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Can you rec any good Otayuri blogs for me to follow? Thanks!

Alrighty! So I actually only follow a handful of Otayuri blogs because I’d go through the tag myself everyday pfffft. But these are the ones I know of and highly recommend (in no particular order):



















I was gonna write paragraphs for each one of them but it got too loNG PFFFT Hope this helps! <33

I have spent basically the entire day planning out NurseyDex and Patater proposal fics with @bahoreal and @cakemakethme…and I have exactly zero regrets

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Hey holly! What are u currently working on? :)

Hey! Currently trying to finish Misfits sequel. The way I set up the pacing is giving me some issues so it’s taking forever, and I’m kinda thinking I need to put this one down and come back to it in a few weeks, but I’m gonna try again with it tomorrow when I have some writing time.

After that, or maybe next week if I decide to try working on something else for a bit: Kylux Hunger Games AU!! I was thinking about some details for it yesterday and eeeeeeeee I feel ready. Thanks for asking!

Enemy of Fate

Since the creation of all beings, some humans are visited and eventually protected by a unique Guardian Spirit. When the time comes, their death is delayed and they’re granted a second lifetime, not only to find true peace but also true purpose. Not once was this cycle disturbed. But jealousy is a dangerous seed, rooted deep within the human heart, and now one man threatens to destroy the world’s balance. No one besides mankind’s beloved Guardians is allowed to cheat death. And I, being granted a second chance, will set out and restore equilibrium.

This is an idea I had a couple of minutes ago, like, out of nowhere. Maybe I will write some prose over the next weeks. To try something that is completely my own. We’ll see. 

But before that, I will write  @fyreball66′s giveaway first, of course. ;) 


…If I post an excerpt from the companion piece (which will give away a big chunk of what it is), can I trust you cuties not to reblog it or repost it? I don’t necessarily want it making rounds on tumblr but I could use some cheering up and would love to see reactions.