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BTS Reaction - Their s/o is scared of thunder/lightning storms

Anonymous said: BTS react when their “love of life” calling to them in the middle of the night, crying, sobbing and being freaking scared 1)because she hear some noise in the flat 2)and maybe if I can another one react because she’s scared about storm (its me😂)

okay this is gonna be really fluffy and also under a read more because its loooong


You lie awake listening to the pouring rain as your boyfriend snores beside you. You’re too anxious to do anything, and poor Namjoon needs his sleep. At the crack of the thunder in the distance, you jump and begin pacing the floor. You always get scared during these storms, but prefer to ride them out alone in case your anxiety over them bothers Namjoon.

The lightning brightens the room for milliseconds before everything fades back to black, dark circles swimming in your vision. The thunder that followed must’ve somehow awoken Namjoon, who’s eyes cracked open to see you pacing the floor. 

“Babe,” he said, his voice laced with sleep, “what are you doing?”

Your head whips in the direction of his voice, and you can see his head lifted off the pillow in flashes from the lightning. He’s waiting for an answer, you realize, so you pause your pacing and look down at the floor.

“I’m scared.” You said quietly, and you hear Namjoon move the covers off of himself and he’s behind you within seconds. Wrapping an arm around you, he puts his chin in the crook of your neck just as another crack of thunder omits. 

You spin around and press yourself against his chest, hands in fists resting below his collarbones, forehead pushed against his shoulder. His arms stay around you and he holds you close to him and quietly whispers, “Don’t be scared, you have me here to protect you.” 

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The Adventures of Todd and Granny

(Alternatively: “I Saw Granny Ethel with the Devil”)

Part I | Part II

Grocery Store

Todd the demon is a he, now, if only because Granny Ethel insists upon using copious ‘Dear boy, keep trying and ‘Atta boy!’ critiques to varying degrees depending on how well his needlework, crochet, and knitting attempts progress.

Gender isn’t a concept the demon concerned himself with before. If Todd had been, say, a girl named Tonya, he supposes he’d be a she instead. If Todd had been gender-neutral and properly communicated with his grandmother, he supposes she would call him they or child, appropriately. Granny Ethel isn’t one to discriminate. Even when she properly wears her glasses and sees his obviously un-Todd-like appearance, only shaking her head and smiling with a good-natured “kids these days” on her lips. But he wouldn’t mind if Granny Ethel called him boy, girl, thing, or abomination, so long as she stayed happy.

Granny Ethel is a patient woman. Todd simply can’t understand why or how she’d become the black sheep of her family, especially after a full week of living with her hospitality. Through the constant baked goods and the modest but satisfying three-meals-a-day; the careful (oh-so-careful) dusting of trinkets and bookshelves with tiny cloths and feather dusters not fit for large claws, which he insists upon doing while she looks on in worry before brewing more coffee; the midday television re-run breaks spent sealing cash donations into envelopes and discussing human rights issues instead of watching old shows, he simply can’t think of her as anything but a paragon of her kind.

It’s a problem with them, he concludes. Not her.

It isn’t a decision he makes lightly.

Spending such a brief time with her, he’s already learned so much more about humans than he ever would have cared to know, beyond perceiving them as vessels or a means to an end. There is much suffering in the world—sometimes even more than that in Hell—but there is also kindness.

He’s known that, but he witnesses it first hand during their first trip outside of Granny Ethel’s home.

“Come, now, Todd, we have much shopping to do. I’m afraid my pantry isn’t stocked appropriately for the upcoming food donation drive and I can’t just skip it this month.”

Todd remembers addressing an envelope to the local food bank—most people would stop there, figuring their good deed was done.

“I also have to stock up on this week’s groceries. Feel free to buy whatever you want, dear. I can cook anything, you know! At least, I try. I suppose you’d like some snacks, too. But I am so glad you’re here; think of all the bags we can carry between the two of us!”

There is no car in Granny Ethel’s driveway, or a garage to store it. He wonders how they’re going to make it to the grocery store as he waits for her to lock the door behind them, as she hobbles down the two small concrete steps with her cane in hand.

It isn’t until she’s halfway down the sidewalk that he realizes they’re walking. In public.

An old crone in black and a demon at her side, wearing a handmade shawl so lovingly stitched with various, terrifying occult symbols.

He isn’t the only one who sees a problem with this—the neighbor’s dog, a small, bug-eyed thing, yaps indignantly at them from the front lawn as it bounces around the dewy grass at its owner’s feet, soon erupting in warning yowls and howls, before falling silent mid-yip when Todd locks eyes with it. The neighbor—Maurice, if he remembers Granny Ethel’s gossip correctly—stands frozen, watering can dangling limp from his hand as he overwaters the begonias at his feet, mouth hanging open in undignified disbelief.

“Good morning, Maurice!” Granny Ethel calls with unmitigated cheer, and a hint of pride. “Nice morning, isn’t it? Oh! Have you met my wonderful grandson Todd? He finally came to visit! We’re going shopping now. Will you watch my house?”

Maurice simply stares, dumb with shock.

Halfway down the block, another neighbor’s car brakes with a squeal before they make it out of the driveway and they stick their head out of the window to gape.

Shutters crack open. Curtains are shoved aside.

Before Todd knows it, they are the cul-de-sac’s center of attention.

Granny Ethel doesn’t pay it any mind and continues obliviously on, waving to each face in turn as those faces pale, yet hers remains rosy.

“My, such a busy day today. I haven’t seen everyone out like this since the Fourth of July block party. Oh, if you’re still here during summer, Todd, we should definitely take part. Maybe we should start knitting an American flag for the occasion. What do you think?”

He can only nod.

They make it to the grocery store without incident—aside from the broken fire hydrant caused by a distracted driver and the one, single person who ran away screaming, and the handful that crossed themselves, and the one person bold enough to snap a picture with their phone before Todd grabbed it from their hands and threw it while Granny Ethel wasn’t looking, too distracted with how well the city’s roadside flowers were blooming—and Todd, ever the gentledemon, takes a small shopping cart from its line and trails behind Granny Ethel as she consults the list taken from her purse.

As expected, those within the store stop and stare. Even the calming elevator music jolts to a pause.

A young man in an employee vest, who looks high, shoots Todd the demon-horn hand sign and smiles before swaggering away to the frozen food aisle, and the manager meekly approaches them, skirting around a fresh fruit display.

“Ma’am, is there—is there something I can—do you need help?” he asks, sweating from his receding hairline to his neck as he tugs at his collar and straightens his frumpy tie.

“Oh! I’m so glad you asked. I didn’t see any sales circulars by the door—what kind of specials are on right now? Particularly on things like pizzas and cereals and whatever else young men like to eat.” Granny Ethel leans in close to the man, close enough to loudly whisper, “See, my grandson here is a quiet, shy boy despite his appearance, and I don’t think he’d ask me himself, but I bet he’d love to get some junk food to snack on between meals.”

The manager’s eyes widen, blood-shot, as he looks to Todd, who only smiles—which comes off as terrifying, he’s certain, with all the sharp teeth and red eyes involved.

“S-SURE! Junk food. Right. Um—uh, w-well, I think there’s a BOGO—buy one get one free—deal on the frozen pizzas. Uh…most cereals are marked down right now…th-there’s a sale on potato chips…hot dogs…” His voice trails off, too burdened with trembles and fear as he continues to hold Todd’s gaze. “And—you know, I’m sure some other employee can help you, ma’am. I’m not one anymore as of this moment. I QUIT.” That said, he yanks the flimsy plastic nametag from his shirt and runs for the door, followed by half of the shoppers who abandon their carts and drop their baskets, scattering groceries everywhere.

Granny Ethel watches him go, then sighs. “He must have been overworked and stressed. I almost walked out on a job a long time ago for the same reasons, but I needed it. You be careful of corporate America, Todd.”

He takes her words to heart, and he fully agrees.

Shoppers that remain in the grocery mart avoid them at all costs as they meander through the frozen food section, the bread aisle, the junk food corner—and Granny Ethel pays them no mind, filling the cart to the brim with refills of groceries she needs back at home and treats she thinks Todd needs more of in his life. He supposes he does, if she says he does. Far be it from him to contradict her adolescent-savvy wisdom.

Even so, the single shopping cart is far too small for all of the spoils—halfway through the shopping list, he finds them in need of another. It isn’t an issue. Many are left scattered, abandoned, around almost every corner. By the end of the list, both carts are full to the brim, and Granny Ethel is simply beaming.

The checkout lines are deserted—they have their pick. Although only one station is manned by a clerk, and it greatly narrows their choice.

As Todd wheels the two shopping carts to the register, he recognizes the young employee from before, who once again shoots him the demon-horn hand symbol.

“Love your poncho, dude,” Sam (as his nametag reads) comments with a bit of a tired drawl, and there are dark shadows under his eyes as expected from an overworked youth on minimum wage, but he is otherwise energetic, quickly scanning each of the items set on the conveyor belt, and smiling at demon and old woman in turn. “Did the little lady here knit that for you?”

“Crocheted!” Granny Ethel corrects with a grin, preening like a proud parakeet. “It does suit him, doesn’t it? Of course, I would never make something that didn’t suit my dear grandson. He must always be well-dressed.”

“You seem like a really supportive gramma. That’s cool. When I was in my super hardcore death metal phase, mine just dragged me to church every Sunday.” A digital beep accompanies nearly every word as he skillfully rings up each grocery down the line.

“Oh, I would never do that. Mainly because I no longer belong to a church. And also because Todd seems so averse to discussing Bible passages, so I never force him.”

At this, Todd gives a wry smile. He places the final handful of groceries onto the conveyor belt and sidles around Granny to the other side of the checkout, bagging the groceries that have already been scanned. It seems the official bag boy has fled in fright.

“I can imagine. Never one for religion, myself. Oh, and you’re eligible for the senior citizen’s discount, so let me just…” Sam pauses a moment to key in a code on the register and it dings. “Aaand, there. Your total comes out to $204.56. Stocking up for the winter already? It’s only March.”

“Oh, dear, no. Half of this is for the food drive!” Granny Ethel chuckles good-naturedly as she leans her cane against the counter and digs through her small pocketbook and produces a checkbook, then dives back in to search for her favorite pen.

Sam turns to Todd while awaiting payment. “By the way, dude, that costume is killer. I’ve never seen anything so realistic, with the added bonus that you scared the boss away! Totally made my day. My week, even.”

Todd gives a nod, happy to be of service, even if it isn’t a costume. He can’t exactly say it aloud. Perhaps one day he’ll learn how to speak English coherently, but for now nonverbal cues work just fine.

Finally, Granny Ethel finds her pink, plastic jewel-encrusted ballpoint pen and makes out a check to DeVille-Mart, even going so far as to take one of the heavier paper bags for herself, never one to make Todd carry all of the groceries himself. “You have a wonderful day, young man. Thank you.”

“Y’all have a great day, too, Ma’am.” Sam offers a toothy smile, and it seems sincere enough as he sees them off with a lazy wave “Hope to be seeing you shop here again.”

Todd isn’t so sure they’ll ever return once upper management hears about this visit, but it’s nice to know they are accepted by at least one individual.

“Now, Todd, let’s get to the food bank. We have such a long day ahead of us. But there’s a reward at the end of it—I bought ingredients specifically for chocolate turtle brownies!”

If the visit to the food bank is in any way similar to this excursion—and it will be, he decides, as yet another gawking driver’s car slow-collides with the corner vending machine when they pass through the automatic doors—they have a long day ahead of them, indeed.

Inspector - Tommy Shelby

Hey, can u do a tommy fic where y/n and Tommy are together. But y/n has to flirt with Cambell to get info and Tommy gets jealous when Cambell brags to him

Inspector - Tommy Shelby

The first time you heard Inspector Campbell’s name was not from Tommy. Arthur was talking to John about a new Inspector in town, a man who had hunted IRA members in Belfast and was now being dropped into Birmingham by Winston Churchill.  

The second time you heard of him was when he came waltzing through the doors of the Garrison, not seeming to care that the facility was home to Blinders and their allies. You were behind the counter, getting yourself a glass of brandy because Harry was swamped with orders.  

“That’s inspector Campbell,” Harry whispered, walking passed you.  

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[Zelo gets tattooed]
Rated: Mature

You sighed heavily turning the page of your book. You’d been bored out of your mind lately. A lack of motivation and inspiration was going to be the death of you. It was like you wanted to tattoo, but you just couldn’t find the right client.

You needed a new muse.

Sleepy walked up the narrow staircase holding a bag of from your favorite street cart. “Hey, I brought ya somethin~”

“Oppa!” you grinned seeing your older brother make his way inside “You can be amazing when you wanna be” you chimed reaching out for the bag. “Gimmie”

“Ah- say please” he held the bag just out of reach.

“Yah, Sleepy-Oppa! Give me my food you tree”

“Alright here” he set the plate of tteokbokki in your hand. “You really should consider eating something other than tteokbokki”

“Give me one good reason why?” you pouted, shoving the skewer in your mouth. “If you’ve already found perfection, why seek anything else?”

He groaned, raking a hand through his hair. “Why are you like this?” He made himself at home, flopping down on the tattoo bench, and resting his arms behind his head. “Where is everybody anyway?”

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seven of hearts; chapter I

Jungkook series | moodboard

♠️ genre: angst, fluff

♥️ word count: 8.856

♣️ warnings: mentions of blood and violance; litteraly just one swear word (if you find more, let me know); i think there’s a mention of sex somewhere in there (not between the characters, just in general).

♦️ a/n: just a universe i came up with. modern-ish royal-ish!AU. please, enjoy!

You always wondered: would card games be fun, if your world wasn’t operating the way it was? Would it be fun to sit around the table with your friends, or maybe throw some pillows on the floor to give your gathering an eastern flavor? To have a game or two - or ten, if someone catches a gamble fever - along with a cheap drink? Or, perhaps, to deal some cards on a train and play with a stranger, who happened to have a ticket for a seat across from you. Beat them and lose to them, but then become friends, or maybe leave each other just as you were at the beginning - as strangers, except a little more familiar ones - with a twist in a form of a fond memory of someone who kept you company on the way to your destination.

And you thought that, maybe, there was a world like that: where playing cards provided a light distraction or kept you busy, if needed. Unfortunately, you weren’t lucky enough to be born into a fantasy like that. It was not your reality. It was not your world. In your world - those cards with pictures on them were far from fun and games (though, a little further from fun than from games). They were too busy defining people - their status, their fate, the roles they played.

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Five Times Enjolras Almost Proposed to Grantaire, and Twice He Did

@ionlyrunfromshameyour wish is my command. Established ExR, Modern AU, fluffy as fluffy can be.

Grantaire bounced on the balls of his feet, barely able to contain his excitement as the line into the Louvre inched forward. “So I know I’ve said it like a bajillion times, but I really appreciate you coming here with me.”

“It’s not like it’s a hardship for me to spend time with you on our vacation to Paris,” Enjolras said, amused. “I may not be as into art as you, but there’s some great pieces in the Louvre – Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People; Meissonier’s The Barricade, rue de la Mortellerie, June 1848; Vien’s The Triumph of the Republic…I could go on.”

Rolling his eyes good-naturedly, Grantaire looped his arm through Enjolras’s and leaned his head against his shoulder. “Naturally, I should have guessed where your interest would lie. Just promise me you’re not going to pull a Bastille reaction and start crying.”

Enjolras scowled at him. “Look, it was our first night in Paris, I had had a bit too much wine at your insistence, I would remind you, and it’s an emotional part of history.”

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tsuki-nay  asked:

Hey hope you're well!! :) I've never made a request to anyone before so Idk how this works but, I put the photo of Jumin kissing MC (from 8th day of Jumin's Route) as my "profile pic" on mysme and I would love to hear how the RFA members would react if they could all actually see it on the messenger ^^;; x

hi!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ thank you, I’m better now! felt a little down earlier rip I hope you’re well too! this is a hella cute request~ and i love that picture yessss I hope you like this!💛

..i made it the pic with his eyes open because that one’s just..Iconic


  • is pissed. of course
  • lowkey jealous, you could never tell sure zen 
  • you could make a drinking game out of how many times he sends his angry emoji
  • side note: i actually did this but with water. stay hydrated, kids. i took 9 water shots
  • he literally complains so much
  • “I hope you got mc’s consent to kiss her!” 
  • “who keeps their eyes open when they kiss?!”
  • “mc, if he ever does that without warning again, I’ll come over there and break you out”
  • he doesn’t sleep that night 


  • first he sends his ‘?!’ emoji
  • because woah! that was fast!! 
  • also because that looks like an intense kiss wow;;;;
  • then sends his huff emoji 
  • mainly because of all of zen’s complaining 
  • “…who did take the picture?”
  • is happy for them, but never looks at mc’s profile picture until she changes it
  • not because he’s jealous, though he is, but because he can’t handle jumin looking at him like that
  • what do you mean its only a picture, that stare still intimidates him 


  • is there a world record for ‘most sighs in a day’?
  • because jaehee probably beat it two hours ago
  • she heard about Sarah coming over and had her worries about what would happen with mc still here
  • maybe they could play it off as rfa business
  • but then she saw the picture
  • part of her expected this
  • but she was really hoping it wouldn’t happen
  • “of course…I’m happy for the two of you, but..”
  • sends her sigh emoji 
  • please tell her she doesn’t have to explain this to the Chairman 
  • mc, jumin, please let my wife rest

jumin [ why not ]

  • he acts all embarrassed in the chatroom
  • like “oh, i didn’t know you were going to make that your picture, mc”
  • he’s actually so smug omg
  • “but…that means you liked it, right?”
  • gets distracted from work every once in awhile because he wants to look at it
  • he can still feel mc’s lips on his
  • and he misses it
  • …maybe he could cancel this meeting….
  • no no no, get work done, jumin

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • is not surprised at all
  • first saw it and sent an “ooooooooooh~~”
  • “Mr. Han and mc lololol never expected that”
  • “congrats though~”
  • sends his heart emoji 
  • just laughs at all of zen’s complaining
  • pity laughs at jaehee
  • “never thought jumin would be the one to find someone out of all of us”
  • he probably calls mc to gossip and ask her about the kiss
  • “wait he did that in front of Sarah? ohohohoho”

v / jihyun [ why not pt. 2 ]

  • comes into the chatroom and sees it
  • sends in a cute “Oh! Congratulations you two.^^”
  • aw look he killed me again
  • laughs to himself at everyone’s reaction
  • gives his apologies to jaehee
  • and then he calls jumin
  • “my best friend found a loverrrr” 
  • he’s teasing jumin omg
  • jumin is in the office, putting his head in his hand
  • but he’s smiling and blushing because his best friend is a Dork 
  • he’s really happy for the two of them

Quit holding on to something that was never anything from the start! Delete old text threads, pictures, videos, get rid of things that put you back in that old space & reminds you of them. You’re just hurting yourself. While they’re moving on w/ their life as if you never played a part in it, you’re still holding on to “what ifs & maybes.” If it’s meant to be something then it will eventually happen, but until then free yourself from the disappointment. It feels so much better putting all of that energy into yourself & being as awesome as you know you are! Fuck being distracted or discouraged bc it didn’t work out or they didn’t want the love that you were willing to give w/o hesitation! It’s ok, it’s not the end of the world, trust me. You can’t worry about that anymore. Give that love & energy where it will be reciprocated. Start w/ yourself & the rest will fall in line. Now go be awesome, loves 😘

Real Smiles

Originally posted by darain39

Characters: Y/n, Derek, Lydia, Scott, Kira, Malia, Liam, Stiles, Jennifer(mentioned)

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Fluff. That’s it

Word count: 475

Summary: The pack make a discovery about their sour wolf

A/N: This is based on a request i got from an anon-Can you do a Derek imagine where you are Derek’s girlfriend and the pack finds your instagram and it has pictures of you two on it doing cute things and Derek is smiling and they confront him and they find them sleeping together? (Actually sleeping) Thanks!

Tagged peeps: @sallyp-53 @december-sunrise @beaconhills17@winchesterreid@helvonasche@fly-f0rever @kaitlynnlovegood


It was lunch. 

The pack sat around the table, talking about normal human things for once, now that the threat of Kate was over with. 

Scott was staring at Kira, while Liam was talking to Malia and Stiles, Lydia joining in on the conversation from time to time, distracted by her phone.

“Oh my god, guys”, she said, not looking up from her phone, too fascinated by what she was seeing.

“What? What is it?” Scott asked, thinking maybe there had been some sort of new attack.

“You know Miss Y/l/n?”

“The new teacher? Yea. What about her?” Stiles replied, curious as to why she was bringing the woman up.

“Well, look at this”.  

She showed her phone to the entire pack, all the members trying to get a look at the picture.

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Shut Things Out; Pt. 2 (Draco x Sociopath reader)

Sherlock/Harry Potter crossover. Part 2 was requested, so here you go! Glad you liked the first one xx

Warnings; none

Draco Malfoy x Sociopath Reader

         “You can’t love…” He says, “And you’ve deduced me again, so you know that I love you. You’ve pieced all together already I can see it in our face, you know when it started, how it grew.” He rubs his face with his hands, “And you can’t love…”

         Draco Malfoy’s words echo through your head over and over again, as you sit in DADA, blocking the pink lady’s words from penetrating your mind (Nothing comes out of her mouth that is worth your Mind Palace). Every time you think about Draco, you get this foreign feeling of your stomach twisting, but you ignore it. His confession has probably got your hormones starting to mess with you, it’ll be over after a few days.

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The Most Beautiful Moments in Life | 8

Originally posted by mauloveskpop

Hey everyone! Finally I can post part 8! I apologize on behalf of the annoying, backstabbing wifi. Hope you… like(?) this part hehe. Oh, and, the second part of this is in Taehyung’s pov but then it goes back to mc. ~ Moon xxx

Pairing: min yoongi x reader

Genre: college au ? (they’re young adults but it is not focused on college) | angst

Warning: Violence, quite some blood and a whole lot of cussing.

Word Count: 4,721

previous part | next | masterlist |

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Happy New Year [Part 1]

[Part 2]

You were curled up on the sofa, a blanket wound so tightly around you that it was difficult to move, a slice of pizza in one hand and your cellphone in the other. Taehyung and Jimin had been texting you in tandem for the past hour and a half, begging you to get off your butt and come to the company’s New Year’s Eve party. Quite frankly, nothing sounded more horrendous. You didn’t want to go out, you didn’t want to be around people who were laughing and drinking and having a good time. You wanted to stay home, watch movies and stuff your face, and be in bed by ten.

It was just exactly two weeks ago when you had gotten a text from your boyfriend. He lived in America and the two of you had been working for the last year to try and make this long distance thing work. But distance is a cruel mistress and men are idiots. Your now ex-boyfriend told you that it just wasn’t going to work, he didn’t love you anymore and he had hinted that there was someone else. That could have just been your overactive and very bitter imagination however. It stung, though. It was still stinging.

It was strange how you could take advantage of all the small, normal things in a relationship. You no longer received ‘Good morning’ texts. You didn’t come home to voicemails about how much you were missed. You didn’t have the comfort and reassurance of knowing that there was someone who you loved with your whole heart, and who loved you back just the same.

Just before you could start bawling your eyes out for the umpteenth time today, your phone vibrated in your hand and pulled you out of your thoughts. You unlocked the screen and opened the text, a small smile tugging up the corners of your mouth as you read it.

Jiminnie 🐻 [8:23 PM]
Get your cute buns off that couch and get ready to come party with us

Jiminnie 🐻 [8:24 PM]
I don’t mean to toot my own horn *toooooot* but I am looking pretty damn hot tonight and you probably don’t want to miss it

You giggled to yourself, knowing that Jimin was amping up the silliness to try and make you smile. He and Taehyung had been texting you consistently since yesterday afternoon to try and convince you to come out with them. They knew about the breakup–by now, all of your friends did–but they had made it very clear to you that they were determined to bring you out for a good time.

You typed out a quick reply, your nails tapping against the glass of your phone screen rhythmatically.

[8:28 PM]
You always look pretty damn hot, Jimin. It’s still a no.

It seemed like less than one second after you hit send that a text bubble appeared with a new message from him.

Jiminnie 🐻 [8:28 PM]
Very true! And thank you! But I feel like tonight you need a little extra nudge

Jiminnie 🐻 [8:29 PM]
Exhibit A…

You furrowed your brows, watching the messaging screen with an intense stare as you waited to see what kind of game he was planning on playing. The last thing you expected was to receive a selca from Jimin all dressed up in a suit and tie. You would be the first to admit that you were well aware of how attractive you found your good friend. This was different though, you’d never looked at a picture of Jimin and felt a foreign fluttering sensation in the pit of your stomach. Maybe it was just all the messed up emotions you’d been going through in the last two weeks.



You stared at the photo, your eyes scanning over even the most minute details. His dark hair was styled to perfection, a little tousled but not enough that it distracted from his handsome face. Whoever was in charge of his makeup for the night deserved more than a pat on the back, because the eyeliner was smudged out to perfection. His plump lips were parted slightly and before you could stop it, the thought of how it would feel to have those lips against yours crossed your mind and you exited out of the picture as quickly as your phone would allow.

Jimin was your good friend. One of your closest. Probably your best, really. You didn’t get to think things like that about him. Regardless of how you felt, how heartbroken you were, you didn’t have the right to be thinking about Jimin that way.

You sighed to yourself, the sound getting lost in the emptiness of your small apartment. You were screwed. Five minutes ago, your plan for the evening was to watch the last Harry Potter movie and complete your two day marathon, have a good cry and get to bed. Now everything was turned around, and you knew that if you stayed home, your mind would just be filled about thoughts of Jimin in that suit. Frankly, you really didn’t want to deal with that. So now, somehow, the idea of heading out for a night filled with drinking, music and fireworks was seeming strangely appealing. How did that even happen?

Grudgingly, you picked up your phone, ignoring the several winking face emojis that Jimin had sent after his picture. You added Taehyung’s name into the ‘To:’ box and typed out a simple sentence. One that you were starting to regret the moment you hit ‘Send’.

Pick me up in 20.

You tossed your phone onto the couch cushions, watching for a moment as it lit up and buzzed continuously for over a minute. You didn’t need to pick it up to know that it was Taehyung and Jimin excitedly texting you. It was only now occurring to you that you probably couldn’t attend the party in your panties and sweatshirt. Well, you could if you really wanted to… But that wasn’t quite the impression you were hoping to make on every employee of Big Hit Entertainment. As you unraveled yourself from your cocoon of blankets, you began to get a little excited planning your outfit. You made your way to your bedroom, finishing off your already half-eaten slice of pizza as you did so.

With your hands planted firmly on your hips, you scanned over every article of clothing in your closet. You weren’t sure exactly what kind of party it was. Based on Jimin’s choice of clothing, you could guess that it was a pretty formal event. Then again, he could just be showing off how good he looked in a suit.

You decided that you would match up to him. Even if the party didn’t turn out to be a very formal one, you could at least take comfort in the fact that it wasn’t just you who was dressed to the nines. You stripped yourself of your foodstained sweatshirt, letting it fall to a heap at your feet along with your panties. An idea sparked in your mind out of the blue. For a moment you pushed it away, but after giving it a second thought you figured why not?

Standing on your toes, you blindly swiped your hand over the top shelf of your closet. Once your fingers brushed over the corner of a box, you yanked it down. You held the bright pink gift box in your hands for a moment, fingertips tracing along the embossed letters. It was a gift that your ex had mailed to you, the last thing he’d given you. This was months before the two of you broke up, but you had never gotten the chance to use his gift until now. Truthfully, you were waiting until he came to visit you to debut it. That wasn’t happening, so you might as well get your fill tonight.

You lifted the lid of the box, dropping it carelessly to the floor. It had been a while since you last looked at what was inside, so it was still a surprise for the most part when you moved the tissue paper to the side. A rich red bra and panty set sat perfectly placed inside, almost entirely undisturbed from the moment you’d received it. The lingerie was lined with a shimmering silver ribbon and accented with small rhinestones that followed the curves and lines of the edges of fabric. You smiled to yourself, you wanted to feel sexy tonight for the first time in a long time and you were starting out the right way.

After almost ten minutes of back and forth debating with yourself, you had narrowed it down to two dresses. You glared at both of them, laid out flat over the top of your bedspread. In the time it had taken you to try and decide on a dress, you had curled your hair into loose waves that cascaded down your back and applied a simple face of makeup with nude lips and a smokey, glittering eye. You were still no closer to making your choice. Finally, you opted to just close your eyes, spin yourself around a few times and plant your hand down on the bed. Whichever dress your hand landed on is what you were wearing. No excuses.

You were a little overzealous with the spinning, almost toppling over sideways when you tried to lean forward to select your dress. You eagerly opened your eyes, your vision a little unclear for the briefest of moments. Your fingers were curled into the fabric of a long, haltered black gown with a flowing skirt. It was one of those purchases where you bought it because it was gorgeous, and you’d promised yourself that you would wear it, but it sat in the back of your closet for more years than you could remember. Stepping over to your mirror hanging on the back of your bedroom door, you wiggled into the dress. It hugged your torso, accentuating what a great job your new bra was doing at showing off your breasts. The skirt fell to the floor, flaring out beautifully each time you swayed your hips. It was made of a semi-sheer chiffon fabric, just see-through enough that you could see the silhouette of the slip beneath that stopped just above your knees. You turned around, glancing over your shoulder to examine the back. It was open and low-cut, covering very little skin with several strands of crystals that hung from one side of your torso to the other.

For the first time since your break up, you felt excited. You felt beautiful.

It couldn’t have been more than five minutes until you heard a rapid knocking against your door. Your heels clicked against the hardwood floorboards as you scooped up your phone from where you left it on the couch and after a second of hesitation, just slipped it into your bra. The knocking became more insistent, thumping aggressively against the door.

“I’m coming! Jesus.” You called, quickening your pace and turning the knob to pull open the door.

Jimin stood in the doorway, his hand still held up in a fist, caught in mid-knock. His eyes moved over you as he let his hand fall back down to his side. He opened his mouth to say something, but he was cut off by Taehyung running up behind him.

“Y/N!” He beamed, slinging an arm over Jimin’s shoulders, “Wow. Get a load of you.” He whistled, wiggling his brows lewdly.

You snorted, shoving past them to close and lock the door behind you. “You’re looking mighty handsome yourself, Tae.” You said over your shoulder before turning to face them, your eyes meeting Jimin’s, “You both do.”

Jimin smiled at you, the warmth of it sparkling in his eyes. You felt the same fluttering in the pit of your stomach that you did when you received his picture, but now it was more intense. Maybe it was just your imagination, but you felt a new tension hanging in the air between the two of you. It must have just been your imagination though because after a second, Taehyung clapped Jimin on the back hard enough to jolt him forward and with his signature grin said, “Alright kids, let’s go!”

Jimin drove, Taehyung sat in the back and you sat in the passenger seat–which resulted in constant whining from the backseat. When you were about halfway to the hall where the party was going to be hosted, you glanced over to Jimin. He must have been staring at you, because once you did he quickly turned his head forward to focus on the road. You furrowed your brows, Jimin wasn’t his usual chatty self. Normally when you had those two boys in any one place, there was never a beat of silence.

Maybe you spoke to soon…

“Hey Y/N,” Taehyung leaned forward, poking his head between the two front seats.

“Yes, Tae?” You turned your head to look at him.

“Do you have someone to kiss at midnight?”

You gawked at Taehyung, caught completely offguard by his question. The two of you lurched forward when the car sped up suddenly before slowing back to its regular speed. Jimin muttered an apology and some excuse about changing lanes, but you didn’t pay much attention to it. You were focused on Tae. “Why do you ask?”

Taehyung shrugged a shoulder nonchalantly, “Just wondering. I don’t have anyone to kiss, so I thought if you didn’t either…”

You let your head fall back against the seat, giggling at his antics. Taehyung laughed along with you, and that was all you needed to be certain that he was asking with completely innocent intentions. “Sure, I’d love for you to be my New Year’s kiss.”

Taehyung hollered victoriously in the back seat, throwing his hands in the air and cursing when he drove them into the roof accidentally. You shook your head, grinning to yourself. Once Taehyung had calmed down, it struck you once more how quiet the driver’s seat was. Almost as if Taehyung had read your mind, he once again leaned forward to squeeze in the small space between the two seats.

“What about you, Jimin? Who’s the special lady you’ve got lined up for tonight?” Taehyung asked, his voice lined thickly with taunting.

You forced yourself to smile, watching Taehyung poke his index finger into Jimin’s rib as he begged him for an answer. Something strange began to brew inside of you. You pictured Jimin pulling a gorgeous girl towards him while everyone cheered out ‘Happy New Year!’. It weighed heavy in the form of a lump in your stomach. You forced yourself out of your thoughts just in time to hear his response:

“It’s a secret.”

You felt like you were going to fall through the seat of the car and into the center of the Earth. So he did have someone he planned on kissing. You remained silent the rest of the way to the party, focusing on wiping away any negative feelings you were having. Pushing away the fact that you knew exactly what you were feeling. You were jealous and you hated it. You had no right to be. Jimin wasn’t yours, he could kiss anyone he wanted to.

You didn’t let yourself acknowledge how badly you wanted him to want to kiss you.

Jimin pulled up along to the front entrance and truthfully you would have had no idea if it hadn’t been for Taehyung clapping his hands and practically spilling out of the car excitedly. Jimin got out of the driver’s side without a word and you watched through the window as he tossed his keys to a valet. You frowned to yourself, it wasn’t like him to just leave you behind. Nothing much about how was acting tonight was like him. Just as quickly as you had that thought, he turned back to face you and pulled your door open.

“Don’t be shy,” He whispered as he leant down, offering you his hand.

You rolled your eyes, allowing him to help you out of the car and slipping your hand through the crook of his elbow. As the two of you walked along the snow dusted pathway to the front door, fans and media snapped pictures and filmed the two of you. It wasn’t something that you weren’t used to. You’d been close to the boys for far too long, and had gotten used to what was normal for their lifestyle. Jimin smiled at the crowd of people, using his free hand to wave to the fans that called out to him. You tensed up slightly next to him, you never really knew what to do in situations like this. You weren’t as comfortable with the attention as he was. It didn’t help that you knew that you weren’t the one that they wanted to see. You just felt as if you were in the way.

Jimin turned his head to bring his lips close to your ear and whispered, “You look beautiful. Sorry I didn’t get to tell you that before.”

You felt a rush of heat surge to the apples of your cheeks, praying to anyone who would listen that you could play off any pinkness on the cool wind. Jimin didn’t give you an opportunity to thank him or say anything back, he had already pulled his head away to bow his thanks to the crowd of people and usher you through the glass doors that were being held open for the both of you.

Once the doors were closed behind you, the white noise of fans and cameras was replaced with the white noise of music and chatter. The hall was filled with men and women dressed as elegantly as Jimin–good call on your part. Some were dancing, some were seated at the white, linen covered tables, picking away at their plate of h'orsdeuvers. Jimin unlooped his arm from around your wrist, giving your hand a gentle squeeze.

“Wanna drink?” He asked, nodding his head to gesture to the expansive, mahogany bar that took up almost an entire wall of the room.

You nodded your head, telling him to just surprise you when he asked what you wanted. You weren’t a big drinker, but tonight was not the night for you to be your normal self.

“Well, fuck me!” A voice boomed from behind you, causing you to jump and almost stumble in your heels. Several close by faces turned towards the source of the voice with judgmental scowls.

“Look who got the hell out of her cave and came to party.” Seokjin sauntered over to you, his feet dragging along the fine marble tiled floor.

You laughed, reaching out to steady him as he swayed from side to side. “Happy New Year, Jin. How drunk are you right now?”

“First of all,” Jin pointed a finger at you, attempting to poke it against the tip of your nose but missing and almost jabbing you in the eye. “It’s not the New Year yet, so calm down. Sssssecondly… What did you ask me?”

You raised your brows, pressing your lips together to keep from laughing at your good friend. “Nevermind, i got my answer”

You led him to a table where Yoongi and Namjoon were drunkenly arguing over musicians and their levels of talent. Seokjin tugged onto your dress when you tried to make your way to Jimin, who was waving you over to the bar.

“Don’t leave me for your boyfriend, Y/N.” He groaned.

You gave him a confused look, but Namjoon had slapped a hand over his mouth and tried to pull him against his body. Seokjin’s coordination was long gone however, because he just slumped backwards and out of his chair entirely.

“Don’t you worry, Y/N! We’ve got it all under control!” Namjoon waved you off, lightly shoving you in the direction of Jimin.

You left uncertainly, your eyes continuously glancing back to Yoongi and Namjoon struggling to pull Seokjin off the floor. The sight was more hilarious than anything, but you still felt as if your sober condition could be of use to your drunk friends.

Jimin was leaning his back against the bar, a wide smile turning up the corners of his plump lips. He handed you a tall glass, filled with a slush layered from red at the bottom to pale yellow at the top. You took it from him and eyed it, “What’s this?”

Jimin shrugged a shoulder, “I asked them to surprise me. I did tell them for something sweet though.”

At that, your caution eased up a bit. You brought the straw to your lips, slowly sipping at the liquid. Once it hit your tongue you were surprised at how you didn’t even taste the alcohol, beginning to sip faster.

“Watch out, speedy. You don’t want to drink too fast. Who knows what could happen.” Jimin quirked a brow, his charming smile beginning to look a lot like a devious smirk.“

Article: Timing and Pricing

The question comes up all too often, and I hope this article will help guide you with tips on how to achieve fair pricing for your art, fursuits, and more!


Obviously there are a lot of ways for any given person to answer the question of pricing, in this article I am going to address how I arrive at pricing my creative efforts. It is one among many ways to price creative work. Once you read this article, I am happy to hear if this method worked for you, or see suggestions on improving accuracy (as I am still open to personal improvement!), but I do find this to be a professional, very reliable, accurate way to do it, as well as being useful for other aspects of the creative processes well! 

For a little backstory, I have been involved in the furry fandom since 1999, and fursuit making has been my hobby since 2001 and now it is my profession. I’m also an artist, a tailor, I do costume refurbishing, create unique props, and make my own merchandise that I sell at events. I am only one person, and don’t outsource my work to other companies, so I don’t have one single thing I do that doesn’t need the effort I put into it figured out. Even personal items, prototyping, and practice – I try to think about how much effort I put in to achieve the item I have created.

How to figure out pricing!

I time myself! I use a dedicated timer (I’ll touch on why I use a dedicated timer below), it is this one to be exact: I ordered it in 2011, and have been timing everything I do ever since. I selected this timer specifically because it has a “count up” setting, so I can start and stop that as I work on my project, and set the other programmable preset buttons to count down to when I should stretch or take a break, (because I can totally work all day and forget to eat lunch), or even for when it is time to end work for the day.

I keep a log. You can organize your log however you wish, but I simply write my times down in a notepad each time I stop and switch tasks. I am careful to pause it when I need to take a break, or move away from my desk to end work for the day, if I didn’t do that then my times would not be accurate. In my log I write notes on what I accomplished within the timed span – this will help you generalize and find areas to improve in the future!

It is important to mention that I have decided to use a dedicated timer, rather than a timer app on my phone or a timing website on the computer, because I do not want the temptation of getting distracted from the task. You may have a different working style, that’s totally ok! Just be sure you are not approximating your times and are truly working towards accurate timing. How else will you know for sure? Part of being accurate about these times is being disciplined about starting and stopping the timer.

What does one of the timed project logs look like?

I recently worked on a fursuit prop skull for a client, a completely unique project that I had not made before. I couldn’t promise a flat price because of the possibility of undercharging, but I do work within a client’s specified budget so there are no surprises. 

Here is how my timed work on this project was written down in my log:
Planning: 30 min
Foamwork: 2 hour 50 min
Taping: 55 min
Pattern trace: 15 min
Cut fabric: 33 min
Sew: 1 hour 23 min
Glue: 25 min
Hand sew: 49 minutes
Teeth: 49 min
Paint: 37 min

546 minutes / 9.1 hours

I break down my times into minutes and then a decimal of the hours, this is so I can easily convert it into the agreed-upon rate. This timing process can even apply to illustrations or anything else you work on! Additionally I time all my prototypes and practice, even for things that are not as unique as this prop, this allows me to generalize future pricing to give an accurate quote on if I can work within someone’s budget or not.

Something I haven’t mentioned yet, but is an absolutely important part of pricing (especially if you are making physical things!) – Materials cost! Materials are also part of pricing, as is Overhead. If you are working for yourself, you should be keeping receipts of the things you buy for tax purposes. Looking back at the receipts for items you buy and use on your projects, you can more accurately estimate what you’ve used up for this project. If you bought extra material in the process, you can measure what you’ve used for your projects and figure out a fair materials price from there.

Here is another breakdown of my timed logs, this was for a Black Lab fursuit head I made. Is the time taken how long you expected? (Keep in mind I have been doing this for a lot of years, but I am also not a high producer. I make one or two fursuits a year, among other things. If you are new at this, or are a professional with a different working style, you will have a different experience from mine!) For this project, I also wrote a comprehensive materials list, shown below.

The time breakdown:
Foamwork: 4.85 hours
Head patterning: 2.39 hours
Liner: 1.43 hours
Furring: 15.83 hours
Nose: 1.56 hours
Ears: 1.43 hours
Eyes: 3.65 hours
Neck: 2.5 hours
Mouth detail: 2.4 hours

36.04 hours

Materials list:
Black fur (provided) - On forehead, upper brows, cheeks & back of head.
Beaver fur - on muzzle, lower brows & ears
2" (older lot) luxury shag - cheeks
2.5" (current lot) luxury shag - neck
Lycra, black - nose
Minky, pink - ears and tongue
Vinyl, black - eyelids
Anti-pill Fleece, black - Inner mouth & eyes
Whiskers (clear nylon) - face
Sculpy Ultralight - Nose, teeth
Upholstery foam - head structure
Quilted Broadcloth - liner for head & neck
Hot glue - various
E6000 glue - various
Paint, black/yellow/white - eyes
Plastic mesh - vision
Waterproofing sealant - eyes
Sandpaper - nose & eyes
Masking tape - patterning process

You can see that the amount of materials used adds up, even in small quantities! Think about the time it has taken to collect these items, running to the store to get them, ordering them online, going to the post office to deliver your finished project to your client, and so on. That should be included as part of your overhead. Overhead is your operating costs, and it is fair to think about to figure in to your pricing as well, especially if you are a digital artist who may have few materials costs yet have high equipment costs – or a fursuit maker, who also has high equipment costs, such as a sewing machine. I don’t have an exact figure on how I work in overhead in my pricing, but I absolutely think about it as part of pricing for something, especially if I need to buy a new piece of equipment to accomplish it!

What does this information do for you?

Okay, so I understand that the above may look like a lot to consider, but it truly is important to know. As a fellow businessperson I just can’t stress enough how important it is accurately knowing how long it takes you to make something! It is quite useful, not only for pricing but other aspects of crafting, such as deciding where you need to improve! I admit, it took a while to train myself to remember to start and stop the timer. I placed a few post-it notes around, stuck to my sewing machine that says “Start Timer” and another on my computer that says “Stop Timer,” little reminders definitely helped. Now it is second nature to use the timer and helps me get focused on working!

Using a timer also allows me to take into account if I need to shave off time to bring a price into an affordable range for my clients. I can think about it in the sense of “How can I pattern this more efficiently?” “Where can I design this to be simpler?” but still be stylistically good, and so on. It also allows me to see if something is not worth offering for commissions, because the price a client would likely pay does not match up with the amount of effort it takes me to create it.

Another important aspect that comes out of accurately timing your work is seeing how much effort you put into your pieces. It serves as a good marker to see if you are spending too much time on less-important parts of the task versus a very important part of the task. It allows you to quantitatively see where you can streamline or simplify your patterning process, or maybe just where to hone your practice more. When I started timing myself I found it incredibly easy to get distracted from the big picture while working on projects, in the past I have hyper-focused on details that just did not effect the end outcome, and timing has helped me recognize that. I’ve since thought of better ways to accomplish what needs to be done and use my time more efficiently. Some of these include rearranging the order I complete tasks, and even compiling a more efficient list to get started on future big projects. Setting yourself up to succeed is an important part of this!

In Summary

With your timing information and materials costs figured out, you now have a baseline for how you can price! This may not be the exact cost for the object or art that you charge in the end. However, it is absolutely a good start for beginning auctions, a low-end price for taking offers, or setting base commission prices by! Deciding your own rates are entirely up to you, I cannot tell you how much to charge, but I do need to stress DO NOT PRICE BELOW MINIMUM WAGE. You are worth more than that!!! You’re not doing yourself, your clients, or your colleagues any favors. Fandom work is very niche work, and it takes an immeasurable amount of practice and honed skill that should not be dismissed. You are a crafts-person who is skilled at your craft, and skilled labor has a value!

Old school fandom advice on pricing is incredibly varied, and sometimes involves the soul-crushing advice of looking at others’ work that you think matches your skill level and copying their price strategies. This doesn’t help you. I always thought it was really hard and demoralizing to try to research other makers I thought were in my skill range and ballpark pricing that way. I came up to a wall when I couldn’t find people making things like I was making, I was at a loss. I had to break away from that thought process and since I felt it was really unhealthy, and I really hate creative competition, timing myself has saved me the stress. Comparing yourself to others is a fast path to feeling discouraged – I’ve been there, grasping for pricing advice and feeling lost on how I should price a con badge or a sketch. Timing myself has thoroughly solved this! I can feel very good about pricing and the direction my work is going because I can quantitatively see the improvement as I practice a pattern and my times get better. I never feel like I am undercharging, additionally I never feel like I am overcharging either because I can see how much work it took! It is the one thing that has helped me get by confidently, without looking at what anyone else is doing, and still get a satisfying price for my work. A price that I am happy with and that clients are happy with.


  • Time yourself
  • Pause the timer for breaks and distractions, to keep your times accurate
  • Log your times with a few details on what you accomplished in that period
  • Keep track of expenses and overhead to figure in to pricing
  • Identify areas where you can practice more to improve
  • Use past timed work to generalize pricing for future work and have more accurate quotes!
  • Decide a fair rate, never go below minimum wage! 
  • You don’t have to compare yourself to others! 

I do commissions possibly a bit different than some of the other fandom content creators, but I do hope timing work becomes more a standard practice among the creative folks in the fandom. This style of pricing has really been what works for me, especially with all of the unique and varied things I do. 

Keep up the good work and keep moving forward. I hope these tips help, happy crafting! 

anonymous asked:

Ikon as boyfriends?

hi anon, thank you for requesting! i hope this is what you mean? or did you mean ikon as boyfriends with each other or - but yeAH i hope you enjoy it!! Admin lili


  • the sweetest boyfriend tbh
  • showers you with compliments and cute lil comments
  • always does his best to make you happy
  • cute couple accessories!! or maybe switching shoes or shirts
  • not really the jealous type tbh
  • if you hang out with the other members he’d probably just smile or maybe join in sometimes but he’s not easily jealous
  • texts you with things like “good morning, babe! i hope you have a great day today, i love you!!”
  • he’d listen to your troubles and would be able to give you good advice or he’s good at distracting you from whatever’s bothering you
  • whenever there’s a fight, he gets really sad easily, maybe cries
  • affectionate lil pecks
  • oh and let’s not forget the cuddles too
  • annoys you because double b spends a lot of time hanging around him, probably tried to join in on a date before too
  • “hey babe i think hanbin and bobby wants to come - “
  • ‘istg jinhwan nO’


  • they don’t call him prince yoyo for nothing ;-)
  • he treats you like royalty, really
  • also his kisses feel great because his lips are soft and nice
  • lots of joking around and laughter!!
  • teases you when you’re sleeping by taking pictures of them or trying to put a candy in your mouth or something
  • ‘wait… yunhyeong what’s that on your phone? why does that look like me sleep-’
  • “HAHAHAH this is what this is nothing hahaha” *sweats*
  • cooks for you and sometimes it’s the wackiest combinations
  • but he convinces you to eat it anyway and would always have a smug look on his face when you admit it’s good
  • wouldn’t be shy to put his arm around you or hold your hand in public
  • cheesy lame jokes and even cheesier dances he does just to bring a smile on your face
  • wouldn’t complain when there’s a movie date and you want to watch something more on the sappy or romantic side
  • hell, he’d probably get into it with you as well
  • laughing or being sad along with you whenever there’s a good scene in the movie
  • and if the two of you are watching a horror movie he’d be the type to be scared with you and wouldn’t try to act tough
  • actual prince charming kind of boyfriend


  • he’s so affectionate and he’s not afraid to show it with lots of hugs and kisses
  • showering you with lame jokes and even lamer pickup lines
  • lots of couple selfies in funny faces
  • i mean there are some selfies with normal / on point faces
  • but you know, mostly funny ones
  • takes candids of you and sets them as his lockscreen / homescreen
  • loves it when you wears his shirts or sweatshirts tbh
  • teases you about it, but he’d complain if you stop wearing it
  • don’t expect him to cook, he’d probably order takeout or get pizza
  • watching horror movies!! but it’s not because he likes them, he just likes it if you’re easily scared and clings to him :-)
  • even though he’s confident, sometimes bobby has his moments where he needs the reminder that he’s good enough and there’s no need to put himself down or calling himself ugly
  • rap battles that end in laughter or make out sessions
  • cute sudden kisses!!


  • he looks at you with so much adoration in his eyes
  • like he can’t believe this is actually happening, that this is actually real
  • probably talks about you all the time tbh
  • being so childish when he wants attention (like this)
  • writes so many songs about you (i mean he’s already written so many songs while single, imagine how many more he can write when he’s actually with someone)
  • “hey uh i wrote a song for you, do you like it?” imagine him being nervous while waiting to hear for your approval
  • ‘of course i like it!’ and then he just smiles so brightly you can’t help but smile along with him
  • whenever there’s a karaoke date, he would sing trot, especially jin jin ja ra
  • easily gets jealous tbh
  • while he’d be awkward at first, the longer time goes on he’ll definitely be braver and become a better boyfriend!!
  • constantly giving small pecks on the cheek :-))
  • sometimes it looks like he takes his composing and music more seriously over his relationship
  • fights would probably happen because of that tbh
  • but it’s hard to stay mad at hanbin for so long
  • especially if he fumbles and blushes every so often when he tries to explain the truth (rather awkwardly) but you can see he’s genuine with his apology
  • his antics would probably embarrass you, especially in public, but it’s because he’s hanbin tbh
  • oh and let’s not forget he probably gets you to kill the bugs :-)


  • backhugs!! shy cute lil kisses!! constant warm, reassuring smiles!!
  • he’d be a very relaxed boyfriend tbh
  • donghyuk is more on the shy side so things would go in a slower pace
  • he doesn’t rush, mostly because he’s not the type and he doesn’t want to pressure you as well
  • wouldn’t push you to do something they don’t want
  • as he’s a carefree and lax kind of a person, he isn’t the jealous type
  • not the jealous type to the point sometimes you have to ask him whether he actually cares or not if they hang out with someone else
  • and he does care, he really does - he’s just not the type to get jealous over it
  • extremely caring, not in a constantly pegging for explanations of mood or asking for ways they could make it better kind of caring 
  • rather in a way that knows how to read your mood and is smart enough to think of an initiative on how to make it better
  • does a lot of light teasing, definitely not as much as bobby but he does enough to make sure it makes you smile or laugh
  • likes to backhug and maybe snuggle into your neck
  • super attentive
  • wouldn’t forget anniversaries tbh
  • (and he doesn’t do last minute shopping for them either!)


  • being shy when it comes to skinship or pda
  • actually junhoe wouldn’t really be the type to do excessive pda
  • but just enough to make sure everyone knows you’re his
  • sends a lot of texts to make sure you’re doing fine
  • he actually cares a lot tbh
  • whenever he tries to be cheesy he ends up getting embarrassed before he can actually be… cheesy
  • “are you alcohol?” ‘…why’ “because you make me laskdjurnkinlove *incomprehensible mumbling and blushing*”
  • shows off to his members or friends a lot by giving random cheek kisses or pecks whenever he’s with them
  • at the same time gets kinda shy whenever they tease him about it
  • ‘aww look at that i never thought junhoe would be able to love someone other than himself’
  • “s-shut up”
  • day!june would be shyer with all the affection, would probably blush or turn beet red at sudden touches
  • but night!june is a lot more open about it
  • “how’s the weather down there?” and other comments like that if you’re shorter than him
  • hesitates when he’s asked to answer whether he thinks who’s more good looking: him or you
  • “o…of course it’s you!! ha ha!!”
  • would try his best in a relationship, even though he’s kinda awkward


  • nervous and awkward and shy but at the same time adorable
  • holds your bags when you go shopping in public
  • the type of boyfriend who can be ordered around tbh
  • hell, if they asked he’d even do their schoolwork for them (don’t expect it to be the best quality, but it’s better than nothing)
  • he’s more on the shy side when it comes to showing affection
  • if you have a pet or sth he’d probably coo over them and take care of them well
  • plays with your hair absentmindedly
  • lays his head on your stomach or lap, maybe fall asleep like that as well
  • doesn’t like it when you’re sad but at the same time he’d be confused at what to do
  • laughs or teases you if you’re shorter than him, but would stop if he sees you’re uncomfortable with it
  • teaches you how to play video games or lets you play games on his phone when you’re bored
  • more inexperienced than his hyungs because he’s younger than them but it’s okaY and have faith in him because he’ll get better at being a boyfriend as time goes on!
  • awkward first kisses that get better as the both of you become more experienced :-))
#3 - swapped names

This is a combo of “write one where the reader and bondy sort of have a lowkey thing going but the reader has feelings for van instead and she accidentally says his name during sex or something??” and “a dominant sexual sarcastic van.” Just so you guys know this is rated M cause there’s smut (but i know you all want it so just go ahead and read lol) also this is my first smut attempt so i hope i didn’t mess it up!

Did not realize how apt it was to call this story “swapped names” as cheesy as that is until I finished it but I’m living for it honestly!

Note: this got kinda dark and scandalous so just letting you know you’re in for a wild ride with this one. quite AU. 


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@roxannweasley I accidentally deleted your ask while answering it *cries*

But this was the prompt: “Pansy/Neville + “Okay, but consider this…I don’t care. I’m gonna do it anyway.


Neville felt his heart skip several beats when he heard Pansy’s mouth form the word.

“You can’t kiss me,” she continued, her eyes flickering away from his.

The greenhouses were unusually hot that day and he wondered if maybe that’swhy  he’s finding it so hard to breathe. But he had been fine seconds ago, when he could clearly picture the shape of Pansy’s lips against his own.

He knew one day he would regret the question, but it was hard to help it. “Why?” His throat felt raw with hot air.

Pansy gulped, suddenly aprehensive. “Because it’s fucked up…” she stopped, momentarily distracted by the way the sweat made Neville’s shirt stick to his torso, his big and definetely defined torso that had been like a newly found treasure for Pansy in the last few months.

“Because you’re a war hero and I’m the enemy. Because I’m a pureblood elitist and you’re a blood traitor. Because you’re a Gryffindor and I’m a Slytherin. Because it doesn’t make sense for either of us to venture down this path that could only lead to trouble.” She had forced her eyes back up to his eyes and she wondered when they had started to feel so familiar to her.

Perhaps after she was forced to volunteer in school activities as part of her acceptance back to Hogwarts. Perhaps when she chose the greenhouses because it brought her the least bad memories out of all the castle. Or perhaps, just perhaps it happened while they spent hours together locked in this scorching, humid, plant’s hell that smelled absurdly good, and she so wanted to hate it, but for the love of everything that was bitter and spiteful inside of her, she just couldn’t.

Neville had been paralized since she started talking, but as soon a she finished, the weight that had settled in his body seemed to lift. Pansy was no enemy, he knew that now. The enemy was a snake, deadly and ugly and threatening to destroy eveything Neville had ever loved. She wasn’t an elitist, who would have spent weeks repelled and disgusted by his company, instead of being quietly agreeable, and even appealing of all things. She was a Slytherin, but to Neville that only meant a new thrill that he hand’t known he had; a mysterious excitment that made his heart beat widly every time Pansy showed her most Slythering attributes in front of him.

“Okay,” Neville found his voice and took a small step closer to where she stood, backed against a glass wall that he guessed most be blazingly hot from the way the sun was hitting it. He imagined the back of her pale thighs below her skirt, now red and sensitive from the heat, and the amount of effort it took him not to blush was almost inhumane.

“But consider this,” he continued, taking another step, inches apart from her, and relishing in the way she didn’t seem to want to leave. “I don’t care.”

Pansy would never admit to any living soul how relieved she felt, but she hoped Neville could see it. She hoped there was no turning back now. She just hoped.

He breathed in. “I’m gonna do it anyway.”

Neville thought of magic-less childhoods and sorting hats. He thought of standing up to friends and enemies. He thought of unforgiveable curses and slashing snakes. But in the end, he could only think of kissing Slytherin girls; kissing a Slytherin girl for the first time, his hands decisively cupping her face as she pulled his body against hers, both knowing they were done for as soon as the sweltering heat started coming from inside.

Still You (Jungkook, You) Scenario

It was 2 AM and everyone is probably tucked away in their beds, long gone and asleep by now but here you were having a staring contest with your boyfriend, Jungkook, as you let his words sink in:

“I think we should break up.”

You licked your bottom lip as you thought of what your supposed to say, “You think we should break up?" Jungkook averted his gaze from yours and nodded. 

"Can I ask why?” The question scared you and you didn’t think you’d want to know the answer, especially if it turns out that there’s another girl in the picture. Because frankly, Jungkook and you never had much time for each other. Who knows? Maybe he’s found another girl who understand his busy idol life…

“It’s just that a lot of things are happening right now and I need to stay focused.” he admitted. “I can’t afford to be distracted–” The moment the words came out of his mouth, anger bubbled up inside of you. 

“Distraction.” You scoffed. “I didn’t know I was such a liability in your life, Jungkook." 


“Don’t call me that.” You snapped. “So all along I was just deadweight, huh? Excess baggage.” You winced at the metaphor. “I was just holding you back…?”

When Jungkook stayed silent at your remark, the more angrier, not to mention hurt, you became. “I see…”

“I just think it’s best for us–for everyone.” He said. You hated how he didn’t show emotion and how calm he was. It’s as if he didn’t care for you at all and that he was practically just stringing you along all those months you’ve been together. 

“Well I wouldn’t want to be the one holding you back from being the ‘golden maknae’.” You finger-quoted sarcastically. 

“I’m sorry, Y/N.” Jungkook mumbled with a frown; finally showing his first sign of emotions of the night. 

“I don’t need your sorry’s.” you spat. “What I need is the time I spent with you, which obviously went to waste.” you glared at him. “I want it back, but wait…” You mocked. “I can’t!" 

Jungkook stared at you blankly and you wanted to punch him in the face so badly. How can he just break up with me like this? you thought. Was it all nothing to him?  "Well? what are you waiting for?” You said, growing weary. “I’m sure you can show your way out." 



“I hope you see that I’m doing the right thing here.”

I hope you see that you’re not. "Just don’t come running back.“ You said in an almost inaudible voice, unsure if he heard you or not. 

Jungkook sighed heavily as you turned away from him. He was halfway out the door when you asked the question you were terrified of asking, "Was it all a lie?”

“What?” He asked, not facing you.

“You know what.”

He paused for a moment. “What do you think?” He said as he left, shutting the door behind him. You wanted to cry but no tears came. Your heart wrenched and you closed your hands into fists as you glared at the door. 

Screw you, Jeon Jungkook. 
Screw you.


It has almost been three months since the break up and you could say that you have moved on…partially. You were happy; continuing with your life, going to school, even hanging out with your friends–and by friends you mean suitors included. You had seen a handful of guys but never really took them seriously. Somehow, something was holding you back and you hated the fact that it was probably because of your ex, Jeon Jungkook. 

Even though you were mad at him, you never really stopped keeping track of Bangtan’s schedule. Just because the two of you broke up, doesn’t mean your friendship with the other boys had to go down with it. Bangtan was promoting overseas and no matter how much you tired to avoid it, you saw their faces everywhere online–his face, to be exact, looking happier than you’ve ever seen him. Your heart broke a little at the sight and you scolded yourself for it. 

It was a Saturday afternoon when you were hanging out the mall with your friend JiHoo. JiHoo was a year your senior and you know him from school since you worked with him on a campus project. From all the guys you went out with these past few months, JiHoo was the only one you actually liked. Aside from being good looking, he was also very smart and sweet. He was a soccer varsity and a student body president. He was the campus golden boy and he was actually interested in you. 

“No way.” He said when you told him about an incident that happened to you last summer. “You fell over?” He chuckled. 

You took a sip of your mango smoothie as you nodded with a smile, “I did! And it was so embarrassing.” You were about to tell him more about it when someone bumped into you, making you drop your drink. 

“Sorry.” A guy’s voice said and you didn’t get a look at him since you immediately crouched down to retrieve the fallen cup. “It’s okay, I wasn’t looking.” you said.


You stopped, half crouching as you recognized the voice. Even after all these months, you knew the sound of your name coming off from his mouth. You gulped as you slowly stood up and faced the one boy you had been trying to forget these past three months. 

"Jungkook?” you stared at him. He was wearing a black shirt over dark jeans, and a black snapback covered his floppy red hair. The sight of him took your breath away, but before you could even compliment him on how good he looked, you slapped yourself mentally; telling yourself to get a grip. 

“Y/N.” He said, looking as if he had found something precious. “H-how are you?”

You shrugged as you tried to act unaffected by his presence. “Same old. same old.”

“You didn’t answer any of my calls.” He blurted, surprising you. It never crossed your mind that he would even call, which is why you changed your number when you broke up; not wanting to be reminded of him. “I changed my number.” You said nonchalantly and Jungkook frowned, thinking if he was the reason why you changed it. “Can I talk to you?” He asked. 

“I’m busy.” You said as you hooked your arm with JiHoo. Jungkook watched you do it and you saw him stiffen. “I see..” He cleared his throat and reached out his hand towards JiHoo. “Hi, I’m Jungkook.”

You suddenly saw Jihoo’s eyes light up. “JiHoo.’re from that hip hop group, right?”

Jungkook nodded, “Bangtan.”

“Yeah,” he smiled. “My sisters love you guys and I think you’re music’s awesome too, dude." 

"Thanks.” He smiled and you couldn’t help flustering at the sight. It still got to you, the way he smiled. “Listen, I really need to talk to Y/N, here. Do you mind?”

Your eyes widened and you tightened your grip on his arm. JiHoo glanced at you, looking concerned. “You okay?" 

"We’re busy Jungkook…so if you don’t mind–” you started pulling JiHoo away but Jungkook stepped in your path, “I mind.” He said with a determined expression. 

“Get out of my way.” You hissed. 

“Not until you talk to me.”

“I don't want to talk to you.”

“Then I’m not going anywhere.” The two of you stared each other down. 

“Look guys,” JiHoo said, feeling awkward and out of place. “I really don’t mind..”

“You do mind.” You said, not taking your eyes of Jungkook.

“Tell her it’s okay, JiHoo.” Jungkook countered. 

“JiHoo, tell him we’re going and ask him to go away and leave us alone." 

"Why don’t you ask me that yourself?”

“Go away.”


“ARRRGGH.” you growled.

“Guys!” JiHoo yelped as he removed his arm from your grip, which had red marks from how tight you were holding it. “The two of you obviously have some problems and I don’t think I’d want to be in the position of getting in between the two of you.” He turned to you and gave you an apologetic smile, “Sorry, Y/N. But I don’t want to be here when it gets messy." 

You blushed at his comment, embarrassed by it all. "I’m so sorry, I swear I don’t even know this guy.” He pointed at Jungkook who gasped dramatically, placing a hand over his heart. “Y/N! How could you?”

“Shut up!” You yelled at him. 

“Okay… I’m just gonna go.” JiHoo said. “I’ll see you in school okay?” He said before walking away, leaving you alone with Jungkook. 

“Nice meeting you JiHoo” Jungkook hollered with a wave. “Tell your sisters I said hi!" 

Once JiHoo was out of sight, you faced him and punched him hard in the arm. "What the hell was that about, Jungkook?! You completely embarrassed me in front of my date! Now he probably won’t ever speak to me again!" 

"Good,” he said as he massaged his arm you just hit. “That was the plan." 

You growled in frustration and hit him again before walking away briskly. "I hate you!” you raged as you felt him following you. “What are you even doing here?" 

"I really need to talk to you, Y/N.”

“Are any of the boys dying?” You asked, still walking. 

“No.” He said with a puzzled tone as tried to catch up with you. 

“Then get lost!” You yelled. “There’s nothing to talk about." 

"Yes, there is!” He huffed as he grabbed your arm, pulling you to a stop. “Please, Y/N.” He pleaded. “I just want to talk.”

You removed your arm from his grip and scoffed, “Talk? Okay, let’s talk.” You crossed your arms. “How’s your career, Jungkook?”


" tell me. How is it? Without the distraction?” You emphasized the last word and you saw him wince. “Y/N–”

“How was it, Jungkook? Did you have fun abroad? I’m sure you did, considering you’ve gotten rid of all the deadweight.” You rolled your eyes as you turned away from him. 

“No.” He muttered, making you stop. “I didn’t." 

You held your breath as you let his words sink in. You didn’t turn around and Jungkook took the chance to continue. "I was wrong, Y/N. And I’m so sorry for hurting you. I was a jerk. Please forgive me." 

"You think it’s that simple?” you scoffed. “You tell me you’re sorry and I forgive you?” your voice shook as you said it. “Need I remind you… you left me, Jungkook. You left me." 

"I know. and I was a complete idiot to let you go.” He confessed. “You were never a distraction. You–you inspire me, Y/N.”

You wanted to give in but the pain and anger you felt outweighed your desire to do so. “Tell it to someone who cares, Jungkook.” You said harshly. “I’m done with you.” You started to walk away and didn’t hear any footsteps behind you. It almost hurt you at how fast he had given up.

Yah! Y/N!” a voice yelled and you stopped dead in your tracks. You turned around and saw Jungkook standing on the ledge of the fountain, his hand cupping his mouth as he yelled, “EVERYBODY! CAN I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!" 

Oh no, you panicked as the mall goers started paying attention to him, forming a circle around the both of you. It didn’t help either that he was famous, attracting almost half of the people at the mall. "Jungkook…” you hissed. 

“I have a confession to make!” He announced and everyone turned to listen. “I was a jerk. A really stupid jerk. You wanna know why?!" 

"Why?!” The crowd yelled. 

“I hurt the girl I love.” He said and the crowd went silent. “She was everything you could look for in a girl. She’s smart, funny, and incredibly beautiful.” You blushed as some of the people started looking your way since Jungkook looked straight at you as he said those words. “And I let her go because I thought she was holding me back.” The crowd snickered. “But you know what? I was goddam wrong!” the crowd cheered. “You know happened when I broke up with her?” He asked and the crowd responded. “What?”

“I was a mess. A complete and utter mess.” The crowd sympathized with him as Jungkook frowned. “I guess what I’m tying to say is that I regret what I did and that I was a stupid jerk.” He opened his arms. “I was a jerk and I just wanted to let everyone know that.” You chuckled at his big gesture and the crowd cheered as he made his fina bow. 

When the crowd dispersed, Jungkook stepped down from the ledge and approached you. 

“Some show you put up there.” You snickered.

“I meant every word.” He said seriously. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I was wrong. I’m a stupid–”

“Jerk.” You finished for him, chuckling. “Yeah I heard.”

“If it makes any difference,” he said shyly. “I never stopped thinking about you.”

“You’re just saying that–”

“I’m serious.” He said and he looked so honest that it made you shut up. “Ask the hyungs.”

The two of you remained silent and you took the chance to observe him. Jungkook was never one to be easily read but at that moment, you could practically see the regret and sincerity on his face; flashing like a neon sign. “I don’t have too.” You said softly. “Your face says it all.”

Jungkook stepped closer to you and held your hands, “I still love you, Y/N. It’s still you I want." 

You sighed, weighing whether it’s worth it to take him back or not. "Jungkook…”

“I know..” He smiled sadly. “I know I couldn’t get you back that easily. But please… tell me you’ll give me chance to prove myself again. Give me a chance to win you back.”

You knew in your heart that it wouldn’t be hard and that it wouldn’t take long to fall right into his arms again because deep down, you still loved him. It’s still him who holds your heart. 

You looked at him and nodded, making Jungkook grin. 

“You’re still a jerk, though.” You said, playfully shoving him. 

“I know.” He huffed as he scratched his head. “I have some serious making up to do, huh?" 

You smirked as you tapped his cap, "You bet. And you can start by buying me a Mango smoothie.”

Jungkook chuckled, “Anything for you Jagi–” he closed his mouth, his eyes widening, the moment the word came out of his mouth. He blushed furiously, remembering that you still weren’t together. He was so accustomed to calling you by that term and had unconciously used it. You, on the other hand, ignored it; secretly loving how he’s called you that again. You walked away from him, grinning, but this time you turned around when he didn’t follow. 

“Hey,” you said as you slightly tilted your head to the side, “You coming or not?”

Jungkook stayed in his place, looking sheepish and you couldn’t help but laugh at how cute he was acting. You placed your hands on your hips as you said, “Look, if you’re going to win me back…you better work harder than this.” You joked, and you saw his lips turn up at the corners, forming a smile. 

He approached you and boldly took your hand; dragging you towards the smoothie shop. 

“What are you doing?” You asked as you looked at your entwined fingers. You were so shocked by the gesture that you didn’t have the chance to pull away. Or maybe you just didn’t want to.. maybe you wanted to keep holding his hand. 

“Working hard.” Jungkook said a matter of fact; hearing the smile in his voice. 

When the two of you got there, he didn’t let go and you tried to keep calm as your heart raced at his touch. When Jungkook glanced at you, he noticed your blush and smirked. “Am I doing a good job?”

“Just buy me the drink, Jungkook.” You said as you rolled your eyes. But your voice sounded shaky and you had to clear your throat, which made him chuckle. “Always so cute, Y/N.”

“Jerk.” You mumbled and felt him squeeze your hand as he order two Mango smoothies. 

But you’re my jerk, she sighed. 



Hoped you guys liked this one! :D

Thanks for reading!


30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 3

Day 3: Gaming/Watching a Movie

Summary: You help Sherlock forget about a blackout in London with an intense game of Texas Hold’em.
Author: Maddy (@laterthantherabbit)
Words: 2700
Characters/Relationships: Sherlock x Reader, John x Reader (platonic), Mrs. Hudson
Warnings: Gambling

Author’s Notes: I thought card games fit into the gaming aspect of today’s theme so here you go. I hope you guys enjoy this fic!


The rain began when you were halfway back to 221B and became torrential within a few steps. When you finally arrived back at the building with the groceries, you were soaked through and chilled to the bone. It was your turn to gather the week’s groceries as John had done the last week and Sherlock had so graciously flipped you off with a grin when you asked him to accompany you. You shook your head with a smile as you entered the building with the morning’s memory, water dripping onto the floor as you ascended the stairs to where John and Sherlock sat, just as they had been left that morning. “Have you two even moved at all since I left?”

John looked at you in bewilderment, feigning hurt at your implication. “Of course I have, Sherlock on the other hand seems to have not breathed since you left.” He chuckled to himself as he stood and made his way to you, taking the bags from your soaking hands so you could remove your drenched jacket, grimacing as it squelched when it landed on the floor.

“Ugh. Good to know.” You looked over the man that, as John said, seemed to not have moved a centimetre since you left. He laid stretched on the couch, his hands in The Mind Palace pose as you deemed it in your mind, flickering ever so slightly as his mind thought at a speed you could barely comprehend. Seeing his peaceful manner caused the devil in you to emerge, a smirk making its way onto your features as you made your way over to him as quietly as you could. 

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So Emotional

Originally posted by wonderfulworldofwinchester

Pairing: Dean x friend!Reader, Sam x friend!Reader
Word count: 1,172
Warnings: Slight angst, swearing

Part 11 of a Cajun and a Gamer

As time moved on, you found yourself crying less. Not that it stopped hurting, but that you were wearing yourself down. Sam kept his promise, and had stayed with you two days before having to head to work. Now he checked in on you a few times a week, sometimes dropping off something for dinner.

Until he went in your fridge, and saw that you’d barely touched them. The most taken was out of the chicken and rice he had brought you- and that was only about half. Shaking his head, he let out a small sigh and grabbed a water. “Y/N?” He started, moving back to the living room. “Why aren’t you eating?” His eyes were full of concern.

“I eat.” You shrugged. “I just stop when I’m not hungry anymore.” It didn’t seem that big a deal to you.

Sam sat next to you, taking your hand in his. “We’re worried about you.” He hadn’t been hit as hard as you and Dean, but that didn’t mean he didn’t care. “RJ makes everything I bring you, ya know.” He told you softly. “Keeps asking for you to come over for games and pizza, but I keep telling her you aren’t ready. It worries her, too. You’re shutting everyone out.”

You stared at the ground. “I’m sorry, Sammy.” You sighed. “I don’t mean to.” How were you supposed to explain this to him? You could barely put your thoughts into words, let alone enough for him to understand.

“I’m here for you, and I know I was a dick for awhile there. You know the Winchester men.” He teased lightly. “Tempers, stubbornness, and…well…” He shrugged, knowing that you understood. “Look, I’ll tell Dean to come over after work. Maybe you’ll open up to him more just for the fact that he lost his best friend, and he feels that pain, too. Okay?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to block you out. I just…I don’t know where to start, or how to put this into words.” You looked up at him.

Sam kissed your forehead. “I’ll come by again soon. Maybe next time we’ll game for a bit, distract you.”

Nodding, you gave him a sad smile. “I’d like that.”

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