maybe that's just me though i mean i think THINK i enjoy this season more than 6

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DA. That anon was rude, but here's the thing. I don't doubt OQers believe you're ERs first. But for the rest of us here's how we see it. OQers like that Lana's in scenes with SM instead of a good actor and you support Regina's OQ sl which almost destroyed her character. That's like when CSers say that they loved 5A, but at the same time call themselves JMo fans. How can you say you're her fan and condone that her big arc was taken from her and that she was reduced to a LI? OQers are very similar

Well, first of all, that’s not how “the rest of you” see it – because I know a lot of people who aren’t OQ who don’t see it that way. That is how some people see it, but not how “the rest of you” see it. Don’t speak for the whole; you are not the whole.

Second of all, here’s the thing: that is a matter of opinion.

You think that the OQ storyline destroyed her character, fine, you’re allowed to feel that way – but that is not an absolute truth. That is your opinion. Not everyone shares that opinion. 

Characters grow, they change, they have experiences and relationships that influence the way they think, act, feel. And some people will like those changes, and some don’t. Just because I do and you don’t doesn’t mean I am not a fan of the character. If anything, it means that you are no longer a fan of the character, and I still am. Which is not a value judgement on you as a fan of that character – if you’re a huge fan of Regina in seasons 1, 2, 3, but not 4, 5, 6, you’re still a Regina fan. You’re still an Evil Regal. You just don’t agree with the direction the show took her. 

That’s not my fault, it’s not Lana’s fault or even Sean’s fault. It’s the fault of the writers who made choices that you didn’t like. It doesn’t make you more of a fan, or less of a fan – and me feeling differently from you doesn’t make me more of a fan or less of a fan either. 

I am a fan of Regina. I love Regina. I love watching her story, I love watching her grow and change and try to find her place in the world. I don’t think that the season five storyline was good, but I don’t think it was not good because of Robin – I think it was not good because the writers didn’t put in enough effort to actually tell it well. Which, let me tell you, after the shitty, offensive soap-opera twist they gave it, was hard to do. But it can be done – I know this because I am an OQer and I have seen it done by talented writers who were willing to invest the time to explore what that dumbass plot line actually could have been if they had actually invested the time in letting their characters experience and process and deal with it rather than just sweep it under the rug.

I’m a little confused as to how you think Regina got reduced to nothing but a love interest, though, considering that the implication to that is that she was reduced to how she was relevant to Robin, and love him though I do, Robin could not have been less relevant to the show in season 5. He was rarely there, when he was he didn’t always speak, and all of his scenes were to support HER storyline. He had nothing of his own. Robin was reduced to a love-interest. Regina still had relevance to other storylines, and to the plot as a whole. The OQ storyline was reduced to a way to prop up Regina’s relationship with her sister – Robin and Regina themselves did not have a single conversation with each other about their own storyline in all of 5A until the episode where he DIED. Their romance was not the focus – Zelena and the baby were the focus of the OQ storyline, it wasn’t even about OQ anymore and it certainly wasn’t about Robin. 

So to answer your question, I can say I am a fan of Regina because I am a fan of Regina. I am a fan of Regina in all seasons, Regina is the only reason I still watch this dang show. I am a fan of Regina. You don’t get to decide who is a true fan of Regina, you don’t get to say that anyone who likes her now isn’t a fan because the only way to be a fan is to only like the parts of her story that YOU like. That’s not how it works. I’m a fan of Regina, I’m a fan of Lana. I’m not a fan of every decision the show has made for her, but them’s the breaks. It’s not my show.

As for the CSers who loved 5A and “call themselves JMo fans” they call themselves that because they are JMo fans. They are people who enjoy her work, they enjoy her character, and they enjoy the relationship they were getting a metric shit TON of on their screen every week. So OF COURSE they call themselves fans of her – they are people who love JMo’s work who got to keep seeing JMo doing the very thing that they loved the most week after week after week. And they don’t feel like her arc was stolen from her, they feel like she was an active participant in a storyline that they enjoyed. Maybe you didn’t enjoy it, maybe I didn’t enjoy it, but our opinions do not dictate the veracity of someone else’s dedication to an actor or character. 

Being a bitter, angry “the show destroyed my favorite characters” fan doesn’t make you MORE of a fan of something, it doesn’t make you a TRUER fan of something, and it doesn’t give you the right to determine who is or is not a fan, or who does or does not belong in the fandom. 

It doesn’t. Period. 

You don’t get to gatekeep that way. 

I love Regina, therefore I am a fan of Regina, therefore I am an Evil Regal. The character does not have a “Sell by” date to be considered safe for fan-ing. That isn’t how it works.

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Hi James! Love your photos. I've had the itch for backpacking but never really knew where to start. So many questions, don't know how to narrow them down. Anyway, here it goes... I'll try to narrow them down: Where do you start planning your back packing trip? Did you have to book hostels/rooms far in advance? How did you keep daily costs at a bare minimum while still enjoying? Did you literally bring your backpack everywhere you went? Did you go solo or with a friend? That's all for now :) Thx!

Hey Lillian, thanks, I’m glad you like my photos! Also glad you’re taking an interest in backpacking! :)

1) Planning:
There really isn’t much to the first step, I just think about places on earth that are particularly interesting or mysterious to me, somewhere adventurous if possible. Other factors to bear in mind are: is it cheap to live/travel there? (Asia is 1/10th the price of Europe for example) Is it a country that will be completely different in 10 years? (Tibet is changing so rapidly and the culture is disappearing so it was worth visiting as soon as possible, and the same is happening in other countries).

Having got a vague idea of where I wanted to go, my next step is to buy a Lonely Planet travel guide on the country/countries I want to visit. Somewhere like South East Asia or South America will have one big guide for all the countries together which was my bible! This can give you some basic info and pique your interest in certain cities/sights that you may want to visit. You can then plan a route around these. Generally I’d go to the map at the front of the guide and use a pen to trace a South to North or East to West etc route around the country.

2) Accommodation:
I never really book accommodation in advance. Maybe I’ll book the first night in a hostel once I arrive if I arrive late in the evening. However I’ve always felt you have more freedom if you’re not tied up to a booking schedule. Rather than saying, oh crap I only have a short time in this awesome city because I have to be at my next hostel in 3 nights time, you can instead take your time in places you enjoy, or leave places you don’t enjoy without being penalised and charged by the hostel. Obviously this extra freedom comes at the cost of having to be a little more pro-active in finding accommodation when on the road. You’ll often find that fellow travellers can recommend great hostels in cities that they’ve been to, and you may end up finding some gems this way. Otherwise, check out the Lonely Planet guide, head to one of those hostels, if it’s full they can always direct you to another hostel nearby. 

In places like Asia, particularly in low tourist season (monsoon season), don’t be afraid to haggle the price of a room, you can get some amazing bargains! I’ve even managed to nab myself a free room on occasion, as long as you agree to drink at their bar! :p

3) Costs:
Cost should never be an issue if you’re willing to rough it a little bit (though this is half the fun). Indeed, minus flights, living and travelling in a cheap region such as South East Asia is far more cost effective than my daily living expenses here in Australia! For the price of one Perth coffee you can eat for a day in India.

So the main points to remember:

- Fly as little as possible. Asia or South America are big places, and getting around takes a loooong time. But don’t give in to temptation and take a flight, as this will wreck your budget if you do it too often. Take buses, boats, trains and take the public ones rather than chartered tourist ones. You’ll see more of the country and experience more of its culture as you meet locals. 

- Sleep in dorms. Dorms, while often a bit noisy, are what backpacking is all about. Not only do you save money, but you meet other travellers. swap stories and travel tips, talk about secret gems you may have found and forge new friendships and travel groups. The cheaper hostels tend to attract the most interesting, hardcore backpackers who have really been around. If you’re really tight on cash, you can even seek out boarding houses that locals use, and the Salvation Army runs bunkhouses in many major cities in Asia. 

- Be as rough as possible. Obviously you still want to have a good time, but you shouldn’t be afraid to get dirty and sweaty. Forgo air conditioning and take a fan room. Eat street food whenever possible.  Try to resist going clubbing and go to a local bar instead. Saving money on these things means you can splash out the really essential touristy excursions (Halong Bay boat trip, Machu Picchu etc.).  It is challenging, but that’s part of the experience, and when you return to the decadent, capitalist West you can appreciate just how lucky we are! :p

4) Backpacking Solo:
This is one of the questions I get asked most often, whether its best to go alone or in a group. It’s not an easy question to answer and I think it depends on the kind of person you are. 

I always travel solo. I like to think of it as challenging myself, having to rely on my own wit to get around, find food and shelter etc. It’s an amazing feeling heading off on your own into the unknown. Nerves and anxiety and excitement, knowing that you won’t see a familiar face for the next 6 months or so. Also, perhaps most importantly, travelling alone forces you to meet new people, whether locals or other travellers. I’ve met some incredible characters on my travels, and made lifelong friends, something that may not have happened if I’d stuck to a group. People worry that they’ll be lonely, and yes there have been times where I was scared shitless, in the middle of some new city at night and I’d wish I had someone to just do it all for me. But these situations were rare, and in hindsight, they make the best stories! :p Normally, you will spend little to no time alone, particularly if you’re travelling on well established backpacker routes (Australia, South East Asia etc.). There will always be other backpackers you can befriend and team up with to take the next leg of your journey then, when the time comes, you can part ways.

However this isn’t for everyone. The sad truth is, certain parts of the world are not too kind to solo travellers, particularly women. Many of the women I met in India had uncomfortable stories about unwanted attention from local men. I had women asking to travel with me just to have a male presence to keep the local men at bay. It’s a shame, but it’s true, and you should always try and feel safe and secure. 

Bringing a friend from home has its risks too. You never really know someone until you’ve been living rough with them. You’ll soon find out if they’re a clean freak, drama queen or scaredy cat. I’ve seen close friends fall out over a backpacking trip and never speak again. When you’re travelling in a group, you’re tied to what the group wants to do, you don’t have the freedom to just get up and go wherever and whenever you want.

So yeah, I’d say go solo, if you feel brave enough. It’s a shock at first, but you’ll soon find your feet and some friendly backpacker to show you the ropes. Or you can pay for my flight and I’ll come with you! :p

Apologies for the long response, but I’m glad you asked these questions. I hope I answered them well enough, and I hope you now go out on some awesome adventure and take lots of beautiful photos! Feel free to ask me any other questions you may have. Cheers!