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Heya there,I just wanted to ask one thing, there are third voice samples on the Lost Eden page, do you know what they say in those lines by any chance? Thank you if you reply and have a nice day!~

Heyy anon aaaaah lets just say they’re all ridiculously cute  (♡´艸`) //translations under the cut

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I’m thinking about the Hogwarts House sorting thing from early today and I know it’s super cliché to put villains in Slytherin but I’ll be damned if Noatak and Tarrlok aren’t excellent candidates for Slytherin House. They exhibit most of the traits usually assigned to members of Slytherin (taken from

  • Leadership qualities
  • Self-preservation
  • Ambition
  • Determination
  • Resourcefulness
  • Cleverness
  • Cunning
  • Power
  • Fraternity
  • Traditionalism

Individually, they’re not bad qualities to possess, and even all together they’re not qualities that make a person bad or evil as Slytherins tend to be stigmatized. Combined all those qualities have the potential to make someone really powerful, and it works that way in Noatak’s case when he becomes Amon. Noatak becomes a natural leader and the voice of a movement with a hearty amount of ambition and determination and resourcefulness. He’s cunning in that he knows how to wait for the right moment (i.e. declaring war on Republic City once he has the amount of followers and weapons necessary to stand a chance in a war) and clever in that he plans things with expert finesse (i.e. “The Revelation” and infiltrating the probending arena during the championship tournament) and it’s thanks to all of these that he knows how to win. It’s also Noatak’s ambition and determination that leads him to become one of the most powerful benders in generations and acquire a power that most people thought only the Avatar could possess–and he uses it without mercy to get what he wants. It’s for this and many other reasons that Noatak is a perfect Slytherin–not because he’s “bad” but because he’s a model of how Slytherin qualities, at their fullest potential, could create a person of power like this. Which I think is pretty awesome.

Now for Tarrlok–he’s another perfect Slytherin, though of a slightly different caliber than Noatak. Like Noatak, he’s a leader and very ambitious and determined. His position on the council is a result of these qualities and careful cunning to gain power. It’s also because of his cunning that he manages to manipulate Korra to joining his task force and having pretty much the entire police force under his command with Saikhan under his thumb. Tarrlok is clever in that he knows how to pick his battles and is almost as good with words as his brother and also an excellent planner (i.e. the few task force missions we saw, his plan to be the “savior” of Republic City). It’s because of his cunning and cleverness that he also learns to become resourceful–siding with Tenzin, Korra, and Lin when necessary, and using Korra’s friends as a measure to get Korra to do what he wants. The two qualities I would use the most to define Tarrlok would be cunning and determination–they’re qualities that really shine with him, more so than with Noatak. If Tarrlok were actually in the Hogwarts universe I have no doubt in my mind that he would end up being prefect and later Head Boy.

I want to explore the last two qualities, self-preservation and fraternity, together for Noatak and Tarrlok because they’re interesting and contrasting traits with regards to both of them. Self-preservation is one of the primary defining traits for them after the others–everything they do is with the least amount of expense on their part and they’ve constructed their individual goals and ideals to reflect them. Both of them built images of themselves that were looked on with high enough regard that no one dared touch them (with the outstanding exception of Korra, of course). Once Korra comes into the picture and starts ruining the plans they’ve built, their sense of self-preservation drives them to reveal parts of themselves they’ve carefully kept hidden from the world. In Noatak’s case, it takes until the finale and the reappearance of his brother and Korra foiling his plans again that he’s forced to display actual bloodbending and he has to kill his closest supporter. In Tarrlok’s case, his sense of self-preservation is more instinctual–it takes Korra determined to take his life for him to display his bloodbending skills and it’s that same sense of self-preservation that drives him to kidnap Korra and hold her hostage in a metal box in a cabin in the woods (also a cool display of cleverness and resourcefulness). For Noatak, I think his sense of self-preservation does not stem out of selfishness but out of his idea that he’s been granted this “divine” power that he has to keep. In contrast, I think Tarrlok’s sense of self-preservation is out of selfishness, because the power he wants is all for himself and he wants to have tight control of everything in ways that his brother does not. 

Lastly, fraternity is a trait that is limited just between the two of them, honestly, and there’s not much to it beyond that they were both really close once. The sense of brotherhood is really something that they showed each other while growing up and it only resurfaces on Noatak’s side at the end of Book 1. I think that of all the traits this would be the one least likely to get them sorted into Slytherin House, but it’s still there and it might be the nicest trait of them all that they share.

So, if this were actual Hogwarts, and they put the Sorting Hat on, I’m pretty sure that they’d end up in Slytherin. Their most defining qualities are heavily Slytherin and they’re also qualities that they value in themselves. Again, I don’t think that they’d be put in Slytherin because they had the potential to end up as bad people (I blame their upbringing) but because their defining personality traits would shine best in Slytherin.