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So I tried to sharpen and enlarge the images on Sheriff Hobbs’ computer, did a very bad job with it and failed (maybe someone can do it better), but apparently Vogles first name is Jacob? Am I late to the party or is this a new detail?

May have a connection to missing person Jacob Vogle.

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FRIEND DO YOU KNOW THE TERM FOR A MORE MASCULINE NB PERSON OR SOME SUCH?- im sorry for all caps but do you know of one? Idk I'm in questioning about my gender and I think I lean towards he/they pronouns but I have no fekking clue what to call that gender.... :T

There’s androgyne, genderqueer, agender, and many more! Maybe someone else can answer this better, but I’d encourage you to do some research on your own and see if something fits how you feel!

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How do you think Ymir's idea/founding of Freedom in 89 connects or contributes thematically throughout the series and how it may come up in future chapters? Or what Isayama has left to address in these final arcs/chapters. Honestly I'd just love to read your thoughts/writings on the characters, the details you've noticed that are tying it all together and where it may end up. (not concrete predictions, your chapter 90 thoughts highlighted the joy in the spontaneity and odd choices the writing)

This question is my new favorite.

The intensely interesting thing about Ymir is that in her story, it is spelled out as explicitly as you ever could ask for that Paradis is her freedom.

Chronologically, at this point in the story, everyone is running around screaming over their home being destroyed. They’re buckling down and racing further inside the walls as fast as they can, filling their cage to max capacity and throwing people out to die so the rest of them can survive.

Ymir opens her eyes in this place, and she sees freedom. She’s alive, and she has her mind back, and there’s no one nearby who wants her dead. She can do whatever she wants, and it’s the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen.

That’s the vision we’re presented with as Paradis comes to grips with the fact that they’re hated by the entire world. Ymir doesn’t see the walls closing in; she looks up at the sky and finds life.

And she opens that statement with how little individual humans matter. They’re sort of meaningless, right? There’s no real value in any of her flailing, or anyone else’s.

Except when she reaches Paradis, she can choose.

She doesn’t matter. There’s no significance to her struggles.

She still has the power to do whatever the heck she wants.

That’s so cool.

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i’m reeeally not a fan of penis size shaming, man

there are some pretty awful dudes and I know it’s tempting to tease them about having small penises but what you’re doing is perpetuating the false notion that dick size contributes to the value of a man. what about men with health related issues that causes less than average sized penises? what about men without penises? what about men who are perfectly decent but suffer from the horrible insecurity that they aren’t endowed enough to please their partner?

we’re better than belittling men based on their physical attributes, okay?


i’m cleaning and organizing my closet and i find these Metallic colored pencils from Derwent that were gifted to me long ago. Now back then i didn’t continue using them because i didn’t really like them so i decided to give ‘em another round after all these years.

yeah, i still don’t like ‘em. lol.

I mean, they’re fine. i guess i just don’t like metallic pencils. And i remember them being water soluble so i tried that. Not any better, it looks like dried spilled milk, haha gross (bottom right on the right image).

Also i was so mad with myself b/c i colored his mask green but i wanted i purple and i thought they didn’t have purple but they did. So i tried overlapping and it wouldn’t take and then i put in blue and pink to make purple but it just turned into rainbow cellophane color and my hatred for them grew. haha, fun times.

left image is normal and the right i tired to catch the “metallic sheen” *shrugs*


‘  You sipped your drink while waiting for your boyfriend, Cas in a bar.

 Idiot 1: Hey hot stuff, can I get you a drink?

 You turned to see two muscular, tall men. You glanced at the door and saw Castiel walk in.

 Y/N: Sorry guys, but my ride is here.

 You placed a 15 dollar bill on the counter and grabbed your jacket, bidding the bartender a good night. Suddenly the second guy grabbed your arm.

 Idiot 2: Come on sugar, the night just started.

 Castiel: Is there a problem.

 Idiot 1: This is him? Oh you can do so much better. Maybe someone like me. Someone who can protect you. Look at him. He’s so weak.

 Castiel: I’m an angel, you ass.

 Idiot 2: He’s a nutter too.

 Within a blink Castiel’s fist collided with the jaw of the second guy, making him lose his grip on you. The first guy backed away as his friend knocked out on the ground.

 Y/N: Let’s go. There is nothing for us here.     ‘

I wrote a quick song about the Cipher Hunt!

I’m sick right now, so it doesn’t sound as good as it could be. I might make a better version later, but feel free to create your own version. Maybe someone with a better voice than mine can do these lyrics justice.

Here are the lyrics:

He’ll found
We won’t back down
We’ll cross the globe then
turn around!

Let’s go! He’s somewhere out there!
Be safe, be smart, and BEWARE
we fans can be relentless,
but please don’t
be senseless!

One question for the fans:
Will we or won’t we shake his hand?

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man like u know what else wouldve been good? if steven wouldve been like, “i can’t stop you from making/using this weapon but i won’t use it and i won’t help you use it, and i know garnet/amethyst/pearl will say the same”

& bismuth is like ‘HA >:(’ and she goes and tells g/a/p abt the breaking point & they’re all shocked and horrified also

bismuth is like ?????? and they explain about the Cluster and the shards and what homeworld did, and about lapis & peridot, & – & no weapon couldve stopped the Gem Nuke that brought the corruption, hell, introducing the Breaking Point might have just brought it about faster & given Homeworld the Cluster idea sooner

& anyway – the rebellion was only ever surviving on a hearts&minds ideal anyway, the only reason Gems broke away from Homeworld to join them was bc they believed they could have another chance with the rebellion, and if they start shattering ppl every which way they would lose that support

and, and, and, Rose shouldn’t’ve put Bismuth in the bubble and left her. that’s nonnegotiable. it just shouldn’t have happened, she never should have done it. that was wrong but it doesn’t mean the Breaking Point is right

& bismuth maybe doesn’t agree right away. but she goes off to think for a while 

& then when she comes back, or maybe steven finds her, she says, you know, she’s been thinking, and maybe material weapons aren’t what they need after all. the Breaking Point wouldn’t’a protected any of the Crystal Gems from the corruption – and that’s all Bismuth really wants to do, is protect people;

maybe what they need is better armor. shes still a craftsperson after all and a genius at it and she still wants to protect her family in the best way she knows

& – if even Rose could change, & become someone new & better – then maybe Bismuth can do that too

awwww that episode was both really utterly emotional and really cute

Pearl was once again at 100% this episode holy shit pearl points and pearl pouch im dyinG WHAT DOES SHE HAVE IN THERE, JUT GAG TOYS IM SCREAMING

Steven tried really hard to make Amethyst feel better, and its great to note that downplaying your own achievements is not a great thing to do and could come off as patronizing 

it’s also great to see that Amethyst KNOWS why she feels upset and that she doesnt wanna feel this way but she DOES, and that shows that you are entitled to your own feelings and how you feel, even if they dont make ‘sense’

Steven and Amethyst worked out their problems their own way, the whole ‘IM WORST THAN YOU ARE AND IM GONNA PROVE IT’ bit was their way of coping as it were

The angry complements were really cute though oh my god ‘Is that new?? *in an angry voice* cuz thats AWESOME ‘

Ponytail/messy bun Amethyst: Yes.

‘You RUINED the RUINS!!’ Pearl omfg

I KNEW that Steven had this feeling of inadequacy in regards to Rose and thats why he’s trying so hard and I really want this to be addressed with the others, ESPECIALLY since its being brought up more and more with Jasper’s ‘Rose’ comments

This episode was all about the feeling of inadequacy and how sometimes when you think that you’re good at something, someone else can come and do it too, maybe even better and that hurts

but don’t ever feel like you don’t make your own contributions, you ARE great the way you are

very well done crewniverse

if I can make someone smile,

that’s it.

my life is worth it.

Destiel Fans: Hey, we really love the uniqueness and depth and intimacy to Dean and Cas’ relationship, as well as the development it’s gotten. We’ve noticed that it really looks like they’re in love, so if you wanna go down that route we would really love that. Either way, could we have more Dean/Cas scenes? More TFW too! Basically we really like Castiel and his relationship to the brothers! Could we have more Cas and more of all that please? 

TPTB: No but you can have an extra hour in the ball pit.

Destiel fans: ……….Um….that’s not…

TPTB: Take the damn ball pit and be happy, fuckers.

To anyone reading this: it doesn’t matter what you did today. It doesn’t matter what you failed to do today. Here’s a loving reminder that you are just a person, you’re only a human being and you were never expected or intended to be perfect. There aren’t really any rules in life and there’s actually nothing definitive that you HAVE to be. Take the pressure off, take the fear away and just think about what you actually want in life. Also remember that the best way to help yourself is to help others so if you feel like your life is lacking meaning or direction and you don’t know what to do, maybe think of something you can do for someone else. It’ll make you feel better and it’ll make them feel better too. We truly do need each other. We’re only complete when we’re connected. So yeah, God loves you a lot and you are so special! You’re alive for a REASON. There are so many good things you’ve already done, it’s all about those little moments when we can lift each other up and make each other smile. Hang in there, I PROMISE life is so much better than it seems sometimes and it’s definitely never as bad as we think. You’re gonna be okay. In fact, you’re gonna be GREAT 😊❤