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The gist of it is this: a bunch of us are getting together to do something for Sebastian’s birthday. No, we won’t be actually getting together, but we’ll be making something in honor of his birthday which is the 13th of August. So if you’re a fan of his and want to be a part of this (and I can tell you this is gonna be HUGE we’re gonna be doing tis across all platforms: IG, tumblr, twitter, google+, YouTube ), and if you have maybe five minutes to spare, like or reblog this.

Everyone who does so will receive a message in the next day or so explaining what exactly this is and I promise ANYONE can be a part of this. So do it for Seb- do it for yourself- but just do it! LIKE/REBLOG! 

A sidenote: If you are on Instagram, instead of liking or reblogging this post, please go on to this account @allofsebastianstan on instagram and comment on the latest post. This whole birthday thing originated on instagram, and we’ve already got hundreds of people lined up to do this. We will be promoting this on tumblr and all other social networks as well, but instagram is our main source. 

If any of the big Sebastian Stan blogs on here see this, please message me so you can help promote this birthday thing! Like i said above, its going to huge, and we’ve already got hundreds of people on instagram to carry this out, and we REALLY need people to promote this on tumblr as well! 


“You mean you heard everything? Like everything, everything?”

A smile tugged at his lips, “I quite liked the part when you said ‘Natasha was lucky to have you in between her thighs’. You’re pretty funny.”

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t realise.”

“No, it’s fine. In fact, maybe when this is all over, we can grab drinks and have a proper conversation.”

Through the Window (Pt 20)

Part 19
Part 20
Part 21

TTW Masterlist for all other parts

Bloody twenty parts already. Hope you’re all still with me!

“You told me you loved me again didn’t you.” You say flatly, raising an eyebrow.



“Maybe.” He says, blushing furiously.

“God damn it man you’re gunna be the death of me I swear.” You sigh, flopping back onto the bed and closing your eyes.

“I can’t help it! It’s true!” He protests, running his fingers up and down your body gently, tracing shapes on your skin.

“I just don’t think I’m ready to say it back.” You say quietly. “And I feel so guilty because I know I should be able to say it but I just can’t.”

“Hey hey hey no don’t do that to yourself.” Bucky says firmly, sitting up and putting his hand on your cheek. You open your eyes and look up at him, his face earnest.

“I just-”

“No. You have no obligation to say anything until you’re ready, you hear me?” He says firmly, and you nod. “Good. And when you are ready, I will be here waiting to say it right back to you.”

“Thank you Buck.” You say softly, sitting up and kissing him gently.

“Don’t mention it.” He says, his eyes still closed after your kiss, a small smile on his face. “I’m not an asshole or anything.”

“Well that part is debatable.” You mutter, Bucky’s eyes opening.

“What was that?” He asks, smirking.

“Nothing.” You say innocently.

“Call me an asshole one more time chump.” Bucky growls, grinning at you.

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Marvel Comics Minimalism

I miss making my Marvel minimalism pieces. After watching Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: Winter Soldier, Amazing Spider-Man 2, and waiting for the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past and Guardians of Galaxies, I’ve been feeling a bit… marvelous?

I’m hoping to get back to the drawing board and create some more in this series! Hopefully in the future, they’ll all be available for purchase! Or MAYBE I can do another Facebook giveaway contest! We’ll see!

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And done. Took me 3:40 hours. I was estimating like 2 maybe 2:30 so yeah…. not cool. Gouache linearts look awesome (especially on original) but take forever. I still think they are worth it though.

This means I should be taking like 40$ for commissions like this one with my 10$ per hour wage :S I knew I was undercharging myself but whoa….

Since my computer is crap I’ll upload rest of making of videos in few days. So far there is only part [1] out of three (I presume) available :)
your homecoming will be my homecoming - lupinely - Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]

This is only my second letter. So you don’t have to worry about missing any. I don’t really have much to say but all of it seems really important, like if I don’t tell you now I won’t ever get the chance. Maybe you won’t ever even read this. Did you ever think there’d be a time when I didn’t tell you everything? I can see you nodding yes. I can see you saying that I never tell you everything.

Old habits, I guess.

If you were here, I’d lose my mind. That’s the truth. They’d never have made a soldier of me then. We gotta be a unit, a team. I gotta watch everyone’s back and they gotta watch mine. If you were here I’d only ever jump in front of a gun for you. I’m a piss-poor soldier and they know it. That’s why I’m here and you’re not. They gotta know somehow. Kept you home and they got the soldier they wanted out of me. Too bad for them that they don’t know that you could lead a hundred men into war and they’d spit bullets for you. A hundred thousand. And I’m not telling them either.

I can see you shaking your head. Bucky, what the fuck are you talking about. I don’t know, kid. I can see you sliding away from me. I can see you when I close my eyes. I’ve got a rifle in my hands, you know; behind my eyelids.

Sorry. Look—when I get home, I’ll tell you the truth of it. It’ll make sense when I come home.

I have had this fic open for weeks and finally got around to reading it last night, and then stayed up far too late to finish it, because I was TOO ENGROSSED. I finished it, left kudos in a daze, and then saw how few people had left kudos, and how few hits it had, and was COMPLETELY FUCKING BOGGLED. This fic – which is not an epistolary fic and which mostly takes place post-CATWS; I chose that bit as an excerpt because it ripped my heart out of my chest and shredded it – is so, so good, and not remotely esoteric or inaccessible, and I just do not fucking understand why people have not been screaming about it from the rooftops. It has a great team dynamic, Steve is incredibly fucked up, the flashbacks to Brooklyn are incredible, and Bucky will make your heart ache over and over and over again. There were so many moments that I actually felt, like, a pain in my chest, which is pretty unusual, even if I am really enjoying and being moved by something. Also, the writing is totally beautiful.



Stucky Hot Toys photoset, part 7/7, “Together till the end of the line”

Final part, yay! And the sweetest one (like a dessert) with hugs & kisses & holding hands. Maybe it’s fluffy, but Steve and Bucky absolutely deserve their own piece of happiness after all what happened with them! So, they can enjoy each other’s company. I wish this could last forever ✪✪✪

Stucky AU where you don’t see in color until you meet your soulmate, and when they die, your vision goes black & white again

Steve only sees *some* colors after he’s met Bucky. He wonders if that’s because he’s met his best-friend soulmate, and maybe someday when he meets his romantic soulmate, he’ll see the rest of them

The serum happens; he can see all the colors now. He wonders who his soulmate is. He’s afraid to ask Peggy if she can see colors too

Bucky falls from the train; Steve can’t see all the colors anymore. He realizes too late that it was Bucky all along

Steve waits for all the colors to fade, but they never do. He assumes it’s a side-effect of the serum

Fast-forward to Steve encountering The Winter Soldier. Once he sees his face, he realizes he never lost all his colors because Bucky’s not dead. But on the other hand, Bucky isn’t really Bucky anymore. Still, he’s alive, and Steve knows that they’re soulmates, so he goes after him

(Steve’s last line on the helicarrier causes a sudden bright flash of colors for The Winter Soldier; he pauses mid-punch because he instinctively knows what this means)

The more memories Bucky recovers, the more colors, shades, and hues both of them can see

In Civil War, what if Winter Soldier Bucky has a flashback to pre-serum Steve?! Maybe while he’s alone, scared, and on the run. Memories of his Steve flooding back, showing us how Bucky sees Steve, his viewpoint and emotions. And Bucky trying to reconcile the two Steve’s in his mind, to see if he can trust this new one.

This is my entry for the Winter Prince Contest. It took a long time to finish because of my full of deadline summer semester. Sorry for the crown, I just added it when coloring so it has a weird shape and color…

As you can see I designed it as a movie poster. I think it’s so unfair if only Jack has a new outfit so I draw something new for everyone. My idea is an imagination castle where we have Prince Jack Frost, the Great General North, Bunnymund the Soldier, Sandy as a wisely noble, the dark scholar Pitch and the lady/princess from neighbor country Toothiana with her sister Baby Tooth. We also have The Winter Old Man as the King (of course!) and a muskox as The Ancient Winter Spirit.

Making all of these stuffs was very enteresting. I found some amazing drawing technique when painting, like you can make a snowstorm by using your toothbrush with white paint. And maybe someday in the future I’ll make a oneshot about this concept :))

It’s not about winning or lose the prizes, I enter it because my idol is the-guardian-of-fun. I’ve been following her for 3 years, even before I had my own tumblr and everytime I visit her blog, I find my love for Jack Frost keep burning strong, she always inspires me.  I hope this one of mine can give inspiration to someone who loves Jack like the way I given by her arts. 

Thank you so much for holding a wonderful contest and hope you like this, my idol :))

"Sore Loser" - Bucky Barnes Imagine

Fandom: Avenger/Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count:

Warning: Fluff, cursing

Request: Can you write a Bucky x Reader one shot where they are sparring and one of them gets pinned to the mat and they kiss? Fluff with a bit of teasing? (Maybe from the other avengers?)

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Something I really wanted to see in civil war was a pre-serum Steve flashback. One like the till the end of the line scene. Except maybe with Bucky running all around, getting up early and working late. Steve, sick as a dog, lying in bed and watching his friend as he works his butt off for him. He’d ask, “Am I worth all this?” Bucky just stand frozen at the question. He doesn’t know how to reply. He can’t open his mouth because as soon as he does it’ll all come tumbling out. So he smiles and nods and prays to god Steve never questions his worth to Bucky again.

Tony Stark deserves the best

Ok so in this post I’m going to defend Tony Stark. I know maybe some people wrote posts like this before, but I just want to share my own opinion. How can anyone call him a villain? Like, seriously, he was just trying his best to protect his friends and save people. He feels so guilty after all that happened. But let’s start from the beginning. His life wasn’t easy, he lost his parents which was a very traumatic experience. He was using puns and humor and pretending to be in love with himself just to cover the fact how unhappy and depressed he was and he is. But everybody probably knows that (everybody should understand that). One girl on YouTube made a video with scenes with Tony and used a song which says “I feel like I’m the worst, so I always act like I’m the best” which describes him properly. He is so misunderstood, a lot of people, even some of his own friends, consider him as a selfish person who only cares about money and good name. But this is not true, he showed us how much he cares about everything (Pepper is an example), he loves his friends and wants the best for them, wants to protect them. He is the type of person who struggles with showing his emotions, that’s why he is misunderstood. Anyway, in civil war he saw how many bad situations they caused and how many people died, and of course that’s why he wanted avengers to be under control, but the other reason is that he wants himself to be controlled, he just can’t cope with the nagging feeling of being guilty anymore. He feels responsible for all what the avengers have done, he feels that everything is his fault. And then Captain decided to stand against him, he feels that he’s loosing his friend. And of course, I understand that Steve tries to protect his friend, and it’s obvious that Bucky wasn’t himself when he had done all the bad things. But everyone understands that and we all want to protect Bucky. But.. Why won’t you try to understand Tony???? I just don’t get how could anyone consider him as a villain. He’s so precious and tries to do his best even though everything is ruining, everything goes bad. I assume that we all should understand Tony, he deserves to be treated better, he deserves to be understood and loved.

i need to say something about this stevesharon and sharon carter hate i’m seeing here on tumblr and twitter.

1. Sharon Carter is fucking amazing. Aside from her relationship with steve, she’s her own person. now i can understand (if you didn’t read the comics) that maybe you didn’t see all of this because in the winter soldier she didn’t have much space but believe me just watch the scene where she stands up against hydra following steve orders and then tell me you didn’t get badass vibes. i dare you. Plus it’s ok not to ship her with steve but hating her because you don’t want her with steve is fucking CHILDISH.
I don’t ship brucenat but i’ve never hated bruce banner. i love him.

2. stevesharon. i repeat it’s ok if you don’t ship them but pls don’t come to me with the argument  "they’re an incest". they’re not.

definition of incest: the crime of sexual intercourse, cohabitation, or marriage between persons within the degrees of consanguinity

this is not stevesharon case. steve didn’t get married with peggy. he probably would have if he didn’t get frozen but guess what? he got frozen and peggy married someone else therefore steve and sharon are not related so it’s not an incest. it may be a bit strange? yes…but an incest NAH.

3. you compare stevesharon with brucenat = NAH again. stevesharon in the mcu has more development than brucenat. maybe you don’t remember this but steve in tws was hitting on sharon when he asked her to drink coffe together. plus they hinted a lot to a possible stevesharon relationship in the winter soldier. brucenat well…i’m not gonna rant on this. it’s not the place.


1. you don’t ship stevesharon? fine. but don’t bash sharon carter just because she comes in between of your ship or because simply you don’t want her with steve
2. grab a fucking dictionary and search the meaning of “incest” because you clearly don’t know the meaning
3. unfollow me if you hate sharon carter or you still think after this that a possible steve and sharon romantic relationship would be an incest.

bucky’s constantly fighting whether he’s fighting for steve or fighting to keep his memories or fighting to regain his memories and now that he’s in a place where he knows what he did as the winter soldier and he says it himself “i don’t do that anymore”, he’s trying to put the pieces of his life back together and move on as best as he can but he’s still fighting because now the government, the same government who had the agents who abused and brainwashed him under their noses the entire time, is after him trying to kill him and now he has to fight for his life but he’s finally starting to be him again. maybe not the bucky that steve knew before the war but he’s also not the winter soldier anymore and he’s just trying to move forward from all the shit that he’s been through and endured but he has to go and fight again and bucky must be so tired but he’s still fighting to protect steve (having steve’s six when he’s confronting tony) and to protect anyone else that government might try to hurt or ignore due to the accords and he must be so tired but he’s fighting anyway because he knows that what he’s fighting for will help people and he’s finally alongside steve and what better way to avenge hydra than to use every skill that they gave you for the better of other people and to be selfless. i love bucky so much.