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Science Aesthetics

I was feeling inspired last night, so I decided to make this purely for fun.

To the moon and back: Cold, dark nights clutching thermos flasks of hot coffee. Machinery whirring as telescopes trace a star across the sky. Intricate, geometric drawings of the celestial sphere. A messy bun and a NASA t-shirt. Filling in the logbook while punk rock blares in the background to keep you energised and awake. Pictures of nebulae and galaxies everywhere, because pretty space pictures is half the fun. Annoyed huffs every time someone mentions their star sign.

Natural Philosopher: Long, intellectual debates in coffee shops about mathematics, physics, philosophy. Chalkboards covered with equations and calculations in a precise, curving handwriting. That Eureka moment while deep in thought, expressed only with a small smile and a scribbled proof on the back of a serviette. Chaotic desks in front of bookshelves groaning with old textbooks. Antique lab equipment as functional decor.

Trust Me, I’m a Scientist”: Large computer screens running freshly-typed code. Neat lab books and PDFs of journal articles. The smell of whiteboard markers. Polished new equipment in a tangle of cables, hooked up to a digital oscilloscope. Exact amounts of chemicals in rows in metal shelves. Resting your feet up on the bench after a long day in the lab. The satisfying hum of your colleagues as they work on their experiments around you.   

Science Expedition: Dirt under your nails and a loosely-bound collection of field notes. Plant clippings carefully taken to be analysed back in the lab. Soft fur on tough, wild animals. The bitter smoke from eco-friendly firewood while you roast marshmallows and listen to a supervisor’s witty stories. Free-handing diagrams while looking through a microscope. Sketching flowers and that gorgeous ocean view from your last field trip. Reading Darwin on the bus home but falling asleep on your lab partner’s shoulder out of sheer exhaustion after the first three pages.

Life is a Science: Scrolling past an anti-vax facebook post and resisting the urge to burn down the internet. Shiny dissection kits and the sharp smell of formaldehyde. Making time to work out and pack a healthy lunch because your mind is sharpest when your body is well. Debunking the latest superfood fad with peer-reviewed journal articles. Making friends with some of the nicer med school kids in anatomy class. Colour-coded, neatly labelled diagrams and a thousand different terms memorised. Getting a double-helix DNA sculpture for your desk.      

What they show on TV isn’t real hacking: Rubbing your eyes after staring at a screen for five hours straight. Having a blank keyboard because all the letters are rubbed off already. Energy drinks in strange colours at strange hours. Being fluent in four different coding languages. Circuit boards and printouts. Ones and zeroes. Running jokes about turning everything off and on again. Rage-quitting when you realise you forgot a comma or a colon somewhere. Black screens with brightly coloured lines. The comforting click-click of fingertips tapping keys. Applying to intern at Google every three months because maybe they’ll take you this time. Writing a piece of code to do something simple just because.

Moments - 4

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soulmate au where the first words you’ll hear your soulmate say are inscribed on your wrist.

warnings: swearing, injury, implied torture 
word count: 1187
a/n: i should rename the series ‘angst’ bc that’s essentially what it is

The phone sits in Bucky’s hands, lifeless, staring up at him as his stomach ties in knots. There’s an unease settling on his shoulders, and there’s a lump in his throat he can’t get rid of.

“What is it?”

He doesn’t look at Nat, doesn’t make any gesture of acknowledging her. His eyes remain trained on the device his fingers are wrapped around, as if it’ll start ringing any second. He needs it to start ringing.

“Buck?” There’s a hand on his shoulder and he jumps, gaze coming up to meet Natalia’s green eyes. Her face shows genuine concern and a part of him settles down and he’s able to breathe again as he realizes just how lucky he is to have the beautiful woman in front of him. “What’s wrong?”

“Y/N.” He says her name hesitantly, as if it’ll burn his tongue.  His arm still tingles occasionally from where she last touched him, and something about her has kept him on edge since the last time they talked. He’d assumed he’d scared her off (and he’d be lying if he said that he hadn’t meant to). He’d been outright and undeservingly rude to her. So then, why the fuck did she call him?

The concern on Nat’s face intensifies as she takes a seat across from him, arm outstretched and hand wrapped around his. She squeezes it lightly, and her voice takes on a hard edge as she speaks. “James, what’s wrong?”

“She called me.”

“And? What did she say? Is she okay?”

“I don't– I don’t know.” The ringing of the phone had pulled Bucky out of a restless sleep, but when he’d picked it up, all he’d gotten was static on the other end. He’d said hello a few times, then hung up at no reply. It could have been a simple mistake, maybe she’d dialled the wrong number. Still, something about the call being so late at night had made his stomach tumble anxiously, and the feeling won’t go away. He’d called her back too. Twice. No reply.  

Nat breathes out slowly and Bucky’s eyes flick to her again. She slumps back in her chair, closes her eyes for a moment, then blinks up at him. “You look tired. Get back to bed.”

Bucky nods and stands up. His chest still hurts and he’s still having a hard time swallowing and his head is a frenzy of questions that he needs to ask as his finger tighten their hold around his phone. A part of him is begging for her to call him back, to splutter and stumble over her words and then firm up and tell him it was an accident, because he may not know Y/N too well, but he’s sure she doesn’t leave random calls to unexpected people in the middle of the night, and then not pick up when they call her back. Another part of him is telling him to relax, that she’s fine and why does he even care?

He closes his eyes.

The phone rings.

Bucky’s sitting up, hands fumbling with the phone as he answers the call without looking at the screen. “Hello?”

It’s silent for a second. Then there’s heavy breathing on the other end. Then laughter. Then–

“James Barnes.”

Bucky can feel his blood running cold. His entire body feels as if he’s being put in cryo again: he’s paralyzed and every part of him is drenched in water so cold it burns, and he can’t speak and he can’t breathe and he can’t move as he registers the voice on the other end.


Three weeks. It’s three weeks before they even find a possible location to infiltrate, and Bucky’s going insane. He’d called Steve right after Zola had called him, and then Steve had found a note in Y/N’s room about needing space and going back to her apartment for a few days, and the doorman had told them that she never even showed up and now Bucky’s feeling a mixture of anxiety and guilt because he should have known that something was wrong and he should have done something about it and he shouldn’t have been so fucking rude to her and then maybe she wouldn’t have left and with every day that passes the chances of her being alive are slimming and–

There’s a cacophony of gunshots, and Bucky’s contributing to it, shooting at every agent that comes in his line of sight. His limbs are burning, partly with determination and partly with fury and he’s moving fast with Sam behind him as cover. He’s almost at the last door and there are no more agents and then he’s barging in, metal shoulder against the metal door and–

He stops.

She’s there, strung up in the middle of the room by her fucking arms, with her wrists chained to a loop on the ceiling and her toes barely brushing the floor. There’s a pale yellow lamp hanging just above her head it’s giving her skin a sickly appearance. The blood isn’t helping, and god, there’s so much fucking blood, over her clothes, on her face, in a pool by the floor.

He approaches her slowly, pushing down the urge to spill the contents of his stomach over the floor because he’s seen so much worse than this, but it’s never hit him this hard. He wants to be happy because at least she’s alive– he can see the slow, fragile rise and fall of her chest– but the fact that she’s in this position because of him, because HYDRA wanted to strike a bargain deal with him: James Barnes for her, is too overwhelming.


She whimpers at the sound of his voice. Her eyes remain closed, but there are sounds escaping her lips that’s forcing the bile up his throat again. “Please, I don’t know where he is, please.” Because after everything he’s done to her, after he’s pushed her and been unbelievably rude to her, she’s strung up and pleading for her goddamn life, but not endangering his. And god, if he ever thought he was a terrible person, it was nothing compared to this.

He works carefully, making sure not to touch her skin as he unchains her arms and assesses her injuries and calls for backup on the coms. Her form slumps against his, burning hot to touch, and his skin begins tingling again but he pushes the thought aside as he whispers in her ear, gently lifting her up. “Fuck, Y/N, I’m sorry, just– you’re okay now.”

He’s carrying her back to the jet and Nat’s beside him at some point, and she’s swearing and calling for medical backup and covering the two of them. Y/N’s limp in his arms, but her mouth is still moving and sometimes she’s gasping for air and others she’s pleading under her breath: please and I don’t know where he is and I don’t know him that well. And Bucky, he– he’s trying so hard to not listen because every word she says feels like a knife stabbing him, over and over and over.

He’s trying to focus on walking properly because his knees feel weak, and he’s trying to ignore the blood on his hands and the blood on his clothes and the blood on her. Her voice is getting gradually quieter and he keeps apologizing and every part of him is hoping she’ll be okay because he needs her to forgive him and god, he’s so fucking selfish even after all of this, but she needs to be okay.

“We’re almost at the jet now.” He doesn’t know if she can understand him, or even hear him for that matter, but she’s still saying stuff under her breath and now he’s straining to listen.

“Please. Don’t hurt him.”

His eyes are burning and his chest is burning and there’s hatred swelling in his chest for himself. He swallows.

Please, he’s my soulmate.”

She doesn’t say a word after that. Or maybe Bucky can’t hear another word after that. He hands her to Natasha, who looks at him with wide eyes and an expression he can’t place and then–

He throws up.

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fic: hangman, lariat (4,800 words, rhack, NSFW)

YOOO IT’S ACTUALLY DONE. this is, for all intents and purposes, a direct continuation of this post - and @ssealdog​, @thirtysixsavefiles​, and @ledgem​ have my eternal thanks for encouraging this venture despite it turning into almost 5k of blowjobs with very little plot.

as always, @asexualshepard is the best cheerleader around - thanks for being such a star despite my New Fandom Nerves. tally ho!

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It would’ve even been okay, maybe, if Rhys had only been in it for the money. By this point the three of them have a system, practically a science, and as surreal as it feels it has actually elevated them, padded Rhys’ pockets more than he would’ve thought.

Point: he has a few nice new shirts, which would be perfectly fine if he didn’t secretly hope, every time he wore one to fight club and his eyes caught on the dense slouch of Jack’s sweating back in the ring, that he would turn around and rip it off him.

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The Edge of Seventeen Tag

rules: reimagine your founder (or a sim you made as an adult) as a teen! maybe even on prom night?

Original Post

No one tagged me but I REALLY wanted to do this with Anthony and Tânia. They already died in my game *sobs* and I feel like I didn’t took enough screenshots of they dating before Adonis was born. Actually, I feel like they didn’t had many romantic moments in my game at all.

Here I imagine Tânia as the clumsy geeky girl who got Anthony into science, even though in my game they just met for the first time at work. I MISS THESE TWO OKAY, DON’T JUDGE ME.

TF2 Ships~ (WIP)

ScoutxScout-> Scoutcest
ScoutxPyro-> Flash Fire
ScoutxSolly-> Batting Helmet
ScoutxDemo-> Hop scotch
ScoutxHeavy-> Heavy Hitters
ScoutxEngie-> Texas Two Step
ScoutxSniper-> Speeding Bullet
ScoutxMedic-> Quick Fix/Blunt Trauma
ScoutxSpy-> Daddy Issues/Cloak & Batter
ScoutxPauling-> Caught Looking
SoldierxSoldier-> Sollycest
SoldierxPyro-> 4th of July
SoldierxDemo-> Boots n Booms
SoldierxHeavy-> Cold War 
SoldierxEngie-> Helmet Party
SoldierxMedic -> Fruit Scones
SoldierxSniper-> Knife Party Huntsman (???)  
SoldierxSpy-> Freedom Fries
SoldierxMerasmus-> Magic Missiles

SoldierxZhanna: East meets West

PyroxPyro-> Pyrocest
PyroxEngie-> Texas Toast
PyroxHeavy-> Bear Grill
PyroxDemo-> Molotov
PyroxSniper-> Why does it burn when I pee?/Hot Shots
PyroxMedic-> Roasted Dove
PyroxSpy-> French Fries
DemoxDemo-> Democest
DemoxHeavy-> ???
DemoxEngie-> Short Fuse
DemoxMedic-> JaegerBombs
DemoxSniper-> Piss Drunk
DemoxSpy-> Bomb voyage
HeavyxHeavy-> Heavycest
HeavyxEngie-> Heavyneer
HeavyxSniper-> Vegemite sandvich
HeavyxMedic-> Red Oktoberfest
HeavyxSpy-> Spoovy
EngiexEngie-> Engiecest
EngiexSniper-> Trucks n vans
EngiexMedic-> Science Party
EngiexSpy-> Napoleon Complex
SniperxSniper-> Snipercest
SniperxMedic-> Bush Medicine/Van Ambulance/Urine Sample
SniperxSpy-> Bloody Suit
MedicxMedic-> Medicest
MedicxSpy-> Gentle Surgery
SpyxSpy-> Spycest

I tried to put order of the ships that are in this fandom and ended up like this. Even when I don’t reblog everything this will be useful anyway, for me and for my followers.

It was really funny to do, and thanks Sugar Tits for your help <3

greaser boy - part VI

High school AU - bad boy!Bucky

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Characters: All the avengers, Peggy Carter, Loki

When a new student from Brooklyn joins the reader’s school, she doesn’t know what is in store for her. He is the epitome of trouble and she finds herself caught in his headlights. The more she resists, the harder it gets. Limits are tested and so is patience. Will she fall for the greaser boy with the bad reputation?

Word count: 1.2k

A/N: This is very late, I am so sorry. I haven’t had time to just sit down and type this part up but here it finally is! A bit short too and I am also sorry but I promise i will be posting part seven soon. Again I hope you enjoy and I also wrote another sad Bucky imagine if you would like to read it. If you want to be tagged just ask

Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V 

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If your name was known by mostly no one on Friday, then it was widely known by Monday. Your name often slipped the tongues of your peers and you felt yourself exposed. Vulnerable. Bucky had his fingers interlaced with yours and he didn’t seem to mind the widened eyes and not-so-discreet comments.

“Are they dating?”

“He’s only been here a month, maybe a little bit more.”

“What’s her name?”

“I have her in my science class. Her name is Y/N.”

“She’s friends with Natasha and Steve.”

“He’s so attractive.”

Your eyes never left the floor as you walked down the crowded hall. All this attention that was suddenly placed on you made you so nervous. You hated it. It didn’t seem right. You asked yourself how Steve Rogers and the rest of his clique was able to go through this every single day.

The mere thought of it made anxiety bubble up inside.

“C'mon, chin up, doll. I can’t see your beautiful face when you’re looking down,” Bucky smirked.

A small smile formed at the corner of your lips. You’ve known Bucky for more than a month yet he still made you so nervous. “Okay well, I’ll see you after class.” You were about to leave to your classroom when he grabbed a hold of your wrist. Bucky pulled you back.

“Where you thinking of leaving, without giving me a kiss? Don’t be like that, doll.”

His voice was dangerous and it send shivers down your spine. He must’ve noticed this because his eyes held even more mischief. Bucky leaned down a planted a kiss on your lips. You’d be lying if you said your heart didn’t begin beating a mile a minute. You were still getting used to it and Bucky didn’t make it easy for you to get used to it. Each kiss was like the first and last.

So needy, passionate and loving. All at the same time.

You threw a smile at Bucky as you entered class. Nike sat at the back of a class, her eyes wide and you knew that she witnessed the kiss. Once you sat down in your seat Nike nearly burst in excitement.

“Spill!” She said. “I want every detail.”

You walked towards your room, night had fallen and all you were worried about was trying to get two episodes in before bed. Bucky hadn’t replied to your text, but you didn’t give it much thought, considering the fact that your mind wasn’t concerned about him at the moment.

Your parents were getting ready to go out to a date night, which means you’d be alone for a few hours. You didn’t mind really, it allowed you to binge watch at ease.

With a bucket of popcorn in your hand and a bottle of lemonade in the other, you pushed your bedroom door open and set your food down on the nightstand. The TV was already set up with the episode paused. You were about to snuggle down on the bed when a soft knock hit your window. Curiosity shot through your body but you didn’t give it a second thought.

Instead, you pressed play on the episode and the intro began to play. After a stressful day of school you practically melted when you draped yourself in the soft duvets and fluffy pillows.

The knock on your window continued, this time louder. You groaned knowing that you had to leave your bed.

“What the fuck is that?” You muttered.

You pushed open the curtains and your eyes widened when you saw Bucky smiling up at you. He wore the same leather jacket from earlier that day, except now he wore a gray shirt and some converse. You opened the window.

“Bucky!” You whisper-yelled. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Took ya long enough. I’ve been standing out here for more than five minutes,” He said, completely ignoring your question. “I’m coming up!” He began climbing the tree that was next to your window.

“Are you crazy!” Not only were you in a big t-shirt with nothing but your undergarments and some lame knee socks on but your hair was in a messy bun. You definitely weren’t expecting to see him.

“Y/N! Sweetheart we’re leaving now,” Your mom called.

You squirmed and closed the curtains before gong to meet your parents who were already by the door. You hoped that Bucky had at least the sense to park a block away. With careful steps, you walked down the stairs.

“Okay,” you smiled, trying to mast the nervousness. “Have fun. Love you.”

“Remember, don’t open the door for anyone,” You mom said.

“Yes and do you still have that pocket knife I bought you?” Your dad asked.

You nodded, “Yes Dad, it’s under my pillow, just like you said.”

He nodded approvingly before he opened the door and allowed your Mother to leave first. With their final goodbyes said you closed the door and raced up to your bedroom. You passed through the threshold just in time to see Bucky stumbling in from the open window. He brushed off his jacket and gave you a cheeky grin.

“Hey, doll,” He greeted.

“Bucky! What if my parents saw you sneaking in,” You crossed your arms over your chest, just to feel a bit more at ease.

“They would never, I’m sneaky,” He winked and approached you. His hands grabbed your waist and pulled you closer to his body.

Before he could give you any warning, Bucky crushed his lips against yours. You instantly fell under his spell as your hands made their way up to his neck. You weren’t sure if it was because you were tugging at the collar of his jacket or if it was your fingers that were digging into his back, either way you found yourself straddling Bucky’s lap. His hands gripped your waist firmly as if he was holding back.

Your lips only separated when you found yourself needing air. He smiled at you as he breathed heavily. You were at eye level with him and his usual pool blues now seemed to be turquoise. Bucky allowed you to run your hands through his hair, which was surprisingly soft.

“Y/N,” He said. “We can’t. I don’t want it to seem like that’s all I’m here for.”  Your heart softened at his words. “Cause it’s not. I’m here to spend some time with you, doll.”

“Well,” You crawled off Bucky’s lap and pulled the covers over your body. “You’re here now. Do you want to watch this episode with me?”

The next hour or so you and Bucky cuddled on your bed, eating popcorn. He didn’t ask questions about what was going on which you were grateful for because you didn’t want to explain the past two seasons to him.

“That was interesting,” Bucky said once the episode was over. “And you like it?”

“I love it!” You exclaimed and finished the last of your popcorn.

He smiled at you, “Doll, you seem so innocent.”

You quirked an eyebrow, “Why do you say that?”

He shrugged, “I don’t know. You were shy, always so flustered, constantly apologized. And you still do.”

You frowned, “I never really took note of that. I’m just being me.”

“You’re adorable, but I really gotta ask, have you ever done anything that is worth being under the category of ‘rebellious’?” He asked, putting quotations around rebellious.

You shook your head, “I’ve never really had time to, nor someone to convince me to do anything that even considered rebellious.”

He smirked, “Then get dressed, cause we’re sneaking out of here.”

Your eye widened but excitement suddenly pumped through you, “Where are we going?”

“Doll, I’m taking you dancing.”

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Hey guys!

I’ve been getting a lot of people (mainly by people I see day-to-day) asking why I’ve chosen Geology as a major.

Before this, I spent 4 years pursuing various certificates and degrees in the medical line of things. I started off pursuing a chemistry degree with the intention of becoming a pharmacist, then moved to a pharmacy technician, then medical billing and coding, and was considering also doing a technical course for medical office assistant.
I chose these because my entire life I had it pushed down my throat that the medical realm was the only way I was going to be successful. I chose that based on the whim and encouragement of others, really before I knew myself.

I started out loving the pharmacy tech position when I did my internship, but when I got an actual position, I immediately knew it wasn’t for me. I’m a very anxious person and I’m not exactly the best people person - I can deal with friendly people or even slightly crabby people - but sick crabby people and the downright scary angry customers I just … no. Absolutely not. Some people are born with a knack for handling difficult people…I am not one of them. I started getting discouraged because I had spent so much time (and 5/6 of my financial aid!!!) on a career path I not only didn’t really want, but one that didn’t fit me.

After searching my college’s catalog I pushed aside everything everyone told me and asked “if you could work in any of the fields offered, which one would it be?” I immediately landed on geology. I noticed there were only a few classes I needed to complete a major and one was a five-week field course in Colorado over the summer (THIS SUMMER ahhhhh).

I wanted a major that would offer the most bang for its buck. With geology, there are so many options. Not only that but no customer service. (Well…no retail customer service anyway)
I wanted a career that I would love and thrive in, but also something that would allow me to make some kind of a difference.

I grew up obsessed with rocks (no really, my sister got a box of rocks for Christmas one year as a joke and I cried because I was jealous…I also ate them) and curious about why rocks in the hillsides were sideways or diagonal along the road cuts (I was a dorky kid leave me be 😂).

With medical I felt stuck and constantly like I was selling my soul. With geology, it’s the complete opposite. I feel free. (A little worried with current events but afterwards we should have plenty of job openings)

I like to tell the students of our outreach program that there isn’t anywhere in the world you can’t go where geology can’t be used. WV? Yah. Alaska? Yup. Greenland? You betcha. (My friends are going this summer after field camp believe it or not).
And you can be outside most of the time.

Like volcanoes? Geology.
Like water? Geology.
Like earthquakes? Geology.

Want to work with crazy complicated looking equipment and feel like a mad scientist? (Look up electron Microprobe or look down in my posts for example) Geology.

I’m still not 100% sure what I want to do specifically (land use planning maybe, conservation, or remediation) but I know I can find something I’ll love.

I know this is wishy-washy and biased, but I’ve never felt more confident or more excited for the next chapter.

Even if geology or geoscience isn’t for you, don’t worry about going through different majors. Sometimes, like in my case, the one you end up really digging (shameless geology pun, I’ll not apologize) is the last one you ever consider.

And that’s my little infomercial/shameless plug for geosciences for today ;)

~🤘🏻Rock On🤘🏻~

inkblottedsoul  asked:

So I read your tags on the "calculus" thing about Leibniz or Newton, and wasn't Archimedes also hugely involved? Like, I know he was killed before he could finish it and I'm unsure if his work was actually used later as far as it went, but I think I remember my teacher saying he was one of the first.

Ok, it’s time for a bit of a trip, because people always say shit like “Newton invented calculus” or they swap out Leibniz, and MAYBE, sometimes they’ll mention Archimedes.  Science, including math, doesn’t work that way.  It’s incremental.  The bits and pieces of what we now call “calculus” were developed over a LONG period of time by many different people.

So before we begin, calculus is the study of a thing called a “limit” which is a way of doing infinitely many things.  There’s two main parts of calculus: differential calculus, which uses limits to talk about rates of change, and integral calculus, which uses limits to talk about areas and volumes.

Ok, now, to Archimedes.  He developed what was called the “method of exhaustion.”  You want to know how much area is in a circle? First, fit a triangle inside the circle.  You can figure out it’s area.  Then a square.  Then a pentagon, and take the number of sides bigger and bigger, and the more you have, the closer it is to being the whole circle.  In modern terms, you compute those areas, and then you take the limit as the number of sides goes to infinity, and BAM, area of a circle (which is also a way to calculate pi, and there’s fun history there, too)

Now, we jump a thousand or so years, because Archimedes got stabbed and, frankly, people had to figure out polynomials, modular arithmetic, and geometry a bit more before the next part of calculus was really popular.  We come back to the story with Descartes.  He said “We can describe the plane by pairs of numbers!” and it was AMAZING.  Suddenly, geometry was freed from Euclid and was dominated by numbers.

So what’s the first thing you do in that case? You try to compute the lengths of some shit.  Like spirals, parabolas, etc.  Descartes came up with some tricks, but he declared that no one would be able to do it for cubics, WAY too hard.  Never ever.

So of course, not long after he died, Fermat did it.  Fermat figured out how to compute the rates of change (slopes of tangent lines) for any curve that was defined by polynomials.  Any at all.  And how to use that to figure out the length, though some lengths couldn’t be computed cleanly, he could still calculate them pretty damn well.

This is actually about 60-70% of what you need to get through a calc course.  All thanks to Fermat, who often gets no credit for it.

So then, a BUNCH of people start working on area inside of curves, and Isaac Barrow (Newton’s teacher) figures out that rates of change and areas are closely related: there’s a thing called the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus that is the details, and it’s REALLY important.  But of course, he can only do things for polynomials, really.

And now Newton comes along, and he systematizes it, and says “Well, not all functions are polynomials…OR ARE THEY?!” and declares that all functions are just polynomials with infinitely many terms, and you can just treat them the same way.  Neither of these statements is true, but they’re not the worst things you could say.  So now, Newton could handle all the functions that show up in classical physics…and BOOM, physics revolution, though he hides the calculus for various reasons.

Leibniz, possibly unaware of how Newton got his results, figures out how to do things more generally, treating functions as just things, not as big polynomials.  He developed the product rule (also called the Leibniz rule) and his notation was WAAAAAY better, and then, the shit hit the fan when Newton found out.

It’s one of the nastiest academic disputes ever (take into account that Newton was basically a supervillain and in charge of England’s money supply), but it’s a bit off topic.

So, we’re now at about 80-90% of a calc course, and the rest was filled in by the other European mathematicians and physicists of the time, with a LOT of work replicated in England and on the Continent because of this dispute.  We tend to remember the Brits, because, well, we’re Americans, but also because Britain was getting more powerful at the time.  So we have Maclaurin and Taylor who cleaned up the “infinite polynomial” business standing out particularly.

The Continent had its revent in the 19th century, when people found out “Oh, shit, these proofs, they all have holes in them” and it was Cauchy (French) and Weierstrass (German) among others who fixed it all up.

So, hope you enjoyed this lesson in history of math, next, ask me about the Jewish woman who made her father (who was one of the great 19th century mathematicians) a completely forgotten name whose work is often attributed to her by accident, and who completely revolutionized our understanding of physics, and who is, honestly, one of my favorite historical people ever (bonus point if you know who it is)

Lumen (part 11/ ): Secret intentions

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Previously: part 10

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary of part 11: Some action, a naughty Bucky and a sketchy Fury.

Warnings: maybe 1 little swear word?

Word count: 1.703 (without background information).

A/N: I absolutely loved writing this part! Lumen is going on hiatus after the mid-season finale (part 12) because I’m currently in the middle of a very demanding and time-consuming science project. Meanwhile, I still have a couple parts to “Aurum et chaos” lined up for you as well as the sequel to “Love me like you used to”.

This is my first fan fic series, so bear with me. Feel free to tell me your thoughts on this one, constructive criticism is appreciated! Also, since this is an ongoing series, the tag list is open as we speak, so feel free to send me a message!

Background: Iona Cole is a perky, gifted and ambitious assistant to a critically acclaimed professor at a renowned university. That is, until she snaps in the middle of class, the auditorium packed with students on introduction day. Having a long family history of psychiatric diseases, her mother sends her to a private clinic to receive the best treatment. In reality, this institute for people with “special needs” is a smokescreen for the underground operation Hydra is running there.

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doegred-main replied to your post “Interesting how this website is so eager to defend science as an…”

Maybe we are talking about different things, but it seems to me that a lot of tumblr suffers from a distinct kind of anti-intellectualism which is rather widespread in a kind of USA leftism; creating pretty much the opposite environment. Then again it is true that so few people talk about epistemology in a serious and informed way, which is a thing I hate from the bottom of my heart.

I’m not sure what specifically you’re referring to, but agreed in general about tumblr’s anti-intellectualism. What I’m talking about is the recent rise in the defense of science in the American political sphere as a response to the threats to science funding, conservative distrust of science, etc. Which I’m glad is happening, but I’m a little disgruntled at the way the importance of the humanities is being ignored. 

(Like, for example, that “if you want to recognize fake news, think like a scientist” headline - as though those of us in the humanities aren’t literally trained to evaluate texts and rhetorical statements for veracity and bias.)

This Isn’t a Lifetime Movie Chapter 8

Description: You take some time to reflect at Barton’s farm

Word Count: 651

Warnings: Drinking, swearing, Clint being married to Laura (trust me I know)

Chapter 7 | Chapter 9   (We’re going to make it to 11, maybe 12)

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RULES: Copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in yours. When you are done, tag up to 10 people and also tag the person who tagged you… and most importantly, have fun!

@clarz my science babe, thx for tagging me

A) Age: 30 for another 19 days

B) Biggest fear: not accomplishing anything, always being financially dependent on my unhelpful parents.

C) Current time: 9:00 pm

D) Drink you last had: regular coke

E) Every day starts with: me wishing i was still asleep.

F) Favourite song atm: strangers by halsey ft lauren jauregui.

G) Ghosts, are they real?: maybe? but i don’t particularly believe so.

H) Hometown?: belo horizonte, brazil

I) In love with?: sleeping…waking up w/out headaches, maaaybe tarjei sanfvik moe.

J) Jealous of?: talent.

K) Killed Someone?: on the dance floor yEAH. nah, in all counts

L) Last time you cried: maybe 2 minutes ago… today has been very emotional what with #OneLoveManchester and later watching a documentary about immigrants in brazil

M) Middle name: not a thing in brazil

N) Number of siblings: 4

O) One wish: striking big in a lottery, finding a career i love and am successful at, having a place to live and still eat avocado toast.

P) Person you last called/texted: my sister and my friends gc.

Q) Questions you are always being asked: “are you going to start a diet? have you found a place to live yet? when are you going back to the gym?” yes, i am a bitter betty.

R) Reasons to smile: small animals, tarjei sandvik moe, iman meskini, disney world parks

S) Song last sung: one last time by ariana grande.

T) Time you woke up: unfortunately 5am and then again at 10am

U) Underwear colour: black with some wiggles? idk

V) Verse from a song you like:  Yeah, she loves when everybody’s watching
She knows the way her body moves
She loves the way they all crawl back when she says
She loves nobody else but you

W) Worst habits: smoking and being a compulsive eater.

X) X-rays you’ve had: knee, teeth, chest i think, a bunch really.

Y) Your favourite food: ice cream, strogonoff,hash browns.

Z) Zodiac sign: cancer.

i tag these babes: @ti-re-elintes, @17piesinseptember, @halffizzbin, @montydo, @starqweers  and whoever else wants to share <3

Marvel ship names (with some bonus AoS ships)

This is meant to be an all-inclusive Marvel (MCU) master shipnames list for fans to use as a reference and  to find out which we have some kind of fan consensus on. The first name listed is generally the most popular ship name as far as I am aware. If you don’t see your ship listed under one character name check the other. I have an extra section for threesomes too. This is in hope for a better character ship tagging thing (especially as people can’t agree how to spell Nat’s name) for people to find their favs or block their hated ships.

Steve pairings:

Steve/Peggy- Steggy, Stevepeggy, Allied Forces

Steve/Sam- Freebird, American Airlines

Steve/Coulson- Capsicoul

Steve/Bruce: Spangled Banner, Amerihulk?

Steve/Clint: Amerihawk, Captain Hawk, American Eagle?

Steve/Thor: Thundershield, Captain Hammer, Captain Thor, American Thunder

Steve/Bucky- Stucky, Starbucks

Steve/Loki- Frostshield, frostcap?


Steve/Natasha- Romanogers, Captasha, Capwidow, black star?

Steve/Jemma Simmons- Biocap, Biocaptain


Steve/Sharon- god Sharon gets so much undeserved hate (though God the way they derailed her character in the comics with Ian was awful) does this pairing even have a name?



Sam/Bucky- winter bird? winter falcon?

Sam/Natasha- blackbird?


Sam/Clint- Lovebirds, Angry Birds, BirdBros, bird boys?

Sam/Steve- Freebird, American airlines



Bruce/Loki- gammafrost

Bruce Banner/Betty Ross- Bretty

Bruce/Jane- Brane

Bruce/Darcy- Electric Green

Bruce/Natasha- Gammawidow, Brutasha, HulkWidow, BruceNat, BlackHulk

Bruce/Tony- Science Boyfriends/Husbands, Rage Against the Machine, Stanner, Brony, Trucey, Science Bros (platonic), Science Alliance (platonic)

Bruce/Pepper- GreenPepper, Dr. Pepper


Jane/Thor- Fosterson; Thane

Thor/Loki- Thorki; Thunderfrost

Thor/Sif- Thorsif, Thunderwar

Thor/Jane/Loki- Frosterson

Thor/Ororo (Storm)- Thororo

Thor/Natasha- Blackthunder, Thortasha, Thunderspider


Loki/Jane- Lokane;

Loki/Natasha-Blackfrost, Blackice

Loki/Sif- Frostwar

Loki/Thor- Thunderfrost, Thorki

Loki/Tony- Frostiron










Nick Fury/Rhodey




Clint/Natasha- Clintasha, BlackEye, Blackhawk

Clint/Loki- Frosthawk, Snowbird

Clint/Kate bishop- Hawkeye Squared


Clint/Bucky- Winterhawk

Clint/Phil- Phlint, Bowtie, Shieldhusbands


Clint/Sam- Lovebirds, Angry Birds, BirdBros

Clint/Tony- Ironhawk




Bucky Barnes/Jemma Simmons: Winter Biochemist, Biofreeze, Bio Soldier

Bucky/Natasha- BuckyNat, Winter Widow, Soviet Spouses

Bucky/Steve- Stucky, Starbucks





Natasha/Clint: Clintasha, BlackEye, Blackhawk

Natasha/Steve: Romanogers, Cap Widow, Cap Tasha, The Cold War, Stasha

Natasha/Tony: Iron Widow

Natasha/Thor: Thortasha, Black Thunder, Thunderspider

Natasha/Coulson: Blacktie, Coulwhip, blackagent?

Natasha/Bruce: Gammawidow, Black Hulk, Brutasha, HulkWidow, BruceNat, BlackHulk

Natasha/Pepper: Red Pepper, Black Pepper

Natasha/Melinda May-


Natasha/Maria: SHIELD Wives, Blackhill, Martasha, homanoff?

Natasha/Bucky: Buckynat, Winter Widow, Soviet Spouses

Natasha/Loki- blackfrost, LoTasha, Natoki

and Natasha/Pepper/Maria- dunno if anyone ships them, but maybe it could be like a science bros thing, because we know they all interact, thank you for that AoS



Maria/Pepper- Hotts (my suggestion and i’ve seen it elsewhere)




Maria/Natasha-SHIELDwives, Blackhill, Martasha







Coulson/Fury: SHIELD Daddies

Coulson/JARVIS: Cyber Office

Coulson/Steve: Capsicoul

Coulson/Clint: Phlint, Shield Husbands, Bowtie

Coulson/Tony: Iron Agent, Iron Taser 

Coulson/Bruce: Bruson, Phanner

Coulson/Loki: Frosted Doughnut, Iced Coffee, Coulki

Coulson/Thor: Office Thunder, Thundernanny



Darcy/Loki- Tasertricks

Darcy/Bruce: Electric Green

Darcy/Tony: Electrical Engineering, Titaniumtaser

Darcy/Steve: Shieldshock, Starcy

Darcy/Clint: ShockArrow, taserhawk

Darcy/Fandral: Fancy

Darcy/Natasha- Widowshock





Tony/Pepper- Pepperony

Tony/Steve: Stony, Super Husbands, Starkers, Stark and Stripes

Tony/Bruce: Science Boyfriends/Husbands, Rage Against the Machine, Stanner, Brony, Trucey, Science Bros (platonic), Science Alliance (platonic)

Tony/Clint: Ironhawk, Hawkiron  (can this be TNT? pretty pretty please? like that would amuse me to no end and it works as a portmanteau and they would be explosive together if we go by comics/cartoon clint who wisecracks and quips all the time.)

Tony/Thor: Iron Thunder, Thunderiron

Tony/Loki: Frostiron,Ironfrost, Starki

Tony/Rhodey- Iron Boyfriends, Iron Husbands, The Big Guns

Tony/Bucky- Starkbucks

Tony/Natasha- Ironwidow

Tony/JARVIS- Iron Intelligence



Tony/Pepper/Steve- Pepperstony

Tony/Pepper/Bruce- Dr. Pepperony

Tony/Bruce/Steve- Stark Spangled Banner

Tony/Steve/Bucky- American Starkbucks

Other (including AoS and other comics pairings):


Jemma Simmons/Grant Ward- Biospecialist, Biochemical agent, Chemical agent, Biochem and bombs

Jemma Simmons/Leo Fitz- FitzSimmons

Jemma/Skye- Skimmons, Skyjem

Jemma/Leo/Skye- FitzSkimmons, Science Babies (platonic or romantic), Science Twins (platonic)

Jemma/ Antoine Triplett- Tripsimmons

Melinda May/Coulson- Philinda, Mayson

Melinda May/Grant Ward- Mayward

Skye/Grant Ward- SkyeWard, SkyWard

Skye/Leo Fitz- Skitz


Bruce/Natasha/Clint: Green-Eyed Widow

Bruce/Tony/Steve: Stark Spangled Banner

Bruce/Loki/Thor: Super Smash Brothers

Bruce/Tony/Loki: Gammafrostiron

Bruce/Tony/Clint: Technobow, Science Bow Bros

Bruce/Clint/Coulson: Agent Hulkeye, Smashing Bow Tie, Compound Technobow (Tony/Bruce and Clint/Hulk, or Clint/Bruce and Tony/Hulk)

Coulson/Natasha/Clint: Agent Clintasha

Coulson/Natasha/Loki (or Thor or Odin): Nat King Coul

Tony/Loki/Clint: Iron Hawk of Mischief


Pepper/Steve/Tony: Pepperstony, American Pepperony, Stark Spangled Day Planner, Stark Spangled Planner

Pepper/Tony/Loki: Peppertoki, Frosted Pepperony, Froz3npizza

Bucky/Steve/Tony: American Starkbucks, Frosted Winter Shield, Frosted Iron Shield, Iron Winter Shield

Bucky/Sam/Steve- Soldier Boys, Winter Freebird?
Steve/Nat/Sam- black freebird?

Steve/Bucky/Darcy- wintershieldshock

Steve/Nat/Bucky- winter romanogers? black starbucks?

Nat/Sam/Bucky- winter blackfalcon? winterblackbird?

Nat/Clint/Bucky- winter blackhawk?

Nat/clint/sam- blackbirds? (and winter blackbirds if you add buck, iron for tony, american for cap, etc?)

clint/sam/bucky- winter birds?

and an OT4 because I can’t resist- Bucky/Steve/Natasha/Sam- the barbershop quartet (so clever I love it)

I want to make this list as comprehensive as possible so send me ships even if they haven’t been named yet and if they have please let me know. OT3’s tend to be the hardest to tag but some of these rare ships still don’t seem to have names. (And I don’t even know that we should attempt to name OT4’s) So help?

WIP Meme

Do Dis: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

Tagged by @uswe because she’s awful and needs to remind me that i have things to finish.

  • current projects:

Share the Scars from Our Abandon: Person of Interest fic, Reese/Finch, post-series/alternate ending/fix-it/everything that flies in the face of science and things that are real. 

Untitled Teen Wolf Fic: Part 7 of my Sterek-falling-in-love-over-Disney-movies series. That I haven’t updated in like… a year and a half.

Maybe a new installment of my “Stiles gets the bite because of stupid reasons” series too. I don’t know. 

anonymous asked:

wait what did cesar milan do wrong? i remember watching him a lot as a kid, he seemed like a nice guy, maybe he did something bad i didnt catch?

oh god where to start

it’s a long topic because CM is VERY charismatic and /seems/ like a cool dude…but he’s really awful, like seriously seriously awful.

I was brainwashed by his philosophy at one point. It’s still a struggle sometimes to unwrite the impulse to “correct” a dog, but I’ve seen first-hand the damage it can do and I know that science based training is more humane, more effective, and faster.

This is my “why CM is awful” tag (and I just realized I’ve been spelling his last name wrong, whoops?), so there’s a lot of stuff in there. I’ll pull the most applicable posts and link them here.

Long post on how CM’s methods aren’t up to date

Video compilation of CM kicking dogs

Watching videos of him with the sound off can help you see how horrible he really is to the dogs. Watch a clicker trainer with the sound off and you can often still tell when the clicker starts clicking because the dog (or horse or bird or mouse or fish or…) immediately responds and engages in a happy, excited way.

His methods lead to aggression from the dog:

The highest frequency of aggression occurred in response to aversive (or punishing) interventions, even when the intervention was indirect:

• Hitting or kicking the dog (41% of owners reported aggression)
• Growling at the dog (41%)
• Forcing the dog to release an item from its mouth (38%)
• “Alpha roll” (forcing the dog onto its back and holding it down) (31%)
• “Dominance down” (forcing the dog onto its side) (29%)
• Grabbing the jowls or scruff (26%)
• Staring the dog down (staring at the dog until it looks away) (30%)
• Spraying the dog with water pistol or spray bottle (20%)
• Yelling “no” (15%)
• Forced exposure (forcibly exposing the dog to a stimulus – such as tile floors, noise or people – that frightens the dog) (12%)

In contrast, non-aversive methods resulted in much lower frequency of aggressive responses:

• Training the dog to sit for everything it wants (only 2% of owners reported aggression)
• Rewarding the dog for eye contact (2%)
• Food exchange for an item in its mouth instead of forcing the item out (6%)
• Rewarding the dog for “watch me” (0%)

(source) (CM uses 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, a version of 9, and 10 extensively; I’ve never seen him use anything from the non-aversive methods shown here except one time when he threw carrots at a dog and called it positive reinforcement. Not threw them /to/ the dog, purposefully hit the dog with bits of carrot.)

another long post on his bs

His misogyny (in general he is always saying that women can’t be pack leaders because blah blah blah, but here are some specific examples):

Women are the worst offenders in his world. In one of the outtakes included in the four-DVD set of the first season of “Dog Whisperer,” Mr. Millan explains that a woman is “the only species that is wired different from the rest.” And a “woman always applies affection before discipline,” he says. “Man applies discipline then affection, so we’re more psychological than emotional. All animals follow dominant leaders; they don’t follow lovable leaders.”

(source) (By the way, that last bit about animals following dominant leaders instead of lovable leaders is BS - I’ll try to find the source, but there was a study done on feral dogs that found that dogs prefered to follow the “leaders” who had the most friends, not the “leaders” that were most confrontational, like CM’s dominance mess is. Think about it: who’s more popular, the friendly teacher who jokes around with the class, or the hard-ass who doesn’t even allow talking in the halls between classes? Who would you willingly follow?)

Another instance, from a touring show in Victoria, Canada:

…THEN he kicked off the second half after intermission by comparing dogs to women in third world countries. Not even kidding you. You see Lainey, dogs today have too much food and affection. They are fat and loved but they have no discipline and exercise and therefore are unhappy…. women in third world countries, well they have no food and no affection but plenty of discipline and exercise and they are unhappy too. You see? Dogs and women need food, love, discipline and exercise, all FOUR….just imagine if you tried to tell a woman to go to the gym… you have to TRICK them into doing it HAR HAR HAR… just like dogs. The arena went SILENT. This comparison carried on for about 5 minutes while he tried to dig himself out. It didn’t work and he has lost me and I HOPE any other woman in that arena at that point.


I’m here to answer any questions in specific, but in general:

-He promotes ABUSIVE, ineffective, DANGEROUS training
-He is sexist in a very bold, demeaning way
-He refuses to educate himself further in the field of dog training, though he now has the time and resources to do so

Thankfully it seems his fame is winding down; “The Dog Whisperer” is done, his show where families competed to win a rescue dog is done, and his new show where he was doing something with experienced dog trainers is dead before it even started.

If you want some examples of good dog trainers, I recommend checking out:

The following trainers have wonderful, useful books:

  • Dr. Sophia Yin
  • Dr. Ian Dunbar
  • Susan Clothier (haven’t read them personally but they’re recommended by people whose opinions I trust and value)
  • Dr. Patricia McConnell
  • Jean Donaldson
  • Karen Pryor (I LOVE her book about clicker training.)

For specific issues:

  • Scaredy Dog! Ali Brown (fearful dogs)
  • Feisty Fido, Patricia McConnell (over-excitable dogs, reactive or “aggressive” dogs)
  • I’ll Be Home Soon, Patricia McConnell (separation anxiety)
  • Train Your Dog Like A Pro, Jean Donaldson (basic training)
  • Control Unleashed, Leslie McDevitt (next-level training)

I’ll round this out with my last little anecdote about Opal.

Opal is my family’s German Shepherd. When she was a puppy I was still half-in, half-out of my CM brainwash phase. She began getting nervous and excited around other dogs during her second fear period, and began to bark and lunge at them. Our trainer at the time fitted her with a prong collar and told us how to use it.

It didn’t work. It made her worse. And yet, for a couple years we continued to use it because how else were we supposed to handle this ferocious, out of control dog? My dad, who is both tall and heavy-set, had to sit and hold her around the chest because he couldn’t hold onto the leash when a dog walked by on the other side of the road. She pulled my sisters down and across our entire front yard and down the driveway to get at other dogs. Once when I was walking her, she lunged at a dog in a (luckily) fenced in yard, and the prong collar broke off of her (another reason they’re shit, besides the pain-causing design). That was the turning point for me. I managed to catch her again while she was fence-running with the yard dog, got her home, and researched other ways to stop her from pulling and lunging.

Thank goodness for Victoria Stilwell’s “It’s Me or the Dog.”

After a couple months of focused desensitization/counter-conditioning (making her feel good about other dogs through gradual, at-a-distance exposure coupled with good things happening when she sees other dogs, for the non-training-geek), she was loads better. (Harnesses are brilliant and awesome and I love them.) I was able to attend a dog training class and have her focus on me and learn. By the fourth hour-long session, she was lying on her side (not cued or forced by me!) while the trainer was explaining new exercises - which is big, because that is a very vulnerable pose for a dog and she was in a room with five other dogs, including two mini schnauzer sisters who would often start fights with each other during lessons.

I now can take her running on a popular trail, where we pass dozens of dogs on each trip. She will walk by them and barely turn her head if I give her the “on-by” cue (on a good day. On a bad day I stand between her and the dog and she looks at them as we pass. Still loads better than before!).

We went to the dog park after our run yesterday to get her some water before driving home. The only other occupant was a slightly fearful pointer mix, who wasn’t sure if she wanted to play with Opal or not. Opal, in a complete opposite fashion from when she was younger and we were CM groupies, gave big, obvious “I am not a threat” body language. She approached on a curve, she did lovely loose body language and floppy goofy tail wags, she did play bows when the pointer started to play with her, and when the pointer had had enough and went “BLAARRRARARARRRRGGH” Opal looked away, then calmly walked away. (The pointer did not have the same clear body language as Opal. This happens often with punished dogs - they’re told “No, you can’t growl, no you can’t lunge, no you can’t say “I’m scared” so they bottle up their emotions until it’s all too much and it explodes.)

After that, the pointer started playing with Opal again, chasing Opal as Opal chased a frisbee. Pointer didn’t want Opal to engage with her, so Opal and I played fetch and pointer just ran after Opal wherever she went. It was sad to see the pointer acting as Opal had years ago, but such a contrast between the two was a striking illustration of just how far Opal’s come along once I understood her and started working with her rather than against.

Jessica Jung on Jang Hajin’s(EX- SM’s trainee) biography book

EX-trainee member of SM Entertaiment, Jang Hajin, has mentioned Jessica Jung in her biography book. Once, she has projected to debut with SNSD and became a trainee a few year younger than Jessica. She entitled it “Sica unnie story” and I’ll share it to you guys if you havent heard about this ^^

“In the middle of the night, my phone buzzed, when i saw it, it was call from Jessica Sunbae.

J:I’m in the basement trainee-room,can you come over here?

I was surprised by sudden call from Jessica unnie and felt a little bit scared.

When I arrived at trainee room, Jessica sunbae has waited alone.

J:Where have you been?

“I was trained in another room.”

J:Really? can you sing for me?

Why Jessica unnie suddenly asked me to sing, I felt shy to sing infront of someone who has a good voice. Is Jessica just pulled me around?

Because I was a junior I can’t rejected it and started to sing. While I’m singing, Jessica unnie didnt move and listen to my voice carefully. After I’m done, I stared to Jessica unnie. Didnt know what I have to do.

J:You have so much progress, but I think you couldn’t show  your actual ability yet.It would be better if you use voice from the stomach. To increase it,you should practicing more often to build abs. You can do it right?

Ah, it was Jessica calling me to offer important lesson singing.I’m really touched.

Actually,there is a fact saying that fellow trainees have awkward relationship, no matter if you are boys or girls we usually didnt talk so much about singing and dancing. We tried to avoided it so that is not labelled as above oneself(proud).

Jessica must be know that and I was  thankfull because she’d exclusion that thing and gave me more attention.

I will never forget that moment…

It was the best advice and the warmest lesson I’ve ever got as long as I became trainee.

Jessica is such a honest person and every words that comes out from her mouth means a lot, more you know her then more you find something interesting about her.

(Jang Hajin has graduated from science and technology university, now she’s working as a researcher that famous enough in Korea)

Source:Yoona gallery

Via:Jessica Jung INA

Trans english by me

I think every maomao need to see this(sones also).Jessica or The Queen has been such a amazing person since pre debut,or maybe even since she was born.

Its really hard for me anyway to translate it from my languange into english :”v but i’m glad I can share it with you guys!

I’m so sorry if my translate is terrible or bad😥😞😫😵🙇🙇I tried my best

anddddd never forget to tag my squad @jungsisxaesthetic  @taenyhater   @antisoshit


Of Ghosts

*whispers* I’m sorry, maybe?…found this prompt while scrolling through the SWTOR tag for prompts. Sat down to write it and my brain went “Hey, what if there was something like Tranquility in the SWTOR universe for force users the way there is for mages in Thedas?” And then this happened…

“…The side effects are considerable, but acceptable, given the risk posed by these individuals. The disasters at Belsavis and Oricon proved that leaving these individuals intact while in Republic custody was a terrible idea. Even with the Empire defeated…”

Truthfully Theron wasn’t paying very close attention to what the science drone was saying as he trailed behind the Supreme Commander. He wasn’t sure why he had been called to this meeting – although given the dark expression that the Barsen’thor had on he probably should be paying closer attention. That was his ‘who thought planet-killing superweapons were a good idea?!’ expression.

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