maybe they can all be winter soldiers

One day, all the main actors of MARVEL will have completed their contracts and moved on to do other movies. We’ll be left with Loki, Bucky, and Sam, whose actors have 9-movie contracts but who have all only been in 3 movies each.

When that time comes we will get a new series of MARVEL movies…

Bucky and Sam vs. Loki: This Guy Again

Sam and Loki vs. the Winter Soldier: Why Are We Still Here

Sam vs Bucky: Who Will be the Next Captain America? (Hint: It’s Loki)

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Of course, Robert Downey Junior’s contract will never end because there can never be another Tony Stark in our lifetimes. Maybe he’ll get to judge who will be America’s Next Top Captain. “You call that Captain America? Come on, you haven’t even jumped out of a window yet! Show me some self-righteous bullheadedness, boys.”

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It’ll All Be Okay

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Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: Bucky recently broke up with his girlfriend and now its your job to pick up the pieces 

Words Count: 687, just a lil drabble

Genre: slightly angsty, nothing too bad

Warnings: Language

So my last fic actually got notes! thought i might as well do another one :) Also, I’m still super new so if y’all have fic ideas, don’t hesitate to request fics! Don’t forget to follow like and reblog, I’m loving all the notes<3

 not my gif but oHMYgOd how cute is he in this gif??

   You woke up to the sound of cupboards slamming down the hall. As you flip over onto your side, you look at your alarm clock and groan. It’s 2:30 in the morning. Who in the right god damn mind is slamming cupboards in the middle of the night??

You sit up and stretch out your back, ready to give whoever it was a piece of your mind. You stand up and mentally prepare what you’re going to say as you walk down the hall to the tower’s kitchen, but what you find there shocks you.

“Bucky?” you ask alarmed, “what the hell are you doing on the floor covered in corn flakes? I thought you were staying with Clair tonight?”

He looks up at you with eyes full of tears,”(y/n)..” 

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The Naked Truth

Summary: Reader drops her towel for Bucky when he steals her clothes after a shower. ;)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of nudity, language.

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It’s early on a Sunday morning, around 7AM, and I’m already up and in the living room having breakfast. Which is highly unusual for me, I’m usually never awake before 9AM unless we have a mission. Which today, I do not. No one is down here, which is strange. Steve is the earliest bird we have here, followed closely by Bucky and no one is here.Shrugging, I sit down at the kitchenette, eating my favorite brand of cereal. I’m about halfway through with it when the elevator dings, turning to see who will be joining me, I’m welcomed with a very pleasing sight of Bucky, covered in sweat, in running shorts and a tank top, with his hair in a bun.

‘Oh, fuck me running Mr. Barnes.’ When he sees me, he gives me half a grin.

“Good morning, (Y/N).” He come in the kitchen, across from me and going to the fridge, before fishing out the milk.

“Good morning, Buck.” He turns around, setting his own bowl, milk and cereal down.

“You’re not with the others today?” I raise my eyebrow.

“I didn’t even know they went anywhere.” Slightly confused, and a little offended they didn’t tell me anything.

“Yeah, they went on a mission. Shouldn’t be too long they said, they should be back by this afternoon.” Hmm. I’m still not happy with them, but what can you do?Bucky hasn’t been allowed to go on missions yet, seeing as he could lose control and turn into the Winter Soldier again, and we want to avoid as many casualties as we possibly can, so until he finishes the proper training he’s stuck on the compound. He of course doesn’t like it, he feels useless. I don’t know how many times we’ve all had to tell him he’s not. He usually goes on long runs when we leave, as to release some pent up frustrations. I don’t blame him. He just wants to be out there with everyone else, risking his life also.

“No, they didn’t tell me. I don’t know why, maybe they wanted me to spend some time with you.” He shrugs.

“Possibly.” He agrees, and continues to eat his cereal.

“I’m gonna go shower, wanna conserve water?” I wink in his direction when he looks up at me. This type of flirting is normal for us, although it’s never really gone anywhere, unfortunately. He chokes on his cereal and I break out into a fit of laughter.

“I’m just kidding, Barnes. Calm down.” I pat him on the back, and head to my room to shower.


Showering is probably my favorite activity of my everyday life, it’s an escape from reality, relaxing, and an excuse to just let go every worry you have. I tend to let my mind wonder so much, that someone could sneak up on me in the restroom and I’d never even know it. Which, as a matter of fact, is my predicament now. Stepping out of the shower, I realize my clothes are gone.

“FUCK.” Going out into my room, looking, maybe I left them on my bed. No go, of course not. Bucky. Fucking Bucky, of course he did.

“JAMES BUCHANAN BARNES!” I hear nothing, of course. It’s not like I was expecting a response. I’m just letting him know I know he took them, and I’m coming for him.Why don’t I just put new clothes on you ask? The bastard put steel locks on my wardrobe, so I can’t change. I’m clad in nothing but a towel, and I’m going to find him. Fuck it, I got no shame.

“James, you better give me my clothes back or I swear to God you’ll be needing a new arm!” Going to the last place I saw him, the kitchen. I don’t get there, however. I see he’s in the living room, watching TV. With my clothes next to him. He knows I see him. He’s freshly showered in jeans and an old U.S. Army T-shirt. He looks good.He turns to me, grinning. He stands up, my clothes under his metal arm.

“New arm, huh? Come on princess, you’re not gonna fight me like that.” Cocky bastard, he thinks he knows me.

“You know what? You’re right. I can’t fight you in a towel.” In a sudden burst of confidence, I drop the towel. Now in my birthday suit. His eyes widen, he gulps and I watch his adam’s apple bulge, before his mouth goes slack. Walking up to him, I grab my clothes from under his arm. He obviously was expecting me to beg, he didn’t think I’d do this. He doesn’t know what to do now. Leaving the room, I sway my hips, making sure my ass gets a good shake on it. For good measure, you know. 

“Thanks Barnes.” With a cheeky grin, I leave. I can hear him grunt in frustration. I barely make it to my room, before he meets me at my door. He comes up to me, trapping my between the door and his body, his hands come up to rest on either side of my face.

“You’re trying to kill me, doll. I’m just a man, (Y/N). You don’t know what you do to me.” He brings his mouth to mine, pressing his surprisingly soft lips against my own.Reaching behind me, I open the door pulling him in with me, his lips never leaving my own.

This was the start of something beautiful.

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It’s tiring to be a Princess | Bucky Barnes

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Last night, she had looked perfect, every little fiber on his being had pushed the situation to the limit, and that morning, between white sheets and discarded clothes, he had found himself waking up to the woman he realized he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Snoring and with last-night’s makeup smeared on her face.

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The New Winter Soldier

Request: I love love love your writing! could I have a Steve or Bucky imagine where the reader is an avenger who is captured by hydra and turned into a female winter soldier to get back at the avengers? the team doesn’t know Steve/Bucky likes the reader until they see how distraught he is. Can it have a happy ending?💖

A/N: Decided to go with Steve since I haven’t done a Steve imagine since Halloween… At first I thought I could maybe write the imagine with both Bucky and Steve in it with two different endings, but… chickened out. Also, I need to get these imagines done soon, I’m stressing over having them in my drafts for too long. Sorry for taking so long, I hope you all understand.
So, the reader is not  as shaken up as you’d probably expect her to be but the thing is I wrote this one three part series called Captured  a while back and the reader’s going through a lot and I just didn’t feel like  repeating that and just wanted to get this done asap. It ended up being so long and I hope this one is good enough. (Also, I’ve got to stop it with these long A/N’s) No requests for second part, please.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Words: 5,557

Warning: some angst

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Into The Dark -  Part 4

not my gif btw

Words: 1138

Prompt: Reader is recruited by HYDRA to get the Winter Soldier back. Things don’t go as planned when Captain America and others show up.

Pairing: T’ChallaxReader

Warnings: None.

A/N: Sorry for the long wait. Here’s part four, Enjoy! Feedback is loved and appreciated! 


“I’m back, mom!” she yelled walking towards the kitchen,  “The interview went awful by the way,” she said with a huff, “How do they expect me to have experience if they wont hire me? I am more than capable of-”

Her mother was on the kitchen table, sitting next to her was Dr. Brennan. Two other guys were sitting on the side. “I’m sorry it didn’t go how you wanted, sweetie,” said her mom.

“Dr. Brennan” she said, her stomach turned, “What are you doing here?”

Her mother frowned, “Y/N! Dr. Brennan came by because he has a position open and he so kindly thought of you,” she said, “he even brought his friends from work to talk to you about the job.”

She looked at them, recognizing them: they were assassins from HYDRA. Her face lost all color.

“You just said it did not go well in the interview and he’s here to offer you a position. Aren’t you lucky, honey?”

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Hi! I was wondering if you could combine prompts 85, 88 and 92? Into a cute one where Bucky is all for the reader and she's torn between him and her best friends feelings?? Feel free to change it however you like!! Thanks girl❤️❤️

Hello anon :) And I would love to write that for ya! *cracks knuckles* xx

Prompts: 85) What’s wrong with me missing you? 88) What do you mean we’re soulmates (au)? 92) My best friend likes you and I tried setting you up and you kiss me instead (au)

{Okay side note – seb makes me want to die because LOOK AT HIM}

Sunday Brunch or The Recount of a Disaster and the Moments Leading Up to It

You are never ever ever going to have brunch again. It’s basically a universal law, like gravity. It just exists and will forever be manifested fact. Damn the fucking bagels with cream cheese and salmon slices on top, damn the obnoxiously crisp and refreshing mimosas, damn the stupid scones and muffins with blueberries or cranberries or chocolate chips in them, damn the annoyingly cute coffee and tea cups paired with their ridiculous saucers, damn the dumb water glasses that just sit there all clear and cold and lame, damn the folded napkins that lay uselessly on your lap (I mean seriously? They catch like…two fifty crumbs), and god damn James Buchanan Barnes who looks ridiculously handsome in a Sunday church tux and long combed back hair and stupid bangs tucked behind his stupid ears and his stupid eyes and his even more stupid eyelashes and his stupid lips and stupid jawline and stupid chest and stupid hands and stupid –

Yeah. You’re never going to brunch again. Like ever.

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“I honestly don’t know anything! I really don’t!” I scream at Brock Rumlow, for what seems like the millionth time today. “Just let us go…”
“You are one of Fury’s top agents, surely you know where he is right now.” Rumlow keeps pressing for an answer I don’t have, while I remain chained to this concrete wall. “Bring him in, maybe that will help.”
I don’t even have enough time to ask who they are talking about before Bucky is shoved into the room, and forced into the chair in front of me. The chair that these guys use to brainwash people…
The restraints lock him in, which sends a wave of panic through me.
“Bucky, I’m gonna get us out of here.” I try to sound convincing, but I don’t think it’s working.
Of course they would use Bucky as a way to get to me, they know how close we are.
“I’ll ask you one more time… where is Fury located?” Rumlow asks again, switching on the terrifying machine above the chair.
“I don’t know.” I completely break down, I can’t take any more of this. “You can keep me here all you want, just please let him go.”
“Wipe him, maybe then we can get an answer.” Rumlow says the dreaded words, and the other agents waste no time prepping Bucky.
I can’t help but to let tears fall, as the machine fires up.
I shut my eyes tightly, right before horrifying screams echo through the room.
(Sorry… I have sinned…)

The Soldier

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: This is the only way Bucky’ll live.
Words: 1,288
Warnings: language
Notes: HELLO IT ME HWKEYEWRITES ANYWAY this was a request from that blog but yeah idk enjoy frens 

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Lost Bets (Bucky x Reader)

Words: 990

     “He doesn’t like me Steve.” (Y/N) groaned at her best friend, who was teasing Y/N about her and Bucky’s relationship, or the lack of it. 

      “He totally wants to, what’s the saying? Get on that.” Steve chuckled, sipping his coffee as she groaned again. “I’m his best friend, I would know if he likes you.”

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Crossbones, Steve and the“Your Bucky” scene

So, after watching the scene between Crossbones and Steve for the second time, I’ve been thinking about what he said to taunt Steve during their fight. And I thought of something really upsetting, and I don’t want to suffer by myself so I’m telling you right now.

Some spoilers below the cut. All right? Here we go.

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STRIKE Team Alpha AU plotbunny

The doorbell rings.

Steve wasn’t expecting visitors.

Hell, he usually never even GETS visitors.

The last people to ring his doorbell were Jehova’s Witnesses and he offered them a glass of water to keep them from dehydrating in the sweltering summer heat, before kindly declining the brochures they offered and sending them back on their way. That was three weeks ago.

He’s been doing the dishes (no point in using the dishwasher for one plate and one cup….and that’s all he usually uses) and his hands are wet, so he takes a moment to dry them off before heading for the door.

Whoever is on the other side has NOT been blessed with a surplus of patience, since the doorbell rings two more times in the half-minute it takes him to get there.

His eyebrows shoot up to his hairline once he looks out the door viewer, because squeezing themselves into the corridor is what looks to be the entire Strike Team Alpha, all geared up and kitted out for at least a minor war, all of them looking kinda nervous.

Hell, Rollins is bringing up the rear and he has taken up position at the back, canvassing the stairs as if he expects enemy fire to start pelting them any given second.

He opens up the door, already setting up a mental checklist of situations that might require such a set-up, thinking about what kind of gear he might require and going through the last-known locations for the other Avengers, because whatever is going on, it’s NOT coming through the usual, official channels which makes the whole thing more than fishy….and also possibly of a bigger scope than the stuff he and his STRIKE team usually handle on their own.  

Rumlow, who’s at the front, almost flinches as the door opens.

The eyes of STRIKE’s team-leader are puffy and have dark rings underneath that make him look like he hasn’t slept in a week. He’s sporting a bruise on his cheek the size of a goose-egg and his usually cocky lop-sided grin seems ready to collapse in on itself like a burnt out ruin.

Steve steels himself for some bad news.

His curt “Report.” makes Brock’s grin spread out and steady though, into Rumlow’s copyrighted Sitrep?-FUBAR-and-I’m-loving-it smile and he clears his throat to speak.

“Well Cap, looks like we haven’t been quite honest with you. And this? This is us coming clean. Because we’re going to need each other if we all want to make it out of this alive.”

Point is, I seriously need a fic where, shortly before Project Insight launches

  • Rumlow learns that his little niece, whom he loves to bits, won a state-wide contest with an essay on how being an american means being ready to stand  up and question the status quo. The moment he read it, he realised that this unabashed criticism of “the System” …..this incendiary piece of writing, will put her on the list for Project Insight. If not now, then a few years down the road. And he’s killed a lot of people whose death he felt were a necessary sacrifice in order to give Hydra a chance at building a world that was safe and secure for everybody…but this? This is the line he can’t cross. Or something else along those lines.
  • other STRIKE Team Alpha members finds out e,.g. that their boyfriend / girlfriend / significant other passes his free time, when they’re away,     arguing with strangers on the internet about how people need to speak up and if necessary boycott shops and companies or take to the streets in order to strengthen civil and human rights and similar stuff
  • Maybe Rollins, by chance, comes across a newspaper article, with a pic of the ONE teacher who really encouraged and helped him in school, a nice, elderly little lady, being arrested at a civil rights rally.
  • and they realize that once those Helicarriers start shooting, they will lose people who they love (or, in Rollins’ case, like and owe a lot to)…..and they kinda get thinking: “Fuck it all, the world needs more order, but maybe this isn’t the right way to go after all?!?!!”.
  • Then, there’s a lot of heartbreaking and desperate “Shit, I can’t let my team realize I’ve changed my mind…..they’ll KILL me….but how can I stop this without them? Help!!!"  plus some really awkward scheming and maneouvering, and then they get their shit together (AND convince the rest of the Team….which is chancy, because who knows if they can trust each other?)
  • and then STRIKE Team Alpha drafts a completely unsuspecting Captain America into their plans.
  • And they jailbreak the Winter Soldier too (maybe get sent on a mission with him and go on a detour instead….one that leads them right to Steve’s door, wll knowing that within the next 5 minutes the higher-ups will notice that something is off and that they are NOT where they’re supposed to be).
  • Thing is, they need one James Buchanan Barnes as evidence to convince Steve that they haven’t gone completely bonkers….imagine Rollins motioning somebody else forward into the corridor, and the guy turns, eyes narrowed and a frown on his face, and voilà! Bucky.

Plus, added bonus for complicating factors, like

  • there actually having been a couple of Hydra Trash Parties and Steve finding out mid-action (with the Team not exactly participating….they weren’t high enough up the food-chain to get invited to that….but they knew or maybe even had to stand guard).
  • the Winter Soldier realizing that the STRIKE Team is defecting from Hydra and him, as the Fist of  Hydra, being trained to take out traitors on the spot…and him almost acting on that according to his conditioning, with maybe Steve holding him back (and maybe internally debating wether he really should).
  • Rumlow having done the frick-fack with both Cap and the Asset
  • the Team having to scramble to save their loved ones, because once Hydra realizes they’ve defected and betrayed Hydra’s plans to Cap/SHIELD/the Avengers, their loved ones are  going to become prime targets
  • Sitwell catching wind of this and deciding to throw his lot in with the defectors, but having a hard time getting the team to trust him, since he’s very high up in Hydra’s hierarchy (extra added bonus if there’s an understandable, relatable and, above all, redeemable, motif for being Hydra in the first place….maybe something along these lines.).
  • The Winter Soldier thinking of Strike Team Alpha as HIS team. As in “personal property” HIS.
  • Remembering that he is Bucky too making the Winter Soldier re-evalutate how HIS Team helped keep him captive and in slavery and he’s royally pissed at them. And if there’s an opportunity to do so without endangering  the mission, he’s not above getting a little (or a lot) of payback. Steve always was the nice one. Thanks to Hydra, HE hasn’t been on the side of light and righteousness in a good long while, and this time at least, he knows his wrath will hit the right people.
  • They all really DO need each other to survive and pull this off, and innocent lives are at stake, so for the moment, taking STRIKE Team Alpha to task and treating them like the Hydra trash that they are is completely off the table. But everybody knows that once this is over, there will be some kind of reckoning….which, everybody knows, the STRIKE team will try to weasel out of.
  • Lots of mistrust and hard feelings from Steve’s side (plus from any other loyal SHIELD agents/  affiliates they manage to rope into the mess).
  • The STRIKE team thinkingf that all they’d do would be keeping their loved ones safe and then making a get-away and finding a more palatable way of bringing the world to heel.
  • BUT to their NEVER-ENDING HORROR, caught between Cap and a furious Sergeant Barnes, BOTH of which the Team has learned to recognize as their CO, and BOTH of which are giving them grief with a myriad little digs questioning their lives’ choices, the team discovers they’re actually starting to feel guilty about what they’ve done in the name of Hydra.
  • As a result, they get defensive and sullen, but neither Cap nor the Winter Soldier is letting up on them, all the while they’re sleep deprived, worn out, worn down, and STILL jumping from one hair-raising, nick-of-time mission goal to the next, getting injured and almost killed more times than they can count, only to receive much needed assistance and on rare occasion even a kindly word from people they’ve betrayed….and as a result, they’re breaking down
  • I want Rumlow trying to hide his tears when some SHIELD medics, who KNOW the Team is a bunch of backstabbing Hydra defectors, to swoop in under fire to stabilize Rollins, who has taken a bad hit and is bleeding out on the floor, even though the medics could have left them high and dry and just protected their own asses.
  • I want some other STRIKE Team member, who only went along with the rest of the Team because his loyalty to them slightly outweighs his loyalty to Hydra, start shaking like a tree leaf when they dig up the files that Hydra kept on them, and he realizes that his mom didn’t abandon him when he was 5, but that his estranged dad, who was Hydra, simply didn’t want her to have him and saw to it that he was whisked away by CPS under some phony pre-text and then shuffled from one (deliberately) shitty foster family to the next, so his mom, who never stopped looking for him, wouldn’t be able to find him.
  • I want another STRIKE Team member, sitting in a corner, crying her heart out, because when they got to their boyfriends’ / girlfriend’s / significant other’s house, the doors’ had been broken down and there is blood all over the place, but then a call comes in and it turns out that a team of retired SHIELD agents who got re-activated for this, got his/her sweetheart out in time and he has a few scrapes and got banged up a bit, but (s)he’s ALIVE.
  • Fury getting a migraine while  de-briefing the STRIKE Team on their Hydra activities in all the past  years and realizing just how deep the rot goes


Anybody wants to write a fic or a ficlet in this universe, go ahead and tag it

#Hydra Rogues

That way, other people will be more likely to find it.  ^_^

On Steve Rogers and distance

Bucky fell from the train during the first week of May, 1945.  Less than a day later, Steve crashed into the ocean off the coast of Greenland and slept for 66 years.  He wasn’t aware of that time as it was passing.  He wasn’t growing as a person.  He was 26 years old when he crashed, and when he woke up, he was still 26 years old and his best friend had just died.  Do you think when he found out that it was 2011 that he went, “Oh, Bucky’s been gone for almost 70 years, now, I’m over it,” or do you think that wound was still fresh?

The Battle of New York happened during the first week of May, 2011.  Steve had been awake for about ten days.  Do you think he went into that fight feeling like he had 93 years worth of life experience?  Or do you think he went into it feeling like the war had never ended, he was 26 years old, and he’d watched his best friend fall to his death just ten days before?

I’ve read a good number of stories where Steve has a startling amount of distance when it comes to Bucky’s death because, “it was so long ago.”  That rings false to me.  We have distance.  The other characters have distance.  Steve hasn’t had enough time to develop distance.

I’ve also heard people ask, “How could Steve recognize Bucky so easily?  He hadn’t seen him in 70 years!”

Well, because to Steve, he hadn’t seen Bucky in three years.  Sure, he knows that chronologically it’s been 70 years, but for him it’s still only been three.

I don’t know why so many people seem to think of Steve as having the mind and experiences of a man in his 90s.  Maybe because it’s fun to play with the idea the he’s an old man or a fossil or somebody Tony Stark can call, “Gramps.”  Those are fun ideas to play with, I’ll grant you, but unless you can convince me that Steve was totally conscious and aware for all the years he was under the ice, I just don’t buy it.

pumpkinglasses  asked:

shit, idk, im prolly being annoying rn, but how much of a cyborg is aaron?? what i mean by this question is, does he still have that awesome robotic arm, which silver had??

Lol no I love all the questions!!! And yeah I was thinking he’d have the metal arm (although in my mind it looks different, more winter soldier-y and maybe not having all the transformations Silver’s does, it just gives him more strength) and then one of his legs from the knee down is metal, and then he’d also have an eye like Silver does in the movie, only that would be more subtle, like it changes colors and gives him better eyesight/can zoom in on stuff and whatnot.

And I’m thinking Aaron would be a little more self-conscious about being part cyborg, he covers up a lot more than Silver does.

Captain America: The Winter Solider Scene
  • Bucky Barnes: We looked for you after. My folks wanted to give you a ride from the cemetery.
  • Steve Rogers: I know, I’m sorry. I just…kind of wanted to be alone.
  • Bucky Barnes: How was it?
  • Steve Rogers: It was okay. She’s next to Dad.
  • Bucky Barnes: I was gonna ask…
  • Steve Rogers: I know what you’re gonna say, Buck, I just…
  • Bucky Barnes: We can put the couch cushions on the floor like when we were kids. It’ll be fun. All you gotta do is shine my shoes, maybe take out the trash.
  • Come on.
  • Steve Rogers: Thank you, Buck, but I can get by on my own.
  • Bucky Barnes: The thing is, you don’t have to.
  • I’m with you till the end of the line, pal.
Piano memories (Bucky x reader)

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Piano memories

Pairing : Bucky x reader

Warnings : anger, a bit of swearing, fluff

Summary : While he recovers, Bucky remembers that he used to play the piano before HYDRA. The only problem is…he can’t play it like he once did with his metal arm. Upset and angry about himself, you can’t help but offer your help.

Bucky’s P.O.V

 Your recovery is going well. In some cases of memory loss, though this is not particularly memory loss, it may helps the patients remembering their previous life by reliving their lives and do things they did before. I think that it could be a solution for you.” Bruce explains as he steps back, pulling off his glasses.

I stare at the floor for a while, lost in my thoughts. I can’t remember much, except Steve’s helpless face when I was falling off the train… I mean I just remember small little parts of my previous life and most of them are with Steve. But the memories of my time with Hydra still blur the rest.

“At least, if you can remember something ? It doesn’t need to be something big. Just a memory of your every-day life or something.” Bruce proposes as he tilts his head to the side, probably looking for my eyes.

“Nothing much.” I firmly answer.

“Are you sure ? Not even a thing that you loved doing in the 40’s ?” He pushed further.

I run a hand through my hair, while trying my best to remember something. “I.. I think that I liked playing the piano.” I reply with blurry memories.

“Perfect !” Bruce exclaims as he raises an eyebrow and put his hands in the air. “Tony has a magnificent piano, you should try it and see what’s left.”

He was right, I’ve never thought of trying Tony’s piano. I mean, I saw it a thousand times during some of his famous parties but the idea of playing it never crossed my mind.

“I guess I could give it a try, yeah.” I admit.

“I think too. Now just go get some rest, it’s important for your metabolism.” Bruce says as he opens the door of his laboratory.

I quickly get on my feet and walk towards the door.

“Thanks Banner.” I say.

After I close the door, I head straight to the big party room where the piano is placed. There, I sit and touch the key, remembering step by step the melodies I used to play. My right hand can play the notes perfectly but once I push the keys with my metal hand, it’s a disaster. This fucking thing doesn’t help me at all except for the fights. I can’t do anything right like I used to and I can’t barely stand it anymore.

 Your P.O.V

 You are talking with Tony about random things that happened during your missions in the resting room when you both hear the sound of a tortured piano. Who the hell could play this badly ? Tony winces every time a note comes to his ears, and so do you.

“Who’s persecuting my poor piano ? It’s a masterpiece goddamn.” Tony complains.

You escape a giggle, wondering who it could be. “Maybe I should go take a look ?” You propose. “Oh yes, please. Make it stop for god’s sake.” Tony begs. “Alright, alright.” You laugh as you leave the room and make your way to Tony’s big party room where the beautiful black piano is placed. There, you find an angry and annoyed Bucky. You’re facing his back. He’s leaned over the piano, his right hand playing beautiful notes while his left hand is helplessly trying to play the right notes. You can’t even count the amount of times that he sighed. Then, all of a sudden, he angrily punches the piano keys cause he fucked up again with his metal arm. “Fuck it! Fuck this fucking piano ! I don’t even know why I keep trying. I’m just a damn stupid old man.” He desperately complains as he drops his head. You were standing against the door, silently, during the whole heartbreaking scene. You’re now feeling really bad for Bucky. Plus, he’s been your man crush since a while now, but you wouldn’t tell anyone. You hesitate to go talk to Bucky… What if he’d reject you ? Maybe he just wants to be alone. But whatever, you start walking towards him. He turns his face as soon as he hears your footsteps coming his way, but he stays silent. You take a sit on the bench and look at him. “Something’s wrong ? I saw you punch the keys, Buck.” He clenches his jaw and look back at you. “Everything’s perfectly fine (Y/N).” He firmly says on a rough tone. But you’re stubborn, and we all know that nothing’s fine. And you also know that Bucky’s not the type to confess how he feels, not even to you. You sweetly place your hand on his and press it. “C’mon, you can tell me anything, you know right ? I was listening to sweet notes before you started punching the piano.” You mention with a warm and sweet voice. He frowns his eyebrows for a seconds and licks his lips. Then, he shows you his left arm, the metal one. “This. This is the problem. You see ? I can’t play like I used to with his fucking thing.” He says. You open your eyes in surprise. “You never told me that you could play the piano.” He chuckles and smiles sweetly, for once. “There’s still a bunch of things that you don’t know about me, doll.”

“Yeah, I got that. Maybe I can help you ? I could play the left-handed part.” you propose, as he looks at you, wondering if you knew how to play this instrument. “I mean… I had piano classes when I was younger. I still can remember some notes.” You add, as you tilt your head to the side, like an adorable puppy. And Bucky knows he can’t resist to your puppy face.

 Bucky’s P.O.V

Gosh, this girls owns my heart. Her beautiful hair, her rosy cheeks, her lips that I could kiss all day if I had the chance and her eyes, god her eyes. I won’t start talking about them or I’ll never stop. But damn, they’re hypnotizing. She’s standing there, right next to me with her puppy face that she knows I can’t resist to. She’s the only girl that can put a smile on my face, even in the worst moments. I look at her while she’s waiting for a sign of mine, but I nearly forgot how to speak for a few seconds. Then, I don’t know why but I unconsciously place my metal hand on hers and guide it to the piano keys. She seems surprised at first, but she lets me do. With my right hand, I start to press some keys, the right ones because a smile forms on her pink lips as soon as the sound comes out. Then I guide her hand on the other part of the piano, her delicate fingertips slightly pushing the keys.

 Your P.O.V

You’re in a perfect harmony. Your both hands pressing the piano keys as a beautiful melody comes out. An adoration look is on his face, as an adorable smile is forming on his lips.

You can’t help but fantasize about having his lips on yours. How would it feels like ? You’re lost in your dreams when the soldier suddenly stop playing the piano. He turns around to look at you as he removes his hand from yours. You slightly blush as you find yourself missing the feeling of his body touching yours. “I’d love to spend more time like these with you, doll.” He delivers, making you stare at your hands to avoid his eyes and hide your red cheeks. “Oh. You wouldn’t.” he immediately sates, turning his head to the other side. “No, no Bucky! I’d love to.” You exclaims, making him face you again, eyes wide open of surprise.

“Maybe we could go out next time.” He proposes on a flirty tone. “Yeah, of course, soldier.”


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there are no words to describe how much i loooove your art! is there any chance you can maybe draw stevetonybucky? i'm just tired of all this civil war angst sigh :( anyways, thanks! have a nice day :)

Thank you so much!! <3 

All the angst is getting to me too… ;_; Here’s a super-soldier sandwich to heal your soul.