maybe that's why he killed himself

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Cas at the phone booth, wearing dirty jeans and a shirt he found abandoned. Huddled, arms wrapped around himself because its cold and he's human and forgot to find a jacket. Jumping every time a car comes by, losing hope with every minute that passes. Maybe Dean won't come. Maybe dean decided a broken angel wasn't worth it- "Cas." He looks up in time to be enveloped in strong arms and he sags with relief, sobbing and clinging as Dean whispers that's it's okay and that he's got him.


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The Past is Beyond Our Control

#ChoicesCreates Round 21, Prompt was - What if…

Book: Endless Summer

Rating: M (Death, Accidental self harm, PTSD, Sensitive themes)

Genre: Angst

Pairings: Jake x MC (Taylor), Grace x Aleister, Zahra x Craig, Diego x Varyyn, Sean x Michelle 

Words: ~2000

Summary: What if… two words people often think of when they know… their alternate decisions could affect the outcomes of certain situations… Alas, The Butterfly Effect is unstoppable just like time itself. We can only learn to cope and move on.

A/N: WOW. we have been doing this without fail for 21 weeks, I couldn’t be more impressed @hollyashton , this week’s host is @catsrtheboss !! If anyone noticed this title is a line from Until Dawn… don’t tell Sony I don’t want to be sued… anyway this fic is heavy stuff, very angsty, actually, nothing but angst and sadness but enjoy nonetheless haha. Also since ES is in itself incomplete some scenarios were made up by me, some idols prophecy happened, some didn’t , just a head up!


It’s been 2 months since they were rescued from La Huerta… not all of them survived and not all the bodies were recovered…

Grace’s mom was desperate to get her usually cheery and curious daughter back… 

“Grace Tamara Hall…” the middle aged woman read off of her patient’s medical report. Her thick glasses positioned comfortably on her nose.

“Not gonna lie, I was honored when Blaire Hall chose me to be your psychiatrist, she cares about your well being a lot, sweetie”

Grace snorted knowingly, never meeting the doctor’s eyes. The doctor sighed flipping through the pages of her patient’s report.

“Look… whether you want to face it or not, and I am assuming it’s the latter, you have PTSD, my dear. Post Tr–”

“Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I am not stupid and I am fully aware of my condition” Grace mumbled while rubbing her temples

“Oh… well… What if we try–”

“What if… I think about these two words often.” Tears welled up in her eyes as her bottom lip started trembling.

“I was… suggesting… maybe you could tell me the source of your regret and I will help you… I promise, Ms. Hall…” The doctor said, her voice sounding more sincere than before

Once again, Grace was in the lab located inside mount Atropo. She was on the ground , her entire frame shaking after seeing three of her friends being hailed by bullets… She and her friends failed to input the right password which would deactivate the protection protocols.


She couldn’t believe it he was… no more… Their feelings… Their spark… it never had a chance to become a fire. She wanted to be with him, she wanted to hug him… to run her hands through his platinum hair… To gaze into his deep, thoughtful baby blues… instead she was staring into his lifeless eyes, and watched as the color drained from his already pale skin. 

Grace was paralyzed with fear, anger and despair, IRIS’s cold, heartless, mechanical voice rang in the room , breaking her panic attack.

“Directive 1908… Revival procedure available…”

These words gave a her a glimpse of hope… before…

“Password input required.”

“No…” Taylor mumbled “We can’t risk this input bullshit anymore! Look what happened to our friends!”

“Taylor… what if we can save them… save him!” Grace’s voice was cracking. She sounded miserable and… slightly selfish… and she knew it.

“Grace, it’s too risky!” Michelle shouted.

“We can’t just do nothing!”

Grace ran to the computer. She thought of all the things the password could be. Her first two attempts were failures, now was her last chance… she entered her last guess …

IRIS clicked for a second “…Input Invalid”

She felt dizzy… she failed … she failed her friends and she failed herself. She couldn’t hold back her tears.

IRIS’s cold expression softened and the robot looked at her direction.

“I am… so sorry… Grace…”

A spark of electricity glistened down the hologram’s cheek like a teardrop.

“Emergency s-self destruct initiated.”

Her orb started smoking as her image distorted, her face turning into a grimace of agony before disappearing, shutting down the lights in the room with her.

“And just like that… I lost four of my friends… in about ten minutes…”


“IRIS… it wasn’t her fault… she was our friend” tears were threatening to pour down her face once again.

She wiped her tears. “Dr. Williams I appreciate this… I do… I know my mom payed a lot for my appointments but I… I can’t do this…” she stood up from the comfortable cushion and headed for the door.

“Grace… after a traumatic experience… closure is essential… you can’t shut everyone off. It will worsen both your physical and mental…”

Grace didn’t buy any of it, she was determined to leave, she opened the door and threw a glance at Dr. Williams once again, her expression was calm and professional.

“Ms. Hall, the past… is beyond our control… you’ll have to accept it or you will never heal.”

After a moment of consideration… Grace was out the door.


It’s been two months since they were rescued. Two months since they left that… God forsaken island… it’s been one months, twenty seven days, 6 hours and 23 minutes since the last time she was outside. She basically barricaded herself from the outside world, from her friends, from her family, from her guilt. It’s been two months, fifteen days, seven hours, and forty three minutes since the last time she saw him…

at this point moving in a group was becoming dangerous, Sean, Jake, Yvonne and Craig were preparing themselves to explore this fucked up place even further. Turns out there’s not just a couple of mythical creatures in this place, maybe tens or even hundreds of different species. Exploring the fauna wasn’t their mission though.

“Do you guys have a deathwish?!” Michelle protested. “Whatever we do we should always do as a group. No splitting up have you learned NOTHING from 90s horror flicks?!” Sean just stared at her , listening to her rant before wrapping one arm around her and pulling her into a hug.

  “Please… be safe… I almost lost you here once already…” Michelle cried.


Zahra watched all that before moving her gaze towards Craig. His eyes were on her as well but noticing their eye contact he quickly looked away. Everyone knew what they were attempting was dangerous and… probably pointless… whatever they were attempting, she didn’t quite catch.

Do something… Zahra thought to herself…

“Craig…” she approached him and  caught his attention.

“Hey…” He said. They stared longingly into each other’s eyes.


“Craig, I…” his hand brushed hers softly.


  And… of all the things she could have thought of… their past good times… their past laughter… their past intimacy… she thought of how he abandoned her… like an old toy he didn’t need anymore when he found a better hobby. She pulled her hand away from him


“Try not to fuck everything up, imbecile.” She left his side but kept throwing occasional glances before they left… he was gritting his teeth… was it anger ? was it regret? She would never find out.

She was sitting in the middle of her room. She moved all her furniture away one day and just preferred sitting on the ground from then on. The silence was deafening. Sometimes she swore she could hear her own blood flowing in her veins.

She kept staring at her phone screen. Specifically at a picture of her and Craig, after his first game in the football team, her hands were around his neck hugging him close and his hand was around her waist.

Zahra blocked her phone and stood up. She Kept circling around the room , thinking of what she’s done. She could have kissed him… she could have told him that she cared about him and wanted to be a part if his life again once they were safe. She could have said…

I love you.

  But she didn’t. And the last thing she ever told him was an insult… one he … never deserved…

“Didn’t he now?” she whirled around. Staring back at her was her reflection in a mirror. But it wasn’t her it had a malicious face full of anger.

“Don’t you remember?!” The reflection shouted. “Did you forget how he forgot you. How he threw you away?!

Zahra turned her back to the mirror hoping the hallucination would stop

“Sh-Shut. Up.” “He didn’t need you. I bet he made fun of you with his new friends. The pretty little cheerleaders. Honestly, even though I knew he had no taste, didn’t think he’d replace you with those Barbie dolls

  “That’s not true… He didn’t –”

“Oh it is. He was a traitorous, irresponsible, idiot and deserved whatever he got. He was a waste of spa–”

  “SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH" Zahra’s fist collided with the mirror shattering it in tens of pieces.

She was shaking and breathing heavily. She didn’t feel the pain kick in though, until she saw how blood flowed down her entire wrist, soaking her jacket with the warm liquid. Might have damaged a vein. She collapsed on the floor and reached for her phone.

She hasn’t called anyone in one month, fourteen days, six hours and nine minutes…

 "911… help, please… I’m b-bleeding…”


He has left the football team. Although both his coach and the team were trying to change his time but he was determined… he wasn’t playing without  his best friend.

Not like he would have anyone supporting his decision. He could contact the survivors but it wouldn’t be the same.



He couldn’t believe she committed suicide… she knew what she was doing, it was definitely suicide. He shouldn’t have blamed her for Craig’s death…

“Sean, quick! Michelle went outside!” Taylor alerted him. He rolled his eyes.


“Why should I care?”


“Wh-what are you talking about, she could get herself killed.”


“Why. should. I help. her. Did she do anything to help Craig? She could have helped him, he was crying out for her…. But she just stared and did nothing” Sean hissed in anger.


“Sean, that’s not fair, she was paralyzed with fear!”


“Oh yeah? maybe she’ll get paralyzed again outside and you’ll drag her back?!” He stormed off.

For the most part, he blamed himself for her death. He didnt care enough. He never did. Maybe thats why their relationship kept failing. But he did have strong feelings for her and kept trying again.

He didnt want to admit it but he had weak rational thinking. He usually went with his gut or momentary emotions. He also didnt want to admit but if it hasnt been for his idleness… and inaction… his friends might have still been alive.

No more. 

He’d rejoin the team. He loved football… he would not develop more regrets… he’s had enough.  


After his revival ritual performed by Uqshaal, Varyyn was told that the Catalysts fulfilled their destiny and saved their tribe.

He was also told that not all of the catalysts made it…


They died together but unfortunately the Vaanti revival ritual would never work on a human 

It was unfair… unfair that he’d get to continue his life and become a king but Diego would not and without him does it even matter?

He convinced his mother to bury Diego next to former kings and honored warriors He deserved to be honored like one of them.

The Vaanti had festivities dedicated to the bravery of the catalysts for weeks to come.

It was a bittersweet feeling but Varyyn was glad that time will now be their only enemy…

“I am very proud of you, Varyyn” Uqshaal said putting a hand on his shoulder.

“Thank you”

“Are you ready for your speech in front of our tribe?”

“Yes… I am…”


She wished she was stronger… She wished she could have saved them all… she was supposed to be a leader yet she failed the group. 

Her choices led to disastrous results, she tried to contact the survivors but they kept saying they were… busy… yeah, sure…

She couldn’t help a little offended but she didn’t blame them, the experience scarred all if them deeply at this point she didn’t think surviving was worth it. She missed her best friend, Diego.

They left him for six. Fucking. Months. And at the end still weren’t able to save him. She kept rewatching the stupid videos they would film out of boredom He always seemed so positive… so careless. She knew it wasn’t true but he was always a great friend.

She felt like a monster sometimes because even after the whole thing she could still laugh sometimes and have nice dreams. Was something wrong with her? Was that just her own special little way of going… insane?.. What if she died too? And this was just a figment of her dying mind… what if every…thing died because of her?

Jeez, if Jake was here… he’d give her a nickname, something like Courage the Cowardly dog or some other paranoid character


God, she missed him. His one liners and snarky remarks. His little smirk that could make her either roll her eyes or feel butterflies having WWE fights in her stomach. His last moments still go in a continuous loop in her mind.

“Princess… don’t freak out but… I think I am dying…” he was coughing out drops of blood. Everything happened so damn fast she didn’t even realize what happened

“Jake please… no, don’t leave me I can’t do this without you” she cried against his jacket, cupping his face.

“Don’t say that– you’re– you’re so smart and incredible… you could pull this off all by yourself you– I am in so fucking in love with you, Taylor” he blurted out clutching his side. “

Jake… no, please…” She kissed him passionately, like it was the last time because… frankly it was. She felt the metallic taste of blood but it didn’t bother her at all. She knew that if she let go… he’d be gone…

He will never be gone, he’ll always be in her heart, in the back of her mind, grinning cockily, calling her princess for the first time. But she needed to let go. Outside of La Huerta… she had no power over time and she’d need to learn to let go and move on. Or she’ll always, subconsciously be… in one of those time loops… unable to get out.

An incoming call broke her from her gaze, it was Sean, she was ever so slightly euphoric to hear his voice.

“Sean! Hey!” She said in a maybe a little to excitedly.

“Hey, Taylor… it’s good to hear your voice.” She smiled at those words

“Yours too, Sean…”

“I– I don’t know how this happened but Zahra’s in a hospital… Grace went to check in her to see the door smashed in by the emergency… her veins were cut… could be self harm” She was silent. Now she felt even more like a monster, laughing and genuinely feeling great sometimes while her friend suffered from depression.

“Taylor..? You there..?”

“Yeah it’s just…”

“I am going to visit her, do you want me to pick you up?”

That’s it. That’s what they needed. Be there for each other. With each other. Together they’d heal much faster than by themselves.

“Yeah, sure!”

“Great, see you Taylor” she could feel him smile through the phone.

She quickly grabbed her apartment keys and headed for the door, throwing a glance back at her room. Next to her bed… folded neatly was a certain dark green jacket. She stared at it before grabbing and putting it on. Yeah… she’d move on… doesn’t mean she couldn’t cherish memories…

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How would Panchito and Jose react, if they learned that Donald has sister that's been missing and do u also think that, the two of them would help Webby and Dewey out, on what happen to her behind everyone else's back?

Are you implying Donald never brought himself to tell them he lost his sister FRACK how does one react to that. They love him but they’ll freaking kill him if he does that-

I guess the more realistic route is that they know all about her, and they know it’s why Donald hasn’t traveled outside Duckburg (maybe for jobs, but not for himself) for ten years.

The way I see it, the kids wouldn’t tell them about what they found out, because they know Joe and Panchie will end up telling Donald. They may be their ‘cool uncles’, but they’re Donald’s best friends and they’re all Adults™. “Adults (No Matter Who) Cannot be Trusted with this Kind of Information, They’ll Rat Us Out.”

  • Alana: Why did Connor kill himself?
  • Evan: Wait what?
  • Alana: He was doing better. That's what he told you in every single email. Then a month later he kills himself? Why do so many things in these emails just not make sense?
  • Evan: Because sometimes things just don't make sense, okay! Things are messy and complicated!
  • Alana: Like you dating Zoe? You know what people are saying about you?
  • Evan: Why are you so obsessed with him you didn't even know him! Because you were lab partners? Because maybe you want another extra-curricular for your college application?
  • Alana: Because I know what it's like to feel invisible! Just like Connor! To feel invisible and alone and like nobody would even notice if you vanished into thin air! I bet you used to know what that felt like too!

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Hey so why were all of Pennywise's victims floating at the end? And were all of those just the ones he recently killed? Cause if so that's a lot. And why did he eat them whole?

The children floating were only the ones he recently killed (yea…. that’s a lot)
also I don’t think Pennywise feed himself with corpses, but more with people’s “souls” and fears… or maybe he was keeping them for later, just like a spider keeping its prey in its web… (just like in the miniseries)

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Lee jaehwan! Of Vixx

NOTHING BRINGS ME MORE JOY than discussing this man because honestly like he’s so much more than his cute image?????? Lee Jaehwan is an actual asshole and a lowkey pervert like you guys better wake up to the antics of this little shit but let’s go a little in detail, shall we?

  • Yes he’s hella cute. Not going to take that away from him. Such a silly cute that i think he must be a really sad person on the inside. he takes on so much social contact and like fanservice for the team (though cha leader is always the spokesperson in most shows) i wonder if he doesnt get tired because of it all
  • ken is the only one in vixx (other than hongbin) who tries very hard to stick to the image that’s been given to him so much so that people only see him for his cute side. unlike hongbin (who’s quite glad to escape the drama and look upon it from far away) i think ken sticks to his image to hide in plain sight. he’s doing this purposely
  • which makes me think, he must have had a shit time during his identity crisis phase. it is no secret in the fandom that he’s very insecure about his body. (has he had surgery or did he just grow into his own skin?) but he’s gotten a lot better. i think having exposure of the real world away from vixx really did him some good
  • i think he’s one of those people who’d slowly realised that he can reinvent himself in front of different people. why i say this is because before he used to fall back on cute image whenever he felt cornered but now he does it out of his own accord and even engages the rest of them into it. it feels more playful than forced you know? idk man i just think this boy grew into a man who understands that there are people in this world who accept him for his ugly (not true) self
  • which is why i think he’d give his life for hyuk. oh he loves everyone in vixx dearly, but everytime he looks at hyuk it’s like hyuk literally saved him from killing himself. idk its just a look but do you see the devotion in his eyes goddamit
  • he is a pervert and probably has a sailor mouth to go with it. dont blame him he grew up with like  brothers. i know i mention siblings a lot in these character analysis posts but thats because our siblings shape who we become just as much as our parents do, maybe even more.
  • though he seems like an out there and social person, i think he hides a lot of his deepest thoughts from others. he always manages to look the saddest when he performs all these breakup songs. his expressions while performing in his musical ‘chess’ has me convinced that he is one of those people who feels a lot (right next to ravi)
  • which is probably why ravi baby’s ken a lot and its very different from the way cha does. i think ravi gets ken on an emotional level ya know?
  • someone who loves too much out of guilt. its a funny way of explaining it but there are people like this out there. they will love you more just because they think they are undeserving of your love so if you wont let them leave you then they’ll love you until their last breath with everything they’ve got, which - might get suffocating
  • probably has too much insecurity to wade through. i hope his future significant other has a lot of patience and the intellect to see through his playfulness
  • seems like a very physically oriented person (unlike hongbin). he builds trust by physical touch. the one simple way to get closer to this boy is to just cuddle and take a nap. nothing sexual, just take a nap. he’d probably be soft for you for the rest of his life

thats all i got on our main cutie vocal. i hope this makes sense??? ive started seeing jaehwan in a new light after the recent vixx tv episodes but yeah, appreciate this magical man.


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So I just read your story from start to finish, and it's 10/10, like one of the best simblr stories I've read. But the one question that's been nagging at me was-and this is gonna sound real awful but- why didn't Santi kill himself right after the crash? He was sure Molly was dead, and they were already planning to do it eventually, so what was stopping him? I mean, I'm glad he didn't, but at the time wouldn't that make the most sense to him?(idk maybe im just heartless and missed the point lol)

firstly THANK YOU omg you’re not heartless at all lmao, i actually really like this question, i get so excited when people ask me things like this ajhsdjhf. sooooo a lot happened after the crash that you guys don’t know about yet, but like…yeah, obviously he felt really really low, and you’ll see that. but to put it into perspective, he went missing for an entire week during his manic stint with molly so his parents had been looking for him and then the crash happened which kind of cemented all those fears for them, so needless to say they kinda kept him by their side for a while after that, kinda like suicide watch, but really they just wanted to keep him out of trouble. so he didn’t have much freedom but obviously he still ruminated on everything especially with it all being so fresh in his mind. 

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super angsty fic idea that i can’t write myself bc it should b super long and super sad and super heartbreaking and i have too much commitment issues for that and i also write too slow for such a fic so someone write it for me pls

ok so i wrote most of this to a friend at like 3 in the morning a few months ago (and some more stuff when i talked about this w @sirius-orion-lupin ) so here it is (and sorry this is a mess i honestly just copy and pasted our texts) 

Ok so what if throughout the entire series, Draco was in love with harry.

 He grew up listening to stories about The Boy Who Lived, all wizarding kids must’ve. And Draco tries to befriend Harry when they’re getting their robes fitted (Draco recognized that famous scar) and tries to impress harry like his dad would have; hes going on and on about how great and rich he is etc., but he just comes off as arrogant and dudley-like to harry and he rejects dracos hand in friendship. and it breaks him, but he has too much Malfoy pride to say sorry for being a prat and to start over

And so their infamous rivalry and hate arise, and Draco is trying to win Harry over (still friendship-wise at this point) by acting like that schoolboy that has a crush on that girl in class (calling her names, pulling her pigtails, etc), trying to make harry pay attention to him (which technically is canon)

He’s always observing and thinking about harry; trying to come up with The Plan that will make Harry Potter his friend (or just like him, really), and he notices small details and little quirks harry has

Like how harry likes his tea, his favorite dessert, etc

And Draco realizes at one point (prob around 3rd year) that oh shit. he’s actually in love with Harry Potter. It’s not just his looks or his reputation. He’s in love with the way Harry’s tongue sticks out a little when he’s concentrating, the way he walks (slouching a little, but big steps. Semi-confident, as if he’s trying to act like he’s confident, though he’s p insecure. Draco has no idea where he got that description), the way Harry laughs or grips his quill, and how harry hugs his friends.

He continues to try and get harry to like him, but now romantically, and is heartbroken every time when Harry spits insults at him and storms away after Draco pretends to be a dementor, climbs a tree to jump off to taunt harry, etc

And then 6th year rolls along and dracos so broken and stressed out that he doesn’t have the energy to do that to harry anymore, not to mention the sneers and insults he’s sure to get from harry, and Draco doesn’t think he’ll be able to handle living if those were added to his shoulders

And then 7th year, draco was cried when he was by himself after finding out that Harry wouldn’t be at school. the only comfort in the storm of his life wasnt there to keep him grounded. And whend he’s taken out of school, dracos dying with voldemort living in his house, and he thinks about harry whenever he feels like he’s gonna break, and when the trio is at the manor, his heart drops bc the guy he’s loved for the past 4+ years is here and his life depends on dracos words (and draco doesn’t identify him, obv)

And harry saves him from the fiendfyre, and Draco is thankful and so /hopeful/, maybe, finally, harry will want to start over

But his heart breaks again at his trials when Harry testifies for him, and finds out that he only saved draco bc he thought that he didn’t deserve to die, and bc they were both kids in the midst of a war they wanted no part of

And after the trials, Draco asks why harry testified for him, and harry says to repay the life debt that he owed draco for not identifying him in the manor and also bc he thought draco deserved a second chance

Draco doesn’t have enough nerves or guts to ask if he could have a second chance with harry. hes too scared of being actually rejected. hes too scared of his nightmares becoming a reality

They don’t speak after the trials, only keeping up with each other’s lives through common acquaintances and the Prophet

(Fuxk i forgot this) Draco’s boggart turned into harry telling him ‘I should have left you in that fire’ (post creds to @drarry-ponderings)

Anyway, it’s a stab in the gut for draco whenever he sees an article abt harry in the Prophet (which is often, to nobody’s surprise) about potter and the weaslette dating and getting married, the birth of their children, and seeing harrys happy smiles in every article makes draco cry while he holds the papers tight in his arms, because harry is so happy without draco, while he’s depressed out of his wits

And Lucius can’t handle this anymorw, and arranges a marriage, and Draco ends up marrying a pure blood girl to continue the Malfoy line

And when they finally meet at Platform 9 and ¾ after /years/, Draco is so heartbroken at the sight of Harry and his weaslette (shes potter now, but draco cant face that truth) wife sending their kids off to hogwarts. Even more so when after all these years, all draco gets from harry is just a polite nod

Switching pov - harry

Harry never saw draco romantically, and treated and thought of draco the same way as in the books

Hated him down to his bones

And was genuinely happy and in love with ginny

And never sought out a friendship with draco malfoy after he rejected his hand back in first year

And the final stab: draco knows all of this. He knows that harry hates him, and that he probably never will. But he still cries when he thinks of how much he is in love with harry and how he’ll never know Dracos feeling for him, and that he’ll never feel the same way – ever.


Scorpius writes often to draco, and draco finds or that his son has become best friends with albus potter

Every letter, Draco is rly happy to hear from his son, but his vision blurs and his heart wrenches when scorpius writes about albus and how hogwarts is so fun with him,  because it always reminds him of what he could have had with harry

(pls read more under the cut.. i cut it off bc i felt bad it was kinda long but i promise its good)

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I dont know why people act surprised when people refer to rick as mentally ill/neurodivergent cause like... jerry constantly makes jabs at him for being mentally ill, and dead ass calls him mentally ill all the time. Also he like is an alcoholic thats tried to kill himself repeatedly so thats a bit of a dead giveaway

it’s completely canon and yeah I don’t see how it’s such a big deal. It’s just another thread in the rich tapestry of life. Maybe people just don’t want to admire/see themselves in/be fascinated by a mentally ill person? I don’t know. 

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as someone who is so well versed in the comic world, why do you love elektra so much out of all the awesome ladies? and i could ask u this in chat but i wanted to give u a platform to declare your elektra love because she deserves it, you're welcome

jdghksfdh i hate u im gonna have to get Fake Deep, no one’s allowed to hold this over me i just love my wife ok;

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Loving Strangers (Part 2)

Part 1

“You weren’t in love with just a stranger… you were in love with a murderer… a murderer who was currently running towards you.”

His running slowed into a jog and he tilted his head in confusion, why weren’t you running? If this were some sort of thriller or horror movie, you would have taken off running, dramatically tripping over  tree roots as he got closer.

But you stood, frozen to your spot. You weren’t stupid, he was tall and lean, his long legs defiantly capable of moving faster than yours. There was no point in running.

The closer he got, the more details of his face you could see. The moonlight framing his facial structure, just light enough to see the way his eyebrows were drawn together and the way his bottom lip was trapped between his teeth.

Your breath was caught in your throat as his tall frame stopped right in front of you, his stance intimidating, making you feel as small as an ant.

“Aren’t you going to run?”  He questions. Unlike the smooth voice he spoke in while at the cafe, his voice was now gravelly.
You only shook your head in an indication of ‘no’.

“You know I’m not letting you leave now, don’t you?” He asks while staring into your widened eyes.
Once again, he receive a silent reply. This time you were nodding your head up and down.

He gave a slow nod in reply before he grabbed onto your upper arm and pulled you to his car. In this sort of situation, you’d expect him to be more rough, more violent. Instead his hold on you was light, his touch delicate.

He brought you to the passenger side of the car, opening the door and indicating for you to get in. You sat in the seat and looked at his frame as he leant down, his arm resting on top of the car door.

“Stay here. Don’t try anything stupid, got it?” He instructed in a low voice. He realised you weren’t going to reply vocally, so he stood up straight and closed the door. The sound of the doors locking catches your attention, making you realise the Dan had taken the keys with him.

You watch in the review mirror as he walks back to the dead body that still lay where he had dropped it earlier. You watched as he lifted the bodies arms and continued to drag it into the forested area. It was only another 5 minutes before he returned, closing the boot of the car before climbing into the drivers seat.

He turned his body to face you, his eyes connecting to yours. His rich, brown eyes looked black in the dark night. He was clearly waiting for you to do or say something.

What would people usually say or do in this situation? Beg him not to murder you? Ask what he was going to do to you? Try to get out of the car and run?

“Why did you kill that person?”  Thats what you asked.

He looked at you, shock evident in his eyes. You knew it wasn’t right… Thats not what you should be most concerned about right now, but thats all that was in your mind. Why had he killed the person? How? Had he shot them, or stabbed them? Maybe choked them?

“He uh, did something bad. He had it coming to him” Once again, you simply nod in reply.

“Fuck… what am I going to do with you now?” The beautiful stranger questioned himself as he turned to face out of the windscreen. Wait… ‘Beautiful’? How could you still find him so beautiful?

“Fuck it” He mumbles to himself as he starts up the surprisingly clean car, driving to the open road before he turns on his headlights.

You stay silent as he drives, staring out the window. You can’t help but question yourself… Why aren’t you more worried? Scared? Why do you find his even more fascinating now.

The car pulls up to an attractive house with no lights on. He stops the car, getting out and opening your sides door. He once again takes hold of your arm in his oddly gentle grip, leading you to the front door what you assume to be his place of residence.

“You’re staying with me until I decide what to do with you” He informs you.

You are instantly lead upstairs to his bedroom where he sits you on his bed.

“The ensuite is right there if you need the toilet or shower, I’ll get something for you to wear and you will be sleeping in this bed with me so I can keep an eye on you and make sure you don’t try anything.”

You nod, before standing and heading straight for a shower. You need to think, you need to sort out your own thoughts.
You closed the ensuite door behind you and undressed, hopping into the warm shower and enjoying the water running down your cold skin.

Once you were done in the shower, you wrapped a towel around your body. You opened the door, looking down to find a neatly folded top and pair of boxers.
You changed into the clothes in the bedroom as you were alone. Wanting to know where tonights murderess roommate was, you opened the bedroom, you almost jump out of your skin as he is stood right by the door.

“uh, heres a drink of water… I’m going to have a shower. Stay in here”

He hands you the glass of water before heading into the shower. You couldn’t really drink or eat anything after the nights unexpected events, and so you placed the glass on the side table and lay down on the comfortable bed.

It wasn’t long until he was climbing into the bed beside you, boxers hanging low on his hips.

“I can’t believe out of everyone who could have found me out, it was you” He groaned to himself, rubbing his face with his hands.

“I know that you are probably terrified of me, and neither you or I know what I’m going to do to you, but can you say something?”  It was an odd request considering the situation, he was looking at you with pleading eyes.

“Whats your name?” You finally speak and he lets out a breath he had apparently been holding.

“Dan… Anything else you want to ask?”

“How did you kill that person, Dan?”

“I drowned him”

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TELL ME ABOUT ARTHUR whhat is hi s deal what happen

okay let me preface this by saying i have watched this video about 20 times now at least„ so hopefully i can pull enough stuff to clear things up for people

first things first, the song (ghost) initially seems like its more about lewis, because, you know, hes kind of literally a ghost? and some of the lines definitely are more focused on him but a lot of the song focuses on arthur as well, so ill try to grab both screencaps and lyrics to help clarify

im gonna start at the flashback for the sake of chronological order and getting the motives and whatnot out of the way

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The House of Hades: (SPOILERS) Is Nico really gay?

Okay, so this guy is trying to argue that Nico Di Angelo is not in fact gay or had a crush on Percy Jackson. I felt, in order to clear up any more possible misconceptions about Nico Di Angelo’s feeling for Percy, the need to address this guy’s ludicrously off base points.

“Nico being gay… I don’t think Nico is gay.”

Okay, first of all, unless you follow that up with saying he is either Bi, Pan, or Poly or something that addresses the FACT that Nico admitted to having more-than-friendship feelings for Percy you had best redact that statement. Because it is stated, in canon, and I will quote: “I-I wasn’t in love with Annabeth.”

“You were Jealous of her,” Jason said. - Page 291 House of Hades

“I think he admired Percy Jackson.”

“I had a crush on Percy,” Nico spat. - Page 292 House of Hades. 

In context of this, Cupid himself was forcing Nico to come clean with how he really feels, if Nico only admired Percy Cupid would not have accepted this answer.

“I don’t know, he was like what? 10 maybe when he first met percy? He was a little kid, for him saying he loved and had a crush on percy… I mean I don’t know, being 10 and gay just doesn’t fit very well In my Opinion. I don’t know.”

Darn strait you don’t know. 10 year olds get crushes just like the rest of us, being a guy that likes guys doesn’t change that. And Nico was about 11 at the time, being 3 years younger than Percy.

“Him being the son of Hades… I don’t know, if those two go together. I’m saying that he admired him [percy], I would say that he had a ‘bromance’ with percy.”

1.) Being a son of Hades has nothing to do with it.

2.) 'Bromances’ are nothing like one sided crushes. A bromance between these two would need to involve Percy being a good friend to Nico and the two hanging out, things that totally did not happen. Nico kept his distance. Percy and Grover having a bromance? Maybe. Percy and Jason? If they spent more time together, definitely. Percy and Nico having a bromance? Better chances of Nico bringing back Bianca.

“Rick Riordan just wanted to go out more and not seem like he was anti-homo or something…”

Even if it was just that, what that man writes is canon. If he says Nico is gay, just for the sakes of having a gay character, that still means Nico is gay.

Not to mention the point your making might as well be “Hazel is black cause Rick didn’t want to seem racist.” because that is the same form of logic you are using.

“Since Nico is one of my favorite characters, and um, personaly, my thoughts on homo-whatever, homosexual um… I wouldn’t…”

So what you mean to say is, that since Nico is your favorite character, and you yourself are not gay, this means Nico can’t possibly have had romantic or sexual feelings for Percy? In what realm of wonderland does that make sense? You are completely disregarding canon for your own homophobic feelings.

“I just don’t like the idea of it. I don’t care it’s not my life style. They do what ever they want, I don’t care. But um, I don’t… It’s not something I would see myself doing in the long run or seeing my friends doing.”

If you don’t mind others having that lifestyle why are you so adamant on Nico being strait? And why would your sexuality or your friends sexualities be relevant? Unless you think by some twisted logic that you couldn’t possibly like a character that was gay. You could also be projecting onto Nico, and that could be why you don’t want him to be gay.

“I mean why? It just seemed like I never noticed it through out the Percy Jackson series or the Heros of Olympus series ever. It never seemed relevant.”

For starters, we never got a point of view from Nico, so there is no way we can tell what was going on in his head. Next, I would like to point out the question of why would being gay change how Nico acted through out both series? In fact, Nico being gay explains some things, like why he was so hurt when Percy didn’t trust him anymore. And lastly, Percy and Annabeth’s relationship wasn’t really relevant to the plot until Tartarus. Heck, there is a ton of irrelevant relationships through out the book. (Irrelevancy being measured by comparison with Nico's CANON AND ESTABLISHED feelings for Percy.)

“I think Rick Riordan just put that in there to put that in there!”


“I thought that he [Nico] was just a goth boy that didn’t have any emotions”

Than your characterization of Nico Di Angelo was all wrong. He did have emotions, he was just distant and depressed, as anyone in his situation would be. His sister died, he’s gay, he’s gay and from the 1930’s, he was plucked out of time, his crush is heterosexual, he feels alone in the world, and his dad is HADES. I’m suprized the kid can still find it in himself to talk to people without shattering! Oh and he’s been to TARTARUS ALONE and able to see it truly for what it is. What Percy was on the brink of death and able to see that place clearly he wondered how Nico didn’t go insane! Nico definitely has emotions.

“Him being gay, I think that’s stupid”

I think your Homophobia is stupid.

But none the less your opinion won’t change the facts.

“He’s the son of Hades, he’s the son of the guy who rules the underworld, and him being gay…?”

Those things have no correlation whatsoever. There is no reason Nico can’t be gay as well as being the son of Hades.

“Jason took it like […] He wouldn’t judge him.”

You mean exactly like how you are?

“Maybe he had a crush on annabeth, maybe thats why he didn’t like Percy? I mean Percy "killed Bianca”.“

"I-I wasn’t in love with Annabeth.”

That quote ring a bell? Oh here is another:

“I hated Percy Jackson.”

Nico did hate Percy, but he also hated himself for not being able to stay mad at Percy. Again throwing this ridiculous notion that they had a bromance right out the window. Nico wanted to be mad at Percy for breaking his promise to protect his sister, but he couldn’t, which is why he helped Percy so much.Would you help someone who you blamed for your sibling’s death unless you loved them? Didn’t think so.

“It was a really sudden change.”

That affect nothing other than that now we know why Nico still helps Percy and why he was acting so strange ever since Percy and Annabeth got together. He continues to act like he just went through Tartarus for the rest of the book. NOTHING CHANGED OTHER THAN NOW WE KNOW MORE ABOUT THE AMAZING CHARACTER THAT IS NICO DI ANGELO.

“Nico just didn’t seem like the gay guy.”

And how the hell should a gay guy seem? Flamboyant and dressed in pink? Gay people are just like anybody else dude, because they are PEOPLE. (Shocking concept, I’m sure.) 

“I don’t know if they had gays in greek or roman times.”

You are kidding right? Despite what your history class forgot to tell you, Ancient Greece and Rome were soooooo gay, they make Hetalia look strait. In fact, some versions of the myths say Calypso was a guy, Hercules had a male lover, and Jason got together with his best friend. There are so many myths where Zeus bangs a guy it’s not even funny.

(Here and Here are a couple of sources for homosexuality in Greece and Rome.)


“Nico didn’t have a crush on Percy.”

“I had a crush on Percy Jackson,” Nico spat.

in which thran is afraid of spiders and bard is 100% done

does anyone else think it could be canon that thranduil is an arachnophobe? i mean, maybe thats why he sends his own offspring into the forest to kill the spiders, rather than just do it himself, despite how amazing he is with a sword or two :0 ever thought about that?

also uh send me some barduil requests because i want to indulge in this ship before i return to my priorities hahaha im trash

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Am I the only one who thinks that Tom (Molly's new boyfriend) Was Moriarty's right hand man? I forgot his name, but I remember sherlock saying that Moriarty had someone who looked like him to scare those children. And Tom does look/dress like sherlock, maybe thats why Moriarty would kill himself? He knew he had someone else to do his job for him.

This theory frightens me.

But I’m relatively sure the Moriarty arc is done, at least for this season.

predictions for the rest of this trilogy:

  • rey is going to loose her right hand next movie. ani lost a hand his second movie, luke lost his, if rey is going to be the main character shes gotta loose a hand i dont make the rules
  • luke is going to die on tatooine. why? bc “youre going to die here, you know” is exactly the kind of bullshit i would pull and it would just be perfect
  • kylo ren is going to a) redeem himself and turn to the light or b) die trying
  • supreme leader snoke is going to be revealed to be a tiny space worm who was just compensating
  • finn is gonna kill phasma. or maybe hes going to try but he hesitates and poe kills her for him. 
My E.N.D. Theory

Okay so Natsu really could be end, so many hints in the series. First off lets start from the beginning. Natsu is Zerefs creation, END, and igneel was suppose to kill him but instead wiped his memories and tried to make him a good person, using his powers for good, because igneel couldn’t kill natsu because he was too sweet and innocent at the time and igneel got attached to him and gave him the scarf to protect him from dark magic and surpress his demonic powers (remember when natsus scarf turned black when he was with zeref? Igneel gave him the scarf as a source of protection). Then, the dragon slayers where all transported through time to the day July 7 x777 (with magic similar to the eclipse project), the dragons didnt disappear that day, the dragon slayers woke up on that day because remember how acnologia was once a dragon slayer? And he killed to many dragons and became a dragon himself? The dragons transported their slayers forwards in time so they wouldn’t become dragons themselves, and would serve as protection in the future if the dragons ever came back. Thats why Natsu and Gajeel couldnt get past freeds ruins. (Also lets put in here that Igneel was suppose to destroy END 400 years ago and that we know natsu is ilder than that) .And so, on the S class Island when Natsu saw Zeref, zeref cried and was maybe relieved to even see Natsu. He had talked about how Natsu had grown, so zeref must have known him when he was small, basically going towards the point that he created him. I mean, we have no trace of Natsus biological parents. And then when Natsu was fighting the one demon in tartaros arc, the demon couldnt believe natsu was even human! And it said that Natsus magic was on that to a demons. Not because Natsu is so powerful, but because he really could be partially demon. So in the end I think that Natsu could be e.n.d. But I really dont want that (maybe a little, It would be a good plot change) but then theres the thought that lucy had to defeat natsu, because 1) natsu would be a fire demon and Lucy has aquarius’s powers 2) natsus a demon and lucys magic is of that of an angels
3) since natsus a fire demon, and lucys basically like a water angel right now, they would have to fight. I dont know just some thoughts.

(also with the scarf thing, natsus not wearing it atm in manga o_o IM SCARED)