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The One With Letters

I’m back! At a much slower pace, thanks to school.

(Also I have no real explanation for this. It just is)

His first letter is almost cast aside for a simple form letter response, but something catches her eye as her hand almost lets go.

She’s the youngest waterbending master in living history, a proud wave who’s renowned as an innovate warrior. Now, at 20, she’s finishing her training as a healer while he serves on her father’s Council.

Right, her father is the Head Chief of the Southern Water Tribes. He’s responsible for keeping all the scattered tribes friendly and trading fairly. Sokka, her brother, is functionally in charge of their tribe as he hones the natural leadership skills of their family.

She does help her father, no matter what the stuck-up noblemen in the North say.

She burns every single one of their marriage proposals.

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OUaT Season 4 Muddlins

(REALLY RANTY JUNK, And pretty ANTI-Everything.)

There’s probably nothing I can say that hasn’t been said already with much more elegance; this is more an outlet to help me express my own thoughts at this point, because I had to take a few days and really consider how to proceed.

I’ve gotten lots of messages over the past year from people who have left the fandom and even left tumblr entirely, and yet still follow me, and I thank you for that. It saddens me so much that its had to come to this because I really miss alot of those people, their presence and creative endevours, but I completely  understand why.

What it all boils down to the show used to be clever, and it isn’t anymore. And even enjoying it on a superficial level is becoming impossible, because its painfully clear that the characters I used to enjoy are boring, or confusing, and the ones I STILL enjoy are given non-exsistant screen time.

Belle wasn’t out of character, in my opinion.  I agreed with her needing to stop Rumple from what she thought was a machiavellian world domination killing spree (which it wasn’t because LeatherDerpPants barely talks to her. Or maybe he did at home but it was all superficial pillow talk. Who knows? LACK OF SCREEN TIME.) Belle’s been his emotional stabilizer since they reunited in Storybrooke and all she’s ever wanted in their relationship is inclusion, and for him to trust her. She wanted to feel wanted (as we all do) just as much as Rumple. It still shows insecurity from her and one of the reasons I love her so much still is the infamous line: “Do the brave thing and bravery will follow”. It shows that though she’s a character that lives in the light, she’s not a self assured ass about always being right. Shes one of the most realistically human characters.

Will would have made such a good broship for her, maybe with a touch of romance between them would have been fine, but he’s had even less exposure then Belle. We STILL don’t know what happened to Anna. (Did I miss it? does anyone know? L-L-Lack of screen timeee) Emilie gave us more info about Belle’s thought process and that relationship in the #regalcon interview yesterday than we got to see all year.
Probably unpopular opinion, but I actually felt it was sweet that she protected his shop when he was gone. It would have been more heartbreaking to see her leave and sever those ties with him entirely.

Rumple, frankly is one of the most complex characters, ever, PERIOD. But alot of the circumstantial plot points and how he’s become distant from Henry (“The Boy”) made no sense considering his level of devotion to Bae for all three previous seasons. This one dimensional villain plotline does him just as much disservice. I feel like were barely trying to give him some of the ambiguity of intention he had in season 1. 

On top of this, I felt like the fans were callously backhanded by a couple of the scenes in the finale, mainly the book signing  with the “author”, and the one near the end with with Henry asking the apprentice if he could bring his father Baelfire back to life. It very much felt A/E writing themselves in to the show and saying HUR HUR HUR NO SPOILERS! and FUCK U FANS STOP ASKING ABOUT BAE. HE’S DEAD SHUT UP HAVE SOME CAPTAIN SWAN NOW!
CS is a fixture. WE GET IT. Stop beating us over the head with it in every scene.(Apologies for being ranty. apologies for all the hook fans who have come to follow me. The pirate inspires such a knee jerk reaction of hatred for me now, because I liked him as a villain in s2.)

Yes this show started off with Emma and Henry as the mains. but what made the universe so rich was the messages and the intricacies of all the other characters around them too. Rumbelle being one of many.

BatB element of Rumple and Belle was really a source of inspiration, having so little time on screen in S4 to address any of this has really hurt alot of fans who were looking forward to exploring more of this. My personal consolation to myself  last year for the upcoming Frozen arc and CS, was that the Rumbelle wedding would have let us have some little happy moments between them before the ineviatble crash and burn Rumple was heading for. But they’re being written “deleteable” scenes. Even the scenes that NEEDED to be shown for actual plot to make sence were deleted. It’s infuriating. I actually felt emotionally withdrawn from them at points, and some of their scenes felt like they were on fast forward. (CUT FOR TIME.)
And frankly, having them be in this sad place for so long has really depleted me emotionally. They’re one of my few happy places in life, and I’ve have no hope that the situation will improve in s5, because we’ve been on a rapid downward slide since s3.

There’s something that really terrifies me though, (and I literally feel ill thinking about it). I wish there was someone on the production who could give us a straightforward non-asshole answer…  I was tempted to put something on their facebook page, but I honestly feel that speaking out will have absolutely no effect whatsoever. Or induce a negative effect. And on top of all this, Kalinda has left the series and now I feel that the only champions to this tale are Bobby and Emilie, but all they can do is work with what is written for them and they have no control on what makes the cut into the show.
It’s not the fact that that they set us up for the classic disney BATB cursebreak and didn’t deliver. I can understand them not wanting to kill the curse ENTIRELY at this jucture.


The way they’ve sucked out Rumples curse and landed it on Emma, I’m frankly terrified that they’re going to take the Beauty and the Beast story away from Rumbelle too. It was THE tale that brought me to this show in the first place.

I feel like they’re trying to write Rumbelle out of the show.

If all the darkness is suddenly gone from his heart, whats going to be left? Does he still have darkness at all? Is he still the beast? Is Belle just gonna go with this blank slate of Rumple? Are we gonna get answers to this or do the fans have to fill in all the blanks?

I needed a few days to simmer off and think, but I’ve come to realize: It’s so so tempting to walk away. But I will always love Robert Carlyle, and Emilie de Ravin, and Belle and Rumple.

No matter what happens in OUaT, Belle and Rumple will always be the paragon of BATB stories (for me). We’ll ALWAYS have Skin Deep, and some really beautiful scenes that followed.

There are still AU’s I want to explore. Things I want to draw. I still want to stomp around in this universe, and try to be a positive force in the fandom for as long as I can, because I’ve met some really super amazing people here and I’m not ready to let that go.  ❤

Thems my thinks.
THanks for readin.
Cheers and Plinks!

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