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She Used to Be Mine

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Pairings: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 733

Warnings: some angst?

Welcome to a Dean x Reader mini series! If you would like to be tagged in upcoming parts, feel free to let me know! Part 2


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Hello ricky how are you?? Sorry to message you out of nowhere. I’m leo when you have the time I’d like to talk to you about something. Maybe it’s a crazy idea but you know my wife loves your shoes and Suarez’s wife feels the same so we wanted to talk about the possibility of doing something here in barcelona. That’s why I’d like to talk big hug

About a year ago Leo Messi messaged Ricky Sarkany using Antonela’s phone to pitch him the idea of doing something together. That project ended up with the opening of a Ricky Sarkany store in Barcelona.

  • Alana: Why did Connor kill himself?
  • Evan: Wait what?
  • Alana: He was doing better. That's what he told you in every single email. Then a month later he kills himself? Why do so many things in these emails just not make sense?
  • Evan: Because sometimes things just don't make sense, okay! Things are messy and complicated!
  • Alana: Like you dating Zoe? You know what people are saying about you?
  • Evan: Why are you so obsessed with him you didn't even know him! Because you were lab partners? Because maybe you want another extra-curricular for your college application?
  • Alana: Because I know what it's like to feel invisible! Just like Connor! To feel invisible and alone and like nobody would even notice if you vanished into thin air! I bet you used to know what that felt like too!

So I was originally gonna draw a Jacinter thing, but then I saw this Mulan AU post and just HAD TO CHANGE PLANS. (Don’t worry, Jacinter is now for Lights~)

Idk exactly when this takes place. I think Mulan!Cinder and Li Shang!Kai are already together but they’re rarely that romantic because they’re warriors and busy (all they need is each other! *swoons*) but MUSHU!IKO’S NOT HAVING THAT. 

Thus, she’s dropping flowers on a completely innocent couple drinking tea together again. Oh Iko. You have a fangirl’s soul deep within you. Or maybe it’s me that does since I drew this.

Why So Serious? - V (Smut) - Pt 2

Many days passed with you thinking about the man who pleasured you, made you feel like the sexiest women in the world. You continue to do everyday things, such as go to work, college and go out on the weekends, You figured that if you did ever see the smoking hot serial killer out of the blue that you’d have to call the police anyway so it was best not to get too attached. You decided to go for a drive around town to clear your head, feeling very emotional, due to a fight with a friend and still hung up on the man you shouldn’t have even been thinking about. It was around 1:30am but never the less you couldn’t sleep so you took to the motorway near Incheon, You drove around for a couple hours admiring the bright lights and winding roads. Trying your hardest to fall into a gaze and forget about everything for a while, how could you possible have feelings for a serial killer, especially one you’d only ever met once for around 30 minutes, it was impossible! or maybe not…. Maybe his handsome good looks, charming smile that could instantly turn into a smirk and his hair, so messy yet so perfect had the power to do that, and maybe thats why he hasn’t been running from cops his full life even after everything he has done. You decided to park when your reached a quiet part of town, your small car bumping up the kerb as you pulled on the hand break. You turned your head lights off and closed your eyes for a few minutes, when your heard what sounded like a group of men yelling and heavy footsteps. Your car door opened and closed, the unknown passenger leaning over you pulling your seat down then proceeding to do the same with his as his hand came over your mouth. You looked around, seeing a face you weren’t sure you should have wanted to see again or not. It was him, again. The man you had been caught up on for too long, his mask looked like it had only just been applied, his white face was perfect, he had no creases or smudges. His deep red smile was grinning cheekily in a sleek curve and his eyes where even darker than you had previously saw him. “Oh, it’s you” He spoke, removing his hand, “Yeah… can you get out of my car please?” You said, your sober self had more will power to push him away from you. “Let me stay until the cops leave, please pumpkin?” He smirked, you rolled your eyes, “No, i’m gonna call the police if you don’t get out” You spoke thinking you had confidence in yourself. “No you won’t” He scoffed, turning to face you. “What makes you think I’m so easy?” you replied sassily, wanting to kiss and slap this gorgeous man all at once. “Because…” He spoke, leaning over to whisper in your ear “You’ve been caught up in thought about what we done a few nights ago. You can’t get me out of your head, and at night whenever you think no one is watching, you touch yourself, dripping wet as you think of my fingers, sliding so deep into your core you can’t even paste together a sentence, you imagine me all over you, taking you whilst you scream my name believing you’re in heaven with how much pleasure your feeling, however when reality comes you realise your actually in hell, holding a memory of what a serial killer could do to a goodie two shoes like yourself and you think its wrong, but in reality all you have to do is ask and i’ll deliver what ever you want me to do to you baby girl, all you gotta do is tell daddy.” His words made a shiver thrive up and down your spine, his words where true, all of them and you weren’t sure how he knew what you where thinking but you couldn’t control yourself. You leaned into him as he done the same, he pecked your lips, as you returned the favour before he began to bite at your lower lip, as you allowed him access to explore your mouth gradually moving to your neck and chest as your core grew warmer and wetter for him. He put his hand back, locking the car doors as he reached over to you. One hand exploring your body as the other hand supported his body. You began to do some exploring, as he was only wearing his black skinnies and a loose white T-shirt, your hands escaped under his shirt, feeling his toned abs and v line as he massaged your breasts and thighs, “That’s right baby, explore me, I won’t bite…unless you want me to” He spoke smirking. He began lifting the hem of your top, throwing it into the back seat, “You trust me?” He spoke, “Absolutely not” you spoke honestly, pulling him in for a kiss, he chuckled as he began to unbutton your jeans, pulling both them and your lacy panties down as you pulled his shirt off. He tickled up your thighs and along your folds  earning a gasp from you, making you impatient and needy “Stop teasing…” you whined as he smirked at you, He slowly slid two of his long thick fingers into you, slowly at first before picking up the pace slightly. You rolled your eyes back in the immense pleasure he gave you, hating it but loving it at the same time. He added another finger, stretching you out to the same with as last time he had pleasured you. “Ah fuck” You whimpered quietly at the pain which soon enough evolved into something great, as you bathed in the feeling of his fingers inside you. “Keep nice and quiet for Daddy” He spoke as he kissed you, adding another finger, you had never been stretched as far as this so your body was adjusting, however your tight skin felt like it was almost throbbing until your wet core allowed for his fingers to slide in easier however it did not by any means stop the moaning and whimpering that was trying desperately to be silenced by his kiss. You felt yourself tighten round his fingers, as your head dropped back, feeling your release begin to overflow onto his fingers. He scooped your juices from your core bringing his fingers to his mouth as he tasted you. “I need to clean you up baby” He spoke as he lifted your leg up, putting his head down, cheekily licking your slits as you shivered. He slid his tongue into you lapping up your juices like a dog with water. You quivered at the feeling of his tongue, however you released a second time whenever he began sucking on your clit, another wave rode over his face, eating you out until you where almost completely dry. However you could see that his face paint was wiping off, clearly seen when your thighs where covered in a pink coloured paint, from when the paint had mixed. However his mask was still covering his full face just a little smudged towards the side of his face. “Could you drop me off a little further back, so I can escape the police Harley?” He asked keeping his joker theme as you pulled up your underwear and shorts and put your shirt back on, as did he. You groaned, realising you’d do whatever the man said. “Why can’t I get your name or number? I get your a criminal but I’d at least like a name to put to the face who’s finger fucked me twice in the past week?!” You spoke, irritated at what this boy had the power to do to you. “I can’t give you my real name but I’ll give you the nickname my friends call me?” He spoke, trying to compromise. All you could do is nod, “My friends call me V, what’s your name?” He replied, then questioning you. “I’m Y/N. Not that you’ll remember when your fucking some other chick next week.” You said rolling your eyes. “Hey! what if I really want you to be my Harley-Quinn?” He asked smirking at you. “Then show me.” You said, as you drove him to near by busy street where he could sneak past people. “How?” He asked, you where unsure as to if he cared or not. “I don’t know but let me know some how, and if I believe you then I will be your Harley-Girl. But for now, put this on and get out of my car you psycho” You said handing him a mouth mask as you giggled to yourself. “Alright, I’ll show you. See you later, thanks for the ride babe” He spoke getting out and shutting the door before running down the street and into the distance. You had lost all control of your thoughts as you drove home, landing on your bed, and falling asleep in the blink of an eye, still thinking about this man.

well… still working on my skills but… thats not the thing right now.

the thing is… sometimes you’re grateful. and sometimes you just can’t explain why. so just thank you.

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awwww that episode was both really utterly emotional and really cute

Pearl was once again at 100% this episode holy shit pearl points and pearl pouch im dyinG WHAT DOES SHE HAVE IN THERE, JUT GAG TOYS IM SCREAMING

Steven tried really hard to make Amethyst feel better, and its great to note that downplaying your own achievements is not a great thing to do and could come off as patronizing 

it’s also great to see that Amethyst KNOWS why she feels upset and that she doesnt wanna feel this way but she DOES, and that shows that you are entitled to your own feelings and how you feel, even if they dont make ‘sense’

Steven and Amethyst worked out their problems their own way, the whole ‘IM WORST THAN YOU ARE AND IM GONNA PROVE IT’ bit was their way of coping as it were

The angry complements were really cute though oh my god ‘Is that new?? *in an angry voice* cuz thats AWESOME ‘

Ponytail/messy bun Amethyst: Yes.

‘You RUINED the RUINS!!’ Pearl omfg

I KNEW that Steven had this feeling of inadequacy in regards to Rose and thats why he’s trying so hard and I really want this to be addressed with the others, ESPECIALLY since its being brought up more and more with Jasper’s ‘Rose’ comments

This episode was all about the feeling of inadequacy and how sometimes when you think that you’re good at something, someone else can come and do it too, maybe even better and that hurts

but don’t ever feel like you don’t make your own contributions, you ARE great the way you are

very well done crewniverse