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Request: I wonder how a relationship with Bucky and a reader who’s power is to manipulate metal (Like Magneto type shiz) would go ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Maybe you can write it? P.S. After all of your writing I’m usually rolling on the floor squealing, keep on being amazing! <3

Warnings: some swearing

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   The first time you discovered what you could do to Bucky was a complete and utter accident. You’d been attempting to throw chunks of metal at the enemy when, by a complete and utter accident, Bucky had been thrown in there too. Thank god Bucky had been okay (you’d probably have never forgiven yourself if he hadn’t) and he jumped up immediately, looking around him in shock. 

   The little incident had not gone unnoticed by Tony or anyone else for that matter and you were sure had you not been there to fight off the enemies as Tony laughed his ass of you would have all died. From that day on it just kind of became a running joke amongst the Avengers, to always poke fun at Bucky for that incident. 

   You tried to be careful from that day on but occasionally you’d slip up, like when doing the dishes you nearly dragged Bucky halfway across the room by his arm before you realized what you had been doing.

    It was always a bit of a shock to say the least when you’d suddenly hear Bucky start yelling something along the lines of, 

   “(Y/N)! My arm! My arm! My arm!” You would immediately apologize and drop whatever you’d been doing, making sure Bucky was okay and intact before laughing a bit, much to his dismay. 

   For the most part you tried to be on your best behavior when It came to Bucky’s arm but sometime, sometimes the thought of messing with him just became too tempting. Just like now, in a boring debriefing with nothing else to do but mess with Bucky a little bit. 

   You started off by twitching his fingers a bit, just enough to make him suspicious. Slowly and gradually you began to move his fingers a bit, wriggling them enough to scare the shit out of him. You watched amusedly as Bucky nearly jumped out of his skin as his hand suddenly jerked to the side, grabbing not only his attention but Steve’s as well. A look of confusion etches across both of their faces before they both look up to you, one of them smiling, and the other giving you the nastiest scowl you’d ever seen. 

   “(Y/N) I swear to god,” You see Bucky mouth the words and you can’t help the wicked smirk that crosses your features. With an almost unnoticeable flick of your wrist you send Bucky’s hand smashing into his face, causing him to yelp and clutch at his now aching nose. 

   “Bucky! (Y/N)!” Tony snaps, causing the two of you to both jump at the sudden yelling. “Pay attention you two,” You both nod meekly, hanging your head in almost guilt. Even despite Bucky’s now swollen nose and Tony’s little yelling fit you smile, more of a smirk as you attempt to reign it in. 

   After that incident it often became a running joke between the two of you, this little cat and mouse game of let’s see how far (Y/N) will push Bucky today. It’d happen when Bucky was eating food, You would come up, make his arm smack against his face before snickering and leaving behind a now very messy Bucky. Or it’d be when he was trying to shower and you would decide it was a good time to cause his hand to sporadically squeeze whatever was in it, usually leading to many hair care products exploding. 

    It was starting to get to the point of infuriating, this constant “I can’t even have my  back turned to you for two seconds,” thing they had going on. But it all came to a head for Bucky when you pushed him a little too far. 

   “(Y/N),” Bucky warned, gritting his teeth as he could feel the telltale signs of a deep tingle within his metal arm. “Don’t do it, Don’t you dare-” But it was too late his vibranium arm came up and smacked his face for what felt like the thousandth time that day only this time it didn’t feel so right, there was a loud crack and suddenly warm liquid was pooling from Bucky’s nose. 

   “Oh god,” You immediately jumps from your spot, rushing to Bucky’s side as blood begins to dribble from his nose. “Oh god Baby, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean-” Bucky growls in pain as his fingers gently touch his now broken nose. 

   “Ow,” Bucky mutters, not even caring about the tears starting to sting at his eyes, you however, did. 

   “Oh my god Bucky,” Your voice has gone up a few octaves and it sounds nearly hysterical. “Let me help, please?” Bucky glares at you for a bit before he’s removing his hands, allowing you to take a look at the now slightly crooked bones within his nose. 

   “Still think this is funny?” Bucky whispers and you can nearly taste the venom in his voice. You wince at the tone, even knowing you deserve it. 

   “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to-” You trail off as Bucky’s fingers come up to prod at his nose, stopping when he reaches a particular sore point. “If you touch it it’s only going to make it worse,” You pry his hands away from his face, keeping his wrists locked in your iron tight grip. 

   “(Y/N),” Bucky sighs as he attempts to pull his grip from yours. “I’m not in the mood, You just broke my nose and-” You cut him off as you lean forward, pressing a gentle kiss to his jaw (Bucky was a complete slut for jaw kisses). 

   “I’m sorry baby,” You breath out, allowing your lips to linger on his skin for a moment before you pull away, convinced he was sated for the time being. “I didn’t mean to-” 

   “I know,” Bucky sighs and you can visibly see the tension melting off of him. “You didn’t mean it, it was harmless fun,” You nod, biting your lips a bit as you notice that Bucky’s nose is starting to turn a brilliant shade of purple. 

    “We should get Tony to fix this,” You run your fingers around the edges of his purple bruise, stopping when he hissed in pain. “I promise I can make this up to you later,” Bucky’s eyebrows raise at this and the playful little smirk that overtakes his features is a bit too pure for you too handle. “Maybe I can finally put that arm of yours to work,” You give him a seductive wink and you swear you can feel the heat pool within Bucky, obviously hot and bothered by your words. “But first, you gotta get that thing fixed, you’re gonna get blood all over Tony’s new carpets,” 

   “You can’t just turn me on like this and then expect me to go get my nose fixed-” Bucky begins only for you to cut him off with another gentle kiss to his jaw. 

   “Go get your nose fixed you nerd, I’ll be waiting,” And with that you slide off his lap, making sure you grind against him just a bit before your own your way, sensually walking down the hall to your room. You shut the door behind you and immediately the sound of heavy footfalls fill the air. You smirk as you realize you don’t think you’ve ever heard Bucky run that fast in his life. 

“You are the Light of My Life” - Bucky Barnes x (f)Reader

Word Count: 1983

Request:  Can I get a happy fluffy one for Bucky please? I think he deserves a happy ending. Maybe even one with angst because he/the reader thinks they’re cheating when they aren’t and it’s all cute/fluffy in the end? Thanks

Warnings: fluff, flirtation (lol), insecure reader, slight angst(?), HAPPY ENDING

Author’s Note: I struggle with writing for Bucky, even though I love him and seb very… very much. So, if y’all have any tips or something you think I can improve on, please let me know! Also, let me know if you like it! Feedback is appreciated :)

“Hi! Give me one sec and I’ll take your order,” you said while looking over your shoulder to greet a customer. Being stuck on dish duty and managing the cash register was not easy, and you definitely expected to get a raise after this. Today was a busy day at Starbucks, and most of your coworkers decided to go out and party, which left you and your best friend to do all of the work. Finishing up with the dishes, you quickly wiped your hands on your apron and pushed back the strands of hair that were dangling in front of your face. “Alright, what can I get started for ya-”

“I’ll take a venti water and a date to Tony Stark’s lavish party this weekend,” the man ordered, watching as you grabbed a plastic cup. You pressed the tip of the black sharpie on the cup, but stopped, realizing what the man had said at the end of his sentence. Your eyes flickered up to the man; you had been so distracted that you didn’t realize your boyfriend, James Buchanan Barnes, had been standing in front of you with a huge grin on his face.  "Hey, doll.“

You smiled, “Hey, there handsome. What are you doing here?”

“Searching for a date to Tony’s party that I happened to get invited to.”

“Wow,” you acted shocked, placing your hands on the side of your face, “that’s weird.”

“Tell me about it,” Bucky chuckled. “Anyways, I thought I should bring this really gorgeous girl that I’ve been dating for the past few weeks,” Bucky said, walking with you on the other side of the counter as you started to fill his cup up with some ice.

“Oh, yeah?” You cocked an eyebrow, filling the cup with water.

“Yeah.” Bucky puckered his lips, slowly licking them before giving a small smirk.

“And what makes you think she’ll say yes?” you challenged, sliding the cup across the counter.

“I can be pretty convincing,” Bucky winked, taking a sip of his water. You were about to respond with a witty remark but were brought back to reality by the sound of an angry customer.

“Hey, young lady! You finished flirtin’ over there?” an older man yelled, waving his hands to get your attention.

You gave an apologetic look and told the customer you’d be right over. “Look,” you turned back to Bucky, “I gotta get workin’ or else I might not earn that raise I’m planning on getting.”

Bucky smiled, “Will you come to the party?”

You rolled your eyes and sighed, “What day?”


“Alright, it’s a date.”

Saturday night came rolling along, and Bucky picked you up around seven pm. He wore a suit that was all black, which coincidentally went with your matte black strapless dress. You were excited, you had never been to a fancy party, let alone a party hosted by the World’s Mightiest Heroes.  Bucky slid his hand around your waist and the two of you made your way to the glorious party that awaited.

The tower was absolutely remarkable, like no building you had ever seen. As soon as you stepped out of the elevator, you were stunned by the guests that were socializing in front of you. Rich people and journalists covered the area, with the occasional photographer snapping a photo of everyone. The Avengers were scattered in the living room: Falcon and Captain America–aka Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers– were over by the bar making small talk with two pretty girls. Hawkeye, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, and Vision –aka Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff and Jarvis– were sitting on the couches, laughing and having the time of their lives. Iron Man and War Machine– aka Tony Stark and James “Rhodey” Rhodes– were conversing with the other party guests.

“Wow, this place is beautiful,” you marveled.

Bucky turned his head, “Not nearly as beautiful as how you look tonight.”

You grinned, meeting his eyes. “Just tonight?”

“Don’t challenge me, doll. You won’t win this,” Bucky cocked his head, playfully wiggling his eyebrows. You laughed and took his hand, dragging him towards the dance floor. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he rested his hands on your hips, swaying to the beat of the music. Not long after, Captain America and a few of the other Avengers made their way over to introduce themselves to you.

“So, you are the mysterious (Y/n) Bucky has been talking about,” Hawkeye started, crossing his arms.

“To be completely honest, I didn’t think you were real because Ol’ Metal Arm couldn’t handle such an amazing girl like you,” Sam flattered, giving a wink which made you blush. Bucky noticed your cheeks turn a bright pink, and his grip on your waist tightened. You looked at his rough features and giggled because Bucky freakin’ Barnes was jealous.

“Give him a break, Sam,” Steve defended, “It’s lovely to meet you (Y/n).”

“Nice to meet you, too. Nice to meet all of you, actually. I’m a big-huge fan, just like… wow you guys are amazing,” you stuttered, moving your hands as you spoke. Everyone laughed and kept the conversation going by asking you personal questions, such as your age, where you were from, why you came to New York and what you did for a living.

“Starbucks barista, eh?” Maria Hill asked, walking over to join in the conversation.

You shrugged, “Yep. I know it’s not as great as being a secret agent, but hey, it pays the bills.”

“So, hypothetically,” Hawkeye began, “if you and Barnes were to- oh I don’t know… get married, would we all get family discounts?”

Bucky sighed, covering his face while you laughed nervously. Sam nudged Clint’s shoulder, “Really, Birdman?”

“Hey! Coffee is very essential to my life, and that shits expensive!” Clint argued. “You should know, fellow Birdman.”

Sam rolled his eyes and walked away, and Clint held out his arms, chasing after him. The rest of the group apologized and went back to enjoying the party.

“It truly was lovely to meet you, (Y/n)- hey watch your language!” Steve yelled at Tony, who had apparently made a “very inappropriate” joke to Rhodey. He walked over to the two immature men and began to lecture them on how they should not swear in front of such a large crowd of important people.

Bucky exhaled, “I’m so sorry about my… friends.”

“Bucky, what do you have to be sorry about? They seem like a handful, but a really entertaining group of people,” you laughed.

“I think ‘handful’ is an understatement. I could really use a drink,” Bucky confessed, his eyes glancing over to the bar. “You want somethin’, doll?”

“Sure,” you said, giving him a quick peck on the lips.

“What would you like?”

“Hmmm, surprise me,” you flirted, giving him a slight push towards the bar. He chuckled and made his way over, gesturing to the bartender for two drinks. You laughed once more, then proceeded to sit down on one of the couches and people watch. Every now and then, one woman would throw her head back, laughing at something Tony would say (which was most likely a statement about how amazing he was). Sam stuck with Steve, being a wingman and trying to get the “old man some action”. Most of the conversations you watched entertained you, but then you started to feel lonely and wonder where Bucky went. He had been gone for a while, you thought, glancing over to the bar. Bucky was standing at the bar, with your drinks, but with another woman. It looked like he commented on her beautiful red dress, and she giggled, twirling her long brunette hair and getting closer to him. Her hands ran up and down his arms, giving them a tight squeeze before smiling.

And that’s when you walked away. You couldn’t take it anymore, you didn’t belong here. You knew you didn’t belong here from the moment you saw the Avengers. You weren’t like them, you were just a normal girl that wouldn’t stand in a fight for longer than 3 seconds. Tears started to roll down your cheek, but you quickly wiped them away and briskly walked to the elevator, making your way out of the tower. Maybe you always knew that you wouldn’t belong, from the moment you first found out who Bucky really was. You stumbled outside, wrapping your arms around yourself to keep warm in the cold weather. The street was so quiet, almost as if everyone, including the magical taxi cab you were waiting for, was on vacation. A lampost started to flicker, giving the area a creepy, deserted vibe. The light bulb clearly needed to be changed, it was starting to feel you were taking part in a scary movie. Staring past the stoplights, you waited and waited for some yellow and black striped car to drive by. But of course, the one night you just wanted to go home, there were none. The weight of your body transferred onto the balls of your toes as you leaned over the edge of the curb, making extra sure that you wouldn’t miss anything. But, alas, your thoughts were interrupted by the person you were trying to leave.

“(Y/n), where are you going?” Bucky yelled, running towards you. His tone sounded sincere, his face filled with confusion.

“I’m going home,” you stated, refusing to look into his hurt, beautiful blue eyes.

“What? Why? Did I do something?” He questioned, his hand reaching towards yours, but you moved and wrapped your arms around yourself.

“I… I-I just don’t belong here, James.”

“What are you talking about, (Y/n)? Is this about something the group did? Because they all love you and they probably didn’t mean it-”

“No,” you interrupted, your voice shaking, “No it’s not them. I just don’t belong here. I mean, you guys are the Avengers, the world’s mightiest heroes. You guys fight bad guys and save the world, and I’m just… well, me. You deserve so much better than a Starbucks barista, Bucky. Maybe you should just go back to that girl you were flirting with at the bar.” You bit your lip and shrugged, a tear once again crawling down your cheek.

“(Y/n), stop. That girl was a medic who patched me up after I got shot on my arm on a mission,” Bucky explained, taking off his suit jacket and rolling up his sleeve. Low and behold, there was a patched up bullet wound right underneath his shoulder.

“Wow,” you said, your fingertips lightly trailing over the wound, “that must’ve hurt like a bitch.” The two of you laughed, and you looked down at the floor in embarrassment.

“Doll, we’ve known each other for a few months, correct?” You nodded. “And the past few weeks have been amazing. I have feelings for you, (Y/n). Even from such a short amount of time, you have grown on me in a way that no one else has. You are the light of my life, and I can’t let you go because you keep me sane. You make me smile and feel things I’ve never felt for anyone before. So, don’t overthink things, alright? You have nothing to worry about, doll,” Bucky chuckled, caressing the side of your cheek with his thumb. You smiled and leaned in for a kiss.

“Why don’t we go back to your place?” Bucky offered. “Maybe we can,” He smirked, eyebrows dancing. He expected you knew what that meant, and you did.

“Watch a horrible chick flick and laugh about how completely unrealistic it is while eating Chinese takeout?”

“Took the words right out of my mouth,” Bucky smiled, pressing one last kiss on your lips before wrapping his arm around your shoulders, walking with you towards your place.

“I am so glad I met you.”

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rachgoucher  asked:

Hi! I'm looking for a fic I read on ao3 ages ago but forgot to bookmark *face palm* Bucky can only enjoy sex when he's in Winter Soldier mode, and he and Steve have a safe word system with a bell that steve can drop if he wants it to stop... and the other Avengers find them and think Bucky's gone bad and that they need to take him down, but Steve's all like "don't judge our sex life, get out!" It was so good and I cannot remember what it was called or who wrote it :(

is this one maybe  Lamb and Martyr by Dira Sudis (dsudis) (please read the tags and rape/non warnings)?

One day, all the main actors of MARVEL will have completed their contracts and moved on to do other movies. We’ll be left with Loki, Bucky, and Sam, whose actors have 9-movie contracts but who have all only been in 3 movies each.

When that time comes we will get a new series of MARVEL movies…

Bucky and Sam vs. Loki: This Guy Again

Sam and Loki vs. the Winter Soldier: Why Are We Still Here

Sam vs Bucky: Who Will be the Next Captain America? (Hint: It’s Loki)

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Of course, Robert Downey Junior’s contract will never end because there can never be another Tony Stark in our lifetimes. Maybe he’ll get to judge who will be America’s Next Top Captain. “You call that Captain America? Come on, you haven’t even jumped out of a window yet! Show me some self-righteous bullheadedness, boys.”

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Homesick (Part 5)

Prompt: The reader has amnesia and meets a nice man in the park…but can’t shake the feeling like she’s missing something from her past.

Word Count: 782 (sorry its so short)

Warnings: language, amnesia, nightmares (maybe), this is going to be fluff/angst the entire time

Notes: Beta’d by the fabulous @like-a-bag-of-potatoes, hope you all like it as much as I did! Thank you all so much for being so excited for this story, I hope I don’t let you down! Feel free to asks for tagging at any point in this series.

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Another month flew by and your friendship with the Avengers as a whole grew even more. You went shopping with Wanda and Nat a few times, talked to Bruce about questions on science, went to Tony for help understanding technology, Vision for history and philosophy, Sam taught you about music and society, Clint taught you how to cook and shoot, and Pietro filled in all the other gaps. Each of them was helpful and accepted you as you were their own.

Of course, you and Bucky spent a lot of time texting and hanging out when Steve wasn’t available and he was your best friend, at least while Steve wasn’t around. For some reason when you were in the room with Steve, Bucky would leave. You never knew why but to ask would raise a red flag that you didn’t want raised.

Steve and you were even more perfect…but that damned hollow, homesick feeling crept up much more often than you wished. Going on almost six months of dating, you felt right being with him, you knew you were in love with him, so you ignored the feeling for both of your’s sakes.

One night while sleeping in Steve’s room, another damnable nightmare woke you. Instead of disturbing Steve with it, you decided to get up and find Bucky. You’d been to his bedroom a couple of times while at the Tower when he would show you new things. Mustering up hope, you tried to find his bedroom in the dark corridor. Knocking on the last door on the left, you whispered, “Buck, is that you?”

A moment later, the bolt unlatched on his door as he opened it to you, a surprised smile on his face.

“Hey, Y/N…Are you okay? Where’s Steve?” he questioned, peering above your head.

“He’s asleep, can I come in? I had a nightmare.”

“Yeah, sure thing.” He moved aside to let you in then closed the door.

You told him all about this nightmare as you both sat cross legged on his bed. You said this one was different and mixed of happy memories as well as the bad. Confiding, he told you about one he had that was similar. Eventually, you had forgotten about the nightmare, as you always did, and began talking about other things.

After a couple hours of talking, it was 6 AM, so you decided to go get coffee for everyone since you were wide awake now.

Half an hour later, Steve was at Bucky’s door.

“Hey, have you seen Y/N?” Steve asked as Buck stood in his bedroom doorway.

“Why would I have seen Y/N?” Bucky questioned.

Steve shrugged in his blue shirt. “I don’t know. She’s not in bed so I just figured maybe she came to see you. I’ll give her a call.” Steve pulled out his phone and dialed your number as Bucky stood there being bored. Your ringtone began playing muffled under a pillow. Steve’s eyes narrowed on Bucky as he pushed roughly past him and yanked the phone out from under a pillow.

“You son of a bitch,” he growled as he held the phone. “How could you?!”

Bucky backed up, his arms out defensively. “Steve, I can explain.”

“Explain that you stabbed me in the back?!” he roared.

Steve lunged at Bucky. Steve’s fist collided with Bucky’s face. Bucky didn’t fight back at first but he knew if he didn’t Steve would think it was strange. They continued to brawl, their fists hitting flesh, blood coming from blows only they could induce.

“Steve, stop!” Buck asked at one point but Steve couldn’t help himself. The idea of losing you to him was killing him and he had asked Buck to stop, so his anger was getting the better of him. His best friend and his girlfriend - how could they?

You walked in, coffee in hand, seeing them fighting as you screamed at them to stop.

“Hey! STOP!” you shrieked as your voice filled your ears, almost hurting them as you dropped the coffee, ready to try to pry them apart if necessary. Steve had Buck by the collar about to swing when they stopped to turn at you. “What are you doing?” you demanded, the sight of them fighting ripping you apart inside.

“I…I can’t do this anymore,” you said softly. “You two are great friends and the last thing I want to do is to come between you….I can’t do this to you two.” You started to cry as you said, “I…I’m going to leave. I can’t do this.” Your voice broke and you turned around and ran out of the Tower.


“You mean you heard everything? Like everything, everything?”

A smile tugged at his lips, “I quite liked the part when you said ‘Natasha was lucky to have you in between her thighs’. You’re pretty funny.”

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t realise.”

“No, it’s fine. In fact, maybe when this is all over, we can grab drinks and have a proper conversation.”

Director Stark and secret agent Winter Soldier.
Because Tony was director of SHIELD at some point after Civil War, and Bucky was a super secret everyone-thought-he-was-dead SHIELD agent, a few years later, some time after Fear Itself in 616.

Imagine the possibilities!
Sad? Steve is dead and Tony and Bucky bond over that while trying to keep it together and stop bad guys.
Happy? Steve is back as Captain America, he and Tony made up. Tony and Bucky use the SHIELD resources to help protect the world.
Secrets? Having a relationship with your boss is probably not allowed. Also, the world might think Bucky is dead. Tony is leading SHIELD, there is a lot of spy work and secrecy going on. Tony is worried about his Winter Soldier being missing in the field and can’t tell people why? Maybe people try to turn Bucky against Stark but it doesn’t work because Bucky is way closer to him than people know. Bucky knowing all the secrets because Tony tells him? Or maybe Bucky thinking Tony is keeping something from him he knows through his position as director.
Smutty? Desk sex is probably a good option. Also teasing about how tight and form-fitting a SHIELD uniform is ;)
OT3? Nat and Bucky, who do field missions together, are in a relationship too, with either Tony and Nat being friends or also a couple. Or with Steve as Commander Rogers? Or Tony as Bucky’s boss at SHIELD, also supporting the Avengers led by Steve?

Homesick - Part 6 (Final)

Prompt: The reader has amnesia and meets a nice man in the park…but can’t shake the feeling like she’s missing something from her past.

Word Count: 1583

Warnings: language, amnesia, nightmares (maybe), this is going to be fluff/angst the entire time

Notes: Beta’d by the fabulous @like-a-bag-of-potatoes, hope you all like it as much as I did! Thank you all so much for being so excited for this story, I hope I don’t let you down! Feel free to asks for tagging at any point in this series.

Sorry it’s taken so long!

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After a few moments, Bucky stood up. Steve wanted to go after you, to demand an explanation but he stayed planted where he was.

“How could you do that to me? I told you I loved her, that I wanted to marry her,” Steve insisted, pleading in his voice.

Bucky’s jaw slackened as he said, “I did too.”

“What?” he breathed.

“Steve…I knew her before the amnesia. Y/N and I dated for 3 years. She must’ve got caught by Hydra after you picked me up in Bucharest. I tried to go back for her but she wasn’t there. I checked her phone but it’d been disconnected. I tried to track her down but I never could.”

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Enjoy The Ride

Bucky Barnes [Winter Soldier] x HYDRA! Teenager! reader

request:  do you think that you could write a Winter Soldier x HYDRA!teen!reader. Maybe the reader is captured by HYDRA and they are trying to recreate the Winter Soldier but at a younger age.

Re: Haha, sure can my little dorkling. Thanks for requesting!!


Rated: Everyone

Warnings: kidnapping, swearing, torture, slightly yandere Bucky


You were just trying to get to the store when the black van pulled up and somebody grabbed you from behind, putting a cloth dipped in chlororform over your mouth and dragging you away.

‘All I wanted was to get some fucking milk for Thor and the avengers and what fucking happens.’

you get kidnapped and drugged out. You came to in a room filled with weird machines, men in lab coats and two men standing in front of you.

“So you are finally awake. Hello, (y/n).”

You spat out, spitting at the man afterwards.

“Who are you? How do you-”

You spied the skull and eight tentacle legs and thought to yourself.

‘oh shit’

“-my name?”

The man grinned and introduced himself.

“My name is Dr. Justinian McCray. I’m the new guy who is in charge of this mission. As you know, This is the new HYDRA base and this young man is our Original winter soldier.”

I looked at the man who stood behind the doctor, who had on his mask and a white cloth was tucked into his jeans. He stared at me and the doctor added.

“and you my darling are going to be our new winter soldier.”

I glared and yelled, struggling.

“The fuck I am! Let me go, you disgusting bastard!!”

The man chuckled and The Winter Soldier, aka Bucky Barnes, stared at you with a slight look of what could be mistaken as concern but instead interest.

“Wipe her mind. She won’t be needing it.”

“No! NO! Please! No! I be-”

You were cut short as painful shocks of electricity were sent to your head and your body arched off the table, hands formed into claws and a scream ripped from your throat. You went limp, twitching every so often and Bucky looked at the man, asking.

“Is she going to be alright?”

The Doctor waved him off.

“She will be. Right now, let’s worry about you’re training sessions with her.”


“Yes, you. Mr. Barnes, you are the winter soldier. However, we must start out tour recruits young now so they can be so much better.”

“She’s only 14 years old, McCray.”

The man turned to Bucky, wearing an disgustingly evil and smug smile.

“Which makes it better for us to make sure she has all the training she needs to become the greatest Winter Soldier we ever had.”

“But why do you need another when you have me?”

Bucky asked, getting suspicious.

“Well, you don’t want to be alone do you?”

“I work better without needing to look after an inexperienced idiot.”

The doctor just shook his head.

“You are alone emotionally Barnes. You feel like there is no one like you in the world. We can’t have you feeling like that because then you will slack off. We can’t have slackers.”

Bucky sighed and turned towards you and the scientists fled when Bucky gruffly ordered.

“Get out.”

Bucky sat beside your form, tubes and needles injecting some type of artificial serum into you to wipe your mind of everything. He observed your body. He didn’t feel ashamed as he checked you out. Slim body, firm looking breasts, plump lips, and big thighs. He was tempted to touch you but had that much dignity and respect left to not. Bucky frowned as he thought about what lie ahead of him for you.

-timeskip to a year later-

“On…One Two….One two three!”

Each number was a pattern to hitting the bag. Bucky watched you with appreciating eyes, feeling proud at your success. You were an excellent agent and an excellent Winter Soldier, completing over 100 missions and killing over 250 targets. You and Bucky were close friends, his training helping you become what you are now and you said, never looking back.

“Why do you insist on staring at me, James?”

“Why? are you not flattered, doll?”

You laughed and paused your workout, wiping your brow.

“I am, however it’s like…what, 3 am? What are you doing up?”

“I could be asking you the same question.”

“But I asked you first.”

Bucky smirked and sighed, walking in and sitting on a bench.

“I’m feeling restless and I’m…remembering things….someone.”

You frowned and stood there. You had kept that about yourself to yourself. You remembered bits and pieces of your past and you knew that if HYDRA and Dr. McCray found out, they’d immediately wipe you. Having Bucky confide into telling you this was an honor in your head and you felt happy he trusted you enough to tell you.

“Oh yeah? Netter not let the Doc know that. he’ll wipe you like last time.”

James sighed and said, nodding in agreement.

“I know. It’s that damn super soldier.”

“Steve Rogers?”

Bucky looked up and nodded slowly.

“What about him?”

“I knew him…during the war…”

You knew about his past and felt yourt mouth agape.

“That much?”

“That much.”

“Bucky, that’s…that’s really serious. Don’t tell the doc.”

“I’m not. That;’s why I’m running away and your coming with me.”

“But…they’ll find us…”

Bucky shot up and grasped your shoulders, shaking you a bit.

“No. I’ll make sure to keep you safe. They won’t find us. Ever.”

You were flattered and you blushed, looking down.

“Would you really?”

“Of course.”

Bucky held you tight in an embrace and you returned. Bucky whispered.

“Just follow me and enjoy the ride, OK?”


I put that pic in because what the hell. it’s hotter than hell and tbh, it’s really really bothersome O//////O

Captain Hill might Happen (some proofs)

Steve Rogers x Maria Hill



If you watch all the avengers movie with Maria Hill closely…you can see that she is somehow ‘close’ with Steve Rogers…maybe Joss Whedon was implying something because sometimes whenever there is Steve, the camera turns to Maria: 

(this is actually really long soooo)


In the 1st Avengers movie, we see Maria giving the ‘look’ when Steve walks or passes by her when he was checking the helicarrier….

Originally posted by whitesugarlace

Look at what Steve was wearing…THAT JACKET!!! It’s the same jacket that Maria was wearing in Age of Ultron…! 



In the Winter Soldier, i was actually wondering what gave Natasha the idea to play matchmaker with Steve…you know pairing him with other girls….as embarrassing as this seem I had this theory that maybe Steve and Maria were an ‘item’ at some point but it went downhill and Natasha was just helping Steve move on etc etc…



The two being ‘close’ is a BIG possibility… it would explain the deleted scene:  

 Why would the Director feel that?! Unless he noticed that the two were too “close” that he needed to transfer Maria….


I almost forgot…the scene where Maria, Natasha and Steve where witnessing Nick Fury being (cut open)operated…

watch it closely….

Originally posted by marvelbtch

…when the camera switch to Maria’s (side)face, you can clearly see Steve’s figure reflecting in the mirror! This is foreshadowing something….!!! That shot was soooo perfect….because when you watch it…it looked like they were facing each other….!!!


OH!!! That scene where Natasha asked Steve if their kiss was the first kiss he ever had since 1945, remember his answer? 

This really bothers me…because Natasha didn’t even asked who it was…!!! Who was it?! And the only woman that Steve was possibly close with (besides Natasha and Peggy) was Maria…! 

Maria is the only possible candidate who had that much interaction with Steve. 

Not Sharon, why? 

Because, remember how Sharon and Steve are just neighbors and the only time he tried to asked her out was after his mission in a hijacked Shield ship(?)(with Natasha who gave him the idea of dating) in the the start of the Winter Soldier movie…there were no implications that they were close or even friends to begin with because look and listen to their conversation…

….it’s very VERY awkward…its highly impossible that Sharon was his first kiss since 1945…

It had to be Maria! Steve Rogers possibly kissed Maria Hill ! Such a lucky girl…!

Originally posted by how-barney-married-robin


When Maria went to save Steve, Natasha, and Sam…I noticed that Steve just trusts her right away….No questions asked…He doesn’t know where Maria is leading them and he doesn’t even know that Fury is still alive! 


He just went and followed her… Plus, Sam never met Maria but i guess he saw that Steve trusted her so Sam just trusted her too. 


When Steve was telling his Speech to all of Shield’s employees and agents…

Maria was there with him


Sure the camera would shift to Sharon Carter…but Sharon was implied to be Steve’s love interest….maybe Maria is also Steve’s love interest…it all makes sense in Age of Ultron(later).


Let us not forget about this: 

She doesn’t call him Captain or Rogers but ‘Steve’…there is history in that phrase…!!! 

These two were ‘close’! I mean, really CLOSE….I would understand if Natasha called him ‘Steve’ since they work together in their mission, but Maria?

There is another scene similar/parallel to this:

Captain America: The First Avenger


Making Maria say those two words is suspicious…since she is not the love interest of Steve.

The supposedly love interest of Steve  who was Sharon didn’t even get to say those two words….why? Why Maria and not Sharon?

The director and script writers are not that careless…! They wouldn’t make that mistake for nothing…! Unless they are implying something again...


Later we see Maria have a job interview at Stark Industries


 and then we see Sharon Carter in CIA…


Is the director showing us two possible love interests for Steve?


Didn’t you guys notice? Throughout the movie (the Winter Soldier)… Maria was often seen standing next to Steve, beside to Steve, talking to Steve, looking at Steve, Steve looking at her etc etc etc….


There is a possibility that they will be paired in the future/ they may end up as lovers *wink*

…yeah sure Natasha was with Steve in the movie almost the entire time and they even kissed! But Natasha is off the list now in being one of Steve’s love interest because of what happened in Age of Ultron (although i did ship Natasha and Steve at some point but now I don’t) 

 RANT: about Sharon and Steve (nooooooo)

 If Sharon is the love interest of Steve, shouldn’t she have more screen time with Steve? I wouldn’t understand it if Steve ends up with Sharon, they haven’t got to know each other well…they hardly know each other….hell he doesn’t seem to find interest in her anymore when Sharon greeted him when they passed each other because he only greeted her “neighbor…” 


They are just neighbors…

How could Steve like her? Just because she’s Peggy’s niece? Isn’t that too cliche? and its too weird….liking the man who at one point loved your old aunt…

 Even some of the MCU fans would rather have Steve end up with Maria than Sharon…it’s too late now to follow the comics….obviously the movies are way off track from the comics….(the movies are much better in my opinion)

Even the pairings are off track from the comics….!



In the Age of Ultron, we see Maria and Steve talking about the Maximoff twins…


and they walked to the elevator…and then when Maria stopped talking,


 I personally love this scene because it shows how Maria and Steve are so ‘close’ that Maria knows what Steve was trying to ask her silently by just looking at her…she quickly understands that Steve completely doesn’t know what she was talking about (you know science and stuff)…and Maria just understands that…She understands Steve so well…!


And OH! that brown leather jacket! Let us not forget that!!! 


At the party, we see Steve wearing a jacket and Maria not wearing any jacket…


but seconds later we see Steve not wearing the jacket…where did the jacket go?                                                                                      

If you watch Steve closely, there was a scene where Steve was above, on a floor where he can see the whole party, he was talking to someone (i forgot who it was but it was a guy….maybe it was Sam) If you look closely at what he was looking at while talking to someone, you can see that he was looking directly at the (white?)couch…and guess who was seating there wearing the jacket? It was Maria! 


(I don’t remember what Steve and the other guy were talking about but I think it was Steve not going back to Brooklyn etc etc etc….)


And then at the after party, where the Avengers, Dr. Cho, and Maria remain, we see them talking and laughing….we see Maria wearing Steve’s jacket!


 Now, why would Maria be wearing that jacket? How did that jacket end up with her? It’s not hers because its too BIG for her…


Obviously, Steve gave it to her! Maybe, she was cold or something but it doesn’t matter…what matters is the JACKET! But what intrigues me is that the Avengers doesn’t seem to mind it or point it out…like Tony, we all know him…he would point it out but no…maybe the Avengers already know that something is going on between the two….maybe….


The Teasing!!!

Originally posted by maecwindu

 How could you not ship them when Maria is teasing Steve while wearing his jacket? Again, she said “Steve” (oh my OTP….! ) and plus, they were facing each other…yeeeeeees…..I love how Joss Whedon placed them on the coaches! 


It is like foreshadowing the future pairings: Natasha/Bruce, Steve/Maria, NO Thor/Dr. Cho(i don't like that)!!! 


If Sharon really is the love interest of Steve in MCU, then shouldn’t she at least shown up or shouldn’t she be like Steve’s date at the party and wearing Steve’s jacket?   


I can understand that some people would say that after the Winter Soldier, maybe Sharon and Steve did spend some time together since they are neighbors and Steve already knows that she was an agent…If they really were an ‘item’ then shouldn’t Steve at least invited her?No.

  • After Ultron’s interference at the party, the avengers were seen discussing inside Tony’s laboratory, Maria is still wearing Steve’s jacket…! Then in the next frame we see Maria standing not too close(but still close) beside Steve…look closely at where each character are placed…Joss is definitely planning something 

Joss wouldn't carelessly put Steve’s jacket on Mariahe had a reason to do so and he is like showing us or hinting that maybe…just maybe Steve will end up with Maria…(because the camera would sometimes turn to Maria wearing Steve’s jacket….)


Sharon is implied to be the love interest but maybe its not Steve Rogers…Maybe it’s Bucky…if you think about it…It does work!

In the Civil War…I doubt Maria will try to arrest Steve Rogers…because if you see where this movies are all going, you’ll really see that all of the Marvel movies are way off track from the comics….their different from the comics! 

I’m sure some of you have noticed that the Avengers are being paired of…Steve and Maria (Sharon, Sam, Bucky, Wanda….etc etc etc) are the ones left without a partner/lover….

Plus…Steve and Maria look sooooo good together in MCU…Pairing Maria with Steve is a great combination! Maria is definitely Steve’s type…brown hair, strong and wise….you can definitely tell from their interaction….!!!!

Captain Hill all the waaaaaaaay!!!!

But whatever happens to them….i will always ship this two!!! Oh My OTP!


Stucky Hot Toys photoset, part 7/7, “Together till the end of the line”

Final part, yay! And the sweetest one (like a dessert) with hugs & kisses & holding hands. Maybe it’s fluffy, but Steve and Bucky absolutely deserve their own piece of happiness after all what happened with them! So, they can enjoy each other’s company. I wish this could last forever ✪✪✪

Through the Window (Pt 20)

Part 19
Part 20
Part 21

TTW Masterlist for all other parts

Bloody twenty parts already. Hope you’re all still with me!

“You told me you loved me again didn’t you.” You say flatly, raising an eyebrow.



“Maybe.” He says, blushing furiously.

“God damn it man you’re gunna be the death of me I swear.” You sigh, flopping back onto the bed and closing your eyes.

“I can’t help it! It’s true!” He protests, running his fingers up and down your body gently, tracing shapes on your skin.

“I just don’t think I’m ready to say it back.” You say quietly. “And I feel so guilty because I know I should be able to say it but I just can’t.”

“Hey hey hey no don’t do that to yourself.” Bucky says firmly, sitting up and putting his hand on your cheek. You open your eyes and look up at him, his face earnest.

“I just-”

“No. You have no obligation to say anything until you’re ready, you hear me?” He says firmly, and you nod. “Good. And when you are ready, I will be here waiting to say it right back to you.”

“Thank you Buck.” You say softly, sitting up and kissing him gently.

“Don’t mention it.” He says, his eyes still closed after your kiss, a small smile on his face. “I’m not an asshole or anything.”

“Well that part is debatable.” You mutter, Bucky’s eyes opening.

“What was that?” He asks, smirking.

“Nothing.” You say innocently.

“Call me an asshole one more time chump.” Bucky growls, grinning at you.

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Homecoming- Part 3

A/N: Yey! I’m so happy that you all love this story, really! While I’m writing this fic you can send me request or even suggestions about what should I write (apart from Bucky, I love him, but I need more) So tell me, maybe another Seb’s character, Seb himself, Daredevil, Steve Rogers, Tony…Whatever!

Warning: None

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Days passed and you tried to avoid Bucky as much as possible. It seemed he had the same idea too. Tony made special timetables so you could use the common rooms in different times. He didn’t want him to kill you. (He’d make a joke about how bad it’s to clean blood even though you knew he cared about you.

You training partners were usually Nat and Steve, who suffered as he saw two people he loved that way. It wasn’t easy neither for the rest of the Avengers. Your missions were completely separated and it was better that way, you thought.

You didn’t blame him. Not after what happened in Siberia.

Bucky didn’t tell Steve about your shared past and you didn’t although Nat had tried to make you speak. She would try to use Wanda and her powers to enter into your memories but the Sokovian refused, giving you a sympathetic smile. 

It wasn’t until one night when the boys were out and you were having a girls’ night that you had decided to speak after dubting and thinking about it too much. 

“C’mon, Y/N” Natasha said watching as you walked from one side of your room to another. “Listen, dear” She stood up and grabbed your shoulders until you were facing her and Wanda. “You can’t hide this much longer and Bucky does not care”

“Because he doesn’t care about me. And he’s right”

“He seems he doesn’t but he does actually”Natasha sighed. “Listen, I don’t know yet what happened during your time undercover in Hydra or why does he act that way, but I’m sure he doesn’t hate you”

“Why?”You replied sighing and sitting down on the couch, grabbing your legs. 

“He tries to not care about anybody because he has suffered too much and you know it. Maybe watching you was a reminder of his time in Hydra, but i you talk to him, it may change. Tell him the reasons why you did…”She moved her hand in annoyance, sitting down near your body. “whatever you did. He came here a few months ago, Y/N. He needs time”

You nodded and felt Wanda’s gaze on you. Her beautiful features were a mask of pain as she observed you. She sat by your side and took your hand, looking to your eyes.

“I feel an intense pain on you and Barnes, Y/N. You should leave this behind”

Your eyes travelled from her face to Nat’s and you nodded.

The individual was kept in a special room. He didn’t share it with another subjects as you had seen in Hydra’s compound. Your heart still hurt for what you had to do. The doctor thought that it could be a good idea to test you loyalty to Hydra. So they made you to pronouce those horrible words that made Bucky become The Winter Soldier.

He was sitting on the floor, his blue eyes fixed on the walls and his metal hand opening and closing. You cleaned her throat and asked if you could sit, but he didn’t reply. Your feet moved just opposite to him and you sat on the floor, looking at him.

“Soldier” you began in Russian. “I need you to listen carefully to me”


“No, soldier. This is not a mission” His face rose and his brows frowned as he didn’t understand why would you be there if it wasn’t due to a mission. “I want you to make you remember who you are”

“I’m nobody now. It doesn’t matter” His voice was low and husky. It was obvious he wanted you to leave.

“It matters to me. And to a man, in America” His hand stopped closed in a fist and suddenly, before you could realise what was happening, Bucky pinned you against the wall, making your head hit the concrete.

“Who the hell are you?” Asked, still in Russian. His eyes went from your face to the cameras who had an eye on him.

“They’re hacked. We don’t have too much time” Your voice was shaky as well as your body. You cleaned your throat in an attempt to calm yourself. “Your name is James Buchanan Barnes. Your best friend was Steve Rogers. Captain America” His eyes widened when he heard the nickname and left you arm looking at you and shaking his head.

“Who are you?”

“I can’t tell you my identity. Otherwise, they could know”you replied pointing at the camera who has still frozen. “You can use Anja, if you want. I came here to investigate about you”

“Why?” He saw your faltering and his metal arm pressed your neck, making you gasping for air. When he left you go, your teary eyes stared at his. 

“You’ve been The Winter Soldier for decades. I’m here to free you from Hydra. To make you to be James Barnes again. To reunite you with Steve. I know him. He’s a friend of mine” You added touching the skin of your neck. It was a relief you had a scarf in your locker. Your watch showed you it was time to go, so you touched Bucky’s flesh arm, staring at him right into the eyes. “Please, James. Think about it”

You grabbed your belongings and left the room as fast as you could, leaving The Winter Soldier astonished and nervous for the first time.

Homesick (Part 4)

Prompt: The reader has amnesia and meets a nice man in the park…but can’t shake the feeling like she’s missing something from her past.

Word Count: 1539

Warnings: language, amnesia, nightmares (maybe), this is going to be fluff/angst the entire time

Notes: Beta’d by the fabulous @like-a-bag-of-potatoes, hope you all like it as much as I did! Thank you all so much for being so excited for this story, I hope I don’t let you down! Feel free to asks for tagging at any point in this series.

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Two more weeks went by with Steve and you were still blissfully happy, but something gnawed at you. Every time you had a nightmare (which was almost nightly) you called Bucky, he seemed to be up all the time. You’d spend hours on the phone until finally you had calmed down enough to sleep. You didn’t want to bother Steve and wake him with it because he didn’t help you the way Bucky did.

You kept the knowledge of Romanian to yourself except when you and Bucky would speak it sometimes to each other, either on your nightly calls or if you had a few moments together at Stark Tower while Steve finished up business. One day, Steve heard you talking to Bucky and came up.

“Is Bucky teaching you some Romanian?” he asked kindly, smiling at both of you at the breakfast table.

“Uh, no, apparently, I already knew it. How great is that?” you asked, excited to know some of your past self.

Steve’s brows furrowed. “And…you didn’t tell me?”

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Life On The Line (3/?) *Steve Rogers x Reader*

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Summary: (Y/N) Stark is back from boarding school in England. After six-years of not seeing her dad properly, she has a lot to learn in the years she has left. She also has to deal with living in a tower with a bunch of hero’s… it would be good if she didn’t fall for a certain one, who happens to be triple her age.
Warnings: Swearing, Age-Gap romance, slight smut- later on maybe.
Authors Note: I have no frigging idea how long this is going to be. All I know is, it’s after the Winter Soldier but before Age of Ultron. I don’t know if it will feature smut…Hopefully you enjoy it. You can place your name, eye colour and hair colour but for other things I am putting in because it’s easier. Please message stuff you might want to happen in this, I am making this longer than five-parts.- Rosalee

Life On The Line (1/?) *Steve Rogers x Reader*
Life On The Line (2/?) *Steve Rogers x Reader*

Chapter Three - Leave The Protecting To Me! 

“Pepper that would be so helpful!” you gush to the woman who is currently CEO of Stark Industries, she shrugs with a smile, she had just offered for you to be her assistant at Stark Industries; a lot of filing paperwork, but it was a starting point for you. 

“Thank you so much, I will not let you down, I promise!” she chuckles.

“Honestly, it’s fine. Having at least one Stark to help would be good,” she jokes, you chuckle and nod shortly. “If you want to stop by after lunch today and I’ll show you around?” she offers, you nod quickly with a smile. 

Alright, tell Tony and he’ll arrange a car for you!” she calls as she’s leaving the building, you grin and run towards the elevator to go to your father’s lab; where he and Bruce were working. 

You waited impatiently for the elevator, it was on purposely going slow, the giddy feeling you had was dissolving into annoyance. 

After a two-minute wait, you stepped out and skipped through the door where your dad was soldering something onto what looks like an Iron Man arm, you couldn’t be sure, though.

“Hey, dad,” you smiled from the other side of the desk, he looked up briefly, a smile present on his face “Pepper just offered me a job as her assistant at Stark Industries” he raised his eyebrows as you grinned “I accepted, she also said you’d be able to set up a car for me to go over there after lunch, thanks” you said absent-mindlessly as you poked and prodded at the various tools in this place.

“Okay…” he trailed looking at Bruce, he was smiling “you sure you want to work at Stark Industries?” he asked, curious as to why you were taking a sudden interest, you shrugged with a small smile.

“Yeah, I mean it would be cool to earn my own money” you say, especially with Christmas around the corner you needed the money, and it’s good learning experience 

“I don’t see myself as some business women, I’m going to still pursue my dream as an Artist, but I’m taking a gap-year before I go to some Art college” you shrugged and he nodded 

“plus, my name’s in the building” you chuckled, you grinned as Bruce chuckled also “it will be cool to walk around and be like… hey that’s my last name” Tony chuckled as you swayed out of the room “my names on a giant building” you sang.  

“That’s Martin, he is kind of my personal assistant, he deals with important phone calls and comes with me to meetings” you wave at the man who was sat at the desk opposite me, he had a mug of coffee, he nodded with a smile back. 

“I think this week is going to be a little bit slow but Martin will help you through all of this” he nodded in agreement, answering his phone and talking about arranging a meeting for next week “my last assistant actually did Tony’s mission reports, I don’t know if you want to do that?” she asked and you nodded with a shrug 

“Okay, well Steve comes to collect them, he should be here in fifteen minutes to get the last one; he may be able to take you back, if not Happy will drive you back” you nodded sitting at the desk with a smile, she chuckled “I am so excited to have you here” she tells you.

“I am so happy also, this is going to be great” you sighed. 

You laughed with Martin at some joke he had told you, the elevator doors open and Steve steps out, dressed as Captain America; you would have chuckled if the sight didn’t leave you breathless for a few seconds. He frowned seeing you sat in the assistant chair, you held the report out to him with a grin.

“Good afternoon, sir” you say officially making Martin laugh, he did too taking the report from you, still slightly confused “Pepper gave me the job, I’m just here getting used to the space” you tell him and he nods with a smile “so I’ll be doing my dad’s boring work” he laughs with a small nod.

“Well, it’s great to see you” he admits “Martin, is Pepper free?” he asked, Martin nodded and beeped Pepper, he waved slightly before walking in and talking to Pepper, you could see him still through the glass on the doors.

“Good looking, isn’t he?” you looked to Martin; he was a redhead with big brown eyes, young but older than you and dressed very smartly. A blush cascaded across your face “it’s okay to admit it, although Mr Stark will not be happy” he chuckled and you still didn’t say anything “I’ll keep it a secret, don’t worry” he shrugged.

“It’s just a crush,” you tell him “it’s not like anything would happen, he’s… Captain America, the ninety-year-old, super soldier and super attractive war-hero” he chuckled and nodded with you, he was about to talk when Steve walked out, Pepper came with him and he turned to you.

“Pepper said I should take you back” you nod, standing and grabbing your coat, a smile as you hugged Pepper who said she’ll see you tomorrow.

You and Steve both stood silently in the elevator, it wasn’t awkward it was just weird to be in such close space with him, he coughed in the silence and smiled at you and you did one back.

You are going to be a good assistant” he tells you as leave, nodding “I just didn’t have you down as a business person, not that you wouldn’t be great, just when talking you had all this energy he rambled and you nodded, following him to the car “not that being a business person means no energy, just I had you down in some creative career he sighed I’m not great at small talk, sorryhe admitted, you both got into the car, buckling in ready to go home.

It’s fine, this is just temporary, I need the money” he nodded “I have money” you ramble out but that money is for university Art school more importantly, but money for like; clothes and Christmas” he nodded with a smile. 

I used to draw for my mum when she was in the hospital, my dad took me around New York and drew all her favourite places; we hung them up, so she could always be around her favourite places he grinned as he drove back. 

Well, that’s great” he announced “I mean with Tony being a billionaire you don’t even need to work, or have a job but yet you are, that’s really great” he smiled and you nodded, a small blush forming.

“Independence is important to me I guess” you sigh out “I don’t like being dependent on him, he has enough on his plate and I guess, I want to make him proud” you sigh out and he nods slowly “so, what’s with the outfit? Going to fit the crime or is just your Tuesday get-up?” he chuckled loudly, stopping at the red light.

“I got back from a mission” he tells me and I nod “well, I was meant to go but… turns out at the last minute it would have been an ambush, they wanted us to go to this certain place” he tells me and I raise my eyebrows “yeah, dangerous stuff!” he mutters and I nod with a smile.

“I could never do what you do” I chuckle “saving people, getting shot at. I’d probably shoot myself, by accident” he laughed and you were almost home.

“Well, that’s why I do it then” he shrugged and I nodded “I’ll do the saving, I’ll get shot at and I’ll keep the guns out of your reach?” he asked slightly and you nodded with a smile, his eyes were fixed on the road “don’t worry, I’ll do all the protecting” he chuckled and you nodded.

(Sorry chapter three took so long, I had to figure out a way to speed this kind of up, not by a lot but get an underline of… attraction between you and Steve. The next chapter I am hoping will go up on Christmas Eve, it will be Christmas themed obviously. I hope you enjoyed this, remember you can request; imagines and one shots by myself and Angie - Rosalee) 

This is my entry for the Winter Prince Contest. It took a long time to finish because of my full of deadline summer semester. Sorry for the crown, I just added it when coloring so it has a weird shape and color…

As you can see I designed it as a movie poster. I think it’s so unfair if only Jack has a new outfit so I draw something new for everyone. My idea is an imagination castle where we have Prince Jack Frost, the Great General North, Bunnymund the Soldier, Sandy as a wisely noble, the dark scholar Pitch and the lady/princess from neighbor country Toothiana with her sister Baby Tooth. We also have The Winter Old Man as the King (of course!) and a muskox as The Ancient Winter Spirit.

Making all of these stuffs was very enteresting. I found some amazing drawing technique when painting, like you can make a snowstorm by using your toothbrush with white paint. And maybe someday in the future I’ll make a oneshot about this concept :))

It’s not about winning or lose the prizes, I enter it because my idol is the-guardian-of-fun. I’ve been following her for 3 years, even before I had my own tumblr and everytime I visit her blog, I find my love for Jack Frost keep burning strong, she always inspires me.  I hope this one of mine can give inspiration to someone who loves Jack like the way I given by her arts. 

Thank you so much for holding a wonderful contest and hope you like this, my idol :))

"Sore Loser" - Bucky Barnes Imagine

Fandom: Avenger/Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count:

Warning: Fluff, cursing

Request: Can you write a Bucky x Reader one shot where they are sparring and one of them gets pinned to the mat and they kiss? Fluff with a bit of teasing? (Maybe from the other avengers?)

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Stucky AU where the Winter Soldier has been created by Hydra to stop Captain America in the past so he’s sent back in time to kill pre-serum!Steve Terminator style – except they fall in love and the Winter Soldier can’t finish the mission and when he’s “pulled” back to the future he thinks it’s all over except that ofc they meet again with Steve as Captain America (who’s never been able to forget him uwu)

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What if in Avengers Academy, Bucky tries to direct the school musical?

Everyone rolls their eyes expecting it to be some horrible original grunge rock opera or something but he’s secretly a huge musical theatre nerd because it’s literally singing about every emotion, every pain, everything so he picks an oldie but a goodie or something way lighter than anyone was expecting (maybe Disney).

  • Wasp is all for it so she can design a bunch of costumes.
  • Bucky tries to get Natasha to be the choreographer but she bails so Steve steps in
  • only to have Nat actually audition somewhat half-heartedly but still getting the lead (not just because of bucky’s heart eyes but that she’s a great actress).
  • Tony runs the entirety of stage crew, automating most of it, but still wants a role in the show (can’t stay out of the spotlight for a minute)
  • T’Challa actually gets the male lead because DAMN he can sing, and this is actually looking like a good production now.

This are the only headcanon things I could think of. What would other people do? What musical would it be? Would it be any good?