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Her Side Part 2


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YN POV Because Kelly pushed me in the water at the bumper boats I couldn’t do laser tag. I was so pissed. It was kind of okay because Bret stayed outside with me, which Hayes didn’t look to happy about. Ever since go carting he had such an attitude. We were now mini golfing and Kelly was doing her best to get everyone’s attention and that’s what she did. She would stick out her ass every time she went to put. I’ve even caught Hayes looking. Every time she would make it in she would jump up and down clapping her hands. And to make it worse ever time I wasn’t by Hayes’ side she was all over him. It was disgusting. Right now we were at the impossible ant hill. It looks like what it sounds like a giant ant hill shape with the hole in the top. It was me and our other friend Michael who haven’t made it in. I heard a plop and turned around. Michael was cheering and did a chest bump with Brandon. Okay make that I’m the only one who hasn’t made it. This was my 8th try and I really wanted to make it. Everyone was getting restless even though they took a lot of tries to get it in too. I hit the ball and it went up the anthill. I got wide eyed and grinned thinking it will go in. It didn’t. I groaned. “Don’t worry babe you got this.” Hayes cheered clapping. YBFFN started clapping too. “Go Y/Nick/N!” Soon the whole group except Kelly was cheering me on. “Thanks sweetheart.” I pecked him on the lips. I tried three more times. “Oh god is she ever going to make it.” Kelly groaned. “Maybe you should just move on.” Lexie suggested. “No I got this.” I swung again. The ball rolled up and back down barely missing the hole. “Did you see how close I was!” I was so excited. Everyone groaned. “Hey you guys can go I’ll just stay with YN.” Hayes said. “Is that okay.” Michael cheeked. “Yea go ahead.” I smiled. “Are you sure your sure.” Y/BFF/N said. “Yea go ahead.” They all started to leave going to the next whole which was up stairs. Michael dragged Kelly with them who reluctantly left Hayes and I alone. I continuously tried to hit the ball into the hole. Hayes had his hands in his pockets. “Maybe we should just go.” “Why so you could flirt with Kelly some more.” “Woah where’d that come from.” He asked. I stopped putting and looked at him. “I don’t know maybe ‘Tehe Hayes you’re such a good driver! It was so fun riding with you maybe you could drive me to my house and than I can actually ride you!’ ” I said in high pitch voice mocking Kelly. Jumping up and down clapping my hands together. “It’s not like that YN and you know that.” Hayes defended himself. “Do I Mr. I can lift 80 pounds and yea I’m muscular and strong.” I flexed my arm. “Well it feels nice to have someone complimenting me and paying attention to me.What about you and Bret” We were yelling now and I could see our friends watching from the next hole above. “I do pay attention to you. I pay attention to you every time I see you every couple of months. And what about us we’re just friends and you know that” “You two flirt ALL the time! When did you become such a frigid bitch!” “I don’t know maybe you would if you were ever here! Do you know how mean to me she is when you’re not around. She makes my life hell and you don’t care as long as you get attention.” “It’s not my fault I’m famous and I can’t be her 24/7.” “Really that’s all you have to say. Your not famous you have a couple of million followers because you’re Nash Grier’s younger brother.” “Whatever.” “You’re right. Whatever Hayes I’m done.” I turned around walking back to the outside. “Seriously YN.” Hayes called. I walked faster tears streaming down my face. I heard footsteps behind me. I felt someone grab my arm spinning me around. “YN, come on.Let’s just finish up the game and try to have fun the rest of the day.” Hayes said.Was he really going to pretend that we didn’t just have a fight. “No why would you want to hang out with a frigid bitch like me.” “You know I didn’t mean-” “Save it. Have fun with her.” I got out of Hayes grasp. I looked up to the next hole and everyone ducked down so I wouldn’t see them. Too fucking late. “You hear that Kelly! He’s all yours!” I yelled in the direction of the next hole. I turned and started walking which soon turned into a run. The wind made the hot tears running down my face feel like ice. All I could think about is getting out of here as fast as I can

. AN: Yes there will be a third part don’t worry. XO

Do you ever just listen to an album and think ‘wow they really had fun recording that’??? Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s just you. Tehe, yeah totally. Oh mny god, I think I just won billions of dollars on slots– Wiat no, that’s the other guy. Damn it, ohh well.