maybe they can all be winter soldiers

Stucky AU where you don’t see in color until you meet your soulmate, and when they die, your vision goes black & white again

Steve only sees *some* colors after he’s met Bucky. He wonders if that’s because he’s met his best-friend soulmate, and maybe someday when he meets his romantic soulmate, he’ll see the rest of them

The serum happens; he can see all the colors now. He wonders who his soulmate is. He’s afraid to ask Peggy if she can see colors too

Bucky falls from the train; Steve can’t see all the colors anymore. He realizes too late that it was Bucky all along

Steve waits for all the colors to fade, but they never do. He assumes it’s a side-effect of the serum

Fast-forward to Steve encountering The Winter Soldier. Once he sees his face, he realizes he never lost all his colors because Bucky’s not dead. But on the other hand, Bucky isn’t really Bucky anymore. Still, he’s alive, and Steve knows that they’re soulmates, so he goes after him

(Steve’s last line on the helicarrier causes a sudden bright flash of colors for The Winter Soldier; he pauses mid-punch because he instinctively knows what this means)

The more memories Bucky recovers, the more colors, shades, and hues both of them can see

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HEY! So I've been searching for this one fic that I can't remember the title to, was wondering if you've ever come across: it's basically the winter soldier keeps leaving little trinkets for Steve- limited edition CAmerica comic, (photos from the 40s maybe I think?), and Bucky's dog tags that were fished from the arctic. No one knows it's all actually from Bucky, the avengers just think Steve has this crazy determined stalker, and Steve is losing sleep stressing out over it. Ring any bells?

I have read this but my searches are bringing up nothing so far. Do you remember any tags or part of the title maybe?

If any of our followers have a tip for this fic, please let us or lexiconlynn know!

And I Can Hardly Bear It!

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by thisiswhatthewatergaveme

Tony said, “For my first wish, find the Captain’s sweetheart and bring him back in one piece,” and Loki brought back Bucky.
The bear.
Little and fluffy and scowling and he is going to kill Steve. Maybe Tony first.
Probably Tony first.

Words: 2799, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Anonymous said to ask-james-buchanan-barnes:Do you think girls should marry a guy they just met that day, even if they claim it was true love?

Nah, you can’t love someone without knowing them and you can’t know them in a matter of hours, days, weeks or even months. Well, maybe months if you’re together all the time and in a whole lotta situations. That’s how people end up with a jerk when the hormones wear off. But why do you say girls? Same thing could happen to guys if they’re equally dumb about that.


Everyone is used to say that when there is something wrong, then one forgets the passage of time, entangles in numbers - they become nothing more than a semblance of uniform pieces on colorless canvas of life. We can not say that Friedrich has always lived badly, but now there was no doubt. He rememebered neither the month, nor the day, nor the date. He only knew that it had been winter outside. Such a dear, but at the same time quite alien and evil.

Friedrich was never a convienced national-socialist, and that sixteen-year-boy from a poor Berlin family for better or whether malevolent fate appeared in the National Political Academy in Allenstein.. you can call this a fairy tale or a nightmare. Of course, he went there, of course, he could not refuse. After all, a brilliant carrer of SS soldier, sinking in Aryan beaty and holy depravity, in his own faces in the propaganda posters and in a smile, or, maybe, in a thousand smiles of immortal Führer for which many Germans were ready to sell their own souls - that was the thing awaiting him.

But these numbers Friedrich remembered well - neat roundish marks on the white pages of the diary, which he managed to get out of the desk of Albrecht, his friend, his truth, his guiding star and a traitor. And now he was sitting at cold nights somewhere in the corner of the room of the next lousy hostel full of the same half-parted lives of teens offended by youth and old age people damned by senility, listening to the gnashing of teeth and howling wind that could kill the pain in his chest.

This Is Where Patience Gets You

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by StainedGlassDreams

Months. Maybe even years, all leading up to this point. & he still can’t get himself to admit, this is what he’s waited for.

Words: 741, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 1 of Earth, Please Come In, Over

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While I could accept Peggy stopping Steve from killing Tony, why would she say "for Edwin?" Steve never met him and by now he's probably dead. Maybe if she said "For Bucky" or any of the other Howling Commandos.

Because Edwin was the person she was closest to after Steve “died”. He was her support. He got her through everything. And if that isn’t enough for Steve to like him I don’t know what is. With him seeing her at least once as seen in The Winter Soldier I can’t imagine she wouldn’t tell him all the stories she has from back in the day, about all the times Howard needed her and all the scrapes Jarvis helped her out of. Plus with knowing Tony’s Jarvis, Steve could feel like he does know Edwin. Or at least a small piece of him. It’s just the way my head works. I understand the Bucky thing but for me, she wasn’t as knowledgable of Bucky as she was of Edwin. And plus maybe she wouldn’t mean to. Maybe it would just come out. She wouldn’t expect him to know who Edwin was, but she would. And if Peggy wanted Steve to stop for her cousins friends pet dog he would. ^.^

Also, Jarvis is dead. In the MCU they killed him because he’s too close a character to Alfred from Batman. In the comics he’s still alive though and still acts as butler to Tony and later in the comics The Avengers as a whole. So in that universe Steve knows him well. :-)

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Hi! I hope not to disturb, but, I was reading your answers and if I'm not wrong you read Marvel Comics? Can I ask you if it's difficult? :) I'm from Italy so I'm pretty sure we have different kind of edition but, I was on the internet and I was there are so many version and stuff. Like death character coming back and stuff. So I was wondering, how can someone read Marvel with all these story and stuff? (Hope I explained myself!)

I get what you mean! :) and what I do is just find comics that I like, so maybe the winter soldier comics or maybe a hawkeye comic, but the thing with Marvel comics is that you’re right, there are lots of different universes and series, so don’t be so hung up on reading them all, it’s impossible unless you have the time or the money :) what I would say is look up your favorite character or maybe story line and search for the comics that belong to them and follow them in order. If you want comics that are based on the movies you can usually Google which movie is based on what comic and look for it there :) if there’s a certain character or storyline you wish to read about please message me and ill see if I can help you out with where to start!!

My mood is feeling all over the place and I can’t explain why. To deal with this, I’m having a mini Marvel movie marathon. Thor: The Dark World and then Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Maybe Guardians of the Galaxy as well if I’m still awake!

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ooh I like this! I feel like this would be perfect with some more material from civil war maybe?? I wanna do this video…

Have at it! Go forth and be creative in ways in which I am not gifted! 

Yeah, I thought at first how poignant it was in light of CA:TFA, with him losing Bucky then crashing the plane, but it is almost more powerful in completely subverting the context of the music. Maybe a short lead in with the fall and the plane crash, then a little bit of Cap/Winter Soldier fighting, then the moment of recognition. Then some civil war.

I just really liked, well, all of it, but, “How can we not talk about family when family’s all that we got? Everything I went through you were standing there by my side. And now you gon’ be with me for the last ride.”

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O, R

O - Choose a song at random, which ship or character does it remind you of

So I put iTunes on shuffle but the hard thing is, songs either very MUCH make me think of characters or don’t unless I put a lot of thought into them.

The song that came up was My Father’s Father (The Civil Wars) which when I listened to it and thought, kind of reminded me of Steve. It’s a soft song, a longing kind of song, kind of sad. And it just… it just makes me think of Steve, and how I think he might feel a lot of the time, not that he’d ever let anyone know. (Except maybe Peggy, like in that scene in Winter Soldier.)

Now, one that I can list off the top of my head, which isn’t exactly at random, but whatever? Monster (Imagine Dragons) always makes me think of Bucky. Like, after that end credits scene in Winter Soldier and all, I don’t know. Just always kind of has.

R -

A pairing you ship that you don’t think anyone else shipsHmm… I had to think, because a lot of what I ship I know other people ship. But I did come up with one! I actually ship Skye and Fitz, from Agents of Shield. Like, not a hard core OTP kind of ship. But… I don’t know, I think they’d be sweet together, that it’d be really nice and playful and happy. So I ship it, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen anyone else ship it. Thanks for the ask! :)