maybe they did delete a scene or something

The funny thing (which in reality is so not funny at all) is that … if BONNIE hadn’t left Kai in 1903 , he wouldn’t have crashed Jo & Alaric’s wedding , Elena would NOT be in a sleeping curse (tho I think that had more to do with Nina leaving , but anyways) and the series would’ve looked SO DIFFERENT … yeah , maybe Kai was going to snap back at some point but … after watching that deleted scene from 6x15 and when he talked to Caroline in 8x14 about his childhood … He actually had a chance to be good , to change… 
Even in 1994 , you could see that he cared. Maybe in a little twisted way but he did. 
ALSO something else I keep thinking about … you know , even if the chains bounding Kai to that chair were spelled , at some point he’d be able to focus and siphon the magic from them (he managed to siphon the traveller’s spell , remember) and get free , change that song …. xD
Clearly the new Ascendant came from the Armoury and as Kai said “Magic is LITERALLY IN the walls.” there … Let’s not forget he is highly intelligent … maybe he doesn’t need a celestial even’t to draw from. MAYBE .. just maybe , this will all be enough for him to get out. Maybe the magic contained in the Armoury is enough for him to get free , get back to reality too.

it’s the final season of teen wolf and once it’s over i need them to release all the deleted sterek scenes. ‘cause you know they’re out there. you there’s probably a lot of them. i mean, with all the times stiles or derek have repeated something the other has said when not there means they talked at some point. maybe they never filmed them taking but they might have. and if they did then i need the footage. imagine stiles actually going and talking to derek about paige like he said he would in 308. or them talking about chemosignals or derek telling stiles how alphas can become betas and betas can become alphas. i need all the deleted scenes.