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Why are birds so amazing?

This is a tough question, and a very big question. Since it’s just about impossible to objectively explain why birds are amazing (they are, btw), maybe I can explain why birds amaze me and why they’re the focus of both my career and a significant portion of my recreational time.

1. Birds are dinosaurs that you can hold today.

Flashback to 2010, a time when little Redstart was thinking about applying to college. For a while I was convinced I would pursue animation and go be some awesome art director of nifty animated films starring animals. Then I realized that a) I wasn’t good enough or motivated enough to make it, and b) having art as a career would ruin creating art for me. So, then it was back to my other passion: paleontology.

I literally applied to college planning to be a geology/biology double major with a long-term career goal of being a professor of paleobiology. I doggedly pursued this game until my sophomore year of college, when I discovered birds.

Birds are dinosaurs. Just about everyone knows this now (thank goodness). The big, significant realization here is that you can study dinosaurs today. Think about the magnificent breadth and depth of scientific questions you can ask about an animal when it’s right in front of you, instead of turned into rock and shattered into a million fragments! Don’t get me wrong; paleontology is an awesome field. But instead of dedicating my life to recreating the world of millions of years ago, I decided to work on unraveling the mysteries of today’s dinosaurs.

2. Birds are Pokémon.

Stay with me, now! As a wee youth I was obsessed with Pokémon. Wait, I’m still obsessed with Pokémon. Well, it turns out that birding and bird banding are just about the closest thing you can get in real life to filling out the Pokédex.

Birds have the Goldilocks number of species, which makes them incredibly appealing to pursue, study, identify, and watch. Think about it! Mammals, while are certainly *~*~*charismatic*~*~*, are mostly nocturnal. There are also like 10 of them in the world (yes, that’s an undersell). Lame! Insects and other invertebrates are amazing, but there are too goddamn many for many laypeople to really get into (side note: my alternate field would probably be malacology because I love Mollusca). Fish have some good numbers and variety, but require getting into this whole aquatic sphere– a different world entirely and one that is not readily accessible to those of us who matured in NYC.

So there’s the numbers game and their incredible charisma at play here. Humans have trained their companion psittacids and cacatuids to speak, to understand; as intelligent social animals, we can feel a mysterious connection with birds in the same way that most humans feel an inherent connection with your typical charismatic megafauna, such as wolves and lions (*eyeroll*).

3. Birds are diverse.

Cassowaries are three-toed behemoths that can communicate in rumbling infrasound like elephants and kick a grown man to death. Woodcocks can see in 360 degrees without a single turn of the head. The booted racket-tail is a hummingbird about the size of a quarter with a tail three times its body length that goes torpid every night after its daily frenzy of foraging for nectar. The Chiroxiphia manakins coordinate sexual display in an incredible show of teamwork, after which only one male gets to mate. The bowerbirds build ornate structures that rival some human creations, and then dance and sing in front of them for a mate.

Albatross can maintain a pair bond for decades, and once their chicks fledge they may not touch solid ground for three years. Steller’s eiders from both North America and Russia winter together on the sea ice of the Bering Strait, where they fish for molluscs in the cold. Bar-headed geese fly over the Himalayas. Arctic terns breed as far north as the Arctic circle and winter all the way south in Antarctica, in the longest migration known to the animal kingdom. Martial eagles kill and eat small antelope by flying them up high and dropping them to the ground. Starlings and mimids can imitate hundreds of sounds. Numerous seabirds can go their entire life without a single drink of freshwater due to their advanced salt glands. 

…And so on. The breadth of the bird world is absolutely incredible. With roughly 10,000 species worldwide existing on every continent (something that cannot be boasted by many other taxonomic classes), birds have evolved to occupy so many amazing niches.

4. Birds matter.

Now, this isn’t to imply that other animals don’t matter! It is incredibly vital that we keep a steady stream of funding to all biological sciences,  but I must say that in my work with birds I have always felt that the research I’ve been doing plays its part in the greater scheme of things.

Birds are an easily seen indicator species; their high sensitivity can be informative about how the world at large is doing. As climate changes and anthropogenic disturbance increases, we can see bird populations shifting their range and phenology from year to year.

Since they are so prominent, birds have also been among the numerous species to face untimely extinction; take the story of the magnificent great auk, for example, which was rapidly hunted into oblivion due to its flightlessness and colonial breeding strategy. Carolina parakeet, passenger pigeon, Bachman’s warbler, ivory-billed woodpecker, Labrador duck: these are all species that used to be seen in North America that are nowhere to be found today. 

And it’s through some well-timed intervention spear-headed by biologists and conservationists that we have avoided the loss of other amazing bird species. The National Audubon Society keeps an egret in their logo, a nod to the birds that were almost destroyed in the hat trade. The Atlantic Puffin was completely extirpated from the Gulf of Maine until it was successfully reintroduced on Eastern Egg Rock. And remember the shitshow that was DDT? It was birds that let us know how much of a threat that pesticide was; brown pelicans, bald eagles, peregrine falcons, osprey, and more faced steep declines thanks to the substance.

These reasons just brush the surface of why birds are amazing– and yes, why I am constantly amazed by birds even though I look at them every day in my backyard or as part of my work. We haven’t even mentioned feathers, or vocalizationtheir incredible physiology, or the way they have inspired artists for centuries.

Getting into birds literally changed my life; it was a turning point for my career, for my mental health, and for my outlook on this incredible world that we live in. I want others to have similar realizations about the natural world! That’s why I run this blog, and that’s why I’ll never stop birding.

They’ll Be Calling You a Radical

So @gryffindorkwinchester and @endgame-sterek were talking about protester!Derek trying to save the wolves, and my little biologist heart couldn’t resist, so I wrote a little something. I have no idea how local government works, so just pretend with me, please. While we’re at it, let’s also pretend wolves still live in northern California. 

(On AO3)

“Hey, son,” his dad says when he picks up. “I’m going to be home a little late, I’m still at the station right now.”

Stiles hesitates, gripping the door handle of the jeep. “Why? What’s going on?”

“There’s some protest going on in the town square, I’m about to head over,” his dad says.

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Poldark returns: Aidan Turner on nudity, being single and why he's a technophobe

As the famously ripped and glowering Cornish copper miner, Aidan Turner has put the sex back  into Sunday nights. Over a large vodka, he talks about getting  naked, those pecs and playing Poldark
Just before I am due to interview Aidan Turner, his PR sends me an email to let me know that he has grown a beard – presumably in case I fail to recognise the actor fully clothed or not wearing a tricorn hat.
Poor old Turner is so defined by that scything scene that he likes to grow his beard when not committed to playing Ross Poldark – which doesn’t happen very often, given the BBC has just commissioned a fourth series and Turner says they are all tied in for five.
‘I’m not a big fan of shaving,’ he explains to me when I finally find him – fully clothed in a bomber jacket, T-shirt and jeans, minus tricorn, hiding in the corner of a dimly lit hotel bar in Mayfair. ‘It sucks. What’s the point? What is the point?’ I mention something about it being uncomfortable to be on the receiving end of a man with a beard.

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His Dirty Little Secret..

Prologue( for new readers)

Hailey Wilson is your typical 16 year old. She prefers books over party’s and where she lives most people don’t agree with that such as Ashleigh Wills the most popular girl at school who looks down on everyone and gets every guy she wants and when she wants.

Luke Hemmings is your typical bad boy, he has piercings and tattoos all over his body. He prefers girls or anything and he likes to make peoples life a living hell at school and one of those people happen to be Hailey…

but what happens when they both realise they are each other’s new neighbours??

  • Before you start reading i will let you know a few things..
  • The story has changed a little i have re-written some characters and taken people out.
  • I have changed Haileys attitude and re-written parts.
  • You may have noticed i changed the title as well, the story line is still going to be the same but just a little different.
  • Luke is still going to be the ass he was the first time around.
  • I don’t want to tell you guys too much because that will spoil it..
  • i hope you enjoy this chapter!

Chapter 1-

From the bad boy at school to my next door neighbour..

Hailey’s Pov 

My alarm kept ringing and ringing meaning it was time for school, i groaned as i rolled around and turned it off.

i layed back and stared up at the ceiling.

Weekends go by so fast, i stayed up way to late last night.

i just couldn’t put this new book i got down, it’s so good.

i got it on Saturday when i was out with Sophie and Lauren and i haven’t been able to put it down.

My mum came walking in to my room and said  "Time for school"

i rolled my eyes at her as she walked out, she doesn’t like when i stay in at the weekends reading.

She want’s me to be more like her when she was my age.

which was going out getting drunk and having unprotected sex with guys no one likes, something girls like to do in this generation.

Me on the other hand i don’t enjoy anything like that, not that i’ve ever gotten drunk or even been to a party but if you took one look at me i would get laughed at if i showed up at a party.  

My friend Lauren like’s to go to a party now and again but i never go, she asks but i just laugh at her when she does.

we have been friends for so long she should know by now i would not be seen dead at a party.

i was just glad Sophie wasn’t into party’s, she more like me thankfully.

i got up out of bed finally and i quickly jumped into the shower because i haven’t showered since Saturday and it’s now Monday morning.

i looked at my wardrobe wandering what to wear, the only thing i own is black skinny jeans and plain t-shirts or hoodies.

but even with my choose of clothing i still get called a nerd, i don’t see myself as a nerd yeah of course i do well in school and i have never missed a day but that’s just because i want to do well.

The worst name i do get called in school is Virgin. It’s such a stupid thing to call someone, i know i can’t be the only person in the whole school who is a virgin.

i’m just open about it,most people at my school aren’t. The popular ones call me and my friends Lauren and Sophie the three virgins even though Lauren has had sex.

they just think there better than us which is really stupid. It doesn’t bother me anymore what they call me, i’ve gotten use to it over the years.

I’ve gone with black skinny jeans and a white plain top with my leather jacket and converse, it’s comfy and at least maybe my mother might agree with my choice.

Once i was finished getting ready to walked down stairs to find my mum in the kitchen patiently waiting for me.

Oh god.

“What took you so long?” was all she said once i walked in..

I gave her a weird look and then i looked at the clock, it’s only 8 o'clock i wasn’t that long.

“I was only 45 minutes and i needed a shower” i said to her as i got my bowl and cereal out for breakfast

She rolled her eyes at me and then she turned and was about to walk out but not before saying

“Well hurry up and eat because i have a meeting early this morning so if you want me to drive you, stop with the back cheek and eat” she said and then she left.

I guess she didn’t get enough sleep, it’s always the same with her one minute she is a loving mother and then next minute it is as if she regrets ever giving birth to you and she tries to show it with every word she says or look she gives you. She is hard to read sometimes.

But she is the worst lair, if she thinks i believe her having these meetings in the morning she is really wrong. I know she is meeting up with another one of her guys for whatever it is.

I don’t know his name i just know there is a guy but that is the normal routine with her, i never find out his name because it doesn’t get that far that i meet him unless i catch her out her with tights around her ankles and the guy on top of her, it has happened quite a few times.

By half 8 we were ready to go and i got in the car yawning,even though i am really tired this morning it was worth it and i know when i go home i will want to read more.

i got a text while i just arrived at school from my friends letting me know that they were already inside and so was Luke.

Luke hemmings.

i wished just wished that one day he would take a day off, for being a bad boy he always manages to come to school of course he misses classes but he still makes an appearance every day.

i’ve never hated someone so much than i do him, he is the whole reason why people started calling me a virgin.

It happened a year ago, i stuck up for myself and told him off something no one dares to do at this school but i felt confident and i was sick of him thinking he owned the school and ever since then he hasn’t stopped trying to make my life hell.

He’s the typical bad boy in our school, he has a lip piercing and a tongue piercing and loads of tattoos, his hair is always dyed a different colour each week. He will be bald by the times he’s 20 i bet.

people say when his dad left things changed for him but no one really knows what happened to him 2 years ago.

Mondays aren’t bad for classes i only have 5 and they last 2 hours roughly each, it helps that i’m a good pupil as well so my day goes by quick so i can get back to my book.

i knew my friends were in the cloakroom already but i needed the toilet so i headed their first once i got my books out of my locker.

I walked out of the bathroom but of course my luck i managed to hit someone with the door on my way out.

“I’m so sorry, i didn’t see you” i said as i turned to apologise to whoever i hit and then i realised who it was.

“Watch where you’re going nerd” she said

That was Ashleigh Wills the most popular girl in the school.

She is the one who most people are scared off, she has long blonde hair and the makeup.

She wear the shortest clothes i have ever seen someone wear, if it isn’t a short skirt it’s short tops.

There is something else about her that everyone is scared of,it’s who she hangs around with..

Luke Hemmings.

They are always on and off, it’s hard to tell if they are together or not.

If you ask me they are perfect for one another both as bad as each other.

She looks down at everyone for no reason all because she is the captain of the cheerleader squad, she is second person on my list of people i hate.

i walked to the cloak room and saw my friends

“Good morning”

 Sophia said “ Morning” then she pointed to Lauren who seemed to not know i was there

“Morning….” i sang into her ear making her jump

“Fuck off Hailey, i have a hanging headache"Lauren said still not lifting her head up

Me and Sophie laughed at her, she must have been out last night well she shouldn’t have drank too much.

We went over who had what class etc.. Me and Sophie had Maths together and then i had Art alone then it was break time and then we all had English together but Lauren doesn’t sit with us. She sits with this boy who she has a crush on.. William graham.

she is the most confident one out of us three but when it comes to him she can hardly get a word out, it’s quite entertaining to watch.

then i have R.E alone and Science alone but i am passing these classes, i always have so i am never bored in class.

I have been so busy thinking about what classes i have today i forgot about what happened this morning.

"Your never going what happened before you guys arrived this morning at school” i said to both of them making them looking weirdly at me.

“What?” they both said

“I was coming out of the bathroom and i hit someone with the door on my way out and guess who it was?” i said

They both shrugged their shoulders and then i continued “ It was Ashleigh, i said sorry but once i realised who it was i wasn’t sorry anymore”

They both laughed and then Lauren said “ I would have paid good money to see the look on her face as you hit her, she needs more than just a door to the face if you ask me”

the bell rang meaning it was time for class..

We just got up as Luke and his with along with Ashleigh and her squad walked past us, they gave us dirty looks and Luke said “ look it’s the 3 virgins hurrying to class” they all laughed as they walked past.

Of course he couldn’t walk past us without saying anything, he makes me sick.

i hated how he just walked around this school like he was god’s gift, i can’t believe at one point i had a crush on him. That was before the tattoo’s and piercings of course.

By break time i was so ready to slap Luke and ready for food.

Art class is the only class i hate not because i can’t draw it’s because i have to deal with Luke and his friends alone.

Calum Hood and Michael Clifford.

They are all as bad as each other, Michael doesn’t say much as Luke and Calum would. I have to sit beside Michael in my R.E class and he isn’t as mean or annoying like the other two.

I had been in Art class for almost an hour now and so far i have had 3 pieces of paper thrown at my head by the one and only Luke Hemmings.

Seriously have they not got something better to do? Like um their fucking work.

This is normal routine in Art class, they always throw something at me, a pencil or paper or a rubber. I remember Luke threw a pencil at my head and it hurt and i swore i thought i saw a tiny bit of guilt in his eyes when i turned around angrily at him but he soon covered it up with a smirk.

I picked up one of the pieces Luke threw at me and i opened it to find that he had written Loser in black pen i mean could he not have written something more i don’t know creative?

I knew he was staring at me because i could feel his eyes on me so i looked over at him with the piece of paper in my hand still, he was smirking at me and then he mouthed

“Loser” to me still smirking.

I rolled my eyes at him not giving him the satisfaction of letting him know he’s bothered me. He is such a dickhead, I could think of more impressive things to call him.

I gave him a dirty look and then i picked up another  piece of paper he threw at me and walked to the bin and turned to look at him as i threw it in the bin and then i rolled my eyes as i walked back to my seat.

He didn’t look to happy but so what? Maybe it will teach him a lesson that throwing paper at me is getting nowhere and he is just wasting his time and mine.

just when i thought i might have gotten rid of him that bastard pushed me into the lockers, seriously?! What a prick.

One day i am going to push him to see how he likes it.

i walked into the canteen mad as hell, Lauren still look hungover but i didn’t care i slammed my bag down on the table as i sat down making her give me the evils.

i told them what happened, they weren’t surprised about it because it is just a normal routine with him.

the rest of the day went by quick thankfully, Luke never said another word to me or pushed me but he was too busy with his tongue down every girl’s throat so i think that’s why.

Sophie’s mum was giving me a lift home, i didn’t feel like walking home like i usually do so i just got a lift. Lauren had detention for being late last week so she had to stay behind.

When i got dropped off at my house there was a big truck that said “Moving out” at the side in big letters on it just next door.

Finally someone has rented the house next door, it has been empty for weeks and it has been creeping me out lately.

I dropped my bag at my door and i walked over to see who the new neighbours would be hoping they are going to be nice.

As i got closer i saw a woman about 5'4 with short blonde hair walk out of the house looking tired.

She seen me and she smiled so i smiled back and i walked closer over to her.

“Hello i’m Hailey, i live just next door” i said as i stopped in front of her

She smiled and held out her hand for me to shake which i did because it is polite and then she spoke

“Hello i’m Liz, me and my son have just moved today, it’s nice to meet you”

She seemed really nice, i hope her son is nice as well.

“My mum will be home soon if you like you can home next door for a cup of tea? I’m sure you could use a break from moving boxes around” i said nicely to her

“Aw thank you sweetheart, that is very kind of you but i’m fine. My son will be here any time now, you should meet him, you are probably the same age” she said

I smiled at her and then all of a sudden a motorbike was heard coming close and then the guy pulled up in the driveway, we both turned to look and Liz smiled.

This must be her son.

“Here is he now” she said

She walked over to him as he was just getting of his bike, i swear i knew that leather jacket from somewhere but i couldn’t figure out where.

He’s very tall and i can tell he is probably attractive.. But i haven’t seen his face yet.

He was just taking off his helmet and Liz waved me over. I kept my head down to the ground because i was shy, i usually am around boys and if he is attractive i don’t want to say something stupid.

The guy turned around just as i approached Liz and then she spoke “ Son this is Hailey Wilson, she is our new neighbour, you guys are around the same age”

I finally lifted my head up to see who her son was and i think i almost died right there.

Her son is Luke Hemmings.

Luke Hemmings who about a couple of hours ago was throwing paper at me and pushed me against the lockers.

Great this is just perfect, i don’t know who looked more shocked.

Me or Luke.

He didn’t smirk at me, he just stared at me. I tore my eyes away from him to see his mum staring between us and then she spoke

“I’m guessing you two know each other already?”

Haha you could say that..

“We um go to the same school” i said quietly

Luke smirked making me wish i was anywhere but here right now

“Oh isn’t this great” Liz said clapping her hands and walking away leaving me and Luke alone.

I took one last look at him before turning, i didn’t want to spend anymore time with him than i needed to.

God not only is he going to make my life hell at school, he is going to make my life at home a living hell too.

So guys i’m back,i didn’t go away for long but i have deleted all of my work and starting fresh.

i wasn’t happy with my writing and i’m sorry if you guys loved my writing but i will be re-writing all my stories and making them better.

let me know what you thought of this chapter and the story so far

it is going to change from the last story and i hope that’s okay

don’t forget to vote and comment below.

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What goth is really about

I feel like I need to make this posts because I’m seeing a lot of post trying to justify completely abandoning the music aspect of goth and pinning goths against goths, and I seems like they’ve completely missed the point of goth.

First I’d like to start off by saying goth is a MUSIC based subculture. What I’d like to point out is when I see people talk about this they for some reason decide to fit goth music into a box with all these guidelines (did a elitist tell you do that or something, where did you learn that bad habit?). Goth music isn’t strictly just the bat cave and original 80s post punk stuff. There’s many different genres accepted such as new wave, new romantic, deathrock, industrial, dark wave, shoe gaze, synth pop, different types of metal and other stuff.
I’m only into 80s music so I can’t name the other types but it would be awesome if people could reblog this and leave comments introducing some awesome music.

Listening to goth music shouldn’t restrict you. You don’t cut out bands just because they’re not considered goth. Same goes for appearance when your shopping, cutting, styling hair or doing your make up you shouldn’t be thinking “is this goth enough?”. That mindset is TOXIC! The only thing you should be trying to achieve is being you and you alone. Heck you won’t know if you’ll start a trend if you try so hard to look like everyone else. You think Souxsie or Nina Hagen were worrying about looking like everyone else? You could be bald and naked and you still wouldn’t be any less goth then the kid wearing winkle pickers with Robert smith hair and pale skin.

Moving on to wether you really are goth or not. Firstly do you support your local goth scene? If you said no all I have to say is why not?! A lot of newer goths seem to miss this point. You have all these newer goths wondering why the scenes not progressing. I get it, goth is so easily accessible over the Internet but if we just kept it that way all the clubs would shut down, soon all the festivals will cease to exist, the music will go extinct, goth artist will remain starving artists and the literature will be thrown in the trash bin. Back in the 80s and 90s they didn’t rely on the Internet to tell them what goth was they went out and found out for themselves and that’s why it was so alive and thriving back then. I’m assuming that a good amount of us have gone through our scene/ emo phase, even that had a music scene. I’m assuming you went to go see pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens, botdf or Jeffree star maybe owl city, never shout never? You were there supporting your scene, so how is goth any different? If you are goth you should want to support and help the scene grow so that it can evolve and flourish. The goth scene has been lacking in this department for years sadly. I promise if you give to the goth scene you’ll get a lot back in return. Just go check it out and find out if goths for you. Talk to some of the goths at a show or club tell them you’re new and interested in it, most of them will be more then happy to show you the ropes and help you learn about it.

Now on to this whole elitist talk. I’d like to point out one of my favorite things about the goth scene is it has your back. If someone is just a prick/elitist/whatever other goths will warn you or pretty much blacklist them. This also comes with a cost if you are new to the scene these people will purposely attack you simply because you don’t know better. Maybe their new to the scene to and are taking out their anger on you because their actually the misinformed one or maybe their just the type of person that gets mad when people don’t do what they want. Who knows. All I can say is you aren’t alone in your hatred for them. The goth scene does not condone this. The longer I’m in the scene and the more people I meet the more I learn about this. I feel like people have this weird misconception that all goths are suppose to be open minded and tolerant which honestly is a cute thought but not possible. No matter what music scene you go into there’s bound to be some jerks who slip through. Do not ever let anyone tell you you aren’t goth enough or that your not doing something right because it’s not exactly the way they want it done.

Check out your local scene, support your goth artists and get in touch with yourself.

surefinewatever  asked:

hi! if you're taking prompts rn: can you please write something bittersweet fluffy-smutty MSR on the run/post-The Truth fic? I just ran out of those on ao3 and honestly I can't find my place, I need my dosis! have a nice day xx

She spends a lot of time looking out the window.  He knows it without even looking at her (but he can’t stop looking at her, glances that last longer than they should despite the flat, open, empty, endless highway).  He is losing his grasp on her by inches as she slips over some invisible precipice.

Scully spreads the map over her knees and traces their route.  They try not to use their phones.  She’s folded and refolded the map so many times that it’s parting gently at the creases.  He tries not to think of that as a metaphor.  Maybe it makes her feel more secure to track them across the highways that slice the land into pieces.  

They have been crisscrossing the plains of the West in some sort of ersatz frontiersmanship.  Mountains bite into the edges of the sky, but he still feels immensely small under the endless blue.  This land has claimed so many lives.  He can’t stop thinking of skeletons, bleached bones under the pale insidious sun, weathered by the wind.  He thinks of their bones in the haunted house, how fragile they would look out here, jumbled together like the bones of the Brown Mountain hikers, their small treasures lost in the spaces between their ribs.  They are somewhere in Wyoming; he isn’t sure anymore.  Every small town looks like every other small town, dark windows like lost teeth that will never grow back.  At least if they are being followed, they will see their pursuers coming, the way that Scully watches storms roll in.  

They stop for the night at another motel.  He pays in cash; the guy at the counter hardly even looks up, just pushes the key across the counter.  Mulder picks it up.  It’s attached to one of those keychains designed to look like a vanity license plate, the kind that he’s seen at a thousand truck stops.  The room number is written on one side.  The other side says WILLIAM.  Mulder might take it as some kind of sign, if he still believed in signs and wonders.   Still, he won’t let Scully see it.  

They carry the suitcases in with the weary ease of all-too-seasoned travelers.  They can pack or unpack in less than ten minutes.  They used to try to put out little homey touches, but that ended months ago, after the third time they fled in the middle of the night.  Scully still has a framed photograph of William in her bag, but she never takes it out.  It’s wrapped in her mother’s scarf.  She touches it sometimes, when she thinks he isn’t looking.

Scully walks into the bathroom and eyes her reflection.  The harsh light bleaches her skin and brings out brassy highlights in her blonde wig.  She scrapes the wig off her head and massages her head with a sigh, leaning into the mirror again.  He’s seen that gaze before, when she was trying to stare through her skull to find the death that lurked behind her eyes.

“Chinese okay for dinner, if I can find it?” Mulder asks.  "I’m craving kung pao chicken.“

"Sure,” she says, narrowing her eyes.  He’s been on the other end of that look before; it’s never pleasant.  He leaves her to her contemplation and makes sure to take the key.  

When he comes back with sandwiches and canned soup from the grocery store (the only Chinese restaurant had clearly closed for business some months before), Scully has shaved her head.  She is picking the long locks off a towel and dropping them meticulously into a bag. He stands stock-still, stunned by the perfect curve of her skull.  She must have used his clippers; she’s gotten good with them the past few months.  Her hair is evenly cropped all over, red-gold down through which he can see the blue veins in her scalp.

“Oh,” he says.

“It’s easier,” she says, “to put the wigs on.”  She drags the wig on to demonstrate, a practiced gesture.  She looks strange as a blond, even after months of rotating through various wigs.  He reaches out and gently takes it off.  He hangs it on the doorknob of the bathroom (he’s been lectured enough times about how to care for the various accoutrements of their disguises).  

“I needed a change,” she tells him, and something behind her eyes is falling apart.

“You’re beautiful,” he says.

“Mulder,” she says wearily.

“I mean it,” he insists.  There is an eerie, unearthly quality to her loveliness; without her hair, her eyes are even more striking, her cheekbones sharper, the fineness of the architecture of her all the more evident.  He cannot stop looking at her.

She smiles, but there’s a gently bitter twist to her lips.  "Show me,“ she says.

He clasps her hands, then runs his palms up her arms to her shoulders and traces the taut tendons in her neck.  Her ears are revealed in their perfection now; he skims his thumbs over their edges to make her shiver.  The remains of her hair prickle against his palms.  He imagines he can read their journey by the marks on her skin: the veins are rivers, her scars are landmarks, and the intersections of her nerves are ticked off by mile markers.  They have been to the moon and back, he thinks, or at least to the ends of the earth.  One rainy night in Oregon they walked off the edges of the map and have never found their way back.  Here be monsters.  They have carved their own markers into their trail, into their bodies, so that at least if they cannot find their way, they are never lost.

She is restless under his hands, wincing a little.  He pulls away immediately.

"Sorry,” he tells her.  

“It hurts,” she says slowly, as if she’s tasting the words to determine their truth.  "I didn’t know it would hurt.“

"I wasn’t trying to…” he says and trails off as she looks at him.

“It’s all right,” she says.  "I didn’t know.  I’ve been lucky, I suppose.  I didn’t know I’d be cold.“

He reaches for the wig with a question in his eyes, but she shakes her head.

"Warm me up, Mulder,” she tells him.

They undress themselves (most of the romance vanished along with any attempts to make any room feel like anything more than a temporary shelter) and he falls onto the bed, pulling her on top of him.  The light from the lamps slants across her face as she straddles him.  He steadies her with his hands on her hips.  He wants to run his palms over her head again; he always thought her hair was soft, but the stubble is sharp, just one more example of her unexpected depths.  She rides him with an abandon that approaches desperation and it’s all he can do to keep up with the tempo she sets, rising and falling.  He knows where and how to touch her to make her come.  It’s the only truly useful skill he’s ever learned, he thinks, and the only one that’s never failed him at a critical moment.

She looks down at him and there’s a halo around her.  He hasn’t seen light that warm for months.  If there are angels, this is what they look like: fiery and chiseled, flames in their eyes and flames around them.  

She comes with a gasp, her limber body suddenly steel.  He holds her through it, waits until she dissolves into flesh again to find his own pleasure.  They still use condoms, most of the time, having both seen too much traceable evidence left behind in other motel rooms; feeling her surrounding him with no barrier between them is a rare pleasure.  He thrusts up into her, molding her to his hips, and the flutter of her inner muscles around him is enough to finish him.  Almost before he’s caught his breath, she’s in the bathroom again, washing up.  He rolls off the bed and follows her on shaky legs.  She hands him a damp washcloth.  It’s rough against his delicate skin, but he cleans up anyway and tosses the cloth into the sink.  She is gazing into the mirror again, disbelief and dismay at odds in her eyes with a fierce defiant pride.  

“It’ll grow back,” she says, half to herself and half to him.

“I don’t care unless you care,” he tells her, wrapping her in his arms and pressing his cheek to her head.  The arch of her cranium fits into the hollow of his jaw.  "Your hair’s not the reason I love you.“

She leans back against his chest.  "Why do you love me, Mulder?  Sometimes I think all we’ve brought each other is loss and misery.”

He kisses her ear, taking a deep breath to ease the ache in his chest.  "Years ago we talked about all the choices that had brought us to this moment.  I still wouldn’t take them back.  There’s no one else I’d rather face the end of the world with, Scully.“

"If the end would come,” she says wryly.

“Maybe it won’t,” he says.  "Maybe they’ll give up on us.  Maybe we’ll give up and settle down somewhere, build ourselves a homestead.  I could learn to play the harmonica.“  

"That sounds miserable,” she says.

“All right, city girl,” he tells her.  "Maybe we’ll rent an apartment somewhere anonymous, train the cockroaches to fetch our slippers, grunt at the neighbors, and avoid the eyes of everyone we meet.“

"Better,” she says.  "Somewhere with Chinese food.“

"Definitely,” he says.

They stand in front of the mirror, staring at themselves, staring at each other.  They have carved their names on each other’s hearts like pioneers at Independence Rock.  They’ll endure, he thinks, standing as tall as they can under the infinity of stars.  Whoever follows in their footsteps (their son, oh god, their son - he cannot stop the hope bubbling up in him) will find the trail already blazed, the path cleared and marked for his easy passage.  

Scully’s stomach growls and the moment is gone.  They are mortal again, and hungry.  They drag their clothes back on and microwave the soup in the miserable kitchenette.  She digs a knitted hat out of their bags and he is grateful that she never lost her hair during her treatments.  Her near-baldness was her choice.  There will be no flashbacks; she never had a wig before they began their life on the lam.  It’s funny being wanted fugitives as they pick at their chicken salad sandwiches.  He always imagined a life of crime would be much more glamorous.  <i>The Sandlot</i> is on television; they watch that as Scully leans against him.

Go west, he thinks, go west and grow up with your country.  They are still alive, still growing.  Her hair will be proof of that, a new way to measure out the weeks of drifting from motel to motel.  They make their own calendars now to mark the seasons: every holiday is a day of mourning, but they wring out moments of joy like this, just soup and sandwiches and a moment to breathe together.  It’s enough.

wingsfreedom  asked:

I took some time to re-read The Promise (I wanted to check some penals), and now, I think I know the reason why Aang got violent. Aang, canonically, would go from pacific to violent under only "one condition": if someone hurt Katara.. Zuko somehow threatened/hurt Katara by grasping her by the elbows, and Aang couldn't take it.

I found that whole scene painfully artificial. I can’t wrap my head around Zuko setting up soldiers inside the city with orders to attack Aang & Co. As I recall, nothing in that scene indicates that the soldiers jump the gun and attack Aang without orders, or that Zuko made a dum-dum and said something like “Attack everyone!” when he really meant “Attack everyone except the people I like.” And then he has the nerve to be upset about Aang and Katara fighting to defend themselves against lethal force.

I also have trouble figuring out what train of thought would have led Zuko to expect Aang to attack him, when the more logical conclusion should be, “In case Aang shows up, I’ll have my soldiers tell him where to find me so that I can explain that we made a huge mistake in hastily deciding to ship everyone in the colonies to the Fire Nation.”

But then, Aang was already considering assassinating Zuko before he even arrived at Yu Dao, so maybe Zuko was right to warn his soldiers to shoot to kill if they saw a bald head with an arrow on it. Maybe we can get a prequel to The Promise one day that sets up a proper foundation for the events, like Aang getting possessed by Roku and murdering someone for changing his mind in front of Zuko.

So I guess I just talked myself into believing that Katara’s pain wasn’t even really necessary. Aang walked in already considering the possibility of beating Zuko to death, and then was attacked by soldiers who seemed to be trying to light his skin on fire. With a setup like that, of course he attacked Zuko upon seeing him.

At least Katara was included?

anonymous asked:

could you share your thoughts about the ladies costumes on got? like whose costumes you liked and when, which ones you didn't etc?

Ah, sure! Be warned—naturally I have a lot of thoughts.

I think the GoT costumes are stunning. In fact, the production design has always been one of my main reasons for watching. Most designers only dream of having that kind of budget and that many talented people in the costume department (including a full-time embroiderer like Michele Carragher). So the product is bound to be pretty great. I preferred Michele Clapton as designer, and the overall concept really remains hers. Clapton left after Season 5 and was replaced by April Ferry.

Specific Thoughts

As I’ve mentioned before, I believe the costumes were strongest in Seasons 1 and 2, before the budget exploded. Sure, the extra resources help secure the best fabrics and quality garment construction/detailing, but I liked a lot of the simpler (messier?) designs. i.e. what we saw with Robert’s visit to Winterfell, in the very beginning. I found the earlier hair and makeup much better too, though Cersei’s stuff was a little wild (I’ll make a few comments on wigs/makeup/styling as well, though note that these form separate departments in TV production).

high collars and layers r’hllor bless

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fbexplorer  asked:

tarsus prompt: Chekov and/or Sulu find out, against Jim's wishes, how does he react?

“Are you sure about this?”

“Absolutely. We found Mr. Spock’s in his full Starfleet file, did we not?”

“Yeah, but Spock’s file didn’t have a dozen ‘classified’ markers on it.”

“You are exaggerating, Hikaru, zere are only four markers on ze Keptin’s file.”

“We could get into a lot of trouble for hacking his file like this,” Hikaru mused, knocking back another gulp of Pavel’s favorite brand of scotch. “But to be fair, Kirk’s done his fair share of hacking for a good cause, and this certainly qualifies.”

“Zat’s ze spirit!” Pavel grinned, clinking his glass against Hikaru’s.

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Abazethe100 - Trailer Analysis, Speculation, Theories, and Predictions for The 100 Season 4

All right, here is my trailer analysis and speculation post for season 4. 

Keep the following in mind:

1. I’m a Bellarke shipper, but I don’t get too extra about it, so it’s safe for all shippers. 

2. If I’m right about some of my theories/speculations, then this post could be a HUGE spoiler. If I’m right, you might end up getting disappointed if my speculations come true. Proceed at your own risk. 

3. The biggest problems with speculating from trailers is that we often have to fill-in the blanks ourselves (making assumptions when we probably shouldn’t) and we have to take out frames and attempt to fit them together like a puzzle. But, this trailer is only 25 pieces of the 1000 piece puzzle that this season will eventually be, so if even one or two of my puzzle pieces are in the wrong place… my speculations fall apart a little. Therefore, please, understand that this is MY analysis and it is NOT foolproof. I’m going to bet that at least half of it is true and the other half is not true or only half true. REMEMBER THAT. 

Note: I divided my analysis up by character arcs and/or subplots. It made it easier to put the pieces together. 

Otherwise, enjoy. Let me know what you think. I might revise it once I’ve had time to think more about it or once we get more clues. 

Much love,


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How the Hermit Became Human

Summary: Takuto didn’t really have a reason to wake up every day until he met her. He comes to realize a few things about himself, some more surprising than others.

Genre:  Angst, Romance

Pairing: MC/Takuto

a/n: Happy Birthday Takuto! He’s been my bias for a while, and I hope this little fic lives up to his name somewhat. I haven’t really seen much angst fics with our dear tsundere hacker, so I tried coming up with one ^^! Enjoy :D!


Waking up every day was a pain.

After all, there wasn’t much to look forward to past the rise and shine. All he ever had waiting for him were codes to crack and time to kill—like I’ve ever had anything else.

People were an even bigger pain. They’d harp on and on about every damn thing, and they just wouldn’t leave him be.  At least computers didn’t complain.

Having to deal with breathing organisms was—no—is a pain in the ass.

“You won’t get girlfriend if you keep that up, you know.” Riki would smugly say. “Try being less of a hermit, and more of a—you know—human being. You can’t always be a loner.”

Well, the joke’s on you, ‘cause in order for me to feel insulted, I’d have to value your opinion.

The companionship of a computer screen was more than enough, anyway.


God, how irritating.

Somehow, Takuto always seemed to have the worst of luck when it came to anything random. He—of all the guys in this friggin’ room—was now stuck babysitting the newbie chick.

“I-I’ll try my best not to get in your way.” She says, too afraid to look him in the eye.

He glares back at her. “You’d better not. Like I’d wanna deal with an annoying girl—“

Who won’t even look at me, no less.

“Haha, have fun, you two!”

“Takkun, go easy on her, okay~?”

With the inclusion of the newest Black Fox, Takuto’s night was now a growing migraine. Another one to add to the list of headaches. The guys’ jeering didn’t help, either. Just what I needed to end my day.

Before calling it a night, he steals a glance at her. She was still tense from their earlier exchange, but her guard was somewhat lowered after all the alcohol. It takes a while before their eyes meet, and she quickly looks away, head down and all.

He didn’t know why that bothered him.

Tch. What a pain.


Their first mission with her went by without a hitch. The painting was secured, no one got hurt, no one got caught, and all was well.

But it would’ve been better if someone didn’t ask so many questions. Ugh, now I’m tired as hell.

While the others were out retrieving the painting, she stayed in the van with him, thanks to “babysitting” duties. She was curious about every little thing, and the questions kept on coming, much to his dismay.

“Well, my job’s pretty much like this.” He gestures to his laptop. “Aside from being mission control, I just hack into security systems to make sure the coast is clear. The job gets done faster, and I get to go home faster. Win-win.”

“That’s pretty impressive! I don’t really understand the numbers on the screen, but I guess you’re really good at whatever you’re doing.” She says with a look of admiration.

“…Yeah, well, it’s not that hard, really.” Anyone can hack into paper bag if they tried—

“That’s probably why everyone else calls you the smartest one here! I can see why.” She’s still beaming at him.

—but I guess it’s not so bad if someone compliments it.

He doesn’t realize the sudden tinge of red on his cheeks.


He somehow ends up stuck with her a lot lately. Whether it be just a mission, or lunch at some restaurant, he finds himself with her.

Just a coincidence, that’s all. He’d remind himself while his footsteps are already on the way to the museum.

Though what bothers him most about the whole thing is how he isn’t bothered at all. He tries to push that thought to the deepest recesses of his mind, saying he’ll get over it soon.



She’s a lot more comfortable around him now, even engaging in snark-to-snark combat with him. Although he’d never admit it, he preferred her this way as compared to the nervous person she was when she first joined.

The guys’ teasing, however, irritated him to no end. Can’t they just mind their own damn business?!

“Oh-hoh! It’s the husband and wife comedy team! You two are freakin’ hilarious!”

“Yeah, I’ve never seen Takkun so hyped up before!”

“Ugh, grow bald and turn into pigs, you idiots.” He tries to cover up his now-red face.

“Oooh, somebody’s embarrassed. Heh. Didn’t know you liked her that mu—“

“Shut up, Riki! Why would I like someone as nasty as her?!” Takuto interjects with a growing blush.

She’s a clumsy airhead who steals my precious pork noodles—

“If that’s the case, then I’m sure you won’t mind if I ask her out.”


 …Are you kidding me?

“No, she’s too busy for egos as big as yours.” And with that, Takuto storms out of Le Renard Noir, with a scowl chilling enough to frighten children.

Why the hell am I getting so worked up about this?


Takuto was never really an empath. He didn’t really pride himself in sensing the emotions of others, nor did he want to engage in heart-to-heart talks with anyone. It was too much effort.

In spite of that, he did notice that she wore different kinds of smiles all the time. There was the excited smile for missions, the amused smile for everyone’s antics, the holy-crap-I-didn’t-know-you-could-do-that smile for when he showed her something new, the satisfied smile for finishing a bowl of pork noodles—

Too many to name them all.

But there was one smile he absolutely detested seeing, and he’d been seeing it a lot lately.

It was the self-deprecating smile.

He didn’t understand why he didn’t like it. All he knew was that there was no reason for her to apologize for everything and criticize herself so often. Every time she’d put herself down, he’d feel twinge of anger somewhere inside him, and he couldn’t explain why.

You’re not as shitty as I am, so please don’t hate yourself.


He felt pretty empty without her around. Parting ways after a mission secretly saddened him, since he’d have to go home—alone and not with her.


Do I… need her with me?


Sometimes, he’d have to suppress the urge to pull her by the hand and run outside Le Renard Noir. For some reason, he hated seeing the guys go within three feet of her. Beardy’s fortune-telling antics, Hiro’s excessive glomping, Kenshi’s hair-ruffling—

Not to mention Riki’s shameless flirting.

“Tch! You idiots better stop pulling the moves on her—“

—because she’s mine.


Just looking at her made his emotional spectrum go berserk. He was sure he never experienced feeling so many things welling up inside him at once. Admiration, jealousy, infatuation, amusement, melancholy—they were alien to him up until now.

There was also this other new feeling. He could only describe it as a weird combination of all the others, yet it was somehow different altogether—


And that was the moment he realized he evolved from hermit to human.


Look, I’m not gonna say this out loud or anything, but yeah.

I’m lonely when you’re not with me.

I’m pissed when you’re with someone else.

I can’t think of anything else except you, and I’m trying to do something about it, I swear to god—

I just—

…love you, okay?

So please don’t ever leave me.



This is why he hated everything.  The only time he realized his emotions, the only time he acknowledged his flaws, the only time he stopped being his usual apathetic, asshole self and became a better person—

“S-she died trying to push you out of the way… I’m sorry, Takuto…”

The anger eventually subsided and turned into weariness. Suddenly, he just wanted to go home, to lie down, close his eyes, and never wake up again. Maybe he’d see her again.

After all, anything without her in it—

—was just a pain.

Chapter 2

At home, it’s just me and mum. Like Dan guessed, dad walked out on us early and mum wasn’t interested in remarrying. She’s my best friend in the whole world just like I am hers. We always sit and have dinner together while going over our day and sometimes on the weekends if she’s not busy, we’ll sit on the couch, share a blanket, and take turns picking out a movie to watch.

The only problem is that it’s hard being a single parent. It’s hard for her to pay the rent some months despite her long hours. She’s a travelling sales woman and since she didn’t go to university, that’s where she plans to stay the rest of her life. She works so hard with me though—trying to give me the life she thinks I deserve and for that, I love her. However, it still doesn’t stop me from complaining to her about Dan.

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Split Situation #1: He accidentally hits you with a water bottle

You honestly couldn’t believe your luck, you’d managed to get in the middle of third row at the 5 Seconds Of Summer concert. Queueing all day had definitely paid off. Because, wow, you were so close to the stage. Your view was amazing. They’d just finished playing ‘Beside You’ and Ashton was currently thanking everyone for the hundreth time. You loved how grateful these boys are. You glanced to the right side of the stage, where Calum was standing. You smiled to yourself, happy to be here right now, when suddenly, something hard hit you in your face, right by your eye…

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Felt like drawing other characters than usual -mostly inspired by people around me or people I saw on Internet and all, the common thing being that they all have “flaws” (I don’t think these are “flaws” tho but ??? Sorry for failing at drawing different body types and thingies, especially stretch marks ∩˙~˙∩) 

I started writing a bunch of words about who mostly inspired what in these characters but I thought they’d be too long to read here, so you can read them under cut if you want ❀

Bonus :

Sometimes (often), people may not be as kind as on the Internet, as it can happen the other way as well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Of course, this does not mean that you’re worth any less ! If you feel comfortable in your body, don’t let anyone tell you what to do with it, especially if it’s just for “beauty” or for other people’s thoughts, or if it just doesn’t have anything to do with health or for important things like that ! As long as you feel fine and healthy in your body, no one should say anything about your body unless you directly ask them for ☆


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thirty days iwaoi writing challenge
day sixteen:
 piggy-back ride


Iwaizumi stirs when the light, repetitive motion of footsteps makes his stomach churn with nausea, moaning quietly when his vision is crowded with light and he breathes in a strong whiff of a mixture of citrus cologne, fruity shampoo, and the subtle scent of booze. It’s impossible to gauge his surroundings with his senses so overloaded, but there’s no mistaking the soft, off-key humming of his drinking partner.

“Oikawa?” he mumbles, pulling his nose away from his neck, where the little hairs on his nape had been tickling his cheek, and squinting at the back of his head.

Oikawa’s voice is cheery and carefree and much too loud. “Oh! Finally conscious, Iwa-chan?”

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Cas and Dean's Interactions in Meta Fiction

So, in Meta Fiction, Dean and Cas were - once again - only allowed a sliver of freaking screen time together probably because the writers are scared of what they may do if left alone for too long now. They’d probably, you know, make out, ruin anything that the writer’s are type typing out about the Mark of Cain and Cas’ secret plan with the Cas Crew, but who am I to say, I just watch this show with a lot of concentration and do analysis. However, that’s not to say they didn’t interact all throughout the episode.

Dean and Cas’ interactions - physically, verbally, and mentally - are all extremely important. For one, Dean and Cas haven’t smiled that much this season.

Most of Dean and Cas’ smiles come from them interacting,

Talking to one another,

And what we see in this episode is no different.

What’s beautiful about this scene in particular though is that they cannot see each other. They’re not smiling to put up a front. This is just them smiling because they are talking to each other, hearing each other’s voices for the first time in Chuck knows how long. Seriously, I’m really sure that if Dean and Cas just stayed together, the Mark of Cain wouldn’t have happened and Cas wouldn’t be keeping secrets again. They’d be sharing everything and working together. And making out.

This episode illustrates how they have affected one another, how they parallel one another like nothing else, how they worry and care about one another when one could be in potential peril.

I mean, do you know what Cas said to Hannah?

And when Cas is near Gabriel, who’s driving the car? And who’s the one getting a pep talk about how ze’s not just a screw up but is someone people can rely on, someone who is indeed a hero?

Cas, that’s who. Sound familiar? Ring any bells? Because everyone and their mother has told Dean at one point that he’s not the crawling piece of gross human being he seems to think he is, even if some people spitefully affirm it.

Dean’s worriment towards Cas has definitely increased. During the Apocalypse seasons, he’d just pray and waited for Cas. During the beginning of this season, he brought the idea of saving Cas up a couple weeks after he found out Cas was human. Even then, he just sort of let it simmer until he got really desperate at the end. So desperate that he forced Gadreel to find Cas for him.

Now, Dean’s worrying about Cas has reached an endearing almost jealous-boyfriend looking OH MY CHUCK, WHERE IS CAS, GO SAVE HIM, MY LITTLE BIG MOOSE BROTHER in a calm way, but I wouldn’t say it’s actually jealous-boyfriendesque because it all comes with good and justified reason.

It’s never good when Cas doesn’t talk back to him, doesn’t come back to him. Because Cas always comes to Dean, unless ze just can’t.

Dean has the power to freaking activate GPS in Cas’ phone. When Dean talks about Cas in that gif below, even worried to death like that, he just looks younger. Just that face down there. Dean is being calm because Sam’s there, but in his eyes, Chuck, Dean looks worried, as he probably should be. 

Look at how many times Dean called Cas after Cas was late to a meeting. LOOK AT IT. It probably had only been a couple of hours, maybe.

Also, I feel like I should point out that Metatron wrote this line for hir meta fiction for Cas.

Metatron wrote this meta fiction for Cas in order to make Cas into a hero in hir eyes and become the villain in hir story.

I mean the assumptions behind that one line are just extremely interesting to me. I wonder why Metatron would think that this line be something Cas would subconsciously think Gabriel would say, something Gabriel would make a point to comment on?

Dean’s reaction to seeing Metatron’s pretty intriguing to look at as well.

I mean, other than representing the intense hate all of us have towards that short balding weirdo, that’s Dean’s “You Just Hurt Cas And Now You Die” face.

He’s done that face on a number of occasions when it comes to people messing with Cas.

Cas is, also, standing right beside Dean. On his right side. Like “Right hand man”. It’s wonderful that Cas is actually there with Dean because when Cas  is not around, Dean makes crap decisions.

It’s also interesting that Cas is placed on the side opposite to where Cas’ handprint was on Dean,

And the side where the Mark of Cain is on Dean.

I have a question as to what the frack was going on in between sunset and holy shnyzap, it’s night again, but let’s just move onto their meeting at the end.

Cas knows that something is wrong with Dean because ze freaking senses it. I swear, it doesn’t matter whether Cas is an angel or human, stoned or talking about profound bonds, ze knows Dean better than anyone else.

On another note, it’s strange that they acted so relaxed when they were only talking on the phone, yet now, as they face each other, they don’t speak the truth as they did in Road Trip.

They actually avoid the truth. They avoid showing too much emotion. Is it because Sam is there, looking in on their scene?

I mean, Dean does his glance at Sam that he does when he covers up how he truly acts around Cas when he’s near Sam, for Pete’s sake.

Because Dean still can’t show the level of vulnerability he shows towards Cas when they’re alone when Sam’s around. I mean, by Poseidon’s pointy beard, is this the writer’s using Sam so that Dean and Cas don’t blurt out their true feeling’s about their situations and both don’t stop their crappy plans in order to work together on a freaking better plan? Because if Dean and Cas were the only ones there, I’m quite sure Dean would’ve broken down and said something.

It’s wonderful how both have so much faith in Sam, though, and know Sam cares enough for the other for them both to place the other’s lives in Sam’s moosey hands. They both also ask poor lil’ big Sammy with worried looks of worriment.

It’s quite intriguing how everything Cas was doing was completely scrapped as soon as ze learned about the Mark of Cain.

Cas is one of the best tacticians in the SPN universe, if not the best among angels. Dean’s immediate peril definitely made Cas take drastic measures, probably for Dean’s sake, like how Dean used drastic measures to save Cas when Cas seemed to be in peril in I’m No Angel and Heaven Can’t Wait (both attempts of being Cas’ knight in shining armor not ending in the way Dean wanted exactly).

Spectacular tacticians or not, neither Dean nor Cas has seemed to learn that keeping secrets from one another always leads to something unpleasant, to say the least.

Shinigami teenage insecurities

As requested by anon. :)

Previously we considered what sort of insecurities the espada would have if they were teenagers. Now it’s time to do the same thing for the shinigami! So, if the shinigami were your average teenagers, what sorts of insecurities would they have?

1. Komamura: Looking different

Because it’s hard to be a giant anthropomorphic wolf in high school.

Komamura: I tried wearing a paper bag over my head, but for some reason that only made it worse.

2. Rukia: Being poor

It might have helped if she *hadn’t* found herself in an elite private school full of rich kids who looked down on her for her poor upbringing.

Rukia: All I know is, I have to be careful not to knock over any vases!

3. Nanao: Being left out

She feels sometimes like her friends deliberately leave her behind. But she hopes she’s just being paranoid.

Nanao: There was a party in fake Karakura Town?

Nanao: I-I mean, I totally knew about that! But I was super busy that night!

4. Hitsugaya: Being too short

He’s beginning to become afraid that puberty forgot about him.

Hitsugaya: Matsumoto, are you *sure* that drinking iron-infused milk is the way to go?

5. Isane: Being too tall

She hates towering over the other girls. She spends a lot of time slouching.

Isane: I wish they made shoes flatter than flats.

6. Yumichika: Acne

Anything that mars his beautiful face is NOT okay with Yumichika.

Yumichika: What do you mean I can’t stay home from school?!

Yumichika: Have you noticed this hideously ugly pimple??

7. Ikkaku: Early onset baldness

He’d wear a hat but apparently those are against the dress code. For some reason.

Ikkaku: I was okay until Yachiru said that my ‘shiny head’ was distracting her in class!

8. Matsumoto: Hitting puberty too early

She got a lot bustier than everyone else a lot earlier. It wasn’t super fun.

Matsumoto: I’m so tired of people saying their jealous of me!

9. Hinamori: Boys

She just reaaaaaally wants Aizen to like her.

Hinamori: And then he asked what time it was, and I said Monday!

Hinamori: I mean, what’s wrong with me??

Nanao: *You* were invited to that party, weren’t you?

Hinamori: What?

10. Shinji: Girls

He just reaaaaaally wants someone to like him.

Shinji: I swear to god, every girl in this school has rejected me!

Shinji: How come you get dates so easily, Rose?

Rose: Because I just ask one person.

Shinji: I don’t follow.

11. Kira: Peer pressure

He fell in with a bad crowd. By which I mean 'Gin.’

Matsumoto: But *why* did you set fire to that trashcan, Kira?

Kira: Because Gin told me to, why?


12. Unohana: Her scar

She wears her hair in front to hide the ugly thing. But then people called her 'Front Braid.’

Unohana: So I killed them.

Unohana: In my imagination I mean.

Unohana: Explain to me again why I have to talk to a therapist?

13. Omaeda: His weight

He knows he’s handsome. He just wishes other people acknowledged that too.

Omaeda: Whatever. My mom thinks I’m handsome!

14. Yoruichi: Getting mistaken for a man

She acts like she just finds it funny. But in her darker moments she just wishes people would stop being surprised to find out she’s a woman.

Yoruichi: I swear to god, once I fill out I will be showing so much boob!

Urahara: I can’t wait!

Yoruichi: Shut up, Kisuke.

15. Urahara: Being too smart

Urahara worries a lot that people will dislike him for being too smart. So he acts as dumb as possible.

Urahara: The answer to Question 5? Don’t be silly! Why would a simple straight C student like me know that?

16. Byakuya: High parental expectations

Byakuya really doesn’t want to disappoint his parents. 

Byakuya: No, I can’t come over. I promised my parents I would score 100% on this chem test.

Byakuya: And promises you make to your parents are absolutely binding.

17. Soi Fon: High personal expectations

Soi Fon’s parents don’t exactly put much pressure on her, but that’s okay becuse Soi Fon puts plenty of pressure on herself. So much pressure.




18. Renji: Fitting in with the popular kids

All Renji wants is to fit in with the cool, older crowd. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to notice his existence.

Renji: Heeeeey! Hey Kuchiki! Kuchiki Byakuya! I saw your game last night! You were so awesome!

Renji: ….aaaaaand you’re gone.

Renji: We’ll, um, talk later then?

Soi Fon: Who was that, Byakuya?

Byakuya: Who was who?

19. Hisagi: Being called a crybaby

There was just that one time that he maybe cried a little after getting hurt on the field. But nobody will let it go!

Hisagi: I’ll get a tattoo! That’ll show people that I’m tough!

Renji: Tattoos hurt. Make sure you don’t cry.

Hisagi: I WON’T CRY

20. Aizen: Wearing glasses

Aizen hates wearing glasses. Sometimes he just wants to take them off and crush them to dust in his hands! But that would be bad because his vision is really poor.

Gin: Why don’t you just get contacts?

Aizen: I have very special eyes.

Complete break down of Teen Wolf trailer

So over the last weeks I’ve been analysing scenes from the most recent trailer of season 6. The kiss, the wall, the jersey and so on. But I never fully gave my thoughts on it completely. And since I like love rambling, here it is: My full examination on the trailer of season 6;

Before we start the session, here is the video to fresh up your memory (see what I did there? Lol sorry.) 

Great. Watched it? Let’s continue.

In the first shot we see Stiles bursting through a door in slow motion:

I was, first of all, wondering where that was, when I realised it was the hospital.

AND if you look back at the teaser trailer, you have THIS clip: 

and this:

It is obvious this is one scene, and I think it will go like this: Everyone is forgetting him, and as a last resort he goes to his father. He bursts throught the doors looking for him and when the sheriff tries to reassure him, Stiles realises his dad forgot him too. The sheriff leaves the unknown boy behind and Stiles stares at him until he is out of sight. 

But what confuses me, is how everyone is forgetting Stiles, even though he still is there, he hasn’t disappeared yet. What I think is that The Wild Hunt will do something like The Dread Doctors (doing something to people and erasing the memory) and that will trigger it. So when he disappears, they will not feel like something is off. One by one, they forget, until the last one:


What I think this clip means is that Lydia was feeling Stiles’ disappearing in the very near future and they went to hide at school (for what reason idk). They get chased by the Hunt and get inside his car. 

Then we have this dialogue between them:

Stiles: There’s no time. 
[Stiles and Lydia hold hands]
Stiles: You’re going to forget me.
Lydia: I won’t.
Stiles: Find some way to remember me.
[Stiles gets taken]
Lydia: Remember…

What does he mean with “There’s no time?” Does he mean he’s about to get taken so there is no time for a certain situation to happen? Calling someone for help, perhaps? Then the two other sentences of Stiles’ are, I think, based on the fact that she was the last remaining one that recognised him because of their emotional tether. After he is taken, Lydia is immediately trying to remember Stiles, but I feel like her memories of him are slowly fading away, like waking up after a dream and trying to grasp what happened. 

The next clip, we have Scott looking at a picture on a corkboard and being confused on why there is an open space on the picture of Lydia, Malia and him. He knows something is off, but he can’t really say what. Next up, we have Malia, and this is where it gets interesting:

This seems to be shorty after the disappearance of Stiles, his car is still in the abandoned parking lot and it’s still at night. I think Lydia called the pack to explain the situation. But what’s weird is that Malia says/thinks: “Where are you, Stiles?” His father doesn’t remember him, but Malia and Lydia do?

BUT in the teaser trailer, you have this clip:

This is, I think, in a few later episodes, when everyone forgot Stiles, and I think that is in the same time span as Scott looking at the corkboard. I do have a hard time situating this:

I feel like this is the first schoolday after Stiles’ kidnapping. Lydia has forgotten him. She knows something is wrong, “I was sure”, but like Scott, she doesn’t know who is missing in their life.

(+ little bonus for Stydia shippers, they meet up every morning, hehe.)
What’s very interesting, is that Hayden, Liam, Mason and Corey are not affected. They are cheerful. I think because they didn’t know Stiles as well as Scott, Lydia and Malia, they just forgot in a snap of a finger. The less memories you have of someone, the more easily you can also forget that person.  

Then we have Scott saying: “What if we’re all missing the same person?” That just confirms they are talking about it, probably also linking it to the Wild Hunt that took Alex’ parents. (see: the first 8 minutes of season 6, available on Youtube)   
After that we have Peter (missed ya, you sociopath!) saying to Stiles: “Don’t you get it? We don’t exist.” This’ll probably be a scene where Stiles is indenial about his situation and then Peter confronting him. I also believe Peter knows an awful lot about their current problem + since we didn’t see him in season 5, I suppose the Wild Hunt was already busy capturing people.
Then Stiles is saying, “We are already forgotten.” and “They’ll come for me.” These lines are probably when Stiles is conflicted about what is happening to him. I also situate it when Lydia is leaning against the wall with Stiles on the other side, but we’re not there yet!

Then we have this very important line: “They’re coming back”
Idk who’s saying this, but we get a shot of the Hunt and then this: 

We see the Wild Hunt, a naked Malia (she probably mastered going into a full coyote form and back, like Theo did in season 5) and Scott as a werewolf. These are just some random fight scenes, I guess.

This fucks me up badly. First of all, Scott says that, being the leader he is, he’s going to get them back. But who is “them”? All the taken ones? And what is “all”? All the people who are a certain way? In season five the Dread Doctors made people with two sets of DNA into chimeras. So maybe the Hunt also have a category? Secondly, what the fuck?! Thirdly, It’s hard to see in the GIF but I think that’s Deaton! The male is bald and has the same looking body as Deaton. I can’t make out if the guy is white or black, but my guesses go to Deaton. Which will give the pack a harder time solving the case since Alan is basically the Druid Emissary of Scott. 
(+ Mason and Corey are canon???)

A few clips later, we have this:

I have a complete post on my speculations of this scene so that is linked above on the word “jersey”. This is just a very emotional fragment where I will die inside.

This is a super short clip, so it’s a picture now. It’s Malia, Scott and Lydia in the basement of Eichen House! It’s the same place where Stiles saved Lydia in season 5! This only confirms my theory even more that only certain people get taken, perhaps ones with psychological issues? 

Some more fighting, looking forward to the combat!

It’s hard to make out what Scott said, ut I think that is it. I wonder why they put that line with that clip. What I think is that it has something to do with frequency. (Something that is linked to the supernatural, every creature has its own frequency, think about that gadget that the Argents invented to trap a werewolf. See below) 

Anyway, I think a certain frequency, linked with a memory, will make him remember Stiles again. This could be confirmed with the following scene:  

I’ve talked about this before but I think it’s the same when Scott went to the bus in season one to figure out what happened that certain night. It’s obviously Stiles’ locker, seeing that it’s the only blue lock and it’s the second time they show the locker. I think this’ll happen just when school ends. It’s still daytime and Scott has his backpack with him. It is probably an unplanned decision, because he is for some unknown reason drawn to the locker.   

Next we have the wall Lydia is leaning at, on the opposite side is Stiles and the memory of the kiss (!!!) I will not go into full detail because I have very thorough posts about them that are linked in the beginning of this post. Basically I think that Stiles is in a kind of Bardo, between life and death and that he is also slowly forgetting himself, since the people there look dead.
The kiss is perhaps one of her last memories of him, since it was very memorable. (Perhaps… also… a few… realisations regarding her feelings towards Stiles… maybe?)

Next picture (the clip would be a photo really, it goes so fast) is quite weird and it’s the first time I actually see it:

That’s Scott and… what is he trying to do? It reminds me of when he tried to get through the barrier of mountain ash and became an alpha…
Maybe, he is trying to get through the barrier of his reality and Stiles’ reality, that I think is Bardo. Pushing through universes! 

And lastly…

Originally posted by anunknown-feeling

What’s quite weird is that we first see Lydia alone in the jeep and THEN Lydia and him. It’s like she’s still grasping at what he said before he was taken away.

My prediction for Stiles: I think he’s going to die.

Why? In 5x16 Stiles says to Lydia that she’s gonna make it, on which she responds, “But you’re not.” She is a banshee. Also, when they were still speculating on making a season 7, following Liam, they said they would make Tyler [Posey] and Holland a recurring character. But why not Dylan? Maybe he just wasn’t interested anymore og being part of the franshise after season 6 or… he will no longer exist. It also would make sense that his name would be revealed on his funural. I always thought it would be said on graduation or on his certificate, but a funural makes sense too. Jeff Davis also said that we will need to say goodbye to a (few) characters on the show. If he killed Allison, a main character, than he can kill Stiles too. It would also be too predictable if Stiles and Lydia got togheter. I’m very cynical about the Stydia-centered trailer, really, I feel like it’s a bait for us to believe it will become canon, but actually won’t come true. Albeit Jeff said other things at NYCC, I will remain cautious. 

Are you ready for the last season? I know I don’t. 

{as an apology of most probably fake spoiler I post earlier}


Tsukiyama come to :re
Touka sigh

Touka: Tsukiyama… so you’re alive.

Tsukiyama: Fufufu… Cafe huh… Really something you fellow would come up with. I take this is Yoshimura-shi’s will, the “2nd Anteiku”

Tsukiyama start talking about Kaneki

Tsukiyama: You know about Kaneki-kun, don’t you? Why are you lazing around here?

Touka: What do you mean?

Tsukiyama: You know… Don’t act stupid. It’s about Mr. Sasaki

Looks like Tsukiyama know Sasaki visit :re from the photo Kanae gave him

Tsukiyama: Why don’t you tell me!? That he’s Kaneki-kun!? We should restore his memories together!

Touka: …

At that time, Nishiki intercept

Nishiki: Mr. guest, can you not bother the manager?

Tsukiyama: Oh my, Nishio-kun… To think that you’re here with us

Nishiki: You still think like someone with no regards to time and place {? <- please correct me} You just get thinner on the outside but the inside doesn’t change at all. If he regains his memory, then what?

Tsukiyama: Hmph… We can think about that when his memories return

Nishiki: “Think about that after his memories return”… From the way you talk, I take that you already saw how he’s doing right now. To summarize all you said, you want him to throw away all his current life and go back to our place.. basically like that?

Tsukiyama: ? Yes, that was what I said. Did I say anything strange? I think that is what Kaneki-kun wish for

Touka: Tsukiyama, do you… want to pull him back to “Ghoul (our) world”? Do you want him to turn him into a ghoul again to be killed by those investigators?

Tsukiyama: Kirishima-san… I’m at lost where to start explaining… that’s not… (what’s with you guys)

Touka: Indirectly, it’s like that right? Do you think you can just pull apart the part you like? Can you just throw away the things he’s trying so hard to live with without even knowing his own name, just like the 20 years Kaneki live? Memories is what important? Or it’s the name that important? For you, what “part of him you need to slice off” so you can decide whichever he’s Kaneki or not? I… don’t mind even if Kaneki doesn’t return here… It’s better for him not to return here. If his memories return and he have no one to lean upon anymore, that will be the first time he can think this place as his own home. This place… [:re] is… especially made for that reason. Wanting him to return is just your own ego, Tsukiyama.

Tsukiyama: Ego… you say? Being egoistic is fine. If you want to stay being dandy, then have your way. I’ll regain his memories, for sure.

Tsukiyama leave the cafe.
Nishiki gaze at his way.

Nishiki: Is it okay not to stop that fool?

Touka: He won’t stop even if I do stop him. Beside, I fully understand how he feels…

[Shirazu and Urie]

Looks like Urie just finished man-to-man training with Sasaki.
Shirazu talk to Urie

Shirazu: Yo, what’s with this change of heart after rejecting Sassan for so long?

Urie: (shut up you useless guy) I don’t linger away at pointless thing, unlike you.

Shirazu: Wha…

Urie: (to put more distance from Kuroiwa) Having First-Class Sasaki to teach me is the most efficient way. I just have that conclusion. I don’t want to be ordered around by a guy who only have a half-assed Kagune and can’t even use his hard-earned S-rank quinque.

Shirazu: …!!

Urie: Squad leader, there’s a data like this. “With an exceptional Ukaku quinque user, squad’s death probability will be decreased by 70%”. That means, the reverse is when the ukaku user is useless “squad death probability will be increased by 70%”. That explain how important an ukaku user is in a team. (if you can’t be useful, just quit already. I’ll be the squad leader in your place)

Urie: I’m rooting on you… Rank-2 Shirazu

Urie turn away and leave the place

Shirazu: (Urie… If only there’s an exceptional ukaku user… huh. I… got to be stronger… even more…)

[Shirazu’s Flashback]

Younger Shirazu and his sister, Haru

Haru: Onii-chan, my eye is itchy…

Shirazu: Let me see it

Something is growing out from below Haru’s right eye

Shirazu: You’re right. Something is growing out

Shirazu’s Narration: It’s only a small thing at first

[Flashback End]

Shirazu stop by a hospital room. It’s the room where Haru is hospitalized.

Something is growing out of Haru’s face side.

RC Cells Over Secretion Disease (alias: ROS)
A disease where the Rc cells that also hypothesized to lie dorm in human body multiply excessively due to unknown cause.
It was said to happen to one over 1-3 million population
The main symptoms is the a formation of cyst resembling a kagune
When the symptoms progressed it could trigger severe pain, vomiting, jumbled memories, mental regression (turning into child-like), and blunting all five senses.
Due to nonavailability of the cure, halting the progress with administrating Rc Inhibitor is the only treatment…

Shirazu: Haru…

Haru: Gin… ni… cha… want… with… oni… an… just… like… sun… eauti… fully…

Haru can’t move her mouth properly.
Shirazu is filling Haru’s line of sigh.

After that, Shirazu is thinking by himself in a park that start to get darker

Shirazu: (Money… I need money… money.. money… I need to get money for the Rc inhibitor… That’s why I need to kill ghoul. Kill more ghoul. Keep killing and continue to earn…!! I can pay the treatment steadily if I become a special class, but… The money I got from Qs operation is about to run out…
I can’t move after my kakuhou is damaged back then. I need to use quinque… I’ll return to my previous quinque, and maybe transfer the ownership right to Hayashimura-san or Saiko… Hayashimura-san kinda wants it…)

Shirazu reminds Hayashimura words.

Hayashimura: Give nuts to me if you can’t use it, Shirazu. Why do you think I give to you?

Shirazu: …

That time, Fura call out to Shirazu

Fura: Oh, you’re the one from Sasaki’s place

Shirazu: …!! Fura-san…

Shirazu and Taishi talk in a more secluded place

Fura: You can’t use quinque? Well… sounds like a thing newbie would do.

Shirazu: Sassan… First-class Sasaki said a similar thing

Fura: That being said, Sasaki is using the one that Arima pass to him, right? Sasaki looks like a good guy, but the part where he only said “Yes, I understand” when being given an Arima-like role and actually do it well resembles that bastard Arima too much.

Shirazu: Fura-san, do you know about Arima-san?

Fura: He was my classmate during a few months in high school. That guy went around places for undercover investigation ever since he’s 15.

Past Arima and Fura in the background

Fura: He’s been doing better lately, but he was pretty emotionless back then. Maybe I already be done with a ghoul if it’s not for him. He also went and save Kami-san. I too can’t use quinque from the ghoul I kill myself properly at first…

Shirazu: Eh!? I guess that’s true…

Fura: yeah

Shirazu: Fura-san, how did you overcome it…?

Fura inhaled cigarettes and start to talk again

Fura: … It’s not like… I’m suddenly become fine with it. Maybe it’s like finding the answer I can agree with even after piling up the pain from spinning around regret and guilt inside my head everyday. Well, I’m not the type to easily break. Even so, it took a while for me.
… Hey, Shirazu. I think the one who think deeply about every prey they kill is having a better mentality that the one who’s not. Because the thing we prey upon is without a doubt, a life.

Shirazu: (… what we prey upon… is a life… ) Fura-san… can I have one?

Fura give one of his cigarretes to Shirazu whit a gentle face

Shirazu went to CCG after leaving, and meet Hayashimura with his subordinates 

Hayashimura: Hey Shirazu, you’re using nuts? Give it to me if you not

Shirazu: I won’t give it to you… Hayashimura-san, do you think bald looks good on me? {? <- please correct me}

Hayashimura: bald?

Shirazu show his bald hair to Sasaki and the others

Sasaki: Wha… What’s wrong, Shirazu-kun!?

Mutsuki: Who cut your hair?

Saiko: Hayashimura-san said that he used to aim to be a beautician pffft

Everyone is surprised, but Urie don’t react

Sasaki: Did you do anything bad? Try to say it, I won’t be mad…

Shirazu: … Everyone, I’m sorry…!!

Shirazu lower his head at Sasaki and the others

Sasaki etc: !?

Shirazu: I’m really sorry for pulling back your leg back then. I’ll get stronger as the squad leader, so…

Sasaki: Shirazu-kun…

Saiko: Shiratama…

Urie read newspaper indifferently

Urie: (Changing his hairstyle after a change of heart. Really something that single brain cell would do)

Shirazu: Urie…

Urie: ?

Shirazu: Th.. thanks… I got pumped out thanks to you…

Urie pull his head back a bit

Urie: ye, yeah…


Sasaki and the others having a meeting

Investigator: New finding on Roze case. It become clear that “Roze” and “aogiri” have a certain relationship.

The investigator taken back a bit as if saying “that Rose and aogiri…”

Shirazu: During investigation, I… we Qs Squad was ambushed. We attack them separately and successfully repel them.  {? <- please correct me}

Sasaki: It’s only my guess, but there’s a possibility of it being related to Assoc. Special Class Kijima’s video

Kijima: My my, that video did bring “result” in a unexpected way

Kimija grins while saying that, but Ui disagree

Ui: It’s not a “result”! It’s “backfired” at us!!

Kijima: Now we know that Roze join a hand with Aogiri. If we push them with a better formation we can gain lead for both. If you don’t call it “result”, what do you call it then?

Ui: If we only evaluating that they will ride on out “invitation”… that is. The situation is too unclear for even us, S1 squad to move.

Hairu: Special Class Ui, I agree with Kijima-san. There should be no problem as long as we defeat them. More than that, we can’t catch Roze if we unable to do even that.

Ui: (muscle brain…)

Ui: Hairu, is there anyone who release a net after looking only a part of the swimming fish? The problem is we don’t know enemy’s actual face clearly. That’s why I don’t like “garden” graduates. I wish they could add Academy’s basic education. Really…

Said Ui tediously

Hairu: Okay, I’m sorry

Hairu: (Koori-senpai’s mommy mode is hard to be quiet…)

Ui: We need to know if only a part of Aogiri or Aogiri as a whole that join hand with them. Our lineup can change greatly depend on this. Maybe we can do it with only S1 squad. Basically we need to grasp the actual situation…

Sasaki: We only need to know the scale of enemy’s power, right? Special class Ui, please reconsider the strategy I propose the other day…

Ui: (Sasaki-kun…)

Ui seems a bit pale. But Ui seems to understand the potential of the said strategy

Ui: (even though I think it’s not a good idea to throw more achievement to Qs squad…)

Ui: First class Sasaki. Explain to everyone.

Sasaki talk about Mask operation.

Ui is taking vote for Sasaki’s proposal about mask operation with other Investigator

Ui: I’ll be taking vote from everyone in this place regarding First Class Sasaki’s “Mask Operation”. People who is “rank 1 or above and agree” beside First Class Sasaki and Qs Squad, please raise your hand.

Kijima Squad Leader, Kijima Shiki [Assoc. Special Class]
: I think it’s an effective strategy. Why do you put it on hold? [Agree]

Kijima Squad, Furuta Nimura [Rank 1]
Furuta: (If Kijima agreed, for now I will…) [Agree]

Ittou Squad Leader, Ittou Kuramoto [First Class]
Kuramoto: It sounds interesting  [Agree]

Ittou Squad Deputy Leader, Michibata Shinji [Rank 1]
Michibata: I’m agreeing with Kuramocchan  [Agree]

Shimoguchi Squad

Squad Leader, Shimoguchi Nobu [First Class]
Shimoguchi: … [Object]

Toga Miho [Rank 1]
Toga: (I wonder if it’s good for us to object…)  [Object]

Deputy Leader, Satomi Shion [Rank 1]
Satomi: (If Shimoguchi-san won’t move, that means…)  [Object]

S1 Squad Deputy Leader, Ihei Hairu [First Class]
Hairu: I [Agree]

Fura Squad Leader, Fura Taishi [First Class]
Taishi: *raise hand* [Agree]

Ui is objecting.

Agree: 6, Object: 4

[After Meeting]

Sasaki and the others meet up with Akira in corridor

Akira: So the plan is decided. Good for you, Haise

Sasaki: Akira-san… Well, it actually will get harder from this point… I don’t know how to pretend to be a ghoul

Akira: It reminds me… Haise. Can I borrow Yonebayashi for a while?

Saiko went with Akira somewhere

Shirazu: What’s wrong with Saiko?

Mutsuki: I think it’s about that “Robed Big Man”…

Sasaki: (”Robed Big Man”… a ghoul who leave after covering Saiko and beat another ghoul… somehow it makes me feel uneasy…)

[Kanae Side]

At late night… Kanae is waiting with a pained face in a inhabited place by himself. Looks like there’s a part of his human prey scattered just beside him. 

Kanae: uh… ugh… my arm… it’s deep… (That sanpaku eyes… I’ll kill him next time… for sure!! Shuu… sama…)

Eto appears before Kanae

Eto: *giggle*

Kanae: …!?

Eto: Good afternoon, Kanae-kun.