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Hayden Christensen’s performance as Anakin Skywalker is underrated

This post is something that I’ve been thinking about for a long time, and something that I finally need to get around to sharing with other people. I should have done this immediately after re-watching the first three episodes with Nannette while things were still fresh, but instead, I’m doing it almost a year later. I don’t remember exactly all the details or specific examples, but I’ll try my best. Maybe I’ll come back and edit this after I watch them again. Anyway…

Hayden Christensen did an incredible job with Anakin Skywalker. Before you stop reading because there’s no possible way I could be right, hear me out; maybe I’ll change the way you see his acting performance in Star Wars: Episodes II and III.

The biggest complaint I hear about Christensen’s performance as Anakin Skywalker is that he is stiff, delivering his lines awkwardly and playing his role mostly devoid of emotion. It just doesn’t seem good enough or realistic. I think that this could have been a deliberate choice by Christensen because of who Anakin is and because of what life and circumstance has shaped Anakin into being.

Anakin is an incredibly emotional character. He thinks with his heart instead of logic, often following through on impulsive actions brought on by those emotions. Anakin’s intense feelings are prevalent in many scenes: he is worried about and seeks power to protect his mom and Padme, he murders an entire Tusken village after learning about the death of Shmi, he is angered and upset that the council won’t make him a Jedi master, and pretty much any other scene involving Padme, like when Padme falls out of the gunship in Episode II and Anakin almost risks expulsion from the Jedi Council by going after her instead of working to end the war. This emotion is heavily contrasted by Obi-wan’s desire to adhere to their duty and think logically.

In fact, it’s this emotional driving force Anakin possesses that makes most of the Jedi Council worried about him. Anakin is out of place among the Jedi. The literal first line of the Jedi code is: “There is no emotion, there is peace.” This is where Christensen’s acting comes into play. Anakin is uncomfortable under this restriction, and that’s why he seems so robotic at times. Anakin is an incredibly emotional person under serious pressure by everyone in his life (except Padme) to stop being emotional. His humor even evolves into the monotone, deadpan sarcasm that is seen with Obi-wan. He’s working so hard at suppressing his emotions that he’s forcibly correcting his speech tones and gestures. This is incredibly in character and a wonderful performance given by Christensen.

The stiffness and awkwardness with which Christensen delivers some lines and acts some scenes is no mistake. It’s deliberate, and it’s incredibly well done. This is obvious when contrasted with Anakin’s emotional scenes where Christensen acts with passion. It’s even further evidenced as Anakin stops his efforts to smother his emotions and becomes Darth Vader. From his appointment to Lord Vader until his famous duel with Obi-wan he is free from the constraints on his emotions. We see a harrowed man who hasn’t quite realized the extent of his actions wipe out the younglings. We see a caring, concerned and loving man check on Padme to make sure she’s safe and that she isn’t aware of what he has done to protect her. We see an angry man confront his brother and teacher in a blinding rage. We see the emotion that he’s been hiding the rest of the time.

Christensen’s performance is resonating and undeniably impactful during the final moments leading up to the conclusion of Episode III. It doesn’t make any sense that that same conviction and heart wouldn’t appear throughout all of Episode II and III unless there was a reason that Anakin would be forcing himself to hide it. The Jedi Order itself was that reason, and the stiffness and awkwardness that is Anakin (barring the emotional scenes where his feelings come out) has some deep meaning to it. Next time you want to drag Christensen for his performance, take a moment to think why the character would be portrayed that way. Christensen did a wonderful, incredibly underrated job with his role as Anakin Skywalker.

TL;DR: Anakin is an incredibly emotional character forced into hiding and suppressing those emotions by the Jedi Order and Code. This is why Hayden Christensen’s performance may seem stiff and awkward at times. The awkwardness is purposeful and his performance is incredibly underrated.

Disclaimer: Anakin is my favorite character in the Star Wars universe, so this may just be me grasping at straws trying to justify what people say is a subpar performance from Hayden Christensen. However, I feel like I’ve given this analysis objective treatment and truly believe that he deserves more praise for what I consider to be an incredible job portraying such an interesting and deep character.

I swear to god if ASTRO comes back on August 20th 2017 I’ll flip the freak out. 

This was the end of the first episode of ASTRO’s web drama, to be continued, which aired on August 20th, 2015. 

and Eunwoo says this during Rocky’s performance of ‘Go Back’

They’ve gone back to two years ago???? Well August 20th 2015 would’ve been the two years ago August 20th 2017 kiddos went back to. 

also suspicious because he says ‘gone back to two years ago’ like maybe go back to ‘go back’ ???? 

If they come back August 20th 2017 with the title song of “Go Back” i’ll freak out even more 

Also, this song is heavily autotuned trying to hide something ????

We already know that Puss in Boot and Innocent Love, two songs that appeared in To Be Continued, were later released as parts of their Spring Up album. On top of that, My Style played in the background in one of the scenes in To Be Continued and was a part of the Summer Vibes album. 

Zak: *throws a chair across the room*


Zak, calmly, 30 seconds later: idk I just feel like…these spirits don’t want us here? Why don’t they want to talk to us? The air just isn’t very welcoming.

Zak: ….

Zak: *stomps on rare glass artifacts that the home owner told them the ghosts hated people touching*


Aaron: Hey maybe this is a bad idea


EVP box: Get…Out…

Zak: OMG did you hear that? That’s unbelievable. Wow I just…enlightened emotionally. 

Zak: Now if we could just figure out why they want us to leave

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i was just rewatching dan's liveshow, and what do you think he meant when he said "ask me about this week in five months" ?

that was a thing that actually stood out to me as well because, from an outsider’s perspective, this week seemed fairly uneventful due to their silence but we all know that their silence usually means quite the opposite. who truly knows what’s going on behind the scenes atm. whether it’s a business thing such as working on the new merch, planning for the several conventions they have coming up, house hunting, dog hunting, or maybe even an entirely new project, there was undeniably something about this week that stood out to dan enough for him to give it some relevance and imply that it may be revealed later on, in 5 months specifically. whatever it is, it sure seemed to put a halt on their previous uploading plans. hence why phil’s video came so late this week after he kept promising that he was going to upload it tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. phil is usually very good at sticking to what he says so it just makes me wonder if something actually did come up thus making it difficult for him to commit to a certain day. dan on the other hand blatantly pointed out last week that he would’ve liked to have uploaded his video before today’s liveshow, but alas, here we are. still no video. it’s all very… interesting

Kink (Sneak Peak)

Harry was in a mood.

You had first noticed it when you woke up at just about 8 am and found him lying on the living room couch, one hand resting atop his covered cock while he palmed himself in slow strokes that you knew would do nothing for him except work him up until he was painfully hard and feeling needy enough to come find you. A wank for a wank was always good, he said it himself, but nothing could beat having his cock buried balls deep inside of you - be it your mouth or your cunt, maybe both, mouth first, your cunt later, he’d always prefer you. But, when almost an hour later he still hadn’t come find you, you could tell there was something off.

When you emerged again, soft cotton tshirt of his almost see through from how old and worn out it was being the only thing covering your body except the baby pink boyshorts you wore to bed the night before, Harry was still on the couch, eyes trained on whatever food channel he found, hand still resting atop of his now fully hard cock. The visual confused you - why would he, in a sane state of mind, tease himself to the point of being almost painfully hard just for the sake of it?

You can’t help but giggle when you see him giving himself a squeeze, wheezing when his thumb runs over his tip that was pushing against the loose fabric of his shorts.

“Oi! What are yeh laughing fo’?” He asks, voice breaking from the feeling of his hand on his cock but the sound of your laughter catches his attention and alerts him of your presence.

“Morning wood that won’t go down?” You ask, leaning over the back of the couch to bury your nose in oodles of curls that are finally back at the perfect length. Your hand slips down his torso to slide smoothly and expertly along his shaft but he grabs your wrist in a quick movement, turning his head to the side to brush the tip of his nose against yours, eyes lulled and dark while he focuses on your lips as he tuts at you silently.

“No, love. Been waiting for you.” He assures you, smile curling his lips when your eyes flutter shut at the feeling of his perfectly pink lips brushing against yours.

“Let me help, then.” You croak, twisting your wrist trying to escape his hold. “Want you in my hand…”

It seems like his smile only gets bigger when he shakes his head no and you whimper, feeling cross. He’s hard and you’re pretty damn sure he wants to cum, so why won’t he let you help?

The question is just about to slip from your lips when he talks again.“’S not where I wanna cum, kitten.”

When the pet name leaves his lips, that’s the second time you notice he’s in a mood and it’s not just any mood. When he calls you kitten, it means daddy wants to play.

“Where do you want to cum, daddy?” You ask, a shiver running down your spine when the words reach his ears and cause his smile to grow bigger, cock twitching under his pants and catching your eye.

“I’ll decide after I fuck yeh. How d'yeh like that?” He offers, turning his neck just enough so he can properly smooth his mouth over yours in a teasing kiss, where his tongue dips into your mouth in slow strokes that resemble the patterns he uses while he’s between your legs.

“Anything you want.”

Jealousy (2): Tom x Reader

Requested: Tom gets jealous of Reader’s and Haz’s close friendship.

“Haz that shirt loos so good on you!” You beamed at your best friend. “Really, you think so?”, “Yes.” You tugged at the hem of the shirt and fixed the collar. Tom walked out of the dressing room and tried to ignore how close you and Haz were.

“Um you like this Y/N?” Tom asked, clearing his throat. “Yeah it looks good but look at Haz.”

After they bought their clothes, all three of you walked out. Tom noticed that you and Haz were a lot closer than normal. “Babe do you want to maybe go out later tonight?” Tom asked as he walked behind you and Haz. “Sure. You wanna come Haz?” You asked. “Sure.” He said shrugging. 

Tom’s jaw clenched at your open invite, “Love can I talk to you about something?” You nodded and unlinked your arm from Haz and walked over to Tom. “I was maybe hoping it could’ve just been us tonight.”

“What about Harrison?” You asked. “What about him? You know you two have been really close lately, is there something going on that I need to know about?” He asked folding his arms. You shrugged and picked at your nails, “Are you suggesting something?” 

“Yes, are you two messing around behind my back?”, “Wow, I see you are being delusional. I’ll talk to you when my boyfriend comes back.” You walked away from him and back to Haz.

The rest of the day Tom was fuming as you and Harrison laughed and talked with each other. You guys walked back into you and Tom’s shared apartment, almost closing the door in Tom’s face.

 “I got a text!” Haz showed you his phone in excitement. You grabbed it and read it “Awe! She really likes you.” You squealed. Tom walked in between you two and stopped, “So what’s so interesting that I can’t see?”

“Nothing mate.” Haz answered a bit confused at his friend’s anger. “Nothing my ass. You’ve been flirting with my girl for a while now and I haven’t said anything. But not anymore, I don’t know what’s going on but I don’t fucking like it!” He yelled. 

“You need to calm down!” You yelled back. “Calm down? You two are most likely fucking each other right under my nose.”
“Woah, you are out of your mind buddy.” Haz said.  “No you are!” Tom got in Harrison’s face. “Okay chill the fuck out.” You got in between them. “Tom no one is cheating on you. I’m just trying to help him with this girl.”

“Oh.” Tom blushed and looked at the floor. “I-I’m sorry .” You just shook your head and stormed to the bedroom. “Y/N!” Tom sighed and ran after you. He closed the door and saw you standing there with your arms folded. “Look I’m sorry-”, “Are you out of your damn mind, Holland?” He didn’t answer. “Why would I cheat on you? Why would Haz cheat with me on you?” You had to pause and make your question made sense. “Anyway, what’s your deal?”

“It’s just you and Haz were getting really close. I guess I wasn’t thinking.” You walked over to him and rubbed his arm, “Yeah, you weren’t. Isn’t it funny though how Haz and I couldn’t stand each other at first but now we’re close.”, “Yeah, too close.” He mumbled, you scoffed and slapped his arm.

“Sorry.” He said. “We’re like brother and sister you dope. You should be happy!”

“I-I guess I am happy, I guess I was being jealous.” You smiled and pulled him in for a hug. “Just don’t do it again.” You joked. You and Tom walked out of the room. “Hey mate, I’m sorry.” Tom held out his hand and Haz rolled his eyes and playfully punched him on the shoulder. “You’re forgiven, dick!” Haz joked and the two boys started wrestling.

You watch led your boys wrestle until you heard Haz’s phone buzz. You check led it and squealed, “She said it’s a date.” He stopped and jumped up, “Really?”

“REALLY!” You two hugged and you kissed him on the cheek causing Tom to growl. “Woah there Wolverine. There’s plenty of me to go around.” You skipped over to you slightly angry boyfriend and kissed him on the lips.

“See? You’re the only one that I want.” He blushed and got an idea, “Prove it.” “Huh?” You asked. “Prove. It. To. Me.” He pulled you in and grabbed your waist.

“Fine.” You grabbed his hand while Haz looked at you two in disgust. “See you in 10 minutes Haz.” You said. “10?” Tom asked sounding offended. “More like 30.” He bragged. “Oh please, I wish.” You retorted pulling him to the bedroom. >

sometime after the temple falls, baze leaves. but he comes back a few months later to check on chirrut (maybe they argued, but he worries—what if something happened? what if chirrut isn’t eating properly? and, yes, he misses chirrut, misses him so much)

and discovers that chirrut’s hair has grown out like this

and that’s the moment baze realizes he can never leave again

Last image for Inktober! Happy Halloween with Vampire!Chat Noir and Sorceress!Ladybug. Her design is more based on a Jiangshi, or a Chinese “hopping” zombie even if she’s not a zombie herself. I would’ve made her more Witch traditional, but I ended up liking this design.

Also yeah… don’t startle Chat when he’s talking to his Lady. Maybe I’ll color this later? Come back and draw more for it? @cynicalsleeper and I have worked out ideas for this AU and she might write something for it but we’ll see.

Kiss- Philip Hamilton X Reader

a/n: i decided to post this @hamiltonsquills

Warnings: allusions to sex and maybe some swearing? i don’t remember

“You weren’t supposed to hear that.” Philip said, his freckled cheeks dusted in red. His hair was unruly and his pants were inside out. He wasn’t even wearing a shirt or shoes.

“I… probably should go.” I said, my voice breaking.

“No it’s fine.” He insisted.

“No… its not important. You are… busy. I will just come back later… or something.” I said and I started to move away. He put his hand on my shoulder, causing me to wince and I turned back around.

“Philip come on… I was so close.” The girl in his bedroom whined and I backed away from him.

“Philip it can wait. Goodbye.” I said and I rushed out, hearing him follow me outside.

“No, it can’t.” He argued and I turned around and looked at him desperately.

“Just leave me alone.” I choked out, tears flowing down my face. He studied my face closely.

“Come here, shh.” He soothed and he hugged me gently. I cried into his bare shoulder and he just held me.

“Why won’t you just go back inside? You have someone waiting for you.” I said, trying to be mean but unable to do so.

“She doesn’t matter. Not right now. You are crying and you need me right now. I’m going to tell her to go home and we can spend the whole night together, okay?” He asked me gently and I nodded. He led me by the hand inside and he asked her politely to leave. She left, flustered and shooting a dirty look at me. She left and he led me to the couch where we laid with each other. “Are you gonna tell me why you were crying?”

“It’s stupid.”

“If you are upset about it then there is no possible way it is stupid.”

“Well the actual reason isn’t stupid but I’m starting to think I am.”

“You aren’t stupid. You’re so important.”

“Tell that to my father who is never home.”

“Hey, you are important to your dad. I know I am important to mine even if he is just as absent as yours.” Philip assured me.

“That’s not the reason I’m stupid though. I’m stupid because I fell in love with someone who I have no chance with.”

“King George?” Philip suggested and I shook my head, laughing.

“God that would be awful. ‘Hey dad I’m in love with the person who enslaved the colonies. Can I meet him sometime soon?’” I laughed
and he joined in laughing as well.

“Who’s the lucky man?”

“My bestfriend.”

“Oh.” He said pausing, trying to process what to say.“Your best friend doesn’t deserve you. You are way too beautiful and intelligent for a man whore like he is.”

“No. I know him and he isn’t a man whore. He is a great man, despite the fact that I’ve walked in on him having sex when I was going to confess my feelings.”

“He doesn’t deserve you.”

“Yes you do. Philip you’re intelligent and you’re funny and I care deeply about you.”

“I’m sorry you had to walk in on me having sex with her because I care about you a lot as well.”

“Why didn’t you just tell me rather than having sex?”

“Because I’m an idiot.”

“You aren’t. You were just scared and that’s fine.”

“Fine, I’m a scared idiot who runs off and has sex with people, consequently hurting my best friends feelings because I have a fear of rejection.”

“People do stupid things when they are in love. Or when they are afraid. So one out of two-”

“Two out of two. I do think this whole time I’ve been trying to tell you that I love you.”

“I… I love you too.”

“That would’ve been extremely awkward if you didn’t.”

“Just imagine it though. 'Yeah, sorry about that. I kinda love George Eacker so…’” I giggled, unable to continue at the look on Philips face.

“If you said Eackers name I would’ve died out of heartbreak.”

“Don’t worry, he has nothing on you.”

“He better not because anything he could do, I could do at least ten times better.”

“And if I told you that Eacker had kissed me before?”

“He would be a dead man.”

“He did it for a dare and took me completely by surprise. I almost threw up afterwards. He was extremely drunk though so he doesn’t even remember it.” I told him quietly.

“Give me the word and he is dead.”

“No. I want to hold you to the promise that you can kiss me ten times better.”

“That’s the easiest thing in this entire world. May I?” He asked and I nodded. He kissed my lips and I kissed him back. He wrapped his hands around my waist. He then used them to bring me closer to him and I put my hands in his hair, grabbing it as gently as possible. He licked my lips and I opened them, groaning slightly. He smirked against my lips and pulled away quickly.

“I bet Eacker couldn’t get you to make that noise.”

“You are such a tease.” I pointed out and he laughed, his lips still close to mine.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”


40 planes, 15 fans from around the world, 13 planes to disney channel, 11 planes to netflix, 10 planes to hulu, and 6 planes to amazon later…

Im so thankful for the @planes4gmw campaign. It helped pull me out of a dark time by giving me something to focus on. I’m so very proud that this fandom was able to come together, despite our differences, in support of this little show that we love so much. Even if someone doesn’t pick it up, I am happy and proud of what we’ve done. Thank you guys for giving me hope. I love you all.

     “But maybe if you don’t hope for too much, but let
        yourself hope for one thing, it might actually happen.”
                  - Maya Hart  (Girl Meets Hurricane)

Should You Mirror Someone's Beliefs for the Sake of Working With Them?

Someone you must maintain a good relationship with comes to you one day and tells you they’re psychic.

Maybe you believe in psychics maybe you don’t but either way you ask them “Why’s that? ”

They tell you a story you couldn’t possibly find convincing-

“One day I dreamt I’d find a dollar in my left pocket and when I checked there was nothing BUT when I asked to borrow a dollar two weeks later my friend said yes and took one out of HIS left pocket.”

-something like that.

They tell you this is such an amazing revalation that before they had it, their life was miserable.

Should you express your doubt, and risk making yourself an enemy to their beliefs?

Or should you say nothing and simply pretend to agree so things go smoother?

Is that not lying to someone?

Is professing a strong belief you would be upset or angered to hear challenged or dismissed not simply asking someone to lie to you?

More and more often I find myself cornered by important people excitedly conveying wildly different supernatural beliefs and if I pretend to agree it’s only a matter of time before two are in the room together talking about it.

What would you do?


Sing, Sing Pt. 2, Sing Pt. 3, Sing Pt. 4, Sing Pt. 5, Sing Pt. 6

Request: Yes, anon

carl imagine? reader and carl both go to negans place (carl doesn’t like the idea but somehow agrees) and yea everything that happened in “sing me a song” but with reader by carls side. maybe negan hurts reader and makes carl sing it her while she’s in pain? or something sad? thanks!:)))



There are going to be several parts to this bc I started writing and sorta didn’t stop. The second part will either be out tomorrow or later today. Idk how many parts there will be


“No, y/n,” Carl says, shaking his head. “I’m not letting you come with me. This is something I have to do on my own.”

“Uh, no, it isn’t. Last time I checked we all lost Glenn and Abraham to him, not just you. He didn’t only kill your friends, Carl. So, I don’t care if this is one of those times you’re gonna run off and do something stupid, I’m coming with you.” Carl looks at you and you stare back, determination and stubbornness blazing like a forest fire in your eyes.

“So…got a plan?” you ask Carl. You both have been riding in the back of one of Negan’s supply trucks for the last hour maybe? Carl wants to kill Negan and like hell were you going to let him go on his own for this suicide mission.

You hear a click and turn around to face Carl. He’s holding a machine gun, you don’t know what specific one. Of course, we’ll just shoot our way out in there. Nothing could possibly go wrong there. You keep your mouth shut, not wanting to piss Carl off and make him even more reckless–which is pretty hard to do right now. Carl hands you one and you take it, not truly believing you’ll use it before being detained or killed.

Negan’s voice sounds outside the truck and you both get into position. Our whole body is tense while you wait and watch them. There is enough space for you both to hide and not be seen at first, but once of them drops a box of bottle they see you.

Carl is the first one to shoot, taking down two. Then you get up and you both get two others.

“We only want Negan,” Carl declares.

“Our friends are dead because of him,” you chime in.

“You guys are adorable,” Negan says. You both have your guns pointed at him, waiting to take him down. You look over at Carl, waiting for a single or something to pump him full of lead, but none comes. “You pick that gun because it looks cool?” he moves one of his men in front of him. “You totally did, right?”

“Coward,” you say when you see him doing this. His attention turns from Carl to you.

“Excuse me, little miss?” he says.

“I said you’re a coward. Hiding behind your own, hoping we shoot him and spare you. That how you like to do it?” Carl shoots you a look, begging for you to shut up before you get yourself killed. Maybe it’s not him that’s the reckless one.

Negan doesn’t respond, but instead you’re both tackled to the ground by his remaining men. Carl puts up a fight, but you’re pinned down until he grabs a gun and holds it on you.

“Back off,” Negan says. The man gets off of you, but makes sure you’re not left with any weapons. The other man does the same with Carl. “That anyway to treat our new guests? Even if they’ve been rude to us.” You assume the last comment is directed more at you than Carl. He’s seemed to take a liking to him.

He offers a hand to Carl and then you.

“Let me show you around. You do the same damn stink eye as your dad, but it’s only half as good cause you know…. Missing an eye.” Carl doesn’t take his hand and you can tell this doesn’t please Negan. “Really? It’s because of me that you still even have that hand! Same as Daryl over that. How’s the jb going Daryl!” You turn your head and see Daryl watching you both from behind a gate where walkers are tied up. What the hell kind of job does he have Daryl doing over that? You wonder.

Negan lays off Carl for a minute though to turn to you, offering a hand. You don’t take it. Instead, you push yourself up off the ground and dust yourself off, flaring at Negan the whole time. “I’ll let you slide by not taking my hand because when you do it, it’s defiant in a cute way. I like you. A girl who can take care of herself and have the guts to talk like that to someone like me. I can tell why Carl likes you now. Perfect match.”

Carl stays on the ground, not getting up. Negan offers his hand once again and this time Carl takes it.

“Smart kid. Now let me show you guys around.”

Playful Teasing || Kim Mingyu

Originally posted by jeonwuu

HI!!! I love your blog and I was wondering if maybe you could do a Seventeen Mingyu scenario when you guys have sex and afterwards the boys tease him because he comes home with a pair of panties in his back pocket. Thank you!

Thank you so much! As for your request I don’t write smut because it goes against my religious morals and I’m asexual so I don’t really feel comfortable about writing smut, but I changed it up to just write a quick drabble on the last part. I’m sorry to let you down, but maybe you could ask a different blog later if you really want to read something like this another time. Anyways, I hope you enjoy! xx

Mingyu made his way back to the dorm with a huge smile on his face and a small hop in his step. He had just come back from an amazing night spent with his ever so lovely girlfriend, [y/n]. At first it started out with snuggling and watching Disney movies all night had turned into something more steamy about half way through their marathon. The next thing he knew he woke up with his girlfriend lying on his chest, both of them stark naked underneath a blanket on the sofa. He can’t help but smile at the thought of everything that happened, every little detail and moment made his body fill with a sensation of happiness.

He felt bad for having to leave so early after they shared their first time with each other, but he did have about a thousand texts from each of his group members telling him that he needed to get his butt over to the dorm for a group meeting. [y/n] reassured him that it was fine and that she had work anyways. She kindly helped him by handing him his jeans and sneakers before seeing him out of her small apartment.

Once Mingyu arrived at the dorm, he pulled out his keys and unlocked the door, stepping inside immediately after. He was greeted by the rest of his group sitting around the living room area of the dorm, their leader Seungcheol motioning for him to take a seat. He ended up sitting in between Wonwoo and Dino, lounging his feet ontop of the small coffee table that they had set up. Seungcheol rolled his eyes and started off the group meeting by talking about ideas on what they would like their newest concept to be.

Mingyu started to zone out, which was no big surprise to anyone really. He never usually paid too much attention to group meetings in the dorm. Often times they would be about the new bathroom schedule or someone stole someone else’s underwear and they needed to by them a new pair before someone flips something. Usually he was never really the cause of the meetings so he tended not to pay attention. But this time even though it was about the band itself, he had other things on his mind. Things such as how soft her skin felt against his own, her messy and tangled hair through his fingers as she looked up at him drove him crazy, and the passion, oh the passion she gave him when they were intimate drove him over the edge and he knew that with just one of her ‘looks’, she had him like melted jelly in her hands…

“What about you, Mingyu?” Seungcheol asked, breaking Mingyu out of his trance.

“Uh…” He responded as he looked around, all eyes were one him.

Seungcheol sighed and shook his head. He stood up from his seat and looked at the rest of seventeen before rolling his eyes at Mingyu.

“You need to really start paying attention to these meetings,” He spoke as he finally dismissed the band to go off and do their own thing.

Mingyu stood up from his seat and bowed slightly at his leader, apologizing for not paying attention….agian. Seungcheol waved him off and excepted his apology.

“Mingyu’s just been in wonderland lately,” Wonwoo said to no one in particular, “It’s been like that ever since he met [y/n].”

“I have not,” Mingyu responded getting all defensive.

“Yeah, sure. If you say so,” Wonwoo said, adding a little pat to the right cheek of Mingyu rear end.

Mingyu’s cheeks flushed read at the contact for his best friend’s hand on his rump. Wonwoo on the otherhand gave a quizial look at the odd feeling of something in the pocket of Mingyu’s jeans. Now that he notices, there seemed to be some strange looking lump in his right pocket. Without thinking, Wonwoo reaches into Mingyu’s butt pocket and pulls out a rather red and lacy object.

“Oh my god!” Wonwoo exclaims as he lets out a loud laugh.

Mingyu turned around to face his friend and gasped at the object that he held in his hand. His entire face was bright red as he went to quickly grab the object from Wonwoo’s hand. Wonwoo only held it out of his reach and began to tease his best friend.

“Looks like I found out what Mingyu has been thinking about this entire time,” He said rather loudly, earning the attention from the rest of the band.

Snickers were heard coming from every direction and Mingyu wanted nothing more than to hide away from everyone out of embarrassment. He grabbed the lacy red panties from Wonwoo’s grasp and hid them behind his back from everyone. Once his face began to gain it’s color back, he turned to face the rest of his band.

“At least I’m getting some unlike the rest of you,” He spoke with a smug smirk as he walked away and into his shared room to call [y/n] up and tell her about the events that just happened, leaving everyone speechless.

“Hyung,” Dino spoke up as he looked towards Wonwoo, “What was that lacy thing in Mingyu’s pocket?”

(lmao this really sucked but it’s 3am and I’m feeling super hyper and awkward)

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You as a parent:"don't forget to check for cryptids in your closets before going to bed kids"

My youngest sister really wants her room to be haunted.

When I’m staying the night, she’ll come wake me up and say, “Pats, I think there’s a ghost!!! Come check!!!” and even though she’s crying her eyes out because she’s terrified, she’ll still be disappointed when I give her bedroom a ghost-free guarantee.

Or she’ll say something like, “Hmm, maybe she just went through the floor and she’ll come back later. We should stay up and watch,” and then tries to convince me to let her play video games with me all night.

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Do you think you could write about an awkward first date or day at the beach?

“Hey, wanna put some sunscreen on me before I turn into one of those Coronado hot dogs? I’ll do you next, hehe…”

Pinch him Tapu Bulu, he must have been dreaming.

You waggled SPF 50 in Guzma’s face, a large smile slowly spreading as he took it from your hands. Your string bikini had to be for him, it was too much of a coincidence for you to come out on this date and not have something more in mind. While Guzma had agreed to take you out on a first date at the beach, the rest of the Skull goons and Plumeria were ceasing operations and hiding out in the Shady House for the day. He’d even made his excuses to Lusamine for this date, though in his heart of hearts he knew he would pay for it dearly later. But maybe it would be for the best. You were a simple college girl after all. Guzma had to make a good first impression and keep his work life away from personal.

“All over?” he asked, though he knew the answer.

“Yeah. I mean this damn thing doesn’t cover much, does it? And I cannot reach all the way down my back, so won’t you please help me?”

A “hmmmm” followed by a very Persian-esque purr emanated from Guzma’s throat as he squirted out a rather large dollop of sunscreen into his hand, enjoying the sensuality it produced and relishing in the touch of your slightly damp skin as he rubbed the product into it. He made sure to get every last inch of your back, relishing the touch and his ability to go further and further down to your lower back. He could count the beauty marks on your back for days, could barely contain his desire to pull slowly at the little bow at your back in order to give Hau’oli Beachfront a show.

“Make sure you get my ears and back of my neck as well.” You told him. “Last time I burned them so badly I got these really evil looking blisters on my lobes that looked like fucking bug Pokémon eggs! It was naaaasty!”

“Ewwww… You just ruined my fuckin’ sexy fantasy babe. Now I ain’t gonna be able to think about them big jugs a yours without thinkin’ of yer gotdamn fuckin’ ear blister!”

“You can’t spell fantasy without N-A-S-T-Y.” you cackled. “Besides, if no one else is gonna be the killjoy around here I gotta pick up the slack.”

“Hey!” Guzma exclaimed, “I ain’t never thought of it like that afore! That’s really how you spell it uh? F-A-N-A-S-T-Y right?”

“Fa-NASTY?” you howled. You doubled over with laughter, making Guzma look at you in confusion until you had to explain to him that no, you can’t actually spell fantasy that way.

“Boy, I think you ought to go into the bursar’s office with me on Monday and sign up for those remedial classes ‘cuz you can’t spell for shit!” you laughed, slapping him on the shoulder while he smiled like a moron.

“Ey! Just ‘cuz I ain’t about that spelling life doesn’t mean I gotta go back to that shithole.” He responded, “Ain’t about that schoolgirl life babe. But this, this I could get used to.”

Guzma’s arms wrapped around your waist tightly, his squishy, furry belly pressing against your back and his chin resting on your shoulder. Chapped lips explored your neck as you picked up the slack and rubbed more sunscreen on yourself, lathering thickly and evenly even on your toes. The afternoon sun’s intense heat was already burning through the shade of your umbrella, and one didn’t just go to the beach to shade. Well, maybe you did, but hell the ocean is just right there. Besides, Guzma still had to pass the boyfriend material test consisting of an irate albeit well placed Pyukumuku.

“You want me to put some on you too?” you ask, just the slightest hint of flirt in your voice. His eyebrow cocks, you feel optimistic about the remainder of the day. There’s still the untouched basket of food you made personally for the occasion. Sandwiches from campus, lemonade, plenty of those delicious baked chips, and various other goodies to quell Guzma’s ravenous appetite.

At your offer, Guzma grins. He lays facing down on the beach towel, a leg raising in the air.

“Great. Gonna write ‘Kick me’ on your back now!” you said.


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I have this idea of Stiles programming personal ringtones for everyone in his phone. But when he and Derek get together, he's stuck because /obviously/ he has to change his. Stiles can't figure anything out, & Derek just seems unimpressed with the whole thing. Stiles gives up and ends up busy, forgetting about it for a few days. And then Derek calls him about a week later, maybe asking him to grab a pizza or something before he comes over, and suddenly Stiles' phone is playing 'Howlin for you'

this is wonderful and thank you for this ask– i love love the idea of stiles doing personal ringtones for everyone. BUT WHAT IF STILES DECIDES THIS IS THE RINGTONE BEFORE THEY GET TOGETHER

Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend” continues to blare as Stiles digs underneath the passenger’s seat for his phone. He’s very aware of the undignified position he’s in, but Scott’s calling and Stiles needs to pick up the phone. Now. He squirms, getting the Jeep’s gear to the stomach, and he can’t reach–

“Why don’t you just get out and walk around to the passenger side?” Derek says from behind him.

Stiles can picture it, Derek folding his arms and probably looking unimpressed, and scoffing at Stiles’ ineptitude, probably. Stiles huffs and plants his knees on the driver’s seat, ass wobbling precariously in the air. “Because I’m already here and I know where the phone is.” He does. He touched the metal casing, right before the song stopped playing. Great. Now Scott’s probably leaving a voicemail, which does not bode well since Stiles said he was getting Derek’s info about the troll and now Scott doesn’t know that the thing’s saliva is poisonous and–

“Why don’t you go round that way and help? What are you standing around there for?” 

Derek doesn’t say anything, but then Stiles can hear him stepping around the Jeep. Derek helpfully starts reaching underneath the seat, looking for Stiles’ phone and grumbling. “There’s so much junk under here,” he mutters, pulling out a copy of Wuthering Heights that Stiles was supposed to return to Lydia. Three years ago, when he was still in high school.

Derek’s phone is in the stomach of the last troll, so unfortunately their only line of communication with the rest of the pack is to find Stiles’ phone. In the dark. 

Fortunately, Lydia starts calling. Stiles can hear a few bars of Beethoven’s 9th before it stops, like she was interrupted while calling. 

“We don’t have time for this, we just need to get to them,” Derek mutters.

“Well that would be great, except we don’t know where–”

Derek howls. It resonates through the night, and in the distance there’s a returning howl. 

Stiles tries not to tremble. This is no time thinking about how hot that was. Damn crush, he thought he was over this. Wasn’t going to college and dating other people supposed to put and end to this awful pining? 

Apparently not. 

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I mean AS WE SPEAK, your woman is going to be unfaithful on the same lot.

IKR?  It’s totally true though.

Just take a gander out the window, dude.


So sad when that happens.

Alas, that was just to make myself feel good and have Robert have a good cry into his Thundercats bedsheets tonight.  xD  Joan has No Jealousy.  I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to care that they’re being cheated on with regards to her.  ┐(´-`)┌  Maybe if Joan herself confessed.  Maybe.  If something comes of that, well so be it, but I have no hope.  xD  (Note from the future: Actually Robert did get an appropriately soul-crushing moodlet upon finding out his love interest is the town bicycle and his relationship with her went down the drain.  Other than that, meh; SP continues to push them as flirting, strangely enough.)

Later on I’ll set him on fire or something.  Andrei desecrating his family’s home with his love interest is enough punishment for now.  xD

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Yo I plan on making a comic/story about the recreation of the clans, but what are good reason for the clans to have stop existing? I was thinking of some major plague, but I wanna know other options! & no forest demolition cuz that's already done lol

hmm….well inbreeding could be one, that kits are born w illness, deformations and are sterile so the clans get smaller over time until there’s only a handful of individuals left from each clan and they have to find new cats

a trap and neuter program that while the warriors come back, they can no longer have kits and the clans die out 

forest fire, flooding, snow storm, drought, endless war between the clans, PREDATORS (wolves, coyotes, hawks/owls) could move in and wipe them out 

maybe something forces the clans to come together all as one but then they stay as one clan, but over time cats don’t use the warriors code/act as rogues just roaming the territory and starclan (years later) send a message to 1 cat who has to make them all into 4 clans again

maybe the clans get too large and there’s not enough food in the territory to support them so they start to leave/break up until only a few are left

idk man there’s a lot of ideas out there o:

Break time!

Hi guys! I know I said I might be able to post something earlier, but I’m waaaay too tired and nothing‘s coming out right now. So I’ve decided to take the pressure off a bit. I’m taking a little break (from posting, not writing) to catch up.

I’ll be posting a new chapter on Remedy, Savages or something new entirely on Wednesday probably! (maybe sooner, but definitely not later!) 

On another note: Thank you guys soooooooo fucking much for all the sweet messages (mostly regarding Remedy) It’s so great :) There’s some heavy stuff some of you are dealing with and I can hardly believe that this story, my writing, is helping in some small way. It’s so incredibly motivating! Even if my inspiration on a new chapter is stuck right now, it’s still inspiring to read it all. Your comments, likes, messages, etc make me want to write more and I always get so giddy reading them!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. (I can’t say that enough) I love you guys :) 

xxx <3 

it kinda breaks my heart hearing gay girls talk about figuring out they might be butch as though it’s some medical condition or diagnosis that fell down on them one day - there’s still these messages we internalize that gender nonconformity in general is like a pathologized thing, or a Disfunction or innate abnormality of some sort, instead of a style and subculture that socially developed. yeah some people slip into butchness like a second skin, either because they just gravitated towards nonconformance early, maybe before they’d ever heard a word like “butch”. but other women change their presentation later, after being forced into femininity for a while or just enjoying it for a while but then wanting to try something else, or a mixture, or learn about some form of gender nonconformance and then try it out for themselves and really like it. 

and none of these women have some innate strange trait. gender is a mess. just because this artificial concept of womanhood imposed on us expects us to all come out in the end behaving and looking approximately the same (read as: feminine) doesn’t mean that those of us who don’t are abnormal in any way.