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DevBlog #2 - Frequently Asked Questions

Hey! Thanks so much to all our fans for yesterday’s wonderful response. We’re glad that you’re all excited for the game - we’ll try our best to match the enthusiasm! Since we’ve been receiving a lot of questions, we’ll actually just do two devblogs back to back and answer some of the more popular ones.

Q: How is the online multiplayer?
A: RoR2 was built from the ground up with networking in mind, and therefore it’ll be a much smoother experience.

Q: Will we still need to port-forward?
A: We can’t say for sure until the functionality is done (working on it this week, actually) but it’s a pretty good bet that port forwarding won’t be necessary. We’re striving for one-click connection via Steam.

Q: Will all the characters be coming back?
A: No - we haven’t decided on who’s coming back yet. Some characters (Commando, Engineer, etc) will be back because they have cool gameplay, while some might also come back because they’re fan favorites (HAN-D, Acrid maybe? If he works well enough in 3D.) A lot of abilities are being reworked so they work in 3d as well, so there may be some spiritual successor classes.

Note: The unified character system mentioned in the first post isn’t a replacement for classes. There are some exciting things we’d like to do with it this time around now that we have it, however. We’ll talk more about it soon.

Q: What engine is this being developed on?
A: It’s being developed in Unity, which has been great to work with so far.

Q: What’s the team size?
A: In office we have a team size of three, up from our previous of two (so its like a 50% bigger team!)

Q: Is Chris coming back for the music?
A: Yes! We are very excited to be able to work with Chris again on the RoR2 OST. You can check out his twitter for all things music related: AstronautDown

Q: Will this run on my toaster?
A: It’s pretty early in development so we’re not sure what the real performance requirements of RoR2 will be like yet. We’ll be doing our best to make sure it runs well on as many machines as we can.

Q: Will it have split-screen co-op?
A: At this point in development we can’t say for sure. Having said that, we would love to be able to bring split-screen back and we know a lot of fans really enjoy it - we just don’t know how that works in Unity yet. From what I’ve seen of other games, it seems like 4 player co-op might be too taxing for consoles, but 2 player is likely.

Q: Will artifacts (Glass, Command, Spite, etc) be coming back?
A: Yes - We will be bringing back some fan favorite artifacts as well as experimenting with new ones that we think would work well in a 3D environment (fun balls may or may not already be in the game..)

anonymous asked:

i'm sorry it why do you ship junkrat with mei?? if you haven't noticed or actually played overwatch, you'd know that mei hates junkrat, they despise each other and they're total opposites. and no, opposites don't always attract.

Ladies and Gentleman, we have a first!

In the two or so years I’ve had this blog, I’ve never had an antagonistic anon before. Then again, I only ever started branching out into non-Soul Eater things in September, so maybe this is just what happens when you start to create content for bigger fandoms? 

First things first: If you don’t like the content I post, I suggest that you either unfollow my blog or use blacklist to block the tags for content you don’t like. Your Tumblr experience is curated by you. I’ll tag my content to help you blacklist topics you wish to avoid, but it’s ultimately up to each user to take the necessary steps to tailor their dashboard.

Secondly, in sending me a rude ask, you have given me an excuse to talk about a favorite ship of mine. So buckle up, we’ve got a long post incoming!

Why ship Junkrat and Mei? Why ship any two characters?

Take a gander at this post by @chaoticlivi. It’s a pretty exhaustive list of reasons people get invested in the relationship between any two characters. They span from aesthetic and visual tastes (these two look great together!) to more in depth, thematic ones (their relationship embodies a theme I care about). Basically, there are many many reasons to love a ship, and canon rarely has much to do with it.  

In general, canon is a box of scraps. This is especially true for Overwatch, which despite its exhaustive lore leaves many holes in character stories and relationships. Nothing in the game itself (which I do play often, btw) is ‘canon.’ The voicelines you hear haven’t actually happened. They are meant to give us insight into the characters, their histories, and their relationships, but you can’t quote them as something Mei or Junkrat have actually said.  

In-game content is also in flux. As more shorts and comics come out, as the actual Overwatch lore grows, the game evolves too. It’s possible what’s canon within the game now will change later on. 

What I’m saying is, you can point at two voicelines and wave around words like ‘hate’ until you are blue in the face, but that won’t 1) make it canon that Junkrat and Mei will be at odds forever or 2) make me any less likely to ship them.

Now that I’ve got the “shipping doesn’t need a canon basis and Overwatch shipping is a crapshoot built on nearly nothing anyway” part done, I can actually talk about Mei and Junkrat.

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lorddestroy3r  asked:

Hi, I saw your post about Alexander the Great. It's wonderful post by the way :) But could you maybe recommend some books about that matter? Of course only if it won't be a problem for you

• green’s alexander of macedon – probably the liveliest modern biography
• the roman histories (plutarch, arrian, diodorus, etc., who you can find with a quick google, all are available online)
-> i rec bios first and foremost because reading these will give you accounts of the specific incidents that i mentioned in that post, & more! 
alexander’s lovers is a pretty exhaustive collection of texts on his potential lovers + chugg’s own analysis 


an atypical affair provides a necessary overview of sexual mores to contextualize hephaestion & alexander
• alexander’s sex life 
 the mourning of alexander the great – take the methodology with a grain of salt, but it’s a fun read about hephaestion’s death

a short list, primarily because, esp with hephaestion, a lot is extrapolation. read the sources or a modern biography, learn the events – that’s the meat of it – and check out those secondary sources when you’re ready

*there’s like 0 sources in here on bagoas because he’s, how do you say, boring as fuck to me 

Ardyn headcanon time.

So, based on my last text post, I’ve come up with a few headcanons about the whole Ardyn-absorbing-daemons thing. Because apparently I 1) have too much time, and 2) think about Past!Ardyn a lot more than necessary, and 3) like to make myself sad.
I don’t know. Here’s the thing.

Ardyn and absorbing daemons.

• The more daemons he absorbs into his body, the more it physically hurts to do so.
• Like, in the beginning of this whole healing thing it’s all easy and painless. Then it slowly begins to hurt.
• Maybe at first it feels like a slight electric shock in his fingers and hand whenever he touches an afflicted and absorbs the Starscourge.
• But not long afterwards it becomes more and more painful to suck the daemons into his body. Maybe it hits him like a stroke whenever he heals somebody. Maybe it’s a constant pain inside of him. Maybe it is a lingering headache.
• In broad sunlight it gets worse.
• The pain’s why he notices something is not right. Like, absorbing all these daemons might have more consequences than just be a vessel for them. They slowly corrupt his body. It is one of the first changes.
• But of course he does not stop what he’s doing. To heal the afflicted is his life. So he tries his best to ignore the pain.
• He feels the darkness creeping inside of him, but it is only after the betrayal and the attempted execution that he slowly gives in to it. The daemons now corrupt also his mind. And it numbs the physical pain.

So… yeah. I actually had fun writing this, trivial as it may be. I just need a place for all my feels.

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Hello, I want to thank you for existing because you’ve been so helpful with finding fics, but I was wondering if you had any with demisexual Cas? I searched through the ace!Cas tag but there was none with him demi, just ace or grey-A. Do you happen to know any where he’s demi and maybe stated as such (though the last part isn’t really necessary)? :)

We have received quite a few recs (after posting this group ask) where Cas either identifies himself explicitly as demisexual or it is implied with statements such as “it’s not about gender, it’s about the person” and “I imagine the act would be far more about emotional intimacy.”

A Little Patience [NC-17, 288,000 word count] - explicit

It sometimes feels a little wrong thinking debauched things about a guy who could very well be one of Sammy’s teachers. But then those wrong feelings go up in smoke when the downright sinful fantasies kick in just from thinking the word ‘teacher’. Those are always pretty darn amazing and Dean has a very vivid imagination.

To Raise A King [NC-17, 192,000 word count] - implied

This must be some kind of horrible joke at Castiel’s expense. Is he truly expected to protect a King? One who has been their enemy for as long as he can remember? He is much more suited to being a part of the army, or at the very least someone who helps to train the knights. That would be far more preferred than having to watch over the King. It means Castiel would get to keep fighting – and that’s the only way he knows to give meaning to his life.

NOTE from alullabytoleavebythe author “riseofthefallenone has publicly stated on her blog that she headcanons Cas as demi so that’s how she writes him in all of her fics (even if it doesn’t get explicitly stated).”

Thanks to walkinginmyoldfootsteps and alullabytoleaveby. Check out to learn more about this sexual orientation.

ETA: And some other author recs (thanks hamburgergod and others!): scaramouche and bookkbaby. Ao3 has a demisexual tag, too!

Honestly I feel like if you’re like retaliating to a post on this site you also need to think about how that post even got in front of you in the first place, like is it really an opinion that you think most people have or has its note count just been massively inflated due to it being a hot button issue? If the vast majority of notes on a post are already people calling it ridiculous then maybe it’s just one person being ridiculous and not actually a commonly held belief and your contribution isn’t necessary



But there are gonna be some basic rules to this shebang, so deal with me here.

To get an invite to the server you have to message me off anon. Maybe eventually I’ll post a link here, but like I said I’m new to this so I don’t want to dive head first. 

Some general things:

1. It’s a general Villainous blog, with different channels for your different needs. There are posted rules in the server, but generally just keep topics where they belong, don’t post nsfw in general chats, and don’t be a bully. If those rules are okay with you congrats, you can come in.

2. I would prefer you’re one of my followers to get in, but it’s not necessary I suppose. Like I said, you do have to message me off anon to get an invite though.

3. Moderators are @angsty-firefli and @kimonokats, they’re in charge when I’m not around, listen to them. (Also go follow them if you aren’t! They’re great)

4. If you read all this send me an ask off anon specifically asking for the link with the term “ice cream” in there so I know you read my ramble B^) I’ll answer privately with the link.

That’s all, thanks my friends! I hope you guys enjoy the server.

ADHD & capability & writing

I was talking with someone a couple weeks back about writing, as I do from time to time, when a message from them made me stop, lean back in my chair, and stare at it thoughtfully. Paraphrasing, they told me that it was encouraging to see someone with ADHD working on a big, involved project because they also had ADHD and were one of those all-over-the-place, bits-and-pieces writers.

I’ve been staring at that message in my askbox ever since.

I think this is a message a lot of ADHD people internalise. That we’re messy and unreliable and flit from one thing to another and can’t just stick with things. It’s definitely something I got a lot of, growing up, with a frustrated parent trying to explain to me about commitment and responsibility and not knowing what to do with my constant answers of, ‘I forget!’ and ‘I don’t notice!’ and ‘I don’t want to anymore.’ Because those answers weren’t good enough, because real life depends on reliability, and being an absolute spacecase happy with living in filth and only doing the things that weren’t drowning me in obligation and disappointment wasn’t good enough.

“Just do the thing,” says a baffled person without ADHD. “You just… do it. It’s not that big a deal.”

ADHD is a lack of ability to Can. ADHD is savagely informing yourself of how stupid you are for forgetting something vital for the third time in a row after informing yourself that you were going to Remember this time, you would Put it Somewhere Obvious, and you would check after walking out the door, and you forgot it again anyway. ADHD is a problem not existing if it is not in front of your eyeballs. ADHD is coming up with a complex system of putting everything in front of your eyeballs so you never forget everything and then being surprised when you are suddenly overwhelmed. ADHD is having a perfectly-laid-out plan of attack in front of you and growing to hate yourself as you spend the next six hours getting distracted by YouTube and not being able to shut it down anyway. ADHD is virtuously shutting down all distractions and then staring at the thing you need to do and crying for the next three hours. ADHD is then snapping into hyperfocus mode and getting it done in one hour and beating yourself up about how much better it would have been if you’d just done the fucking thing.

And then you do it all again anyway. Because it’s not that hard. You should just be able to do the thing, fuck.

I love writing. I’ve been doing it for long enough now that I’m tolerably decent at it, and being part of fandom means that I basically get a shit-ton of compliments for something I like doing anyway. Most of all, writing has never meant obligation, to me. I shut that shit down hard and fast if I see it, because I never want it to be an obligation. I don’t even edit, because I spend so much mental energy on just getting it Done and Out that any further obligation on my behalf would ruin it for me.

And yet.

There’s something comforting, about the fact that there are people expecting things from me. I dictate the terms of that expectation, and were anyone to get stroppy at me if I fail to give them something, I’d laugh in their fucking face, but I can’t deny that there is something very powerful about one’s skills being wanted. And in all honesty, that’s a huge part of what does it for me, with writing. My output would be much more infrequent, were there not literal hundreds of people patiently waiting on me. It’s a function of my self-esteem, and the ways people get esteem, but I’ve certainly had more than one heated conversation over my priorities when people wrap their heads around, “You’re writing for free? Instead of doing something useful?”

Look. If I have a point here that I want people to internalise about mental health, it’s this: Sometimes - a lot of the time! - Ability to Can is not transferable. My brain fails hard on the Standard Domestic Duties front, but does amazingly well on the Writing While In Lectures front. I’m gaining immeasurable value in my life, by doing my silly free internet writing. I post it because it also offers value to others, but I’d be writing anyway because it’s the kind of activity that Ability to Can will either exist or not exist for, regardless of whether I have Ability to Notice Trash Needs Emptying or Ability to Find Three Articles to Review for Assignment.

We’re all productive in our own ways. And I’m slowly learning that this isn’t an excuse - that, a lot of the time, I really don’t have the ability to pull myself together enough to start tackling my to-do list. A lot of the time, I don’t have enough Can in me to make the to-do list. It’s that Happy Naive Freeloader image from the outside, but in reality, from the inside, I’ve probably spent four hours screaming at myself to do the thing, given up, and decided to at least do something I enjoy.

That’s not a bad thing. For me, for me, the feeling of getting something Done when I publish a fic is worth the feel of the obligation from the following I gather - but the fact is? With ADHD, if you do anything, you are basically a goddamn superhero. Even if it’s worthless to the outside world. Even if its only purpose is to make you happy. The only way I’ve found to counteract my brain’s sneering and vitriol is to firmly insist that things might not be necessary - but they are necessary to me. Maybe it’s stupid of me to pour so much effort into free writing! But it’s necessary to me. Maybe you wanna beat yourself up about how the things you do never result in anything you can use for Real Purposes - but it’s necessary to you

Which is where I come to my initial reaction to the ask. Sorry, long post, I know, but clearly I have Thoughts on the matter, and they are: Don’t ever fucking dare cheapen something you love by being the first to rage at yourself for it. Don’t ever ever ever use the parts of something you’re not working towards achieving to slam yourself. I’m good at sticking out longer works, but that’s because they provide opportunities that I love exploring. Don’t beat yourself up for being able to Write Properly or Art Properly or Anything Properly. Find the parts of the work you love, and dedicate yourself to that, because there’s more than enough eye-rolling you-can’t-even-do-the-thing in the rest of the world to bother with tainting the things you like, too. Write little snippets. Build worlds. Do sketches. Paint half your nails and leave the rest because your non-dominant hand is hard and you don’t wanna. Cook something and forget half the ingredients and decide you like it anyway. In at least one thing, please let yourself be flawed and incomplete and love it viciously anyway, because the fact that you did it at all is amazing and wonderful.

With ADHD, there is always going to be someone saying that you are not Doing Life Properly. Maybe you’re not! But that doesn’t mean you don’t get to choose how to make sure that life is worth living, beyond the framework of obligation.

Alright since Alice and I can never seem to find the time to write our 42 AUs, we’re gonna make some (most) public domain.

Every once in a while, we’ll post all our notes on an AU (characters, plot summary, plot points and maybe a few scenes or the first chapter) and then leave it open for anyone to take, no credit necessary!! (Though acknowledgement is nice)

All we ask is that you send us the fic you wrote so we can reblog it!

Looking Past


“I love you Angela Ziegler. Do you love me?”

The two simply stared at one another, and though her gaze was filled with warmth, she said nothing. A few seconds passed. And then a minute. Still she remained silent. Genji didn’t have her ability to read expressions through metal, but even he could tell that she was pained, struggling.

Mercy was, in fact, fighting against feelings she had buried deep inside. It was wrong. The feelings she had were wrong, immoral even. Angela had always believed in peace, in saving others regardless of who they were or what they did. Send her the weak, broken and dying and she would do her best to heal their wounds and restore them to life.

When they had found Genji all those years ago, it was clear that he wasn’t in the right state of mind. He was frightened, full of rage and dying. And while he was in that state, Overwatch offered him a second chance, knowing full well what that process would entail. They couldn’t bring him back, at least not as he was before. He wouldn’t be the same, but it was okay, because he would be better. He would be stronger. He would be able to take down all the people who had wronged him, and exact his vengeance upon them. But what would happen once his mission was done? What would happen when the anger had all but dissipated, and his thirst for blood quenched. What would he do then? What would he think of what he had become? Overwatch brushed these questions aside. The man himself, of course, didn’t bother to think that far ahead. But she did. She knew.

What she was doing was not saving, it was condemning. She was creating a prison that would forever bind him. A prison that would strip him of his humanity. She was going to make him into a weapon. She knew all this, and she still did it. Ever since then, she had secretly struggled with these thoughts, never speaking them aloud. But it’s not like there was any other choice. She did the right thing. He was dying. It was the only way to save him. He wished for it to happen. However, even taking into account all of that, the guilt did not go away. It stayed.

While Mercy was struggling with these thoughts, Genji grew more and more apprehensive. He began to feel regret and said, “I realize I may be burdening you. It is alright if you say nothing. I just wanted you to know-”

Genji’s words bore into Mercy’s mind and blasted away all other thoughts. She realized that the man she had fallen for was confessing his feelings before her. The guilt she felt wouldn’t go away, but turning him away would do neither of them any good.

The two’s lips collided with one another. A sensation she had not felt for a long time entered her body. Angela had never been one for romance. Over the years, she had been with a number of men, but none ever felt more important to her than her work. But the man before her now, whose lips exuded an attractive force on her own, was different. He wasn’t more important than her work, nothing ever will, but he was someone who could be a part of her work. Someone who she could turn to for help. Someone who could ease her pain and worry.

Though she was slightly unwilling, she separated herself from him.

“I love you too, Genij.”

Genji stared in disbelief. “Oh. That- That is good.” The two then turned away from each other, not knowing what to say. After a while, Genji spoke. “May I ask why? Or rather how you came to love… whatever it is that I am?” Mercy looked at him with a quizzical look. “Oh, only if you are fine with saying it, that is!”

“No, no, it’s fine. I just never really thought about it. I suppose it just, happened.” Mercy eyed the floor thinking of a response. A playful smile then appeared on her face and she said, “It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say it was your looks, would it?”

“Well, my face has seen better days, but my body is in top form. Having robot parts help.” The two laughed. “Looks however, certainly played a role for you.”

Mercy smiled coyly. “How sweet of you. It seems your skills as a playboy are resurfacing.”

Genji’s eyes widened. “That-, how did you-” It then occurred to Genji, why he had gained the courage to come here in the first place. “What else did that damn brother of mine say?”

“Mmm, not much. I have to say though, I never would have imagined that Genji Shimada was a rambunctious youth.”

“Yes, well, dying changes a person.”

Mercy let that line sink in for a bit before asking, “How many women have you slept with?”

“I am sorry?”

“We did just confess our love for each other, did we not? Surely you can answer this question.”

The look on her face told Genji that she was playing, but a part of him felt she had the right to know. “Um, well, if I had to estimate-”

“Genji, if you have to estimate then the number is already too high.”

“I- I apologize.” Genji lowered his head in shame.

Mercy just laughed.

After a bit of time passed, Mercy’s smile faded. The dark thoughts began to creep in again. “Are you truly okay with me, Genji?”

Genji was surprised by the question. “I do not understand.”

“I am responsible for what you have become. Surely, that has occurred to you.” It was then that all her apprehensions became clear to him. Genji laughed. “Don’t laugh! I’m serious, Genji!” The smile on his face did not go away. Instead, he placed a hand on her arm and pulled her in close.

Although Mercy was separated from Genji’s body by a layer of metal, she couldn’t help but feel warm in his embrace.

“Doctor Ziegler, even when I was at my lowest point, not once did I ever blame you for what had become of me.”


“What you did was save the life of a man. Nothing more. Nothing less. If you truly feel guilty for your actions, then all the more reason that we should be together, no?”

Mercy said nothing. She pulled away from him a little and looked at his face. It was horribly scarred, and yet she couldn’t help but feel attracted to it.

Genji watched as both her hands slowly made their way toward his face. He had to fight back the urge to move away.

Her hands made contact with his skin. She had touched him directly before during various check-ups, but this time was different. This time she thoroughly felt the cool, uneven skin. Others would call it disgusting, but to her he was no different than any other. Besides, even if the skin was no good, his eyes were powerful. They conveyed a sense of warmth, strength, and determination. There was also his lips which looked soft and, and attractive? Tantalizing?

The doctor felt her face heat up. “Say, how many women did you say you were with?”

“I- I did not say, doctor.”

“Right. Well, you must have plenty of experience then.” Genji didn’t know what to say. “Show me.”

As soon as he heard those words, sparks flowed through his whole body.

Next thing he knew, their lips were together once more, this time their tongues had joined as well. They held each other close as the sounds of their act echoed throughout the room. Minutes passed before their lips finally parted. Both of them were panting.

“How was the taste? Maybe you should add some of the formula?” Mercy giggled.

“Not necessary. It is fine just how it is.”

The two’s faces were filled with lust now, expressing their desire to take one another. Genji pushed her down onto the bed to consummate their love. A long night was ahead of them.

Woah! My first post certainly got popular enough. This isn’t the NSFW post I promised though, that will come later (much later since I am going on vacation). This one’s just a freebie. I wasn’t really satisfied with how the first one ended. It felt super rushed (not felt, it was rushed). So I made this to sort of expand on it. Hope you like it! If you have any suggestions for some scenarios to write about I’d be happy to hear them. Thanks for reading!

Analysis of Vampire Knight Part 2: VKM Narration & Subtext

With the response I’ve seen to the latest chapter of Vampire Knight Memories, this post began to feel even more necessary to complete. All the frustration with the manga, with Hino, hell, even the fandom - I’ve been there. I unfollowed most blogs, untracked the tags and for a long time I never looked back. Maybe it helped that I honestly had no expectations, or that I took as long of a vacation from this fandom as I did. Maybe some of you that are feeling disappointed and frustrated need that too. But before you write this new series off as fanservice, or a waste of your time, please read what I am about to write and then decide for yourself because truthfully, VKM is what has helped me to enjoy VK again, and maybe you still can too.

This post is a follow up to Analysis of Vampire Knight Part 1: The Original Chapters. Although it is not strictly necessary to read the first part, it would help in understanding why I interpret the new series the way I do and this does serve as a continuation of my thoughts. For the VK fan who asked for my opinion on the original series as well as the new one - I hope this answers any questions you may have had and if you (or anyone) would like more clarification, my inbox is always open and my chat always on. I also recommend reading VKM: or why flashbacks matter and VKM: the story within a story by @getoffthesoapbox for more insight into the method of storytelling being utilized for Vampire Knight Memories.


Yuuki, despite the despair she experienced, despite the self-loathing that made her believe she was undeserving of anything else, found her way out of the deep and dark forest and realized she wanted Kaname to have that same opportunity some day. She wanted him to find love and happiness in the next lifetime in a way she was literally incapable of providing him in theirs. It was her hope that he could finally experience true love and happiness without their bond dragging him down the way it nearly had with her. There was never any intent to try and live out the rest of her life with Kaname, because as Zero said near the end of Life and after the cure had already been created, “I know that someday, when Kuran Kaname’s heart is restored, you’re going to use your life to turn him human.” Yuuki couldn’t be with Zero while Kaname was alive, but she couldn’t be with Kaname while Zero was dead, and I think that is a very important distinction to make. 

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  • Pairing: Klaine
  • Word count: 15k
  • [Link to the original art]
  • Read on [AO3]
  • SummaryBlaine wants to meet his soulmate more than anything - until he realizes how fragile love can be. From that moment on he refuses to go out there and open himself up for the thing he’s always longed for. If he doesn’t meet his soulmate, there’s nothing to fear, right? Only life has different plans for him and every road not taken leads him straight to the man he’s never wanted to meet. A soulmate story.
  • Author’s note: Written for the Blaine Anderson Big Bang 2015. Warnings first: There’s the necessary evil of homophobia and violence in this story. Other than that I think it’s pretty safe to read, but if it bothers you, then maybe this story might be triggering for you.Now to the more pleasant part: I want to thank @greninjaaaa for her gorgeous art for this post and if you’re on tumblr, you should definitely give it some love. ♥
    A special thanks as well to the mods of the Big Bang who showed way more patience with me than I deserved. Thank you for organizing this amazing event that gives us the chance to get in touch with more people.And last but not least, the person who was forced to read this entire thing with all its glorious mistakes. Thanks to @frumiousme for being my beta. I wasn’t the easiest candidate for this job, but you helped tremendously.Thanks to everyone who’s reading, especially those who might leave me a comment. I hope you enjoy the ride. ♥

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Jolymes Week 2016 - Monday, November 14th to Sunday, November 20th!

Foreword: Lots of love to the people who helped me choose the prompts! You’re all amazing and wonderful and make this so much easier for me. Thank you!

Anyways, hello! I’m happy to finally make an official post. This is a whole week dedicated to everyone favorite anime prison girlfriends, Jolyne Kujo and Hermes Costello! These two ladies definitely deserve some fandom love imo and I noticed nobody else was making a Jolymes Week so hey, why not me? its my otp after all whoops Every day has two or three prompts to act as inspirational guidelines for your drawings or fanfic. You don’t need to follow them, let alone in the order they’re listed. Day One is November 14th and the event extends through November 20th, AKA Day Seven/the final day.

First things first, I’ll give the prompts and include extra information under a read more. I highly recommend you read the information so you can understand the rules and the event to an even greater extent.

Day 1: Confessions || First/Last Times || Fluff
Day 2: Date Night || Wedding || High Fashion
Day 3: Extended Family || Creating a Family
Day 4: Stands || Fighting (As in, fighting side-by-side or maybe sparring together, not fighting against one another)
Day 5: Young || Crossover || Music Inspired
Day 6: Foolymes (Jolyne x Hermes x Foo Fighters) || Prisonmates
Day 7: Post-Stone Ocean (Alt. Ending) || New Universe/Universe Reset (Canon ending)

Read the information under the cut if you have questions. If your question isn’t answered please feel free to message/inbox this blog!

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You been posting pictures that aren't black and white. What's up with that???

I know that many posts that I upload are not b&w and maybe you think it has no congruence with my name, and in fact at first that was the idea to do everything b&w, but then I thought color was necessary in some photos/gifs.

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I'm sorry but you can't just self-diagnose yourself as autistic because you did some online quizzes and identify with a list of symptoms that are so general and so broad that they pretty much describe most teenagers (especially those on this website). You've got thousands of followers (most of which are probably younger and impressionable) who will go on to self diagnose themselves as autistic in the same way you think you're dying if you look at WebMD. Professionals are there for a reason.

except every single person i’ve talked to who’s actually autistic and every article i’ve read by an actual autistic person have said that’s it’s perfectly fine (and common) to self-diagnose. and the way you phrase the second part (”…who will go on to self diagnose themselves as autistic in the same way you think you’re dying if you look at WebMD”) makes it seem like autism is some kind of awful disease, which it’s not. if anything, my posting about it and getting a few people thinking about it will have those people looking into the possibility of it (which is not a bad thing). maybe some of the people following me are autistic, and don’t know (the same way i lived the first twenty-one years of my life thinking there was just something wrong with me). and a lot of autistic people choose not to see a professional, for reasons like accessibility, money, etc. it’s just not necessary in a lot of cases to see a doctor, when the internet is at your disposal. if you’re considering messaging me again, please: read all of this first, message me off anon, and don’t waste my time

Tips and Advice for playing Mystic Messenger

I’ve been getting a lot of questions from my friends who started playing it in school. Since there are many newbies who are playing MysMe and I, who had experience the game so far, just gonna tell you some tips and advice so that you guys won’t get screwed or regret playing it. For those who want to add the list, please do, your help is worth it for the players~~

  • Hourglasses are REALLY important to the game. Use it wisely.
  • Only use hourglasses when necessary. You call still progress the game if you missed some chat rooms but you have to read it first to continue.
  • First 4 days depends on the number of hearts from one of the characters. After you got the character route, choose a supportive option to avoid bad ends (If you wanna use a guideline then I can’t object)
  • PLEASE TAG YOUR CG POSTS AND ANYTHING THAT’S SPOILEY AS SPOILERS. This has been warned to every people like I know you’re just sharing but do tag it or maybe separate it with a border.
  • I recommend that you calling the characters, don’t do it too often. Some times the characters are busy and some times they’re free so look through the chat room you previously red for clues rather they are capable to answer your call (that’s how I do to call them)
  • The After Stories in the main menu have two secret endings, which are really important and requires hourglasses so save those hourglasses as much as you can!

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How did you get the idea for Fubar?



This quote from Sebastian Stan is what first got me thinking that Bucky specifically could use a service dog:

“I don’t think he knows how to express his emotions… He’s somebody who is very alone. It’s kind of depressing! He’s someone who is piecing together a life and dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder. He’s paranoid, because he doesn’t know if he’s being followed or if he’s being watched. He has a hard time trusting himself because he’s learning about all the things he’s done that he doesn’t remember.”

  • Bucky needs something to ground him and guide him and help with his PTSD and also he needs some kind of living presence that loves and supports him unconditionally, without the added complexity and baggage of human companions
  • A service dog could sweep rooms for him, ground him during panic attacks, help him remember where and when he is, and help with an infinite number of other hurdles Buck might face
  • On Bucky not trusting himself: (This is pulled directly from THE ORIGINAL FUBAR POST) Bucky feels safe with a big service dog because he thinks “OH maybe this dog could protect other people from me. It’s as big as I am! Maybe this is actually a necessary precaution.” It’s in line with him wanting to go back into cryo until the Wakandans could figure out how to deprogram his brainwashing. Bucky will clearly go to extremes to protect people from himself, so in his mind having a gigantic freaking herding dog with him 24/7 would be a comfort to him because it could wrangle him if necessary. His first thought when presented with the idea of a caucasian ovcharka as a service dog isn’t his safety, but the safety of everyone else.
  • (Of course over time he grows to appreciate the fact FUBAR is really around to help and protect him.)




FUBAR as a character is inspired by the dogs in The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski, aka one of the best books ever written. One of the hallmarks of a Sawtelle dog (the fictional breed in the book) is an uncanny intelligence and “remarkable gift for companionship.” (FUBAR’s personality is essentially a 50/50 mix of two of the dogs in that book: Almondine and Babu.) As the service dog to a 100 year old super soldier, FUBAR needs to have some kind of Extreme Service Dog Abilities, so his levels of human-like empathy and the numbers of tasks he can do are definitely exaggerated.


Anyone interested in what it’s actually like to have/train a service dog should check out​ @myservicedogadventure and @superservicedogs, because they are both lovely people who have real world experience with these dogs. (I do not! Closest I’ve come is therapy with emotional support dogs, which is not the same.)

ADA.GOV has a really good FAQ about service animals

And, of course, the Bucky and FUBAR webcomic can be found at @buckyandfubar!  

some things i want in a new animal crossing

i’ve been working on this list since around may i think so it is probably time to post it! also feel free to add more!!

  • console as well as 3ds (i just like my handhelds)
  • all sorts of flowers, mostly similar to the pink and blue cosmos from population growing (and pleeease add pink pansies!)
  • new music is swell but i really want the ability to switch between past musics from all the games
  • all the villagers!!!!! yes new ones should still be added but i’d looove for older villagers
  • bigger maps, new pwps, inclusion of garden projects (like the bushes in population growing, it’d be nice to run through them because that’s so neat i love them!) and the topiaries could be included here, max cap on regular pwps maybe stay 30 but have at least 10 slots in addition to that for the garden projects
  • bakeries/cafes/etc. because who doesn’t like a bit of interaction???
  • clothing and umbrellas from population growing also!!!!!!!!!!! there are so many different things and idk what they are but they’re super cool
  • you remember the meteor showers from pg? yep, i want some of those kinds of events because it was so nice
  • the ability to create other kinds of clothes, i.e. shoes, pants, shorts, skirts, etc.
  • more hairstyles + colors (same w/ eyes)
  • more personality for villagers. i don’t mean new types (snooty, peppy, lazy, etc.) but, like, have you played/watched others play pg? sure there were some mean ones but a lot of the same types of villagers were so different and didn’t constantly repeat the same few sets of dialogue
  • the ability to change names/town names/faces at will (it’d be fine to make us pay a fee, but most good games as of late let us change how we are!)
  • here’s another thing from pg  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) did you know you can plant trees diagonal to other trees and rocks? as in they touch? yeah that’d be cool. also trees can touch the dang border!
  • i’d kinda like more to do on the island. it’s fun and all tbh but it’d also be neat to have a villager or a couple on it, like pg (cue laugh track)
  • villagers falling asleep outside again!!
  • more colors for palettes as well as choosing colors on like a wheel?
  • tbh i preferred the cherry blossom trees in the past games. now they’re too bright and don’t look like them from what i’ve seen
  • i want returned those letters villagers show you from those anonymous sources because they were so cool!!!
  • i’d like to be able to ask to do favors again for villagers (preferably a second option instead of first to make it easier to talk to them)
  • while stacking fruit isn’t a hassle, auto-stack would be good too!
  • i’m one of those people who miss the ball tbh
  • also coconuts washing up on shore was nice. ik it’s easy to get them but still… it was a nice aesthetic or whatever
  • bring wisp back!!!!!!
  • make beautiful town a built-in asset like how it was in pg. you didn’t need to water flowers which was handy! or at least let us have 2 ordinances. idrm having one but still 2 sounds nice
  • i miss northern waterfalls and the island/3rd section of land!!
  • c o n s t e l l a t i o n s !!
  • all that lovely, lovely pattern space per person!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • less “take a break!!!”
  • light intensity (maybe i want my room tinted lightly pink or maybe i want it blindingly pink)
  • the other characters on the file walking around sometimes (and an option to turn them off/on in case you don’t want that)
  • lighter rainbows like in wild world!
  • destroy balloon furniture bring back random furniture from balloons!!!
  • more species and more colorful ones too!! or variations; drago is an alligator however his variation is very different from a gator which makes him super neat
  • i wanna be able to give freebies to more than just my uchis
  • maybe some kind of interaction between it and new leaf?? idk how exactly in the event more is released for the new game but still a certain level of interaction would be greatly appreciated!!
  • being able to choose the locations of the doors would be nice, same with moving/removing windows (*tips hat to you, hhd*)
  • ahhh messages in bottles again!!!
  • maybe you should be able to send mail to your friends or best friends over wifi!
  • have a chat log when you’re wifi-ing, it can get hard to keep in conversation especially when you enter/leave rooms or buildings because it just disappears
  • if anything like the hhn exists, please don’t let projects get deleted so soon. it’s ridiculous that i have 0 projects up when i’ve posted many… (sorry, this one’s personal)
  • return of waterfall rainbows!!
  • maybe we should be able to choose our appearance from the start like in hhd however still have conversation with rover (or whomever) that kind of shapes our personality in game. what i mean is have options that are nice or rude that will impact how the villagers first perceive us (with the ability to change that, if necessary)
  • in addition to the above, i already mentioned being able to change appearance at will, but it’d be no fun if harriet wasn’t there to fix our hair!
  • allow me to save on the island please :+( i get it about club tortimer but it’s my island!
  • speaking of islands, i’d like the flag to return, and maybe even a new tune for it :0 idk it’d be cute and separate the island from the town
  • we have 3 drawer slots with 10 spaces per 6 pages. 6x3=18x10=180. how about 3 drawer slots with 10 spaces per 10 pages? 3x10=30x10=300! that’s a lot more space and seems manageable as well! (plus some of my charas love clothes)
  • frillard should show up occasionally! that’d be neat :’D
  • idk much about serena but still, i’d like to have her in it too. i feel bad when npcs/villagers are removed :(
  • idr if i mentioned this but 15 villager limit was pretty good to me in population growing because it gave me more villagers to talk to and get to know!
  • if i wanna give someone bells i don’t want to shell them out on the ground, let me use the bank please…
  • a little bit longer town tune might be beneficial too
  • i want to opt into more festivals like the bean throwing one!! even if it’s called japanese demon banishing day or whatever i just want them omg
  • if i say i don’t need an explanation on this tool or wrapping paper, please don’t ask every time i buy the same thing
  • i want ables backstory again :+(
  • some kind of circle pad pro/new 3ds button support
  • more of a camera look outside (like to the right or left, switching from the front to normal, or even free roam?????)
  • i kiiinda miss ridges at the ocean, i think there should be some here and there maybe
  • amiibo support!!! :0
  • like what IF there is a location in the town dedicated to cliffs? in population growing and city folk the cliffs existed but instead of it being half the town, it’d be just so cool…
  • speaking of cliffs, in hhd we see short cliffs with flowers, trees, bushes, etc. it’d be really neat if those existed and we could plant them! remember the plant pwps i mentioned way up there? what if those small cliffs were part of that?
  • wild world’s colors were so nice… did i already mention this?
  • the ability to add/move/remove rocks!
  • i wanna change the angles of the pwps too
  • some of the partitions should take up only ½ space
  • maybe add a category for flowers so we can wear them when we have wigs on and/or glasses!
  • i’d also like different kinds of cliffs like in city folk because there were so many different kinds that made towns look unique!
  • i want to be able to put the perpetual blush on more than the regular circle eyes (i hope this makes sense)
  • i wanna be able to put stuff on top of paths so maybe having a path-laying mode where you can place/remove paths and then regular mode where you don’t accidentally kick the path away (idk just think of hhd)
  • wall shelves nsdaifjkndskfj