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Took a break from comics to draw my favorite ladies!! I’m not in love with how this turned out, but they can’t all be winners!

I do like how their outfits came out though. I may do more with those sometime.

Haikyuu!! Week Day 4 - Position

Sugasuga’s Daycare For Young Setters (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

If I were to play volleyball I would probably end up as a setter. Or as a middle blocker (because I’m tall).

I wanted to draw Suga with little Kenma and then this happened. But I hope you like it anyway?


Hairstyles with R!Genji! And a bonus canon Genji because he is beautiful and I love him

i have been thinkIng about an AU that junkrat take a part-time job in cinema interested in a man who never buy drinks or snacks but watching old movies alone everyday in the night and never talks(yes thats mako of course) 

wanna see they dont talk but know each other day by day with eye contact and maybe some days jamie will leave an old film ticket for mako but dont even know he will come or not,and he wants to know more about this man! 

(want some fluff or maybe hurt/comfort,i just want them to love each other by different ways in different aus i hate myself)


40+ Up: Ban Ji Yeon (Witch’s Romance)

Tbh I can’t believe I haven’t seen a supergirl avatar Kara au.

Airbending avatar!kara, her entire nation and culture wiped out but instead of 100 years in an iceberg it was 25 years, so things are both more and less screwed than if it was just a hundred years for Kara tbh .

And fire princess!Lena, who was adopted as a child, in part to help with the Luthor’s image bc bloodthirsty and ambitious doesn’t mean stupid– they know they need to soften their image, in the interest of world Trade and continued loyalty (massacres of children don’t really sit well with ANYONE.)

But Lena is a firebending prodigy just like her older brother (some rumors have her even better than lex, but they’re just whispers, said along to crackling flames because regardless of whether or not she’s better, lex is far more dangerous, far more volatile)

(And maybe there’s also talk about Lena’s eerie green eyes–not the eyes of a proper firebender but of one descended from Earth.

and for years people thought that Clark was the avatar, the baby that was spirited away to a friendly earthbending family of farmers and that maybe he’s just a late bloomer bc he’s an El and the Els are infamous for being uber powerful benders but nope it’s Kara, who would def be used as a weapon by some less than virtuous organizations wanting to harness and experiment on the avatar (and not to mention hiding from the fire benders, who killed off the airbenders.)

Except, Kara left the temple because they were going to take her away from her parents and she panicked and left and if you guessed that she was heading in the direction of the fire nation you’d be right and if she happened to be found by a fire nation family, the danvers, you’d also be right

So they train Kara as a firebender, or try to, all the while keeping her other powers a secret and hiding in plain sight. Some days are more successful than others. Or maybe they pretend she’s a non-bender, they can’t quite give her more instruction with firebending other than how to put fires out, or make it look like firebending, not until she masters the other elements but teaching a master bender an element is noticeable , and just. So Much destruction. And they’re TRYING for subtle. And so everyone sees the shining pride of the danvers clan, their brilliant prodigy but most teachers and students just kinda overlook Kara–which is kind of the point. Everyone knows her as Alex’s sister but if they didn’t say that Kara was a distant relation from the colonies there’d be a lot of people scratching their heads as to why the noble Danvers family took in such an ordinary girl

And maybe Kara spends a lot of time in the city, kinda sorta maaaaaaybe sneaking out (she’s an airbender–she’s good at blending in when she wants to, a simple breeze lost in the wind). And maybe she runs into another girl with really pretty green eyes named Lena, who’s kind and so smart and brilliant and has she mentioned pretty and Lena just Loves how to Kara she’s just her friend and she’s judged solely on her own merits (and maybe she also loves how when Kara tells her she loves Lena’s eyes Lena believes her)

But reality sets in and Lena is a fire nation princess and Kara is the avatar and both have are sent away to learn more, and the next time they see each other?

They just may be on opposite sides of a war.

I hope you all have a lovely day! Do me a favor and make sure you take a few minutes to think of at least 5 things that you like about your self. It can be hard sometimes, but Radical Self Love is so important, especially in such a tough world. Take care of yourselves, you deserve it. x

I was thinking about how could look like Candy and Castiel with around 35-40 years old. I had clear in my mind that I wanted to draw Candy similar to her mother, but the decision of Castiel’s appearance was a pain in my ass XD I didn’t know if I should keep his red hair, or made him with short hair, or without beard~

There is a little detail I want to point out and it’s the key and the padlock that Candy and Cas are wearing. On one hand it’s a reference to Sid Vicious (the bassist of Sex Pistols’s band) and also to Ren Honjo of the anime Nana, BUT there is a story behind it. When I read MCL’s manga and I saw that Castiel thinks that weddings are stupid, I had the headcannon that my Candy and him will never get married in the future. When they were younger, Candy asked to him that why he thinks they should never get married and Castiel said to her that they don’t need something like that to show that they love each other, because he thinks that when two people get married sometimes they lost the passion to demostrate every day that they are in love. Despite of that, Candy, who is more romantic, wanted to have some kind of “symbol"to their relationship, a promise of love, so she bought a padlock, her intention was to do that typical stuff of put the padlock in a bridge and throw the key, but Castiel commented sarcastically that it was better she put it in him if she wanted to show to everybody that he’s taken, so she put him the padlock and keeped to herself "the key of his heart” (I know, it’s pretty corny, but that’s so Candy XD) and both are wearing the key and the padlock since that moment, always :)

h hey yall whats goin on in this thread

i finished the books in a week and a half flat like 2 weeks ago and its taken me until now to process everything that happened, so have this sloppy doodle of the quagmires as i imagine them and hope it motivates me to draw something with more time invested in it

(left to right, quigley, isadora, duncan; thats absolutely a commonplace book)


Word count: 566

Early tags: Klance, Klangst, slight Langst, angst, already established Klance

For Klance Week 2017, day two!

Keith walked around in circles, pacing. “There has to be a better way,” he muttered to himself, shaking his head ever so often. They both knew it was a bad idea, a very bad one.

Lance put his head in his hand, rubbing his forehead with his palms. “Look, we’d already decided I would go. Allura can take over the blue lion and then some day maybe we’ll run into each other,” Lance told him, a sad smile on his face.

The plan was terrible but it was all they’d got. One of them were going to be captive by purpose and try to destroy the galra from the inside. They weren’t able to tear it down from the outside so they had to do it from the outside. Lance was the first to volunteer for the mission, he had insisted on it though even after the entire team told him not to.

Keith slammed his hand against the wall. “No! You’ll die and do you know how long it took until I saw Shiro again?! A year! A year and who knows what will happen to you! I can’t lose you too. I can’t.” Keith kept his head down, not wanting to look at Lance. The team let them talk this out, knowing that the two might have some problems to work out with this plan and hoped that they would eventually find a different way, one that wouldn’t involve losing their friend.

A sigh escaped Lance’s lips. “Keith, I’m going on that ship. We’ll meet again. I promise. How can I leave you behind?” Lance watched Keith, knowing what he was going to say next.

“But what if you die?… I’ll never know and I’ll be here waiting for someone who isn’t even alive anymore…” His voice cracked as he said those words. Lance instantly got up and went to comfort him.

Keith buried his face in Lance’s shoulder, wrapping his arms behind his back. “Then that would be my fate.” Another sigh escaped from Lance. “Mi amor, I would always return to your arms. Only for you would I come back.” Lance rubbed the back of Keith’s head, tangling his fingers in it as Keith found comfort in him. “It’ll only be for a while. Everything will be fine, okay?”

“Please don’t forget me. Please don’t forget us…” Keith told him. Lance nodded.

“I’ll never forget you guys.”

The cell door swung open, a familiar figure with brown hair matted with dirt, sweat, and blood stuck out. Keith was the first to recognize them. He ran over to where they were. “Lance?” he said, worry filled his voice. He brought his face up, searching and hoping this wasn’t a dream. Lance had gotten thinner than before, his face sunken in.

He opened his eyes, the bright blue they once were, were now faded to a stark blue. “Keith?…” he said weakly, his eyes brightened as he recognized Keith. He managed a small smile at him. Keith’s eyes filled with tears as he dove to embrace Lance, a sob escaping him.

“I told you I wouldn’t forget you,” Lance said, putting a weak hand on Keith’s back and rubbing circles. The team left to give them their moment, they knew how long Keith had been waiting for this moment. Keith was overjoyed to see the one he loved alive. Alive and in his arms.