maybe the program was doing me a favor

Are you super depressed by America’s current sociopolitical climate? 

Me too! 

Y’know what helps? A good old fashioned science documentary. Nothing to help put the universe in perspective after seeming like everything is spinning wildly out of control like an hour-long program on something humans have had almost nothing to do with (probably, unless you’re watching something on an ancient civilization or machinery). I cant really think of any good documentaries off the top of my head but do yourself a favor and take some time to maybe watch David Attenborough talk about hermit crabs or something for a while. Watching nature do its thing is good for taking your mind off stuff.


Poppy: *laughing* “That doesn’t actually work on girls, does it?”
Jason: “You’d be surprised… maybe you’d like this one better, ‘do you have a map ‘cause I’m getting lost in your eyes.’“
Poppy: “Good grief!  I don’t know if I should be charmed or nauseated.”
Jason: *self-depreciating chuckle* “I’m going to pretend you’re going with ‘charmed’.  Looks like you’re favoring your ankle.  Let’s sit down a minute.”

Jason: “I’m not usually so unobservant.  Are you sure you’re okay?”
Poppy: “I’m fine, really.  I should have been watching where I was going but I had some things on my mind.
Jason: “Me too - I’m in this junior ROTC program at Newcrest High and we’re hazing the new guys today.”

Jason: *laughing* “-it was slow drying glue so he didn’t know it was there until he went to the latrine and couldn’t get his zipper or buttons unfastened!  He hopped around for five minutes trying to take his clothes off and nearly wet himself!”
*shared amusement*
Jason: “…but really, it’s all in good fun.  It helps with bonding and building a team.”
Poppy: “It sounds great!  I wish Willow Creek High had an ROTC program.  Oh!  Look at the time.  I have to get going.  Nice to meet you, Jason.”
Jason: “Nice to meet you too, Poppy.”

aira-the-ancient-star  asked:

Project (Zed, Katarina, maybe Jhin), G/Netic (Ashe, Ekko, Leona). Yasuo, Yi, Fiora and Luican who are sitting inbetween. Vayne who wants to eradicate Project. Vi who is protecting ... something. And the Program's that are more viruses in the entirety of this mess. Would you do us the favor and maybe break down the pieaces of Lore that are scattered around the Project AU now that the new SKins are announced andVayne's Voicelines brings a rather dark light onto all?

Honestly I am so incredible happy you asked me about this because I absolutely love the PROJECT universe and skin line.

As a heads-up, I’ve had a LOT of this stuff headcanon’ed for a while, so none of it is necessarily true.

First off, PROJECT: Overdrive (the original event) introduced us to the PROJECT universe. The general story is that incredibly talented beings in this universe were offered a chance to become more than they were by undergoing cybergenesis at the hands of the PROJECT organization - however, at the same time, they lost their humanity and most of their memories. The mind wipes weren’t complete though, hence Yi remembering his Ionian roots in the video. Not all PROJECT inductees struggled with their forgotten past though - Zed is a good example of someone who’s entirely under the PROJECT group’s control.

Mind wiping was enough to stave off most of the PROJECT units from going rogue, but some escaped from their control. Ashe and Ekko are two confirmed units who’ve escaped from PROJECT and who are fighting to free the rest of them(in my headcanons, Ashe, Ekko, Yasuo, and Katarina were part of the first phase of PROJECT’s augmentations and have had the longest to remember their humanity. Katarina remained with PROJECT though). This was all hinted at during the events of last year’s PROJECT: Disruptio, though it’s only just now that the rebels have received a name for their group: G/NETIC.

The new skins in PROJECT: Hunters are extending the story further - in my mind, PROJECTs Vayne, Jhin, and Vi are part of a “phase zero” of the experimentation that ended with unsuccessful results and the escape of all subjects. Vayne is aware of both PROJECT and G/NETIC, but has no interest in either. In her mind, all PROJECTs must be terminated, regardless of whether or not they still serve the organization that created them. She’s starting with PROJECT Jhin, a cyborg that went rogue and now works as a deranged serial killer in the undercity. PROJECT Vi meanwhile is acting as a law enforcer and wants to bring both of them to justice - whether or not this is at PROJECT’s behest, I don’t know.

It’s interesting that Vayne has lines for Program skins - I generally thought of them as outside of the PROJECT-verse, but there’s a possibility that Riot are melding the two into one. Holding off on judgement until we get to play PROJECT Overcharge mode, as that might have some more lore nuggets to sift through.