maybe somebody made this already!


so this took longer than I thought.

Let’s talk about stuff?

1. Look at Tegan sitting there like a boyfriend would do while her girlfriend is getting prepped up. Waiting and listening to her girlfriend and smiling, enjoying the time. Tegan the boyfie, Sara the girlfie.

2. Seems like Sara said something in a whisper or maybe mumbled something that made Tegan laugh and couldn’t contain herself. Look at her facing Sara’s way at the end as if confirming to Sara something. A conversation could be like

Sara: *mumbles* Beautiful.

Tegan: …. :D shhh…Hahahaha. *slowly faces Sara*

Sara: *smiles innocently*

Tegan: that’s you…

3. THE EVER FAMOUS FLIPPIN GIF/PICTURE OF THE CENTURY.okay maybe not but it can be..for the quindom. And somebody already made explanations for this. Look at Tegan nuzzle Sara’s cheek. Like the moment her nose made contact on her skin, Sara tensed up. Look at Sara’s neck for that. And Tegan’s smile, specially at the end. And her eyes as well were like relaxed after a bit of nuzzling.

4. I think this was when Emy was like “cheeks…closer…”. So it wasn’t the previous one? :o  Anyway, either way, we love you Emy! Look at Tegan purse her lips to gulp, maybe she smiled a little when she pursed her lips but it’s like…“ooohh, we’re so close.. *gulp*” Hahaha. 

5-6. I read a post before about this scene being like 

Tegan: Get off your hands off my woman.

or something like that.  Two thumbs up for that. But I also think Chris was trying to Tegan of their next pose. :D Hahaha. Imagine Tegan in Chris’ position. Either her arms wrapped around Sara in a hug. OR her arm around Sara’s back with her hand on Sara’s shoulder while her other hand stays on her lap. The first time I saw that,I was like…that’s what boyfriends do or act like with their girlfriends. So if ever they did that shooting scene…and releases it…dies. And so while Chris explains, Tegan’s like…“Hmmm..:))”