maybe they did delete a scene or something

I still can’t believe Emerald and Kate kissed and we didn’t get to see it. Like can they like make it a blooper or something or release it as a deleted scene!! Just pls let pats and deels kiss or at least show us this one.

(Edit- By the way- this happened back in season 5. So they kissed back in season 5 :(!!! I don’t understand. Why did they even film it if they’re just going to cut it out? Maybe wait for a better moment? Like Pats coming back from Hong Kong? Idk! Anyways- link is listed down in the replies!)
Trimberly rant

A few things I noticed after seeing the movie for the 4th time. &&

the lightening bolt Kim drew at the end, she put yellow and pink next to each other.

Kimberly was so sad for her when she was telling her story in the campfire scene, she had tears in her eyes.

I have said this before, but I really think Kim did something to Trini before they became power rangers. Maybe Kim is the one who wrote that shit on her locker in the scene from the trailer that was cut? Hopefully there is a deleted scene. Idk. But something definitely happened.

Trini saying “Kim” 😍👌🏽(obviously didn’t just notice this but i love it)

And I love at the campfire scene when zack says “I’m zack and I’m a power ranger” they all say “hi zack" at different times but Kim and trini say it together.



X-Files Deleted Scene ‘Home’

Mulder & Scully are confined together in a small bathroom. This 16 second exchange follows, full of UST, complete lack of personal space & innuendo.  

–Scully feels something poking into her back, and turns to Mulder.  

MULDER: Oh - that was my pen light.

SCULLY: Well. I thought a long-standing curiosity had just been satisfied.

MULDER: Mhhmm.

Never Be The Same: Alt Ending

Part 2

(( OOC: Alternative “Deleted Scenes” for Never Be The Same ))

Sirius: Why did I do that?

Remus: For the same reason that I didn’t stop you. 

Sirius: I guess I just wanted to see if maybe… but… 

Sirius: There’s something missing.

Remus: *quietly* What were you expecting? 

Sirius: … I don’t know… I just wanted us… I had years to think about you and get angry over you. I spent so much time missing… 

Jesus, I just want something to feel right, to make sense.   

Sirius: … I don’t want to be alone anymore Remus.

Remus: We’re not going to be able to fix each other Pads… 

Sirius: So… where do we go from here? 

Remus: It’s been so long Sirius. Everything’s different. 

Remus: *smiles sadly* Nice sentiment, but you’re lying. 

Sirius: I’m also sick of talking. 

Sirius: *slowly sits up, his body stiff* God… you were right. I’m old. 

Remus: *winces* 

Sirius: The bed is too soft. 

Remus: *stares, heart pounding* Alright. 


Saban Power Rangers Verse Ideas

OOC. I need some help guys.

 After watching the new reboot movie I really want to create a verse (or a million) with MMPR Kimberly in the new movie. The idea was definitely inspired by the cameo of Amy Jo Johnson and JDF/their deleted other cameo. It was actually the inspiration to finally make a Kimberly from MMPR RP blog. I would love to bounce some ideas off of people. Message me if you have any suggestions or would be willing to help me figure this out. I would really appreciate it.

Below are what I currently have bouncing around my head:

Original Deleted Scene
Something related to maybe a younger Kim and Tommy accidentally brought to the wrong dimension ( Due to JDF sporting longer hair I was originally picturing MMPR continuation instead of post Dino Thunder etc. Let’s be honest, the two of them don’t really look any older in that shot than they did in MMPR at some points. Damn their immortal faces! ). This option would make it easier to interact with reboot!Rangers since they have Ranger experience and might meet the new rangers and form friendships?


Maybe them just existing in this 2017 Movie verse and not having been Rangers but still being friends in an AU style? I’m just not sure in this version how to explain away their same names as the new rangers or how they might know them. Maybe Kim is a student teacher so she’s observing at Angel Grove her old high school and that is how she knows the new kids? But then she would not know about who they are most likely.

Angel Grove Civilians

MMPR Kim and Tommy are just normal citizens of Angel Grove. They were never rangers. ( Kim might have the last name of her stepfather to avoid doppelgänger names? ) Kim is just a resident of Angel Grove. She works at the local community center and teaches gymnastics or/and is a substitute teacher. Her good friend Tommy is a Professor in nearby Reefside.

Angel Grove Civilians (above link) clip inspired

Kim and Tommy go to their 20 year reunion and reconnect with all their friends. Being back in Angel Grove of course never lets normal life last for long, ( not that the emotional reunion of the original rangers could really be normal ) and they find themselves transported to another dimension where they witness a different Rita Repulsa and Goldar trying to destroy the city. Unable to connect to Zordon or the Morphin Grid due to a lack of crystals and the fact they were not chosen in this universe, the two decide to play Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy in order to figure out what is going on. 

Morph of the above with AJJ’s ‘headcanon/backstory

Kimberly and Tommy are married with a kid. Either they are transported to this other world years ago or a little before the events of Saban’s Power Rangers.


Kimberly and Tommy are normal civilians of Angel Grove. They are married with a kid. Kim is a teacher and Tommy either owns his own karate studio or is similar to his MMPR/Dino Thunder counterpart and has a degree in Paleontology. He was involved with the construction outside of the city where the construction crews were working and the gems were found. 


 This one is a theory I keep seeing popping up on youtube and tumblr:

Kim and Tommy’s cameo, they are the new Tommy’s parents! ( So probably no previous relation to power rangers there but they do end up getting to know the new ones pretty well due to them being their son’s new friends. ) Moving to a new city for Dr. Oliver’s job, he and his wife wonder if they made a mistake moving to a city that now has giant metal robot beasts fight space aliens?? Thankfully their new place was spared in the destruction made by Goldar and Rita. 

Soooo….as you can see. I have a million ideas but I don’t know which ones to scrap or develop more. I would love some feedback or someone to be a sounding board as I try and figure it out. Let me know if you have any recommendations! 

To be angry is to be human“

Padme says this to Anakin, after he confesses his slaughter of the sand people. And to be honest, it has always kind of confused me that it’s her saying this, that it’s her encouraging his anger. Do you know why? It’’s because we never, ever, ever, truly see Padme angry. Anakin, sure, Anakin is angry all the time. Even Obi-Wan seems angry at times. But Padme? I don’t remember a single instance. She might have been angry when she retook her palace during the invasion of Naboo, but even then the most prominent emotion we see is protectiveness and a sense of duty. When Palpatine is voted Emperor, she seems resigned, not angry. It’s not that Padme isn’t emotional, oh, she is, but the two emotions most linked to her are sadness and love. Never anger.

So why is it her, the woman who never seems to be angry herself, that tells Anakin that to be angry is to be human?

A part of it is surely the politician talking. Padme might not be good at relationship (no, she really isn’t, but that’s another meta entirely) but she is good with people. She is good at telling people what they need to hear, saying things that will help them, even if she might not fully believe them herself.

But that’s not all of it. I think this is moment is meant to show us, early on, where the deciding flaws in their relationship will lie.

In a deleted scene in AOTC, she showes Anakin pictures of herself helping refugees, and we learn that said refugees died later. Maybe Padme was angry instead of only sad, maybe she did something stupid out of anger that she now regrets. Nothing huge, as it’s never mentioned, just something that was unseemly, not done on Naboo. Enough for her to look back in shame. And now, years later, she remembers it. She draws the connection, because while what Anakin did, the senseless slaughter of a whole tribe of sand people, even the non combatants and children, was horrible, not to justify, I don’t think Padme sees that. She doesn’t want to see it. Padme is very capable of deceiving herself, of seeing only what she wants ot see, as we learn especially in ROTS. Maybe she draws on a past experience, something stupid she did in anger, to downplay the severity of what Anakin did. It’s not long after this episode that she confesses her love for him, deciding to throw all caution in the wind and ignoring all the ways this could go to hell.

This moment, where she tries to absolve him from his guilt, tries to find excuses, might not be the moment of no return for their relationship. But it certainly is a big warning sign, right from the beginning.

There’s been a lot of talk about what’s appropriate speculation and what’s not and where lines are in the fandom. And honestly, I think that changes from person to person and situation to situation, we all have our own lines for ourselves and for what we will tolerate on our dashes.

But it occurred to me that there’s one thing we really did do right, and that was shutting down every anon wanting to talk about something being wrong with Jay. I say “we”, I should say that “I” and everyone I follow did. Speculation about her being pregnant or sick or “what’s wrong?!” was given a quick “she’s choosing not to be in Snaps, it’s her choice, leave her alone” pretty much every time that I saw.

I know I deleted a lot of asks about her, so I assume others did as well.

We were absolutely shutting down discourse about it. We get a lot of flack for doing that, but sometimes it’s the right thing to do. Clearly this was one of them, even if we had no idea just how right it was.

Even behind the scenes in chats where things are said that never make it to the public sphere, I don’t think there was any serious talk. Curiosity maybe, but not heavy speculation.

Anyway, it’s just something that occurred to me and made me realize that yes, there are lines that we won’t cross even when we don’t have a clear reason not to. We did that right.

it’s the final season of teen wolf and once it’s over i need them to release all the deleted sterek scenes. ‘cause you know they’re out there. you there’s probably a lot of them. i mean, with all the times stiles or derek have repeated something the other has said when not there means they talked at some point. maybe they never filmed them taking but they might have. and if they did then i need the footage. imagine stiles actually going and talking to derek about paige like he said he would in 308. or them talking about chemosignals or derek telling stiles how alphas can become betas and betas can become alphas. i need all the deleted scenes.

PLL Crack theory - Charles’ ruined childhood

I’m afraid this is gonna be a long post, so sorry for that in advance.. but I still hope you’ll think it was worth the read :) it’ll be a theory about what I think made Charles A and what happened the night Ali disappeared.

So after the last episode (6 x 02) I think it’s pretty clear that what happened in the dollhouse was that Charles forced to girls to torture each other. But why? I think it was to drive them apart and destroy their friendship. But why would that be so important to Charles?

As he’s clearly obsessed with Ali I think it’s because he wanted revenge for the liars taking her away from him (in his opinion). May sound a little strange at the beginning but hear me out:

I think it all started when Charles was a kid. Precisely around the time the DiLaurentis family was on the Campbell farm (the day the video in the vault and the photos from the deleted scene were taken)

If you don’t know the deleted scene yet, here’s a link:

In the scene Jessica says something along the line of “The whole family was there it’s the last time we all were…”, indicating this was the last time Charles was with the family.

Now, as I already said in another theory ( if you are interested) it was not really logical for the DiLaurentis family to be on the Campbell farm as they were living in Atlanta back then - except maybe they were meeting with someone there.

Maybe Ali’s father wasn’t even lying - maybe he doesn’t know anything about a Charles DiLaurentis because Jessica was for some reason hiding him in Rosewood while they were living in Atlanta. Maybe he’s another child of Peter Hastings (as Jason’s twin or brother) and Peter was hiding him somewhere in Rosewood (Veronica probably wasn’t supposed to know either.. or maybe she was and Charles even lived with them instead) and they were sometimes meeting up at the Campbell farm. That’d also explain why Spencer felt like he was familiar like “someone she played with as a child”.

Well after this deleted scene we can probably assume something happened on the day at the Campbell farm or not too long after that that made Charles “disappear” for good. Maybe he did something - or someone did something to him - that made him end up here:

Yet his obsession with Alison continued (or it was the point it actually started) but he was kept away from her.

I think that’s what made the DiLaurentis family ultimately move back to Rosewood and Jessica join the board of Radley some years later - she couldn’t stand not seeing her child anymore (but still kept from the rest of the family, at least definitely from Ali.)

Charles then coincidencely made a friend in Radley that reminded him very much of the sister he loved so much (at least looks-wise): Bethany Young. They got close enough that she even became part of Jessica’s “hidden family”. That’s why she took her horseback riding and that’s who the yellow dress from the Christmas episode was from. This also explains why she still had to tell Ali to not tell her father about the dress - how the heck would she have been supposed to explain that gift?

Eventually Jessica even let Ali and Bethany meet (but never Charles!!) and Ali also realized how surprisingly much they looked alike - remember we haven’t seen Bethany’s face (and that’s probably for a reason) and no one ever questioned the identity of the girl in Ali’s grave - I know she was identified by Jessica because of the top but there would have been doubt if there’d been too obvious differences in any way.

Now Ali had two people that looked a lot like her (Bethany and CeCe) and a plan: she wanted to disappear “that night”. This could be because of three reasons:

1) She wanted to get away from Mona’s A threats

2) Charles was already planning on putting her in the dollhouse, was the one who was actually sending the threats and she wanted to get away from those

3) she planned on faking her death and wanted to be missed by everyone because “it’s immortality my darlings”

Now if one of the first two options is true I believe she planned on putting Bethany in her place instead - meaning Bethany would get out of Radley and live Alison’s life while she could get away from A. They were planning this switch to happen “that night”. CeCe would also be there and wearing the yellow top to add some confusion for potential witnesses (Note: that’s also why Bethany and CeCe were playing their games at Radley.. the three of them all looked pretty much alike and were testing how far they could take this). Of course she was aware at least her mother would notice she was replaced by Bethany - but probably wouldn’t have a possibility to say anything because well.. what’d she be supposed to say and who’d believe her?

If the third option (faking her death for “immortality”) is true I think Alison somehow wanted to trick Bethany so there’d be a body in the grave.

One thing I can’t get outta my head is what Bethany said on the recording: “I wonder if I can trust anyone in this family” (including Charles?). And “she’s not the only one who can make plans”. So there definitely was something going on. 

“Is it labor day yet? [..] thank you for the clothes in my last letter [..] Yellow is ma favorite color”.

Yellow tops on labor day - PLL classic haha.

Now I think Bethany told Charles what they were planning (or what Bethany thought they were planning) - Ali running away and Bethany taking her place. That’d ultimately mean Ali would be totally out of Charles’s reach and Bethany wouldn’t be near him anymore either - which made HIM plan something on his own either. He wanted to keep both - so he escaped from Radley (thanks to Mona we know that’s not even that hard) and tried to bring Alison to the dollhouse and Bethany back to Radley.

But the liars accidently got in the way - either because they harmed at least one of them themselves of because they helped Ali escape (which they are not aware of anymore because they were drugged).

This added so much chaos (or was planned by Ali like that, depending on what Ali’s plan was Bethany maybe didn’t know everything either so Charles didn’t have any idea when he planned his own actions) that Alison ultimately escaped and Melissa accidently buried Bethany, causing her death. Charles cracked and took the first blonde that slightly reminded him of Alison and he could find to the dollhouse as a substitute for them - poor Sara Harvey.

This is how the liars accidently took Ali (and Bethany) from Charles and why he hates them. And wants them end up as lonely as he did, thus forcing them to torture each other.

Other clues for Charles’s awful childhood (most part spent in Radley) that made him crack:

He is still obsessed with dolls.

A is also often seen eating candy (in A ending scenes)

The whole vault.. it was just full of it.

I think that’s it for the moment.. what do you guys think? :)