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The King’s Mate Chap. 1

This was the a/b/o stony!verse thing I was talking about! Originally, it was supposed to be a one-shot but as you can see, this is the first chapter. Yeah, this idea has gone waaaay out there. But we’ll see if it continues or not! 

A big and special thanks to the wonderful @tari-aldarion who is my partner in crime (sin). She was beta-ed it and basically made it flawless, she is amazing!

Okay, so…onward!

At the tender age of fifteen, Steve found himself ruling the kingdom after his father’s death. It was a lot to place on a young teen’s shoulders but nothing else could be done. He had no older siblings to take the position and there were relatives that he knew about. The stress would have been too much on his ill mother’s shoulders. 

He was the only choice.

The day of his coronation remained vivid in his memories. The weight of the crown being placed onto his head, the crown of a king. The feeling of his heart pounding against his chest, loud and thumping. The sweat on his palms as he gripped the arms of the throne, being watched by all of his subjects. The droning voice of the Regent that spoke of victory and glory before the hall descended into screaming cheers and thundering claps.

He remembered the feeling of dread that settled in the pit of his stomach.

He remembered a chilling sensation that raced down his spine.

Steve was scared, frightened that he wouldn’t be as good as his father.

He worried about disappointing his people.

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don't leave me

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◇ In which your red lips are always sealed until you can’t handle it anymore.

◇ Jaehyun x reader

◇ vampire!au + 1920s!au

◇ requested by @bybangmin; Hello! Could I have a Jaehyun Vampire! Au where he’s a vampire, and the girl a witch (a nice one, but still pretty harsh)?

◇ aaaaaaand I’m back with another 1920s!vampire!au !!! Honestly I was literally gonna make this modern but I’m actually a hoe for vampires in the 1920s….. like the era just suits them so much???? Also i was so inspired for this but i feel like my writing was just kind ajakskklblah for this one butni hope u guys still enjoy it!!

Most would think that you having a vampire for a mate was the most ironic and ill-fitting chance in the world. You did too, at first.

And why, may you ask? Because you hated vampires, that was why. It all start when you were a child — your parents got mixed up with doing business with the vampire clans who ran Chicago at the time, blah, blah, blah, and next thing you know, they’re dead in a gutter.

While you carried on your parents’ business — making potions and casting spells for only the darkest and most privileged of all Beings —, it did nothing to stop the bubbling hatred you had for the species that killed your parents.

And then you met Jaehyun.

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Hi!!!! Don't know if you're still taking prompts but if you do, here is mine :) imagine an au where everything is different and Jamie has the chance to court Claire properly (in the 18th century) An au completely different from the show or a "what if Jack Randall never met Claire" kind of au. I can't wait to read your works as always, thank you ❤


Claire giggled as she ran through the thick grass that grew along the outskirts of the forest, ducking and diving under branches as she darted as far as she could from the ever watchful gaze of her protectors at Lallybroch.

“Claire Beauchamp…amongst the savages!” She could hear the mockery in their tone even now, her relatives aghast at the idea of Uncle Lamb bringing her to such a place, especially so close after the horrors of Culloden.

But Claire didn’t mind; in fact she prefered the vast Scottish landscapes to the dense cities of England. Here, people didn’t care as to her name, or her position. Here she was just allowed to be Claire.

Spared from the ravages of the British Army, Broch Tuarach lay hidden just a stones through from Bewley, and only a carriage ride from Inverness. The inhabitants, Clan Fraser, had escaped relatively unscathed during the conflict, having hovered only on the periphery for a time. Brian Fraser had steered his men well, keeping the majority of them on neutral ground during the conflict. Their direct relatives, Clan Mackenzie had not been so fortunate.

Still, Brian and Ellen had three young children to raise, and embedding themselves in a merciless bloody war wouldn’t have been wise.

At the thought of their wee brood, Claire’s cheeks flushed pink, the spread reaching the tips of her ears as she raised herself just high enough to see through the grass and down into the valley.

There, at the bottom of the hill with his hand shading his eyes from the sun was Jamie Fraser. The youngest of the Frasers.

Claire’s heart raced, the blood pumping thick through her veins as she slid closer to the ground, pulling her skirts around her as she tried to cover herself. Licking her lips, she could still recall the tingle she’d felt after their first stolen kiss.

Rolling onto her back, Claire gazed up at the sky, her eyes glazing over as the afternoon sun warmed every inch of her. Toeing off her ragged shoes, she slid her feet through the shorter grass beside her, enjoying the heat as it surged through her.


They had only been acquainted a month or so, him having been at school in Paris when Lamb and herself had arrived, but the moment he’d caught her eye she’d known. Smiling, she bit her lip, a strange sensation taking hold of her, making her breasts almost…ache. Clenching her thighs together, tight, she pushed herself from the ground and scuttled sideways into the dense tree line, abandoning her shawl completely as she sought refuse amongst the low boughs.  

Finding a relatively safe spot, Claire leant against a tree and closed her eyes as she inhaled a rather large breath. Something about Jamie called to her. The soft swell of his boyish chest, the way certain curls flicked from the top of his head as he moved about the place, the carefree glint that lit his sea-blue irises. Everything about James Fraser called to her.

Suddenly, a strong pair of arms gripped her waist, turning and pinning her against the trunk of the tree, his hands wrapped solidly around her wrists as he ran his nose along the length of hers.

“Thought ye could outfox me, did ye, sassenach?” Jamie purred, his pet name for her warming the butterflies in her belly as they flip-flopped.

“Maybe I was luring you out here, did you ever think of that….” she cooed in return, a roll of her hips bringing their midsections in direct contact with one another.

Both of them knew that they were skirting a fine line.

Neither of them cared.

“Aye, I ken ye might do that…wee fairy temptress that you are.” He whispered, nipping the lobe of her ear with his teeth as he finished his teasing.

Taking his lips against hers, Claire ended their conversation, pulling Jamie to her with a passionate kiss that made her belly throb and her knees wobble.

His tongue probed at her lips, gently licking her sensitive skin as she tipped her head to the side and opened her mouth, answering his silent question.

“We ha’ to tell them, Claire,” Jamie murmured between caresses, his sweet breath fanning over Claire’s burning face as she bent forwards, trying desperately to bring him back to her, needing the contact, “I want to court ye properly, no’ in secret…please…”

Picking her foot off the floor, Claire wrapped her calf around Jamie’s bottom, driving him closer to her, as close as he could possibly get –for the moment.

“What will they say do you think?” Claire returned, worry niggling on the boundary of her happy place, locked together here –alone with Jamie.

“I dinna ken precise actions, Claire,” Jamie soothed, letting go of her still-restrained hands and running just the tips of his fingers over her damp brow, shifting the wisps of hair that clung to the skin there. “But I think they’ll be pleased.”

‘I think they already know,’ is what he didn’t say, unsure as to how perceptive Claire had been on the matter.

But Claire did know, her eyes holding his as they communicated silently.

“Pleased…” Claire whispered, her tongue peeking just between her lips as she spoke.

“Alright,” she declared, an assertiveness to her tone that Jamie knew all too well, “let’s tell them….” Pausing, Claire looked beyond the tree line and back again, her brows furrowing for just an instant as she processed Jamie’s request. “B-but –tell them what, exactly?”

Jamie smirked, his lips twitching and his eyes lightening as he dipped his head ever so slightly.

“That, Claire Beauchamp –Fraser–, ye are to be my wife.”

Hal paced the worn rug, his boots ruffling the loose hairs on the weave as he stomped up and down in front of the fireplace.

“What *is* Quentin thinking?!” He muttered, ill at ease with the thought of his niece and that…*Scot*. “I told you, John. Didn’t I say!” He spat, flicking the contents of his finished pipe into the roaring embers of the fire as he twisted to face his brother.

John sat rubbing his chin, gazing at his ill-tempered brother, watching as a stray bead of sweat slid down his forehead, across his temple and down his rosy-red cheek.

“Marriage?! Has he gone daft! They’re *farmers*, Scottish farmers at that. They’re probably still harbouring fugitives of the law! And our young Claire…”

Shuddering, Hal gave John a despairing looking. “Send for them!” He finished, sensing little to no cooperation from John. “Bring them both home. I won’t have them dishonouring us like this.”

John tried not to laugh, swilling the remaining contents of his brandy around the bottom of the crystal glass he held between his fingers.

“Quentin loves Claire like a daughter, Hal,” John appeased, finally breaking his silence, “he wouldn’t let her come to any harm. You know that–”

The door slammed open, the handle hitting the wall with a soft thud as Hal’s wife, Minnie, barged her way into the sitting area.

“Hal, could I have your opinion on something…please?” She asked, batting her eyelashes at Hal in a move far too feminine for her.

Winking secretively at John, she led Hal out into the hall and shook her head, closing the wood solidly behind her.

Sighing, John took a final swig of his drink, the cool liquid setting the back of his throat on fire as it ran down his oesophagus.

Claire was just like her mother, and Hal knew it well. He’d been just about ready to remind Hal of the fact when Minnie had, rather appropriately, interrupted.

He’d send the letter, as requested, but both he and Minnie knew what the result of that action would be. And it certainly wouldn’t be Claire and Quentin reunited with them on English soil.

The letter came soon enough.

Claire was excited, bouncing on her toes as uncle Lamb ran his finger under the seal, popping the wax, his eyes flitting across the page as he read Hal’s words carefully.

His smile dropped, his hands beginning to shake as he turned to Claire, a look of distress plastered over his usually jolly features.

“Claire, darling…” he cooed, trying to calm her before he’d even revealed the news.

“He said no –didn’t he?” She whispered, her voice breaking as her heart plummeted.

She hadn’t even considered that he’d turn her down.

“He did. I’m sorry, my beauty.” Sighing, Lamb re-folded the note and placed it carefully into his pocket. “But that’s not all, I’m afraid.”

Claire saw the truth in his eyes before he’d even voiced the words.

Backing up, she shook her head as she fled the living room, her sobs echoing through the empty corridors of the big house as she slammed the door to her rooms, cupping her hand over her mouth as she slid to the floor. Letting the agony consume her. Claire crawled towards the fire and curled up on the large rug. Wrapping her arms around her knees she cried, her tears dripping onto the thin fibres of the neatly woven carpet.

“You can’t make me leave,” she wept, her words only audible to herself, “I won’t let you take me back…I won’t!”

Sneaking into her room, Jamie carefully closed the door behind him as he crept over to the fireplace and wrapped himself around her. The embers had long since died out, leaving her in a tiny frozen ball.

“I had to wait, Claire, I’m sorry…” he spoke, his warm breath fanning over her chilled flesh as she linked her frigid fingers with his hot ones, “yer uncle has been packing for ye.”

Claire shook her head, fervently disagreeing with any idea of leaving Lallybroch and Jamie.

“Hush now, sassenach,” he soothed, feeling her distress as he tried to quash her fears. “Ye havena heard the story of my parents first meeting, have ye?” He continued, hope igniting his tone as a stray flame danced to life in time with his words.

“N-no.” Claire stuttered, her eyes suddenly blinking open at the hint of optimism in Jamie’s voice.

“Then let me tell ye now, aye? …and ye ken already that it has a happy ending.”

Locking her hands with his more solidly, Claire nodded, the lead weight lifting from her chest as he began to recount one night, long before his birth, where two lovers slipped away into the night, leaving behind the dark cloud of those who wished to keep them apart…

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I'm sorry, I have no clue who you're calling out with the drawing black people post, but honestly? Have you heard of the same face syndrome? It has nothing to do with racism, some people just aren't good enough at drawing to correctly represent a real life person and all the variation a face can have. And that's because drawing is fucking hard. I might be able to draw a photorealistic eye but only In one shape cause I only practiced that one shape. Please don't just scream racism w/out reason

Why is it that people who have an issue with my posts about representation in fandom always hop into my inbox in order to condescend to me about how fandom, writing, and (now) art works?

Also Congrats! You’ve helped prove my point that when people read the word “racism” they just… stop paying attention to the rest of the content. Accusing me of “screaming racism without reason” despite the fact that I didn’t say who was failing at drawing Black features (like did you see me single out a specific group, or nah?) is kind of ridiculous. 

Like I am actually super embarrassed for you because of your art-splaining and general point-missing.

I put “fandom racism” in the tags because I need to pretend that I care about keeping my blog organized and you respond like it’s a personal attack on your favorite artist… Please chill out. It’s not actually that serious. 

Don’t worry. I just want people to learn how to draw Black features and for them to put the same effort into references and accuracy as they do the white characters in their same shows/books/comics. It’s not that deep… As a Black person in fandom, it’s kind of something I get to do. I get to ask for fandom to be better and use the resources that they gladly use for other characters on Black ones.

I mean… that’s basically the lowest bar ever? And yet a post easily boiled down to “Hey can you draw Black characters with their Black features” has you all up in my inbox lecturing me about sameface syndrome like I’m not a DC comics fan?

Wow. Rude.

And hey:

Instead of assuming that I’m specifically calling anyone out for racism (and then rushing to scold me for it because I’m clearly an uneducated pleb that doesn’t get how art works), maybe you could’ve put yourself into my shoes and thought about what it feels like for me as a Black woman (because to send me an ask, chances are you had to see my face in my sidebar or profile pic) to constantly see artists fail at drawing people with MY features.

Empathy is everything, kid.

And if you were so intent on refusing to extend some to me, you could’ve ignored the post when it came across your dashboard. 

You could’ve blocked me when you saw the post since it bugged you enough that you had to bug me. But you didn’t and now I’m mildly annoyed

Please think hard about any messages that you want to send me in the future because I don’t really feel like further dealing with someone who came to my inbox ready to lecture me about something they themselves don’t understand or experience. 

Thanks and have a blessed day.

Please, Don't Give Up On Me

Word Count: 1219

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Injury, blood, language, angst 

Requested: No

Author’s Note: Well I had this idea and I had to write it in order to move on to other things. I was in an angsty mood let me tell you lol. Anyway enjoy everyone!


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You were cold - no you were numb.

The air slightly tasted like sulfur mixed with blood - your blood causing you to cringe in distaste.  In the distance, you could hear explosions one after another. They sounded so far off, you could vaguely tell what direction the sounds were coming in.

You couldn’t tell where the blood was coming from, only that there was a lot of it. It was dripping down your face, coating your lips, smeared across your hands, and surrounding you in a growing puddle. A lump in your throat rose as you choke back a sob. You needed to stay calm and remain strong; crying wasn’t going to get you out of this. You couldn’t believe you were awake right now, let alone even breathing. You should’ve died; you had no special powers, you were just another highly trained assassin.

Now, however, you didn’t seem like a highly trained assassin. You got separated from your team after the first ten minutes of landing and somehow you missed the grenade coming right at you. It was either the adrenalin kicking in or you weren’t as good as you thought you were. Your recklessness was the reason why you were in this mess, to begin with. You thought about what your friends would say - what your boyfriend would say. They wouldn’t be happy, hell they would be pissed. Going off on your own on a mission like this, it was practically suicide.

You were so tired.

But you needed to stay awake and stay alive. You needed to get out of here and somehow find your friends. They’re probably worried about you, especially your boyfriend. He’d always worry about you on a mission like these. The missions where there was a slim chance that you wouldn’t come back breathing. However, you could barely sit up without adding to the ever-growing pool of blood.

“Fuck this,” You hissed trying you push yourself off of the ground.

A sharp, tearing pain runs up your hold side as you gasped out in pain. Dropping back to ground you could feel the tears pricking your eyes. Some from frustration but mostly from the new found pain you were numb to before. You lay on the wet ground, gasping for some air as blood spilled out of your mouth. How were you going to get out this? You couldn’t even stand without searing pain shooting up your body. You could scream but that wasn’t going to get you very far. Your voice was hoarse, to begin with and no one was in sight.

A sob wracked your body as you struggled to breathe. You were going to die here, in a torched wasteland where other agents once stood with you. You were stupid - so stupid. You should have listened to everyone and maybe you wouldn’t be in this mess. Did you want to die? Not even in the slightest, you still had much of your life to live. You were finally happy but that happiness was slowly slipping away from you as you felt the life drain out of you.

Everyone was going to be a wreck - you knew it. You were going to die and they would blame themselves for a while. But your boyfriend was going to take it the hardest out of everyone. You were the first person he opened up to after he came out of cryo. You grew close with the loveable soldier and the next thing you knew, you two were in a relationship together. Tears freely fell once you realize you weren’t going to see his face again.

You weren’t going to hear his amazing laugh he rarely showed, his stupid nicknames he called you, and the way your name rolled off of his tongue. You were going to miss sticking magnets on his metal arm just to annoy him as well as pulling his hair up in different styles just for the hell of it. Most all, you were going to miss the way he made you feel. The way you felt butterflies in your stomach every time he walked into the room and how no matter what he made sure you felt loved.

And you were leaving all that behind because of some reckless move. That thought made you cry louder than you were, making it even harder to get air to your lungs. Your strangled sobs filled air when you suddenly hear a voice calling your name just off in the distance.

“(Y/N)!” The voice resonates near you.

You’re slightly more awake now trying to figure that’s calling you. You turn your head slowly and squinted at the figure running towards you at increasing speed. At first, you didn’t know who it was but then you saw the figure’s metal arm. Your eyes widen as you painfully reached out for your boyfriend, wishing that he, in fact, was real. Soon enough, his metal hand grasped yours tightly as he hovers over kneeling in the large pool of your blood.

Then he swears a lot.

“Stay with me.” You feel his hands tenderly wiping away your tears as he softly tapped the side of your face snapping you out of your daze. “Hey (Y/N), stay awake.”

“B-Buck,” You whimpered in pain as tears clouded your vision. “I-I’m so sorry.”

After he wiped your tears, he started putting pressure one of your wounds as you screamed in pain. You let out a mangled cry telling him to stop but if there was a slim chance of you living, he was going to do everything he could.

“D-Don’t talk babe just keep those pretty eyes on me, ok?” Bucky said as a small tear rolled down his face.

You began falling in and out of consciousness as you watched Bucky yell something into the comms to the rest of the team. Blood was still draining out of you and it wasn’t stopping anytime soon. At least you could see Bucky’s face one last time.

“B-Bucky,” You rasped as he shushed you. Ignoring his protests you squeeze his arm tightly. “N-No… I-I love…you.”

You stared into his panicked eyes as you felt all your strength leave your arm and it fell quickly to the ground. Gasping for air, you tried to stay awake and listen to your boyfriend’s words.

“Please, don’t give up on me,” Bucky cried still trying to stop the bleeding. “The team is coming any minute now.”

Normally that would be reassuring but you could only focus on how much pain you were in. Bucky continued to tell you to stay awake but your eyes challenged him as they stayed shut for longer periods of time. This was it; everything was coming to an end. You didn’t hear the roaring of the jets from above coming to get you; instead, you only heard the cries of your boyfriend.

You took your last chance and memorized those ocean blue eyes staring down you, the same ones that stole your heart the day you first met him. Your vision started to become hazing as more figures appeared above you clearly panicking. But it was already too late - you were losing the battle. As your breathing slowed you managed to rasp out three words.

“I… love… you… “

Then your eyes shut for the final time.

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hey, any chance i could get a broke mc? Like, college student poor? And like, out of food a few days b4 the party? Cause there's this bit where you can say you didn't have $for food n jumin asks if you need help n IM IN A GLASS CASE OF EMOTION

As a broke student who sleeps a lot and misses breakfast and then takes naps and misses dinner and is always starving 
I can relate 


  • MC didn’t want anyone to worry 
  • so when they start running low on food they don’t mention it at first 
  • but now its 4 days before the party 
  • and MC has no food. 
  • at first in the morning Yoosung asks if they ate 
  • “Not yet :)” 
  • “Okay! Make sure to get something!” 
  • then during lunch he asks again 
  • same answer 
  • and then around dinner 
  • he gets concerned 
  • he texts them instead of asking in the group conversation 
  • “Hey, MC. You are eating right?” 
  • MC explains to him that they’re broke and don’t have food 
  • He can relate to that as a broke student 
  • But he doesn’t just wanna let MC starve 
  • He knows he can’t go to the apartment 
  • He doesn’t have a lot of money himself 
  • but still he convinces MC to meet him somewhere not too far from the apartment 
  • and they meet up and he buys them cheap cafe food 
  • He then buys MC some cheap groceries 
  • mostly ramen and juice 
  • Since he’s poor too he can’t really get them anything fancy 
  • but MC really appreciates it. It’s really nice of him. 


  • He is super worried as soon as MC tells him 
  • they had casually mentioned that they were out of money and didn’t have food 
  • wtf MC how do you casually mention something like that? 
  • He just wants to run over to the apartment and feed MC 
  • but he can’t go there 
  • Like Yoosung he get’s MC to come meet him 
  • He doesn’t want them to walk far since they haven’t eaten 
  • As soon as MC shows up to their meeting spot he brings them to his home and cooks for them 
  • MC goes home later that night 
  • can’t stay the night, can’t unleash the beast 
  • But he gives MC basically all the food in his fridge 
  • “Are you sure about this? What will you eat?” 
  • “Don’t worry MC~ I’l go grocery shopping first thing in the morning” 
  • He always checks on MC now 
  • and after the party he will always get MC food if they can’t afford it 


  • She’s really worried when MC tells her they haven’t been eating
  • At first she’s also really confused about why MC hasn’t been eating 
  • But when MC explains it’s because they can’t afford it she really wants to help 
  • She can’t go to the apartment 
  • and she can’t really leave work 
  • She offers to transfer money to MC’s account so they can buy food
  • but MC insists they’d feel bad about accepting Jaehee’s money 
  • So Jaehee does talk to Jumin about this 
  • and Jumin says she can go see MC 
  • but he has to come with 
  • he has a driver pick up MC 
  • and they meet at this super fancy restaurant 
  • the food here is worth more than MC’s monthly salary holy shit 
  • MC is really happy to get so see Jaehee 
  • and Jumin 
  • damn it Jumin let them have their date 
  • Jumin does pay for the dinner tho 
  • And they gave MC a full bag of groceries and a cook book 
  • always used her free time to check on MC 


  • Jumin had asked MC if they ate 
  • “Nah, I can’t afford it” 
  • He get’s instantly worried 
  • MC needs to take care of themselves 
  • He offers to pay for lunch for MC
  • and after they agree he has them go to a location so a car can pick them up 
  • when they arrive they get probably the best lunch they have ever had 
  • after they had lunch Jumin suggests that MC stays for dinner too. 
  • and you know what after dinner they should probably stay over so they can have breakfast too 
  • and maybe stay after breakfast too, I mean they need to eat 
  • Maybe it’ best that they stay until the party so they always have enough food 
  • MC probably doesn’t mind tbh .
  • Free food 


  • [707 has entered the chatroom.]
  • “Hey! Did you eat yet, MC?~” 
  • “No, Can’t afford it T-T” 
  • [707 has left the chatroom.]
  • Okay, That was weird. 
  • MC shrugged it off at first 
  • until a bit later they they heard someone ring the doorbell
  • “…Hello?” 
  • “It’s Seven! Let me in” 
  • what.
  • but no one was allowed to come here? 
  • MC opened the door and there was Seven, out of breath with food. 
  • Like real actual food. Not chips and soda. Food.
  • “You should be more careful, MC. That could have been anyone! What if it was a kidnapper who pretended to me! You need a secret code or something” 
  • “I recognize your voice, Seven. We have talked on the phone” 
  • “What if they had just used some kind of voice changing app?” 
  • “…Okay, I’l be careful” 
  • It was so nice of him to bring food though 
  • he filled up the fridge and cooked for MC 
  • he quickly ate with them before he had get back to work. 

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Sorry to bother but it happens that I have a friend who sees Supernatural an he says that Destiel will never be canon because Dean is too male chauvinist (this friend is not homophobic, he'd be okay with a gay couple) and that the whole show is male chauvinist too but I don't know how to argue it with him. I mean, I think that about the show too, but not so much about Dean Winchester. Maybe you could explain what you think about it?

Whoa, no bother at all - what are tumblr friends for if not proving RL friends wrong?

So, first - this has nothing to do with anything, but you woke my inner language monster, and now you’re going to suffer a paragraph of consequences, because chauvinism - now, that’s a word I haven’t heard in a long time. It’s a ‘70s thing, ins’t it? Male chauvinist pigs and all that. I know we used it back when I was desperate to be a Communist, and we comrade’d one another in a laudable effort to pretend the Berlin wall was still up and everyone was into LSD and free love and we actually had something to be angry about.

(Turns out the word comes from Chauvin, some officer guy in Napoleon’s army who was extremely patriotic, and that’s mostly what it means - how it came to mean “an attitude that the members of your own sex are always better than those of the opposite sex”, that’s something I wish I had the time to investigate.)

My second point is, why couldn’t someone be gay and chauvinist? Gay people are people, which means some of them are complete and utter dicks. I personally know at least two gay men who have horrific political opinions and are complete mcp despite being out and proud and sharing an apartment with a (male) partner and an assortment of cats, pianos and art books. I mean, in an ideal world, people who belong to a minority group should, like, avoid sympathizing for a majority group who’d have then hanged and quartered if at all possible, but sadly, this isn’t always the case. I still remember a thing that happened in Italy a few years back - a black guy who tried like nothing else to become a member of a Nazi ‘party’ and went all the way to court because they wouldn’t let him join. And he wasn’t doing it out of some cunning political design or anything - he actually held Nazi beliefs, but he’d apparently forgotten that, in the eyes of European Nazis, he was the ‘undesirable’ one. Whoops.

That said, I don’t see how the term applies to Dean at all. I mean, again - the definition of ‘male chauvinist’ goes as follow: “a male who patronizes, disparages, or otherwise denigrates females in the belief that they are inferior to males and thus deserving of less than equal treatment or benefit”. Now, I think I said before that when I started to watch the show, I didn’t particularly like Dean. He had this fuckboy aura, you know? The love ‘em and leave ‘em personality I just can’t stand in real men - and, well, I like to think even fictional men have to work very hard to be likeable when they’re like that. But even back then, I never thought of him as a male chauvinist. Sure, he was a bit of an idiot, but nothing more than that. Like, when he’s short and dismissive with women, that generally comes from a place of genuine concern - for instance, he didn’t want Haley to come with them to hunt the wendigo back in S02E01 because he knew she would get hurt, or worse, not because she was a girl. 

His default functioning mode is to lie to everybody, and his tactics involve, first and foremost, to maintain a safe distance from others. This normally translates into flirting and smiling, which come off as a bit assholish when he’s in a position of power, and as downright irritating when he’s not (for instance, think about how he is around police officers - the textbook definition of ‘little shit’). So there’s that, and okay. But when he’s around women who can take care of themselves, like Ellen or Jody, he never treats them any differently than he would men. I think he even discussed the thing out loud, maybe with Jo? How his main categorization there was hunter vs civilian, and not men vs women? I’m slightly feverish and out of focus right now, so I’d rather not check, but I’m sure there was something like that. And also: one of the things I like about him, and, incidentally, another argument to use against your friend, is that Dean never thinks less of a woman just because he’s slept with her. This, in my book, is the mark of a true misogynist - how they tend to divide the world between ‘bitches who won’t sleep with me’ and ‘sluts who’ll sleep with anybody, including me’. I’m currently locked in a vicious fight with a colleague of mine who’s exactly like that, and it’s truly amazing how he can both be pathetically grateful to this woman he’s seeing because, yay!, sex and companionship, while disparaging her every chance he’s got because, you know, that’s not how proper women should behave. And Dean - Dean’s not like that. The most glaring example is perhaps Lisa - how they had a weekend of dirty, dirty, dirty sex and yet when they see each other again, Dean’s not dismissive of her in any way. Just like he never says a word against Cassie, or those two hunters we know he’s slept with, because that’s just not who he is.

(This goes both ways, of course: when faced with a female opponent, Dean never underestimates her and never holds back.)

The thing is, I think your friend may be referring to performing!Dean, because, even though Dean’s not like that, the world he lives in - that’s a different story. Or, well, that’s what we believed until S11 went and shit rainbows all over our screens, because, man - turns out hunters just don’t care? That there are women who hunt alone and gay hunters who’re well-known and respected in the community and whoa, Dean got it so wrong all these years. And this, as many discussions here on tumblr have been pointing out for months, is the real game changer: not Dean’s feelings, per se, but what happens around him. Because if Dean had grown up in this world, and not his father’s - well, we don’t even have to imagine what kind of person he’d be today. We know.

anonymous asked:

Posting random characters who may or may not have autism helps no one. It's a misrepresentation of the disorder, it gives people false hope that one of these character will be relatable for them, and it's disrespectful to the authors whose creations you are judging and changing. You wouldn't start something like this about celebrities– don't our fiction friends deserve the same respect?

I was debating on whether or not to even deign to answer this ask but I decided that I’m in a fairly good mood rather than an apathetic one so I hope you enjoy!

There will be no TL;DR because if you’re going to send asks like this, then you are going to READ.

“Posting random characters who may or may not have autism helps no one.” To assume this, you think that I’M solely the one posting them? Lemme tell you that there are over 70 characters currently in my ask box that I haven’t had the spoons to get to. Here’s a screenshot:

I don’t post these. Autistic people do. I just queue them. I’m merely the proxy for these people.

I have well over 1000 followers by now, almost all of which are autistic or suspecting they are. So to say that it doesn’t help anyone is false. It helps the people of the autistic community - and at times it even helps the people of the allistic (non-autistic) community.

I’ve gotten asks from allistics who follow saying that they love this blog because it helps fight their internalized ableism. I’ve also gotten asks from autistic people saying how much they love it because they love characters to relate to. It’s not a matter of “false hope” and wishing a character is autistic, but it’s more or less wanting to find characters in media to relate to. Those bold things are links btw please read them if you really don’t believe that it doesn’t help people.

Along with that, blogs like this do help because it gives people a chance to be able to show off their headcanons in a safe and anonymous way without the fear of getting death threats. Do you know how many autistic people get death threats for merely existing let alone showing their headcanons regarding autism? Tons. I know I get death threats on my main all the time for merely being autistic.

And yet, allistic people love when people throw gender and sexuality headcanons onto characters (especially to either ship or to fetishize - two different things I want to make that clear). So why can’t we autistic people do it for something that’s completely harmless and just for wanting to relate to characters?

So yeah it does help us. It helps both autistic and allistic (non-autistic) people. 

“It’s a misrepresentation of the disorder,” no it isn’t. Trust me my buddy it isn’t. It isn’t misrepresentation of the disorder at all when you have autistic people submitting these characters that they (AS AUTISTIC PEOPLE) relate to. Sometimes they even give full detailed paragraphs of explanations as to why the character can possibly be autistic.

It’s not misrepresentation for a minority to want to represent their respective group.

It WOULD, however, be misrepresentation if I and everyone submitting these characters were not autistic. However, 99% of my followers are autistic so yeah sorry but it’s not “misrepresentation” for minorities to want to represent their own fucking group. Anyways, moving on…

“…it gives people false hope that one of these character will be relatable for them,” so you’re saying that we can’t even hope? You’re saying that autistic people can’t even fucking dream that we get canon autistic characters (of which barely exist)?

You’re literally saying that autistic people can’t even have hope.


And y’know if you read the links I put in earlier about autistic people (and allistic people) finding blogs like this very nice to be able to relate to characters then hm well you’re wrong. Again. But assuming you aren’t going to read them and just skip over this like some prick, allow me to quote an ask I got not too long ago.

“…I’m a pretty new diagnosis, and honestly, I adore this blog, being able to see people who might be like me, and especially finding characters I relate to that people HC as autistic, it’s really really validating. So thank you.”

So hmm I guess you’re just wrong there. You see, yes that is just one ask, but there’s a reason why so many autistic people submit and follow this blog. It’s so they can relate to characters.

It’s so they can have hope.

Of which you apparently don’t even want autistic people to have.

So thank you for saying that we can’t even hope for a better future.

“And it’s disrespectful to the authors whose creations you are judging and changing,” LIKE PEOPLE DON’T ALREADY TAKE CANON CISHET CHARACTERS AND HEADCANON THEM AS LGBT+ FOR “SHIPS” AND SHIT.

So you’re telling me that someone can take a canon cishet character and then proceed to draw them as a part of the LGBT+ community for shipping, but then if we autistic people seek actual relation to a character by a harmless headcanon, that it’s suddenly bad? Despite the fact that shippers do the exact same thing? Just a bit differently?

Which, I’m all for shippers and people headcanoning or drawing/writing canon cishet characters as LGBT+ for Teh Ships™ or to feel represented (assuming they themselves as shippers are LGBT+).

But the main point is that you’re contradicting your own rhetoric and beliefs without even having to mention the other half of the argument. You’re nothing but an ableist hypocrite.

And finally… the part that REALLY got me in all of this. The part that made me literally sit back and wonder if you were a troll or not.

“You wouldn’t start something like this about celebrities– don’t our fiction friends deserve the same respect?”

Celebrities are literally real people.

Fictional characters are FICTIONAL. They’re not real in the slightest.

And if you’re fictionkin or a fictive or whatever, then it still doesn’t count because these are fictional characters from THEIR respective media. No one is saying that YOU (as that character assuming you’re fictionkin or a fictive) are autistic lmao.

Anon, if you’re fictionkin or a fictive, then maybe stop thinking things are all about you for once? And consider that maybe another fictive or fictionkin of that character is autistic.

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There are no tv festivals or similar events in Venice this week. It makes no sense to film promotional material there, if the show never takes place there. Also, if it’s just some interviews for Italian or European media, then you definitely don't need the leading duo and the creator just for that (unless they all went for the paid vacation, but Blindspot isn’t that huge of a success in Italy. Note that last year, Jaimie attended the promo events in the US and Sully the international ones.

By themselves.) And it’s too close to the beginning of the season for the creator to go on vacation. He should be scouting for locations in NY. When they went to Thailand, it was just Michelle Hurd and 3-4 people (ass. director, etc). They had local crews for everything else. Also, shows that get barely renewed need to do their best to make sure they increase their audience. They must be bold (or go home). So, first prediction for s3: the Wellers are in Venice for their honeymoon. Or they’re there and decide to get married by themselves (unlike what most of you think, I believe a lot of people won’t be happy about this marriage for different reasons). If it’s the first scenario and Luke Mitchell is also there (we’ll see, but I did some research and Jaimie asked his wife if she’ll be (or they’ll be) in Venice too), then something terrible may happen and Jane has to leave Weller to go to Tibet. Because if your wife is going to dump you, it should be done in a way that really hurts (perhaps initially, this was supposed to happen in US soil but then they thought that they could do it elsewhere). Whether this is what actually happens or not, I believe Jane and Weller didn’t have the chance to experience married life. She left. Alternatively, they could be following a glowing tattoo, but that seems less likely. Well, predictions fail royally sometimes (most of the times). So maybe this one is destined to sink like the Titanic.

Nonnie, I really really hope they’re actually filming there, don’t get me wrong. That would be fantastic. But I’m choosing to remain cautious at the moment because it is too early on to get my hopes up. But I agree that all the clues point to exactly that happening but until we get something concrete I am staying away from speculation for now ;)




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Hi ^^ I love your writing and your blog, thank you for starting it! I don't want to be a bother, so you don't have to answer this request if you don't want to, but could you do something where Bokuto and Nishinoya learn that their s/o has a really bad depression and has been trying to hide it from everyone to not be a burden but it's starting to get really hard? Once again you don't have to answer this, but if you do, thank you ^^

Thank you, Anon! And, please, requests are never a bother!

Also! Please, if you’re facing depression and you realize it TELL SOMEONE. Do not keep that bottled up inside, you’re too valuable to this world to be hurting so much!

He didn’t know what was happening. Bokuto was unsure if it was all of a sudden or if he had been oblivious to it for a long time. Had he been too caught up in volleyball? Did he forget something important? He hadn’t said something he wasn’t supposed to, had he? He chewed at the inside of his cheek, eyes set on them across from him, the voice of their teacher had drowned away long ago.

Their grades had dropped and, shockingly, they just seemed to give up on them entirely. Even now their hands were still ignoring any notes that were on display in the front, and their gaze was blank, unseeing of anything around them.

It was terrifying.

Courage was harder to find than he had anticipated when he confronted them about it. And maybe it was the timing, but he just couldn’t take it anymore. They were removing themselves from him entirely, even pulling away when he went to take their hand. He had asked why they changed. He threw any mistakes he might have made before them, saying he could make it better. He said he didn’t want them to leave him. He just needed to know what was wrong and he would fix it.

The indifferent stare they returned him sent ice down his spine, but then they was reaching for him, their hands trembling when they grabbed at his uniform sleeve. “I think I’m depressed,” the words were small, almost nonexistent but they boomed in Bokuto’s ears. He let them speak. It was the most they had said to him in weeks and even if it tore his heart apart with every word, he remained quiet until they were done. They said they wanted to care about everything but couldn’t. They said they felt anxious but the hopelessness of it made it pointless. They said that they felt lost and alone in the vast world that didn’t even need them to survive.

He listened to it all. And when they were finally done, he moved forward to take them tightly into his arms, burying his face into their hair in an attempt to hide the tears he shed for the both of them. He assured them that they’d work through this together. Even if it was painful, even if it never went away, he would do everything in his power to show them that his world would crumble without them holding it.

It was their third fight that week. To Nishinoya, the sound of raised voices was seeming to become a sickening normal. He saw the tears coming from their eyes, how they didn’t stop even when the yelling had. He became aware of the dark circles around their eyes quickly and how even eating lunch was seeming to become a daily struggle.

Really, it wasn’t much to go on when he typed in the words to his Google search after another round of easily ignited anger, but surely something should pop up. There was the usual spam sites, declaring that cancer was the result of all illnesses, then there were the more helpful ones: anxiety, PMS, stress.


Nishinoya stared at the word for a long time, almost expecting the letters to explain themselves one by one, before he finally brought himself to tap the link. He read everything carefully, not wanting to take the chance of misinterpreting it in any way. And when he was done, he quickly found another site and then another and another. They all said the same thing, screaming at him to realize what he had been fueling in them.

His eyes watched them carefully the next day, taking in every slow movement of their hands, the effort it seemed to take and the energy it seemed to drain. Not to mention the moments where they would abandon the task entirely. Each one clenched at his heart tightly.

“Are you depressed?” he brought himself to ask, instantly fearing the backlash that might come his way at the words. But he needed to know. He needed to know what he had to do.

They had paused, their task halted before their eyes drifted over to him; empty and, yet, on the verge of spilling tears. “I’m…” he wasn’t sure what they were about to say, but the onslaught of sobs that followed was enough of an answer for him. His arms reached out to him them against him, his fingers tangling into their hair as he kissed the top of her head.

Together they would get through this. They were strong enough to conquer this and he would be their pillar the entire journey.

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Do you know some good narusaku fics that don't shit on sasuke or ship him with anyone else? I used to be a huge NS fan but kind of got out of touch with it. Plus I adore Sasuke and personally don't want him with anyone. Unless it's me of course 😏

I sure do! To me the ones without Sasuke in them at all are the best since I just try to avoid his existence altogether, LOL.

Summaries are by their respective authors.

Rated K

The Return of a Loved One - Naruto is finally back from his three year training trip and everyone is excited to see him. He’s especially excited to see a certain medical kunoichi, but he’ll never tell. What if Tsunade, does, though? [Complete]

Official Business - Being the Hokage can be dull. Luckily for Naruto, he has a wonderful distraction in the shape of his girlfriend - that is, when she isn’t bringing him bad news… [Complete]

In the Morning - “The alarm clock starts to trill, and it takes all of Sakura’s strength to lift her arm from under the duvet and turn it off.” NaruSaku fluff, one-shot. [Complete]

Luck - Shinachiku was born only a week ago to the new parents Naruto and Sakura. Naruto relishes in his new life with his new son. NaruSaku [Complete]

Rated T

wouldn’t it be nice? - Sakura maybe needs more sleep than she gets on any average night, but when the kindergarten teacher who works at the school across the street is a literal ray of sunshine, it’s okay. And when his dad likes her? Even better. (modern!AU) [Complete]

Who’s Your True Love? - Test? Not just any test. It’s a test to see if your ‘friendship’ with your best guy friend is better off as friends or lovers. NaruSaku. ShikaIno. [Complete]

Shinachiku’s First Adventure - In a world at peace, a new generation is about to begin. Watch as young Shinachiku Uzumaki, son of Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno, embarks on his first real adventure, all the while his parents find themselves unearthing a plot that could spell disaster for the Hidden Leaf Village and the world as they know it. Will their love survive? NaruSaku. [Complete]

Refinding a lost love - Sakuro Haruno meets a sports reporter and falls in love but she hasn’t had a date since her last marriage but the more they get to know each other. The more she starts to have some feelings for him. Question is will she finally move on and give him a chance? [Complete]

Lifting the Dream - Post chapter 698. Maybe there really was a happy ending after all. [Team 7 centric. NaruSaku] [Complete]

Renting Out a Room -  Sakura is adamant on Naruto being her roommate when she gets an apartment. When Naruto declines, it leaves her to inquire why. Naruto’s house becomes a home. NaruSaku. Oneshot. [Complete]

Happy Father’s Day Naruto - It’s Father’s Day and Naruto plans to sped the day with his family. But he is surprised when he finds his son reading the story about the day he met his grandfather, Minato. Naruto sees this as a fitting moment to bond with his son and let him know just how proud he is of him. NaruSaku. Naruto/Shinachiku bonding story. Prequel to “Shinachiku’s First Adventure.” [Complete]

Might have some antagonist!Sasuke but, only to be true to the story:

Beauty and The Beast NaruSaku Style - Once upon a time a handsome prince was transformed into a hideous beast. Can a Pink haired dreamer help him find love in time to break the spell? A NaruSaku Story inspired by my favorite disney classic, an endearing fairy tale, and my favorite anime [Complete]

Rated M

dancing on my own - The war is over, and Naruto only requests one thing from Sakura: a chance. She accepts with a heavy heart. As they grow closer and rediscover each other in different ways, Sakura will soon come to a decision she is nowhere near ready to make. Post-War. M for sexual content later on. [In-Progress]

Distractions - A small training accident causes Sakura to acquire an uncomfortable splinter in a difficult to access place on her own. Naruto, feeling guilty for the whole situation but ignorant of the cause, demands that he be able to help her remove it. lemon [Complete]

Naruto-sensei - Naruto, now a Jounin, has been given his own team of Genin to lead. During their training a new evil begins to rise. How will Naruto’s teachings prepare these young Genin for the struggle that is to come? [NaruSaku] [This is a rewrite to the Chronicles of Kurosaki Hiroshi.] [In-Progress]

Naruto and Sakura’s Twelfth Anniversary - Naruto and Sakura’s anniversary is coming up, and he’s got some plans for them to enjoy a night on the town. Its also a moment of responsibility for their son Shinachiku, who has the opportunity to earn his parents trust and show how much he’s growing up. How will the night goes for all of them? [Complete]


Eye Of The Beholder

For the anon that requested: could you write jealous / possessive Bellamy where he admires her from afar all the time in the camp until he thinks she is probably falling for someone else so he gets really possessive?

You saw him every day, silently admiring his style and personality anytime he graced you with his presence. He encapsulated all of the things that heroes and leaders were made of – iron will, courage, and intellect – all wrapped up in a one of a kind package. On top of brains, he had good looks. He was intimidatingly handsome from his glowing olive skin to his deep chocolate eyes, not to mention his perfectly sculpted abs that one could practically cut diamonds on. He was a post-apocalyptic rock star, girls swooned over him and guys wanted to be him. Bellamy Blake was just the kind of guy that would never pay any romantic attention to a girl like you.

He was the apple of your eye and you were probably less than a blip on his radar. Sure, he knew you existed, but there was no way that he had ever taken a discerning look at you to recognize who you truly were. Between him constantly running things around camp and the countless other girls that were probably throwing themselves into his bed, there was certainly no time for him to notice little old you blending into the background.

There was the rare occasion that Bellamy actually spoke to you, but the conversations were always the bare minimum and they always ended awkwardly and abruptly. There were the long pauses, the vague topics, and the tongue-twisting sentences. If he wasn’t so damn cute, the small talk he made would almost be painful. After watching him give so many motivational speeches, you’d never seen the man stutter so much in his life. It was sort of odd, but also quite endearing to see someone who was so talkative be lost for words. He was probably just too distracted with other things to have a meaningful discussion with you.

Then there was the fact that he seemed to mostly approach you when you were in the company of other guys. He would always make some kind of offhanded comment to antagonize them if they weren’t already wetting themselves over the size and strength of his biceps. Guys seemed to flee from your vicinity in sheer terror whenever Bellamy was around. All except for one, anyway, and that was Finn. He seemed to know something that the others didn’t.

You were on dinner duty with Finn, roasting today’s catch over the fire pit, when he nudged you.

“He’s looking at you again,” Finn said with raised eyebrows. He nodded his head towards Bellamy’s direction.

You looked over your shoulder to find Bellamy minding his post on the wall.  

“Me?” you huffed. “Yeah, right. Good one, Finn.”

According to Finn, Bellamy hadn’t been able to peel his eyeballs away from you since you landed on the ground, but so far his claims were without evidence. Anytime you tried to catch Bellamy in the alleged act, you were never fast enough. This made Finn’s assertion seem more like an outlandish lie than the truth.

“I’ll prove it,” Finn said, moving you into prime position to catch your target. He stood in front of you, blocking Bellamy’s immediate line of vision toward you. “Now he’s gonna have to move if he wants to see you.”

You peered just over Finn’s left shoulder to see Bellamy bobbing his head up and down, trying to get a better view of something in your direction. This still wasn’t enough to convince you that he was looking at you. That was until Finn stepped out of the way, leaving you in Bellamy’s direct line of vision. By the intensity of his gaze, you couldn’t tell if he was admiring you or if you had done something to annoy him.

Your body tensed up and you scratched your head self-consciously as you broke eye contact with him. “I’m under the impression he doesn’t like me very much,” you sighed.  

“It’s me he doesn’t like,” Finn said, giving you a reassuring pat on the shoulder. “Trust me on this one.”

No sooner than Finn had laid his hand upon your shoulder, Bellamy came marching over with his two friends: arrogant attitude and snide grin.

“Finn,” he said lifting Finn’s hand from your shoulder and placing it back by the young man’s side. “Don’t you already have two girlfriends to worry about? Hope you’re not trying for a third.”

“We’re just friends,” Finn replied.

A forced smile spread across Bellamy’s face as he gave Finn three heavy handed pats on the back. Finn jolted forward under the weight of Bellamy’s hand. “Maybe friends should keep their hands to themselves.”  

“Well maybe you should do something about it,” Finn grumbled.

The two guys looked at each other uncomfortably, silently communicating through a series of facial expressions. You looked on perplexed as you tried to decipher their quiet cues of nods, clenched jaws and raised eyebrows, but it was a language you failed to understand.

“Well, I’m gonna go because I think there’s something Bellamy needs to say,” Finn said giving Bellamy’s shoulder a firm squeeze. “I’ll catch you later, Y/N.”

Finn walked away, leaving you alone with Bellamy.

“So…dinner…” Bellamy said, uneasily rocking back and forth on his toes. “Good…good job with that.”

“Something bothering you?” you asked.

“No. Why?”

“Hmm…I don’t know,” you shrugged. “But maybe because you were just being super rude.”

“What’s rude is Finn hanging all over you like a creep when he knows I like-” Bellamy stopped abruptly and his eyes grew large in size.

“When he knows what?” you asked impatiently. You crossed your arms and tapped your foot as you waited for his response.

He licked his lips and shifted his weight nervously in the dirt before grabbing your arm and pulling you aside to where prying eyes couldn’t see.

You pulled away from his grasp. “Why are you acting so weird?”

“It’s because I can’t stand seeing other guys around you,” Bellamy blurted, throwing his hands into the air. He let out a deep breath and composed himself before meeting your stunned gaze.

Bellamy hated seeing the other male campers interacting with you so closely because he wanted to be in their position. He always interfered when you were with another guy because he didn’t want them making a move on you before he had a chance. The truth was he longed to be the only love in your life.

“From the moment I laid eyes on you…I couldn’t stop thinking about you,” he continued. “I’m crazy about you.”  

You never thought that Bellamy saw you in the way that you saw him, but he did. He noticed how when you smiled your eyes seemed to smile too, how you cracked your knuckles when you were nervous, and even how you subconsciously twirled your hair around your finger when you were deep in thought. As he was hiding his observant glances behind the cascading trees and masking them behind the faces of other campers, he was absorbing all of those tiny details that made you unique.

Underneath that tough and audacious demeanor, he was actually struggling to confess his feelings for you. All of the awkward talks were attempts at getting closer to the point of confession, but he always failed in the end. Staring at your stunning beauty made the words get lost on his tongue and sucked the air from his lungs. You thought it wasn’t possible, but you always left him breathless and flustered, like a baby learning to take their first steps.

Vulnerability was a new feeling for Bellamy and he wasn’t quite sure how to deal with it. So he camouflaged his adoration for you behind passive aggressive and jealous behavior when he really wanted to pour out his affection for you in close quarters without having to hide it from afar.

From the first moment he saw you, you snatched his still-beating heart right from his chest.

“All you ever had to do was say it,” you said draping your hand around his neck. You moved in slowly, giving him a long and gentle kiss on the lips. As soon as you pulled away he pulled you back in, wrapping his arms snugly around your waist, and kissed you a second time.

You pulled away from him, taking a deep breath and patting him on the chest. “It’s been fun, but I have to meet with my other boyfriend in about five minutes,” you teased.

“Do I have to fight to keep you?” he asked, grabbing your hand and interlacing his fingers with yours. “Cause I will.” Even now he couldn’t take his eyes off of you.

“All I ever wanted was you, Bellamy,” you cooed softly as you stroked his hair.  

“Now that you have me, what do you plan on doing with me?” he asked with a smirk.

“I can show you better than I can tell you.”

Bellamy picked you up, effortlessly cradling you in his arms, and carried you back to his tent where you planned to spend longer than seven minutes in heaven with your new beau.

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Sorry this is unrelated to the ask meme, but do you have any headcanons/thoughts to share about freezerburn??? I love it and i really don't think it gets enough attention

Absolutely! It’s very underrated by the fandom smh and it has??? All the best tropes??? Rich girl/girl from humble beginnings. The graceful one/the bruiser. Tol/Smoll. Fire/Ice. If you wanna reach you could even say red/blue aesthetics in terms of personality, not really color scheme. THE NICE ONE/THE MEAN ONE. IT’S ALL THERE GUYS.

I think it’s an underrated and underappreciated relationship both in fanon and in canon (though I won’t get into that because that could be a whole other post.) But, one thing I can say, is that there is a chance for a more in depth relationship between the two if things go a certain way. Because honestly, they’re the ones in closest proximity to each other. And if my predictions are correct (which they probably won’t be, but it would be fun to think of) then they will be the first two to meet up.

Weiss is probably going to escape with Klein’s and Ironwood’s (and maybe Winter’s) help. So we’ll go off of that.

Let’s just assume that Yang is still in Patch when all of a sudden there’s a knock on the door and in comes Weiss. They haven’t seen each other in months, haven’t heard from each other in months, and here she is, having gathered data from Ironwood on where he sent the robot arm, right at Yang’s doorstep.

Yang probably wouldn’t react for a second, and Weiss would be albeit awkward about it, probably apologizing for “intruding” and “dropping by without warning” you know, because she still somewhat wants to portray that she is still the friend Yang knew back at Beacon, so Yang could feel familiarity and comfort. I think Yang would immediately break the silence by bringing Weiss in for a hug, which she would immediately return.

Tai would probably just be in the background a little shocked because ??? the last person he was expecting to see was the recently dethroned Schnee Heiress/his daughters’ friend and teammate on his doorstep but he’d immediately welcome Weiss in.

I think the Xiao Long family could do wonders for Weiss, and show her what a family should be like. Even if it’s broken, there’s care, there’s familiarity, there’s love. Even without a romantic undertone that I low key hope Yang and Weiss to take on eventually, it could give Weiss something she’s always wanted - love.

Now some headcanons going along with this scenario:

  • Weiss would serve as a sparring partner for Yang. Yang is very good in hand to hand combat as we were shown in 4x9, however, brawlers are not the only opponents she will be facing. In fact brawlers are probably the least represented opponents she will be facing. Lots of the characters we’ve seen in this show fight with swords and guns and staffs and something that they can use with speed, agility, and at a long distance too. Having Weiss, basically a polar opposite in personality and fighting style, there to help spar with Yang would do a lot of good, for the both of them.
  • Weiss has been, thus far, training to summon. She hasn’t had any sparring partners either. So, again, it works in both of their favors.
  • Yang being absolutely enamored by Weiss’ summoning and probably wanna fight it.
  • YANG TEACHING WEISS HOW TO COOK PLEASE it would be the cutest thing??? I headcanon Yang as being a very good cook and baker, and we all remember Weiss’ failure at watching a cake bake for 5 minutes in chibi. So it would be really cute seeing Yang teach Weiss and Weiss failing miserably multiple times.
  • Ten bucks says they’d start throwing the ingredients at each other and start a food fight which would end with them covered in flour but laughing on the floor, almost crying in a way, because they needed that, and they missed that.
  • Doesn’t mean they got out of cleaning up though.
  • Weiss offering to help with house work and yard work but she’s never done any of that before so it all ends up being a hilarious disaster and Yang just laughs at how badly she failed but regardless helps her up.
  • Weiss actually being really good at caring for plants. I’d imagine she would water the flowers without even telling them and Yang probably watches from her window, or the door, and just smiles. It’s peaceful and serene watching her work. She doesn’t notice the heat in her cheeks.
  • The two girls having nights to themselves while Tai is out teaching or doing work and it’s just a time for them to really talk. They talk about a lot of things, about the good and the bad, actually communicating. Sometimes it’s strained and sometimes it’s natural. I think Weiss could also help bring up Blake too, and we could hear from Yang’s perspective where this has left her. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Yang still held animosity for Blake. But deep down Weiss would know Yang doesn’t truly mean it, and they’d just talk about everything you know? I’m a slut for good communication content.
  • Those said nights where they have the house to themselves Yang would introduce Weiss to pillow and blanket forts. Weiss thinks it’s childish at first but honestly she loves it once the finished product is there. 
  • The two of them fall asleep on each other a lot, often with Weiss laying her head on Yang’s shoulder and Yang laying her head on Weiss. At this point Tai would come home to a living room turned into a fort with the tv still on, but the two girls asleep in each other’s arms and would grab an extra blanket and drape it over them. Maybe even kissing both of their heads before heading off to bed himself.
  • Weiss coddling and baby talking Zwei when no one’s around and Yang walks in with this knowing smirk and you can’t tell the difference between a tomato and Weiss at this point she’s blushing so hard.
  • I’m not sure if Patch happens to have a small town or village around, but assuming they do, I’d like to think they’d go into town and try and get a sense of normality back. Maybe go for cafe dates and even window shopping.
  • Yang telling Weiss about Summer would absolutely wreck my ass.
  • Weiss wanting to do something nice for Yang and Tai because of how kind they’ve been to her after escaping Schnee manor that she’d put all those skills she honed while at their home to use and make them a nice meal to show how much she appreciates what they’ve done for her.
  • Yang having a particularly bad day and Weiss leaving little sticky notes for her to read with compliments and little motivational one-liners. Some have really bad puns.
  • Yang teaching Weiss how to make better puns and jokes and Tai coming in and absolutely annihilating them because he is the joke and pun master.
  • Oh my god just. Just please imagine Yang teaching Weiss how to play video games. Just. Imagine.
  • I think Weiss could help Yang also control her anger and semblance too. Not a lot but giving her tips may help. 
  • I think at some point, the two girls would probably venture off on their own to start looking for Ruby since they probably where her destination is, and then from there find out where Blake could have gone. They want to make up with their team. They are the two steps forward and now they’ll take those leaps to bring their team back together.
  • With this in mind, and because embarrassing parents are embarrassing, Tai would probably make some dumb joke about how he’s “leaving Yang in your hands now, Weiss” and to “treat her right” and Weiss is honestly kind of embarrassed because she wasn’t that obvious right and Yang is kinda just like “DAD STFU”
  • Tai would actually genuinely be thankful for Weiss, because Yang needed a friend, someone close to her, someone her age, and here comes her teammate who was forcibly taken away. He’d express genuine gratitude for her coming for Yang.

I have more to add but honestly this got UNNECESSARILY LONG SORRY LMAO but it was fun to theorize about!

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Hi! I don't know if this has been done already but what would be BTS' favorite pastime be with you? (For example, cuddling, cooking, sports, etc.) Thank you!!

Namjoon’s is traveling with you. Namjoon comes off as incredibly creative person to me, but he’s someone that gains creativity from what’s around him. Visiting different places and experiencing new things with you by his side seems like it’d be his most favorite thing to do. In other words, Namjoon wants to learn more with you and in turn, learn more about himself and you as people. 

Yoongi’s is meaningful late night conversations. Like Namjoon, Yoongi is talented in his ability to create but he gains that ability from his experiences. Sharing memories and secrets that he’s kept bottled up inside with the person he trusts the most in the world gives him a sense of relief and calmness that he doesn’t have very often. Talking while the stars are out with you is what he looks forward to most. 

Jin’s is shopping; for clothes, for food, for furniture - whatever. Maybe partially because he enjoys materialistic things, but the big thing is that when you’re out with someone and you’re buying things together you learn a lot about that person’s preferences and personality. Jin learns what kind of fruits you love and what kinds of fruits you can’t stand, he learns that you think you look better in one color than another, and there’s this neverending string of new parts that he never knew about and that you never knew about and it’s always an adventure. It’s also a chance for him to show you off as a couple in public, which I think Jin really likes to do, but he never tells you that~

Hoseok’s is house chores. Hoseok is an excitable, energetic person but by he is still, in my opinion, a home body. He wants nothing more than something stable and everlasting to come home too, and being able to see you there - helping him wash dishes or doing your best to scrub the shower walls - it reminds him that you two are in this together. He’ll make the chores fun of course, chasing after you with a mop or tickling your sides when you’re trying to hang up laundry, but this feeling of you two, your home, and what is the beginning of a family, makes Hoseok so happy to be here. 

Jimin’s is intimacy. I mean intimacy in it’s purest form; waking up in each others arms, kissing each other goodbye, holding hands, tangling your feet together, etc. Jimin’s affection is largely shown through his physical need for closeness because you’re precious to him and he only really gets to feel that when he’s holding you. Any moment in close proximity makes Jimin burst with happiness. 

Taehyung’s is, surprisingly enough, eating together! Taehyung has fun with you no matter what you two are doing; playing with the neighborhood puppies, spending time with his family, playing pranks on the rest of his members - all of that is fun and important to him but in the end Taehyung loves simplicity and he loves the simple fact that you two can share a meal together and laugh and feed each other and be healthy together. Nothing else in the world matters as long as you’re sitting at the other end of the table for him. 

Jungkook’s is training, either training himself and having you watch or him being able to teach you something, just the experience of working hard together is special to him. Jungkook is expected to be perfect by a lot of people, but a lot of people don’t know the effort he has to put in to be that way. To share this with you and have you encourage him and take interest in dancing, singing, working out, whatever it is, makes Jungkook grateful that there’s someone who knows his hardships and is willing to put themselves through the same thing - if only to stand beside him. 

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Jenna isn't returning to play Lucy, so mayb a Supercorp fic. Lena, still not knowing who Supergirl is, and Kara are on a date. Lena notices an assassin and jumps in front of Kara, taking several bullets. She's gravely wounded as Kara struggles to save her. It proves extremely difficult to keep her alive, but she succeeds. I need it angsty enough for me to sob out the fact Lucy's gone, but have a happy ending. IF ur up for it because I don't want u to write something u don't want.

took me a while - and yo, i don’t do angst a lot, so i hope it’s up to ur standards? here is me, an angel, attempting the role of Satan

“Honestly, I didn’t think you would actually say yes one month ago.”

“Well… someone told me then that I need to dive. It wasn’t under the… most positive of circumstances… and a lot is changing but I thought maybe I could make some of that change a good thing.”

“Lucky me, then.” Lena’s eyes almost glow in the dimly lit restaurant.

Kara smiled, a genuine smile, which was a rarity these days. She had a night off - another rarity - and she wanted to make the most of it. No drama, no doubts. Their last two dates had been uninterrupted, blissful, smooth sailing. She hoped with all her heart that finally she had caught a break, found someone that could support her that didn’t know about the grief of last year.

“What are you in the mood for, love?” Lena’s eyes are away from Kara (finally) and on the menu, glancing over all the options.

“Uh… The steak? And the pasta. Maybe the soup as well…” Kara chewed on her bottom lip, counting up the calories in her head, wanting to meet her daily quota.

Lena had never questioned her appetite, in fact supported it. Lena had never dated a girl who would jump at the chance to finish her leftovers.

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doodooDOOdoo doodoo-doodoodoo doodooDOOdoo doodoo-doodoodoodoodoo etc etc

Everyone’s congregating at Domino Stadium, which is (a) half-built and (b) owned by Kaiba. I am frankly astonished it’s not called the SETO KAIBA BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON STADIUM BROUGHT TO YOU BY KAIBACORP but maybe it will be once he finishes building it and adding the requisite dragon statues.

Malik and Rishid are hiding out in the stands.

Well one would hope so, he literally owns the place.

The Yugi-tachi arrive, and the three duelists present their Puzzle Cards in exchange for a Battle City ID card.

GUESS WHO MADE HIMSELF FINALIST 0001? I’m also willing to bet these TOs were under strict instruction that Yugi/Yami gets to be 0002 as well. 

Malik sneaks out and back around to enter as ~Namu~ complete with Reason Why They Didn’t Kidnap Me

“The only POSSIBLE motive for kidnapping!”

Jounouchi’s halfway through puzzling out that Namu’s actions don’t make sense and line up too coincidentally with the move the Ghouls made but…

… the thought fizzles out in the inhospitable environment that is Jounouchi’s brain.

Yugi is delighted to meet any new friend, no matter how suspicious.

“Ha ha, yes, I personally used dark magic, kidnappings, brainwashings, and the tireless toil of my personal slave/brother. You?”

“Angry gay ghost living in my necklace.”

They’re distracted by the arrival of Ryou “Shouldn’t You Be In The Hospital” Bakura and his surprising decision to show up to a duel tournament with a Duel Disk, prompting a chorus of “Why do you have a Duel Disk, Ryou?”

“No I was going to fucking brush my teeth with it.”

pictured: group of duel-obsessed teenagers react to duel-obsessed teenager declaring intention to duel

I mean, I know, in OUR universe, dragging yourself from being in critical arm-stabbery in the hospital to the tournament finals over like, a two-hour period, is completely unreasonable and very shocking and suspicious. But LITERALLY ANY OF THESE PEOPLE would claw themselves out of a hospital bed for the sake of a card game so I find their shock, frankly, appallingly hypocritical.

honestly I just screencapped this for his ADORABLE FACE

(he’s worried Yami Bakura is back)

Then Rishid sneaks back around to enter as Malik. I like to imagine he psyched himself up for this, this critically important moment, this one chance to pull off a flawless deceit, all their scrutiny, all their suspicion will be no match for his meticulously-prepared introduction and well-rehearsed answers to any possible question they might have that might reveal him as an imposter…

“… yes.”

(Mokuba is copying Nii-sama’s bad-boy attitude!! CUTENESSSSSS)

“Also, uh, welcome to the tournament finals.”

Now that the only two people Kaiba cares about have arrived - Yugi/Yami and the-person-he-thinks-is-Malik - it’s time to reveal that the tournament finals will not, in fact, be held in a half-built stadium…

LOOK AT MOKUBA’S FACE also Kaiba isn’t even looking up, he’s playing like he’s too cool to think blimps are cool even though the blimp was 100% his idea

Actually maybe it was Mokuba’s idea, Mokuba COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED and Kaiba even lets him introduce it…


Yugi is delightfully optimistic about the whole affair

“After all, it’s not like the leader of the Ghouls, the known murderer, bomb aficionado and probable sociopath, capable of brainwashing even the staunchest of my allies into attempts against my life, will ALSO be in the sky on the same flimsy gondola tethered to an enormous flammable balloon!”

Oh and then we go through this again #soDuelistKingdom

“For that matter, neither do you. Or the pilot. Or the doctors we’ll inevitably need when the comas start setting in.”

And Kaiba’s even nice and backs Mokuba’s call.

pictured: Kaiba being nice

Kaiba tells the TOs it’s time to set off. They ask if they should wait for the last duelist to arrive. Kaiba literally couldn’t care less once Yugi/Yami and the-person-he-thinks-is-Malik are on board and in possession of their God Cards. Luckily, the last person is a ~mysterious woman~ who has ~preternaturally perfect timing~ #whocoulditbe so the TOs don’t have to figure out who gets a bye if there’s only 7 finalists.

So off we go!

(some really cute music plays as they take off, I wanted to give you all the experience of the cute music)

Once in the air, everyone loses their goddamn minds.


Kaiba’s giant inflated orb filled with hot air … can barely fit on his blimp, he’s so pleased with himself. Although I think the sleep-deprivation might be getting to him, he looks VERY TIRED.

(Yugi: I somehow expected better from you, Seto.)

Seto stops in front of Yugi and look who immediately makes his first appearance in a few episodes:

someone has a crush

someone else has a crush too  I’m just saying  teenage boy with a crush  overblown poetry  that whole connection there

Then for once, the writers actually manage to pull a genuinely moving scene with Shizuka and Jounouchi out of somewhere, instead of just having them repeatedly declare meaningless platitudes about their respective courageousness.

</3 #thisBplotdeservedbetter

I mean, Jounouchi does IMMEDIATELY start thinking about Yugi again, and the moment doesn’t last long, but still!

Prrrrrrrobably because you left the door wide open and they’re your friends?

Anyway, you’ll need friends over to share your unreasonably large stockpile of “NAXIM” mouthwash, speckled sandwiches, and cheese from Serbia and Montenegro!

Babies' Birthdays (Jungkook)

And last but certainly not least, to finish off the series as he always does is our beloved golden maknae, the second half of the Busan line, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • Reading any of the posts I linked above isn’t required, you can easily read this without it but if you want more details and back story etc. you can read them !!
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!kookie post, he has two lil bbys, they’re twins, a boy and a girl who are his lil darlings
  • They’re mischievous lil bbys who love playing around with him
  • Like there’s this one time that Jin explains that some twins look identical and you can practically see the lil light bulb going off in their heads and they just look at each other with this look
  • The next day, they both put on one of kook’s shirts and run downstairs to see him
  • “Bet you can’t guess which one of us is which!!”
  • Kookie doesn’t have the heart to tell them that it’s pretty easy to tell them apart since they’re not the same gender, have different hair lengths, different voices so he plays along and is like oh no how will I ever know
  • They’re giggling and they’re both so so proud of themselves like haha we tricked you we got you that’s for giving us normal milk when we have plenty of chocolate milk in the fridge
  • He just starts laughing bc he can’t help it, they’re just too cute he’s gotta hug them and kisses their cute lil faces
  • They do share the same birthday since they’re twins but he still greets both of them individually
  • He wakes up bby boy first bc he’s easier to get up but he also takes longer like he’ll be awake but he needs some time to actually sit up and be ready to go
  • She’s the opposite of him, she takes a while to get awake but once she’s up, she’s up
  • So kookie always wakes bby boy up first so that by the time bby girl is up, he’s ready to start his day
  • They would lo v e pancakes but they'd love them even more if they were in a shape, sometimes they want a heart, sometimes a flower bc then they can cut the “petals” off one by one and snack on it instead of having to eat it with utensils
  • It isn’t rare for him to do that when he makes pancakes, he either makes them a flower or makes really small pancakes so they can carry it around and eat as they please  
  • He loves seeing them waddling around in his shirts with their lil pancake in hand, babbling to each other and just chilling like that sight is honestly so adorable bc they’re so smol and precious and his lil bbys
  • They’re both pretty chill kids and would rather just spend their birthdays with their family (which includes the boys)
  • They don’t really care too much about what they’re doing bc they know that the boys will make it fun no matter what and they’re also just really open to trying new things
  • For their first birthday, kookie takes them to a butterfly garden
  • They’re both easily fascinated bc they’re still in that learning phase so they’re immediately watching all of the butterflies
  • He lets them walk around with him close behind just in case one of them falls or stumbles or anything like that
  • They don’t know whether they should focus on the butterflies or the flowers bc they’re all so pretty
  • Kookie takes a few pictures of them for memory’s sake and he even gets them to pose for him which is absolutely adorable bc bby boy just does this really wide smile and hugs bby girl while she uses the lessons tae taught her and gives a lil peace sign and a huge smile and it’s just all really really fucking cute
  • When they get home that day, they tell kook they wanna start a garden so the next day he goes out and buys them those lil gardening kits and turns out, bbys are actually really good about watering them and keeping an eye on them
  • For their second birthday, they get to paint
  • Kookie plans out this lil party and buys a bunch of things for the kids to paint, like wooden butterflies, lil boxes, the first letter of their name etc.
  • He invites the family over and all of the kids get to paint while the adults relax and help them and just chill
  • He sets everything up in the backyard with the help of Jimin and Jin and he gets this long ass table all set up (it has to fit all of the kids plus some adults maybe and with seven boys that all have children, that’s a lot of room) with something covering it, maybe some newspaper or like a table cloth he can just wash afterwards bc everybody knows that this is gonna be a messy day
  • Not even two minutes in and bby girl already has paint down her arm, bby boy’s got a paint streak on his hand and his cheek and they’ve both gotten paint on the shirts kook had given them
  • He’d grab some o l d shirts of his that he never wore and let them borrow it bc he knew if he dressed them up in something cute, they’d just get paint all over it and now, watching the paint dry onto his old shirt, he’s v v glad he didn’t put them in anything expensive
  • Bby girl’s hair is getting in her voice so Yoongi braids it back for her out of instinct bc he’s got a lil girl too and he’s kinda just used to always having a way to get the bangs out of the way
  • Kookie kinda just sits there and is like ?? bc whoa wait that’s my bby and when no one’s looking he goes over and takes the braid out so he can redo it
  • She doesn’t really care who does the braid as long as everyone’s gentle with the bby’s hair but kook gets all smiley and kisses her lil cheek
  • For their third birthday, they choose to go to a museum
  • They love dinosaurs with all of their lil hearts, they could watch dino movies and shows and documentaries all day long, even if they don't know what half of the words mean
  • Neither of them know what an archeologist is but they think it has something to do with dinosaurs 
  • “Maybe it’s another word for t-rex”
  • “You’re probably right good thinking”
  • Which is why kookie is really confused when they run up to him and tell him they wanna be t-rexes when they grow up, he’s not fully sure how he should respond to that like does he let them know they’re human and there’s not really much chance of that or does he let it slide
  • When they walk in, they go straight for the dinosaur exhibit, that’s all they want, it’s what they came for but kookie does convince to look at the other things too
  • They get a reality check of how big dinosaurs actually were and their minds are blown like they both just stare up at it and kook has to try really hard not to laugh bc they just look so confused but fascinated
  • “Do you think when we grow up, we’ll be that tall??”
  • “Probably I mean dad’s pretty tall”
  • Kook is literally having to hide his face in his hands bc he doesn’t want to disturb all of the other people in the room by just full on rolling around on the floor laughing but he can’t help but giggle a bit bc they’re both so serious about it, they literally think they’re gonna be just as tall as the dinosaur bc kook’s “pretty tall”
  • “You two are honestly the most precious things in the world oh my god I love you”

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Could you(or anyone who wants to answer) Please make a list/explanation of why you ship Yuriyuu. It is for a school project about differing opinions, another classmate who watches Yuri!!! on ICE is going to be doing the opposite(why people don't ship Yuriyuu) although we are not permitted to put our own reasoning on the project.

Hi! Thank you so much for your question. I’ll try to give a thorough explanation, but if you have any additional questions afterward, feel free to ask for clarification. Hopefully this will help for your class.

The thing that really drew me to Yuriyuu as a potential couple is how their relationship changes over time. They don’t start out on friendly terms, but as the series progresses, they learn to understand each other more and see each other as something like friends. (This got long, so continue under the cut; doesn’t work on mobile for some reason)

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hi there, i hope im not bothering you. i watched bbc's sherlock and am right now catching up witch doctor who (fifth season right now) and i see many people complaining about moffat? i don't understand that 100% and i thought you might explain? sorry for interrupting!

You’re not bothering me dear, don’t worry. I’m going to preface this by saying this is my opinion and whether you (you being anyone who is reading this, not just you personally Nonnie) agree with it or not does not change the fact that I am entitled to my opinion (because I’ve been having some issues lately with people saying my opinion of Moffat is wrong, and there’s no such thing as “wrong” opinion — it’s a personal thing).

That said, there are quite a few reason people don’t like Moffat’s Who. I’m going to split this into four categories — storylines, treatment of women in Moffat’s Who, the Doctor in Moffat’s Who, and Moffat the person.

Buckle up, because these tend to get a bit long. Since you said you just started series five, I should warn you that this is not going to spoiler-free, as my opinion on Moffat comes from watching the show, and referencing examples is a key part of understanding why I don’t like him. I’d also like to say that you shouldn’t let my (or anyone else’s opinion) keep you from continuing the show. Everyone should form their own opinion.

So. Let’s start.

Storylines: Moffat’s storylines tend to be convoluted and full of “timey wimey” non-explanations to justify everything. There are plot holes in the show so big you could drive a truck through them. He creates all these grand elaborate storylines, and it’s clear he has no idea how he’s going to follow through. Matt Smith’s entire tenure as the Doctor is proof of this. Moffat got to Matt’s last episode and realized “Shit, Matt is leaving and I have all these open storylines, what am I gonna do with them?” And what did he do indeed? Created a smorgasbord of an episode in which nothing happened — commonly referred to as “Day of the Doctor.” Moffat’s storylines look good on the surface, but the deeper you look, the more you realize, “Wow, he has no idea what he’s doing, he just likes using flashy effects and making things explode.”

Treatment of Women: Moffat has no respect for women. I’ll get more into that later, but I mention it now because it definitely colors the way he treats women in the show. What do Amy, Clara, and River all have in common? They were all “special” in someway, and their lives all revolved completely and entirely around the Doctor.

Amy: The girl who waited. The girl who spent her entire life waiting for the Doctor to come back, because apparently that’s what people do. Sure she made a show of “moving on” — getting a job, going out with Rory, etc. But she was still willing to give all that up just to run off with the Doctor the second he gave her a minute of attention again. That’s not a life.
The woman who killed the Doctor —OR— the Doctor’s wife. Either way, she had sense of self. Her entire identity revolved around the Doctor — she was raised to kill him and as a result became obsessed with him, and later transferred that obsession into “loving” him when her mission to kill him failed.
Clara: The impossible girl. Her entire first season on the show revolved around being a mystery that the Doctor had to solve. We knew next to nothing about her other than that some clones or something had once appeared in other parts of the Doctor’s life (yes it’s later explained that she jumped through his timeline, but that’s all we knew about her for the longest time).

Remember Rose, Martha, and Donna? They weren’t special in any way. They were normal people living normal lives until they met the Doctor. They had back stories and families who cared about them and jobs and responsibilities. They didn’t have to be “special” for the Doctor to care about them.

Getting off the special train here. His general writing of women just isn’t enjoyable. He uselessly oversexualized River, and the “love triangle” between Rory, Amy, and the Doctor was just unnecessary. It would’ve been a much better story if Amy had struggled between living her dream of seeing the stars and living a life with the man she loves (Rory). But no, Moffat had to introduce the “well maybe Amy actually loves the Doctor” storyline.

And River as the Doctor’s life just makes me angry. Like I said before, I don’t believe she actually loved him — she was just obsessed. It was a dangerously unhealthy relationship, with River giving everything to the Doctor and getting nothing back in return. Which is demonstrated clearly by her line in Angels Take Manhattan — “Don’t let [the Doctor] see your damage.” No, River. That is not how a relationship works. If you’re hurting, you should let your husband see it, because your husband should want to take care of you. It’s clearly a dysfunctional relationship. There’s nothing “romantic” about it.

As I said before, I disliked Clara’s entire storyline, and I really dislike the way the Doctor treats her in this current season. But I’ll get into that next.

Moffat’s Doctor: Since he’s now written two Doctors, I’ll split this up into two categories.

Eleven: Eleven was, essentially, a cosmic, bratty child. The whole with fezzes and bowties being “cool” was fun at first, but then it just got ridiculous. He also used humans, which disgusts me to no end (like using them to destroy the Silence). Remember River’s line from TATM about not letting the Doctor see your damage? That gives you a pretty good idea of who he is — he’s incapable of handling the consequences of his actions, and therefore needs to be “protected” from all the bad things he does. That doesn’t just apply to River, but to anyone he’s ever hurt (which as we know the Doctor thinks he hurts everyone he comes into contact with).

Not being able to handle consequences actually leads me to another point — Moffat’s handling of the Time War. Rather than deal with the consequences of the Doctor having to destroy his entire planet (which I would have found to be a much more interesting storyline), he simply rewrote it so the Doctor could have a happy ending and essentially erased seven seasons of character development. Moffat sees the Doctor has a god, and “consequences” are below him.

Twelve: Twelve absolutely disgusts me. I knew the moment it was announced that Twelve was going to be a “dark” Doctor, it was going to be awful, because Moffat can’t write emotional upheaval or consequences (I’ll get into that in a minute), and those are two big parts of being dark. Moffat doesn’t get that though. He seems to think that “dark” = “asshole” which is exactly what he’s turned Twelve into. Which brings me to what I was saying before about his current treatment of Clara — he’s horribly sexist toward her, insulting her appearance every chance he gets. That’s not okay. There are children watching this show, including little girls, who are now looking at themselves and wondering if the Doctor thinks they’re fat too. And before you say I’m overreacting, I’ve seen actual proof of that from other posts (unfortunately I can’t find them right now, but if I do I’ll gladly show you). And it makes me sad, because I really did want to like Twelve — Peter Capaldi is awesome. But Twelve is awful.

Moffat The Person: Moffat is a sexist, homophobic asshole. Don’t believe me? Have some quotes:

About women: “There’s this issue you’re not allowed to discuss: that women are needy. Men can go for longer, more happily, without women. That’s the truth. We don’t, as little boys, play at being married - we try to avoid it for as long as possible. Meanwhile women are out there hunting for husbands.”

About bisexuals: I can’t find the exact quote for this one, unfortunately (not one from a reliable source), but here’s a summary: Moffat is happy that bisexuals “probably don’t even watch” his shows because they’re off “having far too much fun” getting laid. If they were watching, he’d have to make them characters or something, which would be weird, because his gay characters are “going through a phase” anyway, like Irene Adler was before she met the man who could turn her straight. (from here).

Yeah. These are actual quotes from this actual human being. This human being who is in charge of writing one of the longest-running and most popular shows in television history. He’s also horribly degrading to DW fans, saying things like how we don’t need explanations for things that happen on the show (hence his timey-wimey non-explanations), and he acts like we’re all morons.

And before someone says “Oh but he was bullied as a child, don’t be too hard on him!” Yeah, no. I was bullied as a child too, and you know what? I didn’t turn into an asshole. I put all my energy into trying to make people feel better about themselves, rather than saying they’re needy or don’t need representation because they’re too busy having sex anyways.

So here you have it. For the tl;dr version (this is over 1500 words, if you read all of this then god bless you): Moffat’s treatment of women is despicable, his writing of the Doctor and the show in general is awful, and he’s a horrible human being.

Thank you and again, if you stuck with me for this long, god bless. Please remember that this is all my opinion, and if you don’t like it, that’s fine, but don’t tell me I’m wrong. I’m just as entitled to my opinion as everyone else is.