maybe this is how to change the world

Everyone Goes to Heaven

Everyone goes to heaven.  That’s what I believe.  How that’s possible for people who do great evil, I leave to God.  Maybe they change their hearts in their last moment of consciousness.   Maybe their eyes are finally open and they finally understand the love of God pulsing through their being.

But if it’s true that everyone goes to heaven, why go to church?  I love to ask young people that question. Sometimes they seemed stumped.

I hope that they can find freedom from fear-based religion.  I hope they can understand life as a great spiritual journey to live fully.  To reach their potential. To help the world reach it’s potential. 

Church is a faith community dedicated to such fulfillment.  By seeking God’s Kingdom, as Jesus put it, a metaphor for a life in union with God and God’s dream for the world . A way of life that we practice together.

A way that does not circumvent pain, but transforms it.  A way that does not deny evil, but practices goodness as the best response to it.

A way of liberation from fear-based religion.  By starting with the premise that God’s love is unconditional.  And assuming that everyone goes to heaven.  In order to focus on living fully right now.

let’s talk about our son Even Bech Næsheim. remember when Even asks Isak what type of music he listens to in episode 2? and then adds if you listen to music. he’s clearly eager to talk about and maybe bond over music. the guy has a nas poster and a guitar in his room and would later send Isak song lyrics to convey how he feels, so it’s pretty safe to assume he’s not just a casual listener. he needs music. yet he doesn’t automatically assume Isak to be the same?? what an amazing human. Even doesn’t generalise or make assumptions, and sometimes he corrects people who do as we can see him do with Emma, and this is why meeting him changes Isak’s whole life.

Isak very much sees the world in black and white, and he struggles to position his identity in it because he feels like neither colour truly fits. he doesn’t have a problem with gay feelings, what he does have a problem with is the label and the baggage that comes with it. then along comes Even, showing him that beyond black and white there exists a whole world of grey. in the pool scene Isak is born as his true self. but it’s not just the kiss that is important in this scene, it’s what Even says after briefly kissing Isak under water. tror du det er noen regler her, do you think there’s any rules here. this is what ultimately saves Isak. not Even’s affections but Even as a person. it’s Even who shows him that the rules he’s tried so hard to play by were all made up. it’s Even who shows him that you can get stoned to nas and lip sync to gabrielle, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. there are no rules. alt er love. everything is love, everything is allowed.

and honestly? to me personally this is what makes theirs one of the greatest love stories ever told. they don’t just fall in love with each other, they save each other, and it all happens so organically. even if you say life is but a continuum of random incidents followed by random results, i really do think that it had to be them, that out of all the possible loves that could have been, this is the one that had to happen. that in this exact moment in Isak’s life it couldn’t have been anyone else, not Jonas or Julian Dahl or some random guy from grindr. for him it had to be Even Bech Næsheim. 

Did Yoi ep. 8 do it?!

Did it have an allusion to fighting homophobia and to Yuuri wanting to be accepted as a couple with Victor?

In Yuuri’s monologue during his Eros routine at the Rostelecom Cup, he’s thinking about how probably the whole world (especially Russia) doesn’t want him to win and keep Victor at his side.

Is he only talking about the competition and Victor’s coaching, or something else?

The words and phrases he used makes me think maybe his monologue actually refers to how he feels the world doesn’t want him to win, in terms of love, and doesn’t want him to be with Victor, as lovers? (His theme IS “On Love”, after all.)

He says how that sends chills down his spine, and how he wants to change the world’s way of thinking.

And he does try! Through his actions and skating (which is full of allegory in this show). He even referred to being in “enemy territory” but not being intimidated, and showing everyone how he loves Victor:

And we know by now that he skates his Eros routine to show his love for Victor. So when the crowd goes wild and Yuuri says “Looks like they got the message”….

Well like they’ve flat-out said in this show before, LOVE WINS. Hopefully Yuuri did change the world, even just a little bit, to understanding and accepting love.

(My interpretation could be wrong, but I won’t be surprised if this WAS the intended meaning because this show doesn’t hold back any punches 😂)

Creating Cool Villains: Dragons


I know that many of you in the community love to read or write, since DnD is mostly reading through the books and writing out everything for your next session.

So here is just a quick post with ideas on creating cool dragon-themed villains, since every party is guaranteed to fight a big bad dragon sooner or later.

So here are a few tips and examples of using world-ending dragons as villains in your campaign.

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If you ever forget why you’re still studying at 2am..

Remember it’s not just a matter of grades.

Maybe you’re studying so you can correctly diagnose those patients before they’re told it’s too late.

Maybe you’re memorizing the mistakes of history in the hope of never seeing them repeated.

Maybe you’re understanding how the law works so you can defend those who need it. 

Maybe you’re absorbing as much information as you can so you can pass on your love of learning to others.

What you’re doing today can change our world tomorrow, so keep at it.

Sometimes, I’ll just be going about my day and it’s just an average Tuesday and then sometimes – this feeling hits me out of nowhere.

This super heavy feeling in my chest that makes me feel like I can’t breathe sometimes.

And sometimes, when that feeling hits me, it feels like you’re with me and I can breathe again.

And in that moment, I will laugh because I remember something funny you did or how easily and unconditionally you made me feel love – especially today, in a world that doesn’t seem to love easily. A world that doesn’t seem to love at all.

And somehow, even if just in that moment, it seems like I’ll be okay again.
Maybe not today.
But someday.
Someday I’ll be okay again.

The world around us may have changed, but we haven’t.

And then sometimes, I remember you’re gone… but then, I’ll remember your smile.

And then I smile.

—  I miss you. I miss you so much.
So far, we only have 20 days left of this month. These 9 days that have been passing, including today makes 10, have been quite iffy. Some nights are of me getting all the sleep in the world. Most nights are of me staying up overthinking everything until the sun rises. I just really want to be happy but I forget so much of the feeling that I don’t know how to be it. In October, I envisioned this month to be nothing but me finally getting my life together and finally going somewhere. Since the tuesday that began this month, nothing really has changed. Except, once again, failure has encaged me and made me fearful of change. Maybe, I tell myself, someone on this earth has to suffer for everyone else to be happy. Maybe, I have to be that person.
—  insecurist
Marriage problems
  1. Hannibal Lecter has a problem with boundaries.

  2. Will is hard work.   OR   Well, Hannibal said yes to everything.

  3. Stunned cannibal.

  4. It looks like Will finally decided.

  5. Well, this isn’t very far from reality.

  6. So many problems for him. So many.

  7. Will is capable of sudden changes of expression.

  8. Hannibal is a saint.

  9. Hannibal wants to keep some mystery in the marriage.

  10. Hannibal is Hannibal.

  11. That’s travel with style.

  12. Maybe Will has not fully understood the word marriage.

  13. Trouble in paradise.

  14. What’s for dinner?

  15. I’m starting to see a pattern in how all the fights will end.

  16. The girl with the series of most peculiar dads in the world

  17. Will’s search for puppies never ends

  18. Special Agent Graham using his power of deduction.

  19. Will is hard to convince and I don’t understand why.

  20. Abigail is waiting for them at home, in the dark kitchen.

  21. That time when Will was smart enough.

  22. Family indoor games.

  23. I don’t understand all this resentment between them.

  24. I hope Will has no doubts left on the subject.

  25. I’d like to see Will and the baby deer confronting each other.

  26. They should try counseling with the Wendigo.

  27. Since Frederick is so eager to be friend with Hannibal…

  28. They have their things to discuss at the dinner table.

  29. After all, he is a psychiatrist.

  30. This marriage s'ha da fare.

  31. Aaaaand… We tied the knot! Hannibal is happy. As you can see, Will has the same expression as always. Hannibal must enjoy what he has.

  32. I can’t help it. I love this family.

  33. Hannibal insists on having people for dinner.

  34. I bet Christmas is Will's favourite time of the year.

  35. Poor Hannibal can’t think properly. Not entirely his fault.

  36. Will using his power.

  37. After this conversation Will confiscated Hannibal’s phone. Forever.

  38. Their neighbours keep changing.

  39. Probably Hugh Dancy, Will.

  40. They’re not listening to Jack anymore.

  41. Come on, Will, just an ear…

  42. They didn’t expect the tears. The tears end the game.

  43. He is an artist, Will. Leave him alone.

  44. I think Hannibal won’t stop asking his favourite questions. Can I eat you, Will? AND Can I kill Jack?

  45. This is the natural consequence of n#44. Hannibal never listens.

  46. I hope Abigail appreciates the effort.

  47. No such thing as a simple dinner, with Hannibal, uh?

  48. It must be a habit of his.

  49. Will starting to sound reasonable. And… Dominant.

  50. Will is now unstoppable.

  51. Pazzi is another victim of the Murder Husbands. In every way possible.

  52. Maybe it’s a new board game.

  53. You do this every time, Will…

  54. Will makes him suspicious.

  55. Anthony is one enthusiastic guy.

  56. Will… You know that you can’t say certain things.

  57. A bunch of psychopaths…

  58. Will, at some point you agreed to that. So…

  59. Dogs learn quickly.

  60. New new new new new new new…dog.

  61. A school day with husband.

  62. Murder Husbands leisure time!

These and the recaps are my big accomplishment of 2016! I wanted to collect them together.

I now understand proudness.

anonymous asked:

people always talk about how louis supported harry and encouraged him to become his true self and never worry about what other people think. but think about this, harry was maybe the first person aside from jay that truly saw what a star (the sun) louis was and probably told him every single fucking day that he was going to change the world one day. PICK SOMEONE SUPPORTIVE

they’re both so in love and bring out the best in each other, the sun and moon if you will


“The only thing I knew, is that you, Juliana Crain, are the only hope any of us had. You asked me if you were in the films - you are - you were. Over and over again. Sometimes I see you in the background somewhere, protest, a speech, a war zone, maybe. Someplace that mattered. I started knowing where to look. You could never stay out of it. Some of the people you knew, I started seeing them, too. Revolving around you like an atom. But they would change, different behavior, different relationships, different points of view shaped by their lives. But you were always you, you and your unnatural consistent mind. I got to know a woman who would bet on the best in us, who bet on people, no matter what the world said about who they were, who they should be. That woman would do anything to save a sick boy - a Nazi boy, even, because she would believe he deserved the chance, as slim as it might be, to live a valuable life. And I knew that was the key. The only way to make sure that your sister’s father wouldn’t prevent that boy’s father from stopping a war. Dixon died in an alley so that son-of-a-bitch Smith could live. But - San Francisco is still here! Millions of people will live because of the choice you made. The goodness in you, Juliana. One selfless act of love and hope… That’s what I put my money on.”


The Demon Next Door CH 3

(Sorry for the long wait guys)

“ I dont know…” Ten stated. “But maybe we should erase all memory of you from the world”
“What?!” I exclaimed in confusion.
“If youre going to have this child, theres going to be some…changes…” Ten sighed.
“I know but…” My voice trailed off.
“___, demon children develop alot faster than human children. Youre going to have that kid in 3 months from now.” Ten explained. I stared at Ten in shock.
“How do you think people would react? How would your family react? ___, Its going to be really difficult for you if we dont erase you” I stared at Ten for a moment and nodded.
“Fine..” I sighed.
“Okay,” Ten took both my hands in his and began to speak in a foreign language once again. I listened quietly and watched as he placed two fingers on my forehead and pulled them back. A white spirit followed his fingers. Ten allowed it to settle into his hand before crushing it into nothing. “Now….. no one remembers you….. Youve been erased from memories, photos, videos, everything,” I nodded silently and took a step back.
“I think I want to go home,” I stated. Everything was so overwhelming and I had to get out in that moment.
“You dont live there now.” Ten sighed, “you never did”
“Wha-” I began.
“With the memories, your actions have been erased. Its like you never existed,” Ten explained. I stood there in shock, staring up at Ten. “___, you look pale. Lets get you upstairs into bed” I was too out of my head to respond and simply allowed Ten to guide me upstairs. We walked out the basement and up to the second floor. Ten led me to THE room. The room where it all began. As soon as I stepped inside, I felt something weird take over me.
“I’ll go grab a blanket and will be right back,” Ten let go of me and left the room.

The was an odd tingling in my lower stomach. I felt restless and bothered. My breathing was becoming shallow. I didnt know what this feeling was.

But then Ten came back. One look at him and I knew.
“I found this on-” Ten said as he walked inside. Before he could finish though, I pushed him up against the door, slamming it closed. I scanned his features for a second before crashing my lips upon his. Ten seemed surprised but kissed me back. His hands snaked around my waist and Ten began to walk towards the bed. We collapsed ontop of the end of the bed, our lips never disconnecting. I flipped us over so that I was on top and began to trail kisses down his jawline. I pulled back for a moment and hastily removed my clothes, leaving me in just my underwear. Ten followed suit and stripped to his boxers. My fingers trailed over his stomach and I attached my lips to his skin. I kissed down his torso to just above his waist.
“_____,” Ten groaned and I stopped. Realization struck my veins.
“What.. what am I…” I moved away from Ten.
“____?” Ten sat up. “Are you alright?”
“N-no..I’m..I..” I stared at him in shock. “Can you please leave” Ten looked back at me with a blank expression and sighed. He nodded and stood up before making his way out the room and closing the door behind him. I climbed onto the bed and took a deep breath. What had come over me? I couldnt really explain what I felt. It was just a rush of lust and I wanted him. I was disgusted by it. I was disgusted by the whole situation. He was a demon and he took me by force. He erased me from existence. I had no friends or family anymore. Above all, I was going to have his kid…apparently in 3 months. I layed down on the bed and closed my eyes. My hand rested on my stomach. It all felt like a messed up movie. I couldnt see a happy ending however. Everything was gone. I sat up quickly when I remembered that I had lost my home too. I rushed towards the window and looked out at what used to be my house. From where I was standing, I could see into my old room. It was empty. Everything that was mine was gone.I was about to turn back when the light turned off. I watched as a tall male walked into the room. He stood in the middle and just glanced around at the bare walls. His eyes suddenly looked out the window. Out of instinct, I ducked. I wasn’t sure if it was alright for me to interact with others. Cautiously, I lifted my head to peer outside. The male was now standing in front of the window of my room. He stared at me. There was no mistaking that he knew I was here. The sound of footsteps outside the door cause me to jump slightly and look back at the door. The footsteps dwindled as they moved further from the room. I let out a small sigh and turned my attention back to the stranger. When I did, I fell back in surprise and fear. The male was there but he was now floating right in front of me. We were separated only by the glass. I scrambled backwards and watched as his eyes turned a deep shade of red. The window suddenly shattered and a wave of black gushed into the room. It engulfed every corner of the but as it reached out for me, the substance was reflected and pushed back. The wave stopped moving for a moment before rushing upwards and clumping together. I watched as the male from earlier emerged out of the darkness.
“He already transferred the root, huh?” The male chuckled. “That just makes things more fun”
“TE-” I tried to scream out for Ten but my voice suddenly left me.
“Nice try,” He stated and walked forward. As he did so, I shuffled backwards until my back hit the door. I tried to open it, but it was locked. I banged on the door before being pulled back.
“Don’t do that.” The man said in a mocking tone. He held my arm tightly and with his free hand ilted my chin up so that I was staring up at him. “I can see why Ten took you. Youre such a pretty little thing and your scent..its intoxicating. It make me want to just take you for my-” The male stopped midsentence and in what seemed like a second, he turned back into the black wave and moved back to the window as a rush of red exploded from underneath. I turned my head away covered myself with my arms in an attempt to protect myself. I looked down at the floor, watching as the red and black pushed against one another. Slowly, I turned back to look at the scene before me.
“Ten…” His voice left my lips inaudibly.

(who do you think the mystery male is?)

I just imagine Alec when he’s drunk as the cuddliest cutest bean like he’s staggering around with a dopey grin on his face, maybe even singing to himself loudly and then he sees Magnus and his whole face changes. His eyes light up and his grin becomes almost insane as he lets out a slurred, gleeful cry of, “IT'SSSSSSSSSSS MYYYYYYYY BOYFRIENDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!” and all but runs at Magnus and almost crashes into him and Magnus is trying so hard not to laugh and Alec is holding onto him so tight and they are swaying a little due to Alec’s drunkenness and Alec tries to kiss him but Magnus dodges and asks Jace how in the world Alec got so drunk and all the while Alec is furiously pecking his cheek, his temple, his neck, his hair, his shoulder, and saying, “IT’S MAGNUS! MY MAGNUSSSSSSSS. YOU’RE SO PRETTY. PRETTY PRETTT MAGNUS.” And has his arms around Magnus and Magnus is smiling and laughing and makes a portal and drags Alec through it and they portal back to their bedroom and Magnus is like “Okay, time for bed.” But Alec still has his arms wrapped around his neck and won’t let him move even when Alec himself is lying prone on the bed and all the while is trying to be seductive but is failing because he is drunk and it’s frankly really adorable and Magnus almost laughs hysterically when Alec bats his eyelashes at him and says, “Come onnnnn Magnus….dON’T YOU WANT ME?” In a voice that’s too loud and thick to be taken seriously and he almost falls off the bed and Magnus cannot stop smiling and finally Alec just looks at him and says, “Cuddle me.” and Magnus melts and slides next to Alec and Alec literally wraps his whole body around him while muttering, “Pretty, pretty Magnus.” The grin doesn’t leave Magnus’ face the whole night

Size may or may not matter
What you need to know:

A random pocket dimension where the players size continues to change randomly appears at the next door the players open.

How it begins:

The next time a player opens a door, maybe within a dungeon or a tavern, anything, they will see, instead what they expected, a random pocket dimension.


The sit above a planet, the atmosphere just skimming the horizon. The players view this world as if they are 100 kilometers tall and the door 1000 kilometers above the world.

  • -A-
    If players jump or climb out of the door, they fall 1000 kilometers to the surface of the world becoming a giant meteor crashing into the surface, leaving a huge creator and tearing up the planet for kilometers in every direction - which to the players, given their size, is the equivalent of 10 meters.
  • Every player who falls suffers D6 fall damage and sends a blast wave of ejects in the atmosphere only to rain back down a few rounds later, forcing all players in a radius to roll and avoid fiery rocks as they plummet to the earth and take X D6 fire damage.
  • -B-
    If the players stand, they cannot breath as there is no air at their height and begin to suffer the rules for suffocation, they also take X D6 cold damage as they are exposed to frigid temperatures.
    Note: crawling will avoid those effects.
  • -C-
    The world is a vast expense of forests, mountains and oceans the players can traverse with ease given their size -100 kilometers or 100,000 meters.
  • Examples:
    Mariana trench is 10,994 meters deep which would only reach the knees of a submerged player.
    Average ocean depth is 3,688 meters.
    Mount Everest is 8,848 meters, reaching only a shin.
    Average mountain is 4000-6000 meters.
    Airliners crush at around 10,000 to 11,000 meters.
  • -D-
    Give the players a few rounds to move about the world, splashing in oceans, crushing mountains under their feet before they start to shrink. As the players explore, every round of movement away from where the players landed, they begin to shrink by 1 kilometer till the players reach 10 kilometers in size and enter part 2.


A series of mountain ranges cross the players’ path.

  • -A-
    The players will begin to shrink for every mountain range they climb over.
  • The first range the player see is 10,000 meters tall and the mountains only 5000. The player can easily step over this range.
  • 2nd range - Players can still make it over this range without a climb roll. (Players are 7500 meters tall.)
  • 3rd range - Players make 1 climb check or suffer 1 D6 fall damage. (Players are 5000 meters tall.)
  • 4th range - Players make 2 climb checks or suffer 2 D6 fall damage. (Players are 2,500 meters tall.)
  • 5th range - Players make 5 climb checks or suffer 1 D6 fall damage. (Players are 1000 meters tall.)
  • -B-
    Once the players are 1 kilometer tall and climb past the 5th mountain range, they enter into part 3.


A range of primordial earth extends to the horizon. Volcanoes, geysers and pools bubble with spewing magma, forming 500 meter flows of lava that cover the surface of the world. The players can see dry lands between the flows of lava.

  • -A-
    Players will being to shrink for every lava flow they jump over.
    Note: Flows are 500 meters wide, but only 10 meters deep.
  • 1st flow - the players being 1000 meters tall will walk over the magma with ease.
  • 2nd flow - the players being 750 meters tall can hop over the flow without issue.
  • 3rd flow - the players being 500 meters tall need to roll a basic jump check to succeed. Failing results in suffering minor burns to their feet, suffering 1/10th lava damage or 1 D6 fire damage.
  • 4th flow - the players being 250 meters tall need to roll a moderate jump check to succeed, failing results in the player falling ankle deep into lava, suffering only 1/5th lava damage or 4 D6 fire damage.
  • 5th flow - the player being 100 meters needs to roll a very high jump check to succeed. Failing results in in the player falling waist deep into lava, suffering only ½ lava damage or 10 D6 fire damage.
  • -B-
    After the 5th flow, the players reach a set of stairs leading up the side of a 6000 meter tall volcano spewing molten globs of rocks. At the end of the stairway is a 100 meter tall obsidian doorway.
  • As players climb the steps, they must roll to avoid the hurling molten rocks or suffer X D6 fire damage.
  • -C-
    The door is locked and needs to be picked or brute forced to open all while the players dodge molten rocks.
  • The doors leads to part 4.


A 100 meter tall, 100 meter wide and 1000 meter long obsidian hall extends before the players, ending at a 30 meter iron door at the other side.

  • -A-
    Every 10 meters the players move, they shrink by 1 meter till reaching the door only 1 meter tall.
  • -B-
    The door is unlocked and the players must push open the door, needing a high strength roll to succeed.
    Note: this should require the effort of all the players.
  • The door leads into part 5


The obsidian hall starts off at 100 meters tall by 100 meters wide, but shrinks 1 meter by 1 meter every meter in length.

  • -A-
    The players do not shrink as they move through the hall and remain their 1 meter size.
  • -B-
    The hall ends 10 by 10 centimeter in size with a 10 centimeter size door blocking the way.
    Note: The players, even at 1 meter, are too tall to enter the door.
  • The door leads to part 5.
  • -C-
    There is a secret panel in the hall the players must find that opens to a lever that when pulled shrinks the players to 10 centimeter in size.


The door opens to the inside of the wall where the players are only the size of a mouse. The mouse hole leads out of the wall and into a cottage where a man can be seen sweeping the ground. Across from the players on the other wall is another mouse hole. A mousetraps with a key instead of cheese is by a giant table near the person sweeping.

  • -A-
    If the players leave the hole, the person will react to the players as if they are rats or mice and begin trying to swat the players for X D6 damage.
  • -B-
    The 2nd mouse hole contains a locked door which can only be opened with the key on the mouse trap.
  • The door leads to part 7.
  • -C-
    The key on the mousetrap, if touched or moved, springs the trap resulting in a player having to roll or be struck for X D6 damage by the wire. The player, if hit, then must roll again or become pinned under the metal wire.
  • Any players pinned in the trap must roll escape artist or dexterity to become unstuck.


The door opens to a field of grass where the players are only the size of ants.

  • -A-
    Past the grass, the players reach a pond where fish swim below the surface and frogs sit upon lilies.
  • Floating in the center of the pond upon a lily, a wooden door is built onto the side of a small stone.
  • -B-
    Traversing the pond requires the players to avoid being eating by the frogs or fish.
  • Any player hit by the fish or frogs results in being swallowed whole.
  • The player then suffers X D6 acid damage as they are digested.
  • The player can cut their way out of the stomach by either doing X damage or needing X rounds to create a hole, whichever you as the DM deems more appropriate for the moment.
  • -C-
    The door on the stone is unlocked and leads to part 8.


The door opens to the inside of an artery where the players are the size of a cell. Red and white blood cells tumble together as the sounds of a heart beats in the distance.
Note: the players are not required to breath from here on.

  • -A-
    Any player who enters the artery is immediately pushed through the veins by the force of the heart.
  • Players must roll strength or dexterity to maneuver through the veins.
  • Any player who fails is tossed about against the other cells, suffering X D6 crushing damage.
  • A 2nd consecutive fail results in players being sucked towards the heart and a third failure results in death as they are crushed by the heart.
  • -B-
    The veins should be a small maze the players can explore, trying to find the end.
  • -C-
    The white blood cells will attack the players.
  • They will have the stats of oozes and deal X D6 acid damage as they try to engulf a player.
  • -D-
    At the end of one of the veins, the players can find a door.
  • The door is unlocked and when opened leads to part 9.


The door opens to a realm of atoms where the players are the size of electrons.
  • -A-
    Immediately when the players enter, they are bonded to an atom nucleus flying around the atom as an electron.
  • In order for the player to move form atom to atom, they must use force of will or roll wisdom, finding their own internal energy and changing it.
    Note: There is no real threat here, just let the player enjoy being atoms.
  • -B-
    After jumping a few times, the player enter in a vortex, becoming even smaller, entering the realm of strings, quantum foam and points, this starts part 10.


At this level, the players no longer have a size tossed around in the foam of space. They eventually see the foam bubble, vibrate until it explodes creating before their eyes a big bang. The players hurl through the space of the universe until they once again reach the very door where this all started, their hands on the handle just before they were about to open it.

The door will no longer open into the dimension and instead open to where it was previously intended to.


There is no treasure or big boss. It was an experience, but what impact did it have on your players?
Maybe they all gained points in wisdom or intelligence, learning things about their world they never knew.
Maybe it left them fearful of size changes and in the future anything that can change its size will result in the player rolling fear.
Maybe the experience changed the fabric of the players, resulting in the players being able to change their size to that of a giant or mouse a few times a day, week or month.

Either way, have fun and hope to see you again.

  • Jubilee: So, how does this work?
  • Professor X: There's no real simple answer to that. I won't lie to you and tell you it'll be easy. Because it won't be. Just because you've decided to change doesn't mean the world's ready for you to. Truth is, no matter how much you suffer, no matter how many good deeds you do to try to make up for the past, you may never balance out the cosmic scale. The only thing I can promise you is that you'll probably be haunted, and maybe for the rest of your life.
  • Jubilee: *indicates homework* No, I meant... how does this work?
  • Professor X: Oh. Uh...

We adopt N7 into our lives - what we think it meant or should mean. The best and the brightest, honed skills, acting with integrity and maybe a touch of headstrong zeal. It is an ideal in framework, and we are allowed to fill in the empty spaces with our heroic aspirations. Soldier, adventurer, explorer - a medley of roles, active, engaged, and present. A means by which we cannot only step eagerly forward into a fictitious world, but participate in how it changes, help shape what may come.

And such is the appeal and allure of the hero and their journey - that through their narrative, we might see parallels, we might be inspired, we might find the strength and faith within ourselves to be actively part of what our world, and this life, has to offer, and to maybe make it better for our presence.

We learn the power of stories not just from conventional means, but from our excursions with eyes transfixed to images on a screen. Participant and audience - a harmony of investment, and a burgeoning desire to see it through. What comes next, where will we go, and oh, let this take as long and be as boundless as the vast ocean of stars.

And we share a kinship in this journey - the solemn nods as we recognize the faint traces of Shepard’s ghost. We eagerly and almost reluctantly endorse the notions of the curious - “you’ll like it,” we say, followed by “long live your broken soul.” But then fandom has always been a curious thing, an odd mix, tipping sideways and fro to achieve a balance of affection.

We keep returning, curious, searching, as the galaxies beckon our eyes skyward - coaxing with mysteries, with stories yet to tell.

So we don’t say good-bye. We merely close the chapter, beloved, pages worn at the edges, wrinkled from use. Our fingers linger on the spine, and we look to another adventure, knowing we’ll eventually, in due time, heed the call to return.

Another galaxy beckons, a siren’s call, a whisper of a tune we think we know - nudging at our minds, drawing us forward to where we think we’ll hear and see more clearly. What waits on the other side - heartbreak and the flush of pride, the sweet downhill tumble of our hearts yearning for one more story to take us home.

INFJ Confession #2919

Finding out i am infj has completely changed my life. All of the weird little things that I do and how i think all makes sense. I used to tell myself I was crazy. That talking about your thoughts was taboo but everyone else saw the world this way too… maybe. I just wish I didn’t think so much. Maybe if i spent less time analyzing everyone else or my awkward actions I could breath

It’s the start of the new year and I feel like I should remind myself and hopefully other people about a couple of things.

1. Be kind.
Be kind to everyone because you never know what the other person is going through. This ounce of kindness may be the only thing they ever receive that day.

2. Fall in love with the world.
As of last year, many horrible things have occurred and because of this I find it hard to look at the world through the eyes of a lover. Please let yourself fall in love with how blue the sky is or the sound of the wind rustling the leaves making them dance and swirl. Fall in love with the world so that maybe others could learn to love the world too.

3. See the beauty in people.
Don’t loose hope. Not everyone is going to hurt you, some may even change your life. If someone is being particularly annoying today, try to look for the things that make them beautiful like the way they laugh or crinkle their nose. Spread love not hate.

“Bring a girl is the worst- Grown men get off my page if you’re going to comment disgusting vulgar things Moms get off my page I didn’t sign up to raise your children et cetera /Young girls shaming me, I’m sorry this world could not teach you your body is natural, I hope I can help change that, I hope I can help change what it means to be a Girl but as of now I am sad I cannot escape that title, I cannot escape what comes along with that :( maybe I’m naive to think I could be the exception, maybe all your terrifying words are helping to prove my point, hopefully someone’s listening 💔” - Rowan

I cannot emphasize how disgusting these people are being. It is 2016 and people are still out in these streets policing the way a young girl wants to dress, sexualizing a 15 y/o for biological developments she cannot control, demanding she perform girlhood in ways to make them comfortable. Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting. We need to confront our shame of bodies, especially female bodies (in this case, cis female bodies). Bodies aren’t just sexual, they are the literal vessels with which we navigate this godforsaken world. Let this young Girl breathe. Don’t be disgusting.