maybe there is beauty and wonder left in the world

it’s 10:15 pm and i’m left here wondering why when i look at the sky, i see you. maybe it’s because the sky is beautiful. the sky is unforgiving of human nature, the sky carries so much to support this world we live in. the sky is full of many colors and at night it sparkles so brightly, scattered with stars and planets for freckles and beauty marks. 

You’re going to meet a person
that makes you feel like a shooting star
but when your light dims, he gets bored
and he finds another girl to set on fire

So you find yourself stranded in a sea of the cosmos
slowly dissolving into empty space
but you decide to hold on for one more day
just in case you witness a miracle

Then the universe erupts around you
and your stuck wondering why the Big Bang didn’t kill you
but when the dust settles
That’s when you see it

You witness the world and its overwhelming beauty
You see the mountains rise out of the ocean
and you see a fish slowly walk onto land
and you wonder if you could ever be that brave

And that’s when you begin to notice
that the puzzle pieces he took with him
are filling themselves in with your silk sheets and pressed flowers
and you wonder why you ever wanted to die

And maybe
the world became more beautiful because of your smile
or maybe
the world became more beautiful because he left

—  super nova

I will just based this theory on the released concept photos and album.

 1. The individual concept photos for the pink/right version. (Without confetti)

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 Did you notice anything ? 

 Rap monster/ Namjoon is the only one smiling. Same goes to the group photo for the right ver. 

 2. The concept photos for the right ver also includes the confetti version for individual members in which every single members are smiling. 

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 Explanation: The members are enjoying their ‘most beautiful moment in life’ where they have glory and success in which the confetti signifies that. 

 Yet, in the group photo they are all not smiling except well namjoon. And if you notice the confetti are all over the floor and not dropping anymore.

 why ? Because their ‘most beautiful moment in life’ have ended this is further emphasised by the rusty pipes and surroundings. And now .

 Why is namjoon smiling ? Since namjoon is the narrator to their mvs and stories.

 1. Because he is the one that can speak english and leader.

 2. Because just maybe he knows that this is the RIGHT way they are going. ( remember? This is the concept photo for the Right version) 

 So now you must be wondering. What is this ‘right’ way ? 

Namjoon probably knows that their youth /most beautiful moment in life is not going to last. It’s going to end. This is what life is about. You can never stay young forever and happy forever. So. The right way is to enter into the adult world and face all evils of the society (read on my wings theory if you want to know more) 

 3. The concept photos for the left version of BTS. The group photo at the bustop have every single member smiling.

Why? There is a bustop sign which some armys figured out to be linked to a story book of OWL SERVICE which is about people living in a loop. And about reborn and reincarnation. So by taking bus 59 they are able to keep living the happiest moment of their lives in their youth which is signified by the route map found in their concept photos showing the various eras BTS had. 

 Then. Some armys found and article to link to bus 59 about seriously injuring 7 people when it tried to avoid a vehicle. Just maybe it hints at the fact that keep living life in a loop and not wanting to move forward is a wrong/left decision. 

 The signboard also states ‘operates between 59th cicero & 60th stoney island’ and to get from cicero to stoney island you can choose between a pink line or blue line similar to the album colours ? Or maybe just the korean version of demian book colours. 

 4. The album cover is just an empty bustop and empty rusty pipes as background and the leaked back of the album photo is in black and white. Could it be that the members chose the wrong and left version and died in the process and reborn again in a never ending loop of the very used word ’nirvana’: a transcendent state in which there is neither suffering, desire, nor sense of self, and the subject is released from the effects of karma and the cycle of death and rebirth.  Therefore they do not exist anymore.  If they die and reborn, their success and memories of the right or pink version would be erased therefore having a blank background and in the left or blue version they are never physically there since they pass away leaving an empty bustop.

To put it simply, the boys had their fair share of fun and games in their youth and abundance of pain and sufferings of the youth which made up their “most beautiful moment in life. However, in wings they showed the temptation of the evil of the world when they entered adulthood( read up on my previous theories on wings) and in You never walk alone, they are desperately hoping to reminiscence about their youth and had to make decision to either move forward or stay in the past but i think the most emphasis is on the fact that they will be together forever, because after all it it call you never walk alone.

However! This is just my theory based on concept photos only. Once the mv and album are release i will have a full detailed theory on it linking it with wings too. Just too little details to work with. So in the meantime find out more about my wings theory. 

 I know there are many more to discover from the concept photos with the link between members and popsicles and all. This theory here just explains the main concept of the story. But i will go indepth into the individual characters and link between members soon. 

 Update too: sorry for putting 2 ongoing fanfictions on hold for a week. My school just started and i am soo done with the new people there. ): but i will update soon. With more theories and stories!


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What do you think Arya's end game will be? Even as one of my favourites that's always been a hard question for me.

Yeah, this is a hard one, as there’s no way Arya’s staying where she is, but events in Westeros don’t seem to be lining up to give her any particular position. 

Besides, Arya’s story always seemed to me to be more about her beliefs, her values, ideals, and moral core, than any one setting, endgame, or relationship. GRRM’s emphasis is generally on what those settings, scenarios, and relationships reveal about Arya: her big beating fucking beautiful heart. She’s driven by burning, all-consuming empathy and a stubborn desire to personally set the world to rights, a combination both loving and occasionally violent…all of which, as many have noted, parallels her with Dany. So my wild guess is that after living with Sansa, Sandor, and Gendry at Winterfell for a time, Arya will pick up where Dany left off and lead her wolf pack on an anti-slavery crusade. And if you’re wondering if that’s just because I wanna see Adult Arya and her Wolves take on the Monsters of Mantarys…well maybe a li’l 

Ex-Girlfriend- Eisuke Ichinomiya

All he could ever think about was you. The letter you’d left him was always with him, your picture still lined his wallet, everything was about you, about winning you back, one day you’d join him again.

Whenever someone hurt you, it hurt him, he knew where you were, he knew what was going on in your life, but for now he was content with waiting for you to come back to him.

You’d walked out of his life, with such a sad smile gracing your lips, tears trailing down tainted cheeks. He couldn’t even really remember why you’d decided to leave that day, but the visions of Navy, suit cases resting beside you. Memories racing, remembering the exact moment when he’d watched you get into that black taxi, being driven from his life.

Making you his Ex-girlfriend, his ex that he wants back, no matter how much he attempted to deny it to begin with, he felt as though he needed you back with him.

Then the news came, and in a manner he regreted having watching you over so closely.

You’d found someone new, you’d been seen with him on dates for weeks, but it wasn’t until a photo of you kissing the scum of the earth, he realised that these weren’t just rumours, you’d found someone else. He was done. Done with being content. Done with patient.

You were his, plain and simple, even if you’d broken up with him, he was going to get you back.

The first days, he just sent flowers, with small notes, nothing particularly sweet but you were going to have to understand that he was going to make you come back. With his name signed, he knew you’d understand just how seriously he was going to work to win your back. Then the flower boquets got bigger, and every two days jewellery arrived alongside. Again, the same notes, but the words seemed to almost hold a sweet undertone, even going as far to tell you he loved you. Tearing your heart, how were you meant to move on when all he was doing was trying to drag you back into him.

Then you started writing back to him, the letters started, filled with pain, telling him how you didn’t want him to carry on, slowly morphing into romantic phrases about how much you missed him being with you, the kisses, the way he’d hold onto you, and even just sleeping next to him. Whenever he read the sweeter letters he found himself thinking he was just locked inside of his dreams, going so far as to cause himself pain to make sure he wasn’t just dreaming again.

Eisuke wanted nothing more than to show up at your door, pull you into him, and claim you all over again, he was waiting though, attempting to keep himself locked in work, sending you presents, he didn’t realise how slowly he was creeping back into your heart. Without you his world had breifly felt as though it was crashing down, and yet as you slowly seemed to be falling for him again he could close his eyes, and watch you walk back into his life, looking more beautiful than he even remembered.

Maybe, it was because he’d been chasing you around, he’d never expected to be chasing anyone like this, he still found himself wondering if you were even going to come back, all he knew is that he really needed you, he needed you to come back to him. There was nothing left in the world that he wouldn’t do to win you back, for you to believe that he needed you back.

He couldn’t take it without you anymore, all this time the both of you were having apart, as the letters became sweeter, the pain, the fear of coming back became even clearer, and he just couldn’t figure out what this was even for anymore?

And then, he found you standing at his door, face flushed, dressed head to toe in a violet dress, you dove into his arms, placing your head into the crook of his neck, whispers of love slipping through your lips, he found himself standing shocked momentarily.

His arms locked around you body, holding you tightly, closely, clinging to your form, never wanting to let you go again, all he was left to do was to hope he wasn’t just dreaming.

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My love letter to the creators of Korra and the fandom itself. I wrote these lyrics back when Book One came out and posted a rough cover of this song here a few years ago, but I thought I’d re-record them for my YouTube channel in honor of the finale.

So much love for all that this series has meant to me and all the beautiful things it dared to do! It’s been a wonderful ride. I won’t ever forget the characters that Bryan and Mike have brought to life, or the chills that Jeremy Zuckerman’s songs have induced over the years!

I’ve truly lost and left my heart in the world of Republic City. 

Lost my heart to the dawn
And I don’t know where it’s gone
I’ve been searching all night long

Never dreamed that I’d be
Chasing for it, you with me
Won’t you help me find it please?

Maybe it’s magic, maybe it’s not
But I know that tonight’s all that we’ve got

Maybe we’re crazy, maybe we’re not
Darling you’ve got me caught

Lost my heart in your arms
To the city’s glow and charm
Swear you’ll keep it safe from harm

♥ ♬ ♥

(Special thanks to masterarrowhead for the fantastic Korrasami artwork used in the video still! You can reblog the image from her blog here!)


30 Day Movie Challenge

Day 17: The Best Movie You Saw In The Last Year

Interstellar (2014)

As anyone who has seen my blog knows, I love Christopher Nolan's films passionately.  He can essentially do no wrong in my eyes.  His latest film was no exception.  It exceeded my expectations, honestly, which was pretty difficult.  I went with some friends to see it in IMAX, and when the credits began, the three of us sat in silence the entire time.  We wouldn’t have known where to start.  Interstellar is truly  one of the greatest film experiences I have ever had.  It was stunning beautiful and overwhelmingly emotional.  It was truly heartbreaking at times.  It was a wonder to behold, and it took me to another world entirely.  I have probably never been left in such awe by a movie.  Earlier in this challenge, I named The Dark Knight my favorite movie of all time, but ever since I watched this it creeps closer to claiming that title.  Maybe it already has.

«Grace was such a beautiful person and such a wonderful human being, full of love and kindness, that maybe she was not really made for this world of violence and misery. And so God took her in his Kingdom. We have lost so much with Grace’s departure from this world, the void left is terrible. Yet her presence is everywhere, where we look, what we touch, what we talk about. The children are wonderful and such comfort, we are very closely united in our sorrow and the wonderful memory of our darling Grace»


(Excerpt from letter to Joan Dale, October 2nd, 1982)

i just want yall to know that if i did my research right, they stayed at the bungalow before the judge’s houses for a week and 13 days and so since we have found out that harry wrote alex and sierra’s “I love you” under a pseudonym, i give you this wonderful tidbit

sierra’s first verse:

You ran your finger down my back
And you spelled out your name
While we laid there on the soft warm ground for a week and thirteen days

sierra’s second verse:

I fell in love with a beautiful boy
And you still take my breath away