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sometimes i feel that i should give more than im giving rn

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As someone with no strong feelings about Ash I think I can impartially say that theres no reason to hate her. Yeah I love ETF and SIO and she messed around with Craig and Cody but neither the guys or her ever made it big drama (only Gab did which was justified if true imo) and what she does on her own time is her business and we dont know her. Maybe she just made some mistakes which everyone does. Unless theres evidence of her being truly horrible cut her some slack.

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Heya there,I just wanted to ask one thing, there are third voice samples on the Lost Eden page, do you know what they say in those lines by any chance? Thank you if you reply and have a nice day!~

Heyy anon aaaaah lets just say they’re all ridiculously cute  (♡´艸`) //translations under the cut

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