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St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri, November 12, 1911 

Billie Burke was the wife of Florenz Ziegfeld (Ziegfeld follies). She acted on broadway, film (like Dinner at Eight) and on radio (the Billie Burke Show), maybe best known as Glinda the Good Witch of the North in the Wizard of Oz. Here she explains what she says “Titian blondes” should and shouldn’t wear.

i fucking hate it when people say that people who have had an abortion are heartless and cruel
you really think it’s easy for someone to go through something like that? i was pressured to go through with mine. i cried my eyes out for weeks straight. it was excruciating, both physically and mentally. you know what? maybe it was for the best. i wasn’t mentally or financially stable, and my child would of had an AWFUL life. im still not stable.
almost two years later and i still have nightmares. i still cry into my pillow thinking about what a beautiful boy/girl that i would of had. it still hurts seeing people with babies because of the flashbacks I get from that awful experience.
it absolutely kills me to see people call women who have had to go through such an experience disgusting. you have NO idea how hard it is. NO FUCKING IDEA.
don’t you fucking dare tell me that I’m heartless for having an abortion. fuck pro lifers.

Skull Island Deleted Scenes (maybe)

One of the best bits of Skull Island had to be left on the cutting room floor.

It shows our intrepid hero tracking a wild beast of ferocious intent, A beast so scary Jordan decided that the film would be an 18 if left in.

Conrad’s arms and biceps had to work really hard, to over come his fear and move forward to face the beast. He had to put lots of concentration expression on his little face to stop the terror showing to his team, as he realized what they were about to come up against.

Raising his gun, he looked in to the eyes of this Monster and held his breath before squeezing the trigger.

Yes Conrad was facing the Bullockornis an Australian prehistoric giant,


Known as the Demon Duck of Doom (this bit is fact guys!!)

(Of course this whole post could just have been an excuse to edit pics of Conrad and show off his arms, Who knows, pictures not mine I just played)

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Devil in Disguise

Joker!Baek (some good visuals in his tag for this particular piece)

AU list

word count: 4054 (ohmyyy!)

Fate had not been so kind. Or maybe this was for the best and it was only you who thought it to be unkind. That night on patrol was just another boring night; no special appearance by the Joker, or anyone for that matter. When Batman joined you later that evening to finish the watch, he commented on your seemingly low mood. It took you a moment to maintain composure so he wouldn’t suspect anything but in the end you tell him it was just another boring night. He laughed, and you sensed his relief that this was the worst of your problems at the moment, or so he thought. He never asked how you spent that afternoon and you made no effort to tell him of those few hours you spent with the Joker. Those few hours starting to feel like a dream and not a distant memory.

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William T. Spears

general opinion: actual love of my life 

hotness level: 9999/10 would bang

hogwarts house: ooh, hufflepuff probably maybe ravenclaw

best quality: goddang everything

worst quality: he angery at grelliekins

ship them with: grell (or me)

brotp them with: alan probably

needs to stay away from: sebastian pls stop fighting u r both grown supernatural beings

misc. thoughts: underappreciated tbqh both in fandom and in canon

My tablet died and with it the hard worked pages of my fic :/ I thought I had saved it on GDrive but it was saved on the device and was only writing on it with GDocs….

You know what, I don’t care. I’m gonna write it again. Maybe it was for the best because I was working myself over the setting.

The only thing I’m worried is that now I only have my cellphone left… Why is technology around me dyiiiing

All 3 PCs in my house are getting repaired so maybe I won’t be stuck here for long lol the only thing left to deal with are my broken feelings~💔

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This might sound totally stupid, but im autistic and my favourite colour is blue. Like, turquoise blue. Is that okay or am I being rude? Because I get why autism speaks is horrible and everything but I just like the colour

Autism $peaks doesn’t own the color blue! It is my favorite color as well and I sure as hell won’t allow that hate group to ruin it for me. It’s maybe not the best idea to wear it on April 2nd but otherwise it is absolutely fine to like blue. Don’t worry about it.



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But Percy singing ’How Far I’ll Go’ from Moana.