoblin is trying to pour over Heir, as everything about his posture positively screams calculated pose. I love the way he’s boxing him in, really putting emphasis on how aggressive he’s being. It’s a pity that poor John clearly has no idea what to do with this, as you captured the proverbial deer in the headlights look perfectly. That right there is what happens when desire battles it out with propriety. Haha, your painstaking work on the booty paid off, too. To be honest, I kind of like it as just the flats, as that gives it its own charm. In any case, thank you so much for the fanart, werewolf! Definitely appreciated~


Holoska does not know how to do anything in SAI: Episode 2

Like last time this is not gonna be the actual design reference for the AU and I’m still just experimenting with stuff but hey I tried + I fixed Sunset’s colour scheme since I found out it looked really off on my new computer

Tune in next time and watch as I maybe start attempting to shade things and most likely fail spectacularly

oh hey it’s that sweet baby girl I totally haven’t forgotten about, now with 98% bushier hair. I wrote a thing for this?? but lmfao it’ll never get finished and realistically neither will this. Uh maybe it’ll end up on a sketch dump someday. Too many tender feels. ಠ◡ಠ

Still not happy with how I color stuff in. :/ IDK it always ends up too clean for my tastes.

EDIT also everything I make looks super undersaturated after uploading but it’s probably my phone screen.
carry you [with me]

[Maybe someday I’ll update my WIPs but that day is not today. Here is a small one-shot post season 2 finale ((tears still)). It’s short and kinda goes all over the place but that’s alright, right? Anyway, enjoy! All grammar mistakes are mine, like usual] 

She returns on a day no ordinary than the next.

Her face is sunken in and her hair it cut above her shoulders but she walks stronger. She walks like someone who has shed a past skin, someone who is no longer afraid of their demons.

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hhh i wasnt sure whether to post this WIP or not, idk. i might do an inbetweened and cleaned up version maybe idk??? i’ll see how i feel. animation is still kind of anxiety inducing right now but i was happy that i made myself at least attempt something today :’)

so here is a rly rough gif of carlos doin a wee dancey dancey <3