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Reincarnation + Soulmates AU:
There’s one thing I know about [him]. Just one thing. If I met [him] again,  I would absolutely know.” - Doctor Who, Hell Bent.

In every life, you are Blaine Anderson and I am Sebastian Smythe.
In every life, you are drawn to the stage.
And in every life, I am drawn to you.
And in every life, I am yours.

Nygmobblepot AUs I want

Maybe one day I’ll get around to doing something with these but until then I want this list out there because if someone does any of these I’ll be forever indebted
also some of these were inspired by other people’s AUs but I can’t remember who now so if you want recognition just ask

Mayor Assistant AUs

  • Ed leaves little notes and things that hint out to Oswald that he loves him
  • Ed tries to get Oswald a date for a gala and tries to figure out who Oswald is into and surprise its him
  • Ed leads Oswald around by the so as to not lose him in crowds of reporters but there’s no crowd now
  • Oswald needs to learn to dance and Ed takes him and they are the only two without partners

    Teen AUs
  • Os fights a lot and Ed heals him, Ed trips on nothing a lot and Os heals him
  • Ed is bullied, Oswald is short but likes to punch bullies
  • Ed has very friends and Os is new and is he flirting or trying to make friends? Is this buddies watching a movie or is it a date? He doesn’t know
  • Ed and Os having water ballon/nerf gun/something battles
  • Budding killers Os and Ed argue over who gets to kill their bully
  • Both their parents starting dating again but their dates are assholes so Ed and Os bond over their hatred for them
  • Ed rides the bus and wow is it raining so Os shares his umbrella
  • Os is stealing his phone back after it’s confiscated in class and Ed is stealing lesson plans

    College AUs
  • Ed’s obsessive ex Isabella won’t leave him alone so his dorm mate Os takes it upon him self to fake date Ed
  • Ed really needs this book and Os is overdue so he track him down to yell at him and oh no he’s cute

  • Os made to much food and invites Ed over to help him eat it all and wow what a romantic atmosphere

  • Os asks Ed for books suggestions and Ed’s face is so cute when he talks of his favorites
  • Ed and Os fake dating to get unlimited food deals at restaurants because they’re broke

  • Our parents are homophobes so let’s fake date and fuck with them wait this is nice let’s really date

    Criminals AUs
  • Os faked his death with Ed’s help and now he’s back and they have fun fake fighting
  • Ed needs to bury a body and Os is out in the woods biting one and his shovel broke
  • Ed helps Os with his plans to return as King after the docks
  • Ed takes care of sick Os while Os rants about how evil he is
  • Ed takes Os hostage not knowing the cops are after Os too so now they are on the run together
  • Os jumps in Ed’s car and makes him his getaway driver
  • They destroy the city together and wow do they make great partners
  • Ed makes up a challenge for Os and Os is bad at them so by the time he solves it Ed’s asleep with the food cold and candles burned out and a love confession in his hand
  • Os checking Ed out as Ed weaves through a laser grid

    Soulmates AUs
  • Ed can see colors and would have give them up to be with his soulmate and now the colors are fading and who are they
  • Os’s soulmate tattoo is penguin facts and he will fight his soulmate for this
  • Ed can only see in the color of his soulmates eyes and it changes every few days because Os has an extensive contacts collection and wants Ed to have colors so Ed repays him by matching colors

    Various AUs
  • Ed is a sphinx and Os is a vampire
  • Cuddling while stuck in a storm
  • Ed meeting Os because his nose was broke accidentally by Os’s umbrella
  • Body swap with clumsiness
  • Ed not touching anything of Os’s after the docks and Babs breaks something and he looses it

I think it’s awesome the way David Haydn-Jones has dived headfirst into the SPN Family. From his social media accounts, his excitement in working on the show (and with the cast and crew) and interacting with fans is palpable. I’ve only been watching the show a little over a year, so I wasn’t around when the other guest stars got brought into/dove into the fold so this is really cool to see in action. I know he’s already scheduled to appear at 1-2 cons this year, and regardless the fate of his character/amount of time on the show, I hope he continues to be a part of our crazy world after Ketch is gone. 

Ok I know this is kinda embarrassing but uuh iv’e been thinking ab a Spongebo-b + eddsworl au/crossover all week

Edd is Spongebob- (and Ringo is Gary!!!)

Matt is Patrick

Tom is Squidward- (Susan is a clarinet in this au lmao)

Tord is Sandy (still not 100% ab this one)

Bing is Plankton and Larry is Karen

and I was thinking Paul is Mr. Krabs and Patryck is The flying Dutchman maybe?

….plz help me place everybody else…

  • me yesterday: finally! after years of searching I have found The Bralette Of My Dreams: pretty lacy racerback, padded cups so the nips don't show, not too tight or loose, comes in peach AND black!
  • me today: whose body was trying these on bc they don't....... fit......
Better than homework

A small James Potter oneshot for @oblviqte :)


“Ana,” a voice whispered into the silence of the library.
Ana knew who it was. “I’m a little busy, James.” She didn’t turn from her homework paper.
James poked his head out from his invisibility cloak. “C'mon, Ana!” he whined. “Let’s go for a walk or something.”
Ana faced her boyfriend. “A walk? Why don’t you and Remus go take a swim in the black lake or something? I’m doing homework.”
“Remus isn’t under the cloak with me.”
Ana looked at him slowly. “So … if I come with you, it will just be us two?”
James grinned. “Of course, darling.” He put the hood back on so you couldn’t see him, but you could hear his whisper in your ear as he said, “We can do anything at all, and no one will see us…”
Ana felt her cheeks flush, and she struck out in the general direction of James.
“Ow!” the boy complained. “That was my face!”
“Let me finish this sentence!” Ana hissed. She looked toward the front of the library and panicked. “You’re being too loud! Madam Pince is coming!”
“Guess it’s time to disappear, then,” James said, and suddenly Ana was whisked away underneath the invisibility cloak.
Madam Pince stalked over and beheld the unfinished homework on the table suspiciously. James pulled Ana away into the shelves, hidden under the cloak. Ana could feel his breath against her cheek.
They made it deeper into the shelves where no one would find them and James threw off the cloak. “There,” he grinned. “Now that you’re away from your oh-so-pressing-homework, don’t you need something else to do?”
Ana rolled her eyes but kissed him. James pressed against her, and Ana realized how much better this was than homework.
The two ended up sitting on the floor, Ana in James’ lap, her hands tangled in his hair, his hands cradling her hips. He was pushing her against the shelves, his lips glued to hers. The kiss was deep and fervent - James was giving it his all.
Suddenly there was a scream, and the pair jolted apart from one another. Ana quickly realized that a book lay open on the floor, no doubt pushed from the shelves during the kissing, and she shut it with a thud.
James ran a hand through his messier than usual black hair and grinned at Ana. “Guess we’re in the restricted section, huh?”
Ana kissed his cheek. “It’s better than doing homework, though.”


(okay so MAYBE i got a little carried away and made a big oneshot)(my bad)(but hey i’m up so let’s write)

he searches your eyes fiercely, and there’s something so imploring in his expression that you think you would give him everything you have should it satisfy this peculiar yearning he bares you. his brow tightens, and there’s something determined there, too. it’s inspiring, almost, in that it reminds you that you must teach him that answers are earned through deduction, not pity. in this way and so many more, any disclosure would ruin him. so you must be stronger than the silk of your sentiments.

( this, you tell yourself time and time again, when his fingers are tangled in the skeins of your heartstrings and you feel yourself so wrapped around him that you might split at the seams. )

human beings are not tailored to care for princes like you do, with every thought and breath and stitch of your pulse. what you want and what you must are not suited for each other; they clash and fray with friction, and you know you cannot have both. your duties will not allow it.

forget it, he says. and he sighs with such a profound and tired loneliness, you think he might blow himself or something else down, like the wolf in the old stories you used to tell him late at night, when you’d return him to the palace, his tiny hand smudged with garden soil and neatly fit in yours.

( when you’d claim his evening excursions as your own idea, in front of your uncle and his father and the rest of the liveried staff who knew you too well for that, he’d looked at you much the same way then as he does now. doubtful he’d remember, should you mention. self-awareness has never been his most defining trait. )

you hate to hear him like this, but fortunately you also hate to see his plate cluttered with untouched greens, so it’s easy to pretend you’re not trying your damnedest to ignore what he’s suggesting in the small, diffident ways he can. 

aren’t you lucky, your responsibilities speak louder than he does.

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