maybe that's rude

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Man, I can't wait until Tiger Phosphorous airs tonight! I wonder what this most likely filler episode with no story progression has in store!

I don’t like rudeness and much less about one of the episodes I’ve been waiting for so long.

Don’t wanna watch it because you’ll find it boring? go ahead, but thats not my problem, and I don’t appreciate the passive-agressive tone and much less the lowkey ideas. 

If you wanna complain about fillers and “boring episodes” go to one of those critical blogs, they are not that hard to find after all.

-rapidly losing my cool facade-

Please don’t post my drawings on instagram

At least not without telling me/giving me credit. The least you could do is write my tumblr name in the description! People don’t seem to respect artists enough to actually acknowledge them and spread their work in a positive way. It makes me anxious to see my work uncredited like that and I ask you to please stop ;o; I know that fanart is a risky “business” and many handle it very poorly but I would think that people actually had respect for the artists who put time and effort into creating content for our community and enjoyment. I don’t only see my own work but my friends’ too! So I ask you to please give credit, make artists visible, or don’t post the drawings at all


(( Here, have some Gaster doodles while I finish some other comics. He’ll probably show up on this blog sooner or later, so I figured I’d draw my version of him. He’s just a really shy and anxious guy. Poor Gaster. ))


Million dollar idea: the entire Animorphs series is completely rewritten as an AU where morphing always stops exactly halfway and the entire course of the storyline is impacted as severely as you would expect


Anna Torv + Hairporn Gifset (requested by Taenypush)

i literally hate when people are like “wow so happy that women/gay people/trans people are being accepted into the army!! true equality!! bleh bleh!!” like yes my dream…. The Dream…. so amazing and progressive that minorities can be war criminals too…. i am amazed and awed