maybe someday i'll make it again

And I hope someday, years after that day, we meet again. And maybe then we’ll be right for each other, maybe then we’ll need each others and never leave one another’s side, maybe we’ll realise how wrong it was to split up and maybe then, just maybe, everything will be different and we could make it work again
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #178

i refuse to apologize for the way i love you. i will not feel any remorse for the way you make my veins feel like they’re on fire, for the way you make me feel like im flying even when i wish to stop breathing. i will not stop trying to make you smile, to make you want breathe and feel alive again. i will never regret the way i love you, and i hope someday soon you see it, and that maybe underneath it all, that you might just love me too.